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    Naked Alucard Challenge FAQ by Acid Angel 13

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 02/24/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright Acid Angel 13     2003
    ver 2.5
    ii   THE RULES
    iii  FAQ's
    viii LEGAL STUFF
    ************************************  i   *************************************
       A few years ago, I came across a beautiful treasure for the Playstation
       system.  It was called Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  I've been a fan
       of the Castlevania series since I was like ten, so it was a must-have.
       And then I played it.  Combining elements from my two favorite genres,
       side-scrolling action and role playing games, it instantly became, and
       still remains, one of my all-time personal favorites.
       After playing so many times I'm surprised the disk hasn't melted, it
       occurred to me that, while laying waste to the minions of Dracula is a good
       time, once Alucard has the right equipment, it isn't much of a challenge.
       It just doesn't seem right to be able to calmly walk up to a gargantuan boss
       like Galamoth, laugh in his face, and then administer him a beating the
       likes of which are rarely seen (unless you watch the Detroit Tigers play
       baseball, anyway).
       So, during my hundredth or so replay, I said to myself "Self, what's a
       really good way to make this game INSANELY difficult?", to which I answered,
       complete with `duh' head slap, "Your strength lies in your equipment, so
       And why not?  This game has a lot of RPG elements, and most of the
       `challenge' walkthroughs I see for RPGs are "no such-and-such helpful items"
       And so it begins:  The Naked Alucard Castlevania:SOTN Challenge!
    ************************************  ii  *************************************
      i:  Thou shalt not, AT ANY TIME, EVER, equip any, that means ANY, armor. 
          That's head and body items!  No beryl circlets, no walk armors, no blood
          cloaks.  Never!!  (EXCEPT in the case of the Gold and Silver Rings, and
          Holy Glasses)
     ii:  Thou shalt not equip any weapons or shields.  The only thing Alucard is
         allowed to have in his grubby little paws at any time are restorative
          items such as food, potions, and elixirs.  No 'resist' items, either.
     iii:  Thou shalt not use any spells.  AT ALL.  If you're getting pounded by a
          boss, suck it up.  No Hellfires, no Tetra Spirits, and absolutely, under
          no circumstances, ever, no Soul Steals.
     iv:  Thou shalt not reap the benefits of any acquired relic, unless instructed
          to do so.  As a side note, in this guide I often say "go into the menu
         and turn off this relic".  That is a personal preference, to avoid, um,
         `accidentally' using Form of Mist to avoid getting trashed (yeah, that's
          it.)  You don't actually have to take that step, as long as you follow
         the rules and don't use whichever relic it is.  If it is a relic that
        automatically denotes a  benefit (such as the various pieces of Dracula)
        you must turn it off.
    ************************************  iii  ************************************
    FAQS (that I made up)
         First, let's get "the big one" out of the way:
         Q: Can this even be done?
         A: Absolutely yes.  In fact, I composed this guide WHILE I played, rather
             than going off  memory and saying to myself `yeah, that could work',
             like a lot of `challenge' FAQs I find (that is NOT directed or meant
             to demean, discredit, or offend anyone who publishes any FAQ).
             Furthermore, it's a lot easier than one might expect (but that might
             be because I tried to keep my levels super high, out of higher
             expectations for the boss fights).
         Q: What about this-and-that location where I have to fly, or pass through
             a grate?
         A: This guide will tell you when you have to fly or pass through a grate.
         Q: What about the Spirit Orb and/or Faerie Scroll relics?  They don't
             boost Alucard's stats.
         A: The purpose of this challenge is to defeat the game without adding
              beneficial equipment to Alucard.  If you absolutely must know the
              name of the creature that's kicking your ass, or how pathetic the
             damage you're dealing to it, by all means, leave them on.
         Q: Why isn't this guide complete?  I don't have the whole castle filled
         A: This guide is for a specific challenge.  First off, there are a lot of
              places in the castle that are inaccessible barring use of certain
              items.  Secondly,  this guide assumes you've beaten the game before
             (I would recommend that), and therefore do not require a complete
             walkthrough. If you're trying this for your first time playing, good 
              luck, and you're more of a man than I am.
            NOTE:  I tried to make this guide as descriptive as possible, for 
                   those of you that are more of a man than I am.
         Q: Couldn't you make up more than four questions?
         A: No.
    ************************************  iv  *************************************
    HELPFUL TIPS (or, Some Stuff You May Have Forgotten)
        i:  The triangle button (Default controls) makes Alucard slide backward.
           Aside from looking cool, this skill is incredibly useful in avoiding
           enemy attacks, especially the Wargs you must kill before you get a
           chance to level up.
       ii:  Always, ALWAYS, keep a heal item in your secondary hand.  You'd be
           amazed how many enemies can land an attack in the split-second it takes
           for the menu screen to come up, go back down, and you to hit that
           button.  Also, keep in mind that potion items take time to come into
           effect, so it may be beneficial to have a food equipped to keep you
           alive to enter the menu, equip, and use a potion.
      iii:  Save Points are your friend.  In case you haven't noticed, save points
           restore your HP to full.  Use EVERY save point you come to.  Not only
           will this restore lost HP, it will save you a lot of time and trouble in
           the long run.  And, for your own good, never assume that, just because
           you've played 700 times or think you have a 'feel' for the game, that
           it's a good idea to skip a save.  It isn't.  (That's your fair warning.)
       iv:  Kill everything you see.  Without the Cube of Zoe, the only way to fund
            your developing potion addiction is to get cash and jewels from the
           devilspawn you kill.
        v:  Get yourself a turbo controller.  In order to make yourself worthy for
            combat, you'll need to do some serious leveling-up very early on.  The
            best way to do this is the "out to lunch" method, i.e. setting up your
            controller so that the attack button fires itself,  placing Alucard in
            the path of respawning enemies, and letting the game run for several
            hours by itself.  Unless you've got 30 or 40 hours with nothing better
            to do, you're going to want this.
       vi:  Finally, most importantly, if you're the "get mad and throw the
            controller" type (you know who you are...), get your Prozac
            prescription filled, or get a few extra controllers.  The point: You
            ARE going to die.  Probably several times.  That's why it's the Naked
            Alucard Challenge, and not the Naked Alucard Cakewalk.
    ************************************   v   ************************************
       Let's get down to business, shall we?
       You start out as Richter.  Walk up the steps.  Kill Dracula.  No problem,
       Well, we're starting off on the right foot.  No special items for Richter,
    either.  Just you and a whip against the Lord of the Undead.
       Actually, this is still pretty easy.  When Dracula teleports, slap him in
    the head with the whip, then whip the fireballs.  Every fourth turn, Dracula
    will launch shadow balls.  Duck the first, jump the second.  Hit him if you
    can.  This may take a while, as the vampire's only vulnerable point is his
       When Dracula changes forms to the big demon thing, try to get under it,
    crouch, and whip like mad. If you can get the transformation to take place in
    the corner and get under Drac, he will actually just stand there and fire
    harmless fireballs while you thrash him! (Normally, he jumps around the screen.
    If this happens, just dodge and hit.)
       In any event, if you should "die" during this battle, Maria will appear and
    grant you invincibility, so you can't lose.
       (I've read in several places that Richter's performance in this fight
    affects Alucard's initial stats;  I don't know if this is true, but if you're
    interested, check one of the 'complete' walkthroughs located on
       You start off just inside the castle.  Open the menu.  See all Alucard's
    nifty equipment?  Nice, huh?  Yeah.  Now, make like a stripper and take it all
    off.  Not so tough now, are you, Billy Badass?  Nope, now you're just a guy in
    a castle full of creepy-crawlies that want to kill you, with a cold breeze
    blowing up your butt.
       Well, get on with it.  There's a Warg waiting for you in the courtyard.  Run
    in, punch, slide to dodge its lunge, and put it down while it recovers.  About
    4 hits will kill it.
       Enter the castle.  More Wargs here.  Punch, slide, punch.  Move on.
       In the next room, punch the Bats down.  1 hit kills them, and, if you're
    lucky, they'll drop you a Potion.  Bust open the rocks for a Pot Roast, then
    drop down and beat some Mermen.  1 or 2 hits takes them out, and you'll gain a
    few levels pretty quickly.  Don't be afraid to sacrifice the Pot Roast and
    potion to survive and level up.
         These are fairly easy to kill, and give quite a bit of EXP early on.  Not
    only that, but aside from the usual array of hearts and money bags, they also
    occasionally drop zircons, which can be sold to the Master Librarian at 150
    gold a pop.
         The only danger Mermen pose is their tendency to gang up and try to
    overwhelm you with superior numbers.  To avoid this, go to the far left side of
    the room (under the bats), and back against the wall in the bottom of the room.
    From this position, the enemy has only one avenue of approach.  The Mermen will
    jump onto the ledge and advance; Let them come to you.  When you step out to
    collect items, slide back as fast as you can.  If you get severely outnumbered,
    jump up to the stairs above.
         There are three kinds of Mermen, each with its own unique trait.
              -Yellow:  There seem to be the most of these.  Their specialty 
                        is a slide move, where they jump forward and slide at 
                        you, and it covers a good distance.  Like all Mermen, 
                        they also launch fireballs.  One of their favorite 
                        tactics is to double up with another Merman, and slide 
                        while the other launches fireballs.
              -Pink:    These guys only shoot fireballs, but their land speed 
                        is twice the rate of the others.  They try to catch 
                        you   from both sides and close in, which will juggle 
                        you between them for at least two successful hits.
