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Guide and Walkthrough by oldschool312

Version: 0.95 | Updated: 01/11/2010

                                The Saboteur
                              Created 1-1-2010
                                Version 0.95


                       T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

        Version History..........................................[VSHY]
        General Tips.............................................[GNTP]
                 Spark One Up....................................[PGL1]
                 Better Days.....................................[PGL2]
                 Old Friends, New Enemies........................[PGL3]
                 La Femme St. Claire.............................[PGL4]
                 Pole Position...................................[PGL5]
                 A Sunday Drive..................................[PGL6]
                 The Darkest Night...............................[PGL7]
                 Out of the Frying Pan...........................[PGL8]
                 Into the Fire...................................[PGL9]
             Act 1...............................................[ACT1]
                 Battle Shock....................................[ACO2]
                 The Black Market................................[ACO3]
                 Grand Theft Limo................................[ACO4]
                 Thirty Pieces of Lead...........................[ACO5]
                 Liberty or Death................................[ACO6]
                 Special Delivery................................[ACO7]
                 Buried Secrets..................................[ACO8]
                 A Trip Up the Coast.............................[ACO9]
                 Vive Le Vengeance...............................[ACO10]
           Act 2.................................................[ACT2]
                 A Whisper or a Roar.............................[ATW1]
                 The Big Gun.....................................[ATW3]
                 Rolling Thunder.................................[ATW4]
                 South of the Seine..............................[ATW5]
                 Repo Man........................................[ATW6]
                 Boiling Point...................................[ATW7]
                 Lambs to the Slaughter..........................[ATW8]
                 Dark Reign......................................[ATW9]
                 Needs of the Few... or the One..................[ATW10]
                 From the Ashes..................................[ATW11]
            Act 3................................................[ACT3]
                 'C'est ici l'empire de la mort'.................[ATR1]
                  Deja Boom......................................[ATR2]
                  Angel of Death.................................[ATR3]
           Le Crochet Story......................................[LCT]
                  Belly of the Beast.............................[LCT1]
                  Legio Patria Nostra............................[LCT3]
           Father Denis Story....................................[FTD]
                  Unforgiven Sins................................[FTD1]
                  Wrath of God...................................[FTD2]
                  Red Wedding....................................[FTD3]
           SOE Operations .......................................[SOE]
                  Behind the Convent Gate........................[SOE1]
                  Dying Through Chemistry........................[SOE2]
                  Set Up Us the Bomb.............................[SOE3]
           Margot Bonaire Story..................................[MGB]
                  Fahreinheit Four Fifty.........................[MGB1]
                  Symphony of Destruction........................[MGB3]
           Duval Mingo Story.....................................[DVM]
                  Loose Lips.....................................[DVM1]
                  The Hunter or the Hunted.......................[DVM2]
           Dr. Kwong's Story.....................................[DKW]
                  The Bavarian Candidate.........................[DKW1]
                  Guardian Angel.................................[DKW2]
                  Deutschland Uber Phallus.......................[DKW3]
        Black Market ............................................[BLMK]


                          I N T R O D U C T I O N                      [INTD]

Welcome to another of my guides. The primary disclaimer I provide everyone is
that this guide is intended to get you through any difficult parts of the game.
The methods I described do work, even though they may not be the best. This is 
particularly true for an open world game like The Sabotuer where most missions
can be approached in a variety of ways. For the most part, I tried to rely on
stealth as much as possible. It just made sense to me that an individual trying
to take down the Nazis in occuppied France would not do much run and gunning or
they would be dead quickly. That is not to say this is a stealth game. The best
way to approach The Sabotuer is to move into a mission with the idea of going
unnoticed but go in with plenty of firepower. Finally, the guy is based 
completely on the PS3 version of the game but it is highly likely that the 
information (aside from the button presses) is compatible with the 360 version.


                       V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                   [VSHY]

Version 0.90
 -Submitted 1-5-10
 -Walkthrough complete
 -Trophy List
 -Black Market list
 -Perks list
 -Supplemental sections need more formatting

Version 0.95
 -Added General Tips section
 -Reformatted Perks section
 -Added some tips for getting perks (not complete)
 -Reformatted vehicles section (hope to add locations but may be tricky since
  I've already found all the vehicles but didn't note their location)


                         G E N E R A L  T I P S                       [GNTP]

-Destroying ambient freeplay targets does not simply add length to the game. 
 Doing so also helps clear areas, allowing Sean to better achieve his objectives
 or escape an alarm.

-Do not enter missions with a strict philosophy of run 'n' gun or stealth. Most
 missions are best completed with a combination of the two.

-Its a good idea to carry the maximum amount of dynamite and/or RDX as you move
 around France.

-It seems easier to escape an alarm on foot than in a vehicle.

-There are several methods to escape alarms.
     -Hiding spots indicated by green markers on the mini map
     -Running out of the red zone
     -Find the alarm switch and simply turn of the alarm
     -Avoid the alarm all together by killing any Nazis in the area before they
      blow their whistles


                         W A L K T H R O U G H                       [WLKT]

Spoilers are limited to the time they happen in the game. If you read the guide
for a story based mission before attempting the mission there may be information
you may not want to see. Otherwise no spoilers for a mission in the middle of 
the game are provide in the prologue, etc.

                               Prologue                              [PGL]

Spark One Up [PGL1]

While simply sitting at a bar and trying to enjoy a drink Sean, an Irishman, is
rudely joined by a Frenchman. The native talks of destroying the Nazi's 
occupying his country. At the end of the cinematic move out of the bar and
around the corner to the yellow marker where Luc waits. He intends to destroy
a large supply of Nazi fuel and is requesting some help. Move to Luc's car and
enter. The mini-map will display a route to the Nazi base. Press R2 to 
accelerate and the left analog stick to steer. 

Luc is appalled at the Nazi soldier hitting the young lady, so much so that he
exits the car and attacks. Sean is a good fist fighter. Press and hold L1 to 
enter brawl mode. While in this mode pressing X performs a quick punch, O kicks,
[] a strong punch, and Triangle a grab. Knock the two Nazis out to unlock a Perk
(Fighting Irish) that allows Sean to charge up a haymaker.

After the fight enter the restricted area where Luc is standing. Climb the 
building and walk up behind the Nazi look out. Enter Brawl Mode and grab the
enemy. Use the Right Analog stick to throw the soldier off of the roof then
drop below to help Luc defeat the remaining Nazis. Find the two crates with
the red arrows over then and kick them open. Inside Sean finds some dynamite 
that will likely come in handy. Move back to the car and drive to the fuel
depot. Luc recommends that Sean climbs a nearby building that has a rope
leading to the primary fuel tank. Once at the top Luc will place some explosives
on the truck below. When the truck is destroyed jump to grab the rope and slide
over the fence. Run over to the fuel tank and equip the dynamite. Place the
explosives on the fuel tank and walk away. After the explosion, numerous Nazis
will investigate. Look for a set of crates along the wall near where Sean enter
the fuel depot by sliding down the rope. Climb to the top and you can easily
move over the wall to the car below. Pick up Luc and head back to the Belle. 
Enter the establishment and move to the back where Sean's room is located.

Better Days [PGL2]

Simply get in the truck and drive, following the yellow path on the mini-map.
A checkpoint is just across the bridge. Move across the bridge and stop the 
truck to allow the Nazis to investigate your purpose. When the gate opens 
continue to drive forward to the Red Ox Bar.

Old Friends, New Enemies [PGL3]

Exit the truck and walk over to the bar's entrance. During the cutscene the 
competition enters and a fight ensues. There are six men inside the bar that
Sean must knock out before exiting. They are all wearing red racing suits. 
Move from one to the next using an assortment of kicks and punches. The ones
attacking your friend are distracted and the easiest to defeat quickly. Exit the
bar only to run into an army of Nazis and an old friend (Skylar). 

La Femme St. Claire [PGL4]

Once inside the car the goal is to escape the persuing Nazis. If Sean can make
it out of the red circle and not be seen by enemy eyes the level of alert will
end. I was able to elude the Nazi chasers by exiting the town and cutting 
through a grassy area in the nearby curvy road. The enemies got stuck behind a
rock and some trees, while I was able to escape. In any event once Sean escapes
drive back to the hotel. When the night with Skylar is over, steal a car and 
drive Jules to the track.

Pole Position [PGL5]

This race is pretty much scripted. Drive it as best you can but realize that 
the events (as long as an effort is put forth) are predetermined. By the end of
the first lap Sean should be well ahead of the majority of the other drivers. As
the end of the third lap approaches he will likely catch up to any remaining
drivers, that includes the German representative we met at the Red Ox. Pass the
Nazi racer only to have the resulting cinematic show his cheating ways.

A Sunday Drive [PGL6]

Get behind the wheel of the car just in front of Sean and tail Dierker. As the
German drives away notice the new Paranoia meter that appears. This will fill
if you get to close to the target. Jules provides cues to know when to get 
closer and when to hang back. Dierker is headed to Doppelsieg Motorworks which
is heavily guarded by Nazi soldiers. Sean will park the car in the woods and 
approach on foot.

Give Jules a boost over the wall then climb over. Dierker's car is just ahead.
Get in and drive it down to the cliff. As Sean passes through the gate hold 
Triangle to bail out. Unfortunately, the crash brings the Nazis to Sean's

The Darkest Night [PGL7]

The primary objective now is to escape the facility. Exit the interrogation room
and move down the hall. At the top of the steps Sean will see a guard with his
back turned. This is an opportunity for a stealth kill. Move to the guard while
pressing L2. When behind him press Triangle or Square to kill. The guard drops 
his side arm. Pick up the gun and move out the door ahead. The camera pans the 
area to show one guard at Sean's level, a large sign, and a second guard above.
Stealth kill the guard just outside the door and climb the sign. When at the top
watch for the patrolling guard and perform another stealth kill, then climb down
the ladder.

Move across the platform to find another ladder and climb down. Sean hears 
voices below. At the bottom pick up the rifle on the desk and peak around the
corner. Another Nazi guard has his back to Sean. Move in for a baseball swing 
stealth kill with the rifle. As you picked up the rifle you should have noticed
the instructions for firing a weapon. The left and right directional buttons 
will cycle the two available weapons. L1 aims and R1 fires the weapon. Take
cover on the wall near the ramp heading down by pressing up against the wall or
tapping L2. A guard will appear at the bottom. Align your site at his head then
fire from cover. This alerts a second guard and the same can be done to dispatch
him. Continue down the hall only to encounter a few more easily killed Nazis.
Upon killing the 5th guard with bullets Sean receives a new Perk. At this point
if you have killed exactly as the guide suggests the down Nazi should be near
a set of small tanks. There will be three guards approaching the dead body from
the hall to the left. The move up slowly so do not be surprised if you move down
to swiftly when you encounter them. Continue forward and learn how to throw 
grenades. Move through the large room slowly picking off the Nazis as they 
appear. Be sure to kill them before they can blow their whistle or the base will
be put on alert. The next room to the left at the top of the stairs contains the
way out. But proceed cautiously there are several guards that will patrol this
area including one next to the door out. Stay hidden and fire with precision.
The more headshots the quicker the escape.

