Review by AndyKaufman23

Reviewed: 08/21/07

Fails to impress me

Here is my review of Madden 08. From good reviews all round the net, I had very high expectations. And I will try not to biased.

Well, first of all, the developers had stated that they were trying to make Madden a little bit more realistic this year. So that alone gets me hyped up this year.
So I put the game in my 360, and went to play a game to try it out. The gameplay felt very dull, in my opinion. I felt it lacked fun compared to All Pro football, or even NCAA. And the weapon system. I felt it was a very nice addition,but it doesn't make a game or break a game. And I noticed when I threw a pass to a wide open receiver, sometimes the defense will intercept the ball out of nowhere. I haven't had a problem with fumbles. The only good thing about the gameplay is the new animations. I give this a 6/10

For one thing, the graphics are very nice. And they look very real. It's a 8 in my book. And again, graphics could be better. And this is coming from a person who is not a graphics whore.

I felt very disappointed with the radio guy. The radio guy was very bland. It lacked a warmth that you felt when listening to the commentary in NCAA 08. 4/10.

This is where it also fails at. There's a pre game show, and halftime show and post game show. But it isn't as interesting as All Pro's. And Marshall Faulk does a horrible job at the pre game show, and post game show. And the halftime show is a joke, all that halftime show does have replays to show, no commenting on the replay like they do on All pro.

Overall, it is a 5 out of 10 for me, because the gameplay felt dull, and it wasn't too much fun. And it didn't do such a great job at presentation and sound. If only the gameplay was only as good as the intro was. As the old madden saying goes, maybe next year....

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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