              -Red:     Slow moving and relatively rare (NOTE: that's 
                        `relatively'.  There's still plenty of them.), these 
                        guys are nothing to worry about.  Their only effective 
                        attack is their giant fireballs, which are more 
                        powerful than the others'.  They tend to wait until 
                        you're outnumbered and distracted to attack.
              NOTE:  All fireballs can be destroyed with a punch, so you don't   
                     have to dodge everything.
       When the Mermen stop giving you more than 1 EXP, move on to the next room on
    the right.  More Wargs here.  Punch, slide, punch.  Be careful when the lights
    come on, Zombies start rising from the floor and can box you in pretty quick.
    You'll find a Turkey in the block at the bottom of the far right stairs.
       In the next room, Death appears and swipes all that cool equipment you
    weren't using.  Let him think it bothers you and move along.  Go right into the
    tower, climb up and left across the hole in the bridge.
       Back in the castle, you'll kill a Skeleton who drops a Short Sword.  Go
    ahead and pick it up... But don't you dare equip it!!  Same goes for the Red
    Rust the next Skeleton drops.  Use the Save Point, second door up on the left,
    and continue up.  Grab the Cube of Zoe if you want- Then go into the menu and
    turn it off.
       -"But how am I supposed to get any money?" you ask?  The Cube of Zoe only
    makes candles drop items.  Enemies will drop stuff no matter what.  You want
    money?  Kill, kill, kill!
       Go through the hallway to the left and enter Alchemy Laboratory, then turn
    around and come back.  Entering the Lab, even for a second, removes the Wargs
    from the rooms below. Go down and right to the hole in the bridge, above the
    room where Death took your stuff, and drop through the hole in the floor.
       Hold left while you fall, as Slogra and Gaibon are waiting in Death's place,
    and you don't want to take them on just yet.  Dive through the door to the
    Zombie room ASAP.
       Remember up in the Tips and Hints section (if you read it), I told you to
    get a turbo controller?  Now's the time to put it to use.  Set the primary
    attack button (whichever button you use for Alucard's sword normally) to auto-
    fire, or turbo and use a rubber band to hold it down, then step down off the
    ledge and let the respawning Zombies walk into Alucard's fist.  Now, go out to
    lunch.  Mow the lawn.  Take a bath. Call Taiwan for an hour.  Do whatever you
    want for as long as you want.  Al will be okay (I let my game run like this
    overnight), and he'll gain a sick amount of EXP.  This is probably the best
    room to do this in, and you might as well start early.
       NOTE:  Sometime during or after this process, you may want to go 
              collect some cash.  If you do, head back to the Merman room and 
              kill Mermen for money bags and zircons.  Don't forget to kill
              the Bats for a couple of potions to hold you through the first
              couple boss fights before you get to the Library.
       After you reach level 17 or so, which will put you in triple digit HP, you
    should be able to proceed if you like (This took my game about 4 hours).
    Personally, I let my system run overnight; This put me at LV 26 with 150 HP at
    just under 15 hours game time.  When you head back through the room where
    Slogra and Gaibon are, take your licks and get by them into the tower.  They
    have the advantage in this room, plus you have to fight them later whether you
    fight them now or not, so save the HP.  Hit the Save Point on your way back up
       Head left across the first room.  There's a Hide Cuirass in the globe; Take
    it if you like, but don't equip it.  Go up the ledges to the next room.  Head
    left again.  In the candle or burner or whatever-it-is you'll find a Leather
    Shield.  Take it if you want, but don't... Oh, you get the picture.
       Go up and out the left.  Both the floor and the left wall of this vertical
    chamber will break away;  To the left is a Heart max up you can collect if you
    want, and below is a Life Max up... but I haven't found a way to break floors
       UPDATE!!: Bladesmaster9 points out that the kick attack can break
          floors.  Being foolishly unaware that this attack could be used
          without the Gravity Boots, I never tried it.  And I quote:
       "To perform this attack, simply jump as high as you can (that includes
        your second jump), and when you are near the top of the jump (before\
        or after doesn't matter), press a downwards direction, like diagonal
        forward or straight down, and press X.  Be aware that if you succeed
        in connecting with an enemy you are sent back up into the air, but
        if the foot of Alucard doesn't hit the enemy first you will get hurt
        and have to recover from the hit. 
        This technique can be performed at the beginning of the Alucard
        section of the game, and can used even if the passage is no more than
        a head taller than Alucard.  You just have to be quick about it."
       Go up and out the top left.  There's a Resist Thunder in the burner if you
    like.  Up and left again.
       Kill the Spittle Bone running around the ledge and go left.  Watch out for
    the spikes.  Now, if you took the time to level up, you should be able to take
    the Axe Knight out with a single hit!  Bide your time (this ain't a speed run,
    people), wait for an opening, and throw your punch.  Kill both Axe Knights and
    head out the left.
       NOTE:  Occasionally, Axe Knights will drop an axe special weapon.  No, 
          you can't use it.  If you feel temptation will overwhelm you, 
         stand in a corner somewhere so you can't hurt anything and use up 
         all your hearts.
       Todd Parker (fakekraid@yahoo.com) suggests that if you pick up an Axe,
       you may want to trade it in for a Cross weapon (this requires you to
       know where the Cross is, of course, then switch on the Cube of Zoe,
       get the Cross, and turn the Cube back off).  Since the Cross draws
       obscene amounts of hearts, your temptation will soon be sated.
       Be careful of the Spittle Bones as you drop down and climb up the vertical
    chamber.  They spit out little droplets that will poison you (Note: This is
    bad.).  The first door up on the left is a Save Point.  SAVE!
       Go up to the top of the vertical chamber and to the right.  Prepare for
       If you boosted your levels, this is nothing.  Move into the room until they
    start chasing you, then slide back to the left.  You can duck under the
    horizontal fireballs the both bosses fire, and Gaibon's (that's the flying one)
    diagonal fireballs aren't hard to avoid.
       The key here is to get them to chase you left until Slogra (that's the other
    one, with the spear) is below the lowest platform.  Jump on the platform, run
    across, and drop in behind him.  Do your best Bruce Lee scream and level him
    with your fists of fury.  If you're lucky, Gaibon will try to come after you by
    diving under the same platform.  Get behind him while he's trapped in this tiny
    space and fold him before he knows what hit him.  Seriously, I beat him so
    quickly he didn't even turn red!  He just laid down and died!
       Collect a Life Max up for that little bit of work.
       Head out the right side door, kill the skeletons in the hall, and climb up
    to the second door in the vertical part of the chamber.  Save Point.  Use it!!
       From here go up and out the top right.  Be careful in this corridor, the
    Bloody Zombies can be pretty tough customers against a naked half-vampire.
       The next room contains Axe Knights and Spittle Bones.  Take a leap of faith
    off the platform and kill the Axe Knight, then break the globe in the lower
    left corner for a potion.  Go right, kill another Axe Knight, climb up, and
    exit stage right.
       Only one way to go in the first room.  Keep moving right and time your
    punches to hit the Axe Knights on the run;  If you keep moving, they don't even
    toss their axes.  Same goes for the Axe Knight waiting just inside the next
    room.  Kill him and drop off the ledge.  Go right, kill the Quija Table, and
    use the Save Point.
       Go back out, kill the table again, and go up and right to the first clock
    room.  Kill the annoying Flea Men and go to the central clock room to meet
    Maria.  When she's done flirting with you, go right through another clock room
    (what does a vampire need so many clocks for  anyway?).  Kill another Flea Man,
    and continue right through the Gallery.  Head up and right through the next
    room, right, and, in the X-shaped room, down and right.
       Kill the Diplocephaluses (about 4 hits apiece) in the long room with the
    creepy floating eye in the background and continue right.  Watch out for the
    Stone Rose seeds (they turn you to stone), kill the plants, then exit right
       As soon as you enter the Outer Wall there's a vase to smash.  Destroy a
    priceless antique, gain a zircon.  Go up the stairs.  The only way out of this
    room is left, so go.  The blue Axe Knights in this room are tougher than the
    green ones (around 3 hits to kill).  Just get in there and lay the smack down.
    Go left through the next room to another Save Point.  Do I need to tell you to
    use it?  Didn't think so.  Go up and right from here to face...
       This guy's a pushover.  Jump in, attack, slide, repeat.  Pressing diagonally
    down and toward while jumping and hitting the attack button causes Alucard to
    kick instead of punch, giving you a much better attack range. If the
    Doppelganger jumps onto you or backs you into a corner, crouch and get a free
    punch on him, then start the pattern over.  I dropped him with about 10 hits.
       Your prize is another Life Max up.
       NOTE:  You have to go back to the center of the room to collect the Life Max
    up.  If you leave it, you lost it.
       Go right and grab that Gladius sword you'll never use, and on out to the
    wall again.  If you time your jump right you can get the vase;  Inside is a
    Life Max up.   Head up, past the door.
       Take out the various enemies(the Spear Guard is easy if you jump over him
    while he thrusts and hit him from behind)- that just sounds wrong..., and keep
    going up to the next door you find.  Step through to the teleporter and warp
    down to the Entrance.
       Step on the switch to lower the wall, get the Heart Max up, and head right.
    This room's familiar...  Go up to the Save Point, use it, then go back to the
    teleporter and warp back out to the Outer Wall.
