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Skull/Black Box Guide by ParmeShawn

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/24/2010

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<HALO WARS SKULL WALKTHROUGH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
>>>>Table of Contents---Not much here to confuse you but okay here we go!>>>>>

**If you would like to make a donation to me to be able to make more guides**
**my email address is <shawn_naugler@hotmail.com>
                               <1.1>Version 1.00(WIP)
                               <1.2>Version 1.10(Cmplt)
                               <1.3>Version 1.20(Cosmetic Update)
                          <2.00>Skulls and Locations
                                <2.01>Look Daddy! Skull
                                <2.02>Grunt Birthday Party Skull
                                <2.03>Cowbell Skull
                                <2.04>Wuv Woo Skull
                                <2.05>Fog Skull
                                <2.06>Sickness Skull
                                <2.07>Rebel Sympathizer Skull
                                <2.08>Rebel Supporter Skull
                                <2.09>Rebel Leader Skull
                                <2.10>Catch Skull
                                <2.11>Sugar Cookies Skull
                                <2.12>Boomstick Skull
                                <2.13>Pain Train Skull
                                <2.14>Bountiful Harvest Skull
                                <2.15>Emperor Skull


                      ----UPDATE Version 1.00 (WIP)----


This guide is incomplete as I've beaten the game and attained all the skulls
but never had the thought come to me to make an FAQ. So here it, is on my 
second time through re-obtaining the skulls because my first time I had a 
corrupted Hard Drive so I had to play without a Profile or the ability to 
save. Also note I started on the 11th mission because that is when I had the
idea for to do the FAQ. I will hopefully finish this by the end of the week!

**(Please note also that I will be giving hints or tips to being able to get
the Skulls easier or quicker in some of to "Details" but skulls that I found
to be so easy that anyone could get them without trouble I left them alone. 
But if you would like more detail as in to how to get one or more that I 
haven't described quicker or easier, don't hesitate to email me and let me 
know which Skull and what you would like more in depth on. Also if you find 
any hardcore spelling mistakes you can send those too. If you would like to 
email me please make sure when you send it that the Subject of the email that
you send has the topic you would like to ask me about[i.e-"Look Daddy! Skull"
"Spelling Error"]. Thanks a lot and my email is at the bottom of this FAQ 
along with the Credits!)


                     ----UPDATE Version 1.10 (Cmplt)----


Okay so long overdue update. I ended up getting Resident Evil 5 and 
completing that along with Banjo-Kazooie. Sorry guys but I hope this can 
still be used!


                ----UPDATE Version 1.20 (Cosmetic Update)----

Alright guys so I was bored and decided to update my guide and add black
boxes as well! I've also added my PayPal account if you would like to donate
to me to help me out with updating and creating new guides for games! Hope my
guide helps you all!

                   -----<2.00>Skulls and Locations<2.00>-----
First thing about the skulls that you should know is that EVERY TIME when you
complete the objective required to unlock them a PING or a focus point will 
pop up on your mini-map meaning to scroll to it quick and in that approximate 
location is where the skull is. This is how I attained the locations of all
the skulls. I did not use any other sites for reference or anything to that
nature. I have found all these skulls on my own using this method. All right,
here we go and happy skull hunting!

*Note that after acquiring skulls make sure if your going to use them to 
activate them at the VERY beginning of the mission or match or else the 
effects may not activate or achievements may not be unlocked.
Remember to keep this in mind when playing!

<2.01> Look Daddy!              

Mission 1-Alpha Base        

Unlock: Kill 100 Grunts 

Where: At the base of the destroyed building environment at the south side of
the frozen lake just outside the door to Alpha base near the side of the

Tactic: It is easiest to get this skull on Normal difficulty or higher as
that there are more Grunts on these difficulties. 

Effect: Causes funny skyrocketing death animation for grunts by having their
methane tanks explode when you kill them 

Multiplier Effect: No effect on your score multiplier so its strictly for

Black Box: There is a small ramp by the bridge, right before you rescue the 
last group of marines. Go down this ramp and the black box will be right 
between it and the bridge on the left.

