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    Achievement Guide by Unknown50862

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    Tetris Evolution Achievement Guide
                                              Written by:              Unknown50862
                                                Gamertag:              TOO Taco Bob
                                                   Email:  unknown50862@hotmail.com
    First things first; if you are ever confused with any terminology, gametypes, 
    or rules, then go to the help option on the main menu.  This little in-game 
    instruction guide explains all you need to know about Tetris Evolution and its 
    various gametypes.
    Before I get to the achievements I'm going to go over a couple general tips 
    that will hopefully help you get the majority of the achievements on your own.
    First is the spinning technique.  Once you get into the higher levels, where 
    things speed out of control, you might find yourself having little or no time 
    to think.  If you just keep spinning (A or B) your piece it will not land, 
    giving you plenty of time to place it where you want.  It might also help if 
    you check out the upcoming pieces as well, so you can plan everything out ahead
    of time.  Of course this will not be too helpful if time is an issue.  Also 
    when dealing with game modes that involve time, make sure you press up when you
    are sure where you want to place the piece.  This shots the piece down 
    instantly and can shave quite a bit of seconds off your final time.
    Now there is the classic Tetris, which is basically using a straight piece to 
    clear four lines at once.  The other special action is called the T-Spin, which
    is where you flip a T-Tetrimino (the purple one) in to a space that would look
    impossible.  To do this you have to rotate it with either A or B so that it 
    fits snuggly in a hard to reach position.  If you master the difficult T-Spin
    then you will be climbing the leaderboards in no time, but most achievement 
    hunters just prefer to use Tetrises.  If you are still confused on how to do a
    T-Spin, then you can go to the leaderboards and view the top player's game, 
    which I pretty much guarantee they will use at least one of them.
    Which leads me to another little tip.  Like I said before you can visit the 
    leaderboards, and press Y to view the top player's best game.  If you ever get
    stuck and need a little help check these videos out, they will usually give you
    at least a little boost in your score/time.  Now to explain the best way to get
    points.  Like I said before the T-Spin gives you most points out of all the 
    maneuvers, but it is pretty difficult to do consistently, this is where the 
    Tetrises come into play.  If you perform either a T-Spin or Tetris one after 
    another, without clearing any other lines, then you will get what is called a
    Back to Back.  The more you do in a row the more points you will get each time.
    This is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Just keep an I-piece or T-
    piece in your reserve and build the requirements before you drop it.  You might
    even want to wait to drop your reserve piece until you absolutely need too, 
    building up your next Tetris or T-Spin in the process.
    One last thing I would like to do is put a common rumor to rest.  You DO NOT
    get more points for a Classic-Back to Back than a regular Back to Back.  A 
    Classic-Back to Back is where you manage to do two Tetrises or T-Spins in two
    simultaneous drops.  Besides getting you an achievement, there are no extra 
    points for these.
    Now on to the achievements.  Just for a heads up, I reordered them a bit.
    1. Marathon Tin Medal (5)
    Get 100,000 points playing Marathon.
    I'm going to leave this achievement up to you.  You should be able to get this
    no problem, but if you are having trouble just check the tips above.
    2. Marathon Bronze Medal (10)
    Get 200,000 points playing Marathon.
    Another easy one, just make sure you set the Goal Limit to Variable.  Otherwise
    you might progress through the levels too fast, and get in over your head too 
    3. Marathon Silver Medal (15)
    Get 250,000 points playing Marathon.
    Not too big of a jump in points here.  You will probably just get this, when 
    you are going for the Bronze one.  Just keep doing what you're doing and you 
    shouldn't have any trouble.  Remember set the Goal Limit to Variable.
    4. Marathon Gold Medal (25)
    Get 350,000 points playing Marathon.
    This is where the Back to Backs comes into play.  Make sure you have the 
    Tetrises down, and go to town.  Don't forget to set the Goal Limit to Variable,
    or you could quite possibly beat it before you even get close to the point 
    5. Marathon Platinum Medal (75)
    Get 500,000 points playing Marathon.
    This one might take some tries.  Just keep doing those Back to Backs and you 
    should get it eventually.  Once again set the Goal Limit to Variable, otherwise
    there will be no way to get this achievement.
