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FAQ/Walkthrough by zukowskc

Version: 12.0 | Updated: 01/18/09








   | Introduction                                |

If you didn't think that the Skywalker family could get any more bizzare, what
with Vader being the galaxy's worst dead-beat dad and Luke and Leia acting just
a BIT too friendly with each other, then meet the family's adopted step-brother,
Starkiller. The plot of this game follows Starkiller as he transitions from
apprentice to master of the force. He plays an important role in the war between
the Empire and the Rebellion


Also, look for the above canon alert to tell you that the information is an
important development in the Star Wars universe.

This guide was written for both the player who wants hints on beating the game
and the person who is curious about the story and how it fits in with the rest
of the Star Wars saga. I will tell you what happens as well as how to beat the
bosses and solve the puzzles.

Read this guide and learn the following:

    * How the Rebel Alliance formed
    * How the Apprentice is really a terrorist
    * How the force can pull down a Star Destroyer
    * The quality of the Hoth level
    * What Vader's true personality is like

     |  Contents                                   |

               Kashyyyk ------------------------------ (x00)
               TIE Factory --------------------------- (x01)
               Raxus Prime --------------------------- (x02)
               Felucia ------------------------------- (x03)
               Betrayal ------------------------------ (x04)
               I.S.S. Empirical ---------------------- (x05)
               Cloud City Bespin --------------------- (x06)
               Imperial Kashyyyk --------------------- (x07)
               Imperial Felucia ---------------------- (x08)
               Imperial Raxus Prime ------------------ (x09)
               Death Star ---------------------------- (x10)
               Dark Side Ending ---------------------- (x11)
               Light Side Ending --------------------- (x12)

     |  Kashyyyk  (x00)                            |

As is the case with the open of any Lucas bacchanalia, the THX screen is always
the most impressive auditory experience in the whole work.

The game opens with Vader and an entire army invading a forested planet. This is
the first time we have seen Darth Vader since he was converted from the brooding
Hayden Christensen. The time period is just before the start of the rebellion
and as we see in this opening scene, the empire is extending its reach into new
star systems.

The planet being invaded is Kshyyyk, home to the Wookies. Wookies, with their
long beards, predisposition for guns and hanging out in the woods are the
galaxy's Grizzley Adams, the mountain men, the down home hicks. Chewbacca always
seemed as if he were the lost member of Lynard Skynard or My Morning Jacked who
just happens to be good at fixing space ships. When we finally saw Kshyyyk, my
thoughts were confirmed - the place is a backwater paradise on par with the
Ozzarks. The land provides perfect terrain for jumping ATVs or parking a trailer
in a remote spot so no one can get at ya.

However, this back-water-utopia comes to an end when the straight-laced, shinny
helmeted Empire shows up to ruff up the Wookies. It is like some sort of fascist
version of the Dukes of Hazard. Vader is here to kill a Jedi that somehow
managed to escape the Jedicide that was incurred at the end of The Revenge of
the Sith. Vader strides confidently through the grassy, Smokey Mountain-esque
battlefield. He doesn't even seem to be too worried about getting grass or burs
stuck in his perfectly polished black suit.

In this level you control Darth Vader and you have to kill Wookies that stand in
the way. Some may see this as a difficult exercise while others may revel in
their Wookie blood lust Either way, the light saber seared hair must smell awful

The path is pretty much a straight hallway until you get to a series of bridges
where Wookies ambush you. This is a good time to get some achievements.

Achievements Frenzy, Sith Frenzy, Sith Lord Frenzy - You get this by killing
multiple enemies with your force power. At the bridge, use the force push on the
parade of Wookies. Bossk - Kill 200 Wookies. Just stand on the bridge crossing
and push Wookies around. Pushed, Force Push Mastery - If you use nothing but
force push in this section you can advance towards getting these.

As you fight through the rest of the level you should kill 12 of your own Storm
Troopers to get Worst Day-Shift Manager Ever.

After advancing deeper into the forest you reach a series of huts where the this
Jedi was seeking sanctuary. The fight against this hooded enemy can be won by
just running up and unleashing a flurry of light saber swings. If you feel like
changing it up a bit you can try to use force push a bit.

Cut Scene Now inside the Jedi's hut, Vader holds the poor chap and just before
his last stab with the light saber, it is pulled out of his hand by a force
wielding infant. Realizing the kid's power, Vader takes the boy and kills all
imperials who witnessed this impromptu adoption. As Luke and Anakin proved that
the best place to find new Jedi (and AAA offensive line for that matter) is in
towns located in BFN.

The scene transitions through time from the young boy's eyes to the hardened
eyes of a steely man. They are on Vader's big, blue ship which, thanks to
wookiepedia, I know is named the Executor and that it has a crew of 300,000.
Vader has it parked in an undisclosed location while it is being constructed.
The man kneeling in front of him, who could be anywhere from 18 to 38, was
adopted by Vader when he realized the boy's potential. The boy was raised in
secret with the purpose of one day being Vader's personal assassin. Of course,
maybe Vader just wanted to have a second shot at being a better dad. Either way
the boy's training is complete and Vader sends him off to his first test: to
kill a Code-66-surviving and Tie-Fighter-factory-saboteur Jedi named Rom Kota.


Lets take a moment to examine what the heck Vader dressed the boy in. We can't
fault him too much, Vader did grow up in the dusty hell hole of Tatoine, raised
by a gypsy and softened a bit by a princes who applied makeup with a trowel. The
apprentice wears a get up that looks like it was equally inspired by the album
cover of Stevie Nicks from Rumors and Michael Jackson from Bad. His ragged
clothing hangs loosely culminating with a rather long loin cloth supported by
belts that can be counted in the dozens.

As the apprentice leaves for his ship, we meet PROXY. Han Solo had Chewie, C3P0
had R2, and in this game, the Apprentice has a sassy robot named Proxy. This
droids powers include projecting a hologram around himself to mimic anyone who
is in his database. We first learn of Proxy's fantastical shape shifting ability
when he attacks the apprentice while disguised as Ewan McGregor's version of Obi
Wan (whose in-engine character more closely resembles a light-saber-wielding
Christ). The apprentice stabs Obi Wan/Proxy through the heart and Proxy (who
wasn't damaged) congratulates him on passing this training mission he programmed
for him.

En route to his ship, the apprentice meets his new pilot, Juno Eclipse. She is a
platinum Blondie decked head to toe in a profession-dommes-quality fascist
officer attire. This pilot was hand-picked by Vader to replace the seven other
pilots who have died on the apprentices other missions. The newly formed trio of
PROXY, the Apprentice, and Juno pile into the apprentice's ship: the "Rogue
Shadow" - a name that seems as if it were created by throwing darts at a list of
every NEOGAF user name.

     |  TIE Factory  (x01)                         |

This level is the Apprentice's first solo mission. You can tell too: his force
powers are limited to a weak force push, a stumbling force pull and he handles
his light saber with an adorably awkward reverse grip. The Tie Fighter factory
that he is fighting through (which was featured in the demo) is a quintessential
example of early Imperial architecture complete with its impeccably shinny
floors, onyx paneling, and lighted joists. The doors are also typical in their
hexagonal design. If locked, they can be bypassed by either force pushing
through them or force pulling the locking mechanisms along its track.

