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Guide and Walkthrough by ThermalStone

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/26/2008

Band of Bugs Single Player Walkthrough v. 1.2

By ThermalStone

Table of Contents

I. About this FAQ

II. Scoring

III. Maal's Story Main Characters

IV. Maal's Story Walkthrough

V. Red Kingdom Main Characters

VI. Red Kingdom Walkthrough

VII. Ninja Sticks of Fury Main Characters

VIII. Ninja Stinks of Fury Walkthrough

IX. Misc. Tips

X. Update History


The purpose of this faq/walkthrough is to help you get a platinum medal on 
every single mission and have a chance at cracking into the top ten scores.  
This faq was not written by a semi-literate 12 year old a week after the game
came out.  I am number one in Maal’s story and in both expansions and every 
one of my scores was number one at the time of this update.  (Don’t 
worry, I still have a life.)  This faq will not tell you things you already 
know or should be smart enough to figure out for yourself, like what the 
controls are, what achievements you can earn, or how to beat the tutorial.  
I also don’t go in depth into stats or abilities that you don’t need to know
about for the single player campaign.  I don’t play the Band of Bugs 
multiplayer much and you won’t find any tips for that in here.  

There are no doubt other strategies besides mine for getting high scores, I’m 
just telling you what worked for me.  If you have a question for me or a 
submission with an alternate strategy for this faq, please feel free to 
contact me.  Short questions can be sent to my XBox Live account, 
"ThermalStone".  For longer and more complicated questions, please join the 
Ninja Bee forums and start a thread in the Band of Bugs section.  The address 
is   http://www.ninjabee.com/forums/ .  Make sure to put the words "FAQ" and 
"ThermalStone" in the title.  I browse through there every couple of days.

Good luck beating my scores!


Without getting into a complex mathematical formula, your score is determined 
by three things, in order of importance: 

1. Rounds:  The fewer rounds it takes you to beat a mission, the more points 
you’ll score.  As a general rule of thumb, beating a mission a round earlier 
gets you about 800 more points.  Your focus in any mission should be to beat 
it in as few rounds as possible.

2. Enemies defeated:  You also want to kill as many enemies as you can in the 
rounds you have.  Don’t damage enemies if you don’t plan to finish them off; 
you don’t get points for that.  Enemies are worth more the higher their level.
It is almost always worth sticking around for an extra turn to kill two or 
three high level enemies.  It is sometimes not even worth staying to the end 
of a round to kill more level 0 mosquitoes. Note that in some missions, 
defeating artifacts and spore pods gives you points too.  

3. Time:  The faster you beat a mission, the more points you get for time.  Be
smooth with your controls in order to be fast.  If you have a choice, kill 
enemies that haven’t moved yet so their moves won’t take up time.  Use the 
right bumper to toggle in between your bugs.  If you can’t make an immediate
decision about what move to make, save the game and try out a few different 
things.  When you’ve figured out what to do, reload your save and do it 

If you really want to look at the complex mathematical scoring formula, it can 
be found here: 

If you lose a bug during a mission, the points penalty seems to run between 
250-400 points depending on the mission.  However, it is possible to beat 
every single mission without losing a bug.

Note that there was a glitch where loading a saved game set your time back to 
zero.  This allowed some ridiculously low finishing times and correspondingly 
high scores.  A patch fixed this issue and the individual Maal’s Story mission 
leaderboards were reset, but the campaign leaderboard was not.  Most of the 
other top people on the Maal’s Story campaign leaderboard got their campaign 
scores with this glitch.

If you are trying to beat someone’s score on the leaderboards and they are 
around 1000 points ahead of you, they probably finished the mission a round 
before you did (or killed many more enemies.)  If they are only a couple of 
hundred points ahead, they probably killed an extra enemy.  And if they are 
barely ahead of you, they probably just finished the mission faster. 


In Maal’s story, you follow the adventures of a group of bugs patrolling the 
kingdom and pursuing egg thieves.  Your band of bugs changes composition 
several times, with the main characters described below.  Characters that 
only appear in one mission will be dealt with in that mission’s section.

Maal is a newly hatched bug who is given the role of hero and commander.  As 
you’ll discover later, Maal is unique in the bug world.  As far as game play, 
he is a very versatile and useful character.  He was extremely high armor and 
hit points, making him an excellent damage sponge.  He is also quick (six 
squares per turn.)  These two factors make a Hasted Maal a good choice for 
capturing far away objectives, because he doesn’t need much support from your 
other bugs to stay alive.  On offense, Maal’s attack will wipe out enemies in 
the earlier missions, but starting in mission seven where the enemies get 
stronger, he will run in to trouble.  When Maal learns Push he becomes a 
threat to earn instant kills by pushing his foes off the map or into water.  
Once he gets two attacks per turn in mission 13, he becomes a very potent 
offensive weapon, scoring critical hits frequently.  Maal’s critical hits can 
score double damage.  If you’re going to waste a turn where Maal isn’t 
attacking anyone, as sometimes happens when you’re rushing him to an 
objective, make sure to sue his Psych Up instead of just waiting.

Tieman is the one-eyed, one-armed veteran royal guard who instructs and 
guides Maal over the first few missions.  He is slower than your other bugs 
(four squares per turn), and you won’t learn the Haste spell before he leaves 
your party.  His attack is also very weak and he is prone to getting weak 
hits, but he is your first bug to get two attacks per turn and that more than 
makes up for it against the weak enemies in the first few missions.  Use his 
Shell Pincer attack to inflict a guaranteed 14 points of damage every time.  
Tieman is tough, but his armor is weaker than Maal’s so enemies often attack 
him instead.
Rach is an archer.  His attack is ranged up to five squares out, but it is 
very weak and he seems to constantly get weak hits.  On the occasion that he 
does get a critical hit, the damage can be less than half again what a regular 
hit would inflict.  He is more effective against lightly armored enemies, like 
mosquitoes.  Rach is best used finishing off weakened enemies.  Rach has weak 
armor, but lots of hit points.  He is also very fast (six squares per turn.)  
Rach’s chief virtue is that move and shoot without coming into contact with 
the enemy.  A Hasted Rach can strike an enemy 14 squares away from his 
starting point.  There will be times when you will want to send Rach instead 
of Maal towards an objective, because Rach can move past the enemy and still 
attack, instead of stopping where the enemy is or moving past and being forced
to wait.  On the rare occasion that Rach does have to waste a move, make sure 
to use Aim to power him up.

Ratama the healer is arguably the most valuable member of your team.  The 
usefulness of his Healing and Healing Aura spells is obvious.  His Armor spell 
is also handy.  Although Ratama’s armor and health are low, when Ratama casts 
Armor on himself, he becomes a decent melee fighter in a pinch.  Improved 
Counter doesn’t seem to have much effect, and his Regeneration spells arrive 
too late in the game to be much use.  Rach’s Slow spell is worse than a waste 
of a turn; it can keep enemies from coming within your bugs’ range and prevent
 your attacking.  Ratama’s Haste spell is the most useful spell in the game.  
You can Haste your fast bugs and let them reach objectives several turns 
sooner than they would otherwise.  You can haste your slow melee fighters, 
allowing them to get into battle faster.  Ratama should be using a Haste spell
just about every mission once he can cast it.  Ratama has a decent melee 
attack with a chance for a knock back.  He starts with an attack almost as 
strong as Maal’s but doesn’t seem to get any stronger and he never gains 
a second attack.

Yegg is a rogue.  He is very fast (six spaces per turn) and can fly over 
shifting sands, water, and up high cliffs.  He has a decent melee attack that 
can be devastating if he scores a critical hit, which he does with great 
frequency when he attacks from the sides or back of his enemies.  The problem 
with Yegg is that he is extremely weak, with very low armor and hit points.  
On most missions, Yegg is a liability rather than an asset.  On some missions, 
Yegg can be defeated with a couple of attacks from archers, causing you to 
lose the mission.  Yegg is too weak to send after objectives on his own.  Keep
him safe, and use him to dispense items to other party members.  It isn’t 
worth wasting a turn switching to his crossbow because its range isn’t great 
and it makes his attacks very weak.  

