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Guide and Walkthrough by elsquanto / WhyteScythe187

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/02/2007

	        	The Elder Scrolls IV
	 		KNIGHTS of the NINE


lSl                The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion                        lSl
lSl                  Knights of the Nine Guide                           lSl
lSl               by WhyteScythe187 and elsquanto                        lSl
lSl                                                                      lSl

lSl                 Table of Contents                 lSl
lSl              1.00 - Version History               lSl
lSl 2.00 - Walkthrough                                lSl
lSl	2.01 - About Knights of the Nine              lSl
lSl	2.02 - Starting KOTN & The Pilgrimage         lSl
lSl	2.03 - The Helm of the Divine Crusader        lSl
lSl	2.04 - The Priory of the Nine                 lSl
lSl	2.05 - The Boots of the Divine Crusader       lSl
lSl	2.06 - The Mace of the Divine Crusader        lSl
lSl	2.07 - The Gauntlets of the Divine Crusader   lSl
lSl	2.08 - The Shield of the Divine Crusader      lSl
lSl	2.09 - The Greaves of the Divine Crusader     lSl
lSl	2.10 - The Sword of the Divine Crusader       lSl
lSl     2.11 - The Blessing of Talos                  lSl
lSl	2.11 - Umaril the Unfeathered                 lSl
lSl 3.00 - Contact info and Legal Stuff               lSl

lOl 1.00 - Version History          lOl

Vers. 1.00 - Finished and Submitted

Vers. .75 - Inserted detailed walkthroughs for the first two dungeons. More
making the guide look pretty (3/25/07)

Vers. .55 - Guide began to be put into Faq format, added Table of Contents, and
the walkthrough section all the way up to the Mace of the Crusader. (3/19/07)

Vers. .50 -  Guide is a skeleton and an organizer...

lOl 2.00 - Walkthrough              lOl

2.01 - About Knights of the Nine

Knights of the Nine, or KOTN as it will be referred to oftenly from now on, is
a Downloaded content available from the Xbox live marketplace. This DLC costs
about 10 US dollars when this guide is being written, but other Downloaded
content has been available free for special offers or holidays, so anything
could change.

In order to get Knights of the Nine, simply enter the Xbox live marketplace
from the dashboard, and go into the games section. Scroll down until you see
"Oblivion", and enter that. Here you will see a list of all the DLC's,
gamerpictures, and themes, but KOTN should be near the bottom. Select it, and
it should download. Compared to other things available on the marketplace, this
is a very fast download, but playing any games on live will stop it, so go
single player for a while. After you get a friendly little message saying
"Download Complete", KOTN is yours.

KOTN is built in with the PS3 version of Oblivion

2.02 - Starting KOTN & The Pilgrimage

The first thing you should notice is that you don't get a friendly little
message like you would with any other DLC. KOTN is actually an integrated
questline, as if it were part of the game from the start. Start it like you
would any other quest, talking to random people and exploring, going to every
city asking for "Rumors", or you can be lazy and read the next paragraph.

Eventually, people will mention some "prophet" preaching in front of the Chapel
in the city of Anvil.They will also mention an attack on Anvil chapel. Go to
Anvil chapel, a nice guard will stop you and say you don't want to go in there.
And he's right, there is some pretty gruesome stuff in there. But if you want
to know the full story, then go ahead.

But if that's not your taste, head on over across the street looking for the
prophet. If he's not there, then look for a small bedroll lying on the ground.
That's his house. Wait for him there and eventually he'll show up.

When he talks to you, open up all the dialogue options. You don't actually have
to listen to him rant, just pretend to. Eventually, admit to him you are
interested in gathering all of the Crusader's relics. He'll ask you what you're
claims to fame are, and you can answer with the guilds you are currently the
head of. Say you have no claim to fame, and he'll give you a nifty map giving
you the locations of all the nine wayshrines you need to visit.

~The Pilgrimage~

You need to visit every wayshrine on the map, where it will tell you that you
have prayed at this wayshrine, and may continue. Note that the map is not quite
as accurate as you would've liked, so I'll detail the locations in the order
that I recommend.

