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Get Some Grub Walkthrough by captainnibbles

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/24/07

Halflife 2: Episode 2 "Get some grub" Achievement Guide
V 1.1

By Cameron "Nibbles" Swartzell

"Legal Bit"
This Guide may not be posted on any other website other than: 
www.gamefaqs.com, at least for now. You can ask my permission if you want it 
posted elsewhere.

Please don't rip this off, it would make me sad.

Version History:
(V 0.9) Began and finished first version, Nov 20, 2007: Missing one grub, in 
chapter 1

(V 1.0) Found the last grub (with help, thanks PaleOgre), completed guide, 
minor editing

(V 1.1) Minor spacing edits, added a few "check points"

This guide is rather simple, I had a lot of trouble finding all the grubs, and 
it appears you do too. There is an achievement named "Get some Grub", worth 
20g, where the goal is to "squish" all the antlion grubs in the game (Half 
Life 2: Episode 2)

This guide is meant to be read sequentially. It would be just about impossible 
for you to "look up" that one (or 10) you missed the first time around. Sorry 
if its painful and slow, but I aim to be as specific as possible. Check them 
off, and skip the details if you don't need them.

I plan to add in more land marks, and totals for grubs at these landmarks to 
make the guide easier to use.

Before You Start (TIPS):
1: The first and best hint I can give anyone trying this achievement is:

You can do this from the options menu. The reason you are going to want it on 
is that when grubs make a noise (*antlion grub sounds*, *antlion grub excited* 
etc.), it shows up on your screen, which can help significantly in letting you 
know they are around. Cant miss it. If you are only listening for the noise, 
or looking for light, you might miss some. Why not have the help?

2: I highly suggest you play the game once through, skipping this achievement 
the first time. You will then have a better sense of where you are going and 
what's coming up. 
Skip it all together the first time through! You must squish all the grubs in 
a single play through! And since you are going to skip it your first time, you 
might as well not waste your time trying killing grubs for more than health on 
your first run.

3: It keeps track of the number you've killed in the "achievements" menu, 
which you can check by pressing start. Check this often, and try to anticipate 
places where you may not be able to go backwards.

4: Save often, and use multiple slots. You'd hate it if you went down a pit 
and saved only to realize you missed a grub and cannot go back.

4: Try to use the Gravity Gun and Crowbar as much as possible. The Gravity 
Gun's charged bolt kills them. Also, you may wish to conserve ammo for the 
pistol when fighting antlions, as some grubs pretty much must be shot with the 
pistol, but do not be overly concerned. Make sure you at least have some ammo 
at all times, that's all.

5: It may not be immediately apparent, but the yellow pellets the grubs drop 
are health. They are worth different amounts based on size.

6: If you don't know what an antlion grub is, you fail hard.

Explanation of Style:

- I will attempt to mark "easily missed/not directly in your path" grubs
  with an "**" preceding the particular grubs number.

    - Areas where you cannot go back across will be marked with a full:

- The numbers are individual per grub, but arbitrary within groups. I
  think it's better to do it this way rather than numbering the groups.

    - Comments will begin and end with "^^"

                              Grub Locations
Chapter One: 
There are 91 grubs in Chapter 1 (242 in Chapter 2), start by playing through 
until you reach the point where you get the pistol. You will drop into one 
short hole, watch an antlion scurry down the hill, and then drop into a long 
hole with a few levels of breaking boards (has a body hanging from girder 
above the hole, and mine carts fall in). It's at the bottom of this hole where 
your hunting begins!

#1-5: At the bottom of the aforementioned pit. Right after you fight another 
black head crab, above the water. Three to the left, one to the right, one 
behind you

#6-8: These four are in the tunnel leading away from the water, up to the 
first "webbing" 

#9-11: The grub on the "webbing", and the two immediately behind it in the 

#12-14: Three in the room after the webbing tunnel. Two on the left, one high 
in front of you
#15-17: Mid-way through the tunnel out of that room, a close group of three on 
the left

#18-19: A little further up this tunnel there are two on the right

#20-23: One on the webbing in this tunnel, three right behind it

----------------------------(Short ledge drop)--------------------------------

#24-26: After you fight the first acid antlion, these three are in the bottom 
right corner
of the wall that is a dead end, 20 feet to the right of where you dropped into 
the room

