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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xiamut

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    | TES 4: Shivering Isles FAQ/Walkthrough |
    |    Author: Xiamut (xiamut@gmail.com)   |
    |    Version: 1.00                       |
    |    Last Revision: 08/16/07             |
    |    Platform: Xbox 360                  |
    |                            - Table of Contents -                           |
     - Introduction........................................................[*01]
     - The Basics..........................................................[*02]
         - About Shivering Isles...........................................[b01]
         - Controls........................................................[b02]
     - Main Quest..........................................................[*03]
         - A Door in Niben Bay.............................................[w01]
         - Through the Fringe of Madness...................................[w02]
         - A Better Mousetrap..............................................[w03]
         - Baiting the Trap................................................[w04]
         - Understanding Madness...........................................[w05]
         - Addiction.......................................................[w06]
         - The Lady of Paranoia............................................[w07]
         - The Cold Flame of Agnon.........................................[w08]
         - Ritual of Accession.............................................[w09]
         - Ritual of Mania.................................................[w10]
         - Ritual of Dementia..............................................[w11]
         - Retaking the Fringe.............................................[w12]
         - Rebuilding the Gatekeeper.......................................[w13]
         - The Helpless Army...............................................[w14]
         - Symbols of Office...............................................[w15]
         - The Roots of Madness............................................[w16]
         - The End of Order................................................[w17]
         - The Prince of Madness...........................................[w18]
     - Side Quests.........................................................[*04]
         - Bliss Quests....................................................[S01]
         - Crucible Quests.................................................[S02]
         - Settlement Quests...............................................[S03]
     - Achievement List....................................................[*05]
     - Revision History....................................................[*06]
     - Thanks/Acknowledgments..............................................[*07]
     - Contact Information.................................................[*08]
     - Copyright Information...............................................[*09]
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     [*01] \                        - Introduction -
    Oblivion is an open-ended first-person role playing game developed by Bethesda
    Softworks and published by 2K Games. Shivering Isles is the first (hopefully
    not last) expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls IV. This expansion pack allows
    you to travel to the Daedric Lord Sheogorath's realm, the Shivering Isles.
    There is a large new area to explore, a brand new quest line filled with
    intrigue, new weapons, armor, creatures, side quests and more. This guide will
    help you find your way in the realm of madness with a complete walkthrough for
    the expansion pack's main quest line, as well as directions to help you
    complete each and every side quest found in the game.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough was written based on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for
    the Xbox 360 console. Even though it was written for the 360, it can still be
    used in conjunction with the PC or PS3 version of TES IV, since the only
    real differences between the 360, PC and PS3 versions of the original game is
    the control scheme. I suggest that you do not read too far ahead as this guide
    I have implemented a search system that I highly suggest you utilize. It is
    very simple to use and it will make your time navigating this guide a whole
    lot easier. To use it, simply press [Ctrl]+[F] to bring up the Find menu. Use
    the table of contents and type in the corresponding code for the section that
    you want to jump to. I hope you find the answers you are looking for... now on
    to the FAQ!
     [*02] \                        - The Basics -
     - About Shivering Isles                                                [b01]
    Shivering Isles is The Elder Scrolls IV's first expansion. 
    If you are playing Oblivion on the Xbox 360 console and have access to Xbox
    Live, you can purchase and download Shivering Isles from the Xbox Live
    Marketplace for 2,400 MP. Unfortunately, if you do not have access to Xbox
    Live, you cannot download this expansion pack.
    Luckily, Bethesda has announced an Oblivion Game of the Year edition, which
    will have both the Shivering Isle expansion pack and the Knights of the Nine
    downloadable content packed in. PS3 users should be getting the expansion
    soon, too. Just sit tight and be patient. 
    If you are playing the PC version of Oblivion, you can find Shivering Isles
    on store shelves.
     - Controls                                                             [b02]
    If you are here, I assume that you have a basic understanding of how The Elder
    Scrolls IV works, so I am going to keep this short with a basic control list
    for your reference. If, however, you are new to The Elder Scrolls IV, you
    should start by reading  "The Basics" section of my Oblivion FAQ/Walkthrough
    (or the instruction manual). You can find my Oblivion FAQ/Walkthrough here:
    |      - Button -        |                  - Function -                     |
    | Left Bumper            | Grab objects(press and hold while cursor is over).|
    | Right Bumper           | Cast selected spell.                              |
    | Right Trigger          | Attack with equipped weapon.                      |
    | Back                   | Open the wait menu.                               |
    | Start                  | Pause the game and open the start menu.           |
    | Left Thumbstick        | Move your character.                              |
    | Left Thumbstick Button | Toggle Sneak Mode on and off.                     |
    | D-Pad                  | Activate set hotkeys.                             |
    | Right Thumbstick       | Look left, right, up, down.                       |
    | Right                  | Switch between first and third person view        |
    | Thumbstick             | points. Hold down to enter Vanity Mode. Use the   |
    | Button                 | left and right triggers to zoom in and out.       |
     [*04] \                         - Main Quest -
    ...A Door in Niben Bay.................................................[w01]..
    When you download Shivering Isles and load Oblivion for the first time, wait
    or sleep for two days and you will receive a message explaining that an odd
    doorway has appeared on a small island in the Niben Bay. The location is then
    marked on your map, it is north of the "l" in "Bravil." Well, what are you
    waiting for? Fast travel to the location on your map closest to the new
    location, then from there swim out to the island. Upon reaching the island,
    you will encounter a guard named Gaius Prentus, as well as a strange Khajiit
    named S'fara. Stand back, a Dark Elf by the name of Belmyne Dreleth. Straight
    away, you can tell that there's something not quite right with this fellow.
    Belmyne quickly attacks, help the guard take him out. You can speak with Gaius
    to learn more of this "Strange Door."
    Eventually, a disembodied voice will beckon you, inviting you to step through
    the doorway and into the Isles. While you normally shouldn't be in the habit
    of trusting disembodied voices, nevertheless take the plunge and step through
    the "Door to the Fringe." The man behind the desk, Haskill, asks you to take a
    seat. Do so, then speak with him from across the table. Haskill explains that
    the Daedric Lord Sheogorath is looking for a mortal to become his champion.
    He gives you a choice, turn back the way you came or enter the Realms of
    Madness. Speak with him and choose the latter.
    ...Through the Fringe of Madness.......................................[w02]..
    Before you can enter Shivering Isles, you must first pass through the Gates
    of Madness. While this may not seem like a daunting task at first, you will
    quickly discover upon your arrival that passing through the Gates of Madness
    will be far from simple. Following the green arrow on your map (assuming you
    have "Through the Fringe of Madness" set as your active quest), you will be
    lead to the Gates. As you can see, there is quite a large obstacle that stands
    before the Gates of Madness. The Gatekeeper. Stand back and watch as the giant
    Gatekeeper obliterates the band of adventurers. It would not be very wise to
    attempt killing this monster without any aid. Step away from the Gates of
    Madness quickly, the focus of the Gatekeeper's rage will quickly change to you
    once all of the adventurers are dead. By obtaining a couple of items, you can
    actually kill the Gatekeeper quite easily.
    Locate "The Wastrel's Purse" in the Fringe and step inside. Once inside, look
    for a woman named Relmyna Verenim, who should be in one of the rooms up the
    stairs. By speaking to her, you will learn that she is the creator of the
    Gatekeeper that stands in your path. Other than that, she offers very little
    else. From the door leading into her room, turn left. On the table, there is
    a "Letter to Sheogorath." Only while she is not looking (while crouching, be
    sure that the sneak icon is faded and not solid), read the letter. The letter
    explains that Relmyna visits the Gatekeeper each night at around midnight. So,
    wait a safe distance away from the Gatekeeper and wait for Relmyna around
    midnight. Eventually, Relmyna will appear. Wait until Relmyna has left the
    Gatekeeper, then go and retrieve the "Tear-filled handkerchief" that she left
    on the ground. By doing this, you will receive three "Tears of Relmyna," a
    poison that can be applied  to a melee weapon or arrow. It is very effective
    against the Gatekeeper.
    Now, you must locate and speak to a man by the name of Jayred Ice-Veins. You
    can learn of him by speaking to a Redguard named Shelden, you should be able
    to find him wandering the streets of Passwall. By speaking with Shelden about
    the Gatekeeper, an arrow pointing to Jayred will appear on your compass.
    Follow this area to the Nord and ask him about the "Gatekeeper." He agrees to
    help you kill the Gatekeeper, if you can use a lockpick to allow him to gain
    access to the "Gardens of Flesh and Bone." There, apparently the body of a
    dead Gatekeeper can be found. Jayred believes that, if he fashions arrows out
    of the bones of this dead Gatekeeper, they will greatly harm the current
    Gatekeeper. Before you agree to do anything, be sure that you have the "Tears
    of Relmyna," When ready, speak with Jayred and select "Lead on." Unlock the
    gate and help Jayred kill all of the skeletons inside. Once he has the bones,
    he explains that they will be ready in a few hours.
    Once a few hours have passed, locate and speak to Jayred, ask him about the
    "Bone Arrows." He'll hand some of the arrows over to you. Be sure that you
    have a bow with you, if not, you can simply apply the tears to a melee weapon,
    this may be enough to take the Gatekeeper out, when coupled with the bone
    arrows that Jayred is using. Tell Jayred to follow you. When you reach the
    Gates of Madness, equip your bow and the Bone Arrows if not already, then
    apply Relmyna's Tears to one of the arrows. With both Jayred and yourself
    shooting at the Gatekeeper, he should fall quickly. Search the Gatekeepers
    corpse and retrieve the "Key to Dementia" and the "Key to Mania."
    Haskill will appear, he explains that the two doors lead to Dementia and
    Mania. The one on the left leads to Mania, the one on the right leads to
    Dementia. If you go through the door leading to Mania, you will receive a
    greater power called "Blessing of Mania." Through the door to Dementia, you
    will receive a greater power called "Blessing of Dementia." The Mania power
    casts Frenzy, the Dementia power casts Demoralize. Neither of the powers are
    particularly useful. Step through whichever door you wish.
    Once you have passed through the Gates of Madness, you will have to endure a
    long trek to "New Sheoth Palace," which is on the other side of the island. To
    get to New Sheoth Palace, you will have to enter either the city of Bliss or
    the city of Crucible. Once inside one of these cities, follow the red active
    quest arrow to the door leading into the "Palace Grounds" area. Enter
    "Sheogorath's Palace," locate and speak to the Daedric Lord himself. He
    explains your task to you. In the process, he'll hand over the "Charity of
    Madness" amulet. Charity of Madness adds Fire, Frost and Shock resistance
    effects when worn.
    ...A Better Mousetrap..................................................[w03]..