Out of the Frying Pan [PGL8]

Step out and kill the guards around the truck. Enter and drive through the gate
ahead. As you proceed run over any Nazis you see without compromising your 
escape. Follow the path on the mini-map and be sure to avoid the trucks
partially blocking the road. Sean will drive  through the checkpoint we went
through earlier and jump the raising bridge. He suspects something more than
the chase for him is happening due to the large number of soldiers.

Into the Fire [PGL9]

The war has started. Continue the drive through the countryside and see the
havoc induced by the Nazi regime. When Sean gets back to the farm, he sees that
the Nazis have taken over and are destroying the area. Bust through the gate
with the truck and kill the nearby Nazis using the flamethrowers. Vittore is
at the entrance to the barn at the top left portion of the screen. The nearby
Nazis are marked on the mini-map with red circles. The only one to be weary of
is the guy using the turret attached to the vehicle across from Vittore. Vittore
says Veronique is inside the burning building. Work your way through the fire
and Germans to the last room in the building. Inside two soldiers have the girl
at gunpoint ready to execute. Take them out and watch the ensuing cut scene.

Act 1 

Slaughterhouse [ACO1]

Exit Sean's room at the Belle and find the stairs to the left just before 
entering the main hall. At the top, locate Luc. During the conversation 
Veronique interrupts. Vittore has been captured by the Nazis in search of rebels
as a result of the explosion Sean and Luc created. Exit the Belle. A note 
appears describing the Suspicion Meter.

Stash your weapon by pressing Cricle then move to a car. Drive Luc to the canal.
The area where Vittore is being held (La Villette) is a current British target.
When at the canal exit the car and talk to Luc. Sean is to kill the Nazi guard
and steal his uniform. If Sean uses anything but his hands for the kill the 
disguise will be ruined.

Jump into the water below and climb the stairs on the left side of the dock but
stop near the top. Watch for the sentry to approach then walk away, at this time
sneak behind the guard for a stealth kill. Hold Triangle while standing over
his body to take his uniform. Enter the base ahead only to see another Nazi 
soldier near the entrance. Sean can still stealth kill while in disguise as 
long as no other enemies are nearby. Take out the Nazi then bust open the crate
for some contraband. 

Enter the primary compound and take note of two important items on the mini-map.
One are the red dots that indicate Nazis. The other is the dotted circle 
encompassing Sean. Keep Nazis out of this circle for the disguise to be 
successful. Patiently move forward to the back of the large building on Sean's
right. The are will have a large concentration of Nazis. Staying away from the
stationary enemies will be simple, the guards that are patrolling are the ones
to be cautious of. If the Suspicion meter becomes active (yellow) move away from
the area while holding L2. Sudden movements will alert the Nazis quickly. There
is a large opening at the back of the building. The opening has a stationary 
guard and one that patrols. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass then enter.
In the back left corner is a cell where Vittore is being held. The cell is
guarded by a single Nazi. Stand behind the crates near the cell and as the guard
walks away move in for a stealth kill. Tap Triangle over his body to acquire the
cell key and free Vittore. The bombing is beginning so move through the archway
on the wall opposite the cell and enter the door to find safety in the basement.

Bottle Shock [ACO2]

This area is now a Resitance Headquarters. Luc has been shot and is in need of
Antibiotics. Veronique send Sean to Santos who is an expert on the French 
black market. Santos is aware of a bottle of Champagne that was sold to a German
soldier that would warrent a hefty sum of money. This money would be enough to
procure some medicine for Luc. The goal is to locate the bottle of bubbly. Exit
the basement and head to the yellow pin on the mini map.

Some Nazis are attending a party and the Champagne is likely to be opened soon.
I tried several times but it does not seem that there is a stealth way to 
obtain the bottle. Exit the car and head back up the street away from the car
a Nazi is walking in the same direction. When you get to the tree begin climbing
the building (the tree will provide some cover). At the top circle around to
the back where you have a view of the Champagne and the guard on either side
of it. Pull out a rifle (if you have one) and shoot the guards near the bottle.
This will cause Sean to lose his disguise from the last mission and alerts the 
other nearby Nazis. From Sean's vantage point it is easy to pick off the 
remaining enemies. When ready drop below and grab the bottle. Sean does not want
to return the bottle to Santos under any kind of alert. The roof has a hatch
that will provide a hiding spot to elude any persuing Nazis. When Sean exits 
move to the street and find a car to drive back to the headquarters in La
Villette. Give Santos the bottle of champagne then take the medicines to 

Exit the Headquarters and take note of the two new makers on the mini-map. They
are a yellow Sa and Vi. These are abbreviations for Santos and Vitorre, each
has a mission for Sean.

The Black Market [ACO3]

Move to Santos in the alley across from the Belle. He has a network of dealers
that can get Sean practically anything he needs... For a price that is. Walk 
over to Pierre and stock up on dynamite and grenades, they are free. Exit the
alley then climb the building. There is a Nazi tower at the top. Place some 
dynamite at the base of the tower then leave the building's roof. Once it 
explodes Sean will receive some contraband and a Trophy. Sean isn't finished 
though, another pin appears on the mini-map indicating a second Nazi Tower. 
Climb a roof near the tower and walk to its base. Plant some dynamite then 
head across from the tower to the ladders leading to the roof. Upon the second
explosion Sean earns a Perk.

The next yellow pin will indicate the presence of a Nazi General. Sean needs
to kill the high ranking German. Its quite easy actually. Stay on the rooftops
and move over the General's location. Pull out a weapon and get a good view then
fire. Alternatively, you could probably chuck a grenade at him as well. Just 
south of the General's corpse Sean will find an armored vehicle at street level.
Jump below and avoid the yellow ring of Suspicion while approaching the vehicle.
Plant some dynamite and walk up the street. When it explodes the next objective
is to go back to Santos for a mission complete. The black market shops around
town are now open to Sean

Grand Theft Limo [ACO4]

Santos has another mission for you. One of his competitors has sold a limo to
a German General. Sean's job is to steal the car. Move to the pin indicating 
the car's location. Lutz's limo is heavily guarded. Move to the back side of
the building and climb to the roof. Below Sean will see three men performing
target practice, a guard standing near those shooting, and a Nazi near some 
crates behind the car. The man standing near those firing at the targets is
the General. Toss a grenade at the men firing then kill the general quickly. If
you do not hit him fast he will escape in the limo. When the Nazis below are
dead, drop down and enter the car. Escape the alerted soldiers and drive the 
car to the garage at the La Villette Headquarters.

Thirty Pieces of Lead [ACO5]

Move to the Belle and talk to Vittore sitting on a couch just inside the door.
An traitorous informant is at fault for getting Vittore captured by the Nazis.
Drive to the yellow pin to find General Kleib. There are several Nazi guards
with the General as he is degrading a citizen. Sean's job is to follow the
General without raising suspicion. Again watch for the paranoia meter to raise
if it fills too much the mission is a failure. At times he will turn around and
stare. When he does walk away or hide around a corner to avoid his gaze. The
General will meet with the Traitor in a plaza with a large elephant. After the
General leaves follow the traiter and kill him in any manner you wish (stealth
is fine).

Liberty or Death [ACO6]

Luc is now requesting a meeting with Sean. Move to the Slaughterhouse to get
the next mission. Luc is aware of some men who may be valuable being held by
the Nazis. Travel to the holding cells and bust them out.

Crochet and his men are heavily guarded of course. There are 3 Nazis stationed
to the north of the holding cells. Two of the soldiers are stationary behind 
some sandbags while the third patrols the area. Take out the patroling guard 
using stealth and take his uniform. If you like you can go ahead and stealth
kill the other two stationary guards as well. With the uniform on move to the
area behind the yellow pin where Crochet is held. The cell is guarded by an
individual stationary soldier, a patroling soldier with a wide suspicious zone,
and a guard in the tower. From behind the holding cell wait for the patrolling
guard to move to the far left then climb to the top of the tower and kill the
Nazi there. When safe climb down the ladder and take out the stationary guard.
From this point Sean can kill the patrolling Nazi or unlock the cell. Be 
cautious of your movements if a Nazi soldier (especially the patrolling one)
sees Sean they become suspicious quickly and the mission is complicated. Once
Crochet is released an alert is created. Quickly move to and open the other 
cells. Jump in a car and drive off to evade the investigating Nazis. Once Sean
is safely out of the red zone without being seen the mission is complete.

Special Delivery [ACO7]

Speak with Veronique and she has an errand for you to assist her with. Drive her
to the first yellow pin by following the path on the mini-map. She will exit the
car and retrieve the package. Next driver her to the drop off point. She exits
the car and tells the guards at the door she is delivering cheese and wine. When
she returns to the car begin to drive away. The cheese and wine must have been
laced with C4 because the building explodes. Evade the Nazi persuers and 
return to La Villette. Walk down to the headquarters and have words with Luc.

Skylar is ready to see Sean again. She is located in the countryside of Le 
Havre. Move to the Sk Marker to meet with her. After the cinematic Sean has a
new story mission available.

Buried Secrets [ACO8]

After talking to Skylar enter the opening in the wall directly behind her. 
On the other side Sean will see two Nazis talking in front of him. Listen to 
their conversation if you like then move to the left staying behind the 
buildings. Move up the ramp and look to the right to see a lonely Nazi ready for
a stealth kill. Take this downed enemy's uniform and find several columns each 
topped with a roof along the wall. Climb to the roof of a column and jump up to
the next level. Continue up until the Investigate the Mausoleum objective 
changes to Enter the Mausoleum. Arriving at the Mausoleum by this method is 
quicker and easier than following the road but you will miss out on some 

The Mausoleum area is very heavily guarded. The first thing you should do is 
patrol the area to get an idea of where the Nazis are located. There are at
least three at the entrance (as well as 3 to 4 more near the entrance around 
the fires and in the guard tower). Another key to a successful mission is to
be aware of the alarm shut off just south of the Mausoleum entrance. If Sean
triggers and alert move down the stairs that are shinning red to stop the alarm.
If you are going for a stealth approach it is possible to set of explosions to
draw most of the enemies away from the entrance. This can be difficult to 
accomplish without an alarm. You may also be able to toss a few grenades to 
kill some Nazis and create a diversion. Again know where the alarm shut off
is located just in case you get seen. It is also a good idea to stealth kill
some of the isolated soldiers in the area so as to have a uniform available if
needed. If you have the scoped carbine, Sean can climb the guard tower and 
snipe several enemies then head toward the alarm shut off switch to thin the
crowd. In any event the goal is to enter the Mausoleum.