If you ever thought to yourself "that scene from Attack of the Clones in which a
scantily clad Natalie Portman platformed her way through a battle droid
construction plant would make a wonderful Star Wars-version to a Megaman game,"
you would be correct, it would. However, this level is not that. In Attack of
the Clones you see a complicated process that involves stamping, bolting,
welding and casting robots out of metal. Force Unleashed, on the other hand,
would have you believe that assembly of a space-worthy Tie Fighter is no more
complicated than assembling a 1/25 scale plastic Kenner model: 1) bring wings
into position 2) connect the cockpit sphere to the wings.

At one point in the factory, you do get the chance to swing some welding lasers
around but you never get that chance to run on a conveyor belt or dive under
spinning blades - requirements for anysucessful video game factory level.


    * When you are ambushed in the room with the laser gate, force-pull the
    refrigerator-sized fuse located in the wall.
    * When you fall into a dead-end that appears to be an uncompleted hallway
    with an escape hatch above, force- pull the sliding mechanisms out of the
    left wall and then pull down the hatch that is above. Double-jump between
    these two newly positioned platforms to get up to the escape hatch and
    continue along your way.
    * When you encounter the AT-ST, kill all the surrounding troopers and then
    attack the AT-ST by tossing boxes at it and directly attacking it until
    it's health is reduced enough to start a Quick-Time-Even.

How to defeat General Kota General Kota may have hidden himself deep within the
factory, but he makes his final stand in the control room. Do factories even
need control rooms? Maybe it has to do with Jedi/Sith honor code but, it has
been estimated that 90% of all Jedi fights occur in one form of control room or
another. Kota, who sports the graying pony tail and goatee of a middle-aged
music mogul is described by wookiepedia as "being an elder Human male, Jedi
Master and general during the Clone Wars. His lack of faith in the clone
troopers allowed the general to escape Order 66" The boss: General Kota

    * Fight Kota with standard attacks
    * If Kota goes to control room's balcony and starts to glows green, hide
    behind any of the consoles on the left and right sides of the room.
    * When Kota is stunned, pick him up with force pull and slam him against
    the wall.

After General Kota has been reduced to his "give up" level of health, he stops
fighting and force-pulls the entire control-room structure (which hangs like a
revolving restaurant) off of its boom and into the planet below it. The entire
floor turns white as the structure re-enter's the planet's atmosphere. The jedi
battle continues uninterrupted however it now has added urgency because somebody
must win before the structure hits terra firma.

When his health is low enough, Kota locks sabers with the "boy." As they push
back and forth, Kota's psychic ability goes wild. He claims he senses good in
the apprentice and foresees that Vader will not be the apprentice's mentor for
long - Kota will be. Then, with a quick dash, the Apprentice pushes Kota's own
saber back into his own eyes (much like the old "why you keep hitting yourself"
gag) and sends the old man tumbling  out the control room. The apprentice jumps
out too but lands in the Rogue Shadow as it zips by. Since when did Jedis turn
into indestructible flying supermen? I still prefer my Jedi arthritic.

     |  Raxus Prime (x02)                           |

Cut Scene: The apprentice returns to Vader's still in-progress Star Destroyer
and tells him the general is dead. Vader sends him off again on another test:
kill a Jedi named Kazdan Paratus. Vader tops it off by telling him "oh ya and
this Jedi is better than you and you probably won't be able to best him and will
die." Vader does promise that if the apprentice happens to survive, then the two
of them can work together to defeat the Emperor. It seems that Vader is planning
a coupd’état and the apprentice will be playing a primary role.

But for now, the apprence must track down Paratus who is hiding on Raxus Prime.
PROXY describes the planet as the place where "all droids go to die." Raxus
prime is a junk planet that is so full of space craft and droids parts that I
tend to think this level was designed by writing an automated script to randomly
dump models from Lucas Art's 3D asset database and calling it done. Thelevel's
pallet is done up in hues that range from a hoppy India Pale Ale to a malty Nut
Brown. Jawas crawl throughout the level- they apparently favor environments that
are junky and orange colored. There are also droids that are powered by the foce
for some reason. Also there are green guys that look like greebo who fight
against those force powered robots. It feels as if the Apprentice has stumbled
upon a crazy battle that he has no part of.

Before heading planet side, the Apprentice has changed out of his shredded
street bum look and instead wrapped himself in a complete set of grungy
bedsheets and now resembles the Elephant Man.

The first task on the planet's surface is to break through the building sized
hyper drive core by smashing things into it:

    * Locate the jet engines and exploding barrels that are scattered about this
    opening area (a camera will zoom in on it when you get near one).
    * Use the newly aquired force lighting and shock each one to send it
    careening into that hyper drive core.
    * There are more explosives across the toxic pits so use force pull to lift
    the submerged junk hop across them.

Note: Lighting is a very useful weapon in this game and you will use it in every
level. Upgrade it every chance you get.

After you punch through the hyper drive core and proceed through the hole, you
must engage in some light vertical platforming. You escape out the top of core
by tossing a barrel at the upper wall area.

From there, the rest of the level involves scrambling over more junk and
fighting more Jawas, Force Robots, and Greebo aliens. There are many doors that
block the way but they are easy to get through if you understand two key rules
to this environment: A) If the wall is glowing blue, pull it open with a force
power B) if the wall has cracks in it, pick up an exploding barrel (one is
always floating overhead) and throw it at obstruction.

The junk piles that apprentice has been scaling for the past hour eventually
give way to a slightly more organized scavenger camp that is protected by a
shield generator.

How to destroy shield generator

    * You cannot throw anything at through the force field so you need to knock
    it out by cutting its power supply.

    * Turn away from the generator and find
    the elevator that is located in the back of the camp - it is behind a hole
    in the wall.

    * Take the elevator down to the next area and find a generic
    looking machinery that has lighting effects coming off - a key sign that it
    is all powered up.

    * Look for the small console that is being electrocuted.
    Drag it along the slot in the floor.

    * When the console is properly rotated,
    the power goes out and you can go back and proceed through the now disabled
    shield generator.

With the generator powered off, the apprentice proceeds out of the camp and back
into some Rats of NIMH style rooms of junk. Eventually you are hindered by a
giant chasm that you will have to build a bridge to get across.

How to cross the junk chasm

    * In the back of the room, locate the giant engine that is nuzzled up
    against an airplane wing. Start electrocuting the jet engine until it fires.

   * The Jet explosion action causes a giant force-junk monster to rise from
    the heap. To beat it, hide up around the rim of the pit (out of the robots
    firing range) and throw anything lying around at him. Electrify the stuff a
    bit for that extra punch.

    * After the bot is destroyed, go to the high
    platform that wing is leaning up against (you should be across the gap from
    the engine).

    * Force pull on the wing (make sure you are grabbing the wing
    and not the engine) for a brief time and it will break.

    * Walk the length of the wing and further down into the cavern.

