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  1. Is he his son, something? If it is in the story just tell me in what chapter it appear please

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    strangekillleRL - 9 years ago

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  1. 1: we can say he is vergil's son but that's only our opion. 2: the person who said eva was human is dead wrong. Eva, mother of dante and vergil, is a angel. Its in the storyline dude!!!

    User Info: ShootingHorror

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  1. They never say how they are related exactly, but Sanctus does state that Nero has the blood of Sparda. Given the way Yamato was reactivated when Nero had it, and some comments by Dante wanting the sword to stay in the family, my guess is that Nero may be the son of Virgil. This would make him Dante's nephew.

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  2. Biggest question since the game was announced. Yes, Nero is somehow related to Dante and Sparda, but for now it's unknown as to what the writers of Team Little Devil come up with in the future.

    There IS a blog report where a localization employee "confirmed" that Nero is Vergil's son was in the initial game plot. But that particular plot bunny has been killed due to timeline issues. The new Devil May Cry 4 graphic novels also makes a "hint" to this, but the person writing it left Capcom and went freelance, so it's also non-canon in accordance to the writers of Team Little Devil.

    So long story short: Nero and Dante ARE related in some way. But HOW they're related is up for serious debate until Capcom starts to work on Devil May Cry 5.

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  3. In one of the cut scenes sanctus or w/e his name is sez something about him needing the blood of sparda when he gets nero and sez even though hes not in dantes link he works. sounds like hes virglils kid.

    User Info: TheeFATMAN

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  4. I don't think he's Virgil's kid, but more along the lines of a partial reincarnation. If he was a direct blood relative, he would most likly look like a normal human as Dante does. That and his devil trigger isn't so much a transformation. It's closer to a summoned spirit, since if you notice the ghost thing that forms over Nero's body looks like a more developed form of Virgil's devil trigger form form from DMC 3. And him not having a DT like Dante's has nothing to do with a human mother, since Dante and Virgil's mother was human and they both have full devil forms.

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  5. ok people listen to this, NELO angelo is actually spelled wrong, its supposed to be NERO angelo, meaning black angel in ilatian. and if you look at nero DT its nelo angelo with the sheath on the left arm and yamato in his right hand, just like vergils DT in dmc 3, so yeah he has something to do with vergil, whether nero is his son who knows but he wears purple like sparda. capcom needs to reveal that crap, hopefully in dmc 5 since its an origin story.

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  6. At "Captivate 2009", one of the capcom employees who worked on DMC 4 revealed that Nero is Vergil's son.

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  7. There are many theories about who Nero actually is. Here are a few of the most likely:
    - It Is widely believed that Nero is a child of vergil, explaining how he is able to repair and utilize Yamato when he retrieves it from angus. This would also explain what sanctus means by "A descendant with sparda's Blood". This theory, though widely believed, is flawed in the fact that vergil's efforts all point towards embracing his demonic power, and breeding with a human seems unlikely for him.

    - On the other hand, some believe that Nero may be the son of Dante as having a child with a human seems more like something Dante would do. This would explain Nero's tendancy to make whitty remarks in the face of his enemies, Imitating the traits of Dante. His straight white hair is similar to the hair of both Dante and vergil, however, with it being sraight rather than slicked back we tend to think more towards dante. When Dante says something along the lines of 'Keeping it in the family' to Nero whilst referring to Yamato, could he be talking about his own, Personal Family?

    - Another lesser known, but more reasonable theory is that some time before the events of Devil May Cry and previous to the Birth of the twins we have come to know as Dante and Vergil, The Demon Sparda and his human wife may have bore another child. Nero would be the offspring of this Half-Demon son of sparda, making Nero as Part Demon, explaining his arm. Due to him still having Sparda's blood, he would still be able to wield Yamato and use it. Whilst he was a child he may have heard tales of dante and vergil, explaining his attitude and manorisms and personality. He may have based himself upon the stories of his uncles. Due to the age barriers it is unlikely that Nero be the son of either of the twins but is highly likely that Nero is their nephew.

    As nero was left on a doorstep and gained his name from bein wrapped in a black blanket (Nero being italian for black), we will never know who he really is until capcom release the facts.

    Until then,like most, I assume that he is a relative, if not the Son, of Vergil, explaining his connection to Yamato, His personality, His Devil trigger resembling Vergil's, and his ability to use summoned swords whilst on DT form. Finally, his looks would be justified if thos theory were correct. :D. Hope This Helps.

