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    Achievements Guide by lastfirstborn

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989 Arcade)
    Achievement Guide for the 360
    Copywrite Joe "lastfirstborn" Barbee of 
    gamefaqs.com  Written March 14 2007
    gamertag on the 360 - lastfirstborn
    Notes on multiplayer
    Achievement List
    Bugs/glitches/patch fixes
    Contact info, copywrite stuff, closing notes
    Possibly more to be added!
    Introduction and a bit about me
    Hello!  This will be a tiny and to the point
    guide that I will update whenever we discover
    anything different about the parameters for
    the achievements.  As we all well know (or
    should know) sometimes there are bugs with 
    these that will be changed via patch.  
    I hope it will help reduce the same questions
    being asked on the boards.  This guide will
    not be for boss tactics or level survival.
    There are already other FAQs for that in the
    arcade section for this game, and soon to be
    here for the 360 port.  In fact there is
    already one good one up!  I may change my 
    mind if I find more time to write, and make
    a full on guide for this game.  But for now
    I just want to help you guys out with the 
    This game only cost 400 MS Points, and is 
    only like 82 MBs.  There are four playable
    characters.  They handle mostly the same.
    Raph, however, has a rolling kick move rather
    than a weapon power attack when hitting jump
    and attack at once, and Don can throw enemies
    even easier than others with his Bo staff.
    Leo has good range and power, as does Mike.
    Mike's range might be slightly less than Leo's.
    This game became an instant classic to many
    arcade fans like myself.  Some would say the
    best side scrolling beat em up ever.  Hard
    to argue when you've got a pocket full of 
    quarters and three good friends ready for a
    fun friday night at the arcade.  It quickly 
    joined the ranks of Final Fight, The Simpsons, 
    and The Xmen arcade titles. Now, thankfully Xbox 
    Live has decided to pick it up for us to
    enjoy again any time we want!  With the online
    multiplayer feature, this one is a blast!!
    Please don't forget, hit control F while in your
    browser on this page to bring up a search box.
    Type in the name of the achievement you want to
    skip straight to and you'll find it quicker!
    And if anyone cares...this is a bit about me.
    I was a huge Turtles fan back in the day and
    I'm pumped about the upcoming movie.  I've been
    playing games since the NES.  I'm familliar with
    things before that but only through emulation.  :(
    I love all types of games.  I have a gigantic PS2
    and PSOne library, and my SNES is runner up.  I also
    have the 360 (duh), Wii, GCN, N64, regular Xbox,
    and used to have Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast
    but graciously gave them to my game starved cousin
    a few years ago.  Oh, I also have a DS and GBA.
    My top genres are probably
    Action/Adventure, Shooters, and RPGs in that 
    order, though they constantly change places.
    I've written a few reviews for gamefaqs.com, and
    a guide for Shadow of Rome.  Along with some cheats 
    here and there. I plan to write 
    several others whenever I find the time between work
    and geeking out with my friends and girlfriend.
    Right now I'm a security guard and I'm looking to
    get into law enforcement (though I'm not sure
    if it's for me yet).  I went to college for computer
    programming but didn't care for it much 
    (after 2 years..).  I also learned how to cook lots
    of things thanks to countless resturant jobs.
    Erm, that's about it really.
    I live in the U.S.A. in Georgia. (the southeast)
    I play all sorts
    of games on Live lately.  I love the Live Arcade.
    I also play some Saints Row online, alot of Gears
    of War, and whatever else tickles my fancy at the
    time, like Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six.
    I'm also a big fan of plugging in old school carts
    or innovative Nintendo titles from many 
    And of course it's just fun to go back and turn on
    gool ole RPGs from various consoles whenever I
    find the time.  Which is rare, sadly.
    That's about it for me.  At least I'm sure it's
    already more than you wanted to know.
    A note on multiplayer.  Some may complain about
    this and others will at least want to know it's
    there.  It has been CONFIRMED, everyone gets
    20 continues on multiplayer!  Some also
    complain of a slight lag, but I have yet to 
    experience this problem, even with four players.
    I think it's all about your connection and how
    it functions where you live really, like with
    many other Live titles.
