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Reviewed: 03/23/07

A story of turtles...

Back in 89’, an arcade game released for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. I was only 4 back then. It wouldn't be for another year or two before I get into the video game scene. I missed out on this one. I’ve played arcade games ranging from Street Fighter, Simpsons, Mortal Kombat, etc. but I never got around to the turtles. It’s unfortunate, considering how much I enjoyed the cartoons. Luckily for me, Ubisoft and Konami decided to make their presence known through Xbox Live Arcade.

Back in Green!!

From the onset, TMNT plays like a traditional 2d sidescroller would. The only difference is controlling some of the coolest characters around. The problem with these types of games is its age. Most of these old school beat-em-ups don’t age particularly well. TMNT for the most part holds up fairly well. It’s still fun to play, where you can smack anything in your way. Some of the level designs also bring back memories, but there are also areas in the game where the flaws are quite noticeable due to its age.

The combat is relatively easy to get into. A simple press of a button repeatedly will result in some devastating attacks. One can also do a jump attack. The combat engine interface is simple. At times it feels too simple; it becomes a series of button mashing. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing, the gaming industry has improved leaps and bounds since then.

One bright note is the game’s online capabilities. Playing by yourself feels a bit lackluster, but if you enter a room with 3 other people, then the game becomes that much more fun and intense. Not to mention, the 4 turtles are brothers, so it’s only fitting that they stick together. Some of the achievements add value to the overall product as well. If you play with people on Xbox Live, there are plenty of instances where the vast amounts of enemies that rush towards you become a struggle. That’s what makes it fun.

Some of the one line voiceovers have some rather quirky deliveries. It matches the tone of the game and it certainly matches the turtles’ personality. One particular line that I rather liked was when one of the turtles fell into a manhole. It captures the liveliness of the turtles. Surprising the graphics for the most part holds up quite well. Naturally it isn’t comparable to games in recent memories, but it still feels solid considering this game is nearly 20 years old.

I had a good time in TMNT. I never played the arcade one before, so I am glad it came to the 360 Live Arcade. The problem is that it’s nearly 2 decades old. The outdated game detracted from some of my enjoyment of the game. Had I played this when I first started gaming, then I wouldn’t be surprised if I would have wasted countless quarters. But this just goes to show you the continuous improvements of video games. With that said, the game is only 400 points and I would say that is well worth it. Sure there are flaws, but it’s a good deal for its price.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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