Once inside look to the left for a ladder leading beneath the Mausoleum. Inside
the crypt are more Nazi soldiers. Kill the 5 or so enemies near the artifact
then approach the box. Skylar appears and recommends Sean forgets what he just 
saw. Now its time for the escape. Skylar was able to comandeer a Bauer to
transport the artifact away. This truck is not the best choice for a speedy 
getaway but we have to work with the tools we have. Drive down the path out and
bust through the gate. Skylar mentions she has some of Sean's friends from the
local pub waiting to ambush the pursuing Nazis. Drive the truck into the ambush
zone and exit. Kill enough Nazis to fill the new meter that appears on screen
and the remaining soldiers will retreat. Get back in the truck and drive to the
final destination, the garage behind the Belle.

A Trip Up the Coast [ACO9]

Skylar is waiting inside Sean's room in the Belle. Once you've talked to her
head outside to nab a car for a drive. A sweet ride is waiting for you. The 
rest of this mission is as easy as a drive through the country.

Vive Le Vengeance [ACO10]

Bishop is aware of Dierker's location and its nearby. Before Sean can head that
way though Skylar stops him and suggests stopping by the docks first. First 
though equip the double shotgun and (I also brought a silenced pistol)get plenty
of ammo for the trip. A Bauer stocked with medical supplies is waiting for Sean.
Inside, Skylar has left a German uniform for Sean to use as a disguise. Drive 
the truck to the Citadel entrance and wait patiently for the guard to open the
gate. Pass through the gate and cross the bridge. The other side is crawling 
with Nazi soldiers and the entrance to the citadel is blocked by a large door. 
Sean feels a little explosion should be the perfect key. Exit the truck and 
stealth kill the nearby soldier. There is a single Nazi next to the other Bauer
near the door and three more soldiers near the cliff's edge. Take out all or 
none of these as you like. When ready set some dynamite on the gate and step 
away or drive the truck right through it. There are two other entry points. 
While standing in front of the main gate move to the left to find a whole in the
wall guarded by three Nazis. The other entry point is a ladder on the right side
of the outer Citadel wall guarded by at least 4 Nazis. My method was to destroy
the gate and enter.

Once through the gate you will see why I recommend the shotgun. The base is now
on alert and with the shotgun in hand its easy to run and gun if you choose. 
Alternatively, Sean can kill the soldiers in the room then find one of the
bodies outside the gate that he stealth killed to get another disguise. Once
the initial area of the Citadel is clear a gate will block the path out of 
the second area. Since the door is blocked find the nearby stairs and ascend.
On the back side of the large tower are stones that can be climbed. Once at the
top of the bell tower look for a single Nazi guarding the top. Take him out
stealth like (silenced weapon also works) if you are not under a state of alert.
Now proceed down the stairs with silenced weapon drawn so as to shoot any Nazis
encountered before they can whistle for help.

When at the bottom of the stairs the gate that blocked Sean's path will be at
the end of the hall on the right. A Zepplin is located on the path to the left.
As soon as you get to the corner a flame thrower toting Nazi will move your way.
Shoot him in the head with the silenced pistol and move forward. A second
soldier may come to investigate, take him out quickly as well. The area has a
duo of guards remaining that can be taken out with stealth. Climb the stairs at
the lower right corner of the room. There are more guards here on the second
level as well. Use the silenced pistol to headshot the first two and you should
be able to sneak by the rest until you find the metal stairs leading to the 
top level. As you reach the top move to the left to avoid any guards. Circle
all the way around the top level and find a broken wall that leads to an empty
room. At the outside corner of this room is metal column that Sean can climb.
Once at the top (hopefully still in disguise) continue climbing to the Zepplin
with no fear of more Nazis on the stairs. Inside the Zepplin move to the 
cockpit and watch the cinematic.

When back in control head to the front of the ship and climb the ladder. At 
the top the camera will pan over to Dierker's position. Head toward Dierker only
to have the walkway ahead destroyed by an explosion. Jump the gap and climb the
ladder. Another explosion halts Sean's progress. This gap in the walkway is to
large for Sean to jump, instead look up to see a rope he can jump to and move
across. Continue to the top and slide down rope to view another cinematic. The
Zepplin goes down but Sean is somehow still breathing.

Move back to the church (this time indicated by a Wi marker) and talk to Wilcox.
When done with the conversation Sean says he should head back to Paris to 
check on things. When ready drive back to the La Villete headquarters and 
interupt Luc and Veronique's night of wine tasting. When the cinematic is done
talk to Luc. Another group of rebels may want to join the resistance. Luc
asks Sean to check it out but Sean will have to cross through German 
checkpoints to reach the possible recruits. Santos can likely acquire the 
necessary documents to make passing the checkpoints easier.

Act II 

A Whisper or a Roar [ATW1]

With the German goverment providing cigarettes and booze to its soldiers, Santos
is not making as much cash as he would like. He will provide the necessary
documents to travel through checkpoints as long as Sean destroys some supply
trucks. As Sean nears the broken down supply convoy, he plans his attack. A
disguise and some dynamite would due the trick but a bigger boom can be made
with the turret on the roof. Its your choice but I'm going turret all the way.
Destroy the three trucks below then evade the Nazi response by exiting the roof.
Return to Santos for the required papers only to have to price go up. When he
is done talking he has requested 250 contraband in addition to the completion
of your mission. If you have 250 then talk to Santos again to get the papers
otherwise earn the money and return.

Take this opportunity to talk to Vittore in the garage at the back of the Belle.
There is not a mission attached to the conversation but since the marker is on
the map might as well talk to him for story purposes. Once the conversation is
over grab a car and head west toward Bois De Boulogne (the next mission marker).
At the checkpoint stop the car and wait for the German soldiers to open the
gate. Once at the maker enter the house through the cellar and start the next

Jailbreak [ATW2]

One of Margot's valuable associates is being held at a detention center. To gain
this group of resistance fighter's trust Sean volunteers to help with the 
release of the German's prisoner. Be sure to have a silenced weapon then drive 
to the detention site and park your car at the eastern entrance to the 
compound. Find a Nazi soldier patroling the nearby streets and take their 
uniform. On the south west corner of the compound there is some scaffolding with
ladders. Climb the ladders to the top then use the ledges to the right of screen
to reach the top of the building. From the high view point Sean should be able
to see the captive Resistance Fighter below. Move around the roof to disable the
guards in the sniper towers and patrolling the upper level of the compound there
is approximately 8 total. All of which can be killed using stealth (no gun
needed). There are two flame thrower wielding Nazis patrolling the ground near
the prisoner. Switch to one of the Scoped Carbine rifles that the now dead Nazis
were carrying and pick both enemies off. If an alarm is activated simply put on
the uniform of the dead man's gun you are carrying to shut it off. Grab the rope
at one of the corners to slide down to Bryman and release him from his cell. 

Now Sean and Bryman must escape the Nazis and the compound. It would be easy if
the idiot you saved could climb a ladder but he can not. Instead climb to the
roof and move to the eastern entrance of the compound (the same area you parked
the car). Using the silenced weapon peak over the edge of the roof and kill
the Nazi's below. When they are all dead and no alert has been triggered exit 
the roof to return to Bryman. Find the lever on the wall next to the door and
open it. Walk to the car and drive off to escaped the red zone and the Nazi 
pursuit. Drive Bryman back to the local headquarters (Margot) and the mission
will be complete. 

Luc is now located in the Opera District. He is paying his respects to members
of the the Resistance that were caught and hung. Sean would like to carry out
the mission they were attempting/planning before being capture. Bryman has the

The Big Gun [ATW3]

Before you go see Bryman obtain a scoped rifle and a disguise. The Nazis have
a canon ready to fire on friendly targets. Bryman gives you some RDX to help
destroy the gun. Enter the cannon courtyard via the alley next to Bryman. At the
top of the first set of stairs climb the building to the left and move along the
roof top hugging the edge of the area as indicated by the barbed wire. If you do
not currently have a disguise you may want to continue up the second set of 
stairs to find a Nazi with his back to Sean. Stealth kill the soldier then take
his uniform. Be prepared to take out an patroling soldier that is about to turn
the corner. If done correctly (sucker punch/silencer) and quickly Sean should be
in disguise without triggering an alarm (this can be tricky to perform without 
alerting the guards which is why its better to come into the mission disguised).
Once you've got the disguise return to the first set of stairs and get on the

Continue to follow the roof along the left edge until Sean sees the technician
that is operating the weapon. You should see the Eiffel Tower in the distance
and a sniper's nest nearby. There is a walkway leading away from the sniper's
nest and two an AA turret. The turret is guarded by three soldiers. Each of the
soldiers can be stealth killed without alerting the base. Once all three are
on the ground enter the turret and turn it towards the "Big Gun" and fire away.
At this point, an alert has been issued. The scoped rifle can come in handy to
clear some space for the escape or Sean can just run.

With the mission over drive to the country to have a talk with Bishop. Once
Bishop drives off a marker should appear indicating Skylar's new location 

Rolling Thunder [ATW4]

A German scientist wants to change his affilliation from the Nazis to the 
Resistance. In order to make the process go smoothly Skylar has a plan to blow
up a train to make it appear as though Dr. Kessler has been assassinated. Drive
out to the country and exit the car near the bridge. Nazis are of course 
patrolling the area under the bridge. The Bridge Killer Kit contains five 
explosive charges that must all be used to destroy a train bridge. There will
be glowing demolition points (also marked by pins on the mini map) to indicate
the best places to set the charges.

