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Guide and Walkthrough by Kirby021591

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/28/2007

Sonic the Hedgehog

Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Originally Created: July 12, 2003
Most Recent Update: April 28, 2007
Version 1.0

Copyright 2003-2007

-------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------

1.0: Introduction
1.1: Special Thanks
1.2: Storyline
1.3: Characters
1.4: Controls
1.5: Enemies
1.6: Items

2.0: Level Walkthrough
2.1: Green Hill Zone
2.2: Marble Zone: Act
2.3: Spring Yard Zone
2.4: Labyrinth Zone
2.5: Star Light Zone
2.6: Scrap Brain Zone
2.7: The Final Zone

3.0: Bonus Levels

4.0: Legal Things
===============================1.0: Introduction================================

Note: This is my first walkthrough ever made.  Originally, way back in 2003, I
submitted this file with improper formatting and it was rejected.  Now it is
2004.  I have two walkthroughs out currently.  They are for The Legend of Zelda:
Four Swords Adventures and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.  Now that this guide
is posted I know that it was the formatting, not the content, that prevented its
postage.  However, as of this June 2005 update, I will be the first to admit
that this is not my best FAQ around.  It was even before I thought up the
brilliant asterisk system...  Still, this isn’t about me.  Sonic rules!

Sonic the Hedgehog is the game that made Sega.  Still today, new Sonic games are
being made and Sonic is better than ever.  Now that Sonic is being remade, I
thought this would be a good time to write a walkthrough (And this is my first
so keep with me).  By the way, if you want to locate a certain section quickly,
simply hold down the control (CTRL) button and press the F button on the
keyboard.  If you’re using a Mac, it’s Apple and F.  In the Find What section,
type in the section number and click Find/Search.  It should take you to the
Table of Contents; click Find/Search again and it will take you to the correct
section.  For instance, if you couldn’t find the Introduction you are now
reading, simply press control and F at the same time and type in 1.0.  It will
take you to the Table of Contents and then here.  See, simple!

==============================1.1: Special Thanks===============================

I thank Sega and the Sonic Team for making this classic and myself for writing,
playing, replaying, and replaying (really it’s that hard.) the game.  Also
thanks to Nintendo for recreating Sonic the Hedgehog on the Game Cube as Sonic
Mega Collection, which I used to write this guide.  An excellent compilation it

=================================1.2: Storyline=================================

The evil scientist Dr. Robotnik, later known as Eggman, has been capturing the
poor animals of South Island.  The animals are forced to pilot Robotnik’s evil
machines.  However, there’s one thing he didn’t count on, and that’s Sonic the
Hedgehog.  Sonic is a blue hedgehog than can outrun every creature he knows.
Sonic lives on South Island, too.  He hates injustice and will stand up against
Dr. Robotnik and his mechanized armies.

================================1.3: Characters=================================

                          |    Sonic the Hedgehog    |

Sonic is the world’s fastest hedgehog and he’s out to stop Dr. Robotnik from
enslaving the animal population of his home, South Island.  While Sonic has many
friends that would expand the characters sections of future games, he hasn’t met
them yet.  Sonic hates injustice and loves freedom.  Robotnik better watch out,
because Sonic is on his tail!

                |    Dr. Robotnik (Alternately, Dr. Eggman)    |

Dr. Robotnik is a mechanical genius and the self-proclaimed greatest scientist
in the world.  Over the Sonic series he makes huge technological
such as the Death Egg, the Egg Carrier, the Egg Carrier 2, Metal Sonic and the
Decoy Sonics, as well as his most recent achievement, taking control of the
Space Colony ARK.  His arch nemesis can be found in Sonic, Tails, and even
Knuckles, but of all his enemies, he dislikes Sonic the most.

==================================1.4 Controls==================================

Note: Because this guide is for Sonic Mega Collection, all of the controls are
for the Game Cube (GCN) Controllers.

The entire game, you play as Sonic, so all of the controls are for Sonic.

Use the Control Stick and/or the Control Pad to move left and right.

The A, B, and X button are for jumping.  While jumping, you are attacking and if
you land on an enemy for the most part it will be destroyed unless it has spikes
on top of it, is resistant, etc.

While you are moving, hold down on the Control Stick and/or the Control Pad to

If you are hit while you hold rings, you will lose all of them.  If you are hit
when you have no rings, you lose a life.  Keep rings with you at all times!

==================================1.5: Enemies==================================

Dr. Robotnik: Sonic’s arch foe is the boss of every zone and is beaten in
different ways each time.

Buzzbomber: An aerial insect that shoots and then retreats.

Newtron: A robotic chameleon that blends in with backgrounds and charges a

Motobug: A robot that moves back and forth; dodge it or jump on it.

Crabmeat: A crab that shoots bullets out of its pincers.

Chopper: A fish that jumps out of the water to bite you.  Defeat by jumping
beneath it.

Batbot: A bat that attacks by touching you; simply jump to defeat.

Caterkiller: A caterpillar that has spikes on its body, the only vulnerable spot
is on the head and the sides of its body.

Roller: A robotic duplicate of Sonic, they’re only vulnerable when not rolling
and are very rare.

Jaws: A robotic fish that swims after you.  Jump to defeat it.

Burrobot: A robot that hides in the ground and then ambushes you with a leaping

Orbinaut: Robots that fire the spikes orbiting their bodies at you.  In the Star
Light Zone they do not fire their spikes.

Boombot: A kamikaze robot that explodes into four balls of fire.  They detonate
when you near them, so simply avoid the flames.

Ballhog: A pig that shoots balls at you.  Very few exist.

===================================1.6: Items===================================

Rings: Small golden ring-shaped objects.  You should have some with you at all
times, since if you’re hit when you have none, you will lose a life.  Collect a
hundred to gain a life.  You’ll lose all your rings after being hit.

Capsule: Okay, this is really a monitor, but it’s called a capsule in later
games.  It contains another item, which is displayed on its screen, and can be
broken by jumping or rolling into it.

Super Ring: A ring in a capsule worth ten rings.

Power Sneakers: Shoes inside a capsule, they make you much faster than normal.

1-Ups: Sonic’s face in a capsule, it gives you an extra life.  If you lose all
your lives, you get a Game Over and must start the game from the beginning.

Shield: Protects you from harm until you’re hit.  If you have rings when you are
hit with this, you will not lose them.  Found in capsules.

Invincibility: For a short time you are invulnerable; it’s found in capsules.

Checkpoint: Also called a “lamppost,” these are colorful poles whose tops sort
of flip when you run through them.  They mark your progress in a level so that,
if you die, you start back at the checkpoint instead of at the beginning of the

=============================2.0: Level Walkthrough=============================

These are basically guides on how to beat each level that go into detail on
specific parts.  Note that there are multiple ways to beat most levels and I am
only doing one way.  Also, in some areas I’m somewhat vague because it is pretty
straightforward.  Each paragraph is divided by sections (the start to first
checkpoint, first to second checkpoint, etc.) or to shorten the length of the

==============================2.1: Green Hill Zone==============================

A very easy beginner’s zone, it should be the perfect place for the unitiated to
hone their skills.

