Review by KaiserDragon45

Reviewed: 11/05/07

Another master piece

This game is great, it is one of THE best horror games out there at the moment. I do not know why others give it such a low score. The game deserves a 10 and nothing less.

Story: 10/10
The story may be a cliche but its one that never dies. You are here to stop evil from taking over the world and there only one team that can do it. The plot of it and character story unfold the more you play and saying too much may ruin it.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls are simple to learn and the character reaction time is great. The AI is ever learning, every time you do something it remembers that and counters it. There are characters who will give their lives to end yours and they always find a way to either sneak up on you or distract you to let you get ambushed.

Music: 10/10

Though not much of it the music they choose is perfect for the game. Harmonic at times and chaotic when it needs to be.

Graphics: 9/10
This game is one of the best looking games out there next to BIOSHOCK, which is still the only single game out there for the 360 to have fantastic graphics.

Character design: 10/10
Each character adds their own effect in the game and have their own history in it which are very interesting. The enemies themselves also have their own specific design. Sure you see alot of repeated enemies but each one is different in its own way and behavior. Some are more aggressive while others take their time and attack when your are open. Each main character has an interesting, and distinct behavior.

Extras: 8/10
Though not many you need to unlock achievements to find out character profiles, time line info, ect. Also they have a great anti cheat system, either you buy the game or call a number and pay for codes to use the cheats on. Once that code has been used no one else can use it. So either you buy it or spend more money trying to cheat your way through.

Final thought:
This game is a great horror game and stands true to its creators past work. Rent or Buy? I say buy, this seems like a game that may be hard to find later on and you will miss your chance to find out how great it really is.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Clive Barker's Jericho (US, 10/23/07)

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