Jabilo is a fire mage.  His spells range from the useful to the awesome.  His 
Fireball, Chill, and Stone Throw are great ranged attacks, especially Stone 
Throw with its long range and high damage against weakly armored enemies.  
Fireball is also useful for it’s guaranteed ten points of damage in earlier 
missions.  Use his spells to pick off weakened enemies.  All of his fire 
based spells are useful for levels where the enemy is on ice; use a fire spell
to melt the ice and you get an instant drowning kill.  Once he learns Blaze 
and Inferno he is able to deal large amounts of damage to multiple enemies at 
a time.  I almost never use the Tangle spell because of its low damage rating, 
but it can be useful when you have a weakened bug within range of a powerful 
enemy who hasn’t moved yet.  Jabilo is the weakest melee fighter in the game, 
with low hit points, armor and a pitiful attack, but keep him out of range and 
use his spells and he never has to see melee combat.  He is also slow (four 
squares per turn) and will occasionally need to be Hasted to be brought into 

Ninja Bee:
The Ninja Bee is a unique character and as the name implies, is also the 
mascot for Ninja Bee, the creators of this game.  You only get him for a 
couple of missions but he is very useful.  When you get him, he has two 
attacks per turn.  If you get double critical hits, he can kill any enemy bug 
in those missions in just one move.  He also seems very prone to getting weak 
hits, however.  His hit points are fairly high, but his armor is weak, so the 
enemies like to pick on him.  He is also slow (four squares per turn), and 
really benefits from Hasting so her can get around behind enemies and score 
critical.  The Ninja Bee also counts as a flyer and is not affected by 
shifting sands or high cliffs.

Brocc is a barbarian who joins your team when he sees you love beating stuff 
up almost as much as he does.  Brocc is slow (four squares per turn) and has 
poor armor.  He has high hit points and the strongest melee attack on your 
team.  However, his critical hit does only half again as much damage (instead 
of double damage like Maal), and unlike Maal, he never gets more than one 
attack per turn.  Still, when you first get him, he will inflict more damage 
than Maal until Maal gets two attacks per turn.  Brocc's low armor means that 
enemies will tend to attack him over Maal when they get the chance, so be 
careful how Brocc is positioned.  I never use Brocc's Headbutt during the 
campaign.  Why stun the enemy when you can just beat him up?  Brocc's Rage is 
a good move to use on the rare occasion that he has a turn where he isn't 
attacking, but don't use it if he is wounded because it costs him hit points. 


Mission #1: Routine Patrol

This one is pretty simple.  You get Maal, Raach, and Tieman.  There are five 
mosquitoes to kill.  Everyone can kill a mosquito in one regular attack, 
except Tieman, but he gets two attacks per round.  Just send everyone forward 
to attack.  To lower your time, attack those mosquitoes that haven’t moved 
yet.  You should be able to beat this one in two rounds.

Mission #2:  Monster Cleanup

In this mission, you have to move one of your bugs onto the capture point and 
hold it until the end of the round.   There are six mosquitoes initially but 
when you kill five of them more begin to spawn above the capture point.  Start 
by moving Maal to the nearest mosquito and attacking.  Next round move him as 
far as possible towards the capture point.  Rach and Tieman should follow, 
attacking the mosquitoes nearest Maal.  At the end of round 3, move Maal onto 
the capture point to end the mission.  You should be able to finish this 
mission in three rounds and kill at least six mosquitoes.  If Maal’s moves 
end near mosquitoes, you can get even more kills. 

Mission #3:  On the Trail

Ratama is added to your party and you face four warrior bugs which you must 
defeat.   Start by sending Maal to attack the warrior to his right from the 
side.  One of the warriors close to you will probably attack Ratama at this 
point.  Ratama will mention the need to use a healing spell on himself.  
Ignore him and send Tieman after the warrior on his left who you haven’t 
attacked yet.  Then attack with Rach and Ratama to finish off the two nearby 
warriors.  Make sure that Tieman and Ratama finish the round as far forward 
as possible.  Next round, the other two warriors will draw closer.  Send out 
Tieman and Maal to attack different warriors and use Rach and Ratama to 
finish them.  If either Tieman or Maal score a critical hit in the first 
round, you can finish this mission in two rounds.    

Mission #4:  Mosquito Bait Pass

This is the first mission where careful strategy can pay off to save you a 
couple of rounds.  For this mission you lose Tieman and gain Reggie, the 
clutch bearer.  As he will tell you, Reggie is very weak and is not very good 
at fighting.  Be careful with him as you lose the mission if he dies.  You 
face one warrior, three grunts, and a clutch bearer.  Your objective is to 
kill the enemy clutch bearer and move Reggie onto the egg he drops.  Start 
by moving Rach on top of the hill and shooting the enemy clutch bearer.  
When the clutch bearer makes his move, send Maal to attack him and kill him.
Use Ratama to haste Reggie.  Then move Reggie onto the egg.  If the clutch 
bearer is the first or second enemy to move and no one moves over his egg 
before you get Reggie there, it is possible to beat this mission in one 
round, but you will probably have to try many times for the enemy to make 
the necessary moves.  

Mission #5: Into the Swamp.

In this mission you have Maal, Rach, Ratama, and the newly hatched Yegg.  
Yegg’s frailty isn’t a big problem on this level because your opponents, the
mosquitoes, are also weak.  You face seven mosquitoes, and when there are only
three left, more will spawn at the top of the waterfall.  You have to move 
Maal to the exit.  Start by moving Ratama four spaces forward and hasting 
Maal.  Then move Rach forward and shoot the spore pod two spaces south of the
closest large clump of grass in the water.  Move Maal out onto the shifting 
sands that the spore pod was blocking.  It’s okay if you don’t move him as far
as you possibly can if you want to stop to attack a mosquito this round; the 
shifting sands will carry him along to the stable ground on the edge of the 
map.  Move Yegg forward and get a kill if you can.  

Next round, have Rach attack and kill a mosquito.  Then use Ratama to haste 
Yegg.  Move Yegg onto the shifting sands two spaces north of the central clump
of grass and position his back against the spore pod to guard against critical 
hits.  Move Maal past Yegg towards the exit.  Because Yegg is a flyer, the 
sands do not affect him, and when the sands push Maal up against Yegg, Yegg 
will keep Maal from being pushed any farther back.  

In round three, Maal is poised to reach the exit.  Have Ratama and Rach get 
some kills but don't move Yegg or Maal will slide back.  At the end of the 
round, send Maal to the exit to beat this mission in only 3 rounds while 
killing at least six or seven mosquitoes.  

Mission #6: Dark Intentions

This is the first three way battle.  You have the same team as you had last
mission.  There are eight mosquitoes on one team (Monsters) and a warrior, a
grunt, two pikemen, and an ice mage on the other team (Jerks).  Your first 
move should be to send Maal forward to push the nearest pikeman into the 
water.  It’s hard to give a detailed move by move description of what to do 
after that since there are so many variables.  The Jerks and Monsters tend to
attack each other before they attack you.   You want to kill as many 
mosquitoes as you can to get more points, so attack them if you can since they
tend to be one hit kills.  Watch for chances to use Maal’s Push skill on the 
Jerks, however.  You should position your troops with their backs to spaces 
where enemies can be pushed into the water to entice them into traps.  You 
should also be ready to finish off any Jerks the mosquitoes have weakened.  
They seem to like attacking the mage.  Don’t waste your time casting spells or
using skills (except Push); everyone should be attacking every round.  With 
some luck and planning you should be able to finish this mission in 3 rounds 
and defeat most of the thirteen enemies yourself.

Mission #7: Border Defense

In this mission you lose Yegg but gain Jabilo, the fire mage who will become 
an integral part of your team.  You have to touch the three glowing squares at
the top of the map to raise a defensive wall.  You are opposed by two archers 
and three rogues.  The rogues look like the mosquitoes that you have been 
facing but are much more dangerous.  They can move six spaces, inflict a lot 
of damage on anyone except Maal, and have a tendency to score critical hits.  
To top it off, for this mission, none of your bugs can inflict enough damage 
with a regular hit to get a single hit kill.  Maal and Rach each do 14 points
of damage, leaving the rogues alive with one hit point, and Jabilo’s Stone 
Throw only does 13 points.  It can be very frustrating.  The rogues will start
respawning at the top of the map when there are two enemies left.  This is one
 of the two hardest missions in the game to score a platinum medal on.  As of 
this writing, only 17 people have reached the required score of 13500.

The fastest way to beat the mission is to haste Rach and send him around to 
the right.  The archer on the right tends to come down across the bridge and 
block Rach, so your first move should be to move Jabilo forward one space and 
hit the archer with a Stone Throw.  Have Ratama move forward parallel to 
Jabilo and cast haste on Rach.  Rach should move as far forward to the right 
as he can, then take a shot at a rogue.  Move Maal forward when the rogues 
come down and have him attack.  

Open round two by having Jabilo blast the wounded archer with Chill or 
Fireball, finishing him off and clearing a path for Rach.  Don’t kill the 
other archer or he will be replaced by a rogue, who inflicts more damage.  
Move Rach forward and fire at another rogue.  Have Ratama haste Maal but don’t
 send him forward just yet; keep him on the lower level by the first bridge 
attacking rogues this round.  