As you approach the bridge watch for a single guard to walk toward the ladder
that will provide Sean access. When the guard turns and heads back run to the
ladder, sneak behind the guard, and perform a stealth kill. Moving around the
bottom of the bridge will be much easier in disguise. A silenced pistol will 
also be good to have so as to remove guards as quietly as possible. The first
demolition point is at the top of the very next ladder. Place the bomb and look
to the other side of the bridge for the next site. In order to place the bomb,
Sean will have to grab hold of a support beam as shimmy over to the placement
area. When the 2nd explosive charge is set drop below and go up the ramp. A 
couple of Nazis will be patrolling to the bottom right. Take them out then
cross the wooden beam to the other side of the bridge. Climb up to the the 
third detonation site and place another charge. From here continue to shimmy to
the left. Climb up some beams to find the fourth detonation site near the top of
the bridge. As you move closer to the fourth site make sure to note the
patrolling guard at this top level. The final site is on the tracks and 
directly above the location of the fourth site. Climb the ladder after crossing
the nearby beam to reach the top of the bridge. There will be a guard standing
near the detonation site looking directly at it as a matter of fact. Nazis will
also be positioned at each end of the bridge and one will patrol near the site.
Kill the stationary guard and place the explosives as the patrolling guard 
moves away (the guys at the ends of the bridge should not cause any trouble). 
Once the bridge is completely wired find the rope that will let Sean slide down
close to the point at which he first entered the bridge's framework.

Return to Skylar and drive to the rendezvous site with Wilcox. Jump the wall
behind Wilcox and move across the train yard. Jump onto the train and plant
some explosives on the radio car. Begin moving forward killing Nazis as you go.
Stealth is pretty much useless from this point on. Once the explosion occurs the
guards will be aware of your presence. Additionally, as the train moves down the
tracks it will pass by several areas thick with Nazis. Be sure to take breaks
beteween cars when Sean is taking too much damage and proceed until you find
Kessler's car. Don't stop there though, move to the end of the train and jam
the throttle to be sure it hits the previously planted explosives. Now head 
back to Kessler's car and enter the door. Watch the events that transpire before
the mission is complete.

Meet up with Skylar then drive her and Dr. Kessler to the Slaughterhouse 
Headquarters. Once inside talk to Veronique. There is not a mission involved. It
just adds to the storyline.  Luc is the next active story marker. Fortunately,
he is in the adjacent room. He has something big planned but needs more transit
papers. Luc recommends seeing Santos for some assistance. Santos requires 500
contraband for the papers. Once the deal is done return to Luc for the next

South of the Seine [ATW5]

Luc is planning a meeting with several rebel leaders. With transit papers in
hand move to the garage and get in a car. Drive Luc to the meeting site in the
Lating Quarter. Exit the car and walk into the courtyard to talk with Mingo and
Bonnaire. After some small talk, the Nazis spring their trap. Take cover and 
shoot down the charging Germans. When directed move to the car (hopefully you
have one with a back seat) and let the Resistance leaders ride with Sean. Escape
the Nazi pursuit to negate the alarm. Once things are more calm head to 
Mingo's headquarters.

Luc's grand scheme is to win the big race the Germans have planned so that 
during the ceremony the Resistance can strike. Before Sean can win a race he
has to have a car. This is where Vitorre comes in. Return to the garage at the
back of the Belle to see Vittore.

Repo Man [ATW6]

The Germans have the Aurora and Vittore would like to have it back so Sean can
win the race. Approach Eckhardt's chateau only to find it heavily guarded. The
gate can not be passed through so Sean will have to find an alternate entry
point. If in a Nazi disguise, Sean can simply exit the car and move to the
left of the main gate to enter the outer area of the complex. Once by the gate
walk toward the tank and continue to walk near the wall to its left. Climb over
the wall to enter the primary part of the area.

Once inside, Sean sees Franziska in the distance. Move to the entrance and 
set an explosion. This will set many of the soldiers into a state of suspicion.
Patiently wait away from the explosion site for the yellow zone of suspicion to
fade. When it does enter the opening in the ground and walk right by any guards.
At the bottom of the stairs, the next room is swarming with Nazis. Toss a 
grenade inside to take out a few guards quickly then pull out a close ranged
weapon (machine gun or shotgun) and go to town on the Nazis inside. The Aurora
is in the garage below. Use the lever next to the car to lower and get in.
Speed through the tunnel and exit to the country side. Once you are able to 
outrun the Germans chasing Sean the mission is complete.

Take the car to Vittore at the Belle garage.

Boiling Point [ATW7]

Bryman has a suggestion for how to complete this mission. There are two options
use a telephone wire to gain entry without alerting the guards or go through
the front door guns a blazin'. Move to the northern side of the compound and 
find the telephone wire. Climb the building and slide down the wire. Sean ends
up on the roof of the building. Climb up to the balcony and enter the building
through the window.

The first thing you should notice is that the entire building is a zone of 
suspicion. Any Nazis Sean encounters will immediately be suspicious of him. If
you have a silenced pistol use it to take out the Gestapo agents as you move 
down the stairs to the library. At the library a yellow arrow will indicate
a book that can be pulled to open the secret passage to the basement. Once the
bookshelf moves do not worry about stealth. Instead pull out your favorite 
weapon (a shotgun is always a good choice in close quarters) and blast away.
Sean will move through a couple of Nazi filled rooms with relative ease. There
is a room on the left side in the long hall at the bottom of the spiral 
staircase before entering the first room with several guards that has lots of

At the end of a hall after clearing a couple rooms, Sean will be locked in a 
corridor with two Terror Squad Nazis. These guys can take more damage than the
soldiers Sean has fought to this point. They can also dish out more damage. 
Quickly more to the crate on the left of the corridor and throw a couple
grenades down the hall. If they connect it may kill one Terror Squad member
but at the least will damage both. Finish them off with some well placed bullets
and a third member of the Terror Squad enters. This one isn't as tough since he
is fighting solo. Enter the office at the end of the hall to release the 

The next room is sealed tight. Place some dynamite on the boiler and exit the
room, but don't go too far Nazis are coming down the hall. Once the boiler 
explodes the door is open and Sean can procede. As you move watch for a couple
stray Nazis in the corridor before finding the stairs leading to Maria. The next
room is full of fire and Nazis. Stay back and shoot as many of them from a 
distance as possible (tossing grenades when necessary). As their numbers begin
to decrease move toward the stairs to the next floor. Ahead will be more members
of the Terror squad (two will attack but not at the same time) and a few 
"normal" (or at least as close to normal as a Nazi can be) soldiers. Take them
out and use the side walkway to move around the first gap in the path. The 
second gap is traversed by a jump. After the jump is when the second Terror 
Squad Nazi attacks. Press the button to call the elevator and get in. 

Three Terror Squad Nazis are beneath Sean's location on the balcony. This is
not as difficult as it may seem. The balcony provides good cover for regaining
health when taking too much damage. Shoot the Terror Squad below then go to
Maria for a short conversation. Take the escape elevator down to the ground 
floor and walk through the gate to finish the mission. 

Grab a car and drive to the Slaughterhouse Headquarters to reunite Maria with
her father.

Lambs to the Slaughter [ATW8]

Somehow the Nazis have discovered the location of this headquarters and are
attacking. Load up on ammo if necessary (the weapon smuggler is still active)
and exit the headquarters. Clear the few soldiers inside the Slaughterhouse and
move to the back door. There is a conveniently placed turret at the back door
use it to destroy the soldiers attacking the back of the Resistance base. A
few vehicles will race in bringing "sappers". Attack the vehicles and anyone 
who exits. The sappers will attempt to place explosives on the building. We 
can not allow the headquarters meter to deplete too much. Once the back of the
headquarters is clear the Nazis begin attacking from the front. 

The attack on the front of the headquarters is more intense than the back. There
is a turret up the stairs to the right as you exit the Slaughterhouse that will
help destroy Nazis and conserve Sean's ammo. The turret is great for distance 
shooting but any Nazis that are missed can easily run under the turret's reach.
Once the German attack is pushed back, they attempt to flank the Resistance
move to the side of the building to fight off more German vehicles. This time
they are more apt to attack with their mounted turrets. Once a couple vehicles
are destroyed they bring in the heavy artillery, a tank. While looking at the 
on coming tank move behind the building on the left next to the gate. The tank
is traveling with a few Terror Squad members as well. Take out the terror squad
from you location next to the gate (grenades + whatever weapon that still has
ammo). Once the Terror Squad is gone Sean can move to the side or behind the 
tank and place dynamite/RDX to destroy it. You should have plenty of time to
defeat the tank without compromising the integrity of the headquarters.

The Nazis are regrouping, so now is the time to evacuate. Luc and Veronique will
try to hold off the next surge of troops while Sean and Skylar get the Kesslers
to safety.

Dark Reign [ATW9]

Veronique has been captured by the Gestapo. Currently Sean's sole purpose is to
find and rescue her. Bryman believes he can ascertain her whereabouts by tapping
the Gestapo's phone lines. For the plan to work Sean must place the taps on the
lines during a storm so the Nazis will not be aware that the Resistance is 
listening. Move to the first tap site and climb the building. Stealth can work
fairly well for the first several taps but eventually Sean will be discovered 
(especially at the last of the seven sites). For the majority of the game I 
tried to be stealthy as much as possible only revealing Sean's presence when 
necessary. This mission is best suited for a run and gun approach. There really
should not be a major problem with the first 6 tap sites. They are mildly 
guarded by one or two soldiers. The last site is in the center of more soldiers
at least one of which is packing a grenade launcher. Take out the RPG Nazi 
quickly then jump down and place the tap on the last radio. The funny part is
you would think one of the Nazis that see Sean during this mission would let
a commanding officer know about a strange man altering the radio boxes. Once the
last tap is placed the mission is over and Sean only has to end the state of 

Needs of the Few... or the One [ATW10]

Bryman has found Veronique and believes someone at the Slaughterhouse was a 
traitor to the Resistance. He has also learned that for her crimes, Veronique
has been sentenced to death. Bryman's plan for saving her is to board a 
zeppelin that is at a fueling station at the end of the sewers. Its best if you
go to the fueling station disguised.

Once Sean sees the station jump into the water and swim to the ladder in the
center. Climb the ladder and move to the left. This area must be important to
the Nazis because there are three Terror Squad members guarding the entrance.
Once is on the platform to the left and the other two are around the corner. One
is patrolling an outside platform while the other is inside the facility near
a flame thrower wielding Nazi. When Sean first climbs to the platform of the
fueling station watch for the closest Terror Squad Nazi to walk away then move
to the crates he walks by and climb over them to the other side. From this site
you should be able to see at least two Terror Squad members (the third is at
the door to the left). As the Terror Squad members approach they will be 
suspicious but not enough to break off their patrol. Wait for the second Terror
Nazi to walk away then follow him moving through the first door way you see.
Inside this doorway will be a Nazi with a flame thrower that will walk away as
you move in. Sean can quickly stealth kill him or just pass by him as he moves
into the hall on the left. If done correctly Sean can enter the fueling station
without incident.

Move up the stairs and move around the corner to find a ladder leading higher
onto the fueling station. At the top of the stairs Sean will be safe but observe
that there are six Nazis guarding the area. Two are on the far left near the AA
gun, two Terror Squad members are under the ladder leading to the search light,
one is at the top of the tower with the search light, and a guard with a flame
thrower is patrolling the area. When the flame thrower moves away exit the area
around the stairs and move to the left. Climb to the top of the tower and use
the rope to slide down to the radio controls. 