^^ To the left of the room where you fought the acid antlion, before the 
tracks turn left there is a chain link fence, where you can see about five 
grubs. You can kill these now (with the explosive barrels), but you will be 
going to that that area, so I suggest you wait, so you don't screw up the 
order. ^^

#27: On the wall directly across from the wall you get the shotgun from

** #28: INSIDE the blue cabinet directly below #27. Doesn't seem to make noise 
unless you open the cabinet (by pressing X, or your "use")

#29: Under the boards shaped like an "X" covering the hole below #27 

#30: At the bottom of the pit under #29

#31-32: In the tunnel after #30, by the .357 and as you exit the tunnel

^^ The next area contains several, so be careful.
After fighting 2 antlions, head into the large room.
Now you have come to the room mentioned in the previous comment
Don't be thrown off if the antlions you fought have accidentally squished some 
grubs, just make sure you know which ones, and count them  ^^

#33-34: Start by heading to the right of the room. These two are on the floor, 
right above the water, where you first get on the ramp that goes up to the 

#35: On the webbing on the ramp

#36-41: Are all on the wall and floor immediately after the webbing "within 
reach" of a crowbar

#42-49: Are all along the wall above the last group. I suggest you drop into 
the water and use that pistol ammo you have been carefully saving. If you 
don't have any, I suppose you could use the gravity gun to throw rocks. Good 
luck with that.

#50-54: After jumping from the ramp in the last room to a platform into the 
next room, there are four around and one inside the hole to the right

^^ You can crouch jump the ledge to go back into the previous room if you 
missed any ^^

#55-56: On the floor to the left in the room after #50-54

#57-58: In the next room with all the water, these two are on the bank to the 
#59-60: Are above and inside the under water tunnel on the right

#61-62: Immediately outside the underwater tunnel

#63-64: To the left of #61-62, on the ground

#65-66: Behind the boat to the right, passed the barnacle tongue

#67: On the left wall across from the last two

#68-69: On the floor in the middle of the barnacle room

#70: On the wall to the right of the last two

#71-72: Immediately after the last barnacle, on the floor in the tunnel

#73-76: Are on the wall to the left before the water in room with another acid 

#77: On the floor across the water in this room

#78-79: Down the tunnel, on the floor on the right
#80: 10 more feet down the tunnel…

#81: 10 more feet down the tunnel again

** #82: Not that hard to miss, but after #81 there is a short tunnel that 
turns sharply left

#83-85: On the far side of the column to the left

#86-87: On the floor in the tunnel exiting the column room

#87-90: On, and behind the webbing in this tunnel

#91: 5 feet further down, on the floor

LEVEL ENDS: You should have all 91 for the first level when you get to the 
screen, and the title "This Vortal Coil" appears
Chapter 2:

#92-93: In the narrow tunnel before you drop down to the area with Alyx, the 
vortigaunt, and the two resistance fighters (Note: these two can be shot 
before the level title/load, but I consider them part of chapter 2 as that's 
where they physically reside)

--------------------------(Where Alyx is being healed)------------------------
#94-96: After the antlion battle, follow the vortigaunt into the tunnel. These 
three are on the floor near the beginning of the tunnel

#97-98: Further down the tunnel on the floor

#99-102: Further down the tunnel there is a webbing on the left wall. There is 
one outside and three inside this webbing

#103-105: Just past the last group on the floor, before the webbing that 
blocks your way 

#106-108: On the floor in front of the webbing mentioned above

-----------------------(Short drop after #106-108)----------------------------

#109: On the floor to the right after you jump down

#110-111: On the wall to the left of where the vortigaunt fought the antlions

#112: On the floor along the left path

** #113-114: These two are very easy to miss. They are on the ceiling in this 
room. Look above the pit in the middle of the room as you cross along the left

#115-116: On the back wall of this room

#117-118: At the beginning of the tunnel exiting the last room

#119-120: Further along this tunnel, there is a webbing cache on the right 
wall. These two are inside

