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Achievement Guide by Crazyreyn

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/14/2007


                        S O N I C  T H E  H E D G E H O G
                        A C H I E V E M E N T   G U I D E

                               Microsoft XBox 360
                         Achievement Guide, Version 1.0
                           Last Updated - 14/09/2007
                    By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
            Copyright (c)2007 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 


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                                 Thank You.


Hello and welcome to the Sonic the Hedgehog : Achievement Guide. This
guide will give you a details on all the additional options, features and
Achievements that the Live Arcade version of this classic platformer offers.
I hope this guide helps you get the most out of the game!

Enjoy a classic,

- Matt

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Version History
2. Achievement Guides
  2.01. Achievement List
  2.02. General Achievement Guide
  2.03. Detailed Achievement Guide
3. Menu
4. Differences and Extras
5. Conclusion and Special Thanks

Searching -
Simply copy and paste the section you want to go to into the Find box (to open
it, press CTRL+F). Now press enter twice and you will be taken to your selected

                              1. VERSION HISTORY

| Version 1.0 - 14/09/2007 |

The first version of this FAQ. Everything is complete.

                             2. ACHIEVEMENT GUIDES

2.01. Achievement List

This list is taken word for word from the List in the game.

- Centurion - Get 100 or more rings. (10G)
- Clear Green - Clear the Green Hill Zone. (5G)
- Fast Green - Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds. (10G)
- Fast Marble - Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds. (15G)
- Star Light Zone - Get to the Star Light Zone. (5G)
- Spring Yard Zone - Get to the Spring Yard Zone. (7G)
- Labyrinth Zone - Get to the Labyrinth Zone. (8G)
- Chaos Emerald - Get one Chaos Emerald. (10G)
- Chaos Master - Get all the Chaos Emeralds. (35G)
- Win - Beat the Game. (25G)
- Fast Win - Beat the Game in under 40 minutes. (30G)
- Perfect Win - Beat the Game without dying (40G).

So there you have it. Most of these are very easy to obtain, and most of them
can be done in one run of the game - for example complete it under 40 minutes
without dying nets you 90G.

2.02. General Achievement Guide

OK, here is a guide for each achievement. Although they aren't that tough to
obtain, the speed runs are somewhat hard to manage, as well as all the 
Emeralds. If this is your first time playing Sonic, then PLEASE play the
game through normally. Don't rush and get these achievements. Enjoy the game
and get used to it. Once you have done this, or if you are a seasoned Sonic
fan, I recommend doing them in two runs. A general points for these runs is 

- SAVE SAVE SAVE all the sodding time. About to start a Special Stage? Save it.
  Mess up? Exit the game, load it back up. It's that easy. Annoying, but saves
  you a lot of time and frustration. On the Speed Run you'll be doing this
  over and over and over to get it more or less right, but I guess that's 
  part of the challenge!

Emerald Run - Centurion (10G)
            - Chaos Emerald (10G)
            - Chaos Master (35G)
Your aim is to play the first few stages and get the Emeralds as soon as you
can. As you have two Special Stages per stage (three Acts minus a boss equals
two) meaning the earliest you can do this is when you reach the Labrinyth
zone. Save before each Special Stage, and load it back up if you fail.
If you need a guide to each Special Stage, scroll down to the more detailed
CHAOS MASTER achievement for tips on each one. I've also lumped the
Centurion one in here too, seeming as you are aiming to get at least 50 rings
per stage, you may as well as take the time to get an extra 50 for this
easy achievement. Once you have this, restart the game and do the speed run.