                                |    Act 1    |

As you start, jump into the air and collect the three rings, then jump onto the
first ledge and jump onto the capsule to break it open.  Get the Super Ring
Capsule and avoid the enemy on the ground, the Motobug, as well as the aerial
insect enemy, the Buzzbomber.  As you keep going you’ll reach a bridge with a
fish jumping up called a Chopper.  Jump over it to avoid and keep going until
you reach the second tree from the bridge.  Jump up onto it and you’ll see an
Invincibility Capsule.

Get it and continue.  You’ll reach an area with a group of rings and a
Collect the rings and either run up the half-loop or jump over it.  Straight
forward there is a ledge on which is a crab-like enemy called a Crabmeat.  Jump
on it before it fires its yellow bullets and dispose of the other Crabmeat on
the higher ledge.  A purple rock serves as a landmark on the top ledge and
stands next to a bridge.  Once again, jump to avoid the Choppers.  Another
purple rock stand at the end of the bridge.

Collect the two rings atop the rock and jump up to the next ledge.  Watch out
for the Buzzbombers and then be on your way.  Collect the rings leading up to a
yellow spring.  Jump on the spring to bounce up and while you are in the air,
move to the right onto the ledge.  Quickly jump off the hanging ledge onto the
main ledge; the hanging ledge will crumble.  There are two purple rocks here and
a Buzzbomber.  Avoid the Buzzbombers and jump from the lower purple rock to the
right and beware, the ground you land on is not solid and will crumble.  Climb
up the ledges and you’ll reach a lamppost, better known as a checkpoint.

Above the checkpoint are moving platforms, jump onto the lower one, and from
there jump to the higher one, and from there the ledge with the Super Ring
Capsule on it, avoiding the Buzzbomber.  Break open the Super Ring Capsule and
then jump onto the platform to the right and keep jumping onto the next
but quickly since the platforms fall.  The platforms lead up to an Shield
Capsule on it.

If you fell, run forward at top speeds so that you can run onto the loop.  From
the ground or the top of the loop, jump onto a moving platform that moves
Jump onto another from there, and another from there until you reach a platform
that moves to the right.  Get on it, it leads to a ledge with a long row of
rings on it.  Once you have reached the end of the ledge, you’ll find more
falling platforms that lead downward.  At the end is a moving platform above
tons of rings floating in the air, jump into the center to get the most rings
and then land on a ledge, next to which are two more ledges you must jump onto.
There is a purple rock next to Chopper Bridge that you must pass.

Jump to avoid the Chopper than jump to the lower ledge and move forward.  You’ll
reach a ledge with a Super Ring Capsule on it, collect the rings and avoid a
Buzzbomber.  After you have collected the Super Ring, either jump down or take
the moving platform.  Make your way forward and you’ll see a sign with
Robotnik’s face on it.  A large gold ring may be hovering above it.  If the huge
gold ring is there, jump into it; if not, run past the sign.

The large gold ring will take you to the Special Bonus Stage, and once that is
completed, you will go to Act 2.  If you hit the sign, you will go directly to
Act 2 (it is like that for every Act ending except for the Scrap Brain Zone
since the bonus stage is eliminated).  For more information on the Special
see section 3.0.

                                |    Act 2    |

From the start there is a bridge with double Choppers.  Jump to avoid them and
continue.  Below the ledge you are on is a purple stone on which is a yellow
spring.  Jump onto the spring to collect some rings and go forward.  The next
obstacle is a bridge with Choppers and a Buzzbomber shortly after.  Ignore the
rings on the surface of the bridge and jump over the bridge, try to land on the

Fall downward to the purple stone and continue down the slope until you reach
another purple stone.  Stop and wait for a platform to reach you and quickly
jump onto it.  If you miss it or fall, simply run at top speeds up onto the
half-loop.  When you jump from the half-loop, watch out for the spikes, and when
you land jump over them.  You’ll reach another bridge with three Choppers
jumping up, jump up yourself to avoid them and reach the other side.

You’ll see rings leading downward, run toward it, and you will run through a
series of loops that stops when you reach a purple stone next to a pair of a pit
of spikes.  There is a platform that moves up and down in the center of the
spikes.  Jump onto it, and then jump to the stationary ledge to the right.

Once again, there is a platform in the center of a spike pit.  The only
difference is that there are two platforms next to each other and two
Buzzbombers trying to hit you.  Avoid the Buzzbombers and jump from platform to
platform to the ledge.  On the ledge is a checkpoint; hit it and continue.

Yet another platform-spike combo.  Pass it and jump onto the lower ledge.  Avoid
the Motobug and move forward.  There is a Crabmeat and a Newtron, a lizard-like
enemy that hides in the walls.  Avoid the Newtron’s bullet and crush the
Crabmeat.  A purple stone and a bridge is your landmark here.  Needless to say,
there are Choppers under the bridge.  Use the Jump-dodge tactic and then run
downward with the rings into another half-loop.  You’ll land on another
crumbling platform.  Let it crumble, you’ll reach a lower level of ground.
There are spikes and a Newton ahead.

Jump over the spikes and land on the upper level of a series of ledges.  Jump
onto a crumbling platform and quickly jump near the horizontal red spring.
Don’t touch it, jump over the spring.  There is a Super Ring Capsule ahead.
After you collect the rings, jump up, onto the Upper Level.  Run forward to
reach the Robotnik sign and finish the level.

                                |    Act 3    |

Immediately from the start in the second tree is an Invincibility Capsule.  Jump
up to get it and move jump onto the yellow spring directly in front of you.
Bounce up onto another cliff with a spring on which should propel you to a ledge
with a Shield Capsule on it.  Once you have the shield, drop down and jump onto
yet another yellow spring.  So far, if you’ve been moving quickly you’ve been
able to avoid most enemies, here, though, are a Motobug and a Buzzbomber on a
crumbling ledge.

Quickly jump off the ledge and if you time it right, you should land on the
Buzzbomber then drop onto the Motobug.  Drop down and collect your first rings,
but be aware that the ledge the three rings to the right are on is a crumbling
one.  Leap onto the up/down moving platform, and then when it is at his highest
point, jump onto the cliff to the right.  There are a few scarce rings and a
Buzzbomber that you should be able to get past fairly easily.  Drop down and
collect the rings over the bridge.  Luckily, this is not a Chopper bridge.  Move
forward and pass the checkpoint.