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  8. the guys above are not wrong when they say Eva was human because she was human in the first 4 games and the anime series it wasn't until the new DMC that they said she was an angel because in the original Dante and Vergil was half demon half huma.

    now who's nero's father I don't know if it's virgil
    because it seemsthat everybody is leaning on the fact that you can control Yamato

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  9. I'm just saying that Yamato was originally Sparda's sword and he left it to Vergil so I would say that anybody that has Sparda's blood which Nero does would be able to use Yamato because even Dante used it in the fourth game the same way that Virgil used it in the third.but that's just my opion which probably doesn't matter anymore because of the new storyline but still a big fan of the class

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  10. ok, everyone thinks that nero can only activate yamato. well, dante uses it too. to slash down one of the hell gates. he can probably use its devil trigger too, but he doesnt. also, nero isnt that experienced with it, so he probably doesnt know how to use its powers with out being in devil trigger.
    and in DMC 5, it says that mundus is sparda's brother, so maybe, mundus cheated on his wife with a human girl, who had his child, nero. and sense hes still in the family, he can use yamato.

    p.s.- i dont know if i remember a lot of this because i havnt played in awhile and i just thought id try to help nero's story get figured out. plus i didnt see anything mentioned about dante using yamato. so, tell me if i got any of this story wrong. thanks

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  11. Also, mundus probably wouldnt want his wife to know about the kid so he got rid of nero

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  12. I noticed this a while ago...*MAJOR SPOILERS* According to the timeline (excluding the new DmC), in DMC3, you see Vergil in Hell weakened and he is corrupted by Mundus, who he finds there. This corrupted Vergil becomes a servant of Mundus in the first DMC, where his new self is know as Nelo Angello (italian for Dark Angel). When defeated, we see him disappear, leaving only in his amulet behind. I remember reading somewhere that Nero was given his name because he found in black rags ( Nero meaning black). I immediately remebered Nelo Angelo's black cloak that he use in DMC 1's fights. My theory is that after being defeated and set free in DMC 1, Vergils spirit reincarnated in a brand new life, giving origin to Nero. Someone who clearly has Sparda's heritage and whose devil trigger belongs to a former life (hence it doesn't transform him, it shows as a spirit behind him). How did I do? xD

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  13. Actually, in the last mission of the first ps2 game, he tells mundus "Give my regards to my son" after mundus tells him he will return, it was a joke or capcom made it true?

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  14. For those who really want to know everything about dmc talk to me I am a game supporter for capcom dmc reboot has been pushed aside for as a new sequel series Devil May Cry 5 is the story of Nero chasing a demon who killed Karie. Which leads him to hell though Dante is been trapped under this demons spell as Nero enters hell Dante attacks Nero. After the fight Dante is free from the spell. The demon reappears and vows vengeance for his father's death on Dante. Nero demands the demons name. It answers by revealing his left arm showing its the same as Neros right arm. Nero demands to know more. You can call me Barian but you wont live long enough to remember it. 20 elite demon warrior's appear as Barian teleports away. During the fight nero unlocks the full devil trigger and goes into majin form for a .moment and eliminates all the remaining warriors with one slash and thus Yamato was transformed into Nelo Angelo's sword but reverted back after nero returned to normal. Our heroes catch up to Barian who now has transformed into a demonic form resembling his father the Devil king Mundus Barian attacks Dante but Nero stands before him in his Majin form and squares of against Barian when Nero beats Barian the Devil Bringer absorbs Barian's energy and it causes a fluxe in hell that leads to the living world Nero And Dante escape only to find a cross world known as limbo and Barian is back and has absorbed all of the spirits of hell and hell itself. But As Barian attacks Dante and Nero a slash chop Barian to shreds majin form of Vergils soul but fades away after order id restored Nero.joins the Devil May Cry business along with Lucia and Trish but after he joins a mysterious women gives Nero The other half of the perfect amulet and says "your father wanted you to have this" then she turns to dust. Any questions email me at

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  15. In the books it is heavily implied that Nero is the son of Vergil and a prostitute, why his devil trigger looks a lot different from Virgil's or Dante's is due to the fact that his body can't fully transform. His arm is as far as his physical transformation goes and the spirit forming over him is the manifestation of his demon powers, why he can't fully transform physically is probably due to him having less demon blood since Vergil is half demon and Nero's mom is human so Nero is a quarter demon. So his body is mostly human and can't fully transform, but is still retains the speed and strength of Dante and Vergil.

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  16. I agree with the guy before me. I dont think he could have revived the sword if he was dantes son. considering it was virgils sword. So i think hes virgil's kid. I wonder whos the mother though. O-o had to be a human cuz he doesnt have a full devil triger...

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