Bryman's idea was to divert a zeppelin to this location so Sean can hitch a ride
to the prison facility. Exit the radio area and see that the zeppelin has landed
at the point where you begin the rope slide to the radio. The same guards are
still here in the same locations but two more Terror Squad members and a normal
guard are now at the platform where the zeppelin is waiting. Move out the
opposite door you entered and cautiously walk to the ramp leading to the 
zeppelin. Sean can hide behind some crates to lower the suspicion of the first
set of Terror Squad Nazis. When safe (the flame thrower is away) move to the
ramp and climb up and behind the new Terror Squad members. The last guard at the
top of the ladder should be no problem, walk by him and enter the zeppelin.

Ride the air craft to Notre Dame and upon exit sucker punch the Nazi at the
landing platform. Move down the stairs until you find the Nazi Sniper. Stealth
kill him and continue until the cinematic starts. The Nazis are commencing the
executions, fortunately Veronique is not first on the list. Continue climbing
down as the other prisoners are being executed. As you approach the bottom be
on the look out for a rope that Sean can slide over the execution site to the
buildings in the distance. There just happens to be a turret located there. Kill
the Nazi manning the turret then take control of it yourself. Fire at the Terror
Squad member performing the executions to free Veronique. Continue to lay down
suppresive fire on the Nazis below as the cinematic shows her running away.
When relatively safe, drop down to her location among the crates to trigger the
next cinematic.

Bryman busts through the gate in a Bauer with a turret on the back. A new meter
appears on screen indicating the health of the truck. Use the turret to destroy
Nazi pursuit as Bryman drives. Aim for the enemies in the turrets then try to
take out the drivers. 

GLITCH NOTE: Dr. Kwong initially sits inside one of the Headquarters waiting for
             Sean to perform a side mission. Once you talk to and complete Dr.
             Kwong's first mission request "the Bavarian Candidate" he moves 
             to a park bench in Chinatown. During this mission Bryman drives
             the Bauer through Chinatown and the Nazis in there attempt to 
             shoot Sean can kill Dr. Kwong. I completed all of Dr. Kwong's
             missions through "Deutschland Uber Phallus" and he is still sitting
             at his normal place in Chinatown. If Dr. Kwong dies in the cross
             fire the mission is over and you have to restart from a checkpoint.
             After 4 restarts, I was able to somehow get through Chinatown 
             without Dr. Kwong dying. My guess is that if you do not start the
             doctor's missions he will remain in the headquarters and not be
             in Chinatown to potentially die.

Ahead will be a road block and Bryman swings the truck around. Destroy the 
vehicles in the way to proceed. The truck will stall in an open area and Bryman
can not get it restarted. Planes will attack over head. Sean can shoot them
down as Veronique gets the Bauer restarted. The rest of the way is pretty tame.
Once safe Bryman will park the truck and leave Sean and Veronique to complete
the mission.

Talk to Veronique then escort her to the headquarters and enter.

From the Ashes [ATW11]

Sean is driving the Aurora in the race of his life. There really is not anything
that can help you win the race other than to avoid having to top the car. Try
to hit the corners to maintain control and not veer off into a tree. Sean can
lose valuable time if he has to back up then get moving forward again. Do not
forget to use the Nitrous capability in the straight aways. As you approach
Dierker's car be sure to save a Nitrous for the end just in case its close it
may mean the difference between first and restart from checkpoint (thats right
if you do not win the race it starts over from the beginning). I was able to
win the race by a wide margin on the second try. Once you are back in control
of Sean escape the Nazis and head to the Belle.


'C'est ici l'empire de la mort' [ATW1]

Head to the Catacombs Headquarters to warn them about the traitor. Along the 
way Sean's transit papers will no longer be effective for passing checkpoints.
You will have to find another way around or bust through them. The Resistance
does not want to compromise the entrance to the headquarters. They recommend 
an alternate entry point for Sean across the street. Find a Nazi uniform and 
Sean will be able to walk right to the door. Alternatively (though I didn't 
try it) there is a cable leading right to the door from the building across the
street. It seems that Sean may be able to slide down it to the door.

If in costume walk down the stairs and move through the area largely undetected
until the next checkpoint. Ahead is a group of soldiers behind an archway with
a blue Resistance symbol. Place a charge on that arch and walk away. The ensuing
explosion will cave the roof in killing those under it. The room to the right
is full of enemies and is the path Sean must take. I would save at least one
enemy to defeat with fist so as to have a uniform available to end the alert.
Take out all the enemies in the room including a couple Terror Squad members.
Look for explosive tanks to aid in the destruction. The room is not that
difficult to clear if you have the Terror Shotgun purchased, equipped, and full
of ammo.

Proceed down the corridor and pass through the door. He will make a comment
about a lot of bones and there will be a guard to the right. Sean can kill him 
with a weapon and not create an alarm. Through the gaps in the wall look for a 
Terror Squad member with a flamer thrower and a Nazi soldier. Take them out then
proceed to find the path forks. One side is marked with a blue Resistance 
symbol so we'll take that  path. At the top will be a Terror Squad member that
Sean shouldn't have much trouble with. If you are not currently under an alert
this enemy will likely cause one. As you move forward look to the ground to
see gaps with enemies below. Sean is in a good position to kill a lot of Nazis
from his location. Again the explosive barrels can make quick work of a lot of
enemies. Once you tire of killing the enemies below enter the next corridor to
find another site where the ceiling can come crumbling down upon the enemies.
If you are in an alert status the Nazis will likely see Sean coming. So instead
of using dynamite to collapse the roof fire at the explosive material near the
Terror Squd Nazi to bring the roof down. Ahead will be a Terror flame thrower
that can be a bit of a challenge. When he is dead proceed deeper into the 
catacombs to find a checkpoint.

After the checkpoint Sean comes across the Nazis firing mercilessly upon the
Resistance fighters. Move to the left and follow the blue lights to find the
path around the cliff. At the cliff's edge there will be a pipe Sean can jump
to a grab to shimmy along the wall. He will then politely ask the Resistance to
not shoot at him. Meet up with Luc and Veronique to activate a cinematic. 
Concentrate your fire on the Nazis above as Sean thins them out another
cinematic activates. The Nazis are attempting to flank the Resistance's
position. Turn to the right and start shooting again. Move to Luc for another
cut scene.

Be patient and Skylar will send a message leading Sean to the next mission.

Deja Boom [ATW2]

Upon landing the Nazis are already on alert with an alarm level of 4. A couple
of Sturmwagens are headed your way. Take cover behind the rocks then kill the
Nazis that exit. Hijack one of their rides and take it to Dppelsieg. After
breaking through the gate exit and enter the door to find the place swarmaing
with Terror Squad Nazis. Fight them off from behind cover using grenades as
needed. When the first swarm is defeated proceed in to the hall and up the 
corridor to the next checkpoint.

To the left will be two Terror Squad members that should go down quickly with
the Terror Shotgun. When Sean nears the top of the stairs ahead the door opens
releasing several Nazis. As the door opens toss a couple grenades in the room
to thin the Terror Squad. Enter cautiously, then take out the guy with the
flame thrower around the corner. There are no more enemies between Sean and
the room where he and Jules were held during Act I. Maria is inside this room.
Sean has Veronique take Kessler's daughter to the air strip while he searches
for the doctor.

Exit the burning room and move to the right. From this top walkway Sean can 
see some Nazis below. A well tossed grenade should take them all out. There are
two Nazis in lab coats on the other side of the room if you feel like killing
some more. Move down to where the Nazis that were killed by the grenades were
standing. Dr. Kessler will open the door. The doctor says we can not leave 
without destroying the cyclotron. Sounds good to me. Follow Dr. Kessler. The
cyclotron is looked behind a door. Of course it is. Protect Kessler as he opens
the door. Watch for fire from above as well as ground level. Once the unlock
door meter is full move through the door.

Kessler built this device and knows exactly how to destroy it. Move to the 
console and flip the switch when he says. The first cooling tower is now set
for destruction move to the marker and place some dyanamite. As the fuse 
dwindles head up the ramp to move to the second coil. As the door to it raises
a Terror Squad member arrives. Take him out then destroy the second cooling
tower. The shield around the core will lift exposing the device. Kill any 
Nazis in the way and move to the newly revealed cyclotron core. Place a couple
RDX charges near the core and return to Kessler. Detonate them then follow the
doctor down the stairs. Clear a path for Kessler and Seans escape by killing the
Nazis that are in the way.

Angel of Death [ATW3]

Pick up a postcard and scenic spot (beside and on the roof of the building) then
drive  to the Eiffel Tower. Run to the marker at the base of the tower and ride
the elevator up. Run across the area and take the elevator up to the third
level. Next move up the ramp to the Eiffel Tower bar. Once inside clear out
the Nazis if you want then move to the second level of the bar. Find the next
elevator after exiting the second level of the bar and ride it to the 
observation deck. This is the ultimate boss fight, well not really, just pull
out your pistol and shoot Dierker.

Le Crochet Story 

Belly of the Beast [LCT1]

Speak with Le Crochet in the La Villette headquarters across from Luc. A German
General took Le Crochet's hand and he seeks revenge for himself as well as the
working girls the general torments. Drive to the Red Light District and exit the
vehicle. The front gate is heavily guarded so go to the rear of the building and
climb up. Once at the roof watch for the guard towers and kill any sentry that
gets in your way. The General will make his way down the street guarded by the
Nazis and stop in a back alley. Sean can drop right behind him deliver the
message from Le Crochet ("The Hook sends his regards). Once Sean finishes the
message kill the General (stealth, gun, fists). Once the General is dead the 
mission is over. During a playthrough Sean was actually killed after killing
the General. I was simply returned to the base with credit for the mission.