Instead of following the ring trail, jump onto the higher cliff behind the
checkpoint.  There are two moving platforms to the right that move horizontally.
Jump onto the first, then to the second, and finally onto a ledge.  There is a
cliff above the ledge, jump onto it when you are more elevated and break the
Super Ring Capsule there.  Drop down below to a bridge, which has no Choppers on
it.  Collect the rings and jump onto a yellow spring hidden behind some totem
pole scenery.  It is furthest to the right from the bridge.  Up above is the
second checkpoint.

The first tree behind the second checkpoint contains a Super Ring Capsule.
Collect ten more rings there and then make your way forward until you reach the
edge of the cliff and find a moving platform.  Jump onto it, and from there onto
a vertical moving platform below.  There is another platform to the right that
move up and down, and a falling platform below it.  Let yourself fall onto the
top of a loop, on which is an ever-so precious 1-UP.  Get it and drop down.
Ahead is a trail of rings, followed by the annoying red spring.  Jump over the
spring and pass through the third checkpoint.  Almost done.

Up next is a very easy part that looks difficult.  The log with spikes on it
that rotates has one simple flaw - a platform above it.  Get onto the platform
to pass over this obstacle, and follow the trail of rings on the other side.
There are two Newtrons and two Buzzbombers up ahead concealed by a waterfall.
Pass through the waterfall as quickly as possible and dispose of the Crabmeat up
ahead.  After that, there is a slope followed by moving platforms.

Don’t get on the platforms, instead, sprint down the slope and press down on the
Control Stick or Pad to do the rolling attack, you should break through the wall
here.  Collect the three rings ahead and avoid Buzzbomber fire.  Don’t step on
the ledge, as it will crumble.  Be very careful here, because the spike pit is
an instant death obstacle.  Jump onto the swinging platform and onto the cliff.
Avoid the Buzzbombers or take them out; whatever you feel like.

Drop down and run forward following more rings up to a half-loop.  In the tree
that seems to stand on the half-loop, there is a Super Ring Capsule, and an
Invincibility Capsule in the last tall tree before the bridge.  They seem to
have done away with Choppers in this level, so just cross the bridge and pass
through the fourth checkpoint.  Up ahead is your first boss.

This is a classic Sonic boss.  In fact, it was intended to be an obstacle rather
than a boss at first.  So, hit Robotnik once or twice before he unleashes a huge
ball on a chain that he swings around.  When he swings the ball around, he hits
every area of the lower arena except for the corners.  Get in the corners when
he swings it toward you, and jump up onto the platform when he swings it away.
Jump up so that you hit the black underbelly of his ship to inflict damage to
him, and then quickly hide in a corner.  Repeat the process until victory is
yours.  After every boss battle, there is a capsule containing animals, jump on
top of it and you win.

You completed Green Hill Zone, the first Zone of the game.  Good luck in Marble

================================2.2: Marble Zone================================

Personally, I hate this zone.  Between the haunting background music to the evil
fire obstacles, there isn’t much to like here.  The action isn’t nearly as fast
paced; prepare for a lot of slow movement.

                                |    Act 1    |

Collect the three rings in the air at the start and move forward.  Up ahead is a
common hovering platform, and when it raises itself, you can see some red
flowing stuff.  Here you can tell that the main obstacle in the Marble Zone is
lava, magma, and fireballs.  Get ready.  Collect the rings and watch out for a
Buzzbomber up ahead.  Here is an obstacle similar to one in Act 2 of the Green
Hill Zone.

A rising platform, and on either side is an instant death pit.  Fall in the lava
and die, but be careful, for up ahead is an evil enemy that is called a
Caterkiller.  Roll to defeat them; don’t jump because of their spikes.  Ahead is
a stairway (sort of) and on top is another Caterkiller.  After him, are a
Buzzbomber and the second sign of what is to come in this zone.  Jump over the
jumping fireballs on both sides.

Wait until they are falling downward to jump.  Up next is an evil part where it
slopes downward, which makes you think a loop is ahead.  Don’t rush or you’ll
charge straight into a pit of lava.  Ahead is a floating platform, and like the
crumbling platforms, this one is destroyed to, but by means of fire.  The lava
here is not instant death lava, but it still makes you lose your rings.

There are four fire platforms here in a row, so be quick.  There is a Shield
Capsule up ahead out in the open up next so you know it’s going to be difficult.
Wait for the lowering platforms to go down and move into the underground cave.

Up ahead is a big stomping obstacle that will be called Crushers from here on
out.  Don’t take these lightly; if you’re under one of these when it falls, you
lose a life instantly.  Wait until it’s rising for you to run under.  There are
three more after that, use the same strategy.  Up ahead are bat-like enemies
that shouldn’t give you much trouble.  Now here is another slow part I have been
talking about.

There is a hanging spike thing with a block on it.  Get on the left side of the
block and push it to the left, onto a switch that lifts up the spike chandelier.
Go down a series of stairs, and avoid the wall spikes that pop in and out of the
wall when falling.  There is a checkpoint to the left as well a Shield Capsule.
Get it and move on to the new perils of Act 1.

To the right is a crusher that crushes upward instead of downward.  When it
moves downward, cross over it and head down the stairs.  Up above are falling
blocks over a lava pit.  When the blocks fall, jump onto them and make your way
across.  Ahead where you are meant to go up is another Spike Chandelier that has
no restraints.  The trouble is you can’t see it.  Tap the jump button really
fast to make it fall, and don’t hold it or you’ll be skewered.  Luckily it isn’t
an instant death obstacle.  It slowly lifts itself upward, making a clanking
noise.  At this time jump to the side on the tiny ledge.

When the Spike Chandelier falls again, jump on top of it and ride it up.  Make
sure you get off it in time or you’ll be crushed by it going up and the wall
remaining there (that is an instant death obstacle).  Green blocks extend
outward from the walls, jump onto the first, and then to the second, but be
careful getting onto the ledge because of another Spike Chandelier and more
As well as this, the weight on the chain that falls with the Chandelier is an
instant death obstacle as well.

When the Chandelier falls, get on top and ride it up.  Once again be careful not
to get crushed by the rising Chandelier; quickly make it to the outside via a
passageway to the right.  Avoid a Buzzbomber and jump from a rising platform to
a stationary one to the right.  Watch out for the Leaping Fireballs.  Ahead is
another Fire Platform, a Buzzbomber, a Caterkiller, and then another Fire
Platform.  Luckily, ahead is the Robotnik Sign, you passed Act 1, hoorah and

                                |    Act 2    |

Floating Platforms galore at the start, followed by the popular Buzzbomber-
Caterkiller combo.  After that is a Fire Platform with Leaping Fireballs
surrounding it.  You enter the indoor area yet again here.  Press the switch to
lower the Crusher and fall down onto it and move to the left.  The bats are
difficult to defeat in this hallway, so try to roll under them.  Up ahead is a
block in front of a lava pit.

