Review by TheGreatNita

Reviewed: 08/16/07

A Silenced 2K Fan...

Well...I never thought I'd say this but: Madden 08 is unbelievable. If I was to rewrite my review of All-Pro Football 2K8, now I would give it about a 7.5. Why? SImple, the novelty of playing with Legends has worn off. Where as Madden, if I don't want to use the Legends, I can simply use my two fave teams, Colts & Eagles. And that is the problem this year with All-Pro Football. I believe that 2K is still superior in the making sports games department but, this year compared to Madden, All-Pro's life line completey flatlines. Let's get to it.

Presentation: Ewgh! Probably one of the two negatives in this game. Typical EA fashion, this department shows how lazy the EA team can really be. There is absolutely no excuse why the ESPN stuff isn't being used. For this, you fail EA.

Sound: While, the announcing cat isn't that bad...okay....he sucks. He isn't as bad as John Madden but, come on! A radio announcer is just stupid and LAZY. 2K 's announcing duo is great and hilarious. Why not do something here EA???? Other than that, the sound is your tyipical football. Oh, and as usual, the songs/music EA picks for their sports games is GARBAGE.

Graphics: Niice! The graphics are very nice, though better than APF2k8 but not a ton better. Animations system in Madden is also very, very good, again it doesn't rival APF2k8's but it is damn good. Great job EA.

Gameplay: an avid 2K Sports guy I must say; the gameplay here is fantastic! I will even go out on a linb and say it's better than APF2k8's. It's deep and it's a hell of a lot of fun.

This is definitely "next gen" football here. Madden is no longer that button mashing children's football game it has been since it's jump to PSOne. Very realistic football=One of the best football games there is.

Score. 9.5

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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