Doppelganger  [LCT2]

Drive to meet Le Crochet's contact and pick up the special present, a scoped
Carbine Rifle. With the rifle in hand drive to the target's location. Climb the
building across the street from the marker. Use the rope to slide across to a
roof perfect for sniping. There are at least three men guarded by Nazis that
look like they might be the Ambassador. The one in the center of the plaza 
wearing a red swastika is the target. Kill him then run to avoid the pursuit of
the Germans. Once Sean is clear of the red circle of danger the mission is a

Legio Patria Nostra [LCT3]

The Germans are loading an airship to resupply some of their troops. Move to
the Palais Royale to see if you can help with their efforts. Enter the palace
ground from the entrance on the southern side. There will be a patrolling and
stationary guard that will pay absolutely no attention to Sean. Stay to the
outside of the wall and move left to the corner. At the corner climb to the
top and find a guard tower. Two Nazis are stationed on top of the tower. As
you near the top of the ladder pause and wait for the moving guard to walk away.
Reach the top and stealth kill or blast away both enemies. Enter the gunners
seat on the turret and fire at all the areas marked by a yellow pin on the 
mini map. When all are gone exit the turret and head to the North East corner
to find a second turret. If you exit the roof to the ground outside the main
wall Sean can walk around the building maybe evade the alarm and climb the 
second tower to begin the next attack. There is a Zepplin in the center of
the map on the side of the first guard tower that I could not hit with either 
turret. To destroy it I just used a double barrelled shotgun and blasted it
from the large light nearby.

The good part about this mission is that if you die at any point when your 
reload the checkpoint all the progress up to the point of death remains minus
the alarm level. Therefore you could blast up one side of the compound die 
on purpose then sneak around to the other side to complete the mission.

Father Denis Story 

Unforgiven Sins [FTD1]

A Gestapo informant has been confessing his sins to Father Denis and the holy
man is out of forgiveness. Drive to the St. Eustache Church and find the ledge
Father Denis mentioned. Watch for the Nazi patrolling the front gate to move to
the left then sneak by him to the right. There should be some scaffolding with
a ladder adjacent to it. Climb the ladder; then another. Be on the look out
for a patrolling enemy. Work your way around the side of the building to the
rear and located the vantage point.

The cinematic will show Father Denis below commencing his service. Zoom in on
his location and watch for his signal. Let the first to groups seeking the
blessing of the priest pass by. The guy in the center of the third group is the
target. Father Denis will change his speech and begin mentioning sinners. Place
the crosshairs over the informant and fire. If necessary run to avoid the Nazi
pursuit though after I shot the informant I didn't have to. I guess Sean went
unnoticed and only fired a single shot.

Wrath of God [FTD2]

The good Father has made a deal to deliver a list of those hiding within the
city but intends to deliver a different message. He needs a good driver to 
take him to the Nazi base and allow him to escape. Father Denis recommends a
fast car for the mission. There just happens to be a Dugati parked outside the
church that will do nicely. Drive Father Denis to the marker and let him talk
with the Nazi guards. When its safe drive through the archway and turn the car
around. When Father Denis exits the building there will be an explosion and 
Sean will have to drive away quickly. If you can find the countryside, it seems
to be easier to evade pursuit there. In any event once you have removed the 
alert drop Father Denis off at his destination and receive your reward.

Red Wedding [FTD3]

The good Father's initial attempt to take out a high ranking Nazi failed. 
Fortunately though this Nazi has asked Father Denis to officiate his wedding
to a young french girl. Drive to the yellow pin located at Parc des Buttes
Chaumont. Cross the bridge and take special note of the message, Sean is not
to harm any civilians during the mission. Once across the bridge choose one
of the three possible hiding spots and wait for the ceremony to commence. I 
chose the one directly behind the archway. When Father Denis asks for any 
objections step out and fire away at the Nazis sitting in the front row.

Once the groom and his friends are dead more Nazis will flood the area. Father
Denis believes he may have some help from the man up stairs but Sean needs to
leave soon. Behind the altar is a long drop but it is a drop into a body of
water. Swim to the shore and exit the alert area to complete the mission.

SOE Operations 

Behind the Convent Gate [SOE1]

L'Ossuaire is a bit much of a hike so grab a car and drive to the convent. On
the way there near Champagne Ardenne Sean can stop and play Bird Blast and 
receive a trophy. When you arrive at the marker the objective changes to Destroy
L'Ossuaire. There are several radio towers and satellite dishes that must be
destroyed to complete the mission. The area is swarming with Nazis as well.
Bring plenty of dynamite to destroy the outer radio towers and satellite dishes.
There is a turret on the easter side of the compound that can be useful to take
out some of the targets quickly. The drawback is that, as soon as you begin to 
fire the turrets an alert will be sounded so be prepared for a fight or an 
escape. The last few targets are inside the central building and guarded by 
machine gun turrets and a Nazi General. Just go in shotty a blazin' to take out
the general and use some grenades to eliminate the men using the turrets. Once
the place is destroyed its mission accomplished.

Better Dying Through Chemistry [SOE2]

There is a factory in Bercy the British believe is creating chemical weapons 
for the Nazis. Drive down to the factory (you may have to bust through some
checkpoints depending on when the misssion is attempted) and destroy the 
factory. Be sure to bring a full arsenal of dynamite. Before entering or once
inside attempt to obtain a uniform. With the uniform on Sean pretty much has
free reign  to move about the facility planting bombs.

Set Up Us the Bomb [SOE3]

Drive to Chateau de Chambord. The goal is to destroy the rocket base. Just like
the other base destruction missions Sean can go in disguise or guns a blazin'.
The disguise can get Sean around the base quickly and allow him to plant 
dynamite or RDX without too much worry, but the run and gun method can be fun.
Once all the pins are destroyed the mission is complete.

Margot Bonaire Story

Fahreinheit Four Fifty... [MGB1]

Ms. Bonaire is none too pleased at the destruction of her culture. The Nazis
are well known for burning books and she feels stopping them can help La
Resistance. Drive to the location of the book burning only to find the 
General that Margot wants dead is driving a ******* tank. After hearing the
General talk a little driver to the other side of the area and exit the car.
If you are in disguise, Sean can walk right through the gate to the rear of the
tank and place some dynamite without garnering any suspicion. After the 
explosives are in place slowly walk back toward the exit and no one (except
the dead general) will even know you were there.

Bulletproof [MGB2]

Drive to the Grand Palais, where the Nazis have the road blocked off. Park the
car and head toward the elevator indicated by the marker. Ride the lift up to
the roof. Move toward the sniping site and eliminate the single patrolling 
guard. Also make a mental note of the location of the alarm shut off that you
pass by on the way to the guard. The radio is asking for an OK for this guard
site. Active the radio and respond. Boeckman should be coming soon. Pick up
the Panzershrek and fire at the car with the red arrow over it. When it is 
destroyed run to the alarm shut off to deactivate the alert and complete the 

Symphony of Destruction [MGB3]

How could anyone visit Paris without seeing the Louvre? For that matter why
would anyone go to the Louvre without destroying a German transmission tower?
As you enter the door, Sean notices and unmanned tank. Climb on top of the tank
then drive it toward the transmission tower destroying all that you want along
the way. Pass through the tight fit to view the tower then fire from the 
archway. When the tower goes down exit the tank and run to the alarm shut off
directly behind your location. When the alert is over the mission is complete.

Duval Mingo Story

Loose Lips [DVM1]

Mingo is having some lady troubles and it is getting Resistance members killed.
His ex is a singer and will be performing for the Germans at a nearby concert.
Load up your silenced pistol and walk over to the concert site to find Francine.
There are two alarm boxes behind the stage. Clear the area of guards behind 
Francine then from a position of height shoot the singer. Once she is dead an
alert will occur move to one of the boxes (its unlikely you will be seen) and
shut off the alarm. With Francine dead Sean has to recover the locket she was
wearing. The area around the stage has numerous Nazis near it. From the area
with the alarm shut off Sean should be able to toss some grenades without anyone
seeing. This will thin the number of enemies. From this point you can stand near
the alarm and pick off each remaining Nazi one by one or make a mad dash for the
locket. Once you have the locket and are not under a state of alarm, return to
Mingo to claim your reward.

The Hunter or the Hunted [DVM2]

Mingo is still upset about the circumstances surrounding his ex. He has sent a
team of his best men to assassinate the Wolf. Move to their location to provide
support. Talk to Victor and he mentions that they have the Wolf trapped but the
snipers will not allow the Resistance fighters to get any closer. Climb to the 
roof and take out the snipers marked on the mini-map. Once they are dead Sean
can hide in the nearby hatch to remove the alarm (not really necessary though).
If you do not have a scoped weapon then pick up the one dropped by the sniper.
The Wolf is on the distant balcony take aim and fire. If the shot was good move
to the hatch and hide to end the alert.

Dr. Kwong's Story

Before beginning Dr. Kwong's Story you may want to check out the glitch note
in the mission "Needs of the Few...or the One".

The Bavarian Candidate [DKW1]

Dr. Kwong has turned a Nazi soldier against his homeland without the soldier
even being aware he is about to betray his country. Find the Nazi and drive him
to the assassination site. Dr. Wong's plan does not work. The brainwashed Nazi
is found out but the explosion does go off. It looks like Sean will have to
take matters into his own hands.

Guardian Angel [DKW2]

The doctor has a duo of German assassins looking for him. He requests that Sean
spend some time in a sniper's nest in the area around the site of a meeting he
has planned. Dr. Kwong will have another associate looking at the crowd to help
Sean pick out the would be assassins. Drive to the site of the perfect sniper's
view and climb the building. A Nazi guard is patrolling the area overlooking
the courtyard. Silently take him out then find the stationary Nazi and stealth
kill him. With both soldiers dead move to the radio and provide confirmation of
Sean's presence so Kwong's associate will be on the look out for the assassins.
The assassins will appear near the roof of the buildings on either side of the
courtyard. The first one will be on the left then the second appears on the
right. Take them both out to protect Dr. Kwong. When they are dead more Nazi
agents appear. Continue to snipe any targets until the car returns for Dr. Kwong
and he escapes.

Deutschland Uber Phallus [DKW3]

After an unusual/uncomfortable conversation with Dr. Kwong, head to the 
Pantheon. If in disguise enter the compound and walk through the front door. If
not in disguise then grab one from a nearby Nazi and enter the front door.

Inside a guard will patrol near the door. A quick sucker punch should take him
out. Move through the door to the left and walk behind the two guards with
flame throwers and activate the elevator. Once at the second floor exit to the
right and move toward the guys with flame throwers again. This time climb the
ladder in front of the one closest to Sean. There are three guards (all 
stationary) on the third level. Simply walk past each, pausing when needed to
reduce suspicion. Ride the elevator up and loot the contraband/ammo that is in
the crates on the fourth level. When ready find the ladder and climb up. 
After a couple more ladders, Sean finds himself closer to the top and at a level
with three Nazis in white lab coats. Perform a sucker punch on the one next to
the ladder up then stealth kill the other two. Use the ladder to actually reach
the Uber Gun. Place a couple of charges on it and leave. There is a zip line
directly in front of and under the gun. Slide down to the lower level as the
the gun is destroyed. On the sides of the building you can find some scaffolding
ladders and drain pipes that will help you reach the bottom safely. Though I 
didnt I guess you may be able to drop a level below the gun and exit the way
you entered.

