Review by Va1on

Reviewed: 08/16/07

EA Sports: IF its in the game, its not in this game!!!

Well it is that time of the year again where people are blinded by brand name. Where people are blinded by bad gameplay and just as bad game development. Yes you guessed it another updated version of Madden, oh I dont know you pick any number...This review will be catagorized in 4 catagories, Gameplay, Sound, Presentation, and Graphics!

GAMEPLAY: You would think this is a catagory that developers couldn't afford to not give their best due to the poor performance in other areas (ie...Winning Eleven Soccer, MLB the show 07 & 06) but yes EA manages to recycle the same tried and true gameplay as the previous versions, and actually making it worse.

THE BAD: The gameplay move so fast!!!! The tackles are done in super speed. The horrendous player movements, the un-balanced turnovers, the fact that we have seen the exact samething in the past before MANY MANY TIMES!....EA continues to rely on the Madden name and it is sad that gullable Maddenites apologist bite the bullet every year!...Lets be frank people take a look at MADDEN from 2000 all the way till now, with the exception of the Graphics in NExt gen NOTHING has changed at all!!!!! Lets go back to the gameplay, there is no flow to the game at all. THe player movements are some of the worst I have seen in a sports game.

Lets not forget to mention that the "so called half time show" more on this later, put sup the wrong score, as well as the "post game show" again more on this later. That is inexcusable. THERE ARE NUMEROUS glitches that EA overlooked, and thats just LAZY development. But guess what they can do that because Gamers still buy it, WHY? Because there is no other game to compete! SIMPLE AS THAT!

THE GOOD: Here is the reason why this game is called MADDEN 08 instead of MADDEN 07. EA finally decides to give their fans all the features of the old GEN Maddens. WOW thank you EA, it only took you a few years! and throw in there a few new animations that look horrible. There you have it folks.

SOUND: WOW where to I begin? Again thank you EA for giving us quality in our games (sarcasm)

THE GOOD: I like the NFL music on the menu screens, I am not being sarcastic I Do like that aspect of the sounds in this game.

THE BAD: THE crowd is pretty much non existant, the Generic RADIO announcer is some of the Worst commentary in a sports game, I thought we were in next gen football, not JOE MONTANA Sports Talk Football! I never thought to myself I Would want al and john to due the talking but after these releases things are getting out of hand. Marshall Faulk who talks in pre game and post game sounds horrible as if he was reading of a pre determined writing, wait... he was! I shouldnt be surprised.

PRESENTATION: THIS IS just plain embarrasing for EA to continue to overlook this aspect of their sports game which is very very important to the atmosphere of sports game.

THE BAD: EVERYTHING!!!! If you dont believe me please go check it out yourself.

GRAPHICS: This is the area where EA does something right, somewhat!

THE GOOD: The player models on the field I have to admit look really good.
THE BAD: The players on the sideline are some of the worst I have seen in any sports game. HELLO we are on the XBOX 360 that is the best you can do?????? SAD!

OVERALL: Please NFL PLEASE let other companies develop nfl games again. We as gamers deserve better then to be subjected to this monopoly. MADDEN 08 is just a sad presentation of the game of NFL Football.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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