       Time to get that elevator working.  Step out of the teleporter room and go
    up.  Dodge the Medusa Heads and the Sword Lord (or kill him, about 4 hits) and
    go up the stairs to the right, then left across the platforms to the hanging
    switch.  Punch it a few times (until the "Elevator Activated" message appears)
    and the elevator is yours to command.
       Go back down to the elevator and grab the Soul of Wolf relic.  There, now
    you can transform into a bluish-purplish wolf-dog critter.  Enjoy the moment,
    then open the menu and turn the relic off.  No wolves in this game, guys.
    Stand on the elevator platform and press down to got to the door you passed
    before.  Go through it to...
       Head left, killing the Dhurons as you go.  Try to jump kick them, as they
    can do decent damage.  Ignore the left doorway in the next room and go up the
    stairs.  Kill the Ectoplasms.  They give you 'curse' if they touch you, but
    'curse' only affects weapons use, and we aren't using weapons, are we?  Your
    bare fists are just as effective as they always were, so use them to show these
    "tortured souls" the true meaning of pain.
       Continue up and thrash the Spellbooks while you glow pretty colors (if you
    got 'cursed', anyway).  Go all the way to the top right and collect the Faerie
    Scroll.  All it does is display enemy names, so leave it on if you want (see,
    I'm not so mean after all).  Kill the three Magic Tomes (about 4 hits apiece),
    and all the Spellbooks (about 3 hits), as they randomly drop the 1000 gold bag
       Once you've got the Scroll, it's back to the left and down.  Enter the
    bottom left door and go left into the Master Librarian's chamber.  Sell the
    crazy old bastard any gems you picked up, then pay him some of your hard
    earned cash.  You're going to need that Jewel of Open, 500 gold or not, so you
    may as well suck it up.  After that, pick up any Potions, High Potions, and
    Elixirs you might be able to afford, but, whatever you do, don't waste that 103
    gold on the map!!  If you MUST have a map, Eastpaw has done an excellent job
    of mapping castle 1, and J. Mason's Richter castle map shows outlines of both
    castles.  Both of these maps are available in the In-Depth FAQ's section for
    Castlevania: SOTN at www.GameFAQs.com.
       When you're done here, head back out to the Outer Wall and ride the elevator
    up to the teleporter.  Warp back out to the Entrance.
       Use the Save Point here and go back to Alchemy Lab.
       Go back through the Lab as you did to get to Slogra and Gaibon.  When you
    get back to the vertical chamber with the two Spittle Bones and the Save Point
    (remember to use it), climb up and exit through the top left door.  Pass
    through the glowing blue door and talk to Maria again, then go left to the...
       I know it doesn't seem like you've gone far, but use the Save Point on the
    left anyway.  Humor me.  Leap up into the Chapel and go left.  Smash another
    priceless vase for an Aquamarine, then head right, up the steps.  To fight the
    Bone Pillars, jump in, punch, and jump or slide back before it fires off its
    flame (the slide move puts you just outside of the flame's range.  I told you
    it was useful.).  When the bottom head is destroyed (about 3 hits), jump over
    the top head as it tries to roll over you.
       When you get to the Corner Guard, jump in to taunt it into sliding at you,
    then beat it down while it recovers.  Go all the way up the stairs and exit
       Pass through this room to the next, large room with the Spectral Sword.  The
    Spectral Sword can hit hard, so it's your choice if you fight or flee.  Go
    through the top right door and across the next room to the confessional.  Take
    the time to sit in the chairs and let the ghosts talk, occasionally you'll
    receive a Grape Juice for your trouble.  Be careful, some of the ghosts will
    try to kill you.
       If you sit in the left chair and a blue priest appears, you're good. 
    If the priest is white, MOVE!!
       If you sit in the right chair and a pink ghost appears, you'll be fine. 
    If she's blue, GET OUT!!
       When you're done here, go up past the Skelerangs and climb the bell tower.
    The Winged Guards here are easy to avoid or kill, but the Crows can be
    nuisances.  Be prepared to take some damage from them.  At this point, you'll
    probably want to avoid the Hunting Girl and continue on your way.  At the very
    top of the tower you'll find a Life Max up, a Str. Potion, and a Silver Plate.
    Get them all, if you want, even though only one of them is of any use.
       In the next room, be careful of the Bone Halberds.  You can duck under their
    attack, but they can hit an undefended Alucard pretty hard if they catch you
    unaware, plus they have good range and can move extremely fast.  About 2 hits
    kill these guys.  Also, kill as many of the Bats as you can, maybe they'll drop
    you a potion.  Fight through these creeps to the next  tower and climb it.  At
    the top is a zircon.  Get it and move along.
       Another hallway full of Bone Halberds and Bats.  Take them out and prepare
    to fight...
       No problems here.  Start the fight by boldly jumping in and landing a kick
    to its head.  Yes, you will take damage from this maneuver.  Don't worry about
       Jump to hit the Hippogryph on the fly (which will also damage you most
    times), or play it safe and wait for him to land.
       When the beast is on the ground, run in and pummel it.  Sometimes it will
    charge from this position, but most often it will rear back and charge its
    flame attack.  When it does this, take a cheap shot at its exposed belly and
    slide, which will put you just out of the flame attack's range.
       If the Hippogryph lays any eggs, smash them immediately.
       Keep the heat on and the beast will fall quickly.  Collect another Life Max
    up and have a flashback with Maria (if you're a long-time Castlevania player,
    this round of dialogue, particularly the little thought bubbles, are kind of
       Exit right to yet another hall full of Bone Halberds and Bats.  Show 'em
    who's boss and cross the bottom of the next bell tower to the Save Point.  Get
    back any HP you lost in the Hippogryph fight and climb the tower.  Smash the
    vase at the top for a potion and grab the Cutlass if you want, then go through
    the door to the right.
       Beat your way through the Axe Knight and walk the length of the room.  WALK!
     If you jump, the annoying little Flea Riders will dive in on you.  Kill the
    rest of the Axe Knights and enter the room with the floating platforms.  Cross
    the room to the door and go through to another teleporter.  Warp down to the
    Entrance, save, and return.
       Ride the floating platform up and go left.  Now you HAVE to contend with the
    Flea Riders, but at least you've got more space to do it in.  Kill as many of
    them as you can, they drop Turkeys.  Head all the way left for the Leap Stone.
    Double jump, yay!  Jump up to the ledge and get the Turquoise and punch out the
    wall for a Turkey.  There, now that I've given you two freebies, enter the menu
    and turn the Leap Stone off.  No, you don't need it to get out of this room.
    Go back the way you came.
       Now might be a good time to warp back over to the Outer Wall and visit the
    Librarian for some more potions, but, if you feel lucky...
       Head back to the Marble Gallery, and go to the X-shaped room.  Go to the top
    right this time, through the blue door.  Step on the platform until you hear a
    bang.  This opens the pink blocks in the floor of the Gallery.  Head back out
    the upper left door and go to the newly opened passage in the floor.  Go down
    and through the door to...
       Where else would you expect to find a cavern, in the sky?  At any rate...
       Be wary of the Spear Guards waiting for you and head down a few platforms
    until you come to doorways on both sides of the screen.  Take the left door
    first, and go past the Spear Guard and Bone Archer to the hole in the floor.
    Drop down through the next room until you find another leftward doorway.  Go
    through it and climb up to the Life Max up in the ceiling, then retrace your
    steps back to the room with the two doorways.  Go through the right door this
    time, save if you like (use this one or the next, or both), and drop all the
    way down into the cave.  There's another Save Point on the right, use it if you
    skipped the other one.  From here, drop down and enter the doorway to face...
       Slide into the lower left corner of the room.  When the Wyrm stretches
    toward you, jump and punch.  When it's dead, go through the right side door.
       Head right and keep moving.  This room fills with water that hurts you if it
    gets high enough.  Jump through the hole in the ceiling and go right to a vase
    containing a Pot Roast.  Get it and go all the way left to fight...
       Stand just to the right of the first column, at the water's edge.  Crouch
    and punch anything that comes your way.  When the three Wyrms are defeated,
    jump across the platforms and hit Scylla's body with all you've got (which is,
    of course, your fists).  Keep an eye on your HP and be ready to fall back and
    heal if you need to, then get back in there.  Keep the pressure on and bury
    her.  Grab that Life Max up you earned.  Go into the room behind Scylla for a
    Crystal Cloak you can't wear, then go back the way you came.
       Make your way out and up to the Save Point and save.  Leave the save point
    and go west, young vampire (that's left for you non-magnetic types).  Grab a
    Shiitake 'shroom (why would you put anything beginning with the word 'shiit' in
    your mouth?) and kill some Toads.  Push the wooden box all the way to the left
    and watch some Spear Guards drown.  That was cruel, but it felt good, didn't
    it?  On the ledge to the right is another Shiitake.  Grab it and continue to
    go left.
       Keep going to the waterfall and jump down.  Hold left as you fall and try to
    get the two mushrooms on the left wall.  At the bottom, brave the water and go
    through the semi-hidden doorway on the right to a room containing a Frozen
    Shade and a Life Max up.  Kill the ice queen and grab the goods, then go back
    out and left.  Thaw some more Frozen Shades and go up through the ceiling (you
    can ride the boat if you want, but there's no real point).
       Another shiitake in this room.  Get it and go left through the door to the
    Castle Entrance.