Race Circuit

On Your Marks... Get Set..

Talk to Horst near the headquarters where Margot is generally located to
activate the first race. Follow the yellow line on the mini map and arrive at
the finish line within the 1:45 time limit to unlock more races, a perk, and a
new car for the garage.

Back in the Saddle

This race is at the far south east corner of the map, in the country. If you
have the Aurora this race should be easy to win.

Blazing Saddles
Sean can find this race in the North Central part of the map after winning 
country race 1. This race is a short track and again should be easy to win with
the Aurora


Perks [PRKS]

Perks can be thought of as boosts that help Sean complete his missions. There
is a Bronze, Silver, and Gold perk. In order to unlock the requirements for the
silver you must complete those for the Bronze. For example, under the Brawling
requirements you can not get the Silver/Sucker Punch perk no matter how many
Nazis you stealth kill without first completing the Bronze/Fightin Irish Perk.


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Fightin' Irish
     Info: Knock out two Nazis
     RWRD: Unlock 'Haymaker' attack
     Tips: This perk will give you no trouble. If you do not get this reward
           then you might be playing the wrong game.

     Type: Silver
     Name: Sucker Punch
     Info: Execute 10 Stealth Kills
     RWRD: Unlock 'Sucker Punch' Attack
     Tips: This will likely be the first Silver Perk obtained. Stealth killing
           Nazis is a critical part to Sean's success in the game. Just make
           sure other soldiers are not watching and sneak behind the target.
           Pressing triangle or square behind the enemy will cause the kill.

     Type: Gold
     Name: Grim Reaper
     Info: Stealth kill 5 Generals
     RWRD: Touch of Death attack
     Tips: Nazi Generals are scattered across the map. Each one is guarded by
           two other Nazi soldiers. Additionally, the area surrounding the
           general will be yellow on the map. Getting too close to him will 
           cause the suspicion meter to fill fast and trigger an alarm. When you
           find a general try to snipe the his two guards without triggering an
           alarm. When the guard dies the general and his other guard will look
           around for the shooter for a short time. Wait for their suspicion to
           end then take out the 2nd guard. With each of his buddies dead the 
           General is easy to sneak up behind and execute.

     Type: Bronze
     Name: Gunslinger
     Info: Kill 5 Nazis with bullets
     RWRD: Reduced recoil for automatic weapons
     Tips: I would be very surprised if anyone plays through the entire game
           without achieving this perk. I mean why even play if you are not 
           going to shoot a little.

     Type: Silver
     Name: War on Terror
     Info: Kill 5 Terror Squad Nazis
     RWRD: Unlock the .44 Pistol in the shop
     Tips: Terror Squad Nazis are tough and carry powerful weapons. They appear
           at high level alarms and during story missions later in the game.
           They are more commonly seen towards the middle of Act II.

     Type: Gold
     Name: Paint the Town Red
     Info: Destroy a Zeppelin and a Wulf tank during the same Nazi Alarm
     RWRD: Unlock Panzershrek in the shop
     Tips: Travel to Le Havre. Move by the headquarters and up the hill to the
           Nazi base. There are a set of three AA guns located at the gate. 
           Enter the gun furthest from the gate (its by itself). Attack the area
           until you reach a level 5 alarm (Wulf tanks will appear). The reason
           this is a good place to get this Perk is a Zeppelin is flying above
           before you even start the alarm. Once the alarm starts shoot down the
           Zeppelin then focus on all the in coming Nazis until the Wulf
           appears. The other benefit is that across from the headquarters is a
           woman that Sean can kiss to end the alarm. So as all of the Nazis are
           focused on the area around the gun and traveling up the road to the
           gun, Sean can exit the turret and run to the lady to end the alarm.


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Marksman
     Info: Kill 5 Nazis using a sniper scope
     RWRD: Reduced drift while using a scoped rifle
     Tips: Any rifle with a scope can allow Sean to acquire this Perk. Simply 
           target a distant enemy, zoom in, and fire.

     Type: Silver
     Name: Eagle Eye
     Info: Score 15 headshots using a sniper scope
     RWRD: Reduced recoil while using a scoped rifle
     Tips: Having achieved the Marksman Perk above will aid in acquiring this
           Silver Perk. The reduced drift will make it easier to align the 
           cross hairs over the enemies head.

     Type: Gold
     Name: Longshot
     Info: Score 10 'Double Kills' using a sniper scope
     RWRD: Unlock Terror Scoped Rifle in the shop
     Tips: This can be one of the more trying Perks to achieve. Remember, if you
           are having trouble this might be a good one to purchase (you get one
           Gold Perk purchase at the weapons shop).


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Cheap Thrill
     Info: Kill 10 Nazis using grenades
     RWRD: Carry additional grenades
     Tips: Grenades will be useful enough, especially in crowds, that this Perk
           will not be a problem.

     Type: Silver
     Name: More Bang for Your Buck
     RWRD: All explosives half price

     Type: Gold
     Name: A Real Hellion
     Info: Kill 10 Nazis in 10 seconds with RDX or dynamite
     RWRD: No Knockdowns from explosions
     Tips: Find an enemy outpost that is heavily guarded. Go in disguised and
           place RDX near/on several targets. Be sure to have the plant Sabotage
           active and not Trigger explosive. Once you have placed enough of the
           RDX in the area begin triggering the explosives until all have went
           off. If placed appropriately you should be able to kill 10 Nazis 
           within the time period. 


     Type: Bronze
     Name: A Nasty Surprise
     Info: Blow up 3 Nazi vehichles using dynamite
     RWRD: Unlock trap functionality for dynamite
     Tips: Several of the ambient freeplay targets are Nazi vehicles. As you
           move through the story missions they also involve destroying Nazi

     Type: Silver
     Name: Mad Bomber
     Info: Destroy 5 Nazi vehicles with dynamite in 300 seconds
     RWRD: Unlock RDX in the shop
     Tips: At one point Sean is provided with some RDX for a mission, save at
           least some of it to complete this Perk. 300 seconds does not sound
           like a lot of time to perform this task, but 5 minutes give you 
           plenty of time. There are a couple of ways to achieve this perk. You
           can  place dynamite on the first vehicle seen then run and find more.
           This will work but the timing can be tricky. Triggering an alarm 
           works well due to the swarm of vehicles that speed to Sean's
           location but can be dangerous. Though I did not try it, I've heard 
           you can just pull Nazi cars from one of your garages, destroy it,
           then get another within the time limit.

     Type: Gold
     Name: Blockbuster
     Info: Destroy 3 Wulf tanks using RDX or dynamite
     RWRD: Unlock Super RDX upgrade
     Tips: The only difficult part with this Perk is finding the tanks. They are
           located at Nazi bases, as ambient freeplay targets, and during level
           5 alarms. There is also a driveable Wulf that should respawn at the
           Southeast corner of the map.


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Short Fuse
     Info: Destroy 2 Nazi Installations
     RWRD: Improved planting speed for explosives

     Type: Silver
     Name: I Fell Towers
     Info: Destroy 10 Nazi towers
     RWRD: Carry additional explosives
     Tips: This perk will be unlocked during missions or while seeking out 
           ambient freeplay targets

     Type: Gold
     Name: Urban Renewal
     Info: Destroy 4 Nazi train bridges
     RWRD: Planting explosives while disguised is not suspicious


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Throwing a Party
     Info: Throw 5 Nazis to their death
     RWRD: Unlock 'Crowd Clearer' throw
     Tips: This Perk is best obtained by climbing into Nazi sniper nests. Once
           at the top grab the guard and toss him over the edge.

     Type: Silver
     Name: Road Rage
     Info: Run over 20 Nazis with a vehicle
     RWRD: Unlock Aurora nitrous upgrade
     Tips: Nazis litter the streets of France so this one should not be a 
           problem. The best advice is to get the bronze Perk out of the way
           quick so the Nazis Sean runs over during missions will count towards
           the total.

     Type: Gold
     Name: The Right of Way
     Info: Destroy 20 Nazi vehicles with 1 vehicle
     Tips: Jump in a tank and destroy all the Nazis that come your way.
           Alternatively, I believe a turret will fullfill this requirement as
           well. A good place to perform this in a turret is at the Nazi base
           in the Northern part of Le Havre. At this location there is a set
           of three turrets/AA guns just outside a base. Enter the one that is
           by itself and create an alarm. Nazi vehicles will drive up the road
           and just wait for destruction.


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Lead Foot
     Info: Win the time trial
     RWRD: Unlock Silver Claw in the garage

     Type: Silver
     Name: Speed Demon
     Info: Win Country Race 1
     RWRD: Unlock Skylar's Drake Custom in the garage
     Tips: Use the Aurora and the race will be easy to win.

     Type: Gold
     Name: Godspeed
     Info: Win Country Race 2
     RWRD: Unlock Silver Claw Mk. II in the garage
     Tips: Use the Aurora and the race will be easy to win.


     Type: Bronze 
     Name: Joy Rider
     Info: Collect 5 different civillian vehicles
     RWRD: Unlock a race car in the garage
     Tips: Sean can find 5 civilian vehicles near the Belle early in the game to
           unlock this perk. In fact new cars spawn regularly just outside the
           door and just outside the Slaughterhouse Headquarters.

     Type: Silver
     Name: Hijacker
     Info: Collect every Nazi vehicle
     RWRD: Free vehicle repairs in the garage

     Type: Gold
     Name: Wheelman
     Info: Collect and restore all Civilian, Race, and Military vehicles


     Type: Bronze
     Name: Fugitive
     Info: Escape from a Level 2 Alarm 5 times
     RWRD: Unlock Getaway Strike

     Type: Silver 
     Name: Escape Artist
     Info: Escape from a level 3 alarm
     RWRD: Ability to select Getaway Car at any garage

     Type: Gold 
     Name: Europe's Most Wanted
     Info: Escape from a level 5 alarm
     RWRD: You can use hiding places at Alarm levels 4 and 5


Black Market Shops [BLMK]


 .44 Pistol
 Executioners Pistol  

Machine Guns

   MP 44
   Viper SMG
   Terror MP60


  Double Shotgun
  Terror Shotgun
  Hunting Rifle
  Carbine Rifle
  Steiner Rifle
  Scoped Carbine
  Scoped Steiner

Special Weapons

 Siegfaust MK2
 Terror Flammenwerfer 2000

 Pistol Ammo
 Machine Gun Ammo
 Shotgun Ammo
 Rifle Ammo


Each map costs 200 and will reveal the location of ambient freeplay targets.