Push the block into the pit and it will float along.  Jump on it to cross.
Avoid platforms in the way and cross the pit (watch out for the downpour of
lava).  There are three cannons ahead that fire Leaping Fireballs at you.  Dodge
them and fall down to the green block.  Prepare yourself, because this part is
EVIL, and somewhat fun for Marble Zone.

Push in the green blocks so you can fall down into the hall below.  You’ll fall
into a hall where lava is pouring in, and my only advice is to run like you
never have before, this is instant death to a new level.  Jump over the ledges
in the way and avoid the spikes at the end.  When you reach the stairs and climb
them, it will stop.  You’re in a large room filled with bats, so be careful.
Make your way to the end of the room and jump onto a swinging platform.  They
are just like the ones from Green Hill except they’re purple, so it should be

Jump from one to the other until you reach the end.  You’ll enter a narrow hall
filled with Caterkillers, rolling works, and something I forgot to mention is
that you can jump on their heads, but not their spiky bodies.  There is a red
spring to avoid and a switch that lowers a Crusher.  Press it and get up.  There
is a Shield Capsule to the right on a higher ledge that you’ll be wanting to
Another green block lava pit is up ahead.  Push the block in and cross the pit.
Don’t freak out when you are sent upward by the lava, and as always jump onto
the ledge when the block goes under it.

When you’re sent up by the lava for the last time, jump into the new room.  If
you want a 1-Up and twenty rings, though, where the second block is at the end,
you can walk into the wall.  You’ll walk into a hall and then to the Capsule
Room.  Then take the block back to the other side, and push the green block into
the lava to cross it again and then enter the higher room.  There are three
rings you’ll want, and a Caterkiller ahead.  After that are green block rows
coming out of the wall.  Jump onto one, then the other and emerge into the light
of day.  Go to the left of the opening for a Super Ring Capsule and a

To the right is the platform with Leaping Fireballs around it.  There is another
right after that.  Up next you’ll need to jump onto a stationary platform that
is pretty high, while avoiding a Fireball.  Watch out for a Buzzbomber with
particularly good aim.  Up ahead are a few enemies that you can pass and a
collection of green bricks.  Jump up to crush them when you fall.  Back into the
interior.  There is another green brick collection, beneath which is a Shield

There is a Caterkiller below and to the left is a Lava Downpour, which drops
tons of magma or lava on you (you may remember it from Act 1 during the lava pit
crossing).  Avoid the Downpours, and get an Invincibility Capsule to the bottom
left!  And yes, you can walk on lava when invincible.  There is a Spike
Chandelier above a hallway of enemies you should have plowed through.  Get on
top via a ledge to the side and cross the room, watching out for the other three
Spike Chandeliers.  Here you exit to the outside and you’ll find the sign.  Act
2, completed!  Finally!

                                |    Act 3    |

Move ahead and collect the two rings above the stationary platform.  Avoid the
Buzzbomber bullet and travel ahead.  It’s blank for a little, but then two
Buzzbombers appear with a Caterkiller.  From there run straight forward and into
the interior once more.  However, to get a Super Ring Capsule, jump to the right
from the interior.  Inside there are cannons firing Fireballs furiously
(alliteration).  Pass them and you’ll see the ever-familiar dropping blocks to
get across the lava pit.

Only difference is a weight on a chain that will act as your platform when there
are none to jump on.  Wait for the weights to fall and then jump on them, and
from there, jump onto the other dropping block.  Repeat the process up until you
reach the end.  Ahead are green bricks.  Break them and fall to the lower level
of the interior.  Go to the left and you’ll see a crusher.  Use it as a stepping
stool to press the switch above it.

Go to the right and push the green block into the lava pit.  Avoid the simple
ledge obstacles until another lava outburst propels you upward.  Jump onto the
ledge to the left and use the green block that comes out of the wall to get on
top of a platform in the middle of the room.  From their jump into the hallway
to the right, avoiding the Caterkiller and the spikes.  There are two Spike
Chandeliers ahead, dodge them and fall into an even lower passageway.

There are cannons firing the Fireballs as you make your way down.  After passing
them, you’ll find an evil stairway with spikes coming out of the sides.  There
is a Caterkiller ahead as well a red spring.  I suggest rolling to defeat this
one.  There will be a lot of swinging platforms here.  Cross them and climb
another set of stairs.  Get on a ledge and jump to the left to reach a

Directly left relative to the checkpoint there is a Shield Capsule.  Get it and
move to the right.  Avoid hidden spikes and Crushers as you make your way to the
right.  You’ll find a green brick collection to break through and a Crusher that
crushes upwards (like an Anti-Crusher).  Cross over it and get on a green block
and make it to the other side of the lava pit.  Jump into the hallway and jump
onto the ledge.

A Spike Chandelier should fall.  Get on top and move to the right.  Another
Spike Chandelier will fall and you will want to ride it up.  There will be
another stairway with spikes coming out of the side.  Jump to the second step to
the fourth and finally to the top to avoid the spikes.  Move to the left,
disposing of the Caterkillers and the bats, and reach yet another lava pit (Hope
this the last!).

Cross the pit, jumping on the ledges in the way and getting back onto the brick
when it has emerged from under the ledge as usual.  There are no strange
obstacles in this pit.  You’ll exit the pit with the bats and see a Spike
Chandelier.  Get on top so you can reach a spiky stairway.  On top of the stairs
is a Super Ring Capsule.  GET IT!  Rings are so scarce in this act!

Anyway, above the spiky stairs are more stairs with Fireball Cannons.  Pass them
and avoid the hidden spikes at the top of the stairs.  Ahead are weights around
platforms.  Jump from weight to platform to weight until you reach the end.
Remember you will be crushed if you stay on the weight too long and some of the
platforms have spikes hidden on them.

At the end there are two weights in a row and then an exit leading outside!
Watch out when exiting because of spikes in the wall.  Ahead are Leaping
Fireball pits to jump over and a mere three rings.  You’re about to engage in
battle.  The checkpoint is right ahead.

The boss battle arena is basically ground with a lava pit in the center.  The
pit spews out Jumping Fireballs.  Robotnik ship does as well, but the flames
spread all over the platform.  An easy way to beat him is to hit him while he’s
coming over toward you and then retreat to the other platform.  Strangely,
Leaping Fireballs only come out of the left side of the pit.  Anyway, this is a
pretty easy boss battle, and afterwards, press the button on the capsule to
release the animals.

=============================2.3: Spring Yard Zone==============================

Well, I must say I’m glad to be out of the Marble Zone, but Spring Yard Zone
isn’t much better.  Other than okay music and fun scenery, as well as somewhat
fast-paced action, this zone is just as bad as Marble Zone.

