Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 03/21/07

One of the best titles in the Live Arcade

I'm a huge Ninja Turtles fan but hate all of the new stuff. I actually own this game on the NES still but I must admit I never played it in the arcade. That being said this is one of my favorite Live Arcade titles to come out.

April and Splinter have been taken by Shredder and it's up to our mutant turtle friends to save them. Yeah the plot is thin but this game is old and was an actual arcade title. It does fit with the basic theme of the cartoon and stuff.

Graphic wise the game is very clean looking. Yeah it's old so it isn't overly impressive but it looks better than the NES version. The sprites look good, the levels look good and even the fire effects look good.

Sound wise I was surprised with this game. The music is fitting for this type of game. It uses voice work from the actors that did the cartoon, or so it would seem. Even the sound effects are good with explosions and what not.

The control in the game is simple and responsive. You have an attack button and a jump button. Both work well and you move with the analog stick. Not sure if the d-pad works, never tried.

I'm sure most people have played this game in one form or another. It's only five stages long, which may seem shorter to some and that's because the NES version had two extra stages and they were my least favorite so it's all good.

The idea behind the game is run to the right of the screen and kill all of the enemies and then the boss. The enemy variety might be lacking due to color changes but they also gain different weapons so it does keep things interesting.

The four turtles don't play exactly alike due to their weapons but it is close. I think Leo is a stronger character all around but I prefer Don over both Raph and Mikey. In online matches you tend to get stuck with the weaker characters unless you are the host of the game.

The game is short and I didn't find the single player experience as fun as I did many years ago. However, the online play is solid. I did play a few games where the host quit, people whined because someone didn't have a headset or some child screamed and cursed other players. The more I play on live the more common this seems. Anyway, online play is solid and I think I played a good 10 times or so straight and it isn't like I was doing anything new.

Turtle’s single player might not hold up to the greatness that it was but with online you can experience like it must have been in the arcade. It's a total blast and fans will love it. One of the better ports to the Live Arcade and the fact that the achievements feel like achievements is a good thing.

Story - 7/10
Graphics - 8/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 10/10
Game Play - 9/10
Replay Value - 10/10

Final Score - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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