    Also, apparently more and more people are 
    talking about lag problems.  I hope this will
    be fixed soon somehow.  
    aveneyer (gamertag) via Live and email says:
        First of all, thanks for the FAQ- Just wanted 
    to note that in XBOX Live Multiplayer, each turtle 
    gets 20 lives each, not 20 lives shared between 
    everyone. Played through the Multiplayer a few 
    times already and it's pretty obvious. :) 
    Also, note that lag IS a huge part of this XBL 
    game - each player must have a good ping in relation
     to EACH other player, not just the host. If you do 
    not have a good enough connection to EACH player, 
    there will be video lag, or even small "WAITING" 
    (loading) symbols that pop up every few seconds. 
    Thanks again,
    XBL: aveneyer
    Thank YOU aveneyer!  He also contributed a pretty
    nice Traag strat below (see Evade section).
    I will now list what all it takes to get 
    the achievements.  They total up to 200
    points, like most 360 Live Arcade titles.
    Please note on single player some of these are
    easy to get since you get unlimited continues.
    But every now and again multiplayer pays off...
    and some are either glitched or required before-
    hand to be gotten on multiplayer with *at least*
    2 players.  I have also had my game not let me
    continue on single player.  It was after I died
    alot to test this theory out I'd heard rumored
    on the message boards.  I couldn't continue on
    either controller, and it was single player the
    entire game.  
    On we go!
    Super Hero - Destroy all Parking Meters,
    Pylons, Barrels, and Speed Signs  in the
    game.  I put this one first so you know to
    keep those eyes open.  Starting in level 2 and
    going until near the endgame 
    (right before technodrome) you'll find several
    of these objects.  I'm not sure yet how they
    work in multiplayer.  Just hit everything you can
    in an unlimited conintue single player.  Some of
    the signs you hit just spin around.  Hit them too.
    YOu will know the items when you see them.  They
    stick out from background objects.  Just don't get
    so wrapped up in beating up on baddies that you
    forget to hit objects before you scroll the screen!
    I will come back and add whether or not this is
    cumulutive once this has been tested.
    It's worth 15 points.  I love the title of this 
    one, heh.  Anywho, another small note.  It appears
    AFTER you beat the final boss.  So don't worry if
    it won't show up before the technodrome, ok?
    Ninjitsu - Defeat 3 opponents with a direct attack.
    I've done this one using normal slashes AND the
    jump/attack button slash attack.  I was using
    Raphael at the time, in the Sewer level against 
    Baxter (flying ship boss) and his Red Mousers.
    The best level is the sewer for this one, but you 
    can get it anywhere at any time.  It gets easier
    past level 4 to group enemies together for some
    reason, I guess because there are lots more.
    Another good little strategy is to play 
    multiplayer, as sometimes enemies group up on
    your buddies with their backs to you, making it
    easier to sneak in and get a multihit kill.
    Some say using the y/b button attack won't trigger
    this achievement, others say they can't make it 
    work using regular strikes or jumpkicks.  I 
    personally pulled it off with regular ground
    attacks within a few moments of the sewer boss.
    10 points.
    Lofty Goal - Clear out level one losing 10 health
    or less in a Local game.  Local meaning on your
    system, multiplayer is possible.  I prefer single.
    Don't lose a life.  One life = 10 health bars.
    With practice, this can be
    done within a couple minutes.  Bringing us to...
    10 Points
    Lickity Split - Clear out level one in two minutes
    or less.
    Not neccesarily in order but this one is available 
    to you at the same time so here it is.  This one
    isn't so hard with a little practice.  If you don't
    care about the lofty goal achievement, just go 
    through and neglect your health.  Do whatever it 
    takes to bash all enemies quick.  A small trick here
    is to use the strike attack that is executed with
    jump/attack buttons pressed at once.  Use Leo, or
    Mike for this for the best speed.  I like Raph for
    the boss.  Get the droid at the end that drills up
    trapped in the corner and use the jump/attack hit
    over and over about seven times and it drops quick.
    Do the same on the boss, or stay at an angle and 
    walk up, strike four times, and jump out before
    you're hit.  Or just neglect life and continues
    and repeatedly attack while dying alot.
    10 points.
    Secret Achievement - In the Dark - Ok, this one
    is interesting.  I figured the secret would have
    to do with knocking Foot Ninja's off of the
    motorcycles in one level.  But actually, this takes
    place in level 2.  Fall into a manhole 5 times.
    You WILL lose lives doing this (I think only 2 may
    even be 1...).
