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Achievement Guide by Paul Acevedo

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 04/28/2008

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Xbox 360 Version FAQ and Achievement Guide V1.11
Written by Paul Acevedo
Created on: 03/29/07
Updated on: 04/29/08

1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Symphony of the Night's History
4.  Controls, Moves, and Spells
5.  Saving
6.  Opening Blue Doors
7.  Achievements
8.  200.6% Tips
9.  Endings
10. Codes
11. Special Thanks
12. Contact Information

1. Introduction
This FAQ and Achievement Guide covers Castlevania: Symphony of the
Night for Xbox Live Arcade. The game is a 97-megabyte downloadable
file that costs 800 MS Points, or $10 US dollars.

People who want to learn more about the entire
Castlevania series should visit the Castlevania Dungeon at

2. Version history
03/29/07  Version 1.0 FAQ created.
04/01/07  Version 1.05 update. Corrected errors about using the Wolf
          Charge and Wing Smash spells. Added Skill of Wolf relic
          location to the Warlock Achievement subsection.
04/02/07  Version 1.06 update. Movelist updated. Soul steal tip added
          to 200.6% Tips section.
04/19/07  Version 1.10 update. Movelist updated. Belmont's Revenge
          walktrough updated.
04/29/08  Version 1.11 update. Fixed the Wing Smash spell error.

3. Symphony of the Night's History
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the direct sequel to a Japanese
PC Engine Super CD-ROM System game called Dracula X: Rondo of Blood.
It was the first CD Castlevania game, with impressive non-FMV
animated cinemas, a phenomenal soundtrack, many multiple pathways and
secret areas, and two playable characters: Richter Belmont and Maria
Renard. At the time, Maria was a child who fought with animal
spirits, as you can witness in Symphony of the Night at the beginning
of the game by allowing Richter to lose all his life at Dracula's
second form.

Rondo of Blood received terrific reviews, but the American version of
the PCE SCD system, the Turbo Duo, was managed very poorly so Rondo
never made it stateside. A downsized SNES game, Dracula XX, was
released in America but it lacked much of what made the original
Dracula X special, including the ability to play as Maria.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night continued the story of Rondo of
Blood but changed the gameplay dramatically. Rather than being a pure
action-platformer, the game took on non-linear action-RPG elements.
It was a huge hit in Japan and America, prompting re-releases that
also sold out. A unique Sega Saturn version appeared only in Japan,
due to the same kind of ineptitude from Sega of America (and Konami)
that TTI/NEC showed with Rondo of Blood.

In the years after Symphony of the Night, Konami has released several
sequels for the GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS. They are very, very
similar to Symphony of the Night, even reusing most of the enemy
sprites. While the new games are still fun, by essentially releasing
the same game over and over with minimal improvements, Konami has
made all of them, even Symphony of the Night, seem less special. Hey,
if Activision and EA can do it, why not Konami?

Symhony of the Night version comparison:

- The Playstation One game has the best transparency effects and
sound of the bunch. This game is also available for purchase from
the PSN Store and can be played on PS3 and PSP.

-The Sega Saturn version adds Maria Renard as a playable character as
well as 2 new areas that feature ho-hum remixes of classic
Castlevania music. However, the load times are terrible and the game
has some noticeable slowdown in many places. These problems aren't
due to the Saturn hardware; it was a 2D powerhouse and the game could
have run even better than the PSOne version. Blame a short
development cycle and small budget, likely because no US release was

-The Xbox 360 game has optional enhanced graphics, which smooth the
sprites, making them look much better on an HDTV. A widescreen border
has been added and the game can be stretched to fill more of the
screen. There are virtually no load times, which rocks! The 12
Achievements are fun to go after and allow your friends to see how
much of a Symphony fan you really are.
Unfortunately, the 360 version does sport a few minor problems. The 2
crappy FMV scenes from the other versions are gone, helping to keep
the game's file size down. The sound is slightly downgraded for the
same reason. There are also missing transparencies and a few
instances of slowdown.

With all that said, if you're a Castlevania fan with an HDTV, you
definitely want the 360 game. It's never looked better and the
Achievements warrant an extra playthrough. Just remember to go into
the game's status menu by pressing select and change the sound
from Mono to Stereo if you want things to sound right.

Be on the lookout for the PSP game that contains both Symphony of 
the Night (with new voiceovers) and Dracula X: Rondo of Blood in its
first American release!