<2.02> Grunt Birthday Party     

Mission 2-Relic Approach    

Unlock- Kill 20 Jackals

Where: Back of player base at the start of the mission

Tactic: Play on Normal and build a max population cap of Scorpions then
just move around the map (making sure to stay away from the bomb objective)

Effect: Makes every grunt you kill's head explode into confetti

Multiplier Effect: No effect on your score multiplier so this skull is 
strictly for fun.

Black Box: North of the Methane Factories there is an energy shield near the
Covenant air pads and Methane Tanks. The box is behind this shield

<2.03> Cowbell                  

Mission 3-Relic Interior

Unlock: Kill 45 Hunters

Where: Where Forge and Anders were defending themselves on the platform 
across the bridges in the centre. 

Tactic: The way to do this easily is to leave 2 OSDT units to guard where 
you first get them where Forge and Anders are defending on Easy inside the
spot so as not to be attacked (this is AFTER rescuing Forge and Anders) 
Then move your Grizzly tanks to the first little platform on the way in to 
rescue the team, where an infinite spawn of Hunters enters from the left 
hand door if your camera is on default angle (click left stick)
where your tanks can proceed to kill them as they spawn making the skull 
spawn at your left behind ODST units where you pick it up and leave the 

Effect: Makes explosive splash damage and overall radius bigger

Multiplier Effect: No effect on your score multiplier so this skull is 
strictly for fun. 

***Update on skull effect***
Seems to make some units "spontaneously explode" after taking no damage.
***Use with Caution!***

Black Box: Right from the start head down the ramp on your left and follow
the path all the way to the end. The box is right before the crashed Pelican

<2.04> Wuv Woo                  

Mission 4-Arcadia City

Unlock: Kill 50 Elites

Where: To the east of the subway exit there is a fountain, to the east of the 
fountain is a statue. The statue is of a man holding a book. North-east of
that statue is stairs leading to a higher level. At the top of this level 
there is a three sided billboard and another one of those statues of a man 
holding a book. The skull appears next to the group of trees to the north 
east of the statue.

Tactic:  The way I obtained this skull is just play on Easy warthog rushing 
the map and sweeping out any and all Elites. 

Effect: Makes Scarab's beams be rainbow colored and have hearts and bubbles
come off of them. 

Multiplier Effect: Skull has no affect on score and is strictly for 
amusement. I mean come on. Once you see it you will laugh at the fact 
that the enemies die of this... Or end up getting mad because you do!

Black Box: The box is directly north of the West base location right beside
a sky bridge. Right next to the tower where you find Adam.

<2.05> Fog                      

Mission 5-Arcadia Outskirts

Unlock: Kill 5 Wraiths

Where: North-East corner of the the map on the highway.
Tactic: Quickest way, on Easy get your base made and build a bunch of Supply
pads to get enough supplies for 5 Mac Blasts. Mac Blasts cost 600 supplies 
each but make sure you have some units because rushing is going to be 
involved and you may deplete your amount of units by using this strategy.
Send in Marines in groups of two or three and rush them to your opponents 
base, meaning don't worry if they're taking damage because they're just 
being Fog Of War Lifters to weed out the Wraiths. Every time you get close 
enough to spot a wraith, Mac Blast it. As long as you hit it, it's a one hit
kill every time. 

Effect: Causes your Mini-map indicator in the upper right hand corner
of the screen go away for the mission/match b

Multiplier Effect: You get a Multiplier boost making those Gold medals 
oh so much easier to get.

Black Box: There are two ONI reactors on the map. The box is to the 
right of the one near the center of the map. You need to go down near the
Covenant Mega Turret and capturable base.

<2.06> Sickness                 

Mission 6-Dome of Light

Unlock: Kill 50 Banshees

Where: In the Warehouse directly South-East of player base.

