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Reviewed: 03/23/07

if you love GRAW, or Tom Clancy, then rejoice, with this glorious game i call GRAW the 2nd

Capt. Mitchell is back! After getting revenge from Carlos Ontiveros, he’s now back with the Ghosts. Why? Mexican rebels are in control of some heavy weapons. ( Sigh ) So your job is to stop them from activating those nukes, because you are Scott Mitchell; a soldier of the future, captain of Ghosts, handler of awesome weapons, and a bada**…
It’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, for the XBOX 360!!
(out of 5)

LOOKS: If GRAW looked amazing, then the #2 should obviously be a masterpiece, and it’s one of the closest so far to it, like some games! The sp missions+ mp levels look almost top-notch. You the player will also shoot your way in an assortment of varied levels that look crisp, clear, and make us drool…especially with the lighting that can keep a gamer’s attention (isn’t lighting what most 360 games are known for in visuals?). Few levels pit you in a desert, some put you in deserted forest regions, but the bulk are urban areas; like the US/ Mexico border.

There’s also a day/night cycle that you can see w/ your own eyes. One time, you can start in the night, but ask to yourself, “Did the sun rise already?”because you don’t need NG’s anymore. But one of the game’s gems are the explosions. I’m going to tell you that it’s very nice, but buy the game if you want to enjoy that! PS. It’s on 1080 p.

SOUNDS: Although the same as GRAW, this game is decent on sound. The voiceovers in the game are not so bad, and the weapons/vehicles sound like real life counterparts. A pro here is the ambience sounds that you play w/ the game. There were even times when I felt like a hero, or was scared in the process of a mission because of this! But, hey, don’t you forget the explosions; the look of them added with the sound can make you cringe, yep.

FEEL+CONTROLS: GRAW fans like me may say, “ Why are the controls on this game no different than the last one?!?” #2 is the same as #1, with some features here and there, and don’t get me wrong, this is why some people say that it’s more of an expansion pack…you sick people. This is still awesome in ways. WHY CHANGE A FORMULA FOR A GAME THAT’S GOOD ALREADY? So, on to the goods; and the only one is the command system, which is better. Now you can control your support, move your mule, scan w/ a UAV drone, and command your ghosts in each of their own 1st person perspective; like having to be God on the army! That’s the only feature, + how the game paces itself, and #2 also has better pacing. Even w/ the low features, it’s fine by me. You get the GRAW 1 package, but improved here and there. There’s still a ton of fun factor for #2, because of the formula. O yeah, btw, did I tell you there are awesome weapons? This includes the godly FAMAS, an ambidextrous 2ndary weapon, and the punch-packing satchel. Those are just some out of 40-something new weapons, I don’t know…

HOW IT PRESENTS: To make it short and sweet, it’s pretty nice. It’s still like GRAW 1; tactical-map overhead style, with your options in front, w/ the colour blue. GRAW 2 presents you w/ an easy navigation menu system, and even has fun stuff, like the ghost HQ, and an achievement list. In game, it’s still like a military advanced warfighting game, which is good!

POPULARITY: Like the name says, how popular the game, and how hyped it was. Score’s down w/ the rest, but please, READ THE REST OF THIS REVIEW, YOU’RE GETTING TO THE GOOD PART!!

THE GAMING FOR 1: You maybe can get some replay value from the campaign, but I wouldn’t count on that so much! Playing on low risk can get you passed the story in 6-8 hrs. tops, which turning it up a notch can take 2-4 more hrs. Speaking of the story; just under a year after Capt. Mitchell busted his butt with Chapultapek, Guardrail IX, a “football”, and Ontiveros, rebels have some big weapons in their control, nukes they say! So General Martin sends you to Juarez, Mexico to stop the activating of the nukes in the process of killing more rebels to get to your primary objective (even if he says you’ve done enough for 1 man”. Hey, Ubisoft executes the story well. It’s not too hard to understand, and it’s simple so you don’t forget why you’re playing the campaign. Also, you play in beautiful environments as it varies in acts, and the day/ night effect is here too. You’re in control in every advanced technology the Ghosts have, so it’s good to be a Captain; you’re pretty much getting all the credit! One more thing I like about this, is the “Ghost” phrases Scotty says. He’s wonderful!

CO-OP/ XBOX LIVE MP: This is probably why 40-80% of the people play GR or TC games for. And this game’s mp segment, AND THIS IS A STATEMENT, it’s probably one of THE greatest multiplayer games this year, and maybe for the 360, up there with Halo 3 and the GoW series, along with SC, and R6! GRAW 2’s mp is very rich in content, this means: game types, weapons, maps, co-op missions… did I mention clans? Yes, this game has clans!! And it’s a good start for the feature (hope this goes for other games too), easier to play w/ your friends. The maps’ graphics are awesome as well, with 2 different time settings you can play for each, making a total of over 15 kinds of maps. So are the weapons, and the class types you can be, with now you’re allowed to be a medic in battle! So, if you count all the things in the game, you’d probably have over 400-600 combinations of playing the LIVE mp. So pretty much, you probably won’t play a game the same!

X360 ACHIEVEMENTS: This game has a really good assortment of achievements, with sp achievements for beating it by difficulty, and extras you do in a mission. Multiplayer wise, it’s a treat to get. No leader board or pointless achievements here. Overall, it’s awesome, because it’s possible to get all of them in around a week to 2 months, but not too easy it’s a rental for achievement junkies!

Overall, I’d extremely recommend this to any shooter, GR, or TC fan. Although this game doesn’t have enough, it deserves the praise the 1st got. GRAW 2 is pretty challenging, lasting, deep, online worthy and almost everything you can ask for, in a sequel like this game!

Looks: 4.8/5 Sounds: 4.5/5
Feel/Controls: 4.7/5 Presentation: 4.4/5
SP campaign/offline co-op: 4.7/5 Xbox Live Multiplayer: 4.9/5
Popularity: 4.6/5 Lasting/Fun Appeal: 4.9/5
X360 Achievements: 4.8/5 OVERALL: 4.7/5 = 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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