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Cousin/Present Guide by ArchmageAuridan

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 01/07/2009
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Beautiful Katamari Cousin and Present Walkthrough, Version 1.12
by ArchmageAuridan and Teryndactyl
Copyright 2008 Michael Brooks


Table of Contents:

Version History----------------------------------------------------------[VRSNZ]
Egg School - Moon---------------------------------------------------------[LEV1]
Delightful Dirigible - Satellite------------------------------------------[LEV2]
Oasis Café - Mercury------------------------------------------------------[LEV3]
Lady Luck Casino - Venus--------------------------------------------------[LEV4]
Roller Roaster - Mars-----------------------------------------------------[LEV5]
Sunrise Castle - Comet----------------------------------------------------[LEV6]
Cloud 9 Forest - Jupiter--------------------------------------------------[LEV7]
Seadome - Neptune---------------------------------------------------------[LEV8]
Coolhouse - Pluto---------------------------------------------------------[LEV9]
Shani Circuit - Saturn---------------------------------------------------[LEV10]
Dynaville - Sun----------------------------------------------------------[LEV11]
Schloss Kosmos - Supergiant----------------------------------------------[LEV12]
Chatéau Notre Desir - Uranus---------------------------------------------[LEV13]
Instituto Exactamundo-----------------------------------------------------[XBL1]
   Candy Store - Circinus--------------------------------------------------[IE1]
   Supermarket - Microscopium----------------------------------------------[IE2]
   Town - Horologium-------------------------------------------------------[IE3]
Fancy and Schmancy's - Space Station--------------------------------------[XBL2]
Munchies Manor - Cetus----------------------------------------------------[XBL3]
Mechanical Colony - Antila------------------------------------------------[XBL4]
Lovers' Loom - Vega-------------------------------------------------------[XBL5]
Hubble Horoscope - Milky Way----------------------------------------------[XBL6]
Dangerous Colony - Scorpius-----------------------------------------------[XBL7]
Contact Information-------------------------------------------------------[HEYZ]


Version History                                                          [VRSNZ]

Version 1.00, 10/16/2008: Original guide. Covered all the original stages.

Version 1.12, 10/26/2008: Added the second Coolhouse present (thanks to Jared
Patton and Katie Mills!), changed the legalese, and added the Xbox Live
downloadable stages.

Version 1.15, 1/7/2009: Added Jina Lee's submission of the story of the Weaver
Girl, reordered cousins and presents within each level by size, and tweaked the
format a bit.


Introduction                                                              [WRDZ]

While playing Beautiful Katamari, Teryndactyl and I found ourselves impatient to
roll up all the cousins, presents, and amazing shiny colors we could, and in
haste went looking for guides that would help. But what's this? There's only
one? For shame, gamers! We took it upon ourselves to correct the problem, with a
good deal of help from deathfisaro's guide, which we used thoroughly before
deciding to write our own. Ours also includes the cousins and presents in the
seven downloadable stages from Xbox Live.

Our guide is going to tell you where to find cousins and presents. What it is
NOT going to do is tell you how to improve your rolling skills, so don't go
looking for level strategy here. Deathfisaro goes into strategy for each level
(save the Xbox Live downloads), so if you're stuck, seek his help. We assume
you're at least a competent Katamari artist, if not a hardened veteran, and if
you can't pick up the goodies AND successfully finish a level, we have to simply
point you elsewhere.

To make navigating by our clues easier, we're assigning many areas of the map a
more or less unique name. Learn 'em. I tend to explain complex locations in a
complex way, and if you don't know what the the “sandbox” is, you'll have a much
harder time following me. Also, every item clue will include the size at which I
rolled it up in the research process. Some can probably be rolled up much
sooner, or much later, but when it involves precision I will let you know.


1. Egg School – Moon                                                      [LEV1]

It's a tiny area with no time limit, so you don't really need names. But if you
insist, we can split it into Inside and Outside. Inside will be the area bounded
by the pink puzzle pieces, and Outside is, well, outside them.

Camera (Present, Inside) – In the middle of the floor. You can hardly miss it.