    It must be done by the person that wants the 
    achievement.  Meaning if one guy does it in multi-
    player..he gets it and no one else does.  You all
    have to fall.  By the end of level 2 you should have
    this.  That means when you meet Bebop (the boss),
    drop into his manhole and this should unlock.  It's
    worth no points, and is just there for the sake of
    it.  Yep, zero points.
    Fire Hazard - Rescue Master Splinter without being
    hit by the flame thrower.  This one is trying, but
    not too hard mostly.  You'll face a boss made of 
    stone who's name escapes me at the moment.  He's
    in the fifth level I think.  Splinter will be tied
    up above you so you'll know when you're there.
    He has a massive punch attack and a flamethrower
    weapon held with the other hand.  Simply forsake
    continues and use Raph.  Stay at his feet, walk up
    slightly and continue to slash and hop down or up.
    You'll get hit by the fist but he won't use his gun
    as much.  Remember, NO HITS AT ALL from this gun or
    you won't get the achievement.  If you get hit you'll
    turn black and be burnt for a moment.  You also
    can't move.  If he knocks you away QUICKLY jump
    up or down, not towards or away.  This should
    keep you out of the flames reach.  Good luck to you!
    20 well earned points.
    Evade - Defeat General Traag in the Technodrome losing 
    20 health or less.  Ok, it gets interesting here.
    First of all, congrats for making it if you're on four
    player.  After a level of well armed foes and vicious
    traps, you'll be happy to meet Traag the rock man.
    Maybe.  Ok, when you get past the elevator traps,
    you'll fight a few droids and some foot robots with
    guns and spears.  Edge to the end and find a large 
    metal doorway.  Stay at the extreme bottom or top of 
    the screen NOW.  Traag will greet you with a door to
    the face if you don't.  :)  It'll take 2 health.
    If there are four of you, I don't think you all have
    to lose less than 20.  I think it's only for the
    players that want the achievement.  Meaning your
    buddies can fight while you dodge around hop.  That's
    a pretty darn cheap way to do this.  And I haven't
    ever tested it so beware.  It's hard to do this one
    single player.  A punch from him takes off two bars
    of energy.  Hitting the electric bars in the door
    also take two bars per second you stand there.  I 
    couldn't for the life of me make him fire his weapon.
    Anyhow, treat him like Bebop, Rocksteady, or his stoney
    brother.  Simply get below him and strike about four
    times, jump or walk up or down, and continue doing 
    this for about two minutes.  Oh and don't die twice.  
    Some people encounter a small glitch here.  Meaning
    they do it on less than 20 health and still can't get
    the achievement.  I'm one of those people.  It may 
    mean you must do it on multiplayer only.  I'll update
    as soon as I know for sure.  Here's another small 
    note I just realized.  Use Raph's highly useful
    rolling kick move (attack/jump button at same time)
    to go back and forth quickly between this boss.
    Sometimes you can kill him this way even in single 
    player before you lose 2 lives.  In multi, it's 
    even better since your buddies are contributing to 
    damage too.
    This one is worth a cool 15 points.
    Special strategy time everyone!  This one comes to 
    me via email from Live buddy aveneyer (gamertag)!
    aveneyer says:
    Wanted to add one last thing. There is a "trick" to 
    beating General Traag in the Technodrome without losing 
    any life. Lure him to the very bottom of the screen, 
    and do quick jump / attack jumps back and forth across 
    him. If you do these over and over with NO delay, you can 
    kill him without getting hit even once. Note however, I 
    have done this trick four times, without the Evade  
    achievement unlocking. Going to try to get hit once or 
    twice later to check to see if that helps at all.
    Thanks again,
    Thanks for the awesome strategy aveneyer!!  Moving
    Deep Freeze - Get past the freezing traps in the 
    Technodrome.  This one can be really bad or so easy
    it hurts depending on how you wanna play it.  See the
    red arrows on the floor?  They point up at the wall?
    When you FIRST see those inching on your screen (about
    half a minute into the level or so), go up above them 
    and hug the wall as you move forward.  YOu'll skip all
    the traps this way!  You can also jump as you do so to 
    feel even safer.  The traps *can* be destroyed...but 
    why put yourself at risk?  This one is worth 15 points 
    and is very easy to grab.  Of course I'm silly and like
    to try and jump through.  I haven't succeeded yet lol.
    This chilling challenge is worth 15 points.