For round three, send Rach to the square on the far right to raise the wall 
and have him shoot again.  If he is taking a lot of damage you may want to 
send Ratama forward to heal him first before he gets out of range.  Send Maal
over the bridges to the left and have Jabilo keep blasting away.  If Maal gets
blocked here, you’ll have to start over if you want a platinum medal.  Watch 
the positioning of Jabilo and Ratama or they may get overwhelmed by rogues.  

In round four, send Rach and Maal to the glowing squares to beat the mission. 
Get as many kills as you can on the way.  Each kill nets you 255 points and 
you will need at least five kills to have a shot at 13500 points and a platinum 
medal.  You will need a couple of critical hits to get that many kills, and 
there are so many things that can go wrong in this mission, like critical hits
on you, weak hits by your bugs, or Rach or Maal’s path being blocked, that it 
pays to save frequently.

Mission #8: Hold the Line

This is the hardest mission in Band of Bugs.  As of this writing only ten 
players had achieved a platinum medal.  The platinum medal is difficult 
because this mission doesn’t end until the beginning of round six, making it
impossible to beat it faster.  You have the same team as last mission, plus 
the addition of an archer who is identical in every way to Rach.  In fact, the
 bugs joke about this during the mission.  You also have access to items for 
the first time: three healing dews and two bombs.  You are opposed by 16 
enemies: four ice mages, four warriors, four grunts, two pikemen and two flag 
bearers.  You must keep any enemy units from finishing a turn at the capture 
points on top of your wall.  

Your first turn, have Maal Pscyh Up in place and Ratama wait.  When the enemy 
gets within range, have the archers and Jabilo fire on the same target for 
your first kill. 

In the following rounds, you need to get as many kills as possible.  Have Maal
stay in place and Push the enemies that come up to him into the water.  Do 
this first thing every round when possible so another enemy can queue up to be
pushed next round.  Keep in mind the following: two archer attacks plus a 
Jabilo Fireball will kill a warrior, grunt, or pikeman; one archer attack plus
a Stone Throw will kill a mage.  Since the mages are easiest to kill and can 
do the most damage to your bugs, make them priority targets.  Ignore the flag
bearers; they don't seem to ever move in range anyway.  Move your archers
back and forth along the wall when necessary to get them in range.  The ice 
mages will try to freeze the water at the base of your wall to create another 
way up.  Wait until an enemy or two is on the ice and then have Ratama or one 
of the archers drop a bomb to melt the ice and drown the enemies.   To have a 
chance at a platinum medal score of 12500 you’ll need at least ten kills.  
You’ll need some luck and some critical hits, but it is possible.  

Mission #9: Behind Enemy Lines

The key to a high score on this mission is realizing that you don’t actually 
have to evacuate your bugs to finish it.  It’s faster and you get more points 
if you focus on killing all the enemies.  Jabilo is gone but you get the Ninja
Bee and Yegg.  You are opposed by two warriors and four pikemen.  

Your first move should be to send Ratama four squares forward to stand on the 
haste nectar and Haste the Ninja Bee. This move should draw a pikeman out to 
where they can be attacked from the side by Yegg, who you should move on top 
of the cliff on the left side so he gains elevation and side attack bonuses.  
Use the Ninja Bee and Maal to attack the warriors, positioning them to get 
attack bonuses too.  The Ninja Bee’s attacks can be very unpredictable.  He 
can inflict two regular attacks for 12 points of damage each, enough to kill a
pikeman without critical hits, but sometimes he just gets one weak attack in 
for three points total.  For best results you should save before each of his 
attacks.  Rach’s attack is the weakest but he has range, so save him for last 
and use him to finish off weakened opponents.  Ratama will be a target for the
enemies, but the pikemen don’t inflict enough damage to worry about.  Be 
careful with the warriors; it’s best to leave Maal facing the wrong way as an 
enticing target so they go after him instead of the Ninja Bee or Ratama.  
Whatever you do, don’t let the warriors get near Yegg; they can finish him in 
two hits.  If you lose a bug you lose the mission, but you can beat all six 
enemies without stopping to heal.  For maximum score you can beat this mission
in three rounds, but four will still give you a platinum medal.  

Mission #10: The Artifact

You have the same team as last time.  You have to destroy the artifact across 
the map and are opposed by three archers, two pikemen, two royal guards, and 
a lot of shifting sand.

Have Yegg use haste nectar on the Ninja Bee and Ratama haste Maal.  Send Maal 
to pick up the strong nectar (the blue one).  Have the Ninja Bee go as far 
forward as he can onto the shifting sands next to the ant lion and give 
himself the strength nectar.  The Ninja Bee counts as a flyer so he won’t fall
in.  Next turn have everyone else get as many kills as possible.  The Ninja 
Bee may take a lot of damage from the archers and the royal guards who make 
suicide runs into the sand to get him, so you may have to have Ratama heal 
him.  Be careful with Yegg as a single critical hit from an archer can kill 
him.  At the end of the round send the Ninja Bee to the artifact where he can
destroy it in two hits for a two turn victory.  

If you want to try for a really high score you’ll need more kills.  You will 
have to rely on the Ninja Bee getting critical hits on the artifact instead of
using your other bugs’ moves to go for the strength nectar, freeing them up 
for killing duty.  Rach can be moved out onto the sand at the end of the round
to take a shot at the artifact, but the Ninja Bee has to get at least one 
critical hit for you to beat it in two rounds without the strength nectar.

Mission #11: Barbarian Lands

You have only three bugs in this mission: Maal, Rach, and Ratama.  You have to
defeat 6 spiders.  They have 30 hit points each and Maal only does 12 points 
of damage to them on a regular hit, Ratama does only 11, and Rach only 8.  
Fortunately, Rach gains another attack.  Unfortunately, he is very prone to 
getting weak hits.

Start by sending Maal south onto the ice to attack the spider next to the 
nearest rib sticking out of the ground.  Have Maal face the direction of his 
attack, exposing his back to attack to the south.  Every subsequent round a 
spider will attack Maal from the south attempting to get a critical hit.  Have
Maal turn and Push them into the water and then turn back to face the same 
way.  Another spider should line up to be pushed the next round.  Have Rach 
and Ratama attack to weaken and finish spiders.  If Ratama is taking a lot of 
damage, try having him cast Armor on himself.  If you see a spider on the ice 
that Maal can’t Push into the water, use your bomb to drown him.  You can 
easily finish this mission in four turns for a platinum medal, and if you get 
a lot of critical hits or catch more than one spider on the ice with the bomb,
it is possible to finish in three turns.    

Mission #12: Big Game 

This is one of the harder missions to get a platinum medal on.  This is 
another three team mission.  You add Brocc to your team.  You are opposed by 
eight spiders.  The third team consists of four barbarians.  You have to 
clear all the spiders, but to get maximum points and an Xbox Live achievement,
you have to kill most of the spiders yourself.  With some luck, it is possible
 to kill all of the spiders and completely shut out the barbarians.

This mission is much easier if you can entice the spider on the hill nearest 
the barbarians to come after your bugs instead of attacking the barbarians.  
This opens a path allowing your bugs to get to the barbarian’s side of the 
map.  Your first move should be to send Ratama as close to that spider as 
possible and have him cast Haste on Rach.  If you are lucky, the spider will 
come down the hill on your side after Ratama.  Then send Brocc forward and 
have him use Haste Nectar on Maal.  Send Maal and Rach up to the hill near 
the barbarians to steal their kills.  The barbarians do 20 points of damage 
when they attack the spiders, so make finishing the spiders with 10 hit points
 left your priority.  Save often, because the barbarians do 30 points of 
damage with a critical hit, and you need to kill as many spiders as you can 
for the points.  Ratama and Brocc can deal with any spiders that head for your
starting point.  You can beat this mission within 4 rounds, killing every 
single spider if the barbarians don’t get a critical hit and you steal all 
their kills.  Killing more than half the spiders earns you the Big Game Hunter 
Xbox Live achievement.

Mission #13: Frozen Wastes

In this mission you need to either reach the capture point or eliminate all 
enemies.  You can eliminate all the enemies just as fast as reaching the 
capture point while earning more points, so ignore the capture point.  Your 
first move should be to have Ratama Haste Jabilo.  This will allow Jabilo to 
reach the top of the cliff on your second move, where he should use Heat to 
drown all four grunts on the ice at once with a Heat spell.  Send Maal forward
to attack.  He gets two attacks per turn now, so if one of those attacks is a 
critical, he can finish off any of the enemies on this board.  Send Rach 
forward to get the nearest fire nectar and have Brocc attack anyone who gets 
in his range.