After even more junk scampering, the apprentice locates the rogue Jedi in an
replica of the Jedi council constructed entirely out scraps. In what was
probably a post-traumatic-stress response to the dismantling of the Jedi, Kazdan
Paratus constructed this stage and exact replicas of each member of the Jedi
council. He talks to the junk dolls as if they were real and considers it "our
beautiful temple" like a Star Wars meets Lord of the RingsSmeagol. Paratus's
tiny size and the fact that he walks with the aid of tiny metal spider legs
(almost like polio leg braces) just adds to the pathetic air of the room. The
level design really compliments the character. This really is an inspired moment
in the game.

The battle with Paratus is difficult. The little scamp climbs
walls, jumps round and throws debris at you. This, I would imagine, would be
similarly to fighting a gibbon armed with a light saber.

How to defeat Kazdan Paratus

    * Do not start with an all-out, swords-a-swinging siege on Paratus, this
    boss will block and counter everything you do.
    * Instead, block all the time.
    * You must get your attacks in during after his attacks. Block while
    he performs a full combo and when he is done, unleash some lighting to stun
    him. Then, attack with two quick hits or more effectively, a force-throw.
    * When he jumps off of the platform and starts throwing stuff at you, just
    jump around and use that dash move.
    * After key points in the fight, Paratus summons Junk Titans. Fight them
    off with lightning and laser sword attacks.The Titans, ironically, end up
    being good for the health they provide.

Repeat the above steps. This is a slow battle in which you may never use your
light saber.

With his last breaths Paratus says "I have failed you" and then explodes in a
bolt of lighting which is very different that the cloak poof death of Obi Wan.

      |  Felucia  (x03)                             |

Note: Be sure to upgrade your Force lighting, it is a very important powers

Having killed Paratus, Vader meets with the apprentice, this time in the
holographic form of PROXY, to tell him that his next target is the last
remaining Jedi on the council - Shaak Ti. If you have only seen the six Star
Wars films, you might know Shaak Ti as that Jedi with the Sunburned-Panda-face
who fights in the background whenever George Lucas needed to add more
explosions. But, if you have kept up with the cartoons, books, comics, cereal
boxes, and wall scrolls, Shaak Ti is a nearly mythic figure whose Wookieepedia
entry flows with pages upon pages of biography. It is actually longer than the
Wikipedia article for president Rutherford B Hayes. One interesting tidbit from
Wookiepedia is that she is known for her habit of "frequently stealing up behind
a person [sic] before speaking to them or baring her sharp incisors in a
grotesque approximation of a human smile, though she was entirely capable of
managing a perfectly ordinary smile." One other interesting Shaak Ti fact: She
replaced Yaddle on the Jedi Council.

The scene moves to Felucia and we watch as Shaak Ti spots the apprentice's ship
arrive. Realizing it is an assassin, Shaak Ti prepares by sending her own
apprentice, Maris Brood, to hide in the graveyard. Side note about Marius Brood:
she looks like a Suicide Girl and according to her Wookieepedia page is the same
species as Darth Maul.

Felucia is a planet in which gigantic fungus and succulents tower overhead. It
seems as if you could smoke, lick, and/or inject anything on this planet to get
some form of hazardous mind f#ck. The apprentice arrives planet side and somehow
wears something more ridiculous than the Elephant man canvas he was sporting
onRaxus Prime. Here, he wears a cross-your-heart straps assemblage that connects
to two full-arm sleeves. Puzzlingly, and in spite of the sleeves and straps, he
remains totally bare-chested. The result is a inverse vest in which his entire
torso is bare but his arms remain covered. The tattered loin cloth, of course,

To get to Shaak Ti, you must go through hoards of the planet's natives
known as Felucian Warriors - a term that, if heard incorrectly, sounds like a
euphemism for sperm. The trick with these warriors is that one of them is a
shaman who protects the others with a red halo. You must run past and kill the
shaman before you can affect the warriors he is protecting. One thing that does
help is to use the force blast to knock everyone down so you can have
unobstructed access to the shaman.

The level proceeds from the forest into a tripsi-dasical wonderland, which has
fanciful names like "fight your way through the mushroom ascent" and incongruous
names such as "make your way to the ancient abyss" (as if there are new abysses
popping up all the time). When the apprentice makes it to the ancient abyss, he
runs into a huge grotto that is filled with warriors who are backed up by three
Rancors. You might known Rancors best as the giant beast inJabba's pit from the
Return of the Jedi that Luke Skywalker killed with a garage door. For extra
pazaz, these Rancors are painted with florecent face paint like a massive
Braveheart . This part is extremely tricky and it took me an hour of trial and
error to get through it. Here are some tips for those playing:

How to beat the rancor pit

    * Keep each Rancor separated from the others so you can take on one at a
    * Start by running around the first Rancor and killing any of the warriors
    under his feet.
    * Don't kill all the warriors in the room, just the ones bothering you and
    hanging around the target Rancor. You must save the other warriors for later
    to get health from them.
    * When the warriors for around your targeted Rancor are gone, run as far
    away from it as you can and start tossing the exploding flowers that grow
    along the wall.
    * Use force lightning whenever you are in close quarters with the Rancor.
    * When the Rancor's power is low, get in close and perform the
    quick-time-events required to kill it.
    * Repeat this until the room is clean.
    * If you get low on power, run away from the Rancors and kill some of
    the roaming monsters to harvest their energy.
    * Look for the tail-like appendages that are wrapped around the cave's
    columns. If you force pull on the whips, they will spring out and strike
    anyone who is within range of them.

After the Rancor pit, it is a quick jaunt to the ancient abyss and a meditating
Shaak Ti. The peppermint faced Jedi says that this pit is a place of sacrifice
and that she lured the apprentice here to kill him with the help of the nearby
Sarlacc. She then jumps up into the swaying tendrils of the Sarlacc and uses it
and her own brand of ShaakFu against the apprentice.

How to beat Shaak Ti

    * Shaak Ti doesn't put up too much defence, so you can fight her with direct
    * If things do get difficult, force push her, she is very light and will fly
    across the stage.
    * If she jumps off screen, be prepared to dodge the huge tentacles flopping
    around from her pet Jedi Sarlacc. Just look at the top of your screen for a
    hint of which tentacle will move first.

Cut Scene: After a thorough drubbing, Shaak Ti wobbles close to the mouth of her
Jedi Sarlacc. Realizing she cannot beat him, Shaak Ti instead resorts to
attacking the apprentice with a stern lecture and a very disappointed glance.
She says that his powers are wasted because he is just a slave to Vader and that
at some time he will be betrayed by Vader. Then she falls into the mouth of the
beast and a blue bolt of lighting shoots up.

This is the second Jedi to explode into a ball of lighting. It seems as if this
is a new way besides, disappearing, falling, or being a corpse for Jedi to die.
I don't fully understand how the Jedi decide how they are going to die so I
worked up a little chart to hopefully explain it:


     |  Betrayal: (x04)                            |

Hey there! The content you are about to read is canon.