Speed Run - Clear Green (5G)
          - Fast Green (10G)
          - Fast Marble (15G)
          - Star Light Zone (5G)
          - Spring Yard Zone (7G)
          - Labyrinth Zone (8G)
          - Win (25G)
          - Fast Win (30G)
          - Perfect Win (40G)
This is a speed run to finish the game in under 40 minutes. Impossible, you may
gasp! However if you follow a Speed Run from the internet (link below) then
they do it in 20 minutes. Even if you follow them very loosely you'll do
it no problem. Along the way you'll get Clear Green, Star Light Zone, Spring
Yard Zone and Labyrinth Zone, as these stack up. There is also Fast Green and
Fast Marble but if you follow the speed run you'll get these. Another pointer
is that you MUST NOT DIE in order to get Perfect Win - however this is easily
manageable if you save constantly. If you didn't read the notice above, then
SAVE at the start of each stage, play the speed run and remember what to do,
play it and when you get to a point, save it, play the speed run etc until
you finish the act. Once you finish, you should get Win, Fast Win and Perfect
Win all at once.
Speeddemosarchive - http://speeddemosarchive.com/Sonic1.html

2.03. Detailed Achievement Guide

If you want details on just a few of the achievements, check them below.

CENTURION - Get 100 or more rings. (10G)
Practically every stage has at least 100 rings in, meaning you just got to
take your time and find them without losing them. If you are seriously
having trouble, just try and get the rings from the first Act of Green Hill,
seeing as this is the easiest level, and that you can just restart the game
if you mess up.

CLEAR GREEN - Clear the Green Hill Zone. (5G)
This is pretty simple, clear the very first act in the game. If you are
having trouble with this, then check a walkthrough.

FAST GREEN - Beat Green Hill Zone Act 1 in under 35 seconds. (10G)
Download the speed run from http://speeddemosarchive.com/Sonic1.html and
this will be the very first act. Follow it as close as you can, saving when
you have done a section correctly. If you cannot download it, then here is a
quick guide -

- Run as fast as you can until you are forced to jump the gap. Jump over it,
  and continue running while the edge collapses.
- Jump at the very edge of this ledge so you bounce off the enemy in the air
  and land at the star post. 
- Roll down the hill and the loop, through the tunnels and jump when you exit
  to clear the rock. 
- Keep running, jump when you pass the waterfall to avoid the spikes, jump
  the ledges and roll down the final hill to finish.

FAST MARBLE - Beat Marble Zone Act 1 in under 80 seconds. (15G)
Download the speed run from http://speeddemosarchive.com/Sonic1.html and
this will be at 1 minute 52 secs. Follow it as close as you can, saving when
you have done a section correctly. If you cannot download it, then here is a
quick guide -

- Run as fast as you can up the various ledges to you reach the top of the
  hill. Roll down it, over the islands in the lava and down the next hill and
  go underground. If you have to wait, get the Shield Box on the right.
- There is no way to do this part quickly - get past the moving plungers, push
  the block onto the switch, drop down and go right to the lava pit.
- Jump as soon as the blocks fall so you land on them as soon as they hit the
- At the other side, jump onto the ledge as the spiked hanger is rising. Jump
  into the right side of the spikes on purpose to be 'stunned' on to the
  above ledge, shaving some time.
- Jump up through the green blocks, and wait on the edge, ignoring the
  left weight. As soon as you see the spike hanger drop, jump straight onto it
  then up the ledges back to the surface. Run right, over the ledges to the
  exit post.

STAR LIGHT ZONE - Get to the Star Light Zone. (5G)
This is the Stage Five. Get this on the way to getting Win, Fast Win and
Perfect Win.

SPRING YARD ZONE - Get to the Spring Yard Zone. (7G)
This is the Stage Three. Get this on the way to getting Win, Fast Win and
Perfect Win.

LABYRINTH ZONE - Get to the Labyrinth Zone. (8G)
This is the Stage Four. Get this on the way to getting Win, Fast Win and
Perfect Win.

CHAOS EMERALD - Get one Chaos Emerald. (10G)
Complete a Special Stage to get this (get 50 rings in a level and enter the
ring behind the Exitpost). For tips, see CHAOS MASTER.

