Review by UltSF

Reviewed: 03/15/07

I Looove Being A Turtle (and you will too!)

When I first heard that this game was coming to the X-Box Live Arcade, I immediately got stoked for it. I remember playing this game back when I was 15, dropping endless quarters into it, just hoping that I would beat it someday.

Well, now it's 18 years later, and after 5 minutes of playing, I am right back where I was so long ago.

Graphics - 8
They are nothing overwhelmingly spectacular. They aren't cutting edge, and they won't blow your mind. But you also have to remember that the game is 18 years old. That said, the graphics are as crisp as they can be, and that's a good thing.

Sound - 7
Again, dated, but fun. The voice-overs don't do the game any favors, and the music won't have you rushing out to buy a soundtrack. But as I said, it's fun. And for this game, that's all you really need.

Gameplay -10
Little known fact - This was the first side-scrolling beat-em up that supported 4 people at one time. The formula worked then and it works now. The only difference is instead of hovering around one machine, cramming four people into a space made for two, you now have Live. Add to that the mechanics of the game (simple jumping and attacking), and again, you have fun.

Storyline - 7
Three words - Turtles battle Shredder. That was pretty much the premise of the whole cartoon series, and it holds true to this game. In fact, if you really want to appreciate this game more, watch some of the old cartoon series from the 80's.

Overall - 8
As I said, the game won't blow you away. But if you are like me, and played it way back, the sheer fun of it is enough to warrant buying it. And if you haven't played it before, I suggest trying it. It's a very good reminder of the great games of video gaming past.

Now, if only they could bring out Turtles In Time....

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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