Marcy (Cousin, Outside) – She's (presumably) inside the ball that gets scared
and runs away when you come too close. You literally can't leave the level
without getting her. FYI: Come back to this level as Marcy and you will instead
roll up the Prince for your collection.


2. Delightful Dirigible – Satellite                                       [LEV2]

This building is known as the Candy Shop, divided into the Front and Back rooms.
Back has the circular table in the middle, and a sink. Front has more shelves
loaded with little stuff to pick up en masse, and a door leading outside (in
later levels).

Huey (Cousin, Back, 21.8 cm) – On the side of the circular table. He's balancing
on the end of a ruler.

Ring Toss (Present, Front, 25 cm) – On the very top of the center tables.


3. Oasis Café – Mercury                                                   [LEV3]

This one also starts in the Candy Shop. Same divisions, Front and Back. You will
also be leaving the shop, though. I divide the outside into two parts: Sandpit
and Pond. The Sandpit is the whole area just outside the Candy Shop door, up to
where the ground rises, at which point the Pond area starts. Also, there's
another building you can enter that will be to your right as you leave the Candy
Shop. We call that one the Burger Shop.

Scarf (Present, Back, 12.7 cm) – Back room of candy store on the top shelf of
the cabinet to the right of the door.

Kunihiro (Cousin, Front, 19 cm) – Rolling an apple in a circuit around the front
room (specifically, from the center table to the doorway to the back room.
Aren't specifics lovely?)

Johnson (Cousin, Sandpit, 27 cm) – Straight out of the candy store on a stripety
picnic blanket.

Glasses (Present, Pond, 52 cm) – On top of wooden chest across the pond in front
of a shrine-looking building.


4. Lady Luck Casino – Venus                                               [LEV4]

This building is the Mansion. We'll divide it into Casino and Library. You'll
start in the Casino (where there's a table with a roulette wheel, for one), and
go through the doors to the Library (distinguished by an obnoxious set of stairs
and a small hidden room behind the bookcases on the left wall). To give “left”
and “right” any meaning, stand in the Casino facing the doors to the Library.
Your left and right are the left and right for this whole level. Outside is the
Garden section.

Twinkle (Cousin, Casino, 9.6 cm) – On the highest shelf in the back right
Be sure you're under about 10 cm, or you won't be able to get to the top shelf.
You can only reach it by going up a pyramid of playing cards while you're still
too small to roll up the individual cards.

Crown (Present, Casino, 21.5 cm) – Go up the garden hoe flanked by roses in wine
bottles leaned on the left arm of the sofa. It's at the end of the handle.

Paula (Cousin,  Garden, 1.02 m) – Walking around the smaller pond, the one with
the stream going from it, on the left side.

Cloak (Present, Garden, 1.03 m) – Hiding in the middle of the near-left-quarter
hedge in the garden.


5. Roller Roaster – Mars                                                  [LEV5]

This level starts in the Burger Shop, though it doesn't look much the same.
There's only one door, and the half of the room it's on is obviously the Front.
Size is mostly irrelevant on this level. If you see one of these goodies, you
can probably roll it up. Outside is where it gets a little complex. We'll say
that everything on the Shop's side of the river is Near, and everything on the
other side is Far. Right and Left are judged as if you had just exited the Shop.

Miso (Cousin, Front)– Facing the doors, she is along the right wall under a
stool circled by two slushie boats.

Lalala (Cousin, Far Right River) – To get there, follow the road left out of the
shop and across a bridge. Follow that road to the right until you see a small
sandbar circled by a guy on a flying carpet and a floating tiger. Because that
makes all the sense in the world.

Peacock Feathers (Present, Front) – Miso is looking at the table this is on.
There's a fair amount of cold stuff on the table, so be careful passing it. The
present is on the far end by the wall.

Lollipop (Present, Far) – Presumably, you'll notice this along the path I
described to Lalala. If you don't, you deserve to get knocked into the river by
the ninjas that run right over it. Gah! Ninjas!


6. Sunrise Castle – Comet                                                 [LEV6]

Here's where the divisions get even more fun. You start in the Candy Shop, with
its Front and Back. Outside, we have the Sandpit, Pond, and Burger Shop. At the
left end of the Pond, where there are things growing and a waterfall, we'll call
the Farm. Everything else is just Everything Else. Left and Right are judged
outside with your back to the Candy Shop door.