CHAOS MASTER - Get all the Chaos Emeralds. (35G)
Complete all the Special Stages to get the six Emeralds to unlock this 
achievement. To reach a special stage, get 50 rings in a level and enter the
giant ring at the very end of the act, behind the exit post. You can do this
in any act in the game apart from the third Act (boss acts), and must be done
by Scrap Brain Act 1. The easiest you can do this by is the end of Spring
Yard Zone. A few general tips -

- SAVE every time you start a stage.
- Get 50 rings for an extra life.
- When you reach the main Emerald area, you can locked inside.
- Directions - Use them as if you are coming straight out of the route you
  are going, not your direction (ie the way you are travelling, if it says
  right go Sonics right, not your right).

Sphere Types -
R Spheres - These reverse the screen rotation. Essential if you want to
           stay one on side, and also when trying to break through to the
Bounce Spheres - These bounce you off into a near direction. Avoid these if you
                 can, as they are near the Exit blocks.~
Diamonds - These surround the Emerald and require breaking in order to get
           through. Touching them will cause them to change colours, which
           after a while disappear. Easiest way is to stay on top of them
           as long as possible until the screen rotates you off.
Exit Spheres - Touching one of these means you quit the stage. From a fork
               you usually get several ways onward, all but one leading to a
               wall of Exit Spheres.

Emerald One -
Head round the corner, trying not to hit the R corners to reverse the way
the screen is rotating. After the two corners you'll reach a fork. From where
you come out is straight on, then go right; the other ways lead to Exits.
You'll come to another area here, with the Emerald in the middle. To reach it,
keep hitting the diamonds around it in order to get inside. The easiest way
is to try and get on top so you keep touching, and if you are moved out of
the way, jump and hit the R to reverse back again so you can stay on longer.

Emerald Two - 
Head down and right to an open area. If the way you came out is straight
on then go right to another open area, and follow the right wall to reach
the main area where the Emerald is located. Go to a corner and use the R 
block to break the outer line of diamonds, then hit R again and jump inside
so it rotates with you resting on those inside. Break through to finish.

Emerald Three -
This is one large area, with the Emerald in the centre. You drop from one of
the edges straight onto a Bounce Sphere, so try and drop down further until
you locate the Emerald in the centre. There are loads of Diamonds surrounding
it, so either wait or use R Spheres to your advantage and keep spinning the
area around until you get it. There are Exit Spheres at each corner and
main edge, so try your best not to free fall, and always stay clear of the
Bounce Spheres so you can retain control of Sonic.

Emerald Four -
At the start there is a linear path going around the outside of the inner
path. Remember which direction you are going in. When you reach the fork,
from going straight on go right, then left, straight onward, and straight
on again to reach the main area. The Emerald is in the centre, you know what
to do here.

Emerald Five -
Like last time there is a linear route for a while, then go right, left and
straight on at the forks to reach the main area. Getting the Emerald is rather
easier this time due to surrounding supports, so use them to get it quickly.

Emerald Six -
Like Emerald Three, this is a large area with the Emerald in the centre.
This time there are a *lot* of Diamonds to go through, so just take your time
and chip away at them. Use the R spheres to reverse your way around, and try
and stay around the centre and not free fall into one of the corners, where
a line of Exit Spheres lay in wait. Be patient and you'll get this last

WIN - Beat the game. (25G)
Complete the game. You can do this while completing the FAST WIN achievement.

FAST WIN - Beat the Game in under 40 minutes. (30G)
Beat the entire game in under an hour. The easiest way to do this is to follow 
a Speed Run, and to keep saving and loading to perfect sections of the game.
This is, of course, easier said than done. The Speed Run uses pixel perfect
jumps and a lot of patience, as you'll be saving and reloading to make sure
each section is fine. As they do it in around 20 minutes, as long as you get
within 50% over their time, you'll be laughing (for example they do a level
in 1 minute, if you do it within 1 minute 30 seconds then you'll complete the
game in an average of half an hour). The run doesn't have many glitches used,
so its mainly skill!

PERFECT WIN - Beat the Game without dying (40G).
Do not lose a single life throughout the game. This is best one whilst doing
FAST WIN - follow this, and keep saving as you go. If you die, reload your
save, otherwise you won't get this. Due to the save feature, it's very easy
to manage this... if you want to do it without, then just have lots of rings
handy. ;)

                                 3. MENU

When you boot up the game, you come to a flash menu system, with a small
box showing the emulated game on the left side. Here are the options.