4. Controls, Moves, and Spells

Left hand (Attack/Shield/Use item): X
Right hand (Attack/Shield/Use item): B
Jump: A
Special (dodge): Y
Map: Left Trigger
Mist form: Left Bumper (requires Soul of Mist)
Wolf form: Right Trigger (requires Soul of Wolf)
Bat form: Right Bumper (requires Soul of Bat)
Status menu: Back button (Don't forget to set your sound to stereo

Special Weapon: Up + X or B
Double Jump: A, then A again (requires Leap Stone)
Super Jump: Down, then Up + A (requires Gravity Boots relic, 
            can be done repeatedly)
Spear Kick: A, then Down + A (while holding spear, of course)


Spells and many special moves use Street Fighter-style rolling
motions that can be difficult to do on a standard Xbox 360 control
pad. If you have problems, look into ordering a Hori 360 controller.
It has the best d-pad of any 360 controller at the moment.

Dark Metamorphosis: B,UB,U,UF,F + X or B (spell purchased from
                    Master Librarian)
Hellfire: U,D,DF,F + X or B
Summon Spirit: B,F,U,D + X or B (spell purchased from Master
Tetra Spirit: Up (charge for 2 seconds), UF,F,DF,D + X
Soul Steal: B,F,DF,D,DB,B,F + X or B
Wolf Charge: D,DF,F + X (in wolf form, requires Skill of Wolf item)
Sword Brothers: D,DF,F,UF,U (charge for 2 seconds), D + X (Sword
                familiar must be on)
Wing Smash: Hold A, then U,UB,B,DB,D,DF,F, release A (in bat form)


Attack: X or B
Jump: A
Special Weapon: Up + X or B
Item Crash: Y (special move that varies by Special Weapon)
Super Jump: Down, then Up + X or B (Richter's primary way of getting
            to high places; can be done repeatedly)
Back Flip: Double-tap A (much more useful in Rondo of Blood)
Dash: Double-tap forward on the D-pad
Slide: Down + A (press A again to do a jump kick; fast way to travel)
Swing Whip: Hold X or B and press any direction on the D-pad
Blade Dash: U,D,DF,F + X or B (useful to fit into tight places)

5. Saving
Many Symphony of the Night newbies have trouble figuring out how to
save. Come on man, put your back into it! Aww, I'll tell you how to
do it anyway.

Saving is accomplished by entering special Save Rooms (one-square
rooms with a floating polygonal orb inside) and pressing Up under the
orb. Saving also refills your health, so you should save often.

1st Save Room: After defeating Dracula as Richter, walk forward
through the Castle Entrance for 5 rooms, then go up and to the left
into the Alchemy Laboratory. The first large room of the Alchemy
Laboratory has a Warp Room through its lower-left door and a Save
Room through the middle-left door.

6. Opening Blue Doors
Here's another question the young'uns always seem to have. Several
sections of the castle are blocked by blue doors. You have to buy the
Jewel of Open relic from the Master Librarian in the Long Library to
get through those doors. You might as well buy the Castle Map and
Magic Scroll 1 while you're there.

7. Achievements
These are listed in the order that you might possibly earn them. Some
people are different, so they may go after them in a different order,
dress in drag, etcetera. Who am I to judge?

Rampage: 5 Points
This is the easiest achievement. Kill ten enemies without taking a
hit. If you don't get it as soon as you start playing with Alucard,
then you're just not trying.

Weapon Master: 10 Points
Weapon Master is also really easy. Pick up a special weapon -
probably the dagger right at first, and kill ten zombies with it.
They don't have to be zombies per se, but I just hate zombies! Don't
they get on your nerves?

Apprentice: 5 Points
Easy ways to get spell kills:

1. Go to the first corridor in the Entrance with zombies and use
Summon Spirit to kill those blasted zombies something fast!

2. Once you have the Form of Mist's Gas Cloud attack, just float
through enemies to rack up magic kills. It's a little late in the
game to go for the Achievement, but so darn convenient.

Demon Slayer: 10 Points
Man, those points just keep coming. Alucard's first boss battle is
against Gaibon and Slogra. It's hard *not* to beat them.

Changeling: 10 Points
Where to find the transformation items:

Soul of Wolf: Next to the top elevator gate along the Outer Wall. You
              have to hit a switch that is a little higher up in the
              area to unlock the elevator gate.
              The wolf's two upgrades, Power of Wolf and Skill of
              Wolf, are located in the Entry Hall and Alchemy Labs.