    Shegorath has given you the "Manual of Xedilian" and a device called an
    "Attenuator of Judgement." You're told to head to the dungeon of Xedilian and
    help return it to proper working order. You can either speak to Sheogorath's
    servant Haskill for more information, or you can read the Manual of Xedilian
    that you have been given. You learn that, if you wish to restore Xedilian to
    its prior state, you must activate the "Resonator of Judgement." To do this,
    you must first retrieve three "Focus Crystals" and place each of them in a
    "Judgement Nexus." Xedilian has been marked on your map. It is a fair distance
    from your current location, but if you fast travel back to the Gates of
    Madness, it is a relatively short trek from there. Xedilian itself is
    inhabited by Grummites, make sure that you are well prepared before you venture
    Once inside of Xedilian, hit the push button to the right of the gate to open
    raise it. Follow the green arrow on your compass (assuming that you have "A
    Better Mousetrap" set as your active quest). You will come to another gate,
    which can be raised by pushing the push button on the wall to the right of the
    gate. The green arrow points to one of the Judgement Nexus. In the immediate
    vicinity of this nexus, there should be a Grummite that is holding a "Crystal
    Staff." Kill this Grummite and retrieve the staff from its body. One of the
    Focus Crystals that you are looking for is attached to the Crystal Staff. Your
    character will automatically detach the Focus Crystal from atop the staff.
    With the first Focus Crystal, activate the Judgement Nexus. Now, the active
    quest arrow points to the next Judgement Nexus. The arrow will eventually lead
    to an area with push bottom on the base of a statue, press the button to fall
    down to the area with the Nexus. The Grummite Shaman is in the area with the
    Nexus, find and kill the Shaman. Take the Crystal Staff and place the Focus
    Crystal in the Judgement Nexus. The active quest arrow will now point you to
    a door that leads into an area called "Xedilian, Halls of Judgement." Follow
    the arrow to the final Judgment Nexus, the Shaman is more than likely right in
    the cage that contains the Nexus. Obtain the Focus Crystal and activate the
    final Judgement Nexus. A new path will open once you activate the final Nexus.
    Finally, the arrow now points to the Resonator of Judgement.
    ...Baiting the Trap....................................................[w04]..
    Once the Resonator has been attuned, a gate opens up to the right, a
    teleportation pad leading back to the Xedilian area is now accessible. Step on
    the pad and instead of being transported back to the entrance, you will be
    teleported to an entirely different area of Xedilian. A Dark Elf named Kiliban
    Nyrandil will initiate a conversation with you. He explains the purpose of
    Xedilian. The dungeon acts as a trap of sorts, to catch naïve adventurers who
    are looking for fame and glory within the Shivering Isles. You were teleported
    to this location because a band of adventurers have entered Xedilian, giving
    you the chance to have some fun with them. Speak to Kiliban or consult the
    Manual of Xedilian to learn more about using the dungeon's mechanisms.
    As the Manual explains, there are three different rooms the "Chamber of
    Conversion," "Chamber of Avarice" and the "Chamber of Anathema." In each of
    the control platforms, there are two buttons: A green button and an orange
    button. You can only press one of the buttons for each room. Each button
    activates a room's test, either manic or demented. The green button (or the
    one to your left) is the demented, which kills the "Xedilianites," the orange
    button (or the one to your right) is manic, which drives them mad. It does not
    matter which button you press, you will receive the same treasure either way
    at the end of this quest. You can read the Manual if you wish to know what
    a button will do in the different rooms, then decide which one you would like
    to witness.
    Once all of the Xedilianites have been dealt with, step on the last teleport
    pad to be teleported to the reception chamber. Collect your earnings from the
    "Recovery Chest," you are also given the Dawnfang/Duskfang sword. "Grommok's
    Journal" describes this unique sword. Basically, it changes to "Duskfang" at
    dawn and "Dawnfang" at dawn. Killing with this weapon will make it more
    powerful. It is like two different swords, though you cannot be in possession
    of both of them at the same time. Exit this room by going through the passage
    to the right of the chest. You are attacked by three Knights of the Order in
    this area. Be sure to take the "Heart of Order" from each downed Knight. After
    the battle, speak to Nyrandil to learn more about the Knights of Order that
    you encountered.
    ...Understanding Madness...............................................[w05]..
    Travel back to Sheogorath's Palace and speak with Sheogorath. You are given
    the "Summon Haskill" lesser power. Summon Haskill once, speak with Sheogorath
    and then summon Haskill again. With that over and done with, speak with
    Sheogorath to learn about Jyggalag and the Knights of Order. Sheogorath orders
    you to speak with both the Duchess of Dementia, Syl, and the Duke of Mania,
    Thadon. There are two doors to the left and right of Sheogorath's throne.
    While facing the throne, the door to the right leads to the "House of
    Dementia," while the door on the left leads to the "House of Mania." At this
    point, two new quests are added, the quest "Addiction" and the "The Lady of
    Paranoia" quest. They can be completed in whichever order you please.
    Once you have completed both "Addiction" and "The Lady of Paranoia," return to
    Sheogorath for further briefing.
    The Dutch of Mania, Thadon, can be found in the "House of Mania," most likely
    in the "Halcyon Conservatory" area. Be sure to have "Addiction" set as your
    active quest, so you can easily locate Thadon, wherever he is. Within Thadon's
    incoherent babble, you learn of an item called the "Chalice of Reversal." He
    does not know where this chalice is, so you will have to find someone in the
    palace who does know. Wide-Eye, an Argonian, can help you. She should be in
    the House of Mania, or in the Halcyon Conservatory. Ask her about the Chalice,
    she mentions a location called "Dunroot Burrow." Inquire about this further,
    if her disposition towards you is high enough, you learn that one can only
    enter Dunroot Burrow if they have taken a substance called "Felldew." This
    substance can be acquired from a specific variation of a creature called an
    Dunroot Burrow has been marked on your map, as you can see it is quite a long
    distance from your current location. It can be quite difficult to reach this
    location if you try to take an indirect root. There is a road that will take
    you directly to Dunroot Burrow, the north road leaving Bliss. Travel this road
    until you reach "Camp Hopeful," take the dirt road here straight to Dunroot
    Burrow. Right outside, look for the Elytra containing the Felldew. You can
    tell when an Elytra is holding Felldew if their body is faintly glowing. Kill
    the Elytra Hatchling and retrieve the Felldew from its body. The "Barrier
    Membrane" at the entrance to Dunroot Burrow cannot be opened unless you have
    consumed some Felldew. Locate the Felldew in the Ingredients section of you
    inventory and eat it. The membrane opens, proceed inside.
    You're going to want to move through the Burrow rather fast. The Felldew
    effect does not last forever, it wears off fairly quickly, putting you into a
    state of "Felldew Withdrawal," crippling you to an extent. Sure, the effects
    may not seem too bad at first, but they will get worse if you let the
    withdrawal continue. There should be plenty of Elytra that hold Felldew, and
    if you take care not to loiter, you'll be able to make it through without a
    hitch. The active quest arrow is pointing towards a door leading to the
    "Dunroot Burrow, Kelp Fen" area. The initial area of Dunroot Burrow contains
    several different levels, when you are unable to progress look around for a
    wood ramp leading up to the next level. The Kelp Fen area is comprised of many
    tunnels, use the local area map here to make sure that you are not traveling
    in circles.
    The arrow will lead you to the "Dunroot Burrow, Drone Tunnels" area. This area
    is simple to navigate, follow the arrow on your compass to the "Dunroot Burrow
    Bramble Halls" area. Following the compass here will not help, the direct path
    to the next area is blocked, so you will have to travel all the way around.
    Use the local area map if you are having trouble finding your way. The area
    that contains the Chalice is "Dunroot Burrow, Sanctum of Decadence." Travel up
    the stairs. There are several Felldew Addicts in this area who will attack,
    they are not armored at all, nor do they use weapons. The Chalice of Reversal
    is on a pedestal in the middle of the upper area of the tower. Grab it. There
    is no need to travel back through all of the areas of Dunroot Burrow, luckily
    some stairs in this area lead up to a door, leading back directly to the
    Sheogorath's Realm.
    Back outside, you will encounter an "Obelisk of Order," which is a spawning
    point for the Knights of Order. To destroy an Obelisk, place three "Heart of
    Order" inside of it. Doing so will cause it to overload, closing it in the
    process. Once an Obelisk of Order has been closed, you will usually be able to
    retrieve a few items from it. Be sure to collect each and every Heart of Order
    that the Knights you encountered were holding. Rest assured, you have not seen
    your last Obelisk. With the Chalice of Reversal in hand, return to Thadon at
    the House of Mania and hand it over to him.
    ...The Lady of Paranoia................................................[w07]..
    The Duchess of Dementia, Syl, can be found in the "House of Dementia," located
    in Sheogorath's Palace. If she is not in the main room, use the wait feature
    to pass the time until she is there. Speak with you, it becomes immediately
    evident that she is incredibly paranoid. She believes that people are spying
    on her and conspiring against her. She tells you to seek Herdir, who can be
    found in the torture chamber in the House of Dementia. With "The Lady of
    Paranoia" quest set as your active quest, the quest arrow will point to
    Herdir. Speak to him and tell him that you are the "Grand Inquisitor." He
    explains that you must question the people of Crucible about the "Conspiracy."
    You can probably imagine the type of "questioning" that will be taking place
    with Herdir by your side.
    Well, since you'll be questioning people, why not start with those closest to
    Syl? Start by speaking with the Redguard Kathleen, who can usually be found
    sitting next to Sill's throne. If he is not there, wait for a few hours.
    Torture him twice, he will point you towards Anya Herrick. Anya can more than
    likely be found wandering around the Palace Grounds area. Wherever she is, the
    green quest arrow is pointing to her. Torture her, she will point you to a
    Khajiit by the name of Ma'zaddha. Exit the Palace Ground through the door that
    leads to Crucible. Locate Ma'zaddha and torture him, unfortunately he refuses
    to tell you anything.
    There are a few people that will be able to give you information on Ma'zaddha.
    One is a Khajiit named Bhisha, you can find him either wandering the streets
    of Crucible, or sleeping in a bedroll behind the "Things Found." Alternatively
    Cutter of "Cutter's Weapons" will give you the same information. You learn
    that Ma'zaddha meets a Dark Seducer named Nelrene late at night in Crucible.
    You must eavesdrop on their conversation to learn more. Speak with Herdir and
    send him back to the palace at this point. Both Ma'zaddha's and Nelrene's
    locations are visible on your map, basically wait outside on the streets of
    Crucible until the two arrows are both in Crucible. This should happen at
    around midnight.
    Once both arrows are green and begin converge, quickly travel to the area just
    outside of "Brithaur's House." You must remain out of sight or they will not
    have the conversation and you will have to try another night. A good place to
    hide is underneath the wooden walkway (the one that leads up to the area that
    is outside of Ma'zaddha's house), behind the boxes. After the conversation
    between the two, once you receive the "Quest Updated" popup, confront
    Ma'zaddha and ask him about the "Conspiracy." Spare his life, in turn he
    promises to provide you with information. He tells you to meet him at his home
    in Crucible tomorrow at midnight. Do so, you will have to pick the house's
    lock, though. Inside, you discover that Ma'zaddha has been slain.