       Grab yet another free Life Max up and stand on the lever to lower the wall.
    In the next room, you can hang out and  slaughter some more Mermen if it makes
    you feel good.  When your business is done, go up and out to the right.  Make
    your way back through the castle to the Marble Gallery.
       Go back to the main clock room, where you first met Maria.  Turn your Leap
    Stone back on and wait for the left statue to move, then double-jump up through
    the opening.  Turn the Leap Stone back off and grab the Life Max up, then go
    through the door to...
       Climb up, killing the Skelerangs as you go.  Try to get onto the platforms
    and inside the arc of their boomerangs as they throw them to avoid taking a
    hit.  Go up to the main room and head right first.  Punch out the wall and go
    into the long room on the other side.  At the end of this room are more
    antiquities to break for a cheese, an onyx, and a Broadsword.  Take them and
    go back to the main room, then go left, under the Spectral Sword, to the left
       Drop down to the room directly below the entrance and save.  Go back up and
    left through a room full of Blade Soldiers.  Go up when you come to the grate,
    and left through the long room.  The Blade Masters here are your greatest
    threat.  They deal out decent damage and take about 4 hits.  Kill everything
    and keep going left to the wall by the Knight Shield.  Step on the button to
    lower the wall and get the shield if you want it, then drop down to the Save
    Point below.  DEFINITELY use it.
       Go back up and right, into the shadowy corridor.  Grab the Library Card on
    your way by and enter the main arena to do battle with...
       After Richter finishes babbling his nonsense, get ready for a TOUGH fight.
    These guys are here to make up for all those easy boss fights you've previously
    done.  They are fast, precise, and hit HARD!
       As soon as the battle starts, get in close to the Werewolf (that's the
    little guy on your left, in case you can't tell the difference between a
    werewolf and a minotaur) and pound him.  Do your best to ignore Minotaur for
    now, the goal at this point is the remove the pair's devastating combo-attack
    ability by removing one of the variables, namely the weaker Werewolf, from the
    equation.  Dodge any of the dual attacks and stay on the Werewolf until he
       When Werewolf dies, it's time to get stupid.  Get in close to Minotaur and
    hammer him!  Keep an eye on your HP- This guy hits HARD!!  He's too tall to
    jump over unless he charges, and his axe has an incredible reach.  This is
    basically a battle of attrition; The up side is you have the capability to
    restore your HP.  Just keep hitting him and healing until he goes down.
       Collect a Life Max up for winning this tough fight and head right.
       Jump over the switch in the floor and grab the Form of Mist.  Mist through
    the grate (wasn't that neat?), then go into the menu and turn the relic off.
    Head right and down to the Save Point.  SAVE!!  You don't want to do that fight
    over, do you?
       Go up and exit the Colosseum back to Olrox's Chambers.
       In the main room, jump up past the Spectral Sword and go right.  Go through
    the upper right door to a long room containing two enemies, a Hammer and a
    Blade.  You'll encounter Hammer first.  When you see him, slide backwards and
    let him come to you;  This way, you can take him on without Blade joining the
    fight.  Hammer is almost like a boss.  He hits hard, has great defense, and a
    long reach.  Duck in, strike, and slide out.  Be as aggressive as you dare.
    When Hammer goes down, continue right.  Blade is shorter than Hammer, so you
    can jump over him and keep going.  Move right through the next room to the
    door, and use the teleporter to warp back to the Outer Wall.
       Use the elevator to go down to the Library entrance.
       Make your way back through the Library.  Go out of your way to kill all the
    books for the chance at a 1000 gold bag, then go to the far left stairway.  If
    you can afford it, visit the Master Librarian;  If not, stop at the ledge just
    above the two Spellbooks.  Turn the Leap Stone on and jump up to the platform.
    Kill the Corpseweed and turn the Leap Stone back  off.  Head left through the
    doorway to a Save Point. Save.  Go through the left door and enter a room full
    of Dhurons and Flea Armors.  Advance slowly and try to take them on one at a
       In the next room, drop down and take out the Flea Armor.  Go left and
       Jump in and hit him with a kick to start the fight.  Lesser Demon will take
    to the air.  Jump and punch.
       Lesser Demon will summon other, weaker enemies into the battle.  Keep in
    mind that, while he is summoning (he's surrounded by a column of light), he is
    invulnerable to attack.  Kill the smaller enemy and turn your attention back to
    the Demon.
       Collect a Life Max up and continue left.
       Go down the stairs to more antiques.  Smash them for a Takemitsu sword, an
    onyx, and a Frankfurter.
       Turn the Form of Mist on and mist through the grate for the Soul of Bat.
    Now you can turn into a bat. Then, you can turn the relic off.  Mist back
    through the grate and enter the menu.  Turn the Form of Mist off and the Leap
    Stone on.  Climb back up to the Dhuron/Flea Armor room and fight your way back
    to the Save Point.
       Turn off the Leap Stone, save, and go back down to the Master Librarian.
    Sell your onyx and buy any potions you can afford.
       Exit the Long Library and go up the Outer Wall to the teleporter.  Warp to
    the Castle Keep.
       Enter the floating platform room and ride the platform up.  Stand on the
    upper left side of the room, below the hole in the ceiling, and activate the
    Soul of Bat.  Fly up into the next  room, turn the Soul of Bat back off, and
    ride the swirly-color platform up to light the lion-head torches.  Go to the
    Save Point on the right and save.
       Drop back down in the lion-torch room and go through the door.
       You've just stepped into a boss fight against...
       Jump in and drop a kick to his head to start off on the right... 'ahem'...
    foot.  Try to stay directly under him when he's flying.  If he shoots his blue
    spears, you'll be in the perfect position to avoid them.  If he launches shadow
    balls, do your best to dodge.
       Karasuman's most common attack, though, is to summon shadow crows and
    launch them. This attack fans out from Karasuman's body, blanketing one side
    of the screen...  But, if you're below him when he calls the crows, you can
    move behind him while he launches them.  Not only are you in no danger, you can
    beat him senseless while he's locked in this animation!
       Collect a Life Max up for your superior fighting form and go right.
       Go straight through the next room.  You can break down walls for items you
    can't use if you like.
       Head right and down through the pendulum room.  You'll find Sword Lords in
    this room, and, when you kill them, they'll turn into semi-invisible Vandal
    Swords.  The Vandal Swords are fast, but their sword is always visible, so
    they're easy to track.  Kill them all and head right, into the actual clock
       Try to avoid the Medusa Heads as you carefully cross the room to the upper
    right wall.  Punch the wall out and pass through the opening.  Kill Flea Armors
    as you go right and up.
       Jump up into the roof peak.  A Cloaked Knight guards a Heart Max up and a
    Life Max up.  Avoid him or kill him and collect the Life Max up on the left.
    Jump back down and go back out, across the tower, and back into the pendulum
    room.  Fight your way back past the Sword Lord/Vandal Swords, climb up, and
    swing on the pendulums to reach the door.  Go left back to the Keep.
       Ride the lion torch platform back up and save, then go through the left door
    to the broken stairs.  Activate the Soul of Bat and fly left.  Dodge the Flea
    Riders and go to the stone outcropping below Dracula's throne room.  Collect
    the Power of Mist relic...  And turn it off.
       Fly back across to the Save Point.  Use it.
       Drop down to the teleporter and warp back to the Outer Wall.
       Ride the elevator all the way down.  Go down the stairs and drop through the
    hole next to the vase.  In this room, go down the stairs.  Take the door back
    to the creepy-eye corridor of the Marble Gallery.
       Kill the Stone Roses and Diplocephaluses and head left.  Go through the
    X-shaped room and exit the upper left.  In the next room, drop down through
    the hole and head down to the Underground Cavern.
       Avoid the Spear Guards' attacks and go down through the room until you come
    to a hole in the floor.  Turn on the Soul of Bat and step through the hole.
    Take bat form and fly right through the door.  Turn the Soul of Bat off and
    proceed right.  In the next room, smash the vase for a Claymore sword if you
    want it, then drop down and exit.
       The bottom right vase in this room contains the Moonstone;  The rest hold
    Meal Tickets.  Collect all the Meal Tickets, and the Moonstone if you want,
    then go through the bottom LEFT door to find a Save Point.  Do your business
    and exit, this time, go through the right door to find a strange, glowing
    purple Save Point.  Use it to enter...
       The game takes over for you here.  Watch Alucard talk to his dead mother
    (Norman Bates, anyone?), then prepare to fight...
       Jump in and hit her as soon as you can.  When she flies up to the top of the
    screen, enter the menu and turn the Leap Stone on.  Succubus spends a lot of
    time at the top of the screen, and double jumping is the only way to reach her.
       Stand under her while she decides what to do.  She will either extend spears
    from her wings (which you can avoid by standing below her), or create a row of
    clones.  If she clones herself, you must dodge the pink energy balls the clones
    all fire and attack each one until you find the real Succubus.
       Succubus will also launch pink flower petal things in an attack that mirrors
    Karasuman's shadow crows, and you can avoid and counter this attack exactly as
    you did with him.
       When she falls, you return to the castle.  Turn the Leap Stone off, collect
    the Gold Ring, and use the Save Point.
       Climb back up and left, and fall down the vertical shaft into the cave.
    Head left all the way to the waterfall.