Arkay - North of the Brina Cross Inn, which is along the Gold road from Anvil
to Kvatch

Mara - NW of Cursed Mine, which is West of Skingrad

Libella - North East of Fort Carmala, which is South of Chorrol

Akatosh - Directly South of Bruma, along the Orange Road

Julianos - Right on the Yellow road, SE of the Imperial City

Kynareth - Next to a small lake, right on the "S" in the Nibenay Basin

Talos - North of Bravil, near the "i" in Nibenay Valley

Zenithar - North of the Flooded Mine, which is North of Bravil

Stendarr - NNE of Leyawin, along the Green road

If all of the wayshrines you visit are on the map that the prophet gave you,
you might meet a pair of knights also walking the way; Sir Roderic and Lathon.

The pilgrimage will set your infamy points to zero, and give you the greater
power "Pilgrim's Grace"

2.03 - The Helm of the Divine Crusader

Once you visit the last shrine and pray at it, wherever it may be, you will be
teleported into another dimension where a dude named Pelinal Whitestrake will
invite you to a brief chat. If you've been paying attention to the story,
you'll know who this guy is. Anyways, once it's over, you'll be sent back to
Cyrodill, with a new shrine marked on your map. This is the underwater ruin of
Vanua. You'll find it under that huge bridge near the Imperial City.

This is a fairly typical Alyeid Ruin, there are not nearly as many suprises as
you'll find later on in the questline. Take a deep breath and dive underwater
to reach the door, then hold your breath a little while longer until you get
onto dry land. As you enter, you will fight some undead, they shouldn't be too
hard. There will be Welkynd Stones in the subchambers on your right and left.
Not very far in, you should reach a square room with four stones in it. There's
a push block on the left which will open the ruin for further progress. The
ruin gets even more straightforward from here. You'll then enter a larger room
where you will need to jump through a hole in the wall in order to access the
level of the dungeon that the shrine is in.

This is a small mazelike room, and the only way out is through another hole in
the wall. Go through this area and you'll drop into the room with the helm in
it. On the ground, you'll find the body of Sir Amiel. Go ahead and take his
ring, his key, and anything else he has on him. He won't need it anymore. Use
the key to open the gate directly across from where you entered, and you'll
need to jump through yet another hole in the corner to progress further. This
tunnel will allow you to bypass the collapsed part of the tunnel which had
hindered your progress. Enter "The Lost Catacombs". Continue to the ruin until
you reach another hole. Are you tired of holes yet? Of course you're not. Holes
are fun!

You are now in a forked hallway, but both paths lead to the same place, thus
defeating the purpose. This is the balcony where the helm is. Pick it up, and
jump off of the balcony. The doors behind the shrine don't go anywhere.  Go
through the far door, and enter  (surprised?) another hole. In the next room
are a kind of large group of enemies, along with a boss chest behind the stone
tomb. A door at the far end of the hallway will open up, allowing you to
reenter familiar territory. Use the same way that you used to get out in order
to get out.

2.04 - The Priory of the Nine

You should get this quest indicator soon after you find Sir Amiel's body.
Either way, go into the priory and look around. It's a dump. If you have Sir
Amiel's ring in your inventory, go to the symbol on the floor that was to your
immediate left when you entered. A nifty little path will open before you. Walk
down and enter the basement, or "undercroft" if you want to be fancy.

Here you will see the cuirass that matches your helmet across the room, but
before you can take it, Sir Amiel's ghost will appear before you. Him and his
ghostly buddies want to see if you are strong enough to challenge Umaril
(that's what this whole thing's leading up to, if you haven't paid attention).
They are all very easy fights and come at you one at a time. It shouldn't be
much of an issue. Surprisingly, you don't need silver, daedric or enchanted
weapons to hurt them, as you would need for most ghosts.

Once you get them to admit defeat, they'll let you grab the cuirass. Take the
armor (it matches nicely with your helmet), and before you leave, have a chat
with some of your new undead allies.

