Review by lMlellow

Reviewed: 08/16/07

A blast to play, on and off the field

Sports games are hit and miss with me. As a casual football fan, I've skipped the past few years, and just stuck to watching the actual sport due to Madden's next-gen shortcomings. However, I vowed to buy Madden 08 this year, and I'm glad I did.

Graphics/Presentation: 8/10

The graphics are fantastic. Jerseys are great looking, player models are life-like, and the animations are superb. However, EA was very lazy. VERY. Despite the great looking fields, players, and movements, simple things such as a net to block kicks from going into the stands aren't there. They've been replaced by an invisible wall. The people on the sidelines look like N64 characters, and the fans in the crowd move together and are as boring as it gets. A lot of this takes away from the overall atmosphere of the game. Don't get me wrong though, the core of the game looks and feels great, it's just the extra stuff that's missing.

Sound 9/10

No more Madden and Michaels, and yes, it's pretty disappointing. But all in all, the radio announcer isn't bad, and I actually have grown to like him. Don't get me wrong, M&M prevail as the best commentators ever, but Mr. Radio is a decent stand in. As far as sound effects go, wow. The smack talk on the field is hilarious and cool, and the crunching tackles are spot on. Peyton Manning is VERY vocal before the ball snaps, and it's really cool to have to stop someone like that. In other words, the sound adds a lot to the game.

Gameplay 10/10

Perfection. Sure there are a few more fumbles than I'd like, but that can be fixed. INT's are a lot more common now, and it really makes you have to strategize where you're throwing the ball. The running game is extremely fun, partly because when there's a hole, you're getting yards, and when there's not, you're hitting the ground. It's not too easy or too hard.

The weapon system adds a lot to the gameplay, and the new and improved hit stick is a blast to play around with. Playing on defense is like playing an RTS where you command your troops. Blitz and leave somebody open? Yeah, that's 6 points.

Game modes and features 10/10

Franchise mode, which includes an amazing front office mode and a ton of minigames and options to boot, will keep you busy forever. And finally there is a fantasy draft! Along with that, you can play with a TON of hall of famers (more than there is in APF 2k8!), and the create-a-player and team are implemented nicely. Online is fun (you get live ESPN updates from the SC crew-how awesome is that?!) and has only single matches, but it's not really a problem for somebody like me who is overwhelmed with a franchise as it is.

Closing Comments

I love the game, and many hate it. I guess it's because I'm a casual football fan with plenty of time to spare and enjoy on the game. Or maybe, just maybe Madden 08 is really a great game. Anyways, I'd recommend definitely buying it. You won't regret it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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