    Take the keys from Ma'zaddha, head up the stair and enter the upper area of
    Ma'zaddha's house. Open the cupboard in this room and retrieve "Nelrene's
    Ceremonial Shortsword" and "Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note." With the two items in
    hand, travel to Sheogorath's Palace, enter the House of Dementia and confront
    Nelrene. Show her the proof that you have acquired, she explains that Muurine
    is the actual person behind this whole conspiracy. The quest arrow is now
    pointing to Muurine. She is likely wandering the streets of Crucible or in her
    home, locate her and confront speak to her about the conspiracy. She admits to
    the entire thing straight out. Now to tell Syl of the treachery you have
    discovered. Syl tells you to meet her in the torture chamber, where Muurine
    will be swiftly dealt with. You are given the bow "Ruin's Edge" for your work.
    ...The Cold Flame of Agnon.............................................[w08]..
    You must, yet again, travel off to a far off location. This time, you are
    headed for "Cylarne," where you are to kindle the "Flame of Agnon" and return
    to New Sheoth with its holy fire. While it may be a long trek, you can easily
    reach Cylarne by simply fast traveling to the Gates of Madness, then walking
    along the northern road there. If you happen to encounter an Obelisk of Order
    along the way, be sure to close it up. As Shegorath mentioned, the Golden
    Saint and the Dark Seducers of Cylarne often fight each other. Upon your
    arrival, you'll notice a distinct camp for each of the two groups. The Dark
    Seducers (also known as "Mazken") hold the Altar of Despair, to the left. The
    Golden Saints (also known as the "Aureals"), hold the Altar of Rapture, on the
    Speak to either Vika or Chuna and tell them that you are there to light the
    Flame of Agnon. You will be given a key, permitting entrance into either of
    the groups' encampments. As you can see, you are faced with a small decision
    at this point. You are told that, in order to kindle the Flame of Agnon, one
    of the groups must take the others' ruin. So, you can either assist the
    Aureals or the Mazken. It really doesn't matter which group you choose to
    help, it will not have an impact either way. I would suggest simply choosing
    the side that you are more partial towards (meaning "Mania" or "Dementia.")
    Either way, even if you wish to help the Aureals, start by locating the
    Mazken commander, Grakedrig Ulfri. She is inside the initial area of Cylarne,
    on the Mazken side.
    Work your way through her dialogue tree until the "Battle Plans" option
    becomes available. Even if you wish to assist the Mazken, select "Let me talk
    to the Saints first" option. Head back outside and over to the Aureal side.
    The Aureal commander, Aurmazi Kaneh, is outside in the open with the other
    Aureals. First, speak with Aurmazl Kaneh, the Aureal commander. Then, speak
    to Mirel and inquire about "The Underdeep." With this information, return to
    Ulfri. Speak with Ulfri and select "I'll lead the Saints into an ambush." Head
    back to the Saints' camp and speak with Kaneh. If you wish to help the Saints,
    select the "I'll help you. Let's go" dialogue option. If you wish to help the
    Seducers, select the "Yes, but use the Underdeep" option.
    If you chose to help the Mazken, follow the Aureals into the Underdeep. They
    will discover that you have set them up and then turn on you. It would not be
    wise to fight them all at once, you'll have to run through the tunnels and
    pick them off one by one, as they will continue to pursue you with intense 
    ferocity. You have to kill all of them. If you chose to help the Aureals, just
    follow them around and help while they clear the ruins. After the battle, find
    and speak to the commander that you assisted. Follow them to the ceremony and
    watch as the Flame of Agnon is relit.
    Return to the Cylarne courtyard. Step on the flame to set yourself ablaze.
    Travel back to New Sheoth and locate "Sacellum Arden-Sul". Here, you are faced
    with another choice. You can either light the great torch on the Mania side,
    or on the Dementia side. If you choose to go with Mania (speak to the man in
    the red robe), you will be rewarded with the "Raiment of Arden-Sul" which
    fortifies Willpower and Intelligence, it also adds a Shield and resist
    Paralysis effect. If you choose to go with Dementia (speak with the man in the
    teal robe), you will be given the "Raiment of Intrigue" which fortifies your
    Sneak and Security skills, and also your Speed and Luck stats.
    ...Ritual of Accession.................................................[w09]..
    Sheogorath will appear on the pews in Sacellum Arden-Sul after you light the
    Great Torch. Speak with him, he explains that you are to become a sovereign of
    either Mania or Dementia. To learn more about each ritual, speak with Aretus,
    High Priest of Dementia and Dervenin, High Priest of Mania. By speaking to
    both of them, you will learn both Mania's and Dementia's Ritual of Accession.
    On the Mania side, you must get Thadon to commit suicide by taking three doses
    of a substance known as Greenmote. With Thadon dead, you must bring his blood
    to the Altar of Arden Sul at Sacellum. For Dementia, you must kill Syl, cut
    out her heart and bring it to the Altar of Arden Sul at Sacellum. Both
    especially gruesome tasks.
    It would be highly beneficial to create an alternate save game before going to
    Sheogorath with your decision. On the Xbox 360 version there are two different
    achievements, "Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles" and "Duke Mania, Shivering
    Isles." Both achievements require you to become the Duke/Duchess of either
    Mania or Dementia. Creating an alternate save game will enable you to unlock
    both of theses achievements without having to play through Shivering Isles
    twice by simply reloading the save game and selecting the other ritual at a
    later time. If you are playing the PC or PS3 version of Oblivion, there is no
    real reason to do this, unless you want to experience both rituals without
    having to create another character.
    Oh, I should also probably mention, the side that you choose to become the
    Duke/Duchess of, you will receive the other side's guards' armor. So, if you
    choose to complete the Dementia ritual, thus becoming the Duke/Duchess of
    Dementia, you will eventually receive the Golden Saint armor set. Whereas, if
    you choose to complete the Mania ritual you will later receive the Dark
    Seducer armor set. Many people did not get the armor set that they wanted
    during their first playthrough of Shivering Isles, so you may choose to make
    your decision based on this knowledge.
    ...Ritual of Mania.....................................................[w10]..
    Speak to Sheogorath in Sacellum Arden-Sul once you have made you choice.
    Your first task is to acquire some Greenmote. Wide-Eye the Argonian can help
    you, she can be found wandering around the House of Mania. Go to the House of
    Mania at around 9am, you'll see why later. Ask her about "Thadon." By speaking
    to her, you learn that all of the Greenmote is stored in the "Greenmote Silo."
    She refuses to disclose the location of this silo. So, it looks like you will
    have to do a bit of snooping. Wide-Eye mentioned that she does a "special
    errand" (hmm... wonder what that could be...) every day at noon. Be sure that
    you have "Ritual of Mania" set as your active quest. The active quest arrow
    points to Wide-Eye, you'll have no trouble keeping track of her this way.
    Assuming that it is currently before 12pm, using the wait feature in the House
    of Mania, pass enough hours to change the time to the 11am range. Proceed to
    the Halcyon Conservatory area. Wide-Eye should be there already, most likely
    seated next to Thadon. At 12pm, Wide-Eye will get up and leave the Halcyon
    area. Follow her, she will lead you to the Palace Grounds area. Once you have
    reached the spot, you will witness Wide-Eye activating the secret entrance to
    the Greenmote Silo. After Wide-Eye has entered the Greenmote Silo, head in
    yourself. It would be a good idea to create an extra save file at this point,
    in case something goes wrong. However, if you have Autosaves activated, you
    can simply reload the Autosave that was created when you entered the silo.
    There are Golden Saints within the silo, you must not be seen! Turn left at
    the first split, this way you should be able to avoid the troop of Saints
    entirely and still meet up with Wide-Eye once the paths intercept. Keep to the
    shadows, if you are forced to follow Wide-Eye over an especially lighted area,
    let her get a bit ahead of you before you continue the pursuit. When you reach
    the hill overlooking the entrance to the silo, allow Wide-Eye to enter. You
    must have to enter the silo yourself and grab some Greenmote while Wide-Eye is
    not looking. This may prove difficult. When you first enter, peek around the
    corner and see if Wide-Eye is standing there (hopefully facing away from you).
    If she is (she was to the right for me, facing away), move around to the
    opposite side of the Greenmote stash. Grab some Greenmote and then carefully
    leave the silo.
    It appears that you are pretty much home free at this point. If you are caught
    by a Golden Saint on your way out, they will most likely not do anything to
    you, besides informing you that the area is off-limits. Now that you have the
    two Greenmote (you were given two), you must take the Greenmote and place them
    in Thadon's evening meal and wine. You have to get the Greenmote in his food
    before he has his dinner. If you miss your opportunity, you will have to wait
    and try again tomorrow. Thadon's dinner is prepared in the "Duke's Quarters,"
    which can be entered from the Halcyon Conservatory in the House of Mania. Of
    course, entering these quarters is trespassing, you must unlock the door
    without being witnessed. While crouching, wait until the sneak icon is faded
    and not solid, then pick the lock.
    Now, if your character is not big on stealth, you may have a hard time with
    this particular task. First of all, take off any heavy armor that you may be
    wearing. Use any items that you may have that will improve your sneak skill
    level (such as the "Raiment of Intrigue"). A Chameleon or Invisibility spell
    or scroll will also be helpful. It will also be quite dark inside, and you
    will be unable to use a torch. If you are able to, make yourself a Ring of
    Nighteye, or get your hands on some Nighteye potions. Of course, by doing so
    you will have to wait to plant the Greenmote another day, but if you are
    unable to progress due to low sneaking ability, at least you have options.
    The location of the wine and food is marked on the map. As soon as you enter,
    proceed forward and then turn left. At the end of this room is the entrance to
    the kitchen. Hide in the alcove behind the wine barrel to your right just
    before the entrance to the kitchen. There are two Golden Saints that walk up
    and down this area, wait until one of them has passed by the wine barrel that
    you are hiding behind, then quickly but quietly make your way to the kitchen.
    At this point, another Golden Saint will be coming up the hall. If you are
    quick enough, you should be able to make it into the kitchen without being
    spotted by her.
    Once inside the kitchen, place the Greenmote in Thadon's meal and the wine (on
    the second shelf of the cabinet to the left of the table with the food). If
    you are having too much trouble sneaking past the Golden Saints, if you do not
    have any stolen items on you, you could always make a run for it, slip the
    Greenmote into the food and wine, then pay the gold fine for trespassing.
    Perhaps just simply leave any stolen goods you may have on the ground outside
    of the Duke's Quarters. Your choice.
    After planting the Greenmote in Thadon's evening meal, enter the House of
    Mania. Dinner begins at 8pm, use the wait feature to pass the time to just
    before then. Take a seat and watch the show. After Thadon has collapsed,
    search his corpse to receive a vial of "Thadon's Blood." Search again and you
    can take the "Diadem of Euphoria" hat that he was wearing. With Thadon's
    blood, return to Sacellum Arden-Su. Approach and activate the "Altar of Arden-
    Sul." Speak with Sheogorath afterwards. After the small scene, speak to
    Sheogorath again to receive the "Ring of Lordship," a ring that adds the
    Resist Disease, Shield effects and fortifies the Personality attribute.
    ...Ritual of Dementia..................................................[w11]..
