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Reviewed: 08/21/07

Well my game rental is up.

Hello, my name is dafreestyleking, and this is my Madden 08 review for the XBOX 360. Is this game fun and exciting, or boring like the San Antonio Spurs, lets find out.

Let me start off by saying I have bought all of the Madden games up till this years version of Madden. I consider myself a diehard fan, but Madden 07 was so disappointing that I decided to rent this years version of Madden 08, instead of paying $60 bucks.


Madden 07's menu was terrible and confusing. I don't mean to sound dumb, but when I first loaded this game I didn't know how to access the menu. In Madden 08, the first thing you see is your trophy room, and you have to press start to access the menu. Not a big problem, but every menu in the game lags.


The graphics is where EA puts all it's effort into. The fields look great, and the way the field deteriorates during the game is awesome. The players no longer look like monsters on steroids like they did in 07, and the don't look so shiny anymore, but I think the players still look too short and stocky. I don't like the way the players look when they run either.


The tackles sound agonizing and painful. Some of the qb's in this game have their actual real life voices, but what severely lowers the score is the God awful soundtrack. I know you can turn it off, but this is the worst soundtrack in a Madden game...ever! The rock doesn't rock, the rap in this game is crap, and emo music never belongs in a NFL game.


This is where the game fails the most. Some people say presentation isn't important...I am not one of them. Since this is the only game with the NFL License, and it has the ESPN license, I was expecting so much, but got so little. Every team has the exact same generic entrance. The atrocious radio guy is back and lamer than ever. It pisses me off that next gen owners pay $60 every year and we can't even get John Madden and Al Micheals, yet they are on the current gen versions.

They added a new Marshall Faulk segment where he breaks down the game and gives his score predictions. However, this new segment feels tacked on just for the sake of being called new. He offers no intelligent comments, and many times Faulk predicted I would win a close game, but I often blow out the computer and Faulk said, "Well it was a close game just like I thought all along." WTF?

Oh yeah, expect a generic Super Bowl celebration, so don't get your hopes up.

WEAPON ICONS-You've got to be kidding me!/10

Introduced in Madden 08 is the player weapon system. Fast players can have the speed weapon, wr's good at catching can have the possession receiver weapon, etc. However, despite having these icons under the players, these aren't "new" features at all. In other Madden games, a speed wr could always beat a pressing db, and a power rb could always truck smaller defenders, these aren't new features, it's just another gimmick from EA. I can't believe they tried to make all of these attributes seem brand new, when they were always in Madden.


The gameplay isn't horrible, but it isn't great either. This game plays much faster than previous Madden games. I have no problem with the speed of the game, because that is realistic, however the large amount of interceptions and fumbles are not. You will fumble a lot in this game. Pressing RB is supposed to stop the fumbling, but I didn't notice a change. Say bye-bye to throwing deep balls and curl routes, because the db's in this game is cheap. I'm guessing that I averaged 4-5 interceptions a game, and so did the A.I.

My biggest gripe with the gameplay is the lack of features that are available in previous versions of Madden. They gave us back of defensive playmaker...GOOD But they didn't give us back our offensive line slide protection...BAD There were so many times where the d-line would load all of their players on one side and there was nothing I could do about it. I hate how EA withholds features that they could have easily added to the game.

-It's NFL football
-Can be a fun game at times.

-Unbalanced gameplay due to the lack of slide protection, and cheap A.I.
-too many fumbles
-too many interceptions
-awful presentation
-Where is the create-a-play/playbook
-The NFL draft is very slow.
-Lag in all of the menus.
-The players run funny.

My advice, rent this game first. It was worth a rental, but I'll wait for a price drop before I pick this game up. It's not a bad game, but It's not worth $60 dollars, that's for sure.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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