                                |    Act 1    |

At the start there are three Crabmeats and two Buzzbombers, and no rings.  Pass
through them and you’ll reach a red spring.  Spring up into a tiny alcove that
leads to another spring.  This is where you get your rings.  You’ll start
bouncing wildly on bouncer things, and if your goal is score this is where to
but to continue bounce over to the ledge on which is a series of rings.  A
Buzzbomber will attack with a buddy, but they shouldn’t pose much of a threat.

There are three levitating platforms here, the center one rises the most, so get
onto the left or right platform and wait until the center rises and get under
Repeat the process until you fall onto a slope.  The instant you see a yellow
spring, jump.  You will be catapulted into an enemy if not.  Race through the
room and into a slope.  Go slowly because there are two big chain balls and
swinging smaller chain balls.

Once you pass the two big balls, you’ll reach an area with an abundance of
but a mace-like thing is swinging through it.  When the mace goes down, jump in,
get some rings, and race out.  Okay, more chain balls.  There’s one floating in
front of a passageway out of the slope of evil.  Wait for it to move to the
then jump in.  There’s another guarding the exit of the passageway, wait for it
to move to the right then fall out.  There is another mace obstacle afterwards,
once again, when the mace swings downward jump in, get the rings, and get out.
Afterwards, the checkpoint!

Run into the spring on the other side of the checkpoint to send you up the
At the end is another spring, this one vertical.  Use it to spring yourself up
onto a levitating platform.  Like before, move to different platforms when it
has risen.  Move to the right and jump onto the ring-filled platform.  Jump on
top of the half-loop and continue to the right.  Jump onto the platform the
spike ball is orbiting to the right.

From there jump onto the loop and hope you aren’t hit by the spike ball.  If
your timing is right, you’ll make it.  In the lower area surrounded by red
springs, jump on the rightmost spring and get on top of the building.  There are
two Crabmeat on top.  Fall down into from the building into the center of all
the red springs.  Jump onto the switch next to the yellow spring to the right,
then run into the spring.  You’ll be sent flying straight into the sign, and
you’ve completed Act 1.

                                |    Act 2    |

Behind you is a red spring.  Hit it and catapult yourself toward a bouncer.
Fall down with the rings into a half-loop that exits into a slope.  At the
beginning is a chain ball.  It is Like a Crusher, only much slower.  Run under
it and halt before you hit another Chain Ball.  Stop and wait until you can pass
under, then sprint downward.  You’ll be stopped midway.  Up ahead is a mace-ring
combo, however one of the ring layers is missing.

Gather some rings and continue.  There is a passageway above blocked by a chain
ball.  Wait until the ball moves to the left, then enter the passageway.  At the
exit of the passageway there is another chain ball.  Wait for it to move to the
right and then drop out of the passageway.  There is a red spring ahead.  Use it
to get to another spring slightly above you, and that one to get to some
levitating platforms.  Climb up as usual, then go the right onto a flat

Jump across a pit to reach a sloping building and sprint down.  You’ll exit on a
series of bouncers.  Use them to reach an elevating platform and from there get
on top of a building to the right.  A half-loop is coming up, but don’t run up
it, instead jump on a platform before it and from there onto the top of the
half-loop.  There is another slope blocked by a chain ball.  Pass under it, and
then pass under the other one and pass through the checkpoint!

Move straight forward into a pit, inside of which is a spring.  There is a chain
ball on top of the spring, so wait for it to move, then spring.  While waiting
for it to move, duck, because it might hit you.  When you spring upward, go to
the right.  Ahead there are expanding platforms.  Get in the center, and move
from one to the other.  You’ll reach a platform that is vertical, so get on top,
and from there jump to a moving platform.  From there jump onto another moving
platform, and finally a stationary one.  Jump off and into a yellow spring.
You’ll hit a bouncer.  Drop down and you’ll be sent under a building.  Keep
going and you’ll reach the Robotnik Sign.

                                |    Act 3    |

Now here’s a beginning I like.  Just run forward, you’ll be moving so fast
you’ll avoid Buzzbomber shots and you’ll fall into a bouncer field.  Let
yourself pass through the bouncer field and down into a spring pit.  In the
center is a Shield Capsule.  Once you have your shield, jump onto the red
springs to the right.  The building you land on has a Super Ring Capsule on it.
Beginning over, evil slope time.

There is a slope ahead, with a chain ball in front.  Pass under it and the other
chain ball further down.  There is a mace-swinging part again, followed by a
Crabmeat and then levitating platforms.  Get to the top and then use the yellow
spring to the left to bounce up to a moving platform.  Jump onto the building to
the right and press the switch before the door opening to enter the tunnel area.
There are two Crabmeats at first, but then you enter a slope.

Here, there are two chain balls orbiting the same platform very slowly.  Jump to
the other platform and then into another Crabmeat Tunnel.  After the tunnel,
there are more levitating platforms.  Go up as usual and exit to a building to
the left, on which are two Crabmeats.  After destroying the Crabmeats, get on a
moving platform and jump onto a building to the right.  Keep moving to the right
until you reach a checkpoint.

Move to the right until you fall down a huge half-loop filled to the brim with
bouncers.  Bounce up to a moving platform, and from there to another evil slope.
Make sure that the chain ball at the front is out of the way when you jump.  The
first chain ball is followed by a second, and then a switch.  Press the switch,
causing a large orange brick to move to the right.

Make sure you make your way to the right most red spring before it does and
bounce up to the outside world.  There are three crabmeats in a row guarding a
moving platform.  Get on the platform, and the next after that, to get to a
building with two Crabmeats on it.  Keep going until you reach yet another
orbital Chain Ball platform.  The next platform you should jump to has two chain
balls orbiting it.

The last has but one, but it’s really fast; be careful.  After the orbiters,
there are more levitating platforms.  These go down though, so watch yourself.
Move to the right until you reach a red spring.  Bounce on it and after a couple
rings and a vertical half-loop, you’ll reach a halfway point and stand before
the boss.

To reach the boss, follow a series of vertical platforms that change shape, from
stairs pointed to the right to stairs pointed to the left.  The boss himself is
fairly easy.  The arena is made of stone blocks.  His ship abducts one block and
destroys as his attack.  Soon the arena is destroyed, but you should be able to
defeat him before then.  Hit the black underbelly of his ship when he flies
around searching for a new block to abduct.  Don’t hit him when he has his spike
out or you’ll take damage.  When he plunges down, you can hit him at the top.
Keep hitting him and you’ll win.  After the battle, rescue the animals in the

==============================2.4: Labyrinth Zone===============================

Two of the most annoying zones out of the way, one more left!  No, no, the
Labyrinth Zone is not the annoying zone, Scrap Brain Zone is, and Star Light
Zone rocks.  Labyrinth Zone however, is the most EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, EVIL, etc.
zone.  I hate water zones, and this is no exception.  Even the boss is evil.
Don’t get me wrong, this zone is pretty easy, I just can’t stand water levels.
I think this is where Sonic really started hating Robotnik.  You know what I
like about the future Sonic games?  There is a shield you can get that allows
you breathe underwater.  How come Italian plumbers and apes wearing ties can
breathe underwater and not Sonic?  Anyway, I am rambling, so good luck, and keep
in mind that if you have to replay all the zones I have talked about so far, the
guide up there is staying up there.  Good luck, you’ll need twenty of them for
the boss.