In the following rounds, have Rach grab more fire nectar.  Use the fire 
nectar, Jabilo’s fire spells, and Maal’s Push to make short work of the bad 
bugs.  You can beat this mission in two rounds if you are lucky with enemy 
placement on the ice, and there is no excuse for not beating it in three 

Mission #14: Lifting the Curse

In this one, you are up against four archers, three warriors and a healer.  
The presence of all those bugs with the enemy healer usually means you’re in 
for some tough combat, but in this mission you can bypass the fight and beat 
it in a single turn.

Start off by shooting the artifact with Rach and using Jabilo’s Stone Throw 
on it.  Then you can use Maal and Brocc to get kills on enemies that have 
moved in range.  At the end of the turn, move Ratama a couple of squares 
forward and have him toss a bomb on the artifact to beat the mission in one 

There are four possible kills to get other than the artifact.  An archer can 
come within range of Brocc, who can kill him with a critical hit; a warrior 
can come and stand on the single patch of ice off to the left, and Maal can 
Push him off; the closest warrior can come in range and Maal and Brocc can 
beat him up; or the archer on top can come and stand next to the artifact, and
Ratama’s bomb can drown him when you destroy the artifact.  The AI has to make
all the right moves before Ratama throws the bomb, so it’s impossible to get 
all four extra kills but you should pick up one or two.

Mission #15: Thawed Wastes

On this one you fight again on the map from mission 13, except that all the 
ice is melted and all the water striders imprisoned in ice cubes have thawed 
out.  You face eight water striders on one team and a warrior, ice mage, and 
five grunts on the other.

Send Maal forward and have him Push the nearest Grunt into the water.  This 
will leave Maal open to being knocked in the water, so have Jabilo use Chill 
to Freeze the square behind him.  Send everyone else to attack.  You want to 
kill as many enemies as possible, so focus on the water striders because they 
are easy to kill.  Jabilo gains the Blaze spell which is effective on groups 
of enemies.  The hard part of this mission is reaching the leftover grunts and
water striders in the part of the map farthest from you, where you started in 
Mission 13.  Hasting Maal can help, as can moving your bugs forward at every 
opportunity.  Don’t forget Ratama or Brocc can use the Ice Seed in your 
possession to finish an opponent just out of reach.  There are many ways this 
mission can unfold, but you should be able to finish the mission in three 
rounds while killing at least eight total enemies.  

Mission #16: The Dark One

You are opposed in this mission by eight spiders and the Dark One, a massive 
centipede.  While you can beat this mission in just one round by concentrating
all your fire on the Dark One, you can earn more points by taking a little bit 
longer and earning more kills.  

Start the mission by having Jabilo use Blaze.  Make the spider just to the 
left (east from the starting perspective) of the Dark One the center of the 
blast and you will destroy a spore pod, damaging an extra spider.  The AI’s 
next move almost always seems to be sending the Dark One to attack Brocc.  
Send Maal up the steps to Push the spider on your far left (west) off the map.
Ratama and Rach should attack whatever spiders they can reach while Brocc 
attacks the Dark One.  Save Jabilo’s second Blaze spell for when you can hit 
as many enemies as possible.  Try to get critical hits and use Maal’s Push 
when you can.  

With lots of critical hits from everyone you can beat this mission in three 
rounds while killing all the spiders and the Dark One for maximum points.  
It’s one of the easiest missions to get a platinum medal one as you can beat 
it in any of the first five rounds and still get a platinum medal if you beat 
enough enemies.  (Remember that beating up an artifact counts as killing an 
enemy too.)  

Mission #17: Dark Curse

You have to move your bugs to the exit before the floor beneath them falls 
away.  It’s not hard to stay ahead of the dropping floor but it can be 
difficult killing enough spiders to earn a really high score.  You are opposed
by four spiders to start, but more will join in later.  

Start by sending Rach as far forward as you can and have him shoot the spider 
closest to your starting point.  Next move send Jabilo forward to finish that 
spider off.  Then send Ratama as far forward as he will go and have him turn 
and Haste Brocc.  Send Brocc forward and have him use Haste Nectar on Maal.  
Hopefully by now a spider will have come down to the square in front of Rach.  
Send Maal up to block the gap on the left that lets the spiders on that side 
come down to the falling tiles.  Have him Push the spider off the map.  

In the next round, leave Maal where he is.  He should Push a spider off if 
he’s able, or just attack and kill one.  Have Ratama Haste Jabilo.  Send 
Jabilo and Rach forward attacking any spider in range.   If Brocc is able to 
attack a spider while moving forward, have him do so.  Other wise, have him 
use Haste Nectar on Ratama.  

In the third round, send everyone to the exit points, with Maal last so 
spiders don’t get through the gap and come up behind you.  Haste Ratama if you
haven’t done so already.  In the fourth round, move everyone onto the exit 
squares, starting with Rach and Jabilo, who can move away from the enemy but 
still launch an attack.  Make sure the front escape squares are clear for 
Ratama and Brocc, who will be bringing up the rear.

You should be able to beat this mission in four rounds and if you kill more 
than four spiders, you’ll earn a platinum medal.  It is possible to kill seven
or more spiders for a very high score, but it’s not worth it if you have to 
hang around past the fourth round.  

Mission #18: Pincher

In this mission, you have only Maal, Ratama, Rach, and Jabilo, although Yegg 
will appear in the middle of round 3.  You are opposed by two warriors, a 
healer, an ice mage, and two grunts.  A grunt will spawn at each doorway every
round unless you stand on the glowing tiles and close the tunnels.  The 
warriors here are extremely tough and can take and deal out a lot of damage, 
so be careful and don’t let them near Jabilo or Ratama.  The warriors have two
attacks per turn and can take out your weaker bugs in a single round if they 
get a critical hit (which they do often.)  This problem is compounded by the 
enemy healer, who can quickly heal the warriors back to full health when you 
have worked so hard to damage them.

Open the mission by sending Ratama onto the glowing square nearest him and 
having him Haste Maal.  The tunnel will collapse and kill the grunt.  Then
send Maal all the way forward and have him Push the healer off the map.  Turn 
Maal around so his back is to the edge of the map, inviting another enemy to 
stand there and be Pushed.  Send Rach to stand on the other glowing tile to 
get rid of the second tunnel and grunt.  Use Jabilo to inflict some damage, 
or if Maal is taking a beating, use his Tangle spell on a warrior who hasn’t 
moved yet.  

Have Maal use Push again the next round.  Send the other bugs forward to 
support Maal, but be careful; a couple of critical hits from the warriors and 
even your damage sponge Maal will be in trouble.  With some luck in avoiding 
the warrior’s attacks, you can beat this mission in round three before you 
even have to move Yegg.   

Mission #19: Anti-Hero

This is another challenging mission to earn a platinum medal on, as you need 
18,000 points.  You can easily beat this mission by using Maal to block the 
bridge and having everyone support him, but you won’t beat it fast enough for 
a platinum medal. You can also send everything you have after Kamul and beat 
him in a turn or two, but you probably won’t kill enough enemies for a 
platinum medal.  

Start this one by sending Maal across the bridge and Pushing the grunt on the
left off the side of the map.  Don’t forget to position Maal with his back to
the cliff so you can use Push the next round on a new victim.  Next turn, use
Ratama to block the bridge and have him use Armor on Maal, because Maal is 
going to take a beating.  If an enemy has already crossed the bridge, you 
might as well start over.  Use Jabilo and have him use his awesome new 
Inferno spell on the square next to the warrior behind Kamul, on the 
warrior’s left.  You want to make sure that Kamul and the ice mage are within 
the blast.  Have Rach shoot Kamul and make sure you get critical hits.  
Hopefully, Kamul will have moved into position to attack Maal and you will be 
able to get a critical hit in with Yegg, who can attack from a water square.  
Be very careful and do not leave Yegg open to attack by the warriors; they can
kill him in one move without even scoring a critical hit.  

By the beginning of the next turn, the enemy mage should have moved down 
amongst the artifacts.  Use your Inferno spell to finish him and an artifact 
off and leave the other two artifacts with only ten hit points left.  Keep 
using Maal’s Push and attacking Kamul with your other bugs.  In round three, 
use Push again.  Have Jabilo and Rach kill the two remaining artifacts.  
Jabilo will have to use Stone Throw from the farthest point he can just to 
reach the last artifact.  By now, Kamul should have sustained enough damage 
that Yegg and Ratama can finish him off.  The more critical hits you get on 
Kamul throughout the mission, the faster it will go.  The hardest part of 
trying to beat this mission quickly is keeping Yegg alive.  The enemy will 
attack him whenever they can, so it may be worth saving and reloading until 
they get weak hits on him.  With enough critical hits and lucky moves by the 
enemy you should be able to kill nine enemies (including artifacts) and finish
the mission in three rounds.    