Single Player
Help & Options
Return to Arcade

Single Player

Here you can choose whether to start a New Game or Load a saved one. If you
are doing a speed run, expect to exit and reload quite often. :P


In typical Live Arcade game fashion, your score is ranked against other players
that have played the game. You can see the Overall leader board, Your Score
(where you are) and Friends. Press LB and RB to go between the two. Note that
I'm not sure which score of yours is counted, or when it updates; I've done
two games so far, and it only recorded the first and hasn't updated, annoying
since my second score is much much higher. If anyone knows, gimme an email.

Help & Options

Quite a few handy options in here. How To Play gives you some general pointers,
ideal if you are playing the game for the very first time. Control allows you
to view the controls and change the buttons, and Settings is a very useful
area to edit how the game looks.

Within Settings, SMOOTHING smoothes the jagged edges on the screen making it
look much better, WALLPAPER toggles if you want the background wallpaper to
be displayed around the edges of the emulated game, and SCREENSIZE allows you
to stretch the screen however you want. If you are playing the game on
Widescreen, I recommend adjusting the Smoothing and Screensize settings.
Finally CREDITS gives you the credits of those who ported and emulated this
version of the game.

Return to Arcade

Returns you to the Arcade portion of the Dashboard.

                          4. DIFFERENCES AND EXTRAS

So, what's new? Simply put, not a lot. The game itself is exactly the same,
there are no levels or abilities. If anything, they have stripped away
certain features due to the overriding menu system when you boot it up. This
is so that you cannot use cheats for achievements, and that multiplayer 
operates through this new menu making it more Live friendly.

Removed Features
- Overriding Menu system, removing access to the Start screen, in-game options
- Cheats cannot be inputted
- No sound test, level select

Added Features
- Great emulation
- Screen stretching and manipulation for widescreen
- Smoothing option for graphics
- Save Feature (three slots, save anywhere)
- Achievements (200 total, all offline)
- Leaderboards for scores

Other Notes
- Costs 400 Points (approx £4.50)
- Emulation is perfect
- Analog Stick slightly hard to get used to, but plays fine
- Glitches still work
- No Spin Dash (like the original, for those familar with the GBA version /

So there you have it. In short, the game is the same, certain extra elements
are removed whereas others are added.

                         5. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS

That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could some 
feedback. Thank you for reading.

 | Special Thanks to these who have contributed to the guide in some way... |

CJayC (Gamefaqs) -      For accepting this guide and for creating the best site
                        on the internet. Thanks! http://www.gamefaqs.com

IGN -                   For accepting this guide and for creating an awesome
                        video games site. Thanks! http://www.ign.com

Sonic Team -            For creating this brilliant platform game!

Speed Demos Archive / - For doing a Speed Run, which is the basis for my
Joe Stanski             Speed Achievement tips. Absolute genius.

www.xbox360achievements.org - For some tips on the achievements. Thanks!

ASCII Generator -       For producing the text ASCII for my Crazyreyn sig.
                        Thanks, and is a great site if you need any ASCII text.

         | Special Thanks to these who are my good GameFAQS friends... |

Robert Lane        (Lanerobertlane)
Richard Arnett     (Guitarfreak86)
Ryan Harrison      (RHarrison0987)
Thomas Carter      (Carter12)
Duncan Hardy       (Super Nova)
Rebecca Skinner    (Karpah)
Martin Dale-Hench  (Fox)
Brian Sulpher      (BSulpher)
Trace Jackson      (Meowthnum1)
Richard B.         (Gbness)
Steve McFadden     (Psycho Penguin)
Chris Noonan       (Merca)
Colin Scully       (me frog)
Tom Hayes          (THayes)

If I have forgotten you, then please contact me and I'll fix your name up here!

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By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
Copyright (c)2007 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 

| Copyright Notice |

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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