#121-122: At the end of this tunnel, on the floor as you enter the next large 

#123-126: These four are on the wall across from where you entered the room

#127: On the floor as you follow the U shaped path

#128: On the left after you get off the U path

#129-130: Up the path exiting this room, on the floor

#131-132: Further up this tunnel, at the peak on the floor

#133-134: In a web cache on the left a little more up this tunnel

#135-137: On the floor as the tunnel starts to head down hill

#138-139: Further down this tunnel on the right wall

#140-141: On the right wall below the web cache in the ceiling in this tunnel

** #142: Inside of the web cache in the ceiling at the top

-------------------------(Drop into zombie room)------------------------------

^^ Another area in which you can see many grubs, but I do not recommend 
killing them now. You will access these other areas later. Kill them in order, 
it's just easier. ^^

#143-145: On the floor to the left of where you drop in

#146-148: Passed the boarded gate, to the right where the grubs are nailed to 
the wall (which obviously do not count)

^^Behind the roll-up gate there are six grubs. For simplicities sake, do not 
kill them yet^^

-------------------------------(Weighted Elevator)----------------------------

** #149-151: These three are hidden on the right wall of the elevator shaft 
near the bottom

#152-153: In "front" of the weighted elevator on the floor at the bottom

#154-156: "Behind" the weighted elevator, also at the bottom

#157-159: In the fenced area to the right
#160: In front of the "up" elevator, as you enter the room

#161-162: Behind the "up" elevator in front of the control area entrance

#163: Under the "up" elevator

** #164-165: Along the elevator shaft, near the bottom third. I suggest you 
shoot these down before you use the elevator

#166: On the right wall at the top of the elevator

#167-171: In two small groups on the floor of this room before the generator

---------------------(Through roll-up generator door)-------------------------

#172: This grub is on the mine carts that tumble off the cliff to the left. 
Don't worry about trying to kill it beforehand; it counts when it hits bottom

** #173-176: Where the mine cart falls, you can see four grubs on the right 
wall across the gap. Pistol these grubs now, as it's easier than when you are 
in the giant room below later 

#177-183: These seven will all be squished by the second mine cart, as it 
rolls down

#184: This grub does not get squished, and is to the right of the mine cart at 
the bottom of the slope

#185: Likewise, this one does not get squished either, and is just a few feet 
up from #184

--------------(Narrow shaft under huge swinging crucible thingy)--------------

^^ You are going to drop into a mine cart, and go for a little ride, passing 
many grubs. Don't worry, you can go all the back to where the cart started 
from. When you hit the water at the end of the ride, you should have killed 
187 grubs ^^

#186-187: Squished by mine cart ride

#188-190: On the left wall just above the water

#191: About midway up this shaft, there is another grub on the left wall

#192-193: Again, near the top of the shaft on the left wall

#194: To the right at the very top of the ladder

#195-197: On the right wall above the pit

#198-200: On the ceiling at the entrance to the left tunnel at the bottom of 
the slope
^^ Do not go down this tunnel yet. Get all the grubs on the slope first ^^

#201-203: A few feet up the tunnel from the last group, on the ground

#204-206: Again, a bit up the tunnel on the ground on the left

#207-209: Right above the last group, on the ceiling

^^ Another large room, with many difficult grubs. Careful not to miss any ^^

#210-212: On the ground to the left at the bottom of the tunnel 

#213-214: Directly to the right of the last group, on a wall in a crevice

#215-216: On the ground in front of the cliff 
** #217-221: These five are along the lower hole in the large wall across the 
chasm. Pistol them carefully

** #222-226: These five are similarly along the hole much higher in the same 
wall. Make sure to get them all

^^There is the antlion/zombie fight, while waiting for the elevator, then in 
the area after that you see the antlion guard for the first time. To the left 
is a short drop ^^

----------------------------(Short drop in floor)-----------------------------

#227-228: At the end of the hall, above the "4" 

** #229-230: On the ceiling above the previous group

#230-232: On the right wall, near the end of the path on the left

#233-236: Behind the second grate to the right, on the floor

-----------------------(Hop across broken elevator's shaft)-------------------

#237: Right before the hole in the left tube

#238-239: On the far side of the same hole 
-----------------------------(Hole in vent tube)------------------------------