** CANON **

Now that the he has killed all the remaining Jedi, Vader calls the still dirt-
covered apprentice over to his Star Destroyer so they can talk about how they
will CONTROL THE GALAXY. The apprentice meets Vader in the ship's command
center. Just as the apprentice is about to hear Vader's secret plan to take over
the empire, in walks the Emperor and he realizes that the two of them are
scheming to kill him. To cover his tracks, Vader runs his laser sword through
the apprentice, spins him around the room before finally tossing him through a
window and into the void of space. WORST. STEP. DAD. EVER. Happy with Vader's
compliance, the Emperor waddles off.

Now adrift and unable, for some reason, to force push his way back to the ship,
a roaming droid picks the apprentice up and takes him to a medical center. Vader
is at the medical facility too and is now conciliatory. He tells the apprentice
that they cannot kill the Emperor directory. Instead, the apprentice must go out
and form a rebel army to create a diversion. Then, while the Emperor is focused
on the rebels, the two of them can attack.

So there you go. This is the big plot twist this game was promising. George
Lucas has changed the entire way you view the original trilogy. During episodes
IV, V, VI Vader was secretly allowing the rebels to build up so he could kill
the Emperor himself. This game (since it is cannon) changes my perspective of
Vader. I no longer see him as the evil lord but more of a manic depressive,
abusive, stage mom.Starwars is really an intergalactic remake of the 1981 film
Mommy Dearest. Think about it, Darth Vader adopted the apprentice so that he
could advance his career and he dresses the kid in strange clothes. Vader is
like the space-aged Joan Crawford.

     |  I.S.S. Empirical (x05)                     |

Since Vader commanded him to build a rebel army and to kill the Emperor, the
apprentice (now named Starkiller) is on a direct path to the light side and
salvation. So much for righteousness being self-determined virtue.

As part of his new super-secret mission, Starkiller must sever all ties to
anyone who ever knew him so that he can be an even better assassin. That means
everyone on this medical ship, including his pilot/obvious love interest, Juno.
But he can't just let her go, so Starkiller has to kill all the ships troops and
rescue the princess er Juno.

Like the stage mother he is, Vader dressed Starkiller in impeccably white, robes
and finally gave him a shower. This outfit, as always, includes a loincloth.

The ship he is fighting through, just like the Tie Fighter factory, is an
example of neo-Empire architecture. The first step is to break out of this
medical facility. So, use the Force blast to break the glass and then force pull
the nearby blue cylinder up to the ceiling to clear out the choking green smoke.
To help Starkiller eliminate all of the enemies, PROXY programs the ship to
crash into the nearby star.

Easter egg watch - As Starkiller escapes, the warnings over the intercom call
him "captive 1138"

After battling through room after room of Storm Troopers, Starkiller eventually
stumbles upon a very challenging enemy known as an Imperial Purge Trooper. A
Purge Trooper looks almost exactly like a Storm Trooper except that it is a gun-
metal gray robot that stands 12 feet tall and has a rocket launcher mounted on
its shoulder. It may sound cool but its long legs andherky-jerky walk makes it
look like a High School metal shop project.

How to defeat an Imperial Purge Trooper

    * Stand outside the room and wait for the two regular Storm Troopers to come
    out and get you. Kill them. Don't worry, the Turge Trooper cannot fit
    through the door.
    * Run into the room and get into close combat with the Purge Trooper so he
    won't shoot at you with the missiles.
    * Attack it with lighting to stun it and then hit him with an
    X, Y, Y sword combo.

Starkiller eventually works his way to the command center of the ship where he
is met by two more Purge Troopers. To beat these guys you need to get in real
close again and shock them and then attack as they try to get up. If they are
close enough together, you may be able shock both at the same time. I finally
did it after a lot of trial and error can't figure out any easier way to do it.

With all the troops destroyed, Starkiller is free to release Juno from her way
overly elaborate imprisonment. The imperials could have just locked her in a
room. Starkiller caries her out of the ship. Bewildered that he would rescue her
and risk being branded a traitor, Starkiller tells her that he is "leaving the
Empire behind." Lets just take a moment here to level-set on the philosophy.
According to Star Wars, salvation isn't gained by your own choosing. The only
reason Starkiller is fighting for the good side is because his master commanded
him to. That is not free will. Shouldn't goodness come from your own conscience
and not pushed on you? Isn't following whatever moral choices your leader tells
you do what sent this galaxy down the fascist path it is in now? Have we not
learned that piety must be freely chosen and not forced on you?

     |  Cloud City Bespin: (x06)                   |

Cut Scene
Now that he is the greatest champion of the light side and a bomb
throwing revolutionary, Starkiller starts his quest to find anyone who could
help him build a rebel army. Candidate number one is the still not dead General
Kota. We last saw the Jedi moments before he was kicked out of a revolving
restaurant/Tie factory command center.

Since then, Kota has taken up a new side of the force - the drunken one - in a
bar located in Lando Calrisian's Cloud City. Kota has dropped his connection
with the force after his laser sword hit him in the eyes. I guess the washed-up
Jedi is too good to use the force to tell him where everything is or to get a
pair of robot eyes. Instead, he is content to bandage up his face with a filthy
old rag.

The apprentice finds him and as he negotiates a partnership, a unit of Storm
Troopers finds them. Before you know it, we have to get Kota out of the bar and
into Starkiller's ship. Yes, an escort mission for a drunk and blind old man -
at least now there is an excuse for the poor AI. The escape takes the heroes
through the Cloud City docks which are teeming with midget men in special mechs
during the hours the city looks its best: sundown. The mechs can be brought down
with a blast of lighting and a quick smashing of the X,X,Y buttons. An Imperial
Shuttle drops in and unloads its pack of Storm Troopers and a single black-clad
"shadow guard" which can be bested by force-blasting it and hitting it with

Kota realizes that Starkiller is serious about bringing revolution
after he slaughters an entire city's worth of Storm Troopers. He tells the boy
that he has a contact in the Senate who might be interested in this revolution.
By deffering the apprentice to a stupid senator, I just lost all hope that we
would see an elaborate power-pop backed 80s training montage of the drunken
warrior Kota teaching a reluctant Starkiller the true meaning of being a Jedi.

     |  Imperial Kashyyyk (x07)                    |

Starkiller, Juno, and the recovering Kota head to Kashyyyk to rescue a captured
Princess Leia so that they can give her back to her Senator father and then he
will be happy and the rebellion will start. The end.

This fight on Kashyyyk is an important homecoming for Starkiller. The last time
he was here he was just a boy in what was essentially a backwater trailer park.
Now, most of the flora and fauna has been torn down and replaced with an
imperial command station. As he wanders the scorched earth, Starkiller pauses at
a banner that is marked with the phoenix symbol we all know from thousands of
toys and countless bad tattoos as the icon of the rebel alliance. He is even
more cautious as he "senses a great darkness." As if you really need the force
to tell that a razed village and the smell of burntWookie fur is a bad sign.
Then, in a shot-for-shot remake of Luke's subconscious encounter with Vader
while on Dagobah, Starkiller walks through some ruins and encounters his
deceased, hooded father. The man whispers that he is sorry and disappears into
the mist. Then, unlike Luke, Starkiller has the good graces not to chop his head

Starkiller's mission in this area is to siege the imperial command center. He is
held back by dozens of Storm Troopers - some of them wielding flame
throwers!!!!!!!! The level is the exact same as the Kashyyyk except that now
everything is all burnt. In most cases I would call Copy+Paste but it just seems
right that Starkiller should be confronting his charred past and as a player you
should want to see what has changed. Good job George Lucas and team.