    Speak to Sheogorath in Sacellum Arden-Sul when you have made you choice. Your
    task is to kill Syl, the current ruler of Crucible. This will not be a walk in
    the park. Enter the House of Dementia and locate Syl's servant, Kithlan. He
    should be in the House of Dementia during most times. Ask him about Syl, then
    select "Replaced" from the list of dialogue options. He will not tell you
    anything unless his disposition towards you is at least 70. Either persuade or
    bribe Kithlan to raise his disposition to at least 70. When you have done
    that, select "Replaced" from the list of dialogue options. Kithlan hands over
    the "House of Dementia Key," allowing you to gain access to all areas of the
    House of Dementia.
    The next person you should seek is Anya Herrick. She is most likely wandering
    around the Palace Grounds. The active quest arrow is pointing to her now, so
    you can easily locate her. As with Kithlan, Anya's disposition must be at
    least 70 before she will tell you anything. With Anya's disposition high
    enough, she will agree to help you by creating a distraction in Syl's wing of
    the palace, drawing the Elite Dark Seducers out of the wing. Follow Anya into
    the "Private Gardens" area, then unlock the door leading to the "Duchess'
    Quarters." Inside, you will discover the supposed body of Syl, laying
    motionless on the bed. By closer examination, that is not Syl, the Ritual is
    not over. Kithlan tells you that Syl must have used her escape tunnel to flee
    from the palace.
    Return to the Private Gardens and turn left. Activate the Bust of Sheogorath
    to reveal the secret entrance to Syl's escape tunnel. Xirethard is a very
    large arrow, luckily the active quest arrow points to Syl's location. Hug the
    walls in the initial area to avoid the spell shooting statues. Refer to the
    local area map to help you reach the point, the compass is mostly unreliable
    here with all of the twisting hallways. There are Dark Seducers sparsely
    placed throughout the halls, so remain vigilant. Eventually, you will reach a
    metal door leading to the "Xirethard, Depths" area. Proceed through this door.
    When you come to the large, circular room, as soon as you enter turn left and
    look on the right side of the second statue along the wall. Press the push
    button there to open a new path. Follow this path, at its end you will find
    Syl. She is surrounded by a couple of Dark Seducer Royal Guards, once they
    sees you, you may want to duck out of there so won't be forced to face them
    all at once. When Syl has fallen, search her body and take "Syl's Heart." Be
    sure to take the Nerveshatter warhammer that she was using as well.
    With the heart in your possession, return to Sacellum Arden-Sul and activate
    the "Altar of Arden-Sul." Speak to Sheogorath once you have done so. After the
    short scene, speak with Sheogorath again and you will be given the "Ring of
    Lordship." This ring adds the Resist Poison, Chameleon effects and it
    fortifies the Endurance attribute.
    ...Retaking The Fringe.................................................[w12]..
    The Fringe is under attack by the Order, you must travel there and help defend
    it. As you may recall, The Fringe is the very first area that you entered when
    you stepped through the strange doorway in the Niben Bay. You may also recall
    that it is a good distance away from New Sheoth, fast travel to the Gates of
    Madness and go from there. Upon entering The Fringe, it quickly becomes
    evident that the Order has indeed taken The Fringe, and there are a lot of
    them. Follow the green active quest arrow to the warrior in command. Work your
    way through the dialogue tree, eventually you will be given a choice. Either
    allow the captain to direct the troops herself, or, as the Duke/Duchess of
    Mania/Dementia, you can command the troops. Really, it would be best to simply
    allow the captain to issue the orders, you're just wasting time otherwise.
    If you do wish to issue orders though, select "How do I issue orders?" from
    the list of dialogue options to learn more.
    When you are ready, let the captain know to begin the fight. You'll be facing
    three waves of Knights of Order. It may be difficult, but try not to hurt your
    allies. With all of the Knights of Order in Passwall dead, speak with the
    captain. Apparently, the source of the Knights' power is a spire, you must
    find a way to shut it down. You learn of the ruins of Xeddefen that run under
    Passwall. Since it would be an increasingly difficult task to directly assault
    Xeddefen, the remaining troops will act as a decoy while you slip in. The
    active quest arrow now points to Xeddefen's entrance. You will meet some
    resistance in the form of Order along the way, but don't let the shifting
    Obelisks intimidate you, press on.
    Inside Xeddefen, you'll encounter plenty of Knights. You have to be especially
    careful here, all of the Knights in Xeddefen are grouped together with other
    knights. While walking the halls of Xeddefen, you should be able to hear the
    Knights of Order drawing their swords once your presence is known. When that
    is heard, it would be wise to backtrack just a little bit and allow the
    Knights to come at you. Doing this insures that you won't walk into a group
    of Knights, leaving you surrounded. Take each and every Heart of Order that
    the fallen Knights leave behind, also be sure to take the Xeddefen Key from
    the Priest of Order near the beginning, allowing you to automatically unlock
    any of the locked doors. Follow the arrow on your compass to a door leading
    to the "Xeddefen, Fane" area. This is a small are without many enemies, so
    move through quickly. The arrow points to the "Xeddefen, Great Chamber" area.
    The Obelisk of Order is in the center of this room. Shutting it down is
    simple, place three Hearts of Order inside to overload it, as you would with
    any Obelisk of Order. Periodically, Knights of Order will materialize,
    although they shouldn't be able to do very much to sway you away from the task
    at hand. Once the Hearts of Order have been placed in the Obelisk of Order,
    Xeddefen will begin to collapse. Get out of there! Do your best to avoid those
    falling boulders, they hurt muchly. If you happen to run into Shelden on the
    way out, chat with him and allow him to follow you. You can't escape the same
    way you came in, follow your compass to the new exit, "Xeddefen, Felles." Your
    escape route is pretty straight forward, though when you reach the locked gate
    turn around, turn right and head up the stairs here. The push button that
    raises the gate is on the wall.
    You're almost there. Travel through the "Xeddefen, Fales" area and you're home
    free. There are many Knights of Order within this area, as well as plenty of
    falling debris to dodge. There's no need to rush, it would be a good idea to
    take it slow to avoid having rubble collapse on you. Usually simply stepping 
    into an area will trigger the falling debris, so hang back and watch it happen
    before you press on. When you've made it out, return to the captain and speak
    to her. She tells you to consult with Sheogorath. Travel to New Sheoth Palace
    and speak to Sheogorath to complete the quest.
    ...Rebuilding The Gatekeeper...........................................[w13]..
    Since you killed the last Gatekeeper on your way in, it's going to have to be
    rebuilt if there is any hope in defending the realm. You are told to seek
    Relmyna Verenmi, whom with you may already be acquainted. Relmyna can be found
    in Xaselem, some ruins just north of the Gates of Madness. Travel to Xaselem,
    locate the entrance and head inside. Unfortunately, your quest to reach
    Relmyna will not be a complete cakewalk. There are Shamble littering your
    path, as well as several spell-firing statues. There are a few other types of
    undead creatures that you will encounter along the way as well. Follow the
    active quest arrow to the "Xaselem, Experiment Chambers" area. Move through
    this area until you reach the Xaselem, Sanctum of Vivisection." No real reason
    to deviate from your path, here. Unless for some reason you really want to
    check out the Corpse Pit. That wouldn't be advisable...
    To find Relmyna, just follow the shrieking... the arrow on your compass works,
    too. Once you have located Relmyna, initiate a conversation. Careful how you
    answer, here. Just get the information you need and then get out. Do not ask
    about her "Victims." To rebuild the Gatekeeper, Relmyna will need Blood
    Liqueur, Osseous Marrow, Dermis Membrane and the Essence of Breath. You can
    find these components within the Gardens of Flesh and Bone. Relmyna provides
    you with a key, allowing you access to the Garden as well as easy access to
    her Sanctum. No need to backtrack here, simply follow the arrow on your
    compass to a door leading directly out to Sheogorath's Realm. To the Garden
    of Flesh and Bones it is. If you recall, it is located in The Fringe. 
    Inside the Gardens of Flesh and Bones, move towards to the southern most arrow
    on the local area map, none of the components that you are searching for can
    be found in this area. You will find yourself in an area called "Conservation
    Corpusulum." In this area, you can find both the Osseous Marrow and the Dermis
    Membrane. The two green arrows on the local area map show the locations for
    those two components. Refer to the local area map if you're having a difficult
    time traveling through these tunnels, it's quite easy to get lost and the
    compass is rather misleading at this point. After you have collected those two
    components, head for the red arrow which points to the door that leads to the
    "Caverns of Susrration" area.
    All you have to do here is follow the green breath. If you are no longer
    seeing the green breath along your path, backtrack until you see it going down
    a tunnel. There's no point in following your compass or referring to the local
    area map, the amount of tunnels overlapping each other in this area would make
    either of those options an exercise in futility. Eventually, by following the
    green breath you will reach the source. After you have acquired the Essence of
    Breath, leave this room and take the path that leads up to the "Natatorium of
    Wound Bled Tears" area. Travel this area to its end, you will come to a remote
    door that is opened elsewhere. While in front of the door, turn around. Look
    at the platform that holds the chest for the switch that will open the door.
    Take the Blood Liqueur in this room. Luckily you don't have to travel through
    that whole mess again, follow your compass to a door leading straight back to
    the "Gardens of Flesh and Bone" area.
    With all four of the components, return to Relmyna in her Sanctuary at
    Xaselem. Remember, you have access to the secret entrance now, no need to
    travel through all of the other areas of Xaselem again. Speak with Relmyna,
    she tells you to choose the parts to create the new Gatekeeper. It doesn't
    really matter what you choose. No matter what combination of parts you use,
    your Gatekeeper be able to defend the Shivering Isles just fine. However, due 
    to the fact that you can later acquire a power from the Gatekeeper, if you are
    a magic user, choose the Helm of Mind, if you are a warrior/archer/etc. class,
    choose the Helm of Power. I would suggest taking the "Arm of Shock Shielding,"
    since the Gatekeeper will usually be fending off Knights of Order. Once you
    have chosen the parts for the new Gatekeeper, speak to Relmyna.
    You are to meet her by the statue of Sheogorath in The Fringe, where the
    ceremony will take place. Tell Relmyna when you are ready to begin. Place the
    pieces of the new Gatekeeper into the magic pool when instructed, then sit
    back and watch the ceremony unfold. Afterwards, remain and watch as the
    Gatekeeper obliterates a group of Knights. Return to New Sheoth Palace and
    speak to Sheogorath to complete the quest.
    ...The Helpless Army...................................................[w14]..
    Depending on which house you decided to take over, either a Dark Seducer or a
    Golden Saint Messenger will arrive at Sheogorath's Palace after you have
    spoken with him. The quests are a bit different, depending on which house you
    decided to take over. If you chose Mania, you're headed for Pinnacle Rock to
    assist the Dark Seducers. If you chose Dementia, Brellach to aid the Golden
    Saints. I am writing this walkthrough with a character that became the Duke of
    Dementia, so unfortunately I can't cover the Mania side of things. So, this
    particular quest walkthrough is only relevant if you are the Duke/Duchess of
    Travel to Brellach, it has been marked on your map. There's a trail leading
    through the hills that will take you directly up to Brellach, so if you are
    being misled by the compass, ignore it and instead walk along the hillside 
    until you find an opening. Up the steps, Issmi, one of the Golden Saints
    is there. Speak with her, according to her Staada, the Golden Saint captain
    has been imprisoned within Brellach. Issmi believes that Staada can be found
    by following the Wellspring inside of Brellach. After taking a bit of guff
    from Issmi for being the Duke of Dementia, the few remaining Golden Saints
    join you. Up the steps, enter the door marked "Brellach, Hall of Honor."