Sir Casimir tells you about the Gauntlets of the Crusader, and the whole story
about how he accidentally killed some beggar and the gauntlets fell from his
hands and now will not budge, the classic sword in the stone deal.

Sir Ralvas tells you about the Mace of Zenithar, a task he failed to achieve
due to lack of faith

Sir Henrek tells you about the Shield of the Crusader, which was kept in Fort
Bulwark to be kept safe

Sir Juncan will tell you about the Boots of the Crusader, which is protected by
Kynareth's "minions"

2.05 - The Boots of the Crusader

Make your active quest "Nature's Fury", which you got from Sir Juncan, to get a
nifty little map marker on the west side of the Red Ring Road, to the West of
the Imperial City.

Meet the worshipper's of Kynareth, the equivalent of PETA in Cyrodill. The nice
lady named Avita will tell you that in order to get the boots, you must go to
the "Grove of Trials". Scary. Walk towards your new map marker and eventually
you will find yourself in a isolated section of the forest. Wait a few minutes,
and a large bear named "Forest Gaurdian" will come in and try to kill you.
Dodge or absorb its attacks, but don't strike the thing. Eventually, it will
get bored and walk away, and a nifty little door will open into Kynareth's

There are two Spriggans standing over the boots, don't attack them. Instead
just pick up the boots and walk out.

*Note: If you attack any of the animals above in the quest, it will add a point
of infamy and force you to redo the pilgrimage
**Note: Don't bring any hostile followers around either, they will attack the
forest guardian in your defense, which will force you to do the above

2.06 - Mace of the Crusader

In the basement of the priory, one of your semi transparent friends named Sir
Ralvas will tell you to do what he failed, and get the Mace of Zenithar from
the Chapel of Zenithar. So, take a hike over to Leyawin and start this quest.

Upon your arrival, another knight will greet you, saying that he tried and
failed to get the boots. Instead he has stayed back to protect it. That's Gods:
2, Knights: 0. Go downstairs and pray at Sir Kaladas' tomb, ignoring the
spectres, they won't attack you.

As soon as you pray, you'll be teleported to some strange area. The mace is
right across the huge gaping cliff of death. You can jump for it, but you won't
reach it. Or, you can slap on the boots of the Crusader, and an invisible
walkway will appear Indiana Jones style. Walk the line, and grab the mace.

When you return, you'll find the chapel filled with Aurorans. Get used to
killing these guys. I would recommend slashing them until they return, then
dodge it and throw a spell at them. That seems to work effectively.

2.07 - Gauntlets of the Crusader

Sir Casimir sends you to see the priests in the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol.
Talk to the priest there, he's named Areldur. He'll tell you the story of the
gauntlets (which you already knew), but then he'll add in another fact, that
the gauntlets are killing a descendent of Sir Casimir named Kellen. The
gauntlets are sitting on the floor surrounded by candles. Don't try to go
"sword in the stone" on it, because it won't work. The only way you'll get
these is by talking to Kellen, conveniently located in the Chapel basement.

Talk to him about the curse, and he'll talk about his suspicion that Areldur
knows something, but doesn't want to reveal it. Sure enough, Kellen is right,
Areldur knows that he can heal Kellen, but only by taking it upon himself. He's
too much of a coward to do it, so he asks you if you knew someone that was
courageous enough to take Kellen's curse upon themselves. What a coincidence!
Suprise, this forces to you to get the curse moved onto you.

So how do you get yourself cursed you may ask? The first step is going over to
the Chapel altar, where you will be asked whether or not you wish to take on
the curse. This will grant you the spell "Lay hands on", which is a lesser
power. Now go over to your good 'ol pal Kellen, and use the spell on him. He'll
immediately get excited and begin running around the room. After he calms
himself down, you can talk to him again. You can go pick up your Gauntlets now.
As a side effect, you get the "Curse of the Consumed", which damages your
fatigue by 5 points. Scary.