Mission #20:  Finale

This can be a tough mission.  There are a lot of enemy bugs: two warriors, a 
fire mage, an ice mage, two pikemen, two archers, and a grunt.  If you defeat
all the bugs on the map, a huge army of high level reinforcements will begin
spawn at the top of the map and eventually clog it up.  You have to destroy 
four artifacts.  With some luck, this can be accomplished in two turns, but 
save frequently because a lot can go wrong.  

Send Ratama and Yegg forward toward the signpost.  Have them use Haste and 
Haste Nectar on Maal and Rach.  Have Jabilo move three spaces forward and one 
space to his left.  Use Inferno on the two artifacts closest to him. Make sure
that you also damage both mages with the blast.  Send Maal forward to the 
square two squares beyond the signpost.  Have Maal use a bomb or an Ice Seed 
on the artifact in range.  Send Rach as far forward as he will go near the 
signpost and have him shoot the nearest artifact.  

In turn two, move start by having Jabilo use Inferno on the same two artifacts
he blasted last round.  You should destroy the artifacts, and take out both 
mages and hopefully one or two other bugs.  Send Rach and Maal forward to 
attack the farthest artifact. They should destroy it.  If their paths are 
blocked by enemy bugs, you will have to start over again.  Rach or Jabilo may 
take a severe beating, so use Ratama's Heal spell to keep them from dying.  
Send Yegg forward and use him to throw an Ice Seed onto the last artifact, 
destroying it.  You should be able to get at least six kills out of this 
mission (including the artifacts), and if Jabilo catches more bugs in his 
Inferno spells or early critical hits on the artifacts free up your bugs for 
later attacks on the enemy, you can get eight kills or more.  Even if you lose
a bug or two you will still get a platinum medal.


In Red Kingdom, you get control of some bugs patrolling for the king near a 
border city  You have pretty much the same lineup throughout Red Kingdom.  
These bugs are at a higher level than the bugs in Maal's Story and start off 
very powerful compared to their enemies.  

Iman is a cavalry unit and is new for Red Kingdom.  He has weak armor but high
hit points, so he can take a beating.  Enemies will often attack him over 
Kutha because they can do more damage.  Iman's attack is pretty weak, although
he can strike two spaces with his default weapon, the lance.  He is the only 
character in any campaign for whom it is occasionally worth your time to 
change weapons for his Morningstar's higher damage and knock back capability. 
His high mobility (six squares) combined with his Run ability (plus three 
squares) make him very useful for seizing capture points.  A Hasted Iman can 
cover twelve squares in a single move.  Note that there is a glitch with Run: 
when you use it, on the next turn it becomes your default move, so if you want
to attack, you will have to plan out your move as normal, then cancel it and 
plan it out again to be able to attack and not use Run a second time.  

Kutha is a warrior.  This guy is an absolute beast.  He has high hit points, 
high damage, and seems to score a lot of critical hits.  When he gets two 
attacks per turn in mission 3 he is capable of killing almost any bug in the 
game in one move if he gets a critical hit (and some without a critical hit.) 
His Shoulder Rush is also more powerful than Maal's Push and can knock 
enemies back two spaces for instant kills.  It is important to never waste a 
turn with Kutha waiting or using items because he will rack up most of your 
kills.  If Kutha has to finish a turn without attacking, use his Focus skill 
to increase his chance of critical hits.  The only downside to him is that he
is relatively slow (four squares per turn) and always seems to start in the 
back of your formation.  Most of the Red Kingdom missions involve Hasting 
Kutha to get him into the fight as soon as possible.   


A healer, the same as Ratama.


Tyvek is an archer and is basically the same as Rach.  Tyvek already has two 
attacks per turn when he first joins you in mission 2.  


Red Kingdom #1: Bandits

You start with Iman, Cherak, and Kutha.  You face four grunts.  Your first 
move should be to send Cherak three squares forward and Haste Kutha.  Next, 
send Iman up and have him switch weapons to his Morningstar.  You will need 
his knock back capability (and some luck) to beat this mission quickly.  
Finally, send Kutha forward and have him attack if a grunt has come in range. 
The following turn, use Kutha's Shoulder Rush to push a Grunt into the water 
or off the edge.  Save before every attack that Cherak and Iman make until you
get a knock back.  Keep your bugs positioned so that the Grunts will move into 
spots where they can be knocked off the map, and remember that Kutha's 
Shoulder Rush knocks back two spaces.  If you knock off enough bugs, you can 
beat this mission in thee turns.    

Red Kingdom #2: Town

Tyvek the archer joins your team.  You have to kill a warrior, two archers, 
and three grunts.  Since they are all a much lower level than your bugs, this 
isn't be too hard.  

Start by having Tyvek shoot from his starting position at one of the archers. 
With a critical hit from Tyvek's bow he will kill the enemy archer in two 
shots.  Next, send Cherak forward and Haste Kutha.  Send Kutha and Iman to 
attack, using Kutha's Shoulder Rush for an instant kill if you can.  The 
warrior in the back will probably go up on the ridge and come after Tyvek.  
Just stay five steps ahead of him and keep shooting him with arrows; he should
go down by the third turn.  It's impossible to predict the other enemy 
movements exactly, but keep attacking the grunts and archers with your bugs on
the ground.  It is possible to kill all the enemies within three rounds if you
get enough critical hits and Shoulder Rush kills.

Red Kingdom #3: Bandit Camp

Your lineup remains unchanged for most of the rest of these missions. Your 
opponents consist of a healer, two warriors, and two grunts.  You have to 
defeat all of the enemies to win, but some odd terrain placement makes direct 
movement difficult.  In particular, the small cactus and campfire near the 
enemy warriors' starting point make you take several extra steps to get around
the back of the enemy position.

Send Cherak forward in front of the nearest red topped square and have him 
Haste Kutha.  (Starting to sound familiar?)  The nearest warrior will 
hopefully then move into a position where he can be Shoulder Rushed into the 
water by Kutha.  Use Tyvek and Iman to attack.  If they attack the same grunt 
or the healer in succession, they can finish him off.  Kutha gets two attacks 
per turn now and can kill the healer or grunts by himself without a critical 
hit.  The only really difficult thing about this mission is the presence of 
the enemy healer.  Don't bother damaging an enemy bug unless you're going to 
finish him off before the healer gets to move; otherwise the healer will 
restore him to full health and you'll have to do it all over again.  Kill the 
healer as soon as you can.  You should be able to beat this one by the third 
Red Kingdom #4: Signal Fires

You have to light the fires by stepping on the glowing squares.  You are 
opposed by six spiders, but the spiders will respawn if you kill three of 

Have Iman go to the left and use Run.  Have Cherak Haste Tyvek and send him to
the right.  Position them carefully so enemies will attack from directions 
that don't block your bug's path next round.  Send Kutha in the direction 
where the most spiders are.  Kutha can kill the spiders in one move, so Haste 
him in round two and use him to get kills to increase your score.  Tyvek 
should be able to shoot a spider or two as well.  By round two, Tyvek and Iman
will reach the far glowing squares and have outrun most of their pursuers.  In
round three, get some kills and then send Iman to capture the last glowing 
square on the backside of the hill.  You should be able to beat this one in 
three rounds and kill three to five spiders.

Red Kingdom #5: Sandstorm

This mission features some tricky combat.  You face six cavalry and Tyvek is 
sitting this one out.  Also keep in mind that Kutha's Shoulder Rush doesn't 
work on cavalry, so you won't be able to knock them off the map.  As you know 
from using Iman, cavalry are fast and can attack from two spaces away; however
their attacks are pretty weak and they aren't much of a threat to any of your 
bugs except Cherak.

Start this mission by protecting Cherak.  He is the favorite target for the 
cavalry and with their speed and range they can easily swarm him.  Send him 
behind the small cactus that he starts next to and have him cast Armor on 
himself.  Now he can only be attacked from two sides and can withstand more 
punishment.  Attack with Iman and Kutha from the backs and sides of the 
oncoming cavalry, trying to get critical hits.  Don't let the shifting sands 
carry Kutha too far away; you need him attacking every round.  When there are 
less enemies, bring Cherak out of his hiding place to join the attack or cast 
Heal as necessary.  It is possible to beat this mission in four rounds if 
everyone (especially Kutha) gets critical hits when you need them, but five 
rounds is easily doable.

