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    Jewel Sword FAQ by Tanaris

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 07/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     .*..'. ''..'                                                        
      ,..'   '  '                                                        
      ,...   ,  ,                                                        
      ,...   ''.,                               ,.            .''        
      ,..'     ',          ,!, .*|.           !(7.            .(=.       
      *'''   .,,..  .''.. '==*.'== ..... .,* .=7(.,*,'.  .'',..!¦..,*,,. 
      *,,'  '(===(!,(=7=(*(==(,'=='|===(*|==.,7=|(====(.!((==7,7=*|=====,
      !**'  '(=*(=(!==|=(!.7=, ,=7*==|7==!=='!==*((!¦=='7=(===*7=*!(7!==!
      |**,   '|!==(|==|!'  7=, '=7!==|7==.7=!(== .,!(=='7=!(==*==* ,7|==!
      |!|*  .*!!!!!'|!!!** |!, '!|*!!!!!! !!!|!! '**!*!*|!,|***!*''**!**,
      (||*  *''',', '!,,', *'' '',*'''*'. '',!',',',,'',,''!'','..'',!'''
      =(=!  *..''.''.'.' ' ,.. . ',. .''' '.....', ,' .,' .! .'. '* ,,..'
      ==7!  ''','.,'.'''., ,.'.'.'''.''., .'.., .,.''..,,..!..,'.,,.''.''
      |77|   ,,,*,, ,''''. '',...' ,,'''.  *,,*  ''''''.,'.,.'.'''.'''''.
      (CC|      ..                         !||*                          
      (JJ|    .!='         S Y M P H O N Y .77. O F  T H E  N I G H T    
      (JJ|   *7CJ'                          ==                           
      |CC|   |CCC'                          !!                           
      !==|   !==7'                          ,'                           
      !|||. .!|||                           .                            
        ..*,*'.             Jewel Sword F.A.Q.                           
          *','                By Tanaris                                 
          ,.''                       V1.12                               
    Section 1....................Introduction
    Section 2........What is the Jewel Sword?
    Section 3...................Tips & Tricks
    Section 4..............Updates/What's New
    Section 5...............Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    Section 6..........................Thanks
    My name is Tanaris,  I've been a gamer most of my life and in
    1998, a good friend of mine recommended Symphony of the Night
    to me.  I've played it since then, though not as much as many
    other people have.  I recently decided, though, that I should
    study something about the game and write an F.A.Q. about it,
    since I've nothing else to do, nor have I made an F.A.Q. 
    (that got accepted anyway) before.  Without further adieu,
    here it is.  My Jewel Sword F.A.Q.
                        What is the Jewel Sword?
    The Jewel Sword is a nifty weapon.  It makes it so enemies will
    drop saleable gems instead of items.  Excellent when you need a
    few extra bucks, or if you're going for that Duplicator.  It's
    also very fun to just play around with.
    How do you get the Jewel Sword?
    Two places.  The Discus Lord in the Catacombs may drop one,
    or you do the wolf/bat trick in the cave near the Castle
    Entrance.  In the cave you bust out the walls to, above the
    Mermen, you go through left-to-right as a wolf, turn around and go
    through as a bat.  You will NOT hear any sound if done right
    and you must go down to the left wall, down on the bottom.
    If done properly, the wall will be open, leading to a room
    that contains the Jewel Sword and a Life Apple.
    What determines what gem drops, if one even drops?
    Well, your LCK stat determines if one drops.  You will not get
    normal items, such as money bags, weapons or hearts, but
    instead a gem, based on the chances.  While at this time, I
    don't have an accurate ratio for the gem drops, it does go
    something like this (below).
    Name of gem|Zircon:Gem Ratio
    Zircon     |     1:1
    Aquamarine |     4:1
    Turquoise  |    20:1
    Onyx       |    80:1
    Garnet     |   ???:1
    Opal       |   ???:1
    Diamond    |   ???:1
    This table shows how many Zircons you can expect to get (on
    average) before you get the specified gem.  So for every 80
    Zircons, you'll likely get just one Onyx.  These readings are
    innacurate at this time, as I haven't done the hundreds and
    hundreds of runs to get close figures yet, but I do plan to.
    Sent in by James Stocks:
    "I just collected 100 zircons in a hacked game, and got the following:
    100 Zircon
    33 Aquamarine
    3 Turquoise
    4 Onyx
    1 Garnet
    0 Opal
    0 Diamond
    My character was level 99 with 104 luck."
    Which would put his Zircon:Gem ratio at...
    Z-  1:1
    A-  3:1
    T- 33:1
    O- 25:1
    O-  N/A
    D-  N/A
    Garnets, Opals and one can only assume Diamonds do drop.  I
    myself have gotten quite a few Garnets, and a couple Opals.  I
    have not, however, gotten a Diamond yet.  We'll see how that
    comes out at a later date, though.
                               Tips & Tricks
    To get the optimal amount of gems, you'll obviously want to
    fight as many enemies as you can as fast as you can.  Some good
    places to fight?
