Review by DingKing

Reviewed: 08/15/07

An All Around Great Game

The last few years of Madden NFL have been experimental rather than an all around fun game. Madden 05 brought improved defense but left out offense, Madden 06 introduced the vision cone a feature that was highly unpopular, and finally Madden 07 introduced lead blocking a feature that wasn't really needed. Now here's Madden NFL 08 a game that promised the best Madden gameplay to date and let me tell you EA has delivered on that promise.

Madden 08 introduces a couple of new features but the most important is the new "Player Weapons" system. This feature captures the play style of the NFL's best. For instance to beat a quarterback such as Tom Brady one would have to keep him guessing. Run the same defense three or four times and he'll begin to pick your defense apart. This adds a whole new dimension to game play because now you'll have to take advantage of match ups and use a variety of plays rather than use money plays over and over. Arena Football's "Be The Receiver" makes its way into Madden 08 as well. Unlike the mode in Arena Football the player has a little bit more at his disposal. You can either just make a simple possession catch or you can try to make the highlight reels by making an spectacular catch. However there's a counter to this in the revamped Hitstick 2.0. With this you can see awesome midair collisions, crunching hits that forces the incompletion and much more. Defensive Play maker finally makes it to Madden 08 as well and it's a much needed addition to balance the flow of the game.

Presentation is good in Madden but its not great. The players don't mull around like zombies in between plays and the half time show has gotten a little boost. With that said I do wish EA would take full advantage of the ESPN license. I'd like to see Tirico and company call an MNF game if anything. The EA sports radio guy doesn't do much to add to the feel of the game. The player introductions received a little touch up in Madden 08 telling you who's the weapons on your team however you can find this out yourself before starting the game.

Owner Mode finally makes it's next gen debut and it brings everything from the current gen with it. As usual you take control of a team for 30 years riding out the ups and downs of a NFL Franchise. You find out who's in a contract year, the highest paid on your team, and so on. There's also a new better scouting feature and you can actually now draft busts and gems. A steal in the draft will play far better than a bust who will struggle although his rating may tell a different story.

The Online part of Madden is pretty solid as well but lacks online leagues which is a bit of a letdown but it's nothing devastating. There's still a lot in Madden 08 that'll keep you busy well into 2008.

EA promised a much better 2008 edition of Madden NFL Football and they delivered. There's so much to offer in this year's game. Better gameplay, better franchise mode, better SS Mode, and there's even Create-A-Team! Add that to the humongous list of Hall of Famers and there you go. An all around great game from EA Sports.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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