    You will meet some resistance inside Brellach, in the form of Knights of
    Order. As always, try your very best to not hurt your allies while you are
    fighting, though avoiding accidentally hurting your allies can be a difficult
    thing to do at times due to their inherent recklessness. There's a remotely
    opened door on the initial level, ignore it instead take the stairs down to
    the lower level. There are many Order Knights in the halls of Brellach,
    you'll usually be forced to fight more than one at a time as well. Luckily,
    you've got the Golden Saints by your side. Move through the Halls of Honor
    and enter "Brellach, Hall of Reverence."
    Plow through the Order Knights in this area. Eventually you will reach a door
    that needs to be remotely opened. The push button that opens this door is
    quite far from the actual door. While facing the door turn around and run to
    the end of this area. Climb up the stairs to your left. At the top of the
    stairs, turn left, then left again into a small area with a couple of urns.
    The switch is on the side of the pedestal in the top right corner. Through
    the door, wipe out the Order in this room and then speak with Staada, whom is
    within the crystal cell. Staada tells you to ring the chime, which will
    hopefully shatter the crystal which traps her. The chime is in the area
    directly behind the crystal prism. Climb down the stairs, approach the shrine
    and activate it. The ringing of the chime does indeed shatter the crystal
    prison in which Staada was enclosed.
    Staada explains that you must get to the "Wellspring of the Aureal" next. If
    the Order are permitted to destroy the Wellspring unhindered, the Golden
    Saints will be banished from Sheogorath's Realm. The previously locked door
    can now be opened, proceed into "Brellach, Hall of Devotion." There is a
    crystal barrier blocking your path. While facing the barrier, turn right,
    there is another chime. There are more Order Knights and Priests in these 
    halls, the Golden Saints that you entered with should still be with you, so
    the Order should not pose too much of a threat. Move through the Hall of
    Devotion and enter "Brellach, Font of Rebirth."
    Go to the green arrow on the local area map to find the Wellspring of Aureal.
    Several Knights of Order guard the Wellspring, kill them all before you
    continue. There are four chimes in this room, one in each corner. Your goal is
    to ring them all, and you must do this fairly quickly. Start in one corner,
    activate the chime, then run from chime to chime until you have activated all
    four of them. With the Wellspring of Aureal restored, find and speak to
    Staada. You are given the "Summon Golden Saint" greater power, as well a set
    of Golden Saint armor. No need to travel through all of Brellach again, exit
    the Font of Rebirth through the west passage in the Wellspring of Aureal room.
    A series of remotely opened gates will allow you to leave Brellach easily. 
    ...Symbols of Office...................................................[w15]..
    Speak with Sheogorath at New Sheoth Palace. Huh, well that's not good. Well,
    it's not over yet. All hope is not lost! Haskill explains that, if the Throne
    of Madness remains empty with Jyggalag loose, the realm doesn't stand a
    chance. However, Sheogorath's Staff, the symbol of power in the Shivering
    Isles, can be used to stop Jyggalag. With Sheogorath gone, the staff's power
    is gone, too. If the staff is remade, you can be permitted to take the Throne
    of Madness, thus allowing you to stop Jyggalag. First stop, Knifepoint Hollow,
    the ruins of an great library. The location of Knifepoint Hollow has been
    marked on your map, get moving. Approach Knifepoint Hollow from above because
    it sits on a hill that would be a chore to traverse if you were to approach it
    any other way.
    Inside Knifepoint Hollow, follow the green arrow on your compass to a door.
    Take extra care not to fall down to the lower level, if that happens you will
    be forced to traverse through the "Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry" area. The door
    can be opened with the Knifepoint Crystal that Haskill provided you with. On
    the opposite side sits an odd fellow named Dyus. Speak to Dyus to learn what
    materials are required to remake the Staff of Sheogorath. Dyus needs you to
    obtain two items, the Eye of Ciitra and a Branch from the Tree of Shades. For
    the eye, you will have to consult with a woman named Ciitra in the Howling
    Halls. The Tree of Shades is an ancient tree that grows in the "Grove of
    Reflection," located in the ruins of Milchar. Both the Howling Halls and
    Milchar have been marked on your map.
    Start with the Howling Halls. Located south of New Sheoth, you can easily
    reach this location by traveling along the southern road leaving Crucible.
    Enter the Howling Halls and follow the arrow on your compass. There are many
    Apostle in the Howling Halls, be careful as they summon creatures with their
    magic, after summoning they will usually recklessly attack you. They are
    quite fast, too. Take a "Howling Chamber Key" from one of them once they
    are dead, it will be needed if you do not have a high Security skill. The
    arrow points you to a door leading into the "Howling Halls, Congregation
    Chambers" area. Look for a Khajiit named Ra'kheran to your left as you enter.
    Ra'kheran offers to help you slay Ciitra, but first he requires three Apostle
    Daggers so he can properly outfit himself and his allies. He explains that you
    must wear an Apostle Robe within the Congregation Chambers. If you do not, you
    will be attacked by the Apostles within. If you don't have Apostle Robes,
    return to the previous area and take a pair from a slain Apostle.
    Taking Ra'kheran up on his offer is not entirely necessary as the Apostles
    and Cittra herself are rather weak armor wise, though some aid couldn't hurt.
    Locate the door leading to the "Howling Halls, Antechamber." To the right of 
    this door, look on the table in the corner of the room there. There's a
    display case that contains the item "Pelvis of Pelagius." Unlock the display
    case and take it while you're here, it can net you some gold as it part of a
    side quest. Ciitra is within the Antechamber area. Ciitra is a very powerful
    magic user, she is very fast, uses summoning spells, heals herself and casts
    elemental spells. Luminary Kaz is also in the Antechamber, you'll have to deal
    with him, too. It'll be a simple battle if you took Ra'kheran up on his offer.
    If not, summon a Flesh Atronach, Dark Seducer, or a Golden Saint. Once Cittra
    is dead, retrieve the eye from her corpse.
    Next stop, Milchar. It's near the northwestern corner of the Shivering Isles,
    fast traveling to Cylarne and traveling down the road would be a short trek.
    Locate the entrance (a slopping tunnel in the side of the tree) and enter
    "Milchar, Nexus."  The Grove of Reflection is through the door straight ahead.
    Enter the Grove. Drop down the hole and follow the arrow on your compass to
    the tree. By standing near the statue, a shadow version of yourself will
    manifest. That's right, you're facing the toughest enemy of all, your own
    The shadow version is equipped with all of the best armor in your inventory,
    and it has access to all of the spells that you do. Your shadow version is as
    strong as you, but besides that this battle shouldn't play out any differently
    than a fight against normal enemies. Hopefully you do not have armor in your
    inventory with some nasty enchantments (Reflect Damage comes to mind). Once
    your shadow self has been bested, pick up the "Shadowrend" weapon that it
    drops. This is the strongest weapon in the game (its form changes depending
    on highest melee weapon skill), make sure that you DO NOT miss it, you will
    NOT be able to enter the Grove once you have left. 
    Take a Screaming Branch from the Tree of Shades. On the stone wall in this
    area, there is a push button that reveals a teleportation pad leading back
    to the Nexus area. With both Ciitra's Eye and the Screaming Branch, return to
    Dyus in Knifepoint Hollow. Right before your eyes, the staff is created. With
    the Staff of Sheogorath in your possession, enter Sheogorath's Palace and
    activate the Font of Madness behind the throne.
    ...The Roots of Madness................................................[w16]..
    Behind Sheogorath's throne, go through the door on the back of the tree marked
    "The Fountainhead." The Gnarl Cultivators in here are tame, do not attack
    them. If you have accidentally killed the tame Gnarl that is initially there,
    activating the Gnarl Chrysalis in the area to the right will spawn another.
    A Gnarl Cultivator opens the Order crystal root door for you. Only the Gnarl
    Cultivators are tame, any other variants of Gnarl will attack you normally.
    Kill the Order Priest that the arrow leads you to. While facing the pool, turn
    right and follow the arrow on your compass. Proceed through the root door, you
    will be taken into the next area. To open the crystal barrier root door that
    is blocking your way, activate the Gnarl Chrysalis, which is on western side
    of this area, on the upper level. Doing so will spawn a Gnarl Cultivator.
    **Note: I am writing this walkthrough with a character that became the Duke of
    Dementia, so unfortunately I cannot cover the Mania side of things. This quest
    walkthrough details the hunting Thadon, but the directions will still pertain
    if you are on the Mania side and are hunting Syl, though she may be in the
    Pool of Dementia instead.
    Follow the quest arrow on your compass to the Pool of Dementia. Kill all three
    Order Priests surrounding the crystals to cleanse the pool. Search the
    Priests' corpses afterwards and remove the "Shard of Order." Backtrack to the
    previous room. Do not follow your compass this time, return to The
    Fountainhead area the same way you entered the Pool of Dementia area. Cross
    the pool in the middle of the room and open the Order crystal root door with
    the Shard of Order. Follow the arrow on your compass to a door leading to the
    "The Fountainhead, Pool of Mania" area. This area can be a pain to navigate if
    you have been relying on the compass. Drop down to the section below and use
    the log ramps to get yourself over the gap, then follow a tunnel over to the
    parallel area. 
    Drop down and kill the Order Priests. Thadon stands on the dais. He's quite
    fast, but he is wearing Order Priest armor, allowing you to cut him down
    easily. As you are standing before the steps leading down from the dais,
    Thadon shouldn't have the chance to run down the stairs. After killing Thadon,
    remove the "Diadem of Euphoria" helmet from his corpse. This helmet adds the
    Resist Magic effect, fortifies the Speechcraft skill and fortifies Magicka.
    Follow the arrow on your compass to a door leading back to The Fountainhead
    area. Move through this area and return to Sheogorath's Palace. Activate the
    "Font of Madness" behind the throne.
    ...The End of Order....................................................[w17]..
    Once the Staff has been imbued with Sheogorath's powers, you will be
    approached by either a Dark Seducer or a Golden Saint messenger. Speak with
    the captain, she explains that an Order Obelisk has opened up outside on the
    palace grounds. As soon as you step outside, run towards the active Obelisk
    and put three Hearts of Order inside to overload it, thus shutting it down,
    ceasing the spawning from that particular location. Straight across from the
    first, another Obelisk of Order opens up. Get over there quickly and place
    three Hearts of Order inside. With those two Obelisks shut, Jyggalag joins the
    fray! His entrance will most likely knock out all of your allies. Great, looks
    like you'll be fighting this one alone.