Red Kingdom Mission #6: Rescue Mission

This is a complicated mission.  You face four cavalry, but they keep on 
respawning when you kill a couple.  You have to rescue Kry the royal guard 
from the opposite corner of the map while keeping the enemy units from getting
through the gate to the capture points.  Luckily, the enemies seem more 
interested in attacking your bugs than capturing the gates or going after Kry.
The hard part of this mission is that Kry is very slow.  He is also a very low
level and is extremely weak; he can be finished off in two attacks by the 
enemy if one scores a critical hit.   

Start by using Cherak to Haste Iman.  Have Iman Run towards Kry.  Use Kutha 
and Tyvek to start getting kills.  Next round, while your other bugs battle in
front of the gate, send Iman to the marked square in front of Kry, activating 
him.  Have Iman use Haste Nectar on Kry.  Move Kry back towards the gate but 
keep him away from the fighting.  Next turn, have Iman Run back following Kry.
Keep attacking with your other bugs.  On turn four, Iman will be close enough 
to join the fight.  On turn five, Kry runs out of Haste and will be on square 
short of getting to safety.  Have Cherak cast Haste on him and move him behind
the gate to the blue X's for a five turn victory.  You should also be able to 
defeat at least six enemy bugs.  

Red Kingdom #7: City Gates

In this mission you have Cherak, two archers and two artillery pieces.  You 
have to place the artillery on the blue X's on top of the wall.  The artillery
is super slow and can only move two spaces per turn. There are seven rogues on
the other side of the map who will charge the gate and attempt to interfere 
with you.  

Start by sending the first artillery piece two spaces forward to stand on top 
of the gate.  The next turn, the gate will rise slightly, but you should send 
the other artillery piece to stand on it as well.  The artillery must be the 
first two units you move; otherwise the gate will rise to high to climb on.  
Have Cherak Haste himself and climb up the wall.  The two archers should pick 
off the rogues on the sides of the main group.  Throughout the first turn, the
gate will rise so that at the beginning of turn two, your artillery are on top
of the wall and two spaces from their X's.  

At the beginning of turn two, move one artillery into position and fire at a 
group of three or more rogues if you can.  Have the archers shoot rogues who 
still have full health.  Wounded rogues will continue to advance forward and 
clump up at the bottom of the gate.  Have Cherak stand on top of the gate and 
drop a Bomb to finish them off. Finally, move your second artillery into 
position.  You can finished the mission in two turns and you should be able to
kill at least six rogues.  

Red Kingdom Mission #8: Bombarded

In this mission, you are opposed by two artillery, two archers, two calvary, 
and four grunts.  Cherak hasn't caught up from mission 7 yet, so you will have
to do without healing when fighting all these enemies.  You only have to kill
the artillery for a victory, butthey move so slowly that you will have to 
fight your way through the other bugs, so you might as well kill them all too.

Send Kutha and Iman up to the small gap in front of your position.  This way 
they can each only be attacked by one bug at a time.  Have Iman change over to
his Morningstar for the better attack.  Move Tyvek up behind them and attack 
whatever bug comes in range.  Keep your bugs in place and keep attacking.  
Since Iman has the weakest attack, use him to dispense healing nectar as 
needed.  You are in for some tough toe to toe combat for a couple of rounds.  
The more critical hits you can get, the better.  When the archers and cavalry 
flank you on the right, send Kutha after them.  Eventually the artillery will 
get in range and begin firing on you, wounding their own troops in the 
process. This makes your job easier as you can pick off wounded bugs.

Cherak shows up at the beginning of turn five.  By this time your bugs are 
probably in serious need of healing.  If you can group all of your bugs 
together at the end of turn four, he can use healing aura to restore all their
health at once.  There should be a large gap in the enemy lines now.  Send 
Iman through to attack the artillery.  Shoot the artillery with Tyvek.  If 
either one of them scores a critical hit, the artillery will fall.  Use Kutha 
and Cherak to clean up any enemy bugs that are left.  In turn six, send Iman 
and Tyvek to attack the other artillery piece.  You can try hasting Kutha and 
sending him to the rear to attack the artillery for a five turn finish, but I 
got a higher score beating it in six turns and killing all ten enemy bugs.  

Red Kingdom #9: Walls Come Down

The enemy starts with five rogues on the far right and two warriors, two 
cavalry, and an artillery in the group trying to break into the city.  The 
purple city defenders are on your side and will get some kills, but they can 
also get in your way. 

Start by sending Cherak as far forward and to the left as he will go and 
Hasting Kutha.  When the rogues on the right get in range, send Kutha after 
them.  Move Tyvek in front of Cherak and either have him shoot a rogue, or 
finish off a weakened enemy by the gate, but make sure he gets a kill.  Send 
Iman forward to the lowered square by the gate and the moat using his Run 
ability.  In turn two, have Kutha kill another rogue and Tyvek pick off a 
weakened enemy in Iman's way.  Have Cherak Haste Iman, who should be able to 
Run to the goal if his way isn't blocked.  Two turn victory with four kills 
for a platinum medal.

Red Kingdom #10: At the Root

You face two barbarians, four scorpions, and the General, a scorpion who is 
basically the same as Kamul from the Maal's Story.  It's pretty easy to get a 
platinum medal, but to get a really high score, you need to kill the General 
in as few rounds as possible while getting lots of kills.  Send Kutha forward 
to attack the nearest warrior.  If Kutha lands a critical hit he can finish 
him.  When the warrior on the bottom moves towards your other bugs, use them 
to take him down.  The General should come all the way down from the top and 
attack Kutha.  On the following turn, start by having Iman poke the spore pod 
near Kutha.  This should damage the General as well.  Have everyone attack the
General and with some luck (critical hits) you can take him out in turn two.

I was able to beat this mission in two turns with four kills for a very high 
#1 score.  Apparently, you get credit for killing a spore pod (but not for 
blowing up one spore pod with another one.)  I was also lucky in that Kutha 
counterattacked the General at the end of turn 1, but with enough critical 
hits in turn two it is possible to duplicate this result without counting on a


In this campaign, your bugs are bounty hunters who get swept up an a rebellion
and discover a sinister plot.  There are many twists, turns, and betrayals 
along the way.   Your band of bugs in this campaign are different in that you 
have a rotating supporting cast of generic mages, archers, etc. supporting a 
few main characters.  You should already know about these basic bug types.  
There are also named enemies that recur from mission to mission and bugs that 
are under your control that you must defeat in later missions.  (Spoilers 
ensue.)  Note that the Ninja Sticks characters start off very weak compared to
your bugs in the other campaigns, but do get stronger for later missions.

Vail is the hero of Ninja Sticks of Fury and oddly enough is a ninja stick 
bug.  Apparently he starts of the campaign as some sort of legally sanctioned 
bounty hunter with his own gang.  For game play purposes, Vail will normally 
be your main melee fighter.  He is much weaker than Maal or Kutha, both 
offensively and defensively, so be careful.  He seems very prone to getting 
weak hits, but he will also score a lot of critical hits if you attack from 
the sides or back.  When he gains two attacks per turn in mission 4, he 
becomes a much more potent threat, capable of killing many bugs with a pair of
critical hits.  He is slow (4 squares per turn), but he can walk on water.  
This ability comes in handy for several missions in the campaign.  If you are 
fighting enemies with no missile attacks, Vail can walk out of water and 
switch to his ninja stars and attack with impunity.  However, he will deal 
much less damage, so the wasted turn to switch over to stars is never worth 

Mustard is a royal guard.  Later in the game he betrays you and you must 
defeat him.  He is pretty much the same as Teiman.  His two attacks per turn 
come in very handy in the early missions where all your other bugs have weak 

Crater is a Grunt.  He has a thing for women with fangs.  You only get him for
a few missions.  He has a decent melee attack, and average armor and hit 
points.  He is most useful when he gets to be a higher level and learns Shove,
which knocks back two spaces like Shoulder Rush.

Mystic is a healer.  He is the same as Ratama and Cherak.

Amestha is another ninja stick.  She is Vail's ex-girlfriend and I think he 
left her mentally unbalanced.  (I did the same thing to my ex-girlfriend too.)
You must defeat her in the final mission.  For game play purposes she is 
exactly the same as Vail.

Bear is a barbarian.  She is a partner of Amestha.  She is pretty much the 
same as Brocc, except she is pink.  Don't forget to use her Rage ability if 
she has a down turn.  

Golmeen is a warrior and a hired thug who makes several appearances throughout
the game.

Piper is another ninja stick working for a mysterious group of rebels.  