Tactic: Massing Wolverines in the pathways to the north of your base on Easy
obliterates Banshees as they attempt to bombard your base. Also helps take 
out dropships that bring enemy reinforcements. 

Effect: Lowers all player's unit's hit points by 50% making them VERY weak

Multiplier Effect: Boosts your score multiplier. 

**Only use this skull on Legendary if you know for sure you can back up your
units with healing or reinforcements.

Black Box: The island where you have to place the third rhino tank, there
is an underground entrance south west of the rhino site, the box is in front
of this entrance.

<2.07> Rebel Sympathizer        

Mission 7-Scarab

Unlock: Kill 10 Locusts

Where: Next to the power node location directly east of the Super Scarab on 
the penninsula. 

Tactic: Short and simple description of how to get this skull...Warthog rush
every power node location on the map on Easy.

**To easily locate the power nodes just search to F.O.W. and follow the power 
lines laid to their ends and at each end is a node, 7 in all. 

Effect: All enemy units get 25% more hit points 

Multiplier Effect: Gives you a nice score boost. Most times worth the score 
boost as long as there aren't many big units. 

**Just some advice...don't use this skull on maps with Scarabs... they take 
forever to kill unless you send a whole army to mutilate one.

Black Box: The box is at the furthest point north east of the map beside a
group of supply crates.

<2.08> Rebel Supporter          

Mission 8-Anders' Signal

Unlock: Kill 750 Infection Forms

Where: North-East of Echos base location through the path containing 9 
Flood Eggs. North of the most northern egg is a path leading around the 
crater. At the end of this path is where the skull is located.

Tactic: Camp outside attack range of bases and let Forms attack your army of
Warthogs of any other vehicles (Vehicles are good because they aren't able 
to be taken over by the Flood.)

Effect: All enemy units do 50% more damage

Multiplier Effect: Your score multiplier is increased.

Black Box: Go as far east as possible on the map. The box is in the middle
of a small area surrounded by trees.

<2.09> Rebel Leader            

Mission 9-The Flood

Unlock: Kill 20 Flood Stalks

Where: Near the smoldering crashed Pelican just to the right of the base 
and easily accessed by either an air unit or a Pelican Drop. 

Tactic: Sweep the map with Hornets and manually attack each Stalk on any 
difficulty, though you will find the Flood's Anti Air Buildings a lot less
annoying on Easy or Normal. 

Effect: Makes all enemy units start with extra veterancy (A star above 
their head meaning they are stronger than normal units)

Multiplier Effect: Your score multiplier is increased.

Black Box: The box is at the west-most area of the map in a corner near the
surrounding mountains.

<2.10> Catch                    

Mission 10-Shield World

Unlock: Kill 350 Swarms (Flying Flood)

Where: The small island directly east of the base passed the pylon, littered
with Flood Eggs. This island is only accessable by air units so make sure 
one of your hornets stays there the entire time so that you can make sure 
you have an air unit to pick up the skull once it spawns.

Tactic: Wolverine camping on Easy or Normal at each of the three bases just 
out of attack range of the main bases (because these spawn the swarms) is 
the quickest way to complete this skull. 

**IMPORTANT: To make sure you get this skull, quick and simple, do NOT use 
Cryo Bomb because it does not count toward your Swarm kill count and makes 
so you have to wait longer for more to spawn!)

Effect: Makes player unit's "Y" Abilities recover twice as fast

Multiplier Effect: Lowers your score multiplier.

Black Box: The box is beside the Elephant set of units that need evacuation.

<2.11> Sugar Cookie             

Mission 11-Cleansing

Unlock: Kill 100 Sentinals

Where: At head of ship and only accessable with a flying attribute unit.

Tactic: Setting up Turrets with Missle Launchers on Easy makes this skull 
almost impossible to not get. 

Effect: Gives 50% more Health for all of your units

**This Skull is my personal favorite

Multiplier Effect: Lowers score multiplier.