    All in all, Jyggalag isn't much of a threat. His primary attack is swinging
    his sword, he may also cast a shock spell. The shock spell deals a fair amount
    of damage, but aside from the occasional casting, you'll most likely be
    dealing with reckless sword swinging. Standard battle plan here, if you are a
    fighter, deal with him as you would any other melee enemy. Mages, Rangers,
    and whatever else, you know what to do. Now's the time to use your strongest
    spells, highest quality (and/or magic) arrows, and poisons. Jyggalag does not
    have an absurd amount of health, he should fall in no time.
    ...The Prince of Madness...............................................[w18]..
    After Jyggalag's speech, return to the palace and consult with Haskill. Haskill
    details all of the benefits that you receive as the Prince of Madness.
    Sheogorath's Regalia is on the throne. You can also pick up Jyggalag's sword
    behind the throne. You're given some other cool things, including a spell that
    allows you to manipulate the weather in the Isles.
    That's it, you've completed Shivering Isles' main quest line! Take a seat on
    your throne, Prince of Madness.
     [*04] \                        - Side Quests -
     Bliss Quests                                                            [S01]
    - Falling Awake.........................................................(BL01)
    - The Fork of Horripilation.............................................(BL02)
    - Work is Never Done....................................................(BL03)
    - The Antipodean Hammer.................................................(BL04)
     Crucible Quests                                                         [S02]
    - A Liquid Solution.....................................................(CR01)
    - Brithaur..............................................................(CR02)
    - Final Resting.........................................................(CR03)
    - The Coming Storm......................................................(CR04)
    - The Museum of Oddities................................................(CR05)
    - Ushnar's Terror.......................................................(CR06)
    - The Antipodean Hammer.................................................(CR07)
     Settlement Quests                                                       [S03]
    - Everything In Its Place...............................................(VQ01)
    - Ghosts of Vitharn.....................................................(VQ02)
    - Taxonomy of Obsession.................................................(VQ03)
    - The Great Divide......................................................(VQ04)
    - To Help A Hero........................................................(VQ05)
    - The Hill of Suicides..................................................(VQ06)
                                   - Bliss Quests -                        [S01]
    ...Falling Awake......................................................(BL01)..
    Speak to Amiable Fanriene who wanders the streets of Bliss. He is afraid that,
    when he closes his eyes, the walls will collapse on him. Due to this fear, he
    is unable to get any sleep in his current resting place. Amiable asks you to 
    find a place for him to sleep outside. With "Falling Awake" set as your active
    quest, several arrows point to NPCs who sleep outside. One man in particular
    would be willing to give up his current sleeping spot for Amiable. By speaking
    to any of the citizens of New Sheoth that sleep outside, you will be pointed
    towards a man named Uungor.
    Uungor can also be found wandering the streets of Bliss. Find and ask him
    about switching beds with Amiable. Raise Uungor's disposition towards you to
    at least 70 by either bribing or persuading him. By doing so, you can then
    convince him to switch resting spots with Amiable. Once Uungor has agreed,
    tell Amiable that you have found him a place to sleep outside. As thanks,
    Amiable gives you the "Burst of Might" scroll.
    ...The Fork of Horripilation..........................................(BL03)..
    The quest giver is an Argonian named Big Head who lives in the Bliss half of
    New Sheoth. He tends to wander the streets, or you can find him in his home.
    Use the local area map to locate "Big Head's House." Big Head tends to get
    himself killed by the Golden Saints in Bliss so you may not be able to
    complete this quest if Big Head has been killed by them before you've spoken
    to him. Once you have found Big Head, ask him about "The Fork." Apparently,
    the Fork of Horripilation was taken from Big Head. He can hear it calling to
    him through song. Ok, not even going to question that one. This is the "Realm
    of Madness," after all.
    You are told to speak to a beggar named Bolwing. Big Head provides you with a
    charm that can be used to decipher Bolwing's speech. If you have spoken to
    Bolwing before, you understand why this charm is necessary. Bolwing can be
    found in either Bliss or Crucible, with "The Fork of Horripilation" set as
    the active quest, you can locate him easily. Bolwing tells you that the Fork
    is currently being fought over by groups of Heretics and Zealots. It seems to
    be of great importance to them, too. "Longtooth Camp" is your destination. It
    is located along the north road leaving the Gates of Madness.
    Travel to Longtooth Camp. The quest arrow points to the Fork of Horripilation.
    Kill all of the Heretics in the camp and retrieve the Fork. With the Fork in
    hand, travel back to Bliss and locate Big Head. Hand the Fork of Horripilation
    over to Big Head. As thanks for the Fork's return, Big Head offers to tell you
    a "Blade Secret," "Sneak Secret," or an "Alchemy Secret." The one you choose
    raises the level of the skill.
    ...Work is Never Done.................................................(BL03)..
    To begin this quest, speak to Tove the Unrestful. He can be found either
    wandering the streets of Bliss, or in his home. Through flawed logic, Tove
    explains his plan to construct a "Skyboat." He requires Calipers and Tongs, he
    wants you to bring them to him. He is willing to pay 5 gold each. Calipers and
    Tongs are very common, they can be found in most crates and barrels. The
    Imperial City Marketplace District would be a good place to start looking. 
    You'll need to bring him at least 50 Calipers and at least 50 Tongs to
    complete the quest. You are given gold as reward. Tove will continue to buy
    Calipers and Tongs from you for 5 gold each even after you have completed the
    ...The Antipodean Hammer..............................................(BL04)..
    There are two blacksmiths in New Sheoth: One in Crucible and the other in
    Bliss. During your travels in the Shivering Isles, you have undoubtedly
    encountered Amber Ore and/or Madness Ore. These two types of ore can be
    brought to the blacksmiths in New Sheoth who will fashion armor and weapons
    with them. Also, items called matrices can be used to add a magical property
    to the weapons and armor that are forged. A matrix is specific to a weapon or
    piece of armor (ex. "Madness Gauntlets Matrix"). 
    The blacksmith of Bliss, Dumag gro-Bonk  can be found in "The Missing
    Pauldron." Dumag requires Amber Ore to forge weapons and armor. Amber Ore can
    be found in "Hollowed Out Amber Logs" in certain dungeons (usually on the
    Bliss side). The Ore is often found on Gnarls as well. Dumag gro-Bonk forges
    Amber armor and weapons with the ore. Amber armor itself is a Light Armor
    type. The quality of the forged armor and weapons depends on your level.
                                  - Crucible Quests -                      [S02]
    ...A Liquid Solution..................................................(CR01)..
    Enter "Sickly Bernice's Taphouse" in Crucible and speak to the proprietor,
    Sickly Bernice, inside. Sickly Bernice really lives up to her name. She is
    apparently very sick and is going to die. Fortunately, she knows of a cure.
    She has offered a reward, though so far none have taken up the offer. Ask her
    about the "Cure" and agree to help. You are given "Bernice's Empty Flask" and
    the location of the cure, "Knotty Bramble," is marked on your map. Travel to
    Knotty Bramble and enter. You're here for a sample of "Aquanostrum." Bernice
    mentioned that it could only be found near a statue that sits in a pool on
    the lower level of Knotty Bramble.
    The direct route (the one that your compass initially tries to lead you
    through) is blocked by a Twisted Root barrier, you'll have to go all the way
    around and then enter the. "Knotty Bramble, Hatchery" area. In the Hatchery,
    hop down next to the statue, the Aquanostrum is automatically collected. No
    need to go all the way around again on the way out, exit the Hatchery through
    the northern passage. This leads you to the Twisted Root door that previously
    blocked your path. On this side, there is a Pull Pod that can be used to part
    the roots.
    Travel back to Sickly Bernice's Taphouse in Crucible and speak to Bernice.
    Hand over the sample of Aquanostrum by selecting "Cure" from the list of
    dialogue options. As a reward, you are given the "Circlet of Verdure." This
    ring adds the Resist Poison and Resist Disease effects, as well as fortifies
    the health and the Endurance attribute.
    Locate "Earil's Mysteries" in Crucible and head inside. Speak to Earil, after
    turning down his tempting offer, ask him about "Brithaur." Earil has a problem
    with Brithaur, especially his constantly botched thievery attempts.  He wishes
    for Brithaur to disappear. Locate and speak to Brithaur. He won't tell you
    anything unless his disposition is at least 70. Raise Uungor's disposition
    towards you to at least 70 by either bribing or persuading him. He tells you
    that the only reason he is stealing is because he must complete his collection
    of jewels. He only needs five Flawless Pearls to complete his collection, then
    he can stop stealing.
    You may already have collected five Flawless Pearls during your travels in
    Cyrodiil. They can also be found all over the Shivering Isles; in dungeons,
    treasure chests, or on dead creatures. If you wish, you can simply kill
    Brithaur and bring his heart back to Earil as proof of his demise. That, or
    you can speak to Kithlan (Redguard) in the House of Dementia about Brithaur's
    thievery. This causes Brithaur to be thrown into the dungeon. Whatever your
    decision, once Brithaur has been dealt with, return to Earil for a leveled,
    monetary reward.
    ...Final Resting......................................................(CR03)..
    Hirrus Clutumnus can be found wandering around the streets of Crucible. Find
    and speak to him. He tells you to meet him at the sewer grate northeast of the
    Sheogorath statue after dark. Go to this location a little after 11pm, Hirrus
    is waiting there for you. Hirrus wants to die, you'll need to help him with
    that. If Hirrus were to kill himself, he would end up as one of the souls on
    the "Hill of Suicides." Your reward for killing Hirrus is the key to his
    house. He mentions a jewelry box. Hirrus wishes to die, but he doesn't want to
    know that it's coming. He will live his life like he normally would, you will
    have to find an opportunity to do the deed, making it look like an accident.
    Of course, you can simply cut him down where he stands, but you'll likely get
    a bounty on your head by doing so.
    There's a very good opportunity to kill Hirrus, by making it look like an
    accident and by surprising him. In Crucible, the door leading to the "Palace
    Grounds" area is at the top of a large set of steps. The door leading to the
    Palace Grounds is located in the northeastern corner of Crucible. Position
    yourself at the very top of the stairs, in front of the door leading to the
    Palace Grounds, and use the wait feature to pass the time to around 10am.
    Hirrus should be standing right before a very long drop. If he is not there
    wait for another hour. Wait in one hour increments until he is standing
    there. Speak to him, you are given the option of pushing him. Now you can
    climb down the steps and retrieve "Hirrus Clutumnus' Key" from his corpse.
    Enter his house and take your reward from the jewelry box in the bedroom.
    ...The Coming Storm...................................................(CR04)..
    Enter "Things Found" in Crucible and speak Ahjazda inside. She asks you to
    help her prepare for the coming storm. She needs you to gather the last few
    supplies that she needs. She wants you to bring her the "Amulet of
    Disintegration," the "Ring of Desiccation" and the "Calming Pants." Start with
    the Ring of Desiccation, it can be found in the "Museum of Oddities" in
    Crucible. The Ring is in a Glass Display on the second level of the Museum.
    You are free to open the Glass Display, but taking the ring is considered
    stealing. Croch and be sure that the sneak icon is faded when you take the
    Ring of Desiccation into your inventory.
