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Gears 1.5? Screw off! It's more like Gears 2.5! 11/10/08 myHOTTERgf
If it ain't broke don't "fix" it 11/10/08 OrangeBlueberry
Gears if War 2: Too Much Hype, Not Enough Delivery 11/10/08 RorschachZERO
As someone who didn't LOVE the first one, I LOVE Gears 2 in nearly every way. 11/13/08 AceOfSpades22
Have I played this before? 11/10/08 Bloatedcow7014
Grubmageddon 01/03/14 DandyQuackShot
I thought this game would be great but when I played it I realised how much of an understatement that was. 11/13/08 Devilsmaycry2
GameQuery: Review 12/18/08 dupree2010
Gear up for goodness 11/11/08 eye_of_chaos
A non-biased review from a multiconsole owner. 11/10/08 faris_ruhi
A sequel not worthy of its title. 08/10/09 FriendlyGamer
A Gears campaign with a story? Plus functional multiplayer? Keep my Lancer revved up please! 09/30/11 Gruel
After a lackluster first game, Epic releases a much more polished, and overall fun, game. Gears 2 is great. 01/20/10 Gucci_Mane_
Game modes make the replay value skyrocket 01/09/09 jat26006
Rev up those Lancers! 01/12/09 laerfan
If you have no skill, you'll love this game. If you like being rewarded for being good , however, you've got a big surprise. 12/02/08 meat1337
Gears of War 2 destroys your highest expectations in a storm of blood and bullets. 11/10/08 megametroid
Epicness never looked so good. 02/05/09 myles1890
Get To Tha Choppah! 01/05/09 Shananagainz
A work of art turned to a lump of clay. 09/11/09 TheStealthMan
Adds instead of Re-invents 03/18/09 weapon_d00d816
Bigger and Better? 03/02/09 whiskers27

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