(By the way, this zone is not an annoying zone; it is a pure evil zone.  Thanks!
Good luck!)

                                |    Act 1    |

Let me explain a few things.  Since this an underwater zone for the most part,
you’ll need air.  To get air either jump out of the water (This is impossible in
some areas) or touch small air bubbles that float up from the ground.  Stop at
every air bubble thing you find, trust me, you’ll want to refill your air.  You
can tell you’re drowning when you hear frantic music and there’s a five second
countdown leading up to your demise.  Now that you know, let’s get started.

Starting off, to the right are three common enemies that are all over this zone.
They are called Burrobots, and are quite simple to avoid.  However, they hide,
but you can see part of them.  You come to an obstacle sort of like the ones
from Spring Yard Zone.  Remember the maces?  If you want to risk it, on the
ledge above it is a Shield Capsule (which I highly recommend getting).

If you got it, avoid the swinging chain ball and make your way into the water.
Prepare for pure horror.  When you reach the ground-floor area of the water go
left where you’ll find two more Burrobots, they shouldn’t pose much of a threat.
They guard a Super Ring Capsule.

After harvesting the rings, hit a switch that opens a door to the right, now
move to the right.  Upon finding the second switch, press it and get out of the
water.  Breathe!  To the left is another Super Ring Capsule.  Get it and head to
your right.  There will be a couple Burrobots that need dealing with.  Take ‘em
out as you find them.  Take a deep breath and jump back into the depths.  A new
enemy appears.  They sort of mimic Batbots from the Marble Zone.  Except Batbots
fly and the new Jaws swim.

Keep going down until you can go no further.  Here be careful, there is a
platform here that will crush you against the spikes when you step on it.  To
the left is a switch that leads to a room with a Super Ring Capsule, press the
switch, get the rings.  When you head right, press the switch and prepare to
enter tunnel that sucks you in.

The switch is difficult to reach since it’s so high up, so get on the upper step
of the stairs before jumping.  Welcome to the next sector of the level.  You
will land on a crushing-spike platform, so jump instantly to avoid certain doom.
There’s another to the left so do the instant jump there too.  Go down.  You’ll
see a Chain Ball from the Spring Yard Zone, but it actually is on a chain.  Jump
when the coast is clear and then go right upon landing.

After going through a room with a Jaws and four rings, you reach the stairs,
reminding me of Marble Zone, only more evil.  These are pretty hard to get onto
because the step themselves aren’t as big as they should be.  Jump from step to
step while avoid the super-fast Chain Ball.  I like this part, however, cause
you’re finally out of the water!  There will be a big factory like conveyor belt
only it’s vertical (Robotnik has left his mark) on which are blocks.

In the middle of the belt is a ledge.  Get on.  Climb the ledges to the right as
they fall.  A switch is on a small ledge beneath the spikes to the right.  Tap
the jump button to make a small jump and land on the switch, avoiding the
Jump from there into the water and through the new area you just opened when you
pressed the switch.  Here you’ll find the checkpoint.

Second part (The first was the longest paragraph ever) and it is no pushover.
Basically, there are white pitchforks or tridents; whatever you call them, they
are evil.  They don’t seem to be much now, but just wait.  Jump over them when
they lower themselves.  If you have a lot of rings if you lose them they’ll be
easy to collect in a passageway with such a low ceiling.  To make matters worse,
there is no air in this place!

Hurry through until you reach a red spring.  Water levels will recede, and use
this to your advantage.  Quickly get on the spring and bounce yourself as far up
the stairs as possible.  The water will rise now (NOOOOOO!), be sure to get up
quickly.  On the surface is an unknown object, perhaps a platform, you decide,
that floats up and down.

When it moves down, jump onto it and from there move to the left and you will
once again enter the water, how fun!  Here is another Vertical Factory Conveyor
Belt with bricks on it.  Below it are spikes and one of my least favorite
enemies, Orbinauts.

They’ll fire the spiked balls that orbit it at you so watch out.  Pick a brick,
any brick and ride up.  At the top, jump to the right, now be careful.  Jump
quickly to evade the stone statue (Cats?) that fires fireballs at you.  Above
the lower statue and further to the right is another, you want to jump between
them.  You’re going to reach a block after a bit of walking.  Make sure your not
on top of the blocks.

The hallway will flood and you want to go to the right.  There is a blocked area
(press the switch) and a Super Ring Capsule.  After two more horizontal Trident
Attacks, you reach an exit to the water and the Robotnik sign.  Ha!  In your
face, Robotnik, it is possible!  Anyway, feel proud of yourself, you beat Act

                                |    Act 2    |

This level is semi-not terrible.  It is like a break between the two acts harder
acts.  To the right is a water slide that sends you into the water.  Break open
the Invincibility Capsule and make your way to the left.  Take that Jaws down
and fall down taking out two more.  There are two Super Ring Capsules here and
you’ll want to be going to the right.

There are two rings and some Burrobots, and two chain balls - that’s where the
invincibility wears off, and ahead is a current ride in a tunnel.  Where you’re
deposited, get a Shield from a Capsule.  There are a few minor enemies in here.
Step on a spring in the water to enter the dry upper part of the room.

Beneath one of the Super Ring Capsules is a switch.  Press it to unearth the
next part of the level and open a door.  Head right from the switch and you’ll
reach a fire-firing statue.  Jump into the passageway it is guarding and reach
the only checkpoint.

On a ledge to the right in an Invincibility Capsule.  Charge!  Sprint through
the upcoming obstacles!  Your invincibility will wear off around the cannon that
shoots the Leaping Fireballs out (Remind you of Marble Zone?).  After a Trident
Set (arrgh!) you should defeat the enemies as you reach them, mostly easy ones.

After the enemy encounters, you’ll reach a stairway.  Climb it and take on the
Orbinaut.  You reach another Vertical Conveyor Belt to the right.  Get on a
brick and ride up.  When you reach an overlapping part, jump onto a new brick,
leap out of the water, and get to the Robotnik Sign (to the right)!

                                |    Act 3    |

I have got nothing against this act or anything, but I hate the boss.  Anyhow,
quadruple Burrobots from the start, along with three rings.  Ahead is a slippery
slope (that look really fun!) that you’ll want to slide down.  Note that those
fire-spitting statues look just like the ones that release the water, only the
water ones have horns.  This is the Infinite Slide.  For our younger audience,
that means it never stops.  As soon as you start to the slide turns left, jump
to land on a ledge with a Shield Capsule on it.
Get it and continue to slide.  A tad lower is another ledge you have to jump to
finish the level.  Jump onto it and get the Super Ring Capsule to the left of
the switch.  You just lowered the slide so now jump to the right through the
water trailing down and into a newly opened room behind the slide moving left.
There is a switch to press, so press it and fall onto a stairway above the
To get in, avoid the chain ball and take out the Jaws below.