#240: Along the wall of the hole

#241-242: at the bottom of the hole

#243-246: Around the webbing that covers the bottom of the hole, before you 
drop into the water

#247-248: Just above the water on a stalagmite 

#249-250: On the wall directly in front of you as you exit the underwater tube

#251-254: On the right wall, behind the barnacle tongues

#255-256: On the ground as you exit the water from this room

#257: At the beginning of the first yellow tunnel, on the floor

#258: A little further in this tunnel, in the center of the enormous blood 
smear. Apparently these things are more vicious than I had thought

#259: Further along this tunnel, near the exit on the right wall

---------------------------(Exiting first yellow tunnel)----------------------

#260-263: One at the entrance, and three inside the second yellow tunnel, in 
the center of the circular tunnel you just dropped into

----------------(Cave where gaurdian charges into stalagtite)-----------------

#264-268: After running past the guardian for the first time, these are at the 
beginning and a little inside the first yellow tunnel you come to

-------------------------(Short drop in yellow tunnel)------------------------

#269-270: At the bottom of the drop, and at the end of the tunnel before the 

** #271-272: Around the outside of the webbing, after exiting the tunnel

#273-275: At the entrance, and just inside the next tunnel

#276-278:  Further down this tunnel, before another short drop

--------------------------(Short drop in yellow tunnel)-----------------------

#279-284: Immediately after the short drop

** #285-286: Again, around the outside of the webbing that blocks the end of 
the tunnel 

#287-289: Around the outside of the tunnel, across the way to the right

#290-292: Just inside of this tunnel, before another short drop

#293: Inside this tunnel, before the webbing at the end

#294-295: Once more, around the outside of the webbing at the end of this 

#296-297: Around the entrance to the next escape tunnel, after running past 
the guardian in the room that has an "O" shaped rock-bridge

#298-300: Just inside of this dead end tunnel

-------------------(Short drop left of the last yellow tunnel)----------------

#301-303: After the short drop, quickly head right into another yellow tunnel. 
There are three grubs around the outside of the entrance

#304-306: Just inside of this tunnel

#307-309: On the floor, at the end of the tunnel before the webbing

#310-311: Of course, there are two around the outside of the webbing at the 

-------------(Hole in floor, Guardian chases you and breaks wall)-------------

^^ Another decent sized room, with most of the remaining grubs located here ^^

#312: Immediately right of the entrance to the room there is webbing on the 

#313-315: In the corner near #312 on the ground

#316: Just below the second webbing on the right wall

#317-319: Along the floor, near the gear

#320-322: Behind elevator, on the ground

#323-324: Around the webbing on the ceiling, near the entrance

** #325: At the top of the web cache near the entrance

#326-327: Around the webbing on the ceiling, near the blocked off tunnel

** #328: At the top of the web cache near the blocked off tunnel

#329: Near the generator in the blocked off tunnel

#330-332: On the other side of the blocked off tunnel, when the vortigaunt 
opens the door

#333!: After Alyx gets healed, and you both ride the elevator up, its on the 
other side of the right wall, through some boards at the end of the tunnel

Congrats! If you've been following along, you should have them all. Enjoy your 
achievement. If you didn't get it, er… sorry? Try again. 

Plans for future versions:
-	Add in many more "land marks", and break down into smaller sections so 
people can play through more than need to read through step by step. 
Possibly name/describe each room and make those the basis for sections
-	Add in "totals" at certain land marks, so players can check how many 
they have at certain key points, making the guide less tiresome to use, 
as they could just play through and see if they have the right total at 
these landmarks 
-	Answer questions, reword/reformat guide? Ill take suggestions, as this 
is my first real FAQ: You can contact me at 
captainnibbles@sbcglobal.net, or try AIM: piratenibbles

Total Achievements Achieved:
So far, 2 players have used this guide to successfully get this achievement.
If you want to add your achievement to the total, send me a message and I'll 
add it in
Cameron Swartzell, original author

"Pyroman31" of the (xbox360achievements.org) boards for a few basic checkpoint 

PaleOgre, my hero, for finding the "one that got away", allowing me to finish 
this guide

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