If you are playing you may have noticed that huge, impenetrable imperial wall
guarded by an AT-ST with a gatling gun taped to its head and be wondering how to
pass it:

    * The best way is to stand as far away as you can - even if the AT-ST is off
    screen. Grab a rock, and snake it down the grassy canyon.

    * Toss the rock,
    even if you don't know where it is going because the auto lock assumes that
    you want to throw this rock at the AT-ST

    * Keep tossing rocks using this
    blind-throw technique until you are convinced it is dead.

After negotiating the rocky cliffs and narrow catwalks of this level, Starkiller
reaches the local commander's residence. CommanderOzzik Sturn is a big-game
hunter who lines his villa with the trophies he has captured. Among them is Jar
Jar Binks frozen in Carbonite.

Continuing through the villa, Starkiller eventually finds Princess Leia in
nearly unguarded room with a nice view of the lake and a giant imperial machine
called a sky hook. It is not clear what the sky hook is but perhaps the empire
hopes to rule the galaxy by having Kareem Abdul Jabbar fire protons like
artillery from the surface of the Kashyyyk. According to Leia though, after it
is completed, the Sky Hook will be used to transport enslaved Wookies off this
planet. Suspicious that Starkiller is just an assassin set on killing her, Leia
says that a real Jedi would go and dismantle that Sky hook. Fumbling like a
teenage boy talking to his crush, Starkiller agrees and runs off to go dismantle
it. By the way, if you type "Leia" into Google, the first suggested term is
"Leia lingerie".

The path to the Sky Hook is through a wooded and, for some reason, wet canyon.
Eventually, you transition through to an imperial holding center that is lined
with cells containingWookies . Each section is protected by a series of force
fields. Make your way through them by using the force pull to yank the plug
overhead. After Starkiller emerges from the imperial tunnel, he reaches the base
of the Sky Hook.

This enormous tower fires a beam of energy into the night sky and it looks like
something you would buy in a smoke shop. The structure is buttressed by seven
spokes that grip the hillside. At the end of each spoke is a mooring pin that
stick out like candles on a 7 year-old's Nazi themed birthday cake. The goal in
this mission is to pluck each of these "birthday candles" out to cut power from
the Sky Hook. Pulling them is easy. The difficult part is surviving the entire
army surrounding the structure.

How to dismantle the Sky Hook

The trick to beating this area is to forget, temporarily, about pulling out the
mooring pins until you have cleared out all the enemies. To kill all of the
enemies, you must focus on just one type and do a whole lap around the tower.
You should also move swiftly to dodge the missiles fired by the Purge Troopers.
Here is a detailed description of the strategy:

    * Do one lap killing just the snipers camping on each of the spokes and the
    troopers who are manning the gun turrets. Dodge past the Purge Troopers.

    * Do a second lap and kill each of the Purge Troopers. Remember, shock
    them and then press X,X,Y.

    * When everyone is gone, do another lap and start
    pulling out the mooring pins.

After pulling two or three of the mooring pins, Ozzik Sturn comes out piloting
his personal AT-ST and therefore nominating himself as the best fascist driving
a mech since Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D.

    * Take Ozzik out by hiding behind the spokes on the other side of him (make
    sure there are no mooring pins in the spoke you are hiding behind so you
    don't get electrocuted).

    * Jump up and shock him with force lighting until
    you drain your force power. Then, drop back down behind the wall and wait
    for your force to recharge. Then, jump back up and do it again.

    * Repeat
    this pop and shock approach until his power is totally drained.

When he Ozzik is dead, continue along plucking out the mooring pins.

When all the pins have been removed, lighting shoots out of the tower like it is
going to explode. All the Wookies gather around it and for a moment it looks
like a crowd gathered at a Steppenwolf concert. The skyhook area is frustrating
but satisfying. I actually liked it because I had to figure out the best way to
use each of my force powers to accomplish the task at hand. This area was much
like a Halo bathtub problem in that you know what you have to do, you are just
horribly out-numbered. The fun comes in carefully discovering a strategy to use
your strengths to overcoming your character's disadvantages.

Starkiller storms onto his ship fuming at the amount of trouble he had to go
through to rescue a stupid princess and demands that Kota tell him who that girl
was and what she is going to provide in forming an army. Kota tells him that
Leia is the daughter of senator JimmySmits (aka Bail Prestor Organa ). With the
Senator on their side, they can have more influence in forming the rebel army.
However, the senator has gone missing because he went toFelucia to find Shaak Ti
and so, you know, she's dead, and so he probably got eaten by a flower or
something. Therefore, Starkiller and Company has to head back toFelucia and find

We flash over to Felucia and find out real fast what happened to Senator Goatee
- he got captured by that intergalactic Hot Topic employee Marius Brood. She is
holding him as a bargaining chip in case Vader shows up.

     |  Imperial Felucia (x08)                     |

When Starkiller lands, the planet is already in the midst of an Imperial
incursion with the local Felucian Warriors. The imperials are hoping to find
Jimmy Smits so that he doesn't go off and start a rebellion. As opposed to the
last time Starkiller was here, the imperials have really set up camp. There are
emplacements and reactors and they have cut down a lot of the mushroom forest.
Which, on the good side, means visiting the planet won't give you ring worm or
athlete's foot as easily.

The most stunning change to the level, though, is the Sarlacc pit. What was once
Shaak Ti's kinda weird meditation point has been converted in to an imperial
power station that spans the mouth of the tentacled beast. I assume that the
Empire has built this setup to tap the Sarlacc for power like some sort of
sadistic take on renewable energy. Starkiller seems to be truly disillusioned
with the empire's destruction of the planet and with this Sarlacc killing
machine - just another sign that he has turned to the light side. Take this
lesson to heart kids, drilling in the ANWR is the same as going to the dark

To proceed, Starkiller has to power up the overhead cranes so that he can use
the elevator to descend into the Sarlacc. Do this by using the force lightning
on the the three dormant generators that are located at end of each of the
cables that run overhead.

After all the generators are on, head to the middle of the structure which is an
elevator that descends right down the gullet of the beast so you can explore the
Sarlacc from the inside. Because of this turn to inner space, I would like to
congratulate this level on earning Game Intestine's special award of "digestive
track of the game." This level does not disappoint either, it has met or
exceeded each of the requirements for the award: cilia, a run through the lungs
and multiple sphincters spewing gas.

How to get through the Sarlacc stomach

    * You can proceed through any of the cilia that encircles the hallways. If
    it grabs a hold of you, use the force blast to scare the little tentacles

    * In narrow passages there are sphincters than will suck you up into
    them as you pass. To get past them, electrify the little blue thing that
    looks like a space heater. This electrical generator sparks the sphincter
    and keeps it clamped shut. Terrific!

    * The lung section of the Sarlacc is
    difficult to traverse because as the beast inhales you are pushed to the
    back of the room. You must find shelter to hide behind during each breath.
    So, hide behind the pillars on the far left side of the lung chamber. Wait
    for the breath to pass and then before the next one, trudge upstream to find
    another hiding spot behind a pillar.