2.08 - The Shield of the Divine Crusader

Sir Henrek will send you to Fort Bulwark to retrieve the Shield of the Divine
Crusader. This ruined fort is out in the middle of nowhere, and filled with a
bunch of mean conjurers as well as some brain teasing puzzles. As you enter,
there are a few paths to take, but only the middle one leads anywhere. The
other two just lead to some Daedra and a dart trap, respectively. Instead look
for a curving stone bridge in the large room. There will be a gate on your
right and a drawbridge on your left as you walk across. Ignore them for now.
Instead continue walking down the bridge and through a winding tunnel. You'll
find a room with a couple of conjurers, a note which reveals their intentions,
but most importantly, a switch which will open a gate near the room. Go through
this now open gate, and you'll find yet another switch. From the small perch
the switch is on, you can see the gate open and the drawbridges lower. Go back
down to the bridge and take the newly opened path.

You'll come to a hallway with four rows of stepping plates. You will need to
step on them in a certain order to open the gate at the end of the hallway. You
can use the candles, which will tell you the plates to step on based on how
many candles there are. In any case, step on the plates in the following order,
row by row.


A nice little visual representation...(step on the plus signs)




You will then reach a jail like area. There is a conjurer in here, the lone
guard. Use the switches to open the gates to the jail cells. The first will
only contain a skeleton, but the other has a redguard in it. His name is Sir
Thedret, and he talks about how he was searching for the shield himself when
the conjurers caught him. They want to use him to take the shield for
themselves, but he refused, and was rewarded with torture and imprisonment. You
can ask if he will help you, but he'll say he's too weak. He will however give
you a cryptic clue in advancing further in the ruin.

Keep advancing. The ruin gets linear for a while. There's a room with another
note which reveals the conjurer's plan to kill Sir Thedret, as well as a few
gems and coins. After some more standard dungeon crawling, there's a room with
several drawbridges, and darts that shoot from the ceiling. If you have plenty
of health, you can simply run through the darts, but if not, then you'll need
to carefully time it to run when the darts aren't shooting. High acrobatics
will allow you to skip the whole dart business by jumping along the ledges.

The next room that you enter will have some good loot, as well as the conjurer
adept to fight. You should be able to defeat both of them with an ally, but
you'll be fine as long as you ignore their summons and just fight them. Once
you defeat them, you'll notice that there's another puzzle you will have to
solve. Remember that little advice that Sir Thedret gave you? Use it. There are
four statues in different directions in the middle of the room. You need to
turn the handles at the bases of the statues so that they all point towards the
center. Once you fix that, then their will be a fireball, and a previously
closed entrance will open up. This will lead through another winding tunnel,
and you will get an update saying that this is another puzzle. Goodie.

There are eight statues spread around the room, each with chests in front of
them. There is also a chest in the middle of the room with a pressure plate in
front of it. Stepping on the pressure plate will cause a transparent object to
appear next to one of the chests on the perimeter. There is also an item in the
chest in the middle of the room. Essentially, this is a memory game, and you
need to take the item in the center and put it into its corresponding chest.
When you place an item in the correct chest, the statue behind it will glow.
When placed in the incorrect chest, it will simply dissapear and a new item
will spawn in the chest.

The items that spawn are...

- Rodgar's Book
- Rodgar's Hammer
- Rodgar's Skull
- Rodgar's Gem
- Rodgar's Stone
- Rodgar's Helm
- Rodgar's Goblet
- Rodgar's Sword

All appear in the Miscellaneous section of your inventory.

Here is a visual display of where the items will go.


   Gem []                 [] Stone
            spawn chest
 Skull []                 [] Helm

Hammer []                 [] Goblet

       Book []       [] Sword


Once the items are in the correct place, another fireball will open another
door, and you can go through and claim your prize - the shield of the crusader.

2.09 - The Greaves of the Divine Crusader

This one is pretty easy, once you go back to the priory, a man named Sir Lathon
will greet you. He'll say how his master was slewn at the hands of Lord Berich.
He gives you the greaves and insists on going with you to Underpall Cave to get
the sword back.