Odeon (Cousin,  Front, 5.5 cm) – Front right of front room, in the corner on the
top shelf.

Fujio (Cousin, Sandpit, 33 cm) – Far side of sandpit, under an arch made of
cinder blocks.

Party Whistle (Present, Back, 28.3 cm) – In the back room, go up to the sink
counter. It's on the frying pan's handle on the other side of the counter.

Samurai Hair (Present, Pond, 80 cm) – On the right side of the pond. Hit the red
shelf next to the snow cone stand. It'll come raining down from the heavens.

Ryu (Cousin, Left River, 1.55 m) – What ninja? Alright, he's under the not-red

Sword (Present, Farm, 2 m) – Between the red bridge and the Farm. It should be
more or less directly in your face as you come off the bridge towards the farm.


7. Cloud 9 Forest – Jupiter                                               [LEV7]

This one starts outside the Mansion, in the Garden. The whole area is what I'll
call the Rich Town, for future reference when you're a lot bigger. Rich Town is
divided into Garden, Farm, Market, and Lake. For left and right, stand in the
cross garden facing away from the building. The Farm areas are to the left, the
Market is straight ahead, and the Lake is straight ahead beyond the Market. Oh,
wait, you get even bigger...I forgot. When you hit 3m you'll be able to go to
the area I'll call the Circuit. Along the back wall is the Zoo, and at the far
left end is an area you'll recognize as the place outside the Burger and Candy
shops. We'll call it Shop Town. I think that covers it.

Flower (Present, Garden, 20 cm)– A fairy is carrying it around the pond with the
stream coming from it.

Ichigo (Cousin, Garden, 42.4 cm) – Walking around the cross shaped garden.
Counterclockwise, to be exact.

Pochette (Present, Farm, 2.21 m) – Inside the fence with the sheep and cows.
It's to the left coming out of the gates of the garden.

Pu (Cousin, Lake, 2.79 m) – In the center of the lake on the winner's podium.

Kinoko (Cousin, Zoo, 4.49 m) – On the top left side of the zoo area among other
mushrooms in front of a pond.

Moustache (Present, Circuit, 5.24 m) - Go around the back of the first stands in
the little river bit. It'll be in the industrial area.


8. Seadome – Neptune                                                      [LEV8]

This one starts in Shop Town. Remember the old divisions there and try to keep
up with some new ones. You'll be big enough to see the entirety of what I'll
later call Start Island, which will be roughly divided into Shop Town, Rich
Town, Circuit, Fun Fun Land, Airport, Monster Lake, and Industrial. Left and
right are really losing meaning now, so just try and think like me.

Survival Kit (Present, Shop Town, 1.42 m) – It's floating along the river, smack
in the middle. If you miss it, it'll come back around...somehow.

Beyond (Cousin, Shop Town, 2.84 m) – Wandering around the left side of the TV

Marny (Cousin, Circuit, 8.27 m) – Rolling a katamari around the road.

Secret Wig (Present, Fun Fun Land, 10.24 m) – In the ocean near the circus
tent, there's a boat with this present sitting on it.

Mu (Cousin, Monster Lake, 19.96 m) – In the central lake of Start Island.
There's a big two-headed monster in there with him.

Headphones (Present, Industrial, 25 m) – Out in the sea, somewhere beyond the
skyscrapers that would be to your right from Rich Town (we're calling that the
Industrial area).


9. Coolhouse – Pluto                                                      [LEV9]

Back to the Mansion, and mercifully small. Previously, I thought there was no
Casino area, but thanks to Jared Patton and Katie Mills, we now know that the
area is there, and that's where the second present is.

Cold Mask (Present, Garden, 30.7 cm) – At the end of the stream, between the
bridge and the wall. Don't get too much bigger than the suggested size.

Sherman (Cousin, Garden, 33 cm) – This odd snowman cousin is being chased around
the frozen pond by a melon.

June (Cousin, Library, 1.19 m) – In a fish tank right across from the secret
bookshelf door. You have to be big enough to roll up the fish tank, because you
can't actually go inside it to get June.