    6. Cascade Bronze Medal (10)
    Get 100,000 points playing Cascade.
    Shouldn't be too difficult.  If you want an extra boost set the fill rate to 15
    and start from there.  You might get lucky and get a big cascade going.
    7. Cascade Silver Medal (15)
    Get 200,000 points playing Cascade.
    Set the fill rate to 15 to give you a little boost, and just use the usual 
    point grabbing techniques.  The only difference in this mode is that the pieces
    fall, which helps you more than anything else.
    8. Cascade Gold Medal (25)
    Get 300,000 points playing Cascade.
    Once again set the fill rate to 15 and get to work.  Try to get a good cascade
    going with the fill, and then just do a bunch of Back to Backs.
    9. Ultra Bronze Medal (10)
    Score 5,000 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
    You should be fine on your own, for this one.  Just put your starting level to
    wherever you feel comfortable and do a couple Tetrises.  Your score depends on
    what level you are on, the higher the starting level the more points you will 
    10. Ultra Silver Medal (15)
    Score 12,500 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
    This one isn't too difficult either.  Make sure to put your starting level to 
    around 5, and go for a couple Back to Backs.  If you are having trouble getting
    it in time, just bump your starting level up a couple.
    11. Ultra Gold Medal (25)
    Score 25,000 points playing 1 minute Ultra.
    You will have to be somewhat quick for this one.  Set your starting level to 10
    and go for Back to Backs.  You can get it with just two Back to Backs (Three
    Tetrises).  This may take a couple tries, but once you get the level 10 speed
    down, you shouldn't have too much trouble.
    12. Race Bronze Medal (10)
    Clear 40 lines in under 4:00 playing Race (Single Player).
    Make sure you set your target to 40 lines; otherwise the game will end before
    you can even reach your goal.  You should be able to get this with your eyes
    closed, so don't worry about it too much.  If you want a little boost set the
    fill start to 15.
    13. Race Silver Medal (15)
    Clear 40 lines in under 3:00 playing Race (Single Player).
    Once again set your target to 40 lines and fill start to 15.  This shouldn't be
    too difficult, just try getting the fill out of the way first and then start
    making your own lines.  You can do Tetrises if you want, but they don't really
    help seeing as score isn't an issue here.
    14. Race Gold Medal (25)
    Clear 40 lines in under 2:00 playing Race (Single Player).
    This one might take a couple tries, but you should be able to get it.  As usual
    set the target to 40 lines and fill start to 15.  Focus on the fill, and try to
    get as much of it out of the way as possible.  Don't worry if you mess up, just
    focus on clearing as many lines as possible.
    15. Score Bronze Medal (10)
    Get 25,000 points in under 10:00 playing Score (Single Player).
    I'll leave this one up to you.  Just make sure you set the target to 25000,
    otherwise it will be impossible to get the achievement.
    16. Score Silver Medal (15)
    Get 25,000 points in under 7:30 playing Score (Single Player).
    Set the target to 25000, and just do a bunch of Back to Backs.  You shouldn't
    have too much trouble trying to beat the time limit.  Even if you mess up, you
    should have plenty of time to spare.
    17. Score Gold Medal (25)
    Get 25,000 points in under 4:00 playing Score (Single Player).
    Move it!  This could quite possibly be the hardest achievement in the game, so
    this is nothing to mess around with.  You have to be fast, really fast, and
    lucky.  There isn't much to know more about this achievement than what it says.
    Go for as many Back to Backs as possible, without messing up.  Make sure to
    keep your surface as flat as possible, so you will always have a place to put
    any piece and won't make any awkward shapes you will have to make up for later.
    It takes roughly around 17 Tetrises in a row, so this will probably take awhile
    to get down.
    18. Hotline Bronze Medal (10)
    Get 25,000 points playing Hotline.
    This gametype confused me a bit at first, but once you know what is going on
    you shouldn't have any trouble.  The goal is to clear lines on the various
    colored lines in the background.  The higher colored line, the more points you
    get.  Start with a fill of 14, so that you will be able to reach the highest
    lines easier.  Just focus on clearing the colored lines and you should be fine.
    19. Hotline Silver Medal (15)
    Get 50,000 points playing Hotline.
