Review by therater13

Reviewed: 10/29/08

Poor driving controls, but fun to play bowling.

Flatout ultimate carnage, this game is a major disappointment to me. There are some fun features in this game but for the most part the game is very boring and lacking. There are a lot of play modes but most of them are not even all that fun to be honest, but I will get to that in more detail later in the review.

Graphics: I must say, they are decent. I would go raving on about how amazing they are but they are good enough to get the job done. There is some nice damage modeling on the cars, sadly that’s probably the best thing about the graphics of this game, the textures are kind of average, and the cars are just alright.

Audio and sound: This is probably the best part about the game, the sound is very good in some area’s. The cars sound great in my opinion, the music how ever is not all that good. The music is actually horrible, it really bothered me. There are a couple decent songs in there but its mostly cheesy rock.

Story: This is a racing game so there is no story.

Game play: There are a fair amount of modes of play, some are good most are not so good though. The best part was probably playing bowling with your driver, that was really fun. The worst part was the racing itself, the racing in this game is just so dull and boring, its actually pretty hard, maybe its because I suck at racing games but this was pathetic. It was so frustrating and boring, I couldn’t even find inspiration to play past a few races. It was just a drag. There are also some other small modes of play but most of them do not matter all that much to be honest. The demolition derbies are a fun way to kill time sometimes, but still they are not all that good.

Replay ability: Why would you want to play this game? Unless you like demolition derbies or you see this game for cheap skimp on it completely, it isn’t worth it. I mean there are like one or two modes of play that are fun at all, that’s it, and the game’s race mode which should be the real feature is really pathetic to be honest, this game just is not very good, maybe they will do a better job in the next game.

Overall score: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (US, 10/02/07)

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