       At the waterfall, activate the Soul of Bat and fly left to the door.  Enter
    the room and push the switch.  A Skeleton Ape appears and breaks open the
    floor, allowing you to get the Herald Shield if you want.  Kill the Skeleton
    Ape and fly back across the gap.  Turn the Soul of Bat off and go back the way
    you came.
       In the room with the wooden bridge, you will now find another Skeleton Ape.
    You'll have to kill him and continue right to the next room, then turn around
    and come back.
       Kill the Frogs and Toads, then SLOWLY go left until you see the Skeleton
    Ape, then slide back.  Wait until the Ape is on screen again, and slide.  Do
    this until you're standing on the wooden bridge.  Let the Skeleton Ape throw
    his barrel, destroying the bridge, and drop down to the Heart Max up and Life
    Max up.  Collect them and drop down to the door.  Enter...
       Drop to the bottom of the gold room and save on the right.  Use the Leap
    Stone to get back onto the lowest platform, turn it back off, and climb up to
    the dog-head door.  Enter and go right to face...
       Run in and punch him.  Move in as he backs away and keep hitting him.  He
    will shoot fireballs, either one at a time or several in rapid succession, all
    of which can be ducked under.  When you back him into a corner, he will try to
    jump on you.
       Just do your best to avoid his attacks and heal when necessary.  Beat him to
    earn a Life Max up.
       Go right and drop through the green room.  The next room is only one screen
    tall, and you might fall clean through it!  Get back into this room if you fall
    through and head right.  Kill the Gremlin and his fires (you can wait a few
    seconds for the fires to burn out) and go through the door to the last
    teleporter.  Warp up to the Entrance, save, and return.
       Head left from the teleporter, kill the Gremlin again, and drop down to the
    bottom of the next room.  Exit to the right and go down to the door to...
       Drop down through the first room and go left to the Save Point.  Save and go
    back to the right.
       The Wereskeletons in this room have great reach.  They throw bones, and whip
    their necks.  Kill them and the Bone Ark, which must be approached with
    caution, as it will fire lightning balls when you get close.  Head right.
       More Gremlins in this room.  Proceed carefully to avoid their fires and drop
    down to the lower left door.  Enter a room full of sarcophagi (that's stone
    coffins).  Walk casually through and keep your hands to yourself, like a
    museum.  If you punch the coffins, they will release Skeletons and Blood
    Skeletons...  So don't!
       In the next room you'll find a Heart Max up and a Life Max up.  Grab them
    and go back past the sarcophagi to the Gremlin room.  Cross the bottom of the
    room and enter the lower right door.
       Keep going until you come to a large room with a floating platform.  You can
    kill the Slimes in this room with your fists (about 3 hits for the Green
    Slimes, about 5 for the Large Slime), but be careful of the Bone Ark.  Climb up
    to the door on the upper right and enter a dark room.
       Open the menu and activate the Form of Mist and Power of Mist relics.  Turn
    into a cloud and float blind through the dark room (roughly, go right, up, righ
     just a little, down, right, up, and right).  Try to zig-zag a little, as there
    are several tiny ledges to get hung up on, and it's almost impossible to tell
    if you're moving at all once you get to the center of the room and have no
    point of reference.  Materialize on the light platform to reveal the spikes
    lining the walls of the room.  Turn off the Mist relics and go right.
       Kill the Wereskeletons and pass through this room.  Drop down into the next
    room and kill the Bone Ark.  There is a hidden Pork Bun in the lower right
    corner of this room.  Grab it and go left past several Wereskeletons to a long
    room, at the end of which you will find the Spike Breaker armor.  Don't equip
    it yet.
       Go back, past the Wereskeletons, to the hole in the ceiling.  Turn on the
    Soul of Bat, fly up, and deactivate the relic in the next room.  Head left.
       In the spike room, equip the Spike Breaker and turn on the Leap Stone.  Make
    your way left to the end of the room, then remove the armor and turn the Leap
    Stone off again.
       Go left through the Slime room and head back to the Save Point.  Save and go
    up and out of the Catacombs.
       Equip the Leap Stone and climb up through the green room.  Collect two
    Shiitakes on the way if you missed them coming down.  When you exit the room,
    turn off the Leap Stone and go right to the teleporter.  Warp up to the
       Go up to the Save Point and save.  Continue up to Alchemy Lab.
       Go back through the Lab to the Royal Chapel.
       Head through the Chapel to the first bell tower.  Climb the tower to the
    platform with the Hunting Girl.  Fight the Hunting Girl if you think you can
    take her, or continue up, over the bottom bell, and drop down to the door on
    the Hunting Girl's left.  Enter the room and equip the Spike Breaker and Form
    of Mist relic.  Go all the way left, past the blue door, and break the bad news
    about Richter to Maria.
       After she goes into denial and leaves, grab the Silver Ring behind where she
    was standing and go back to the bell tower.
       Turn off the Form of Mist and remove the Spike Breaker.  Drop down to the
    bottom of the tower.  Go left, back to the room with the Spectral Sword, drop
    straight down, and use the lower right door to enter the Colosseum.
       Use the Save Point directly below the door.  Climb back up and head right.
       If you're feeling brave, go down the shadowy corridor, through the empty
    arena, and step on the button in the floor to use the elevator.  Ride down one
    floor and go right.  Take out the Hunting Girls, and climb up to the Save
       If you're more conservative, or less lucky, climb up above the arena and
    cross through the Blade Soldier/Blade Master room, and down to the Save Point.
       Regardless of the path you chose, save and climb up to the door to Olrox's
        Head right and sneak under the Spectral Sword.  Drop down and kill the
    Skelerangs.  If you're fast enough, you can hit them before they see you
    coming.  Go down and through the door.
       In the room where you picked up the Heart Max up and Life Max up, equip
    both the Gold and Silver Rings.  Go right and fall down into the main clock
       The clock should react to the Rings.  You'll see a flash, then the clock
    hands spin around, point straight down, and the clock chimes 13.
       Drop down through the new opening and go right for a Heart Max up/Life Max
    up combo.  Go back and ride the spooky elevator down to the room below.  Fall
    down to the bizarre room within a room.  Fall down off the top of the inner
    room and go under it to the hieroglyph decorated platform in the floor.
       The platform will raise you up into the inner room, where Maria will move
    from denial to acceptance, and give you the Holy Glasses.  When the cut scene
    ends, turn on the Soul of Bat and fly back up to the elevator.  Ride it up and
    use the Save Point on the left, then fly up to the main clock chamber.
       Turn the Soul of Bat off and go right.
       Head back to the Outer Wall.
       Go up and left, along the same path you took to fight Doppelganger 10.  Use
    the Save Point and go up, right through Doppelganger's room, and back out to
    the Wall.  Go up the stairs and ride the elevator up to the Long Library.
       If you can afford it, visit the Master Librarian (even if you can't, you can
    try killing Spellbooks for the chance at a 1000 gold bag); Otherwise, continue
    up to the teleporter room and warp to the Castle Keep.
       Step out of the teleporter room, ride the platforms up, and use the Soul of
    Bat to fly up through the hole in the ceiling.  Ride the swirly color platform
    up in the lion head torch room and use the Save Point on the right.  DO NOT
       Follow the red carpet left to the broken stairway and fly diagonally
    up-left to the door. Turn the Soul of Bat off and equip the Holy Glasses.
       Stand near the tall candle holder, jump, and punch the lower left corner of
    the wall to reveal a stairway.  Climb it and start breaking stuff!  The
    antiques on the left contain a Frankfurter, a Pot Roast, a Turkey, and a
    Sirloin.  There's no real point in going right, since you have no use for a
    Resist Stone, a Resist Dark, a Resist Holy, or the Platinum Mail, but get them
    if you like.
       Go back down the stairs and left.  Break open the vase on the table for a
    Heart Max up if you want, and enter Dracula's throne room to fight...
      NOTE:  If you are consistently losing this fight, it might be a good 
         idea to go back down to the zombie room in the Castle Entrance 
         and level up. A lot.  I first attempted this fight at LV 28, with 
         a total of 252 HP, and lost in a matter of seconds.  After 
         several more tries with similar results, I decided this isn't 
         just a good suggestion, it's pretty much a necessity.  After 23 
         hours of killing Zombies, I was at LV 35, with 318 HP.
       Actually, you're not here to fight Richter at all.  See that little green
    ball floating above him?  It's controlling Richter.  That is your target.
       Of course, the possessed Richter isn't going to just stand there...
       The legendary vampire hunter will initiate battle by using the Cross item
    crash.  This surrounds him with flying crosses and eventually fills the screen
    with holy light.  No matter what, this attack will hit you.
       Richter possesses amazing speed and power.  He will employ his whip and the
    Holy Water, Axe, and Boomerang Cross items in a no-holds-barred effort to
    destroy you.  In addition, he has an arsenal of special moves, including the
    Uppercut and Whip Dash.
       You, on the other hand, have only the benefit of a single point added to
    your Defense rating and a handful of potions and snacks that will only postpone
    the inevitable.
       Unfortunately, luck is the greatest factor in this fight.  Richter has a
    definite advantage in speed, power, and weapons.  Even after hours of leveling
    up, your Defense is only going to be 3 or 4, with the Holy Glasses equipped.
    However, all that leveling up WILL grant you enough HP to survive more than a
    few attacks, and boost your Attack to shorten the fight.
       Richter will set the pace for the battle.  If he unloads on you with
    constant attacks, you're going down no matter how fast you can heal.  There's
    no nice way to say that.  If he hangs back and tries to be strategic, you stand
    a chance.
