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Reviewed: 12/02/06

Living in the fast lane, with a variety of cars

EA has produced many Need for Speed games. Like from Hot pursuit, to Porsche Unleashes, and to the most recent one, Carbon. Carbon is most likely the best one to date, although its predecessors had some good qualities. Carbon utilizes a whole range of cars, tuners muscles and exotics which I thought was a good idea. It also makes cop chases not as mandatory as in Most Wanted. Carbon has about 60 cars, and maybe more for downloadable content. Great you may think, but only half of them can be customized which is unfortunate. After mentioning some of these things, lets get to the review….

Graphics 7.5/10 I love seeing cool looking cars, and then even making them cooler by customizing them. The town looks nice, and is nicely lit. The cars look great, and they were even hand drawn by an artist. There are some odd effects, like when coming out of speedbreaker, the city will still look blurred if your moving slow enough, and just little things like that. I felt that This game probably has the best graphics on a Need for Speed, but probably not as good as Project Gotham Racing 3. I have yet to try out the HD on this game, but I heard it makes the graphics look even better.

Sound 9/10 The sound guys at EA really try hard to make this game as real as possible. They used the actual cars that you race with on the streets, and made them drift, and all sorts of things to get the exact sound that you need. This is why I gave this a 9 out of 10. EA spent a lot of time doing their sound and it greatly paid off.

Music/EATrax 2/10 I really expected the music to be bad. It was in Underground 1 and 2, and also in Most Wanted. There are some catchy tunes in there, but a lot of annoying. They didn’t even change the music for cop chases from Most Wanted. There is music when your driving an exotic car, and it sounds like an annoying cell phone ring that won’t stop. Honestly, I would think EA would listen to their music before they put it in here. But if you buy a game just for the music, well I’ll just leave it at that, not to mention you can play your own music with the 360.

Gameplay 8/10 I enjoyed playing this game and still do. No race is ever the same, and there is no one way to turn every car. You might spend an hour tuning a car just how you like it, or spend an hour doing autosculpting. Racing is still fun, and same with the cop chases. You can take part in a 20 man race or a duel down a canyon which is a great addition to the game, bringing back drift mode was a blast for some people, I liked how you can link your drifts really easily. Overall this game is fun to play and doesn’t get old very fast, there are 3 different car types which take different techniques to perfect, tuners are the easiest and muscles are the hardest in my opinion. There are many things to do also.

Cars 9/10 The cars in this game are not just extremely fast exotics for the best cars in the game. There are old and new muscle cars such as the corvette, or my personal favorite, the Shelby GT500. The exotics have 2 Lamborghinis, a couple of porches and some Mercedes-Benz. The Tuners have the Europe exclusive Nissan Skyline, or the Lancer Evo. You may think that exotics wipe the floor with tuners and muscles, but EA has gone a good job making each have strong and weak points. The muscle have great acceleration and good top speed, but lousy cornering. The tuners are the exact opposite. The exotics have a high top speed, with average acceleration and average turning. This isn’t exactly the same as real life, but allows the gamer to have more choice.

Replay Ability 5/10 or 9/10 If you do not have internet ability to play this game, I rate this game a 5 in this category. If you can play it on the internet I rate it a 9. This gap is because racing people online is fun and it does add a lot of replay ability. If you don’t have the internet, don’t worry because there are many things to do. They have challenge series, and they are challenging races and if you went certain races you win vinyl’s and spoilers and other stuff which is cool. Also there are reward cards, which basically unlock more parts if you overcome a task. A task may be to complete career mode. Some are hard while others are easier. The story mode took me about 10 hours to beat, give or take 2 hours. I’ve probably logged about 60-70 hours on it by beating career mode 2.5 times, granted I do have internet, which made up about half my time. It’s also fun to have a friend over to race. Overall if you have internet, you will be racing online and you will most likely enjoy that.

Overall 8/10 I would buy this game if you like racing. THIS IS NOT A RACING SIMULATOR, JUST AN ARCADE RACER. I like racing in general, and still enjoy this. Also I would buy this game if you have internet, and rent if you don’t. If you don’t have internet, maybe wait until it goes down in price, that is what I did with Most Wanted, I snagged it at $35. Basically this game is fun, career mode is short, but the other things you can do make up for it. The abundance of cars is nice, but you can not customize all of this. I wish they would fix this, but I still like the game nonetheless. I hope my review has been helpful and thanks for reading.

Originally posted December 1, 06

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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