    Next, the Calming Pants. Locate and speak to Fimmion, who can usually be found
    wandering the streets of Bliss. Ask him about the Calming Pants. You receive
    a string of unintelligible babble as an answer, essentially telling you that
    if Fimmion is given a Sweetroll, he will give you the Calming Pants. There is
    one location for sure that you can find Sweetrolls. Unfortunately, you will
    have to travel back to Cyrodiil. In Skingrad, locate and enter "Salmo the
    Baker's House." As soon as you enter, look to your left. There are many
    Sweetrolls on the shelves here. Take a Sweetroll from Salmo's house, then
    return to the streets of Bliss and trade the Sweetroll for Fimmion's Calming
    Pants. Now Fimmion's going to walk around Bliss with no pants on. Just keep
    telling yourself, "Realm of Madness, Realm of Madness..."
    Lastly, the Amulet of Disintegration, found in Milchar. Travel to Milchar and
    enter. Follow the quest arrow on your map that points to a door leading into
    "Milchar, Tieras". Move through this area and enter "Milchar, Chatterhall."
    The "Diligence Crux" in the middle of this room is frozen shut. The Amulet is
    within, you'll have to find a way to open it. Up the stairs behind the Crux is
    a podium burning with a blue flame. Sitting near the flames is the "Ritual
    Torch." You cannot take this torch into your inventory, but you can manipulate
    it by using the LB button. With the cursor on the Ritual Torch, press and hold
    LB to carry the torch. Use the torch to light the three podiums in this room.
    They will extinguish fairly quickly, so you'll have to move fast. With all
    three podiums lit, run to the Diligence Crux and remove the Amulet of
    Disintegration from within. Looking at its effects, it appears to be a good
    amulet to use while training the Armorer skill.
    With the three requested items in your inventory, return to Ahjazda and speak
    to her. Give her the three items, she rewards you by teaching you a spell.
    "Ahjazda's Paranoia" inflicts Frenzy on everyone in the spell's effect radius.
    ...The Museum of Oddities.............................................(CR05)..
    Visit "The Museum of Oddities" in Crucible and speak to the curator there, Una
    Armina. Ask her about "Oddities," she explains that the she is always looking
    for new exhibits for her museum. If you come across any oddities during your
    time in the Shivering Isles, Una will be willing to purchase them from you for
    display in the museum. 
    Below is a list of oddities that are obtained randomly from chests,
    containers, dead monsters, etc.:
    Dagger of Friendship
    Hound's Tooth Key
    Mixing Bowl
    Ring of Disrobing
    Soul Tomato
    Two-Headed Septim
    There are also some static oddities, their locations are described below:
    Blind Watcher's Eye - Travel to Milchar (a location you visit during the main
    quest) and enter. Proceed down the tunnel, turn left as soon as you enter the
    large area. Look for the cluster of Flame Stalks in the distance. A Watcher's
    Eye is among the Flame Stalks and Screaming Maws.
    Deformed Swamp Tentacle - Travel to "Lost Time Camp," located in Dementia,
    by the side of the road that runs along "Madgod's Boot." Travel down the road
    south from here. When you come to the two boulders, harvest the Swamp Tentacle
    on the one to your right to receive this oddity.
    Din's Ashes - Head to the ruins of "Ebrocca," north of New Sheoth, just
    above the second "e" in "Jester." Locate the entrance and step inside. Upon
    entering, move straight, turn right, and continue heading straight until you
    reach a locked metal door. Unlock the door and step inside the room. Move the
    two leather shields straight ahead and press the small push button underneath
    them. While facing the push button, turn left. Proceed through the door that
    leads into "Ebrocca, Crematorium." A shelf in this area contains a Gilded Urn
    that contains Din's Ashes.
    Mute Screaming Maw - Travel to "Cann," which can be found by traveling west
    from the first "T" in "The Jester's Spine Mountains" on the world map. Proceed
    into "Cann, The Great Hall." Move through this area and enter "Cann, Halls of
    Tranquility." This area is a bit more complex, use the local area map to help
    you find your way around. Locate the door leading into the "Cann, Arena" area
    and go through. As soon as you enter, turn right and follow this tunnel. Keep
    an eye on your left, continue traveling down this tunnel until you reach a
    group of Screaming Maw. The Mute Screaming Maw is behind the root, between the
    two larger Screaming Maw. No need to backtrack, continue down the tunnel and
    into the "Cann, Amphitheater" area. Move straight, travel this path until you
    reach a door leading directly back to the Great Hall sector.
    Pelvis of Pelagius - In the "Howling Halls" (a location visited during the
    main quest) find the door leading to the "Howling Halls, Antechamber." To the
    right of  this door, look on the table in the corner of the room there.
    There's a display case that contains the Pelvis of Pelagius.
    ...Ushnar's Terror....................................................(CR06)..
    **Note: If you are playing as a Khajiit, you cannot undertake this particular
    Ushnar gro-Shadborgob can be found either wandering the streets of Crucible or
    in the Museum of Oddities. Where Ushnar is, Bhisha the beggar will not be too
    far behind. Speak to Ushnar. He really, really hates cats, and therefore walks
    the streets of Crucible with a dog. Unfortunately for him, Bhisha the Khajiit,
    who likes dogs, has decided to follow Ushnar's dog around. Ushnar would like
    Bhisha to leave Crucible. Permanently. He asks you to make it happen.
    Permanently ridding Crucible of Bhisha does not necessarily mean killing him.
    Find and speak to Bhisha about "Ushnar gro-Shadborgob. Give him 100 gold and
    he will move to Bliss. It's as simple as that. No need to get your hands
    Once Bhisha has agreed to leave Crucible, speak to Ushnar and tell him that
    Bhisha is gone. As reward, Ushnar gives you one of his old dogs. The Skinned
    Hound that Ushnar sends will follow you around until you lose it or until it
    is killed.
    ...The Antipodean Hammer..............................................(CR07)..
    There are two blacksmiths in New Sheoth: One in Crucible and the other in
    Bliss. During your travels in the Shivering Isles, you've undoubtedly encount-
    ered Amber Ore and/or Madness Ore. These two types of ore can be brought to
    the blacksmiths in New Sheoth who will fashion armor and weapons with them.
    Also, items called matrices can be used to add a magical property to the
    weapons and armor that are forged. A matrix is specific to a weapon or piece
    of armor (ex. "Madness Gauntlets Matrix"). 
    The blacksmith of Crucible, Cutter, can be found in "Cutter's Weapons." Cutter
    requires Madness Ore to forge weapons and armor. Madness Ore can be found in
    "Madness Ore Deposits" in certain dungeons (usually on the Crucible side). The
    Ore is often found on Grummites as well. Cutter forges Madness armor and
    weapons with the ore. Madness armor itself is a Heavy Armor type. The quality
    of the forged armor and weapons depends on your level.
                                 - Settlement Quests -                     [S03]
    ...Everything In Its Place............................................(VQ01)..
    This quest takes place in "Fellmoor." Fellmoor is located southwest of New
    Sheoth, next to the "R" in "Pinnacle Road" on the world map. In Fellmoor,
    locate and speak to the Khajiit Kishashi. She speaks of another Khajiit named
    Ranarr-Jo. She won't tell you much unless her disposition towards you is at
    least 70. Bribe her persuade her to raise her disposition to at least 70, then
    select "Ranarr-Jo's Trust" from the list of dialogue options. She gives you an
    "Old Spoon," which apparently will mean something to Ranarr-Jo. Ranarr-Jo can
    most likely be found in "Kishashi's House."  Tell Ranarr-Jo that Kishashi gave
    you the spoon to give to him. Inquire further about Cindanwe. Ranarr-Jo
    believes that she is reading their minds, he wishes for you to rid Fellmoor
    of her.
    Ranarr-Jo also mentions a notebook that Cindanwe uses to take notes on the
    Khajiit working for her. Acquiring the notebook for Ranarr-Jo is optional, but
    doing so will net you an extra reward upon completion of this quest. Find
    Cindanwe and bribe her to raise her disposition to at least 70. This will cost
    you a fair bit of gold, and Cindanwe's disposition may max out at a number
    below 70. To avoid this, speak to Cindanwe with your weapon drawn, then bribe
    her. After bribing her, put away your weapon and speak to her again, her
    disposition will be ten points higher than what it "maxed out" at. When her
    disposition towards you is at least 70, select "Notebook" from the list of
    dialogue options, she'll hand it over. Of course, you could always steal the
    notebook from Cindanwe. She carries it with her, so pick pocketing will work.
    As with most quests of this nature, the obvious way to rid Fellmoor of
    Cindanwe would be to kill her. However, Ranarr-Jo mentions that Cindanwe
    requires that everything is "just so." He suggests entering her home and
    wrecking the place. As soon as you enter, open the two barrels next to the
    door. The quantity is the same for all of the contents inside, remove some of
    the ingredients inside of the barrels to change this. There are other barrels
    in her house, do the same to them. Use the LB button to move all of the food
    items placed around the house. Continue doing this until a "Quest Updated"
    message appears, indicating that you have sufficiently altered Cindanwe's
    Speak to Ranarr-Jo once you have wrecked Cindanwe's house. You are given the
    "Ring of Mind Shielding," a ring that adds the Resist Magic and Reflect Magic
    effects. If you acquired the notebook from Cindanwe, an extra dialogue option
    will appear once you are given your reward. You are given a random skill book
    for the notebook.
    ...Ghosts of Vitharn..................................................(VQ02)..
    While in the Shivering Isles, you may hear rumor of a ruined fortress called
    Vitharn. Upon hearing this rumor, the location of Vitharn is marked on your
    map. Vitharn sits in the "Shallow Grave" section of Sheogorath's Realm. Upon
    your arrival, you will witness some ghosts fighting. Some of these ghosts will
    attack you, so remain vigilant. The green ghosts are hostile, the blue ones
    will not attack you. All of Vitharn's main doors are supernaturally locked,
    travel along the walls of Vitharn until you come to a tree on the bottom right
    corner. Search for the door and enter "Vitharn Sump." Move through this area,
    to move onto the next area you will have to swim under the water. Through the
    "Vitharn Reservoir," a door leads into "Vitharn Keep."
    As soon as you enter the Keep, you are approached by the ghost of one Count
    Cirion. Choose "I meant no offense" when prompted. The Count asks needs your
    help. Centuries ago, Vitharn was overrun by Fanatics. Four people in the
    bailey failed in their duties, ultimately leading to the fall of Vitharn. The
    people of Vitharn have been cursed to relive the last moments of the invasion
    because of this failure. Count Cirion wants you to put an end to the curse,
    freeing the ghosts of his people.
    There are three items that you must acquire before you can end the curse. From
    the Vitharn Reservoir door, move straight and turn left when you can. Keep an
    eye on your right, when you notice a push block on the wall to your right,
    activate it. Approach the middle bench on the right side, turn right there and
    jump into the secret area. One of the items, the "Dagger of Depletion" is on
    the shelf to your right. "Desideratus' Doll" can be found on a shelf in the
    barracks, which is  adjacent to the throne room. Once you have the doll, leave
    the barracks through the north exit. Continue moving forward until you reach a
    locked metal door. Enter stealth mode, then unlock the door. Slowly enter the
    room, if  noticed by Bat-gro-Orkul, you will be ejected. You're here for
    "Althel's Arrows," which are on a table just behind Bat-gro-Orkul.