Ghost (Present, Casino, 1.5 m) - This fiddly little bastard is inside, up the
stairs, and through the double doors. But the doors don't open on their own,
see...you have to actually knock them open. And you have to be pretty big to do


10. Shani Circuit – Saturn                                               [LEV10]

As you might guess from the name, this one happens mostly in the Circuit. You
start in Rich Town.

Ban-Ban (Cousin, Lake, 1.21 m) – Cleverly disguising himself as an inner tube
out in the lake.

Trumpet (Present, Market, 1.5 m) – There's a dude with a wheelbarrow carting
this item around the road. You'll see it if you wait near the lake.

Nickel (Cousin, Circuit, 4.59 m) – Rolling a katamari of cars around the circuit

Streamers (Present, Circuit, 10.8 m) – On the train tracks, a couple flatbeds
come along after the train. The present is on one of those.


11. Dynaville – Sun                                                      [LEV11]

Here's the first one that gets so big, I really am at a loss for dividing it
properly. If you've been paying attention you should be well enough acquainted
with the map to know where most things are, and smart enough to figure some of
the rest out. I'll skip any new specific names and do the best I can with
slightly wordier descriptions.

Shikao (Cousin, Rich Town Lake, 2.97 m) – There's a couple of people spinning
each other around in a whirlpool in the lake, surrounded by lily pads. Shikao
is on one of those pads.

School Bag (Present, Rich Town, 3.49 m) – Look for a building to the left of the
market square that has two human towers leaning on it to form a ramp up to the

Signolo (Cousin, Circuit, 8.92 m) – Standing in a large intersection on the
circuit road, near the school next to Shop Town.

Long Nose (Present, Circuit, 14m) – There are a few Santas flying around the
circuit road. One of them's got a box. Treat yourself to an early Christmas.

Hat (Present, Shop Town?, 26m) – Behind a circusy looking building that has an
elephant standing on the roof. There are some pipe organs nearby as well.

Peso (Cousin, Airport, 120 m) – He's on one of the blue airplanes flying about
the area.

Nai-Nai (Cousin, 200 m) – There's a group of icy islands with a Russian looking
church (St. Vasily if you roll it up) and a tanker ship at a funny angle in the
air. It's being pulled on by a phoenix, and Nai-Nai is sitting at the stern.

Odeko (Cousin, 600m) – This one's tough to describe. Just look for a group of
reddish pink islands with a big purple cousin on them. Hustle, because you're
probably almost out of time by this point.

Guitar (Present, 1 km+) - At the top of a really big volcano surrounded by
smaller volcanoes and jungle, out in the ocean.


12. Schloss Kosmos – Supergiant                                          [LEV12]

Finally...the last stage. Right? No, not really, but it's the one that plugs the
Black Hole and triggers the credits. Anything beyond the 3 km mark, if you can't
find it, you've got to be totally blind.

Goggles (Present, Shop Town, 1.76 m) – Sitting on the back of one of the
flamingos alongside the river. This is one of those obnoxious ones you have to
dash at to get, because the birds fly away when you come too close. It's worth
it, though.

Lucha (Cousin, Shop Town, 2.74 m) – Around the top of the waterfall, near the
Farm area.

Kenta (Cousin, Circuit, 8.42 m) – Hanging out in the zoo area, overlooking the

Bunny Ears (Present, Start Island, 37.48 m) – At the peak of the highest
mountain overlooking Monster Lake.

Havana (Cousin, Fun Fun Land, 57.61 m) – Frolicking around the amusement park
with Cinderella's Castle in it.

Macho (Cousin, 122 m) – Standing in the stadium on the island with the Mount
Rushmore heads.

Giraffe (Present, 304.9 m) – On top of an upside down spinning Jumboman behind
the island with the Great Wall and the Pyramids on it.

Nik (Cousin, 1.17 km) – On one of the islands with lots of dinosaurs on it.

Mask (Present, 1.85 km) – Inside the Secret Hideout, a very large white mountain
that splits in half when you come close to it. It actually won't split when
you're 1.85 km, because you can just roll it up, but that works too because the
present will still be inside it and you'll get it as well.