Percy is a warrior working for the rebels who tries to recruit you.

Crew Leader:
The Crew Leader is a pikeman who leads a gang of barbarians.  He doesn't like 
you very much.  You get to save him in the last mission.

The Regent is a fire mage with a tacky hat.  He doesn't like you either, and 
yes, you have to save his ungrateful butt in the last mission too.  


Mission #1: The Good Ol' Boys

In this mission, you meet Vail, Crater, and Mustard.  They are joined by an 
archer.  You face Golmeen, the warrior, and his gang of two mosquitoes and an 
archer.  Your bugs are incredibly weak in this mission, so you have to be 
careful.  One attack each from Golmeen and one of his minions can kill any one
of your bugs.  Your bugs also seem especially prone to getting weak hits.  
Save before each attack to ensure that you at least get regular hits.

Start by sending Vail after Golmeen.  Golmeen or one of the mosquitoes will 
next likely attack Vail or Mustard.  Use Crater to finish off Golmeen.  Your 
archer has the weakest attack, so have him use a healing nectar on whoever 
needs it (probably Mustard.)  Have Mustard kill one of the mosquitoes.  The 
important thing this round is to make sure you finish off Golmeen because he 
is the strongest enemy.

In round two, send Vail after the archer.  Your archer should then be able to 
finish the other archer off.  Then have Crater and Mustard destroy the 
remaining mosquitoes.  Done in two rounds. 

Mission #2: Investigation

In this mission, Crater is replaced by an ice mage.  You must defeat a fire 
mage, a grunt, a barbarian, and an archer.  Start by moving your archer two 
squares forward and attacking the fire mage.  Follow up with a Stone Throw 
from your mage to finish off their mage before he has a chance to move or 
attack.  Be careful to keep your bugs out of range of the grunt and barbarian 
this round.  If the grunt is one of the first two enemy bugs to advance 
forward, you can use Vail and Mustard to finish him before he gets an attack 
off in round two. 

In the next round, your priority should be killing the barbarian because he 
has the most powerful attack.  Have your mage use Stone Throw and then have 
Mustard finish him.  Use Vail and the archer to kill the enemy archer for 
another two round victory (if you don't get too many weak hits.)

Mission #3: Pursuit

Mystic the healer joins your band of bugs from last mission.  You are opposed 
by Piper the ninja, Percy the warrior, two archers and two mosquitoes.  You 
have to defeat Piper, who starts on a hill on the other side of the map way 
out of range.  Don't worry though, he will come down and advance towards your 

To start this mission, send Mystic on top of the hill to the square behind 
Vail and have him Haste Mustard.  When Percy moves forward, have Mustard 
attack him.  Send in Vail to finish Percy.  Move your archer and mage forward 
and use them to attack whatever bugs are in their range.  

The next round, Piper should move close enough to be attacked.  Save Mustard 
and your mage for last and use your other bugs to kill as many enemies as they
can.  At the end of the round, use a Stone Throw and a Shell Pincer from the 
mage and Mustard to finish Piper for yet another two round victory.  With a 
critical hit or two it is possible to kill the other five enemies before you 
defeat Piper.

Mission #4: Things Get Official

This is a tough mission to beat without losing a bug.  You have Vail, Mystic, 
Crater, an archer, and an ice mage on your team.  You face two enemy teams. 
The firebombers have Piper the ninja, a warrior, two archers, and a fire mage.
The second team, the barbarian group, has four barbarians and the Crew Leader,
a pikeman.  You must eliminate the firebombers, but the catch here is that 
none of the barbarians may be killed, either by you or the firebombers. (Note 
that you can still beat up the crew leader for an extra kill if you want.)  
This mission is one where you will be saving and reloading a lot, trying to 
get (or avoid!) critical hits.   

You need to prevent the two nearest barbarians attacking you from behind, so 
your first move should be to send Crater out of their range to attack Piper.  
Get Vail out of the middle next and attack the warrior.  If you block Piper 
and warrior in early, this will restrict their movements, preventing them from
getting to your weaker bugs when it's their move.  Keep your other bugs out of
the barbarians' range and try to take down the warrior and Piper in the first 
round.  Group your bugs together to protect their flanks and maximize use of 
the Healing Aura spell.  The archer has a weak attack, so save him for picking
off weak enemies, stealing kills from the barbarians, or using Healing Nectar.
The combat here is very unpredictable, so it's best to save before each move 
in this difficult mission so you can reload if you aren't happy with the 
results.  You can beat this mission in two turns if the barbarians get a few 
kills, but you get more points for beating it in three turns and killing all 
six firebombers yourself.   

Mission #5: Report The Facts.

You have to escape from the Regent's room.  Each one of your bugs must end up
on a different escape point.  You have Crater, Vail, Mystic and two warriors. 
You are opposed by seven royal guards and the Regent, a fire mage, but two of 
the Royal guards and the Regent are stuck behind a wall and a moat and are out
of your range (unless you really want to move Vail across the water.)

Start the mission by sending Crater to Shove the royal guard in the center off
the map.  Then, send the two warriors up the stairs to Shoulder Rush the 
nearest guards off the map.  Have Mystic head for the corner exit on his side 
and Haste Vail.  Send Vail for the other corner exit and have him attack the 
royal guard who comes down the steps.  

The next round, have the warrior on Mystic's side Shoulder Rush the other 
Royal guard off the map.  Send Mystic closer to the exit and have him cast a 
Heal spell if any bug in range needs it.  Vail can stay in place if he needs 
to finish off his royal guard.  Send everyone else for the exits.  The Regent 
will be shooting spells at you but shouldn't pose too much of a problem.    
Everyone should be able to reach an exit the next round for a three round 

Mission #6:  Old Memories

When this mission starts, you only have Vail.  You are jumped by Golmeen's 
crew again, consisting of Golmeen, two rogues, and an archer.  Attack Golmeen 
from the side and on high.  It shouldn't take you too many tries to get a 
double critical hit on Golmeen, defeating him.  After your first move, Amestha
and Bear come to help you.  Attack the nearest rogue with Amestha.  Bear won't
be able to reach any enemies, so have her go towards Vail and give him a 
Healing Nectar.  In turn two, have Amestha attack the other rogue and Bear 
attack the archer.  Bear can killl him with a critical hit, but if she 
doesn't, send Vail out onto the water to finish the archer and you have 
another two round victory.

Mission #7: Recruitment.

In this mission you are opposed by the warrior Percy, three grunts, a fire 
mage, and a pikeman.  You get a fire mage, an ice mage, an archer, Mystic, and
of course, Vail.  Start by having the two mages Stone Throw Percy, and the 
archer shoot him.  If any one of them scores a critical hit, you can bring 
down Percy in just one round.  Otherwise, you'll have to finish him next round
and leave yourself open to his attack.  Use Mystic to Haste Vail and send Vail
to the water square in between the two bridge tiles, two squares forward and 
four squares to the right of Vail's starting heading.  Staying on this square 
means that Vail can only be attacked from two sides at once.  

The next round, use all your other bugs to score as many kills as possible.  
Target the enemy mage first because he has the fewest hit points.  At the end 
of the round, send Vail to the capture point to beat yet another mission in 
two turns.  You should also be able to pick up three or four kills with enough
critical hits.  

Mission #8: A New Dawn.

This mission can be very intimidating because of the number of goals and the 
complexity of the map.  You have to activate each of the glowing squares by 
standing on them.  You get Amestha, Vail, Mystic, and an ice mage.  Your 
enemies have four fire mages and two barbarians.  The ice ramps leading up to 
the glowing squares are meltable with fire magic, so you will have to send the
ninjas (who can walk on water) or find a way to neutralize the fire mages.

Start by sending Vail and Amestha behind the nearest fire mages and attacking.
They should beat them pretty easily.  Then send Mystic and the ice mage to the
base of the statue and use Haste and Haste Nectar on your ninjas.  At the 
start of the second round, send the ninjas to the top to capture the first two
glowing tiles and have them throw Ice Seeds onto the enemies below.  Have 
Mystic use an Ice Seed as well and the mage Freeze the remaining bad guy.  Now
all the enemies are frozen and you can move your mage and healer past them 
next round without getting clobbered.

At the beginning of the next round, have the two ninjas descend from the 
staircases and use Haste Nectar on Mystic and the mage.  Send your newly 
Hasted bugs forward toward the other two ice staircases.  Mystic can heal 
himself here if he has taken a beating, and the mage can take shots at the 
frozen enemies with his spells.  His Bolt spell works especially well if you 
can line up two or more enemies.  The following round, attack any remaining 
bugs with the ninjas and send Mystic and the ice mage to the other two tiles. 
It is possible to kill all six enemies here and finish in four rounds.    