    If you are confused about this gametype look at the achievement above.  You'll
    need to start with a fill of 14, so you'll be able to reach the high lines
    easier.  Focus on clearing lines on the blue and cyan colored lines, purple if
    you get that high.  It might be helpful to perform Tetrises consisting of both
    the cyan and blue line, but it can get a bit risky that high up.
    20. Hotline Gold Medal (25)
    Get 100,000 points playing Hotline.
    This one might take some tries, but it isn't too hard if you know what you are
    doing.  You might want to put your fill up high, so you can reach the high 
    scoring lines.  The best way to do this is to make Tetrises (preferably Back to
    Back) consisting of two or more colored lines.  The higher you are the more
    points you will get, but also higher the risk.  Find a place that you are 
    comfortable with and try to remain there.  It might take a bit, but you should
    be able to reach 100,000 eventually.
    21. Eraser Bronze Medal (10)
    Clear eight target lines in under 1:30 playing Eraser (Single Player).
    There isn't that much of a time gap between these achievements, so they might
    be a bit more difficult if you don't have any good strategies.  You basically
    just have to clear a line on each one of the grey lines in the background.  
    Start from the bottom and work your way up, if you make it impossible to reach
    a line below you, you should probably restart.
    22. Eraser Silver Medal (15)
    Clear eight target lines in under 1:15 playing Eraser (Single Player).
    Follow the same tips above, just do it a bit faster.  A bit of practice and you
    should be able to get your time down.
    23. Eraser Gold Medal (25)
    Clear eight target lines in under 1:00 playing Eraser (Single Player).
    This will more than likely take some tries, so don't get too frustrated if you
    mess up.  If you need a bit of visual aid, don't forget to check the 
    leaderboard videos.  If you mess up and block a line below you, you will more
    than likely need to restart.
    24. Go Low Bronze Medal (10)
    Get 30,000 points playing Go Low.
    This one is a pain, because it takes so long to score.  It isn't too hard, just
    time consuming.  Make sure you set the goal system to variable and get to work.
    Stay as low as possible and you should eventually get it.
    25. Go Low Silver Medal (20)
    Get 40,000 points playing Go Low.
    Make sure you set the goal system to variable, or you won't have enough time to
    get enough points.  Remember to stay as close to the bottom as possible, so you
    will get the most points possible.  Don't make towers either, because the 
    points you get each line is reflected by where your highest piece is.
    26. Go Low Gold Medal (25)
    Get 50,000 points playing Go Low.
    Set the goal system to variable, and then get to work.  Back to Backs might 
    help for this one, but try to clear them as fast as possible.  You don't want
    your tower to get too high; otherwise you won't get any points for the Tetris.
    27. Back to Back (15)
    Do two Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) without clearing any lines in
    between in Marathon.
    This should be pretty easy by now.  Just perform two Tetrises or T-Spins 
    without clearing any lines in between.  If you are having any trouble read my
    28. Rollin On Spinnas (15)
    Pulled off the infamous T-Spin playing Marathon.
    Just perform a T-Spin.  If you don't know what that is, read my introduction.
    It's all covered there.
    29. Back to Back and Back Again (25)
    Do three Tetrises or T-Spins (Single or Double) in a row (Back to Back to Back)
    playing Marathon.
    Takes some practice, but after while you should be able to do 4-5 Tetrises in a
    row no problem.  If you don't know what a Tetris or T-Spin is, read the 
    30. T-Spin Deluxe (30)
    Pull off a T-Spin 2-Line Clear playing Marathon.
    This is a T-Spin that clears two lines at once, which most of the time they do
    anyway.  This is kind of hard to explain, so just check out the leaderboard 
    videos to see how it is done.
    31. Ludicrous speed (30)
    Clear a line on Level 15.
    Isn't too hard, just set up a Marathon game and set the start level to 15.  All
    you have to do is clear 1 line, you can do it!
    32. All about the Hamiltons (30)
    Score 100,000 points with Fill Rate set to High in Cascade.
    It already tells you the settings so get moving.  If you are fast enough you
    might want to set the fill to 15, so you can get fast points from those 
    cascades.  Just be careful, because nearly every piece you drop, another line
    is added.  Set the beginning fill too high, and you might be overtaken too 
    33. Take it Off the Top (50)
    Clear line 20 of the Matrix.