Mag (Cousin, 3227 km) – Standing on California, more or less.

Train (Present) – In Space. Space is pretty huge, but not so much when you're
300,000 km across. You'll find it.

Ace (Cousin) – See Train, except you'll be more like 600,000 km across.


13. Chateau Notre Desir – Uranus                                         [LEV13]

Just like the Supergiant. The difference here is that there's no time limit, so
theory you can get all of these in one go.

Velvet (Cousin, Mansion Back, 5.3 cm) - Get over to the fireplace on the left
end of the room as quickly as you can, and try not to pick anything up on the
way. It's a very small space she's hiding in, under the fireplace with the

Horse (Present, Mansion Back, 14.5 cm) - There's a desk on the right side of the
room with a ship in a bottle on it, and a present on that.

Norn (Cousin, Mansion Garden) - He's somewhere in the stream pond.

Jungle (Cousin, Rich Town Farm, 1.76 m) - Hiding under the tree that has the guy
spinning wildly around it.

King Mask (Present, Rich Town) - Sitting on the back of a fish in the lake.

Pinwheel (Present, Circuit, 6.89 m) - Under the bridge connecting the two sides
of the zoo area.

Nutsuo (Cousin, Circuit, 9.96 m) - In the river, smack in the middle of the
circuit area.

Kuro (Cousin, Start Island, 23.95 m) - Overlooking Monster Lake.

Thunder Drums (Present, Industrial, 55.8 m) - In the middle of the factory

Daisy (Cousin, 98 m) - Right behind the mountain with the big fire kanji on it.

Ancestral Mask (Present, 878 m) - In the floating Future City area.

Foomin (Cousin, 1.53 km) - Standing between the Petronas Towers.

Slip (Cousin, 1695 km) - Japan. Should be easy enough...

Little Bro (Present, 2294 km) - France. Ditto.

Twinkle (Present, 607,757 km) - In the Black Hole. Don't worry, it doesn't suck
you in this time.

Dipp (Cousin) - In Space. You'll get her.


Xbox Live Downloadable Stages

Instituto Exactamundo                                                    [XBL1]

The Instituto Exactamundo is a unique stage in that it is actually three stages,
which explains why (at the time I bought it) it was slightly more expensive
than the others. It is also the only set of stages that harkens back to the
original Katamari Damacy, and requires you to make a katamari of a precise size,
without having an actual size displayed for you as you roll. And if you recall,
you don't even get to know how big you are to start. Fun, yes? I hope so, or
you wasted about 3 bucks.

Obviously, I can't include size hints, because I have no idea what size you'll
be. Just find the goodie and go by trial and error.

1.1. Candy Store – Circinus                                               [IE1]

The first Instituto stage is a constellation called Circinus, which I assume is
a fancy name for a compass (the kind you used in math to draw perfect circles,
not for navigation). As the King will remind you, you're rolling a precision
tool, and so anything more or less than exactly 20 centimeters will be an awful

You'll be rolling in the Candy Store, just like at the start of the game.
Refer back to Delightful Dirigible for the divisions of the area.

Shy (Cousin, Front) – She's riding a paper airplane around the middle table.

Mushroom (Present, Back) – Halfway up the left side of the ramp made of four


1.2. Supermarket – Microscopium                                            [IE2]

The second katamari in the Instituto is destined to become Microscopium, and it
must be exactly 1 meter. You're rolling in a brand-new area called the
Supermarket, and it divides up roughly like this: Produce includes the produce
and meat sections of the market, Plaza is the door area and the lower section
just to the left of that area (facing away from the door), and Upper is the
raised part that is pretty much everything else.

L'amour (Cousin, Plaza) – Blending in by standing on top of a swaying stack of
apples on the white front counter.

Newsreel (Present, Upper) – There's a large barbell standing on end up here. The
present is on top of it.


1.3. Town – Horologium                                                     [IE3]

The final exacting katamari is for Horologium, the Clock, and it is rolled in
the familiar Rich Town. The King requires it to be 3 meters; no more, no less.
Three shall be the meters thou shalt roll, and the number of the meters shall be
three. Four shalt thou not roll, neither roll thou two, excepting that thou then
proceed to three. Five is right out.