 Paris Area 1
 Paris Area 2
 Paris Area 3
 Le Havre


 Spray 'N' Pray
   Increases Machine Gun Capacity

 New Sheriff
   Increases Pistol Capacity

   Increases Rifle Capacity

 Close 'N' Personal
  Increases Shotgun Capacity

 Block Buster
   Increases Rocket Capacity

 The Devil's Due
   Increases Flamethrower Capacity

 Splash Damage
   Upgrade Grenade Blast

 Mad Bomber
   Upgrade Sabotage Blast

 Luck O' the Irish
   Complete a Silver Perk of Your Choice

 St. Patty's Day
   Complete a Gold Perk of Your Choice

   Upgrade Resistance Guns

   Upgrade Resistance Guns

   Upgrade Resistance Guns
 Helping Hand
   Upgrade Resistance Health
 Trusted Allies
   Upgrade Resistance Health

 Brothers in Arms
   Upgrade Resistance Health

 Apres Moi
   Backup Strike Spawns 3 Allies

 Le Deluge
   Backup Strike Spawns 4 Allies

 Special Delivery
   Getaway Strike Spawns a Shopkeeper


Vehicles [VHCL]

In order for a car to be collected, Sean must enter the vehicle, drive it to
one of his garages (at headquarters), park it, and exit the vehicle.


-Corrino LX
     DESC: Barely beats walking
-Corrino LX Junker
     DESC: Some older cars are worth taking home & fixin' up. Then there's this
-Corrino CL 
     DESC: Average in every respect. She's reliable but she won't turn any heads

-Corrino Sport
     DESC: Hotter than you might expect. She's got the heart of a racer in the
           body of a street car.

-Corrino 45
     DESC: She takes a while to get up to speed, but once she's moving, it takes
           a lot to stop her. A good choice when stoppin' at checkpoints isn't
           part o' the plan

     DESC: Not a bad choice if you're planning to pop down to market and pick up
           some groceries. If you're lookin for a getaway car, look elsewhere

-Dauphin Convertible
     DESC: A posh ride for posh wankers with more money than sense

-Renoir Clunker
     DESC: Anybody driving one o' these should expect a citation for littering
           the highway

-Renoir Cruiser
     DESC: I'm fairly sure my granmother drives this car to church on Sunday
           mornings. Nuff said

-Renoir GS
     DESC: I'll buy one of these just as soon as I'm married with two kids. In
           the meantime, I'll steer clear

     DESC: Combines speed and sophisticated sense of style. Perfect for the
           lady's man on the go

     DESC: Speed, grace, and luxury. She's got it all, if you can afford the
           mile-high price. 'Course, you could always steal one

     DESC: Big and fast. A good choice for running down krauts in the crosswalk

     DESC: Bishop drives around in the back o' one these, slurpin' caviar and
           champagne. Rumor has it that the design was handcrafted by Gutmann

     DESC: I heard this car's designer named the ride after his wife. I can 
           only assume she weighed half a ton and belched smoke out her rear end

     DESC: If I wanted to work on a farm, I never would have left Ireland

     DESC: Plant a few sticks o' dynamite under the dashboard and you've got
           yourself an ideal vehicle for makin' 'special deliveries'

-Palomino Sedanca
     DESC: The sort of lass you'd expect to find at the Belle - Expensive,
           frilly and big around the curves.


     DESC: The pride and joy of Morini Autos, the car that rightfully won the
           Saarbrucken Grand Prix. We're making the next one with bulletproof

-Beta Romero
     DESC: Reminds me of a hot little Italian bird I once knew. Just the thing 
           for a ride in the countryside

-Beta Romero 12C
     DESC: To hear Vittore tell it, he drew up this design years ago and had it
           stolen from him. Right, and I prototyped the Aeroplane

     DESC: The poor man's scores points for classic styling, but she's not got
           the muscle to keep up with top shelf race cars

-Silver Dart 
     DESC: Fast on the straightaway, but handles like a kayak. Made famous by
           winning races all over Eurpoe in the 1920's

     DESC: A top speed that rivals the Aurora matched with smooth cornering has
           earned it the nickname 'The Flying Eagle'.

     DESC: Skylar's car is a lot like her original owner. Great body. Fairly 
     LOCN: Obtain the Silver Racing Perk by winning Country Race 1.

-Silver Claw
     DESC: The latest Doppelsieg prototype. Somewhere between a race car and a 
     LOCN: Obtain the bronze Racing Perk by winning the time trial.

-Silver Claw mk. II
     DESC: Dierker's Car. Not a bad ride if you're a blodding cheating shite.
     LOCN: Obtain the Gold Racing Perk by winning Country Race 2.


     DESC: Leave it to the krauts to design a limousine for a warzone

-Kaiser Bulletproof
     DESC: The champagne cooler is a nice touch, but the bulletproof glass is 
           what really sets this one apart from your typical luxury car

-Kaiser Convertible
     DESC: And of course, the convertible model. Pefect for victory parades 
           through the capitol cities of conquered nation.

     DESC: The Nazi bikes are quick and small enough to slip down an alleyway.
           Just make shure you don't run into anything.

-Armed ZP750
     DESC: The first choice of Nazi street patrols and an all too common sight
           in my rear view mirror. The MG42 gives this hound a bite to go with
           its bark

     DESC: The car of choice for Nazi in France. Seats four jackboots
           comfortably, or one Saboteur trying to look inconspicuous.

-Armed Sturmwagen
     DESC: This Gestapo pursuit beast is even meaner than the bastards driving
           her. A reinforced chassis and linked machineguns make her the
           toughest bitch on the block

     DESC: Standard krout transport. Usually carries an infantry squad in the
           back. Can take a beating

-Bauer Fuel Truck
     DESC: Think of it as a gigantic bomb on wheels. Has lots of nasty uses,
           most of them involving giant balls of fire. Don't try runnin' from
           the krauts in this death trap.

-Armed Bauer
     DESC: Slow as shite but comes conveniently packed with a machinegun on the
           rear. Not great if you are trying to escape but at least its got some
           options in a pinch.

-Gestapo GS
     DESC: One of the few Nazi vehicles that the jackboots haven't strapped a
           cannon of some sort to. More of a collectors item than a practical

-Gestapo Cruiser
     DESC: These Gestapo patrol cars have muscle, weight, and firepower. An 
           essential to any car collection
     LOCN: The only place I can find this car is after activating an alarm. I
           don't think they appear until level 3 at which point you will have to
           hi-jack one and drive it to a garage.


     DESC: The party wagon of the Third Reich, swinging the good-time boys 
           around for a go. Fits about six, a gunner, and lots of space for a 
           tossed grenade if you've got the arm for it.

-AR 33
     DESC: The ugly little bugger is a comon sight on the streets of Paris.
           Don't be fooled by her looks, this baby can cause some serious mayhem
           in the wrong hands.

     DESC: A few of these old French tanks survived the invasion. If you can 
           find one, drive it to a museum

     DESC: The stuff of nightmares... A Nazi tank fitted with multiple 
           flamethrowers. If ya see one comin' at ya, run the other way.

-Panther MK III
     DESC: Medium tank. THese are the beasts that conquered most of Europe.

     DESC: Superheavy tank. Rumor has it, this monster is some kind of 
           experimental prototype.
     LOCN: A Wulf with an open hatch sits at the south east portion of the map.
           Find Bercy on the map and travel east as far as Sean can go. Once
           he can not continue any further travel south. The Wulf should be
           across from the slight bend in the eastern most road on the map.


Trophies [TRPH]

-Complete all other trophies (Platinum
     -Complete all other trophies

-Knockwurst (Bronze)
     -You bested your opponents in the bar fight

-Out of the Frying Pan (Silver)
     -You escaped from Germany

-Crashlander (Silver)
     -You sent the Nazi zeppelin down in flames

-Bridge Buster (Silver)
     -You destroyed the train

-Repo Man (Silver)
     -You recovered the Aurora

-Rescue (Silver)
     -You rescued Veronique

-Pole Position (Silver)
     -You beat Dierker in the Parisian race

-Payback (Silver)
     -You blew up "Doppelsieg"

-The Legend Begins (Gold)
     -You completed The Saboteur

-Tourist (Bronze)
     -You collected all monument postcards

-Hell on Wheels (Bronze)
     -You achieved victory in all freeplay races

-Weapon Master (Silver)
     -You purchased all weapons available in the shops

-Solid Gold (Silver)
     -You completed all the gold level perks

-Saint Honore (Bronze)
     -You spent 75,000 contraband

-Demolition Derby (Bronze)
     -You destroyed 50 vehicles

-Fenderbender (Bronze)
     -You crashed Dierker's car

-Top o' the World (Bronze)
     -You climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower

-Liberator of France (Gold)
     -You inspired the people of France

-Silent Death (Bronze)
     -You stealth killed 50 or more Nazis

-Northern Command (Bronze)
     -You inspired the people of Paris Area 1

-Western Command (Bronze)
     -You inspired the people of Paris Area 2

-Southern Command (Bronze)
     -You inspired the people of Paris Area 3

-Buried Secrets (Bronze)
     -The Resistance was born

-Road Trip (Bronze)
     -You've arrived in Germany with Jules

-Pint and a Shag (Bronze)
     -You got lucky with Skylar

-Chain Smoker (Bronze)
     -You smoked way too much

-Into the Fire (Silver)
     -You reached Paris

-Casanova (Bronze)
     -You kissed 50 women

-Silver Streak (Bronze)
     -You obtained you first silver perk

-Gold Medalist (Bronze)
     -You obtained your first gold perk

-First Blood (Bronze)
     -You completed your first ambient freeplay event

-Commando (Bronze)
     -You completed each type of ambient freeplay

-Wrecking Crew (Bronze)
     -You completed 333 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 1

-Unnatural Disaster (Bronze)
     -You completed 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2

-Walking WMD (Bronze)
     -You completed 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3

-Fatherland Fighter (Bronze)
     -You completed 53 ambient freeplay in Saarbrucken

-Coast Guard (Bronze)
     -You completed 76 ambient freeplay in Le Havre

-Guerilla Warfare (Bronze)
     -You completed 425 ambient freeplay in the countryside

-Pigeon Parfait (Bronze)
     -You played 'Bird Blast'

-No Witnesses (Bronze)
     -You completed a mission without raising alarm

-Master of Disguise (Bronze)
     -You made it through a story mission with your disguise intact

-Trick or Treat (Bronze)
     -You stealth killed a Nazi General while disguised

-High Diver (Bronze)
     -You jumped from the Eiffel Tower and survived

-Vive La Resistance (Bronze)
     -You inspired your first area of Paris

-Not on My Watch (Silver)
     -You have saved the French people from a cruel fate


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