    This one takes a bit of luck, so you might need several tries.  Set the fill 
    rate to medium or high and the fill to a high number (preferably 15).  Now make
    your top line to where it is missing the four middle pieces (an I-piece should
    be able to fit in it flat).  Finally all you need to do is get an I-piece in
    your reserve, and wait.  You have to be lucky on the timing, but if you manage
    to get that line you created to the very top, bring your reserve piece out.  It
    will fit without you doing anything, and you will have yourself another 
    34. Big Ol Cascade (50)
    Trigger 8 or more Cascade Line Clears with a single drop.
    This one is mostly luck, but there is a strategy to it.  You start by setting
    your fill to 9 or above in the game mode Cascade, this way you only need one
    piece to fall into place to complete each line.  Now at the top of all this, 
    place a piece with enough blocks to fill in all the empty ones in its column.
    If you can't find the right piece just stack the useless ones like a tower on
    top of a good one over on the side.  Once you have all the pieces in place,
    trigger the cascade by clearing the top fill line and watch the dominos go.
    You might need some knowledge on how the pieces drop, but you should be able to
    get it in a couple tries.
    35. Old Skool Back to Back (50)
    Score 2 Tetrises in 2 drops playing Marathon.
    This one isn't too hard; you just need to have an I-piece in your reserve.  
    Build a tower big enough to support to Tetrises and then wait for an I-piece to
    come up.  Use that piece to perform the first Tetris and then bring out your 
    reserve for the second one.
    36. Went Low (50)
    Clear the Matrix completely playing Go Low.
    This one can be a pain, because it all takes a lot of luck.  It wouldn't be too
    bad if it could be done in any mode, because you will probably clear the matrix
    eventually.  But it has to be done in Go Low, which means, unless you get lucky
    when going for the Go Low achievements, you have to go for it.  The only tip I
    can give you, is to keep an I or T-piece in your reserve, since they are the
    ones usually needed to complete lines cleanly.  Now you just have to wait for
    the right moment; keep clearing lines, staying as close to the bottom as 
    possible, but DO NOT use your reserve piece until the perfect moment.  If
    things get too messy, it would be best to just start over.
    37. Dirty South Style Back to Back (75)
    Score 3 Tetrises in 3 drops playing Marathon.
    Once again this one is mainly just luck.  Get an I-piece in your reserve and 
    start building a tower that can support three Tetrises.  Once completed you 
    have to wait till you get at least 2 I-pieces out of your current three (the 
    piece in use and your two upcoming ones).  Once you get lucky and get the 
    proper pieces in place, drop your first I-piece and then your second if it's 
    next.  If you have a different piece after your initial one, then replace it 
    with your reserve and drop that I-piece.  Finally drop your last I-piece, 
    whether it being your reserve or not.
    38. A For Effort (50)
    Play 100 games (Single Player).
    If you don't get this by just playing or going for the other achievements there
    is a quick and easy way.  Start any game mode and set the fill to 15.  Start 
    the game and just drop your pieces straight down.  You should get game over in
    about 4 pieces, and it should only last a couple of seconds.  Just keep doing 
    this and you should get it in no time.  If you don't quit out between games, 
    looks at the stats after each game and you should be able to tell how many you
    have done so far.
    39. Live Playa (30)
    Win an Xbox Live game.
    Pretty self-explanatory.  Just play a game online, and win.
    40. Give Em Twenty (20)
    Send 20 lines in a Xbox Live game.
    What this means is you basically have to clear 20 lines in an online game with
    'send lines' on.  The easiest way to do this is by joining a match with more 
    than 2 players and the 'send lines' set to distributed.  This way all the lines
    you complete will not be sent to the same person.  If all your lines were sent
    to the same person, then that person would probably get game over before you
    would be able to reach 20 lines.  Take your time in clearing your lines, 
    because if you go too fast you might win too soon.  If you are ahead of others,
    let them catch up, so you will have plenty of time to get those 20 lines 
    Special thanks to all those who contributed tips and techniques on the 
    Achieve 360 Points forum.
    This Achievement Guide is copyright 2007 by Unknown50862 - TOO Taco Bob
    It may not be posted anywhere but www.achieve360points.com and www.gamefaqs.com
    without consent from the author.

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