    Strategy - Defeat Krang's robot, losing 10 health or 
    less.  Wow.  Even tougher than the last, but not 
    impossible with a little practice and some luck.  
    That nasty little alien thinks he's invincible!
    He's close to it IF you want this achievement.
    Ok, he kicks for THREE whopping damage, and he 
    shoots eye lasers for two.  Add up a few kicks
    and one good eye toast, and you're out.  Again,
    my previous strategies for other bosses work well
    here.  Stay below or above him, and keep using normal
    or power strikes (with jump/atk pressed).  Don't
    jump around too much or try to get fancy unless
    there are two or more players.  Again, if one
    guy dodged alot and his friends kill Krang, he 
    *should* get this achievement.  I haven't heard of
    any bugs for this one yet.  Keep jumping up after
    around four or three strikes.  Sometimes he'll get 
    stuck lasering in one direction (just like in the
    old arcade version! Great Port!!!), just take
    advantage and kick some tin butt!!  You can score
    around eight hits before he snaps out of it.
    This guy takes a while to take down.  Be patient and
    mash those attacks in!    Keep your cool and after
    around 2 and a half minutes, he should be howling
    in pain.  Congrats if you get this one, it's a doozy!
    It's also worth a whopping 25 points.
    Turtle Soup - Defeat Shred-Head (shredder) without
    being turned into a regular turtle.  Ok first off,
    some are already talking about a bug here.  Beating
    him on single player without turning into a turtle
    seems to NOT let you get the achievement.  But some
    people say this was meant to be online only, and
    therefore won't show up unless you beat it on multi-
    player with at *least* one other person.  
    most exellent fans of the game have emailed me 
    or contacted me over Live about this.  You CAN
    get this over single player according to them,
    and it's glitched on either mode.  You just have
    to keep at it over and over again if you really
    want the points that bad.  Eventually, it should
    unlock.  Some say by the third and fifth tries.
    I have not had this happen yet, and have done it
    on single player around eight times now.  Thanks
    goes out to Ravens Reign (gamertag) via the 360,
    and barinelg (gamertag) via Live as well.
    your game plan if you don't remember this fight.
    Shredder appears immediately after Krang.  Hope you
    have nice health.  He splits into two.  Hit both
    until you see which one flashes yellow for a second.
    He's the real guy.  Avoid the guy you can't hurt 
    and jump kick (do a "fast" jump kick instead of the
    slow one that gives you more hang time by pressing 
    downwards while you do it) the real one alot.
    If you feel brave and lucky start doing some power
    strikes (with atk/jump pressed at same time) while
    you jump and move up and down alot.  Watch out for
    the lightining ninja magics he has!  BOTH shreds
    use it and it is what turns you into a turtle.  
    this achievement.  It's not too tough once you 
    focus and pay attention to both movments of Shredder.
    He raises his hand and a blue flame appears for like
    half a second, letting you know he's about to shoot.
    Just be ready for it every ten or so seconds.  
    Sometimes it's more like eight though, so be careful.
    His sword play is pretty weak, worth around two bars
    of damage, but IF you get caught in the middle
    of both baddies and take the hit it's four bars off
    you so be ready for that.  At one point both 
    shredders will blink with damage.  So not tubular.
    Try to get the both in front of you now and slam
    away if you lost track of the real one.  Soon the
    helmet comes off (revealing his scar from Splinter!
    :P).  This will kill off a clone ninja for you, 
    letting you briefly see the real one again.  Keep
    at it Turtle!  Here's where Konami gets angry at 
    you and tries to be really tricky.  Now BOTH 
    helmets come off after enough damage.  Keep it
    up guys.  Kill them both and you've won!!  It 
    takes something like 15 more hits per baddie once
    the helmet is off.  At this point Superhero also
    unlocks if you've done it right. Congrats!
    These are some tough ones to get, but not impossible
    after a few playthroughs if you're patient.  
    This one is simple to get and worth 25 points.
    Goodluck dudes!  Let's go get some pizza...