2.10 - The Sword of the Crusader

Head on down to Underpall cave, which is in the Northern part of Cyrodill right
off of the Orange Road. This ruin isn't very large, but there is only one way
to get all the way through it. The other ways will just give you a dead end. Go
through the first zone, and ignore the skeletons on the cliff. Upon entering
the second zone, immediately take a left down the hallway which heads behind
you. When you do come across a skeleton, just gang up on them with Lathon, your
combined power should keep them staggered. Sir Lathon does not have a silver
weapon, so unless you're powerful enough to be at the daedric stage, keep him
away from ghosts. If you come across a hole, (DON'T GO DOWN IT).

This should lead you across the body of Sir Roderic. Either way, you need to go
find the wraith that was once Lord Vindrel.
Careful of the falling rocks, and start the fight with the wraith. Keep him on
land, because if he dies over the water the sword may dissapear into the depths
below. For now, just fight the other ghost, and see if Sir Lathon (if he is
still alive), can distract Lord Vindrel. When both of these transparent baddies
are done, grab the sword. DO NOT EQUIP IT. You need to run to the Cheydinhal
Chapel if you don't want to get a disease from it.

2.11 - The Blessing of Talos

This quest could possibly be shorter than 2.09. Upon re-entering the priory,
you will be redirected to the chapel portion, where the Prophet is giving a
sermon. Sit through his rambling, and he will come up and speak to you. He
speaks about how Pelinal Whitestrake never had the ninth crusader's relic. Why?
There were only eight divines at the time. But now, Tiber Septim has ascended
and he is now able to give the power of "The Blessing of Talos". Last time,
Umaril was able to escape into the Spirit Realm. Now, he won't be so lucky.
Yes, you get to follow the half-god and fight him TWICE.

2.12 - Umaril the Unfeathered

All of the knights that you recruited will be waiting outside the ruin of
Garlas Matatar when you get there. Charge into the ruin, and fight some
Aurorans. When they are all dead, press the push block on the pedestal to the
left of the entrance. Your buddies should be able to take care of them. There
are more Aurorans throughout the rest of this zone, but they shouldn't be
difficult because your allies distract them while you just slash.

Push the block on the wall, and ignore all of the Aurorans you come across. You
need to make it to the dark orb at the top of the room, until then, all of the
Aurorans will just keep respawning. On the way to the orb, look around the
arches for a switch to advance further.

Run into the last zone, and you will find yourself in a large room with a big
pool in the middle. Here is the big finish. Go kill that oversized Auroran.
He's big, mean, and resistant to shock spells. With the sword, you should take
him down in no time.

After he dies, he will transport himself to the spirit realm. Take the time to
heal, grab some loot, grab his sword, etc. When you're ready, cast the Blessing
of Talos on yourself and go to the spirit realm. Look familiar? This is
essentially the same battle.

When you finish off the god (your character should be no stranger to this by
now), see if you can grab his sword while you fall, if not, then you'll be
transported to the priory still. Have your final chat with your favorite undead
people, and watch them dissapear.


- You can place the Crusader Relics in the stand behind the ghosts at any
time for safekeeping
		- You get your own follower, one of the knights.
		- Those chapels that were desecrated are restored.
		- People will treat you as famous

And that's it. Beating a half-god and once again saving Tamriel nabs you an
armor stand, a lackey, and some fame...

							Le fini...

lOl 2.00 - Contact Info/Legal Stuff lOl

This FAQ was created by WhyteScythe187 and elsquanto


elsquanto@hotmail.com - elsquanto (derp)
tippmannsnyp3r@aim.com - Scythe

~~~~Xbox Live~~~~

Yellodawg - elsquanto
Wegrodamus - tippmannsnyp3r@aim.com

I won't take random friend requests, but feel free to send them to WhyteScythe.
He doesn't have many friends...

Specail Thanks to...

	Bethesda, for such a great expansion

	All who contributed to this FAQ -

		Shuyin Komija

l                                   l
l           FAQ PERMISSION          l

The following websites have been permitted to host this FAQ.


If you see this FAQ posted anywhere other than these websites listed above,
please contact me or Scythe

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© 2007 Jim Jones and Christopher Corlioni. All Rights Reserved

Any Unauthorized Copyright Infringement on this document will result in
prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

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