Drop to the staircase going down to the left and then into a hall of tridents.
Now here, jump in the middle of the four tridents, you’ll find the floor drops
into another room.  Take this route and move to the right, taking out two
Burrobots as you go.  Further to the right is another Suction Tube/Tunnel.
You’ll exit onto a pole you hang on to.  Press the A button to let go.  Move up
or down on the pole so that you avoid spikes when you release.

The current will stop when you are sent into a huge room.  Get some air quick.
From the bottom, climb the stairs and use them to jump off to reach a red spring
to the left.  Use the spring to reach a switch to the left a bit so that you
open a door at the top of the stairs.  Go in, fight off an Orbinaut, and climb
to the top of a set of stairs at the end of the hall.  At the top, there is a
switch.  Press it to gain entrance to the surface and climb out of the water.
To the left is a checkpoint, get it and continue.

To the right are three of those floating platforms.  Get on the rightmost one
and ride it up as the water level increases.  Jump onto the ledge before you are
crushed.  You may have to get on one and jump to the other.  If you miss one of
them as the water rises, go back to the checkpoint; it should lower.  Race the
water up the stairs on the right side of the ledge until it stops (You’ll have
to take down a few Burrobots on the way).

Keep climbing the stairs.  When you reach the top, go to the left to break a
Shield Capsule and then watch as the water rises again.  However, not all the
way, for a time it stops because your fight with Robotnik is right here (and
then rises).

Apparently, Dr. Robotnik wasn’t prepared for Sonic and must withdraw.  Chase
Robotnik up a series of stairs and platforms.  There are, of course, Tridents,
Fireballs, and water racing up (hopefully below you).  You can’t destroy him,
but you can hit him for fun, but your real goal is to get to the top alive.  A
super hard boss, he’s the reason I don’t like this zone.  There are no rings, so
you can afford only one hit thanks to the Shield.  There is no real advice I can
give you.  Just hope you’re lucky.

I have got to hand it to you; you have done good to make it this far.

==============================2.5: Star Light Zone==============================

I great zone if I do say so myself.  Not too difficult, pretty fast-paced, good
music, nice background, but most importantly, pretty easy.  I mean, this zone is
called the Star Light Zone, so how bad can it be?

                                |    Act 1    |

Collect the six rings that group in three before the first higher ledge.  On
this ledge is an annoying enemy called a Boombot.  Guess what they do.  When you
destroy these (or when you get close), they burst into four flames, so they’re
best left untouched.  Anyway, after him there is a yellow spring.  Use it to get
onto the higher ledge to the right.  On this ledge is another Boombot.  Jump
over this one and continue down the Transforming Platform, their new name.
These are a green version of those Spring Yard Zone platforms.  If you’re quick,
you can get the 1-UP beneath it.

Run forward into a loop and onto a platform with a red spring on it.  Bounce on
the spring and enter a new half-loop.  You’ll be deposited in front of a new
enemy, the remade Orbinaut.  It is a different color and doesn’t send the spikes
at you.  Pass it and keep going.  You’ll reach a stairway soon, go down and head
left.  You’ll reach a series of stairways, a cannon spitting fireballs out on
each level (Marble Zone anyone?).  Head right at the end, avoid the indention in
the path with the Fire Cannons and run forward until you reach a crumbling

From there, jump to an elevating platform to the right to reach a new, higher
level.  Run to the right into a half-loop sequence.  After two, stop and head
left onto another half-loop.  Bounce on the yellow spring on the right side of
the platform to bounce up to a ledge with two Super Ring Capsules on it.  Go
back to the platform with the springs on it, and take the one to the left, the
red spring.

You’ll hit a Transforming Platform that will create a stairway for you.  Use the
yellow spring and bounce to the left this time onto it.  Climb the stairs and go
to the right.  You’ll collect a few rings and start down a slope.  Keep going
until you reach a half-loop that deposits you onto a platform with a red spring
on it.  Bounce on it and you’ll go flying into the Robotnik sign.

                                |    Act 2    |

Run into the spring behind you.  A hint I never mentioned before, if you are
holding forward when you are being bounced off a horizontal spring, it will slow
you down.  Let go of the Control Stick/Pad t go further and faster.  Anyway,
when you reach the upper level via the half-loop the spring sends you to.  Jump
over the Orbinaut and then run forward through two loops.  After the second,
stop, and walk forward onto some crumbling floor.  Let it crumble so that you
enter a lower level again.

Dash forward, traveling through a loop and a half-loop, and jump onto the yellow
spring at the end of the loops.  There are a lot of rings above the half-loop,
to get them, roll while you are going through the loop and half-loop.  Spring
yourself to the lower of the two platforms above; the upper is filled with
Boombots.  After passing an Orbinaut, run forward to pass through a loop and a
half.  From there, move left and onto the top of the loop.  Run from the left
side of the loop and jump to three falling platforms.

Swiftly get up and onto the main platform.  .  Above it is a Bounce Platform.
Bounce onto the left side, and then quickly move to the right.  Make sure you
are at the far end, if you are not, it will not send you nearly as high.  Land
on a platform with a yellow spring to the right.  Bounce on the spring to the
higher ledge.  Jump to the right onto a platform that moves you up.  From that
one, keep jumping to the others.  At the top, run straight down and forward to
reach the Robotnik Sign.

                                |    Act 3    |

Unlike Act 2, we’ll be stopping at some checkpoints so don’t worry.  Collect the
three rings in the air and then avoid the Orbinaut guarding the rings ahead.
Run downward into a half-loop filled with rings and exit onto the ledge.  Ahead
is a crumbling platform, guarded by an Orbinaut.  The Orbinaut in on the left
side, so jump over it and fall through the right side.  There is a Boombot where
you land and four Boombots ahead.  Jump them, pass over the spring area and out
to a Bounce Platform.  The platform you land on, unfortunately, is filled with

Jump onto the Orbital Platforms to the right before they explode and from there
to the other one.  A Transforming Platform will morph into a stairway, however,
there are fire cannons shooting fireballs ahead, so be careful.  When you reach
the end, more Boombots.  Avoid them and run forward.  There are two crumbling
platform ahead, so be quick.  You’ll reach a half-loop; run up it.  Jump over
one of those Rising Platforms and onto the Transforming Platform.  From there,
move to onto the sloping half-loop entrance and make it up the half-loop.