Form of Mist: In the room of the Colloseum that is directly to the
              right of the Minotaur boss battle.
              The Mist upgrades Power of Mist and Gas Cloud reside in
              the Castle Keep and Catacombs.

Soul of Bat: From the largest room of the Long Library, take the
             middle-left door, which leads to a Save Room. This Save
             Room has two doors, so take the left one. Make your way
             down and to the left to find the Soul of Bat.
             The bat's two upgrades, Fire of Bat and Echo of Bat, are
             found in the Clock Tower and Olrox's Quarters.

Familiar: 10 points
Once you obtain a familiar card, go to the Relics screen and turn it
on to use it. You can only use one familiar at a time, but I'm sure
you were already *familiar* with that.

The familiar locations:

Faerie Card: Take the top-left door in the largest room of the Long
             Library. Change into a bat to get up to it. The faerie
             points out certain breakable walls, so you might want to
             keep her equipped when going after the Seeker

Bat Card: Once you can fly or super jump, head to the large room in
          the Alchemy Laboratory where you fought Slogra and Gaibon.
          Gaibon hates to get second billing like that. He's such a
          prima donna! Anyway, the Bat card is in the small room at
          the top-right corner of the boss chamber.

Demon Card: In the Abandoned Mine, you'll come across a switch in a
            wall that you can't hit. Alucard only hits monsters and
            women that talk back to him, not embedded switches. One
            room down and to the left, you'll get the Demon Card.
            Equip it and make him push that switch!

Sword Card: In Olrox's quarters, take the lower-left door from the
            really big room with a fountain. The door leads to the
            hallway to the Royal Chapel. In this hallway, find the
            breakable ceiling and go on up.

Ghost Card: Enter the top portion of the Castle Keep at the top of
            the game map - the large area with the broken staircase
            that lead to Dracula in the Bloodlines opening chapter.
            Use the super jump or bat transformation to reach the
            door in the top-right corner of the area, where you'll
            find several items as well as the handy Ghost card.

Warlock: 15 Points
You can cast most of Alucard's spells as soon as you have 50 MP -
they will appear in your inventory once you've cast them.
-The Wolf Charge requires not only the wolf transformation but also
the Skill of Wolf relic. You can find this relic by going to the
large room in the Alchemy Lab that has only one exit to the left,
which leads to the vertical hall with two breakable walls in it.
Right next to that left exit in the large room is a hole in the
ceiling. Use the bat or super jump to enter the hole.
-The Wing Smash requires the bat transformation. Remember to hold
JUMP during the Wing Smash, not Attack!
-Finally, you need to activate the Sword familiar to cast Sword
Brothers. The spell's motion is a total pain to do, but I believe in

Dark Metamorphosis: B,UB,U,UF,F + X or B (spell purchased from
                    Master Librarian)
Hellfire: U,D,DF,F + X or B
Summon Spirit: B,F,U,D + X or B (spell purchased from Master
Tetra Spirit: Up (charge for 2 seconds), UF,F,DF,D + X
Soul Steal: B,F,DF,D,DB,B,F + X or B
Wolf Charge: D,DF,F + X (in wolf form, requires Skill of Wolf relic)
Sword Brothers: D,DF,F,UF,U (charge for 2 seconds), D + X (Sword
                familiar must be on)
Wing Smash: Hold A, then U,UB,B,DB,D,DF,F, release A (in bat form)

Topsy Turvy: 20 Points
Defeat the green orb controlling Richter by wearing the Holy Glasses
(which you got by wearing the Gold and Silver Rings in front of the
giant clock in the Marble Gallery).

Money Bags: 25 Points
There are lots of ways to get a hundred grand. I like equipping the
Jewel Sword and selling the gems the enemies drop to the Master

Other ways:

1. The first time you meet the Ferry Man in the Underground Caverns,
there is a $2000 Money Bag right next to the ceiling, almost all the
way to the left. Exit and come back for big money.

2. The Sword familiar/gem selling glitch:
-Try to have only one of a single valuable gem in your possession and
 equip the Sword familiar.
-Stand in front of the Master Librarian and use the Sword brothers
-Approach him to start selling items.
-Go to the jewel selling menu and press the Back button. Equip the
 jewel you want to sell.
-Press Back again to close the menu and sell the jewel, then exit the
 shop. You now have 255 of the game to sell!

