Review by dennisc20

Reviewed: 10/05/07

good game that will be overlooked in the halo wake

Halo . . . wherever you go you hear about it. That’s all people care about right now, and That’s sad. No halo is not a bad game. It’s just sad to see good games come out near the same time that one of the most anticipated games in history launches. Much like FEAR last year was overlooked as Gears of War stormed through, Juiced 2: hot import nights is the same. This game will be over looked and passed by as people flock to halo. People may right it off as yet another arcade/tuner racing game, but don’t let that full you. This game has a lot of depth and things to do. So lets dive right in and find out what sets this game apart from others.

Graphics: Very nice and detailed, with very clean textures and bright city streets with motion blurs in full affect as you pour on the nitro. All tracks have very clean and shinny looks, whether it is the ice track to the desert. Real damage is done to your car, as fenders fly off, hoods shake from the impact of hitting a wall or your opponents, scuffs appear from trading paint with another car or the guardrail. All and all I am satisfied with the graphics and the way they come together.

Score: 8/10

Sound: not a lot to say about the music, it’s what you expect and nothing too outstanding. Which isn’t a bad thing, you have your normal tracks of hip-hop and others with techno. The songs are not bad and I have not been too annoyed by the music.

Score: 7/10

Game modes: This where some people will get ticked and not buy the game. There are tones of modes to do, from celebrity challenges to crew races to driver DNA, not to mention your normal career and online races. This game has one great new feature that I find rather interesting. What is it you may ask? It’s called driver DNA. Basically you have a game mode that lets you race others DNA or you can use them as your crew. DNA can be obtained from any online race against anyone. Have you raced someone numerous times and they just keep beating you? Download their DNA and practice against it. The DNA keeps track of tones of stuff, from how you corner, spook other divers, use nitro, and gamble plus more. Your DNA will always evolve and change. But the reason why people may not buy this game is as follows: you can’t use your offline career in online races! There is an online and offline career and you can’t mix them. Sorry, but That’s the way it goes. I personally don’t mind the two as the online portion is filled with other human racers and proves to be a lot tougher that the offline career.

Score: 10/10

Fun: with more than 90 cars and a ton of tracks, not to mention the way you can deck out your car with anything you like. You got a car that looks bland? Put a wide body kite on it and some rims, lower it and put some graphics on it. Bam, and you got a nice ride. But lets not forget to put on our power parts. Whether they are the engine, control, weight, or the all exclusive prototype parts you win from prototype races. You are never stuck to what you do to your car as you can change it out and add different stuff to it. Drift, super car, muscle car, and many more races will challenge you as you move up through all the different levels of events. Prepare yourself well and you will win. Neglect your car(s) and you will find yourself struggling to keep up with the pack.

Score: 10/10

This game is a blast and I am not bored with it yet. With all the fuss about Halo, it’s sad to see good games get brushed aside. I hope you give this a game and go and you’ll find a very deep tuner game that is only held back by a few small things. Thanks a lot and see you online.

1. Very good graphics and sense of speed
2. Tones of stuff to do and race, this game is packed
3 Tones of cars, parts, track, and crews to buy.
4. Loads of games modes so you don’t get bored.
5. Driver DNA is great. Its more fun than you think. Race your friend, download his DNA, and add him to your crew or study his moves. Great!

1. Online is separate from offline career( didn’t bother me but some people will be ticked)
2. No free roam (again doesn’t bother me but some will expect it)
3. Some cars feel floaty will others are stiff, but does not take away from the game.
4. If you like achievements prepare for along battle to get them all.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (US, 09/17/07)

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