    Puppet Sword: Cathedral
    This little bugger summons several smaller, weaker swords to
    attack.  Those little, wimpy swords are excellent for cashing in
    on.  Start by getting close enough to the main sword for him to
    summon his cronies.  When he does, slide back and swing
    your Jewel Sword.  You'll take out two most of the time.  Do NOT
    stand still and swing, the Jewel Sword is one of the slowest
    attacks in the game.  Instead, press the jump button just a tap.
    Swing your sword as you're about to touch the ground.  You'll
    swing very quickly now.  Note that this trick works with most
    weapons.  Continue to take out his swords, until there are but
    a few left.  Kill him, exit to the bottom left, re-enter and
    Mermen: Castle Entrance
    These guys constantly respawn, only take a few steps to reach
    almost no matter where they are, and are very weak.  No real
    strategy involved, just do the jump-swing as mentioned in the
    above strategy, and keep going.
    Zombies: Castle Entrance
    Same as above, constant respawn, easy reach and easy kills.
    Ghosts: Marble Gallery
    While they do spawn fast, and are easy to kill, they've only
    got about 50% the drop rate of the other mentioned places.
    However, if you have high luck, this may be a good place for
    you, as they spawn four at a time, and quite fast.
    Medusa Heads:Clock Tower/Outer Wall
    If you need just a few bucks to get whatever, these are your
    girls.  They constantly come at you, and aren't hard to kill.
    They may be a bit slower than the other places, but their close
    proximity to the librarian may be worth it.
    Cloaked Knight:Reverce Clock Tower
    I was fighting for the Heaven Sword when I realized this was an
    excellent place to fight for gems.  If you enter the secret wall
    on the bottom left (the wall you bust out, not the other one you
    click the gears for), then step out, you can kill the first
    Cloaked Knight with ease.  If you do the jump slash, you can
    simply kill, get item if needed, jump back into the hidden area,
    step back into the other room, and repeat.  If he drops nothing,
    then it's easy enough to slide back, and re-enter.
    Sent in by James Stocks:
    "When saving for the duplicator, I found a useful places to get
    money was the lower left hand chamber of the Colliseum. There's
    not particularly interesting enemies in here - two blade
    soldiers, six bone muskets and 2 armor lords; but there is a
    $1000 in the torch at the end of the chamber. A batwing charge
    will exit the room quickly; and if the player runs low on
    health/magic, there is a save room immediately above."
    With this area, you can get several gems, as well as $1000 per
    run.  Not too shabby!
    Sent in by Irishdude8point0:
    "Remember where you fought they second clone of Alucard, and
    in the first castle was the woman who was throwing all those
    waterballs at you and she had the wierd snake like creatures
    to attack you, wel if you go there in the reverse castle there
    are a bunch of dark octs there and they respawn to an extent,
    but when you've run that out just leave the way you came and
    come back in and it starts all over again"
    Very good, I'm surprised I didn't think of this.  Thanks.
    Any other monster that spawns fast:Wherever it's located
    If you find another place, by all means go there.  This F.A.Q.
    isn't here to tell you where you can and can't fight, it's here
    to teach you how to use the Jewel Sword effectively.
    This F.A.Q. was written by Ben Wallace, AKA Tanaris.
    When you do a special attack (D, DF, F + Attack), the Jewel
    Sword will drop a random (up to 8) amount of $1 coins.  Other
    than how cool it may look, it's pretty worthless.  The coins
    vanish pretty quickly, too.
    Remember, always do a jump-slash instead of a standing swing.
    This will save you time, and get you your gems faster.
    Luck does NOT affect which gems drop.  I repeat it does NOT
    mean you'll get better gems if you have higher luck.  All luck
    does is make it so you've got a better chance at getting ANY gem.
                            Updates/What's New
    Version 1.00
    Everything, first published version.
    Version 1.10
    Added a new section, Updates/What's New.
    Added a new area to fight for jewels, Reverce Clock Tower.
    Minor grammar corrections.
    Version 1.11
    Added a new area to fight for jewels, Colloseum.
    Added thanks accordingly.
    Version 1.12
    Added a new area to fight for jewels, Reverce Caverns.
    Added a user-submitted chart of gem drops.
    Added thanks accordingly.
    Minor spelling correction.
                             Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    This document is copyright, Tanaris 2003.
    This document may be found at www.GameFAQs.com.
    You may not use this document for any purposes other than 
    educational purposes.  This includes, but is not limited to 
    selling this for profit, steal, plagurize or otherwise copy it,
    you may not use this information on your website, F.A.Q., or 
    whatnot without written (electronically or otherwise) permission
    from the author, Tanaris.
    Castlevania, and Symphony of the Night are registered
    trademarks of Konami, 1997.
    All other trademarks and copyrights contained within this document
    are owned by their respective copyright and/or trademark holders.
    Konami, for making such a wonderful game.
    The various forumers (whos names will be mentioned later).
    My keyboard, for holding out while I type this.
    GameFAQs and CJayC, for hosting this FAQ.
    Sir 0rion, for introducing me to this game, and being such
    a good friend for as long as I can remember
    You, for reading this.
    Myself (Tanaris) for writing this.
    text-image.com, for the ASCII logo.
    James Stokes, for the colloseum tip.
    Copyright 2003 Ben "Tanaris" Wallace

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