Seeker: 35 Points
I'm not providing a complete walkthrough for this, but I've listed
many of the secret room locations in the 200.6% Tips section.

Bloodlines: 10 Points
This was actually one of the first Achievements I got, but it's a
pain to try repeatedly because you have to sit through the
conversation between Richter and Dracula. After you've beaten the
game, their conversation can be skipped by pressing Back.

The key to beating Dracula without taking damage is equipping the
Holy Water and using its Item Crash (Y button). You'll want to get
some hearts so you can do the move repeatedly. There's a hidden
switch right after the staircase that opens up a heart-filled
secret area in the ceiling.

When fighting Dracula's first form, super jump or backflip to avoid
his fireballs (assuming you don't Holy Water him to instant death).
On the second form, make sure you whip Dracula while using the Item
Crash to do more damage. He is no man. He is no man!!!

Belmont's Revenge: 45 points
After beating the game as Alucard, start a new game with the name
RICHTER. You'll know it worked because you skip the Dracula fight and
start as Richter in the Entrance.
You would think this would be a really tough Achievement, but thanks
to modern technology, we know it is not.

Once you get the Holy Water, never let go of it! Its Item Crash will 
make short work of all enemies and even the bosses. 
That might take some of the fun out of Richter's quest, but I never 
thought it was much fun to die in 2 hits, did you?

Remember to get around everywhere using the Super Jump. If you have
trouble reaching a particular platform, the Blade Dash might help.

Using the following directions, you can beat Richter's quest in less
than 30 minutes.

1. From the Entrance, head right to the room with the big rock in
   center where Alucard gets to the Jewel Sword. Super jump through
   the hole in the ceiling and get the Holy Water. Aah, refreshing!
2. Now make your way to the Alchemy Laboratory. Save!!
3. From the Alchemy Laboratory, go up and left to the Royal Chapel.
   Save again!!!
4. Head all the way right, killing the Hippogryph boss, until you
   reach the Castle Keep. Make your way up and left to the Inverted
   Castle portal. Teleport!
5. From the Reverse Castle Keep, save your game and head to the
   Reverse Royal Chapel.
6. Head right and fight Medusa. You should really beat her without
   the Holy Water; it's very easy.
7. Keep going right through the Reverse Castle Keep until you reach
   the chapel room with the flying sword enemy. Take the top-left
   exit to the Colloseum.
8. Go all the way left through the Colloseum. If you use either Save
   Room, be careful not to fall on enemies and die when exiting the
9. Once you reach Reverse Olrox's Quarters, head straight up into the
   Marble Gallery.
9. From the Marble Gallery, keep going up. Save before fighting Shaft
   and winning the game! Man, that was fast.

8. 200.6% Tips
If you've covered every area of the map, your save file should be at
200.5% before fighting Shaft and Dracula. Approach them with 200.5%
and the Achievement unlocks. Your save file will never read 200.6%
unless you use a Library Card during the fight to warp out of the
room and save somewhere.

I won't be answering questions about filling in your map. You can
find several good map images online. Having checked them, if you
still need help, take a screen capture or photograph of your map.
Someone at the GameFAQs.com or Achieve360Points.com XBLA Symphony of
the Night forums will surely be able to find what you missed.

Finding hidden areas: You should probably have the Faerie familiar equipped 
since she will point out several breakable areas. Even more effective is the 
Soul Steal spell. It will always destroy all hidden blocks on the screen.

Hidden areas and the like:

Alchemy Lab
One of the long vertical rooms up and to the left of the save point
has both a breakable wall and a breakable floor in its lower-left
corner. The Faerie familiar will be kind enough to point these out
for you if she is equipped. Bless her little heart!

1: Right at the beginning of the area there is a Save Room. It's one
of the few that has two exits, so head left. Break the next left wall
and get the Cat-Eye Circlet and Bloodstone.

2: This isn't a secret area, but if you're wondering how to get
through the pitch black room filled with spikes, I've got you
covered. Change into the Bat and use its radar ability to light the
way. You'll receive the Spike Breaker armor at the end!

Clock Tower
1: Scattered along the walls in 2 rooms of the Clock Tower are four
gears. Hitting them the right number of times will open a gate in the
lower-left corner of the second room. Each gear must be in the right
position and hitting them too many times will mess up the position so
be careful. When they make a clicking sound (instead of a clanking
sound), that's the right position. Here are the number of times you
need to hit each gear.

