Review by SilverBlazer

Reviewed: 08/16/07

The Best Madden Since 05. PERIOD.

We all know that last two Maddens on the XBOX 360 stunk. They were simply roster updates and had limited features. With the pressure on EA to create a worthy football game, many wondered how good Madden 08 would become. Well congrats EA, Madden 08 isn't good.... it’s great!

Game play: The controls are still the same as the last two Madden games on the 360 but there are knew features to learn. In this year's version, you can use the hit stick to tackle the opponent’s legs or upper body. Gang tackling is another excellent edition and now you can use more than one person to take down guys like Larry Johnson or LaDanian Tomlinson. The weapons system is another great addition because it separates the good from the bad. The 60 FPS is also a HUGE upgrade for this game as everything is smoother and clear. And for the first time, in a while, the AI is MUCH smarter so now it is harder to blow opponents out.

Sound: The sound is not so impressive this year. The boring radio announcer returns and the only way you can hear old man Madden's voice is by asking him what play you should run in the play call screen. The soundtrack features up and coming artist and some songs will make you tap your feet. On the field, players will trash talk.... a lot. That adds some atmosphere to the game but EA needs more work in that department.

Presentation: This year's version will not past Madden 05 as the best Madden made because of the presentation. EA added new features to improve such as Marshall Faulk's pre-game/post game show, the Sprint halftime recap page, an Under Armour stat tracker, and upgraded player introductions. If the guys at EA Sports want to create the blockbuster many Maddenites desire, they need to focus in the presentation department.

Graphics: Many people say the graphics are a downgrade from Madden 07 because of the 60 frames per second addition but in reality, the graphics still look amazing. Player models match their real counterparts and the field and uniforms get dirty.

Other additions: Alternate Uniforms already in the game, EA Sports World, a chilling opening movie, create a team/stadium/uniforms, front office mode (no owner mode meaning no way to increase beer prices), and the ability to scout rookies from week 1 to the actual draft.

Overall: This game is a huge upgrade over the past two Madden titles on the 360. The new features and game play makes this Madden deep and enjoyable. The only problem you may occur is constant fumbling, interceptions, and injuries but don't let this fool you- this game is GREAT and is the best Madden since the 05 version. Besides, you can always adjust the sliders.

Final Score: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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