       There's no real strategy I can offer, but this is how I ended up beating
       Run up on Richter, don't jump (or he'll toss axes and knock you away), and,
    if you're lucky, when you get too close for his comfort, he'll use his Whip
    Dash.  If you're quick enough to jump this attack, Richter will fly across the
    screen.  Meanwhile, the little green orb will slowly follow him.  Hammer the
    green ball while it is separated from Richter, who is its only defense.  If
    your Attack is high enough, you can destroy it before it gets back above
    Richter and end the fight.
       Pat yourself on the back and watch the cut scenes.  Alucard will
    automatically warp to the Inverted Castle.
       Equip the Soul of Bat and fly up out of the teleport chamber.  Don't bother
    to turn it off, unfortunately (for the purpose of this challenge, anyway) the
    Inverted Castle requires you to fly just about everywhere.  Leaving the relic
    on, however, does not entitle you to employ the bat form special moves, so
    don't think you're getting away with anything.  Go left and smash the vase
    hanging from the table to get a zircon, then drop down below the stairs and
    smash more antiques.  To the right you will find a Life Max up, a Heart Max up,
    another Life Max up, and a Bastard Sword.  To the left, a Heart Max up, Life
    Max up, Heart max up, and a Royal Cloak.  Fly up out of this room and go left.
       Drop down outside the castle and go left.  Kill the Yorick skeleton and
    enter the room.  According to the rules, technically you can only collect the
    High Potion in this room.
       Go back out and fly straight up from the doorway to the red carpet door.
    Go inside and left to save.
       Fly up to the door and go left to the Reverse Clock Tower and fight...
       The greatest threat here is Darkwing Bat's slow speed.  Often, you will
    crash into the flying turtle during attacks, and you will take a lot of damage
    from this.
       Jump in and punch the bat as he slowly flies around the room.  When he
    positions his body vertically, get below him to avoid his wing flap attack,
    which causes a gust of wind that will throw you against the wall.  If the
    mechanics of this attack seem familiar, the method of counterattack should,
    also.  Get behind the bat and pound it while it's locked in this animation.
       Darkwing Bat will also fly down and try to catch you between his wings, but
    this attack, like the rest of his movement, is slow and easy to avoid...
    Unless he catches you in midair as you jump.
       Defeat the bat for the Ring of Vlad, a relic that would grant you a +10
    bonus to your Intelligence rating, if you were leaving it on.  Turn it off and
    return to the Save Point.
       Head back through Darkwing Bat's room and left.  When you reach the room
    with the Bomb Knights, jump to avoid their bombs and kill at least the closest
    of the two (about 5 hits), and ride the spiked platform to get over the second.
    Keep going left until you reach a vertical wall, and use bat form to fly up to
    the stone platform with a Bomb Knight and a small spike platform.  The Bomb
    Knight cannot hurt you, he's too close to the ceiling.  Avoid the spike
    platform and kill him, then run over the top of the platform.  Go left to the
    broken stairs.  You will see a Bomb Knight directly below you;  You can engage
    him or hold left as you fall through the hole in the stairs.  Get onto the
    stone platform directly above a large spike platform.  Drop down onto the spike
    platform and ride down.  Kill the two Bomb Knights, then ride the second spike
    platform up halfway or so, and jump left to the stone platform.  Jump up and
    right to the next stone platform, then fly through the hole in the stairs.
    Continue left through the door.
       Go straight across this room, ignoring the Cloaked Knight, and punch out
    the left wall.  Go through the hidden room and drop down into the Clock Tower
    attic.  Avoid the Cloaked Knight and grab the Life Max up on the left, then fly
    back up into the hidden room and go back to the main Clock Tower.
       Go right back through the door and make your way back past the Bomb Knights
    to the vertical wall.  Fly up and continue right and down to the door.  Go back
    to the Save Point in the Reverse Keep and save.
       Fly up through the hole in the ceiling and ride the platforms up to the
    door.  Go to the teleporter, then turn around and come back.  Head through the
    right doorway.
       Run up to the Tombstone and punch, then slide to avoid being jumped on.  Hit
    it again while it remains stationary;  You should be able to destroy it (5
    hits) before it jumps again.  If the Tombstone hits you, you will be cursed,
    but big deal, right?
       Continue right to...
       Fly up the bell tower to the Save Point on the left.  Save.  Fly across to
    the hall on the right.  Rapidly punch the Balloon Pod to break it open and
    destroy its poisonous seeds.  Avoid the Black Panther by throwing a punch at
    it as it runs toward you;  It will turn into a puddle and flow past you.  Keep
    moving so it doesn't run up behind you.  Go through the pink-tinted door to
       Jump in close to her at the beginning of the battle , duck, and hit her a
    couple of times.  She will back away; Follow and keep hitting her until she
    backs into the corner.  Get right next to her, duck, and start tapping the
    attack button.
       The hardest part of this fight is the amount of time it takes to wear
    Medusa's 1100 HP down with only your fists.  By ducking, you will avoid her
    sword slash and stone gaze attacks, so you can actually win this fight with no
    damage incurred.
       Collect the Heart of Vlad, which gives you the useless ability to avoid
    curse.  So turn the relic off.
       Head back left and fly across the bell tower to the Save Point.  Save.
       Go back right, through Medusa's room, and down another hallway full of
    Balloon Pods and Black Panthers.  Fly up the next bell tower and go through
    the door on the right.
       There are several Black Panthers in this hall, and you're bound to get boxed
    in.  Just keep moving and ignore them.
       Drop into the roof of the last bell tower and smash the vase on the right
    for a Life Max up, then fly up the tower.
       When you reach the door to the spiked hallway, duck inside.  Step back out
    and fly left under the wooden platform, then around the left side and above it,
    back to the center, and straight up.  If you do this quickly enough, you can 
    void damage from the Snipers of Goth.  Fly up into the Chapel and dodge around
    the Snipers to the door on the left to enter...
       Go left to the hall with the Flying Zombies and Cthulu.  Be careful;
    Somehow, I managed to break through the floor in this room, and the only
    purpose this seems to serve is so the Cthulu can knock you backwards through
    the hole, which resets all the enemies in the room.  If you break the floor,
    you might as well die and come back.
       Kill the Flying Zombies by throwing a standing punch or two to destroy the
    upper body, then crouch and punch the legs to death.
       Get past this room to get another Life Max up.
       Continue left past more Flying Zombies and another Cthulu.  Try to lure the
    Zombies away from the Cthulu, who will fly harmlessly back and forth until you
    get too close to him.
       Exit the room and drop down past the Medusa Heads to the broken platforms.
    Cross to the left and enter the Save Point.  Save.
       Go back right across the broken platforms.  Drop down off the right platform
    and run under the Karasuman through the lower right door.
       Head down the hall.  When you reach the blocks on the ceiling that you can't
    walk past, use bat form to fly below them and continue through the gold door to
       Akmodan II is a hard hitter and can be a difficult boss to get in close to.
    Unless you know what you're doing, this will be a tough, frustrating fight.
       The key lies in your speed.  As soon as you enter Akmodan's chamber, run
    straight across and crouch in front of the coffin as it opens.  The Alucard
    sprite should be directly in front of the coffin's lid.  This should put you
    within punching range as soon as the mummy appears.
       Start punching like mad.  When the mummy starts taking damage, he will lapse
    into his "ouch, I got hit!" animation and be unable to recover, and will simply
    stand still until he dies or you stop punching him.  Simple.  If you lose any
    HP in this battle, you did it wrong (well, I guess it's not wrong if you win).
       Collect the Rib of Vlad (CON +10) and turn it off.
       Leave Akmodan's chamber, avoid or kill the first Karasuman, and fly up to
    the broken platforms.  Go left to the Save Point.
       Drop down to the lower left corner of the main room and fall through the
    hole in the floor.  Smash the vase for an Aquamarine and head left.  When you
    come to the spikes in the floor, wait on the platform for the Ghost Dancer,
    kill it, and fly left to the next platform.  Kill another Ghost Dancer, fly
    left.  Keep doing this until you reach the hole in the ceiling.
       Fly up through the hole to the top, then take the door on the left and
    teleport back to the Reverce Keep.  Save and return.
       Go right form the teleporter.  In the room where you encountered Hammer and
    Blade in the `normal' castle you will find Ghost Dancers and Malachais.  Kill
    the Ghost Dancers, duck below the Malachias and let them fly over you, and
    keep going right to the main chamber.
       Fly up and left.  Break down the wall and enter the hidden room.  There are
    a Malachai and two Ghost Dancers in this room; Kill the Ghost Dancers and
    ignore the Malachai.  Go all the way left and stand on the ledge to jump and
    break the vases for an opal, Sword of Hador, and a high potion.
       Leave this room and fly up through the hole in the ceiling.  Go left, then
    take bat form and zig zag around all the platforms as you proceed up to the
    door.  Go left to...
       Go left and fly up to the central clock.  Drop down the long center shaft
    to a room full of glass cylinders holding the subweapon items (stopwatch,
    knife, etc.)  Ignore them and head right for a Life Max up.  Fly back up to the
    central clock and head left.  To my knowledge, there's no way you can take on
    the Guardians in this room in Alucard's current state, so hug the ceiling and
    fly across.  Continue left through the next room.
       As soon as you enter you encounter a Jack O' Bones.  Carefully time your
    jump to kick him, and jump immediately afterward to avoid the spike trap on
    the floor.
