Review by lastfirstborn

Reviewed: 03/14/07

A perfect port!

If you're an old school arcade beat em up fan, this is a ten. Therefore, that is how I'm going to rate it. Please understand if this title was put up against today's newest titles, it'd barely rate by most's standards.

This game came out in 89, and many of us have fond memories of hitting the arcade with our three buddies and a pocket full of quarters. Definitely a solid title in the genre. Not to mention, I don't know anyone my age, in my area that *didn't* like the Turtles!! Hence, once more, the fond memories associated with many of the games.

Graphics - 10 - Basically, for it's time, this was mind blowingly animated. It capture the style of the show and comic for the most part. The first level blew everyone away, with the constant fire effects in the burning loft! The bad guys AND our heroes in a half shell definitely move well. Nothing seems clunky and it all gets the job done. The weapons are also well drawn and make sense. The backgrounds are mostly not all that repetitive considering the time this game came out in, and are true to the old cartoon show. The fluid animation and bright colors deliver.

Sound - 9 - Pretty much spot on here as well. From robot lasers to explosions, for it's day, the sounds got the point across very well. Some people don't like the voices, but again, considering the technology I think they're just fine. And they certainly aren't annoying or repetitive at all. The music is classic, and quite good. I love each track, and not a single one drives me crazy in the least.

Gameplay -10 - Definitely a ten here. Alone or with three friends (or just two or just one!) this game delivers fun in every way. You scroll the area, you beat up the baddies, you dodge certain foe's special moves, and execute power moves or jump kicks of your own, along with normal hits and throws. And the turtles do, in fact, control slightly differently. Like Raph's rolling kick attack that is exclusive to him, for example. Others have better reach, or quicker weapons for getting into the bosses weak areas and mashing away the damage! It's a simple formula that works well, from the old days of gaming.

Storyline - 9 - For this type of arcade game, you don't need much. The levels, bosses, and events that take place are minimal, but keep things from getting stale if you need a little more to your beat em up title. Don't expect much, but at least it makes sense when you change locales in this title. And the enemies change (usually) and reflect the places they're in, too. Like the Sewer level, for instance.

Overall - 9 - It gets a nine only because it is an older title on a new console, and some may not love the sound or story that much. I also give it a nine because there isn't an option to adjust the continue amount in multiplayer. It'd be cool to go for a "hard" mode and only get 10 or 5 among four players, or turn it onto infinite for those of us that enjoy just relaxing one weekend and beating the title with their friends. As a game, we should all have the right to play it as we want, it's our money we're paying here after all. I truly believe that some titles never grow stale. And this is definitely one of them for sure.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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