When you reach lung's bronchial tubes, a huge blast sucks Starkiller up and
shoots him out of what I can only assume is one of theSarlacc's twelve anuses.

Starkiller finds the senator in the Rancor graveyard and says that he is here on
behalf of General Kota to rescue him. Ms. Brood comes in to stop the escape. Her
twin billy club shaped laser swords sit nestled up under her arms like a cop
preparing to break up a riot. She doesn't take any chances either and brings
with her another Rancor with huge tusks.

Marius Brood and the Bull Rancor The fighting arena is a graveyard and is
littered with huge bones. If there is sanctity to this graveyard, it is not
shown by this Rancor bull because he tears through all the rib cages, flanges
and rancor skulls. By now you have mastered all the powers. You have seen how to
use the force against sliding door locks and exploding barrels. You would think
one of these last term bosses would require you to dance among your force skills
like improvised jazz, but not for this boss. This is going to be a slow, health
chipping battle in an empty arena.

    * Stand still and wait for the beast to charge you.
    * When he gets close, jump twice and use the air dash to get behind him.
    * Slash at his tail and his back and maybe use lightning.
    * Ignore Marius Brood as you focus your attacks on the Rancor.

When the Rancor is dead, the fight continues with Marius in a nearby ravine. The
fight is not too difficult. To defeat her:

    * Jump around a lot dodging her laser swords the best you can
    * Use the force blast to push her along the walls and then stab her when she
    is stunned.

Cut Scene: Knowing that she is loosing, Marius stops the fight and pleads to be
let go. She blames the planet and the abandonment by Shaak Ti as the reasons she
went to the dark side. God theseJedis are a bunch of whiners. Starkiller lets
her go so she can be the villain in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2: The Force
Released" in stores November 2010.

 Senator Jimmy Smits stands up, rubs his wrists (even though he was never tied
 up) and tells Starkiller that he too knew a Jedi who drifted to the dark side.
 In case you didn't catch that - he is a referring to Anakin - hint hint
 foreshadowing. Starkiller says that Marius Brood will not drift to the dark
 side like Anakin because she will live with the memory of what she has done
 here. Which is totally not true because kidnapping Jimmy Smits is pretty
 forgettable. I don't even remember half the movies or  TV shows that he has
 starred in.

Anyway, it is not like Maris Brood is really that bad. At worse, she is just
High-School-goth bad. Furthermore, this game was given anERSB rating of Teen.
That basically means the worst thing anyone can do in this game is what a
teenager is going to do. It is not like smoking in the bathroom is the path to
the dark side.

Cut Scene:
A still blinded Kota, a newly freed Senator Jimmy
Smits, and a light-side tending Starkiller (who has his face splattered with
something that I hope is not Sarlacc feces) meet in a Felucian meadow to discuss
the future of the rebellion. Because Starkiller has actually killed a Storm
Trooper, he has instant cred.

But, before they can start open rebellion, they are going to need weapons and
star ships and people. The senator says that he needs to get other senators on
board for a coalition of the willing. Kota thinks that they should strike a
high-value target to show that the empire is not as strong as everybody thinks
it is. Starkiller says I need to think about this... which means he is going to
ask Vader what he would do.

Back in the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller talks to PROXY who is channeling Vader for
advice on striking at the empire. Vader says that empire is building its fleet
of Star Destroyers in the ship yards over the planet Maxis Prime. If he can
bring down one of the ships, it would send the message that the rebels are
looking for. When the plan to attack is agreed upon, Vader cuts the transmission
through PROXY and the droid says "I hate being him." Starkiller acknowledges and
says "I think he does too."

Juno approaches disappointed because she saw Starkiller communicating with Vader
again. Realizing that he is still just a servant, she argues that she has taken
a stand against the empire and that he should too after all that they have done
to him.

     |  Imperial Raxus Prime (x09)                 |

The imperial ship yard is a giant wheel that floats above Maxis Prime and makes
all the galaxy's Star Destroyers. Here we get to see first-hand how week they
make them so that X-wings can eventually shoot them down by just aiming at the
command deck. Starkiller, no longer needing that elephant-man get-up he wore the
last time he was here, is now donning a full-sized cowboy rain slicker with a
metal chest plate that looks like it was snagged from the grill of a '76 Buick.
He is also wearing a belt buckle shaped like home plate as if his costume is
partially constructed from Chase Field promotion night giveaways

The fight on Maxis Prime is almost exactly like the previous time we were here
except that again, the empire is more heavily embedded in the planet. There are
now AT-STs, Purge Troopers and other fortifications at every corner. The battle
through this planet eventually leads to a frontal attack on an imperial hanger
against another AT-ST and a couple Purge Troopers. Take them out using the the
following methods:

How to defeat an Imperial Purge Trooper

    * Lure the two regular Storm Troopers out of the room and kill them. A Purge
    Trooper cannot fit through the door.
    * Run up close to the Purge Trooper so he won't shoot you with missiles
    * Attack it with lighting to stun him then hit him with an X, Y, Y.

Attack the AT-ST by standing far away and force-tossing boxes at it. Then, when
it is low get in close and use lightning to shock it until it's health is
reduced enough to start a Quick Time event.

When he gets to the top of the imperial hanger Starkiller commandeers an
imperial drop ship and gives the boot to all of the Storm Troopers on it. As one
of the troopers falls to his death he lets out the classic Wilhelm scream. The
ship lands on another structure that functions as a tractor beam generator. Of
course, like all imperial ships, it must be deactivated by shocking five whats-
its (this time they are called tractor conduits). Who knew that back in 1977
when George Lucas directed Alec Guiness to disable the Death Star tractor beam
he was designing a major puzzle element that would be featured in every single
level of a video game he would spawn 31 years later. That is just one example of
the mad genius that is George Lucas.

After all of the tractor beams have been disabled, pull out the door-knob-
looking things that are behind the force fields before you can proceed out of
the room.

Starkiller drops down into the next area: a long metallic catwalk over a
bottomless pit.

    * Snipers flank the sides. Toss barrels at them to knock them off.
    * A huge door that you cannot force push your way through keeps you from
    * To unlock the door, jump down to the two narrower catwalks on either
    side of the main catwalk and force-pull the levers to the top of their
    track. If the levers are not budging, use the right stick on your
    controller to move them up.

In the last few levels we have pulled out 7 mooring pins from the Sky Hook,
electrocuted the 5 generators of the tractor beam, electrocuted the 3 crane
generators over the Sarlacc pit, and now, pulled on the 2 levers to unlock the
door. What sort of numerical cryptogram are you sending us George Lucas?!? This
could unlock the mysteries of his galaxy if only I could figure out how this all

You Svengali of level design I have cracked you...these are all prime numbers!

After navigating the catwalks, the final area is a landing platform that is
decorated with all the standard props that indicate that this is a roof-top:
strange water tower looking domes, electrical towers, antennas and things that
look like air conditioners. In the background, giant molten orbs are belched up
towards the ship yard. It is some pretty cool looking metal machinery. What are
we doing here? Well, Starkiller was lured here by Proxy so that the cos-playing
robot can practice attacking him with each of hispre -programmed antagonists.
This is a training exercise that the Jedi and Droid engage in every once in a
while and is supposed to be cute but actually seems kinda kinky.