    When you have obtained the "Dagger of Depletion," "Desideratus' Doll" and
    "Althel's Arrows," enter Vitharn Bailey. In the Bailey, the final moments of
    the Fanatic invasion are repeated over and over. There are two shades here
    that you must give ghostly items to. Althel needs her arrows, she is up by
    the ghostly gate wheel. Hloval Dreth needs the Dagger of Depletion, he should
    be somewhere below Athel's position. Desideratus Annius does not require
    anything Desideratus spawns next to Hloval, though he runs straight into
    Vitharn Keep. The doll in your inventory must be burned in the ghostly brazier
    by the gate to prevent Desideratus from retreating into Vitharn Keep. 
    After burning the doll, speak to Desideratus and select "Desideratus'
    Betrothed." It may take a couple of sessions to properly outfit the shades and
    burn the doll. Luckily, you do not have do these things all in one go, as your
    actions carry over into subsequent sessions.
    You have done everything that can be done at this time. Re-enter Vitharn Keep
    and speak to Count Cirion in the throne room. Count Cirion hands over his
    helmet, which is a horned version of the traditional Madness Helmet. While
    wearing the helmet, kill the Devoted Fanatic to completely lift Vitharn's
    curse. Your reward is "Count Cirion's Helmet." This piece of equipment
    fortifies the Block and Heavy Armor skills.
    ...Taxonomy of Obsession..............................................(VQ03)..
    This quest is started in the settlement of "Highcross." Highcross is located
    far north of New Sheoth, just above the "J" in "The Jester's Spine Mountains"
    on the world map. You need to speak to Mirili Ulven, who can most likely be
    found in her house after dark. Locate Mirili and ask her about her research.
    You won't get anything out of her if her disposition towards you is less than
    70. Persuade or bribe her to raise her disposition to at least 70, then ask
    her again about her research. She gives you a list of the alchemy ingredients
    that she needs to complete her research.
    As you can see, it is a fairly lengthy list. All of the items can be found in
    the Shivering Isles. As mentioned on the list, Mirili is willing to pay 10
    gold each per sample, though she is not willing to buy more than one of the
    same type of ingredient.
    ...The Great Divide...................................................(VQ04)..
    Travel to the settlement "Split," far northwest of New Sheoth, located south
    of the "l" in "Overlook Road" on the world map. There's something odd about
    Split. By walking around Split and speaking to its inhabitants, this oddity
    becomes readily apparent. Everyone in Split has a double. There is a Demented
    version and a Manic version of everyone. Both doubles hate the other, hate
    to the point of wishing for their death. You'll need to locate a Nord named
    Horkvir Bear-Arm. Horkvir explains that a wizard cast a spell on the town,
    spawning everyone's double. There are two Horkvir's, a Demented version and a
    Manic version. It's up to you to decide which one to help. Both Horkvirs have
    the same thing in mind, to wipe out either the Demented or Manic doubles.
    Be sure that "The Great Divide" is set as your active quest. Arrows point to
    all of the doubles that you must kill. If you kill a double that you are not
    supposed to, you will not get a reward for completing the quest. Of course,
    killing them counts as murder. Killing them outright while being observed
    will place a bounty on your head. For this reason, it's best to sneak into
    their homes at night (all locks in Split are classed as "Very Easy," so
    you don't need a high Security skill), sneak up to them while they sleep and
    kill them. Be absolutely certain that you are killing the right double, you
    do not want to lose the reward.
    You must kill one Horkvir Bear-Arms, one Atrabhi, one Urul gro-Agamph, one
    Jastira Nanus and one J'zidzo. After killing all of one side of Split, return
    to the remaining Horkvir Bear-Arms for a leveled, monetary reward.
    ...To Help A Hero.....................................................(VQ05)..
    Travel to Hale, a small settlement far northeast from the Gates of Madness, a
    bit northwest from the first "O" in "Overlook Road" on the world map. Upon
    your arrival, locate and speak to a Redguard named Pyke. He's most likely in
    "Zoe Malene's House." Pyke explains that he was a Knight of the Thorn in
    Cyrodiil, a faction that you are probably familiar with. Pyke has lost his
    Knights of the Thorn Medallion to a group of Grummite. Though he has no
    interest in being a Knight of the Thorn anymore, he would like the stolen
    Medallion back as a memento. Agree to help him, "Fetid Grove" is marked on
    your map.
    Travel to Fetid Grove and enter. Just as you may have gathered from Pyke's
    detailing of the loss of his Medallion, Fetid Grove is home to a tribe of
    Grummites. Be sure to have "To Help A Hero" set as your active quest, doing
    so will make it much, much easier to locate the stolen Medallion. Move through
    the first area and enter "Fetid Grove, Encampment." Pyke's Medallion is in a
    chest located in the middle of this area. There are many Grummites planted
    along the route to the chest, luckily they are fairly spaced out, so it is
    unlikely that you will have to face more than one of them at once
    When you have Pyke's Medallion in your inventory, exit Fetid Grove and return
    to Hale. Give the Medallion to Pyke. In return you are given a "Thorn Shield."
    This shield adds the Reflect Spell effect, as well as fortifies the Block
    skill. Not a bad piece of equipment.
    ...The Hill of Suicides...............................................(VQ06)..
    This quest does not appear in your journal. First and foremost, travel to the
    Hill of Suicides. The actual location point is just below the "The" in "The
    Hill of Suicides" on the world map. Be sure to hit this location point, this
    way you can fast travel directly to the Hill of Suicides when you wish. You
    cannot interact with the restless souls on the Hill of Suicides. To complete
    this quest and earn its reward, five skulls must be brought back the ghosts
    on the Hill.
    Lorenz Bog-trotter's Skull - This skull is found in "Knotty Bramble," which is
    located in Dementia along "Pinnacle Road." The skull itself is located in the
    "Knotty Bramble, Lost Crypts" area. To get to this section, you'll have to 
    make your way through the initial Knotty Bramble area, then through "Knotty
    Bramble, Hatchery." In the Hatchery, first drop down to the lower level, then
    follow the tunnel below to the door. Once in the Lost Crypts, proceed through
    the stone-wall rooms until you encounter a second Zealot body on a pedestal.
    Use the LB button to move the body to the side, a small push button is
    underneath. Press the button, turn back and look in the hall for some rubble
    off to the left. Hop up onto the section in the wall on the left. "Lorenz
    Bog-Trotter's Skull" is on the pedestal there.
    Gadeneri Ralvel's Skull - Found in "Knifepoint Hollow," an area that you visit
    during the main quest. It is located northwest of New Sheoth, a bit north of
    the second "l" in "The Hill of Suicides" on the world map. It is in the
    "Knifepoint Hollow, Chantry" area. Move through the entire area, when you
    reach the door leading back to the initial Knifepoint Hollow area, turn around
    and instead go through the metal gate. There are two pillars in this room, a
    push button is on the one to the left. Pressing the button reveals an extra
    area beyond the small room that is seemingly the end. Hop up over the rubble
    and take "Gadeneri Ralvel's Skull" that is on the chest to your left.
    M'Desi's Skull - Found in "Rotten Den," which is in Dementia, a short ways
    southwest of the "d" in "Pinnacle Road" on the world map. It is in the "Rotten
    Den, Sanctum" part of Rotten Den. To reach this part, you'll have to move
    through the "Rotten Den, Deadfall" then "Rotten Den, Precipice." Look to the
    local area map if you are having difficulty progressing. Once inside the
    Sanctum area, drop down each hole in the floor until you reach the bottom
    level. The skull is in the Zealot sanctum, a stone room which is the southern
    most room on the map. "M'Desi's Skull" is on a chest at the focus point of the
    room. To leave Rotten Den, you'll have to move through the "Rotten Den,
    Hollow" area first. The door here leads back to the Sanctum area, but on a
    the upper level. Avoid falling down the hole continue through to the "Rotten
    Den, Encampment" area. The rest of the way out is rather straightforward. 
    Limark's Skull - This one's in Milchar. It's near the northwestern corner of
    the Shivering Isles, just above the "O" in "Overlook Road" on the world map.
    Do not enter Milchar by the door marked "Milchar, Nexus." From the Nexus door,
    travel southeast until you reach a door leading to the "Milchar, Xetrem" part
    of Milchar. Look to the local area map if you are having trouble finding the
    door. Upon entering Milchar, pass under the walkway, then turn left and climb
    up the stairs there. At the top of the stairs, turn right. Make your way down
    this tunnel, continue heading straight and eventually you will fall down a
    short drop. A skeleton containing "Linmark's Skull" is at the bottom. 
    Salonia Viria's Skull - This one is in "Cann," which can be found by traveling
    west from the first "T" in "The Jester's Spine Mountains" on the world map.
    The skull is in the "Cann, Amphitheater" area, specifically. Proceed into
    "Cann, The Great Hall." Move through this area and enter "Cann, Halls of
    Tranquility." This area is a bit more complex, use the local area map to help
    you find your way around. Locate the door leading into the "Cann, Arena" area
    and go through. Continue down the tunnel and into the Amphitheater section. 
    Upon entering the Amphitheater, move straight and continue moving in this
    direction until you can turn left. The small room that you turn in to contains
    the "Salonia Viria's Skull." It's on the base of the statue in the bottom
    right corner.
    When you have collected all five of the skulls, return to The Hill of
    Suicides. Attempt to speak to each of the ghosts on the hill. Upon speaking to
    one, their skull will be removed from your inventory. When you have given all
    five of the ghosts their skulls, you will gain the "Risen Flesh" Greater
    Power. This spell allows you to reanimate the dead for 60 seconds.
     [*06] \                      - Achievement List -
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles expansion pack adds an extra 10
    achievements totaling 250 gamer points to the initial 50 achievements and 1000
    gamer points featured in Oblivion. Each achievement that you unlock contribut-
    es a certain amount of points to your overall Gamerscore. 
    |        - Achievement -         |           - Description -          |  GP  |
    | Tourist, Shivering Isles       | Entered the Shivering Isles.       |  20  |
    | Aspirant, Shivering Isles      | Reached Aspirant Rank.             |  20  |
    | Citizen, Shivering Isles       | Reached Citizen Rank.              |  20  |
    | Madman, Shivering Isles        | Reached Madman Rank.               |  20  |
    | Honored Madman Shivering Isles | Reached Honored Madman Rank.       |  20  |
    | Duke Dementia, Shivering Isles | Reached Duke of Dementia Rank.     |  30  |
    | Duke Mania, Shivering Isles    | Reached Duke of Mania Rank.        |  30  |
    | Regent, Shivering Isles        | Reached Regent Rank.               |  20  |
    | Defender, Shivering Isles      | Reached Defender of the Realm Rank.|  20  |
    | Madgod, Shivering Isles        | Stopped the Greymarch.             |  50  |
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