Bragging note: On my VERY FIRST ATTEMPT of this level, I got it spot-on, exiting
on a total whim. Believe it or not.

The Princess (Cousin, Road) – This midget version of the Queen is riding around
in a carriage along the road, behind a couple of motorbikes.

Bandage (Present, Cow Farm) – Carried by an eagle, who is chasing some pigeons
around the road by the farm. I suggest waiting near the log steps.


2. Fancy and Schmancy's – Space Station                                   [XBL2]

Here's another nonstandard roll-up: the King wants you to gather supplies for a
space station, and he's got you on a budget of 300,000 yen. The goal is to load
up on as many of the cheapest whatevers you can find. This one takes a lot of
trial and error to perfect (and I still haven't), but fortunately, I don't
believe you even CAN fail. This one happens in the Supermarket as well.

Some quick tips before you go in: This level is probably the most sadistically
designed one in Beautiful Katamari, with the possible exception of Scorpius.
It's not nearly as bad as the “roll up ONE cow” crap from the original game.
However, they do like to sneak certain high-value items into your way. For
instance, several of the shelves have gold bars sitting on them, and they'll
kill your budget in a real hurry. Also avoid the large cameras (not many of
them), and the unfortunately common Old Coins, which are rounded rectangles of
gold worth 7,777 yen each.

Kite (Present, Plaza, 45.4 cm) – There's a bamboo sword bridge leading on to a
table, where you'll find a blue tray acting as an elevator to a higher level.
This awesome present sits on the highest shelf this lift reaches.

Harvest (Cousin, Produce, 49 cm) – Doing the monkey on a short stack of apples
in front of the fruits and vegetables section.


3. Munchies Manor – Cetus                                                 [XBL3]

Cetus, the Whale, is yet another nonstandard katamari that's a lot of fun.
Rather than a specific size, you're looking to roll up as many calories as you
can in the time given. The best part is that once you get big enough, you see
that many of the tables and shelves are actually made of giant cookies and
stuff, so they're great to roll up as well. You're still rolling in the

Hans (Cousin, Plaza, 66.3 cm) – This disturbing pie-headed cousin is found right
by the doors.

Honey (Cousin, Upper, 89.4 cm) – Honey is in the mouth of what looks like a
Piranha Plant from Mario, atop some shelves near the far wall. Follow the bridge
of spinning pizzas on breadsticks.

Gum (Present, Upper, 1.99 m) – See the giant wedding cake? It's on the same
platform as that.


4. Mechanical Colony – Antila                                             [XBL4]

This is the last one rolled in the Supermarket, but you might not notice at
first unless I told you. The layout of the room is mostly the same, except most
of the Produce and Upper sections are covered by a slope with three conveyor
belts running across it. Also, you will get big enough to leave the store. The
outside area is laid out roughly like Shop Town, but it's fairly small due to
the large UFO crashed there. Antila the Pump is straightforward, familiar, and
easy. What else could you wish?

Can-Can (Cousin, Belts, 1.16 m) – On the second conveyor belt is a line of wind-
up dog toys walking against the belt. Can-Can is at one end of the line.

Harmonica (Present, Belts, 1.38 m) – On the top conveyor belt. 1.38 is enough to
roll up most everything on it, so do that.

Kyun (Cousin, Outside, 2.15 m) – Go up the bridge that seems to be made of
downed satellites, all the way to the end (you'll double back once and then go
left). Land on the roof below and look for a vaulted blue section. Kyun is the
odd black thing at the very edge of the roof's peak.


5. Lovers' Loom – Vega                                                    [XBL5]

As far as I can tell, Vega (being only a star in the Lyra constellation) has
nothing to do with a Weaver Girl, but I wouldn't tell the King that.