Black Box: The box is on one of the ship sections off to the side which are
inaccessible by ground units. It is on the North West side of the ship where
the hull section gets wider on the side with the flood bases. It attached to
the hull so it may be hard to see but it is there!

<2.12> Boomstick                

Mission 12-Repairs

Unlock: Kill 12 Spirits

Where: Bottom of the map in the middle on the top of the ship. 

Tactic: The easiest way to do this is to send in only 1 Cyclops to heal 
the Power Core so that the mission will last long enough for you to kill the 
12 Spirits. Making a few Wolverines and putting them on either side of the 
core is the best way Ive found to get it and sending the rest of your units 
to protect the bottom landing and set up Anti Air turrets in the centre will 
get rid of any other units that want to destroy your Wolverines.

Effect: Causes there to be a 5% chance that any unit you kill will explode 
and deal splash damage to surrounding units

Multiplier Effect: Lowers your score multiplier.

Black Box: Found on the section of ship inaccessible by ground units. It's
on the very west side of the ship under the last gun turret near the power

<2.13> Pain Train               

Mission 13-Beachhead

Unlock: Kill 10 Bomber Forms

Where: Top left hand corner of the map, (Default map, click left stick)
guarded by a Flood base, Send in Vultures for best results to defeat the 
base by taking it from behind. There is a teleporter at the base of the 
ridge but by time you have enough units to take out this base you might as 
well make 3 or 4 Vultures and just annihilate this little base, but make 
sure enough Bombers spawned and you killed them first. It's pretty easy. 

Effect: 50% less Training time

Multiplier Effect: Lower score multiplier.

Black Box: Found on the far north east of the part map at the top of the

<2.14> Bountiful Harvest        

Mission 14-Reactor

Unlock: Kill 20 Vampires

Where: The Covenant Base at the top of the 3rd ramp or "ground level", on 
the far right between two Covenant storage containers and in front of, what 
looks like a light or some kind of street lamp looking thing.

Tactic: Easy, mass Wolverines to the base of the hill. They will keep 
spawning and attacking two at a time trying to take out the core while your 
AA's kill em'. 

Effect: Causes Supplies to come in 25% faster

Multiplier Effect: Lowers your score multiplier.

Black Box: Found at the very south west of the map on a cliff ledge which
can be accessed from the first elevation, where the first Covenant base is.

<2.15> Emperor                  

Mission 15-Escape

Unlock: Kill 3 Scarabs

Where: Found at the Flood Base North East of the Northern Lock. In the Fog 
of War you will see a steaming hole. It is almost directly next to it to 
the North East. 

Tactic: This skull is easy to get along with beating the mission faster by 
taking advantage of the OSDT drop ability. You reasearch Marines (Top left 
in Barracks creator menu) 4 times to upgrade them to ODST Super Soldiers in 
which time you also unlock the ODST Drop Special Ability(Up on the D-Pad).
Since you can see all of the locks and the Fog of War is receeded just 
enough you can launch your ODST Soldiers right next to each of the locks to
find scarabs easier and complete the mission faster! 

Effect: Causes x2 Special Ability recharge speed.

Multiplier Effect: Lowers your score multiplier.

Black Box: The box is at the north edge of the central Shield Lock.


I would like to thank Ensemble Studios and Robot Entertainment for making a 
great game and Microsoft for platforming it for console only. As I have said
above, ALL of the information in this FAQ were found by me and I was not 
given ANY information from anyone else. And also as I said above if you 
happen to see any errors or would like more detail on something Email me at 



Halo Wars uses Havok(TM).©Copyright 1999-2009 Havok.com Inc. (and its 
Licensors). All Rights Reserved. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks
of Dolby Laboritories. ©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
Microsoft Ensemble Studio, Halo, Halo Wars, the Microsoft Game Studios logo,
Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft
group and companies.

This guide is Copyright ©(2009) to Shawn Naugler.
I will give you permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to 
me and that you send me an email asking me if you may use it. Do not 
plagiarize or copy please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not 
like someone trying to pass it off as theirs.

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