       Go down the stairs.  Another Jack O' Bones waits in another spike trap, but
    the real threat is the Nova Skeleton.  Take them both out and go right.
       Another Nova Skeleton waits on the platform.  Kill it and get to the floor
    to take out the Jack O' Bones; If you wait on the platform, he will throw his
    bouncing bone cross up and can shave off your HP pretty quickly.
       Go left past another spike trap and into the next room.
       Drop down onto the spike trap as soon as you enter the room.  Carefully
    cross the spike trap and kill the Nova Skeleton.  Fight your way past more
    Jack O' Bones and go left into the X-shaped room.
       Get to the center platform and fly up and left.  Go under the pink opening,
    through the spike trap, and exit left.
       The Stone Skulls in this corridor are invulnerable; Ignore them and go left.
    Deal with a few Jack O' Bones and keep going.  After the room's halfway point,
    you'll only encounter Thornweeds.  Keep going left to the door and enter...
       Drop down off the end of the platform and go right, across the hole in the
    floor, to a room full of Paranthropi.  Fight or jump over them and go right
    across the next room to the Save Point.
       Drop down outside the Save Point and go through the left door to face...
       All the Creature does is roll around a lot, and occasionally swing his
    hammer at you.  Unless he actually hits you, he's pretty harmless.
       When he rolls, just jump over him again and again until he stops (he rolls
    5 times).  Try to be behind him when he stops and hit him repeatedly until he
    turns around.  Stay in the center of the room to give yourself space to clear
    him when he rolls, and keep up the jumping/hitting pattern until he dies.
       Collect the Tooth of Vlad for a STR +10 bonus that you're turning off as a
    reward for this easy (but time consuming) battle.
       Go left, grab the shield potion, and go through the door.  Jump over the
    Jack O' Bones to the platform and smash the vase for a high potion.
       Fly up and go right, back through the Paranthropus room to the Save Point,
    then backtrack and fly up to the door to the Black Marble Gallery.  Since
    you're flying up, and going to be right next to it, smash the vase across for
    the door for a Life Max up, then go back to the Gallery.
       Go right, past the Thornweeds, Stone Skulls, and Jack O' Bones to the
    X-shaped room.  Go right and down.
       Get past the spike trap and Jack O' Bones in the next room, kill the Nova
    Skeleton and fly up through the pink door in the ceiling.  Go left and fly up
    the next room to the door.
       Smash the vase for a zircon and head up.  Use the door on the left to save,
    then go right.  Kill the Jack O'Bones and Nova Skeleton and go through the
    right door for a Life Max up, then break down the wall for a diamond.
       Go left back to the main room and head up until find the door on the left.
    Go through it and left past more Jack O' Bones and Nova Skeletons.
       In the next room, kill the Jack O' Bones and smash the vase for a Heart Max
    up if you want, then fly up, carefully navigating past the Balloon Pods, and go
    through the upper left door.
       All the vases in this room contain Meal Tickets.  Collect them all and go to
    the top of the room.  To the right is a Save Point.  To the left, in the room
    where you found Nightmare in the `normal' castle, you will find peanuts hidden
    on the floor.  But these are no ordinary peanuts.  Grab them, leave the room,
    and come back to collect them again...And again...And again.
       Stock up on peanuts to your heart's content (or until you get 99, all you
    can carry).
       NOTE:  To use peanuts, equip them and push the button to throw the 
           peanut high into the air, then get under it and press up to eat 
           it for 50 HP.  Not bad for a little thing!
       Head back out to the main chamber.  Fly straight up into the cave and go
    left to the Save Point.
       Go right from the Save Point.  In the next room, stand in the doorway and
    wait for the Jack O' Bones to jump at you and fall down through the hole in the
    floor, then fly across and grab the Shiitake.  Head right and drop down and
    left for another Shiitake, then continue right.  Deal with the Rock Knights as
    you did the Bomb Knights in the clock tower (dodge the rock, run in, and punch;
    11 hits kills them).  Lure the Rock Knights left as far as you can to kill
    them, then run right and hammer on the Venus Weed as it opens.  When it dies,
    slide and lure the Rock Knight back to kill it, then run right and kill another
    Venus Weed.
       Continue right.  There are more Rock Knights, but that was the last Venus
    Weed you'll be seeing.  Exit right and fly up through the hole in the ceiling
    of the next room to the door.
       The first thing you'll hear in this room is the telltale flapping of
    Gaibon's wings.  Go to the center of the room and jump to make him come after
    you.  Kill him and  fly up from the center of the floor to the first platform.
    When the next Gaibon appears, return to human form and fall back to the floor
    (he will chase you), then kill him as well.
       There are two more Gaibons above; Kill them in the same manner and use the
    upper left door to save.
       Drop down from the Save Point, dodge the Gaibons, and enter the dog head
    door.  There are two Slogras in this room; Take them on separately and go
    through the left door to face...
       Death fight in two forms, so I'll address each separately.
    Form 1
       This is the standard form you've likely seen in previous Castlevania titles:
    He flies around the room and spinning scythes appear to attack.  The scythes
    are easily dodged, but if you get cornered you can kill them with a punch.
    Keep moving back and forth across the floor to avoid being cornered and punch
    Death when you get an opening.
       After taking a certain amount of damage, Death will hover in place and
    summon two energy balls.  Pound him relentlessly while he's motionless and then
    dodge the slow moving energy balls and scythes while you hit Death until he
    hovers in place again (If you're fast enough, he will skip the floating energy
    ball part I just described and go to this).
       Pummel Death while he hovers again, until he summons either two large, red
    scythes that float near him or two giant pentagrams that produce fast, ghostly
    skulls.  If you get the skulls, you're probably going to see the Game Over
    screen soon, but not definitely.  Get in another hit and Death will call the
    red scythes.
       When he throws the red blades, back off and avoid them until they fly back
    up to Death, then run in and hit him until he throws them again.  Repeat this
    until he changes form (you should level up from killing the first form).
    Form 2
       Death turns into a big flying skeleton thing with two scythes.  Try to stay
    as close to him as you can, running back and forth directly below him.  When he
    raises his arms, run under and behind him.  He will drop and swing his scythes
    down, and you can pound him.  When he begins to recover from this attack, slide
    and start the pattern over.  Jump occasionally to keep Death flying high enough
    for you to run below him unharmed.
       If he throws his scythes, jump to avoid them (they boomerang, so you need
    to dodge twice).
       Collect the Eye of Vlad (LCK +10) and turn the relic off.
       Exit left and fly up slowly to avoid the bats hanging from the ledge.
    Carefully navigate this room and go out through the top.  In the next room
    head left to the door and use the teleporter to warp to the Reverce Keep.
       Leave the teleporter and drop down to the Save Point.  Save and head right
    below the red carpet.  Fly back across to the inverted throne room and go all
    the way right to the teleport tower.  Drop into the tower and press up to warp
    back to the `normal' castle.  Head right to the teleport room and warp down to
    the Outer Wall.
       Drop down to the elevator and ride to the door to Long Library.
       Head back through the Library and sell your gems to the Master Librarian,
    then buy some potions.
       After you stock up,  head back up to the teleporter and choose your destiny.
    You now possess all the pieces of Dracula, and can open the path to him and
    engage in the final battle; Or you can warp back down to the Entrance and
    level up.
       NOTE:  There's a third option available for you at this point: Cheat.
         My  wife says if you came this far, you've earned it.  Since
         there are only two bosses left, and you probably don't have a
         week or so to sit around while your system levels Alucard up, go
         ahead.  If you have a Gameshark, use the following code to level
         up fast:
                     80097bec  ffff
       Now or then, when you're ready to face the Lord of the Undead, warp up to
    the Castle Keep and go left to the throne room.  Use the warp tower to return
    to the inverted castle.  Use the teleporter in the Reverce Keep to warp to
    Death Wing's Lair.
       Go left to the main chamber and fly up to the Black Marble Gallery, then up
    to the central clock.  The clock should react in the same way it did to the
    Gold and Silver Rings in the `normal' castle.  Fly up through the ceiling and
    go right to save, then ride the spooky elevator up.
       Fly around the room within a room and drop into the chamber where Maria
    gave you the Holy Glasses to fight...
       There isn't much strategy here.  Pound on Shaft's flying machine as fast and
    often as you can.
       Shaft employs six green orbs that attack in pairs.
       The first two glow rainbow colors and bounce around the room; They're
    fairly easy to dodge and you can continue your assault while they make their
       The second two fly down and fire flame bursts; To avoid them, crouch in the
       The last two spread out to either side of the room and fire lightning
    between them, then move up and down.  You can't avoid this, so ignore it and
    hit Shaft if you can.
       When he falls, the path to Dracula opens!
       The battle begins with some dialogue.  As soon as the dialogue ends, get in
    the lower left corner of the room and crouch as Dracula moves into the
    foreground, then mash the attack button as fast as you can.  You will avoid
    most, if not all, damage from this position, and you can put a few good hits
    on the Lord of the Undead in the process.
       When Dracula flies into the background, he will create an energy ball and
    fire it forward.  Stay put until the last possible second and jump over the
    energy ball, then get back into the corner before Dracula moves back up.
       Dracula's three dragon heads will take turns trying to hit you, but they
    can't reach you.  When the dragons stand straight out, they create a triangular
    energy field that will break up and hit you.  Let it.  You'll take more damage
    trying to avoid it, so ignore it and keep hammering on Dracula.