Proxy starts by turning into a force-endowed shadow knight. After defeating that
he turns into Marius Brood: Use force blast or force push to defeat her. Then,
he turns into Shaak Ti who is surprisingly weak in this battle: Force push her
against the wall and then attack her while she is stunned.

Proxy's morphing ability makes him a perfect candidate to be a Shang Tsung-like
combatant in a new Star Wars fighting game.

Finally, after Starkiller passes all of PROXY's other tests, the droid says "I
have one module you haven't seen. Someone I have been storing for years." Then
he turns into Darth-Fucken-Maul. Add this in with his ability to turn into Vader
and occasionally Juno and it confirms that PROXY's main purpose is to provide
nerd boners.

It does feel strange to get excited about Darth Maul. I mean, if this were 1999
it would be the best part in the whole game. But now, it is about as exciting as
news about LouBegga. Darth Maul is quite difficult so here are some tips:

    * Stay as close as you can at all times. He is much more destructive at
    * Hold block constantly. Let him perform a full combo on you and at
    the end of it you can use the force repulse. When is is stunned by that,
    really lay into him with laser sword attacks.

After defeating Darth Maul, Starkiller continues on to the giant gun tower that
is at the top of the structure. The area is circular and you have to overload 4
rail gun tracks (There goes my prime number theory.) Each track has a generator
that you have to electrify. How to bring down the Star Destroyer

What I love so much about this game is the many questions it answers about the
force including one of the greatest paradoxes: if any object can be controlled
by the force, regardless of size, why didn't Obi Wan just force push the Death
Star into the nearest black hole? The reason, as this Star Destroyer level
answers, is that it would have been incredibly annoying and frustratingly
tedious. Here is how the mission plays out:

After lighting the four towers, a final molten ball is shot at the ship yard and
one of the Star Destroyers breaks free. The craft is heading right for the junk
planet. As Starkiller, you begin a space ship sized tug of war where, one side
the pilots are trying to right the ship and fly out of range, while on the other
side, you are trying to turn the ship towards yourself and pull it into the
planet. As cool as it sounds, it feels as if you are helping your friend
parallel park.

    * Destroy the tie fighters first by standing behind one of the two towers.
    * When a Tie Fighter pass over the tower you are hiding behind, jump twice
    and shoot lighting at it. Timing is crucial and you will have to practice
    this move but it is really effective when it works.

When the wave of Tie Fighters have been defeated, press right trigger to focus
your powers on pulling down the Star Destroyer.

    * The control sticks appear at the bottom of the screen and indicate which
    way you have to pull the sticks. The idea is that you are rotating the Star
    Destroyer so that it points right at you.
    * Only after you have the Star Destroyer pointed at you can you start
    pulling it down.
    * If it takes you too long, a new wave of Tie Fighters will come and you
    will have to temporarily give up pulling on the Star Destroyer so that you
    kill the Ties.
    * During the Tie Fighter ambush, the Star Destroyer will turn itself so that
    it is no longer pointed right at you. It does not however gain altitude so
    you are not loosing any progress you made before.

After getting the Star Destroyer close enough to the planet, it
crashes onto the surface and skids through towers of junk. We see a shot of
Starkiller from behind. His hands are raised in a death grip and he looks like a
crazy bum standing on a street corner conducting an orchestra. The structures
collapse all around and send out a huge plume of debris that blanks out the
camera in a field of brown like we saw on 9-11. Even the platform Star Killer
was standing on is knocked over and crushed by the downed aircraft.

Star Killer successfully commandeered an aircraft and crashed it into buildings.
You are now no better than a terrorist.

Back at the Rogue Shadow, Starkiller meets with Vader again to tell him that his
crime against the empire has been completed. Vader tells him that, as expected,
the Emperor is displeased that someone crashed one of his ships. However, the
Emperor is smart enough not to vow to smoke out terrorists like Starkiller or to
accuse him of being part of the axis of evil. Starkiller doesn't talk long
though because he fears that if the rebels find out that he is talking to Vader
they will think he is a traitor to their traitor cause.

** CANON **

The scene changes to an icy planet that is not Hoth. Jimmy Smits, Princes Leia,
Starkiller, a generic old guy, and that lady with the short hair from "A New
Hope" who told everyone how to attack the Death Star gather around a table and
say "this rebellion has now started." With those words having left their lips,
Vader busts through the door like a cop who just got the drug transaction on
tape and is sending in the boys.

Starkiller, who was Vader's man-on-the-inside is pushed out of the room and is
confronted on the edge of an icy cliff. This was all a setup. Vader never
intended to kill the Emperor, he was just testing Starkiller to see how easily
he would turn against the Empire. Before Vader could kick him off it, Starkiller
jumps down the cliff to hide in the icy mists. In the fall, Starkiller was
knocked unconscious and he is left huddled in the snow desperately in need of a
Tauntaun gut. Juno finds him and brings him back to the Rogue Shadow.

After recovering, Starkiller practices Jedi meditation in order to figure out
where Vader has taken those rebel dissidents. It seems he has taken them to this
thing called the Death Star. A moon sized battle station.

     |  Death Star (x10)                           |

The thing that I most cherish about the Death Star is that it's title is its
purpose. There is no question that this giant orb and its death ray can blast
living hell out of everything. Which is what is so disappointing about Europe's
attempt to sugar-coat their death ray with the title Large Hadron Collider.

With the help of his perky sidekick, Starkiller ventures off to rescue his
friends in the Death Star. Using the ships cloaking ability, they were able to
sneak past any patrol ships. Juno parks the Rogue Shadow on an air conditioning
duct. Realizing that they will probably never see each other again, Juno grabs
him and sweeps him up into her kiss. Starkiller looks at her and thencooly jumps
off the ship and into the depths of the Death Star. For a young guy who grew up
in a janitor's closet on a Star Destroyer and whose most comforting touch was
holding on to Vader's cape like one of Harry Harlow's monkeys, he sure has a
pretty smooth reaction to this woman's kiss. Good job keeping your light saber
from going off halfway through the exchange.

Starkiller crashes into random Death Star Hanger #75 and stands up unfazed as if
he is made of liquid metal. He is dressed in a whitehoodie and tails which is
wrapped around a black under-suit. The outfit symbolizes Starkiller's inner-
conflict between the light side which is covering his formerly dark side past.

The hanger is absolutely lousy with Storm Troopers, AT-STs, Purge Troopers,
snipers. Shouldn't these guys be helping the construction effort so the Death
Star is done in time for BBY 0? The goal of this area is to force-pull the blue
grates that are in the middle of the room so you can drop down to the next area.
However, there are so many guys that you probably won't have time to do any
grate pulling. Therefore, you have to kill them all first.

    * Because Starkiller is so outnumbered you are going to have to fight like a
    real Jedi - hiding in corners, stabbing guys in the back and, picking off a
    guy and then running away.