Regular Castle:
Second room (with gate): Left gear: 8; Right gear: 2
First room: Left gear: 14; Right gear: 3

Inverted Castle:
Second room (with gate): Left gear: 2; Right gear: 8
First room: Left gear: 3; Right gear: 14

2: The room with the gear-opened gate also has a breakable wall in
its top-right corner that leads to an attic area.

This one's easy to miss. In the long horizontal room at the top of
the area, there is a breakable ceiling. The faerie can point it out,
or the Soul Steal spell will work. The ceiling hole leads to the Holy

From the beginning of the game, the third room has a large rock in
the center and Merman-filled water below that. Return here with the
Bat and Wolf transformations. Break the 2 sides of the rock, then
pass through the entire rock as the wolf, turn around and go through
it the other way as the bat. This will open the gate to the Jewel
Sword in the lower-left corner of the room.

Olrox's Quarters
1: Just after reaching this area from the Marble Gallery's clock
room, there is a large room with a floating sword enemy. Break the
wall in its lower-right corner, if you dare.

2: Head to the large room with a fountain (you'll need the Super Jump
or bat transformation to get there). Along the right wall of the
fountain room is a breakable wall containing Cheese, Onyx, and a

3: You did get the Sword Familiar, didn't you? See the Familiar
Achievement section for details.

Underground Caverns
1: After you've fallen down the long shaft (insert lewd joke here),
go left one room, then immediately up the other very long room. At
the top, 2 rooms to the left you'll find a Heart Max Up. The Faerie
will notice the left wall is breakable, leading to a small room
containing the Bandanna. No one looks good in a bandanna.

2: First go get the Merman Statue, which summons the ferryman. Return
to the waterfall room, located just below the 1st long shaft. At the
bottom is a white patch of ice. Hit it to reveal a large secret area.
At the end you will find the important Holy Symbol item which cures
Alucard's tragic water allergy!

3: Two rooms to the left of the ice patch I just mentioned there is a
wooden bridge over a couple of juicy items. To gain access to those
items (as well as the Abandoned Mine and Catacombs), walk left a
little and find an ape skeleton. Lure him over to the bridge and get
him to Donkey Kong his barrel at it. You're in!

Inverted Castle
Remember that all the hidden areas from the regular castle are also
found in the Inverted Castle, including the one that held the Jewel
Sword at the Entrance. To fill in the very top of the map in the
water sections, you must become the wolf and swim against the ceiling
by pressing Y repeatedly.

9. Endings
You can't skip the ending credits, don't you hate that?

Ending 1: With Alucard in the regular castle, kill Richter without
          wearing the Holy Glasses. Some FMV on other versions.
Ending 2: With Alucard in the regular castle, kill Richter while
          wearing the Holy Glasses. Some FMV on other versions.
Ending 3: Using Alucard, defeat Dracula in the Inverted Castle with
          less than 196% completion.
Ending 4: Using Alucard, smash Dracula in the Inverted Castle with a
          manly completion of over 196%.
Ending 5: Beat the game as Richter for a short ending.

10. Codes
After beating the game, start a new game and enter these names for
some unique treats:

RICHTER  - Play as Richter Belmont. You were expecting Simon?
AXEARMOR - Play as Alucard with Axe Lord armor.
X-X!V"Q  - Play as Alucard with lower stats but max Luck. How else
           are you going to get those annoyingly rare items?

10. Special Thanks
I'd like to say that many hot women helped in making this guide, but
that/s not the case. Instead, several Achieve360points forum members,
particularly Masterwerk and Chosen as well as my GameFAQs/XBL friend
Vrolokus helped the most.

The original Playstation version FAQ authors and mapmakers were also
great sources of information.

The Official Strategy Guide for the Playstation game from Brady Games
was almost no help at all. Thanks for nothing, Brady Games!

Finally, thanks to Van Redd, Pi, Super Eggroll, Nuematsu8, and 
anyone else who emailed with suggestions. Keep on vampire killing!

11. Contact Information
I am not going to answer questions about what areas on the map you
are missing, but any other questions or suggestions are welcome. Keep
in mind the following email address is used only for my FAQs and
therefore I may not check it regularly.

Email: eastfaqs at gmail dot com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night copyright 1997, 2007 Konami

This document is copyright 2008 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be posted
anywhere but gamefaqs.com, ign.com, 1up.com, achieve360points.com, and 
the Castlevania Dungeon without permission. Whip it. Whip it good!

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