       Dracula also conjures up bosses you've faced and smashes them into a gory
    mess.  This is only for effect and really does nothing.
       Just keep pouring it on, use any heal items you have if you need it (there's
    no reason to save them now), and Dracula will fall in time.
       CONGRATULATIONS!!  You just completed the Naked Alucard Challenge!
    ************************************   vi    **********************************
       Though I seem to be the first to have made a guide for this quest, I'm in
    no way stupid enough to assume I'm the first to complete it.  Nor do I claim to
    be a great gamer.  Probably not even a good one.  For those that have been here
    and done this already, or for those that are inspired to undertake the task by
    this guide, I have this list of things I would like to add to the guide.  Any
    submissions will be given due credit and be greatly appreciated:
       1)  Any additional strategy, for any boss covered in this quest, or any
          not on the path I set (provided, of course, you can get to the boss
          and combat it without breaking the rules).  Which leads me to:
       1b) A battle strategy to fight and BEAT Galamoth (if such a thing is
           possible; I can imagine the arguments already).  Come on, guys.
           There has got to be some uber-gamer out there with the skillz and
           the cajones to pull this off.
       2) Level suggestions for any particular area/ boss.  If you can
          conquer this at LV. 47, say so.  I'm the kind of guy who still
          maxes out my character stats before I fight Sephiroth for the
          thousandth time.
       3) A way to navigate any part of the inverted castle without relying
          on the Soul of Bat/Leap Stone so much.  I feel like a dirty cheater,
          flying around that castle so much.  (On the other hand, if nobody
          can tell me otherwise, it'll ease my conscience some.)
       4) Any items (especially HP Max ups) that I couldn't get to but you
       5) Can anyone tell me why Alucard bears such a striking resemblance to
          Setzer from Final Fantasy III/VI (3 on the SNES, 6 on PSone)?  Look
          at the Castlevania manual art and Setzer's sprite and tell me I'm
    ************************************  vii  ************************************
       Let me know about any side-quest you devise, complete the quest in
    record time, or show off your sick skillz in some other way, and I'll
    immortalize you in print!
       This is it, THE strategy for the hands-down baddest-ass boss in SOTN.
       That's right.  So you took on Dracula with nothing but a loincloth.
    You beat Werewolf and Minotaur with 1 measly HP left.  You even spanked
    Richter with a mere 4 points added to your DEF rating.  But I ask you,
    can you make Galamoth beg for mercy with no one and nothing but the gods
    on your side?
       gman94 (gman94@gmail.com) did, and here's how:
       (NOTE:  I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this strategy...)*
         Ok, when you get to where Galamoth resides, go to the checkpoint to
       the left of his room. Before you save make sure everything is on that
       you need, which is the gravity boots, the leap pendant, and you will
       want alot of elixers/high potions/heal apples if they're aloud, not
       sure. (NOTE: They are)  A couple of shitakes or peanuts are good cuz
       you will probubly have time to heal during the thunderball attack.
         Ok, save and enter his room. now it becomes fun.  Walk up to him so
       he stands up and the scary music plays (which will become annoying in
       about five minutes, if you got a big tv I would suggest doing this in
       PIP) back up. He will usually initiate battle by throwing his magic
       wand up into the air and calling his thunderball friends. Ok are you
       Good, and he will quit. Now he usually will lean over you and make some jolt
       lightning, just waiting to shock you. Well, when he tries, super jump
       into the air, and get ready to kick him in his head. Now, the only
       thing that hits you is his giant horn, so don't touch that. After you
       hit him once, you will careen upwards, jump, and kick him in the back
       of his head. Then, once again you'll be flying upwards, and the faster
       you do this kick, the better chances of you getting in a fourth kick.
       You better experiment and get your own rhythm, that way you can always
       get that fourth kick in. Now you'll either have to go over his wand or
       underneath, and I would recommend over. Now, usually if you go over he
       will send the shockwave thing at you. Just don't jump and you wont get
       hit by it.
         Rinse wash repeat until Galamoth falls. The only thing to watch out 
       for is to always get on his side farthest away from the wall.
       So if he pins you into the wall, you will die. And thats about it.
       "TO ALL I SAY THIS, *Galamoth fall down and go BOOM*"
    * Yes, I realise I stated clearly that NO relics were allowed, however, 
      I'm letting the Leap Stone and Gravity Boots slide for anyone with the
      guts to try this out.  It's Galamoth!  He's two friggin' screens tall!
      How much of a 'hole do you think I am?
      Hubert Cumberdale (vile1011@gmail.com)offers this alternative:
      I have an easier way to beat Galamoth with only your fists. Its a bit
      cheap, but so is galamoth, and pulling if off to begin with is quite
      tough anyway. Its basically a variant of the whiplash method, only
      somewhat tougher because your fists have no reach. Galamoth has to be in
      just the right position for this to work, and lucky enough, he starts
      out in such a position! He'll usually use his continous lightning bolt
      attack first(otherwise, he'll do it second, after the black lightning
      ball attack). Get over and around Galamoth somehow(if you can do this
      without gravity boots, kudos to you!) and onto the platform above on the
      right side of the room.
      After he finishes his attack, he'll back up. Here's the tricky part: the
      SECOND he turns around, you have to jump into the air and hit him in the
      head, and then fall back on the platform. If you do this right, his head
      will jerk back. Now you have to do it again, without wasting a fraction
      of a second, before he recovers. Fortunately, you don't have to jump in
      circles like a maniac forever. After a good 4 or 5 hits, he'll usually
      be within range of your fists, so just land as far to the edge of the
      platform as you can and just mash the punch button repeatedly. 
      If you can get this far, you're likely to win. That's a big "if" though.
      There's a split second window of opportunity to get that first shot in.
      However, he can break free, and if he does you'll have to resort to
      kicking him in the head while he's doing his lightning attack, because
      its almost impossible to get him into the right position to repeat the
      whiplash strategy.
      Nicholas Sculley <pipdiphoneynutcherio@yahoo.com> suggests that, if you
      should find the Naked Alucard Challenge not quite enough of a challenge,
      begin the game with the 99 Luck code (enter name as X-X!V''Q) to reduce
      your stats to ridiculously low levels and make it incredibly hard to gain
      levels.  Then, have your head examined.
    ************************************  viii  ***********************************
       Castlevania, Alucard, and all related terms are copyright Konami.
       Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night copyright Konami 1997.
       This guide is copyright Ryan Goss (Acid Angel 13), 2003.
       If you want to post this guide or parts of it, send me an e-mail for
    permission first.  It'll only take a minute, and it's not like I'll say no.
       Well, I might...
       Also note that if you choose to do something stupid, like steal MY property
    (this guide), keep in mind I have this on my hard drive, as well as the
    handwritten original, and I WILL make your life hell over it.
       This guide may be distributed freely, in whole or in part, by any means.
        Any portion of this guide taken from the complete version must be credited
    to me.  This guide is for FREE distribution, which means nobody (except me)
    may get any amount of money for it.  Unless you sell it to your little brother
    for a penny- I guess I'd let that pass.
       To contact me for whatever reason, e-mail me at:
    Use Castlevania as the subject, or I'll toss it along with all the spam I get.
       Any corrections, revisions, additional strategy, or whatever, will be
    greatly appreciated and, if relevant, posted in further versions of this guide.
      What's more, I love getting e-mails about my work.  If you send me a mail,
    even a nasty one, you WILL get a reply.  If you don't I didn't get it.  Check
    back with GameFAQs and look at the newest version of this guide to make sure
    you have my current address, and try again.
    ************************************   ix   ***********************************
    VERSION HISTORY (or, Some Stuff You Probably Don't Care About)
    6/13/2003- Ver 1.00: Finished copying the hand written quasi-guide I made
    while actually playing onto the computer.  Made up some FAQs, and a few
    lame jokes.
    6/10/2004- Ver 1.05: Slight changes.  Added Authorized Site list.
    5/17/2005- still Ver 1.05: had to change e-mail carriers.  Yahoo blows...
    9/2/2005- Ver 2: Added Galamoth strategy by gman94, revised Site
    Authorzation policy, added contact message
    9/30/2005- Ver 2.2: Due to an incredible influx of mail about the guide
    (yes, three mails in a couple day's time IS incredible), yet ANOTHER
    update, as well as fixing some formatting errors I missed in revision 2
    12/21/05- Ver 2.5: Added alternate Galamoth Stretegy, Nicholas Sculley's
    challenge suggestion...  I guess that's it.
    2/22/06- Still Ver 2.5: Actually POSTED this version, after having it pointed
    out to me that I've had not only the WRONG guide, but an INCOMPLETE
    guide, hanging out on GameFAQs in its place.  gman, I can't thank you enough.
    Yes, I am a stupidass.
    AUTHORIZED SITES (or, People Who Didn't Rip This Off)
      The last time I got asked for this from a site other than GameFAQs, I
    got jerked around by said site and was utterly unable to register, let
    alone actually upload my work.  Since I have a real life, and DON'T have
    time to waste trying to get this onto a site when I could seriously care
    less if it's there or not, from now on I will remain completely loyal
    and suservient to the site that introduced me to online gaming strategy.
    www.gamefaqs.com is the ONLY site that will ever carry my work.  If you
    find it anywhere else, it's stolen, and I'd like to know about it.

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