    * First, jump up on the giant crates around the edges of the hanger and then
    jump up to the catwalk where all the snipers are. Run at them and if their
    lasers turns red, press the dash button as you run towards them to give
    yourself a better chance.

    * After all of the snipers are dead, jump down and kill the Storm Troopers
    behind the gun turrets.

    * Keep moving around the room and focus on all the other Storm
    Troopers but ignore the Purge Troopers and AT-STs.

    * When the Purge Troopers are the only soldiers left, hide in the small
    rooms that are on either side of the room. Hiding here protects you from
    missile fire. They will come to find you though so let your force power
    charge and spring out and hit them with your lighting when they get within

    * When the Purge Troopers are gone, throw the exploding barrels at the
    AT-STs and run up and shock then slash them.

After the first wave is killed, more troopers come up from elevators. You can
fight them if you want but there is no save checkpoint here so you should pull
back those grates and get out of this room.

It is surreal and starkly cool. ******** 9 hours.

From this main hanger you proceed through a maze of hallways that are actually
the laser tunes for the Death Star's primary weapon. The Death Star is not yet
fully operational and there as they test the weapons system. That means you have
to break through giant green lenses and jump into alcoves before each laser is
test fired.

Eventually you get to the laser's focusing rings. These giant interlocking rings
resemble the machine that fires Jodi Foster off to meet the space aliens that
are shaped like her dad. You don't get to do that though. Instead you have to
align them so you can pass through to the rest of the hallway without getting
shocked to death. Here is how to get past the rings:

    * When the laser is not firing you need to align the three spinning contact
    rings into an open "o" position. After the laser fires, though, the rings
    will unlock so you will have to act quickly.

    * Align the camera to the glowing core and press the force grab button and
    you automatically grab a ring

    * Push that ring around until it aligns and locks in place. The next inner
    ring can be grabbed.

    * Repeat this until each ring is locked in the "o" position.

    * Jump across the platform to the middle area and duck into the room.

The next area is an absolutely amazing array of machinery and layers upon layers
of giant laser beams crisscrossing the floating platforms. This is some sort of
condensing chamber that focuses all the beams before sending them out of the
Death Star. It really is a wonderfully surreal and impossible setting for a
level. As far as I am concerned, the ability to explore this space sets video
games apart from all other mediums.

The goal here is to jump up and across the giant room to the central platform.
When you get there, a pack of shadow guards comes out from behind a gigantic
door. After beating them, you must position the arm into the 4 o'clock potion
using your force-pull to unlock it.

Behind the door is a control room just asking to be the setting for a Jedi
battle. The Emperor, on his metal throne, is lecturing the traitorous Kota and
JimmySmits like a school's strict headmaster when they notice Starkiller
infiltrating. The Emperor dispatches Vader to get rid of him. He intercepts his
former apprentice in the hallway outside. He starts the fight with a stern
talking to. In the speech, Vader says almost exactly what he says in the first
trilogy: Vader: "You have learned well but you don't understand the true nature
of the dark side" Starkiller: "You have nothing left to teach me"

It may sound lame that Vader is reusing the same lines both here and later in
Return of the Jedi. But, I think Vader is just trying out some snappy parenting
advice anticipating that one day when he will use it on Luke:

How to defeat Darth Vader

    * Sure, Vader is a savant of the force but he is a strategic numskull. The
    dark lord decides, unwisely, to perch himself in the center of a platform
    over a bottomless pit. Worse, his position means he is surrounded by toss-
    able machinery and generic Death Star thing-a-ma-bobs.

    * Damage him by throwing anything that can be picked up at him.

    * When his health gets low enough, he jumps off of his perch. Run up and
    attack him

The battle ends with Vader looking like the looser of a cat fight. His robot-
limbs are exposed and his once terrifying death cape is reduced to shop rag
fodder. His helmet popped off in the fight and his head is the moist, shriveled
consistency of finger skin after removing a band aid. The Emperor takes
advantage of the chaos and attacks Kota.

This is the moment Starkiller has a final choice between the light side and the
dark side: He can either protect Kota or finish off the injured Vadertherby
letting Kota die. The choice you make here determines which ending you get.

     |  Dark Side Ending (x11)                        |

Starkiller runs away to fight Vader. The fight with the crippled Vader is
exactly the same as the last battle with him so use the exact same tactics.

Cut Scene: The Emperor continues to shock Kota and asks Starkiller to lend a
hand and stab this last, remaining Jedi. Starkiller has second thoughts. The
Emperor doesn't like this insubordination and throws him out the nearby window
and throws his spaceship at him. Oh and JimmySmits is dead too.

Having been severely injured by the Rogue Shadow falling on him, the Emperor
rebuilds the Apprentice just as he did to for Vader. This time though, he gives
Starkiller a shinny stainless steel helmet that is equipped with a metallic
version of Princess Leia's head buns. He also gets finger blades like Edward
Scissor Hands and parachute pants!?! That Emperor is like a macabre project
runway dropout.

And that is the end of the game. And don't worry it is not cannon so please go
back and play the good ending.

     |  Light Side Ending (x12)                    |

Kota is shocked by Vader but Starkiller runs in to put a stop to this triggering
a fight with the Emperor.

The Emperor:

    * If he lifts objects with his purple lightning, hide behind one of the
    consoles on the left and right of the screen until he throws them. Then, run
    up and force blast his shield away. Attack wildly when is vulnerable.

    * If he starts charging his hands with purple (but no shield), he is going
    to start shooting lasers at you. Tap the block button and you will deflect
    the bolts back at him. He will groan and be stunned for a moment so run up
    and attack.

    * If he sends the guards, shoo them away with a force blast.

** CANON **

As you attack, the Emperor says that he should have killed Vader and taken
Starkiller as his apprentice to rule at his side. One thing about the Emperor
is that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Cut scene:

When you finally knock the Emperor's health down to nothing, he says Starkiller
was destined to kill him. Would this statement be foreshadowing or a rehash of
what he tells Luke in Return of the Jedi? With the Emperor pinned, Starkiller
rears back to lay the final blow. Kota holds him back telling him not to strike
him down in anger or he will be right where you started and on the way back to
the dark side. How do the Jedi's kill anyone then? I think they just pull the
rope-a-dope long enough for their opponent to get tired and slip into a nearby

Starkiller listens to Kota and lets the Emperor live. Seizing this opportunity,
the old man fires a final bolt at Kota. Starkiller jumps in front to block it
and holds off any attack long enough for the rebels to escape the Death Star.
Woe the sacrificial lamb. The room explodes with only Vader and the Emperor
surviving. The Emperor and a still helmet-less Vader hover over his corpse.
Vader promises to hunt down the rebels that he created. The Emperor voices that
he knows the alliance will be their undoing.

Oh in case you were keeping score: Starkiller's body does not fade.

After leaving the Death Star, the rebels scheme in Starkiller's old burned out
Wookie hut. Jimmy Smits and the others commit to an alliance and decide that the
symbol for their rebellion will be Starkiller's family crest. Juno is bereft but
Kota consoles her by saying that the one thing that kept Starkiller on the light
side was his love for her. She is pleased.... and sexy.

-- END --

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