Jina Lee sent me this enlightening email on the subject:

“I just wanted to comment on your description of the downloadable level, Weaver
Girl.  Although the star is known as Vega, in Asian cultures, it is known as the
Weaver Girl.  It is often paired with another star (I don't know what it's
in English) that is known as the Shepherd Boy. The story goes that the two were
lovers and displeased the gods by neglecting their duties to be together, so the
gods separated them by putting them on different sides of the Milky Way.  They
were only allowed to see each other once a year, but were unable to cross the
river of the Milky Way, so they could only gaze at each other from a distance.
Eventually, a flock of crows took pity on them and formed a bridge over the
Way, allowing them to meet in the middle.”

This simple katamari is rolled in the Rich House, where it's clearly nighttime,
and there is yarn absolutely everywhere. The only aspect of this stage that's
relaxing is the fact that most of the yarn is moving and will knock the crap out
of you if you get caught between two trains of it, so don't do that.

Colombo (Cousin, Library, 92.1 cm) – Rolling a ball among the many bouncing
around from the stairs.

Candy Wrapper (Present, Casino, 1.38 m) – Near the ceiling of the room.You'll
probably get it whether you like it or not if you go in there very far.


6. Hubble Horoscope – Milky Way                                           [XBL6]

Thought you were done with the nonstandard ones, eh? This time, you're rolling a
katamari to be an entire galaxy, and you must fill it with items that are the
namesakes of any of 88 different constellations. This one's not difficult to
pass, but has so far proven tough for me to ace. I can't tell you for sure if
you're looking to roll up sheer numbers of namesake items, or something from
each of the 88, or both, so just pick up everything you can. This one's in Rich

Pokkle (Cousin, Garden, 36.1 cm) – The creepy looking human proportioned Pokkle
is hiding among the cuckoo birds that pop out of the hedge facing the larger

Miki (Cousin, Lake, 1 m) – Sitting on a cross made of surfboards at the far end
of the lake.

Drum (Present, Lake, 2.82 m) – On or near a winner's podium to the left of the
dock (if you were facing the house).


7. Dangerous Colony – Scorpius                                            [XBL7]

The final huzzah is a real pain in the ass, especially considering that you are
expected to reach 3000 kilometers, and when it gets that big it's usually cake.
Scorpius starts at 100 meters, which is odd...and simple, you would think. But
no. Most of the islands you're familiar with aren't where you expect them to be,
because they're out on the backs of enormous sperm whales that are a bitch to
navigate around. This is also the level that randomly contains many of the
cousins, but only for your collection.

Opeo (Cousin, 110 m) – This battered and awesome cousin (Teryndactyl's personal
favorite) is between the tentacles of a large purple octopus, which sits between
the island with the big fire kanji and the icy one with St. Vasily church on it.

Drooby (Cousin, 1.72 km) – If you track down the rainy jungle islands (which
mercifully are not on a whale), you've found her. You may wish you hadn't. She's
really, really weird.

Wings (Present, 8000 km) – This box dangles from a star that for some reason is
zooming around within 8000 kilometers of Earth.


Legalese                                                                 [BOREZ]

This guide is the property of Michael Brooks. It is available to the public
under version 3 of the GNU Public License (go to http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/
gpl.html for details), meaning that you have my full permission to use, share,
distribute, and otherwise utilize my guide. However, you must copy the guide
verbatim, completely, and with credit to me and my co-author, Teryn Loebs.


Credits                                                                  [KUDOZ]

Thanks to the wonderful folks of Bandai Namco, for eating lots of mushrooms and
creating one of the most brilliant games ever.
Thanks to GameFAQs, my favorite guide site, which I'm proud to contribute to at
Thanks to deathfisaro, for producing the first guide to Beautiful Katamari on
GameFAQs, which we used the hell out of.
Thanks to Teryndactyl, my co-author, who patiently took notes while I put in the
thumb work, and made some hilarious drawings in between.
Thanks a pile to Jared Patton and Katie Mills for contributing the location
of the second Coolhouse present!
Thanks to Jina Lee for the story of the Weaver Girl.
And of course, thanks to you for reading, and for telling your friends. You'll
do that, right?


Contact                                                                   [HEYZ]

Email me at archmage_auridan@yahoo.com for anything concerning the guide, be it
complaints, suggestions, pats on the back, or copyright issues. Email
teryndactyl@gmail.com for information on her awesome renditions of the cousins,
which I'm sure she will soon have posted on her Deviantart page.

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