    *Here's a fun strategy from back in the day to use
    on tin head.  This one comes from barinelg over Live:
    Shredder Strategy - Multiplayer: Thought this would be good to 
    add. It seems that if you get all the forms of Shredder against 
    a wall or in a corner, if all players perform normal attacks 
    against them constantly, the Shredders will keep getting stunned, 
    and will land attack once in a blue moon. Not only that, but 
    since attacking stops them from shooting the turtle beam, they 
    will pretty much never use it while on the wall (but will before 
    Thanks for the classic strategy, barinelg!*
    Slice and Dice - Earn 250 points individually, in a
    co op xbox live game.  This one isn't so bad if
    you just play with two people.  You'll both get 
    this in the technodrome.  One person may even
    get it beforehand.  Simply kill 250 baddies off.
    A piece, don't forget.  If you want to boost
    your kills, don't kill off the Sewer Boss, Baxter,
    immediately.  Kill all his red mousers.  I think
    you get a point each time, and they're unlimited.
    Careful with your continues though.  I'm not sure
    if they don't count as kills or if they turn off at
    some point, however.  This one is worth 25 points.
    Real Ultimate Power - Defeat Shredder in an Xbox Live
    Co op game and live to tell the tale.  Pretty self
    explanitory.  Grab some friends and party dudes!
    Some say you have to wait until after the epilouge
    and credits for this to unlock. I haven't done it
    yet. So be careful, and work as
    a team.  If a buddy is at the end boss for a stage
    and weak, and the other three can kill the boss,
    let your weak guy dodge around and stay away from 
    combat.  In the new level, you all get full health.
    If someone needs a Pizza more than you, let them
    have it!  Don't be rude, it only hurts the team!
    Remember, it says over Live, too.  Meaning you
    probably can't get four players in your living
    room on just your system.  though it sure
    would be fun!  This one is worth it's weight in
    pizza sauce, as it's worth 30 points!
    Bugs/Glitches/Patches/Etc. Section
    Not much to go here just yet, since the game just
    released yesterday!  
    Some do complain you don't get the Turtle Soup 
    achievement in single player when you should.
    The only remedy I've heard of so far is that 
    you just have to keep beating it without getting
    hit by the beam.  Perhaps if you contact the devs
    via email they'll do something about this?...
    Even if not, let them know how much you loved this
    port and how much you want more like it!
    Some say on single player you don't always get 
    unlimited continues.  I don't know what controls
    these factors.
    Some say Ninjitsu doesn't activate every time.  I
    have seen this happen.  Just keep playing the Sewer
    level until you get it, it's level 3 and not hard
    to get to pretty fast.  That seems to remedy this
    When facing Traag some people don't get the 
    achievement even after killing him in under 2 lives.
    This one happened to me.  All I can tell you for now
    is to go back and try again later.  I know, it's
    frustrating to go that far again.  I hear this one
    is VERY rare though.  No worries.
    Some have said on the boards recently you can get
    Lofty Goal and Lickity Split at the same time,
    even if you only qualified for ONE of the two. I've
    never personally seen this happen.
    I'll add anything that may be needed in the future.
    Well dudes and dudettes, that's basically the FAQ.
    Short and to the point.  I hope it helped somewhat.
    If you have any questions or anything to add on
    how you get the achievements, please let me know!
    That includes strategies pertaining to achievement
    bosses that I may have missed/forgotten.  
    You can email me at lastfirstborn@gmail.com .  I
    don't check it much, but since I wrote this guide
    I will be sure to in case anyone wants to contribute!
    Specify what name you want me to credit it to.  If
    you don't...I have to just put anonymous source, so
    don't forget! I'll credit whoever contacts me first.
     Also, I delete any hateful or weird
    mail and will not respond.  It's a waste of time, and
    luckily I haven't recieved much in the past.  :)>
    Oh, and there may be errors in grammar or spelling.
    Don't worry about it, k?  There's no reason to email
    me *just* to say that.  Thanks for understanding.
    All in all this is a great title and I'm very glad it
    came to Arcade on the 360!  Have fun, stay safe, and 
    until next time my friends and fellow gamers, goodbye!
    Copywrite - lastfirstborn (Joe Barbee)
    You may not reproduce this guide in any way unless I am
    given full credit.  This guide must be reporduced in it's
    original form.  That means do not leave out anything,
    or edit anything in any way.  This guide has first 
    appeared on www.gamefaqs.com as it is my favorite site.
    Any other site is welcome to post this without my per-
    mission, so long as they follow my above rules exactly.
    You can email me to ask for permission but it isn't
    neccesary so long as you change NOTHING.  Thanks!!
    ~The Lastfirstborn

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