Mission #9: Mustard Stain

This is another complicated mission.  You have Vail, Amestha, Bear, Mystic, 
and an archer on your team.  You will have to fight three waves of enemies in 
turn.  This mission goes much faster if your melee fighters are in a position 
near next enemy spawning point so you can launch an immediate attack when the 
subsequent waves appear.  You lose the mission if any of the caged barbarians 
die, although unless your archer targets them or they get hit with an Inferno 
spell or two, that's unlikely to happen.

First up are five rogues.  These guys go down pretty easy.  Send your archer 
forward a couple of spaces and take out one of the rogues.  As the other 
rogues come into range, attack them.  Use Mystic to Haste Vail, and make sure 
to send him as far forward as possible while still attacking.  You should kill
three of the rogues this round if the rogues move into range soon enough and 
Bear gets a critical hit. 

The following round, send your archer up onto the wall, killing a rogue as you
go.  Send Mystic up onto the wall and have him Haste Bear.  Send Bear and Vail
towards the pen with the barbarians in it.  The second wave of enemies will 
spawn near there on the rocky raised squares.  Leave the other ninja, Amestha,
near your starting point to take care of the last rogue.  

Once you kill the last rogue, the second wave will spawn near the caged 
barbarians.  This wave is tougher with two fire mages, a warrior, and a 
pikeman.  You should have Bear and Vail close enough to launch an immediate 
attack when the enemies finish their first moves.  Get critical hits and use
the archer on top of the wall to finish them off.  This fight will last you 
into turn five.  When the enemies are almost defeated, Cherak should Haste 
Amestha who can then climb the wall.  Don't send her after the second wave; 
leave her on top of the wall.  

When you kill the last bug in the second wave, Mustard appears on top of the 
wall.  Move your archer out of his range and attack.  The archer, Amestha, and
Mystic should be able to defeat him before Bear and Vail can even get back in 
range.  With the right timing, you can beat this mission in six turns.  If you
get enough critical hits on Mustard to beat him the turn he appears, you can 
beat it in just five turns for an even bigger score.  

Mission #10: Rein in the Girl.

In this mission, you have only Vail and the enemy has Amestha and Golmeen.  
Golmeen will try to get in your way while Amestha attempts to escape and blow 
up the dam.  Start by sending Vail out onto the water away from shore and 
throwing a Web Ball onto the square in front of the bridge closest to your 
enemies.  This way Golmeen won't be able to reach you and Amestha will have to
go around the web ball, bringing her in range.  Next turn, attack Amestha.  
If you get a critical hit and a regular hit, you can beat this mission in two 


Save Early, Save Often:  
In order to beat many of the missions in the fewest rounds possible, you need 
to get critical hits to eliminate enemy bugs as quickly as possible.  On some 
missions, like Maal’s Story 7 and 8, it is impossible to get a platinum medal 
without scoring critical hits.  Everyone can score critical hits from any 
angle, even Jabilo with his Stone Throw.  A weak hit or two can also delay you
by a round and cost you a chance at a platinum medal.  The Ninja Bee, the 
archers, and the ninja sticks seem especially prone to weak hits.  Save before
every crucial attack and you will be able to reload the game if you don’t 
inflict the damage you want.  

Some missions require the enemy to make certain moves (like Maal’s Story 4) to
be beaten as quickly as possible.  If you get this move at the right time, 
save the game so you don’t have to restart at the beginning every time you try
to get a high score.  

Super High Scores:  
In missions where you have a healer on your team and enemy bugs continuously 
respawn, it is possible to build up incredibly high scores by sticking around 
and killing bugs.  By carefully managing your healing spells it is possible to
last 30, 50 or even over 100 rounds on certain maps.  You’ll only get a few 
thousand points for your rounds and time scores, but you can earn tens of 
thousands of extra points for racking up kills.  Be careful though, save 
frequently and in several slots.  The longer you play a mission the more 
likely it is that you will get a corrupted save file that can’t be loaded and 
may freeze your Xbox.  (You just have to get up and turn it off and on again, 
there should be no permanent damage.)  

Here is a list of missions where this strategy is effective:

Maal's Story:

Mission #5: Into the Swamp
Mission #7: Border Defense
Mission #18: Pincher
Mission #20: Finale

Even though you get infinitely spawning enemies on Mission #2: Monster 
Cleanup, you won't be able to last long enough without a healer to rack up 
enough kills.  On Missions #5 and #7, the mosquitoes are worth so few points 
that you will barely be able to beat the score you could get the conventional
way.  It may take a couple of tries.  On Mission #17, Dark Curse, you have an
infinite number of spiders to kill, but the floor will drop away, leaving you 
stranded and unable to finish the mission.  On Mission #18, just eliminate all
of the bugs and close only one tunnel.  A mid-level grunt will spawn every 
turn.  You can go over 130 turns racking up kills and getting a ridiculously 
high score in the 70,000 point range. On Mission #20: Finale, you only have 
eight rounds to work with, but once you kill all the starting enemy bugs, 
three maximum level enemy bugs will spawn at the top of the screen every turn,
and they will replace their casualties immediatly.  They are worth so many 
points that you should have no trouble scoring over 20,000 points in eight 
turns.  Just leave yourself a path to eliminate the final artifact because the
spawning enemies will soon clog the map.  

Red Kingdom:

Mission #4: Signal Fires 
Mission #6: Rescue Mission

These missions are pretty easy to get a very high score on.  In Mission #4, 
capture all the trigger squares except one.  Then start killing.  Make sure 
you have a bug left alive at the end to take the last trigger square.  For
Mission #6, play through it as the walkthrough suggests above.  On the last 
turn, instead of moving Kry to the exit square, position him in the gateway 
behind your other bugs.  You lose the mission if he dies.  Once he is safe, 
start getting kills.  Remember to keep your bugs grouped together to maximize 
the effectiveness of Healing Aura.

Easy Bouncer Achievement:  
To earn the Bouncer achievement, you have to win a scenario by knocking all 
enemy bugs out of the playable map.  This is a lot easier than it sounds.  
Make a custom map that is 2x1; that is only two playable squares next to one 
another.  Put a high level grunt on team one in one square and an archer on 
team two in the other.  Save the map and play Skirmish under the single player
mode.  Make sure you are the team with the grunt and when it’s your turn, 
Shove the archer off the map.  Easiest 20 Gamer Score points ever.

High Score in Spider Hunter:

It's easy to get on the top ten leaderboard in Spider Hunter, it's just very 
time consuming.  To obtain a really high score in spider hunter, create a 
spider hunter match from the multiplayer menu.  Set the game to private, time 
to 30 minutes and the scoring limit to none.  Pick any map: Shifting Web seems 
to work well.  Start play as a fire mage and head for the edge of the map, 
blasting enemies as you go.  You may notice that the centipedes and spiders 
don't pursue you once you are far enough away.  Ignore them and focus your 
spells on the water striders and mosquitos.  You may die once or twice, but 
keep at it.  Eventually all the enemy bugs will spawn in as spiders or 
centipedes and stay put.  Now just wait.  Every round you survive, you earn 1 
point, and with the enemy bugs not moving, you are safe.  If you press the 
buttons fast enough, you can earn a point every three seconds or so and get a
score in the hundreds of points to put you on top of the leaderboard.  This 
will also earn you the Spider Tamer Achievement.   

Easy Good Host Achievement:

The Good Host achievement is increasingly difficult to earn as fewer people 
play Band of Bugs online.  An easy way to get the achievement is to host 
your own Spider Hunter games.  Set the party settings to private and the time
setting to the minimum of two minutes.  Let the time run out.  If you quit 
before the game is over, it won't count.  After the game is over, start up
another one.  Repeat until you get the acheivement.  It's easy, if a little 
bit time consuming.     

Easy Ice Maker Achievement:

For the Ice Maker Achievement, you have to freeze 50 water tiles.  You almost 
never do this in the campaign, so it will take you forever.  To get it out of 
the way, make a custom map with two small islands at either end and a lot of 
water tiles.  Place a team of three high level ice mages and a fire mage or 
two on one island, and a team with only melee attacks on the other island.  
Play as the mages.  Use their ice spells to freeze the water tiles.  Rinse 
(with fire) and repeat until you have the achievement.  

X. Update History

Version 1.2: 

Fixed some issues in the scoring section.

Updated mission 20

Added a complete list of missions that the "Super High Scores" Tip works on

Added the Spider Hunter High Score Tip 

Added Easy Good Host Tip

Added Easy Ice Maker Achievement

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