To the right is a “Large Swinging Half Of A Chain Ball On A Chain”.  Get on top
and jump to the left onto a platform when it swings left.  There are Three Super
Ring Capsules as well as a Shield Capsule, so you want them.  Get them and go
right, past the Boombots and falling platforms into a half-loop.  To the right
of the half-loop is a Super Ring Capsule.  Get it and go left.  There is a
Bounce Platform after two Orbinauts.

Bounce up to a higher platform.  On the roof are Hanging Boombots.  They walk on
the roof and the explosions are just as bad.  Avoid them and jump over the red
spring.  There is a Fire Cannon above you, but how do you get up there?  Hit the
side of the roof to activate a Transforming Platform that becomes a Staircase.
Run up, run to the left up a half-loop, run to the right up a half-loop and
right again to reach the checkpoint.

Robotnik picks the worst spots to fight, for him that is.  There are three
Bounce Platforms here that are empty.  Robotnik drops the chain balls that
bounce you onto them.  Only difference is that they explode.  Either send the
chain balls at Robotnik, or bounce up yourself, you’ll hit him.  There is but
one problem, the chain balls explode like Boombots.  Not too big of a problem, I
suppose.  Anyway, after beating him, press the button and save the animals!
Only one more zone left, and it is a real pain!

=============================2.6: Scrap Brain Zone==============================

This place scares me.  It has okay music, but in the background, there are tons
of buildings.  Well what does Robotnik need them for anyway?  I don’t know but
this Zone is hard.  It even has a scary name.  Plus, the boss is super hard.
Well I’ll let you decide.

                                |    Act 1    |

Start by collection the five rings at the start.  As you continue you see what
would be a falling or crumbling platform.  I’ll call them Opening Platforms.
Well don’t risk it on these; they open instantaneously.  Just jump over them.
After another one of those, you’ll find Fire Valves, they act just like Tridents
from the Labyrinth Zone, rising and lowering.  Pass the first, take out a
Caterkiller (Long time no see!) and then avoid another one.  There is a spinning
ball with a hole in it.  Press the switch to the left of it and enter it.

Move forward pass a Fire Valve and a Caterkiller into a.  You’ll enter the
underground part of his lair.  You’ll be on a metal rectangle that moves down,
pushes in, moves up and comes out.  Basically, when it lowers, there will be a
small gap.  Run through it the very end of the opening to avoid being crushed,
and when it rises, another gap will appear, run through it.  Repeat the process
twice more and you’ll enter a hallway with two Caterkillers and a new obstacle.
I call it the Electrocuting Machine.

On either sides of the machine, a bolt of electricity is released.  Roll under
them and take out a Caterkiller.  You’ll enter a pit that looks impossible to
get out of.  Jump, and a platform will appear out of thin air.  Jump again and
another will appear.  Keep doing this until you reach the top.  At the top, to
the left is a Shield Capsule.  Make sure you get it.  Go to the right and you’ll
find, between two Electrocuting Machines, is the checkpoint.

Jump over the Machines and down the steps.  You’ll find a Conveyor Belt like the
ones from The Labyrinth Zone.  Jump on a brick and at the top, jump forward; a
platform will appear.  Two more will appear after that.  After the Appearing
Platforms, you reach a ledge.  To the right is an Opening Platform and a
Caterkiller, avoid both and enter a tube (Like the ones from the Green Hill
Zone.).  This next part is tricky.

There is a low roof and two Opening Platforms.  When they open, jump onto them
(they should close before you land on them) and quick jump to the next platform.
Ahead is a switch, press it, then quickly jump up onto the two Removing
Platforms (A lot of weird platform names in this game huh?  Wait, those are
and through the barrier before your time runs out.  Go right and you’ll see a
part that looks hard.  Well, it isn’t.  Just fall through by walking on it;
don’t try to get past it.

Drop down onto another Conveyor Belt.  At the top of first one, jump to reach
the second and from there, jump onto the crumbling platform and quickly get on
the stable ledge.  Above you is a weird enemy called a Ballhog.  It is a robotic
pig that spews out balls that hurt you.  Take it out, then go to the right to
get three Super Ring Capsules!

Jump to where the Ballhog was and run up.  Jump again to the higher ledge and
you’ll find another Ballhog.  Take him out and keep going up.  You’ll find
another two next to a Fire Valve at the end.  Destroy the hogs and jump over the
Valve.  Keep going and you’ll reach the Robotnik Sign.  By the way, even if by
some miracle you do have fifty rings, there are no special stages in the Scrap
Brain Zone.  Good luck in the next Act.

                                |    Act 2    |

Notice that there is a different background from before and that this Act seems
to be set indoors.  Anyway, collect the six rings at the start.  There is a Fire
Valve blocking an Appearing Platform.  Jump onto the Platform before the fire
starts up and from there jump onto the spinning wheel.  You’ll spin with it
until you jump, even upside-down.  Jump from one wheel to the other.  When you
reach the very top, jump onto a switch to activate a small platform.  Jump on it
and into the hallway.  Go quickly; the platform eventually disappears.  Up next
there is an Opening Platform with a low ceiling.

Jump when it’s open and land when it’s not.  Cross it and avoid the red spring
at the end.  On the roof there are Electrocuting Machines.  Tap the jump button
to get on the higher step, then tap it again.  If hold it, you’ll be
electrocuted.  Walk forward and avoid the Fire Valves.  On the ceiling are
Hanging Boombots.  Wait until they explode to get on the spinning wheel to the
right.  In the bottom left hand corner is a Super Ring Capsule and in the upper
right hand corner you’ll find a Shield Capsule.  Also in the upper right hand
corner is the hallway exit you’ll be taking.  Inside there are conveyor belts
with no bricks on them.

Get on one of the treads and avoid the swinging chain ball obstacle above.  It
is easy to avoid.  The Chain Ball only hits on the ends of the tread and does
not touch the center.  Get to the center, watch out while exiting, and get onto
the next.  The next moves you back with quite a force.  Jump to get into the
center, and then jump to get out.  Time it right when you jump; the next
conveyor belt zips you forward, and with good timing and landing skills, you’ll
make it through easy.  Ahead of that you’ll find three rings and a tube.  Enter
the tube and start the ride.  You’ll go down a level and start going left.

Escape a Fire Valve and start on the treads of the Conveyor Belt.  This time you
have to worry about being crushed.  These are Crushers only faster.  Simple to
avoid, depending on which Conveyor Belt.  After that, you’ll find some rings and
an Electrocuting Machine, as well another tube.  Get in and lower yourself even
further.  Avoid a Fire Valve and a Caterkiller from the start, and get the five
rings hovering above you.  After that is an Appearing Platform series over a
To the right is a Slicing Mechanism.  They are pretty slow, fortunately.  At the
end one is fired at you from the ground.

It is a pretty cheap move, but then again, we’re playing Sonic the Hedgehog.
Get in the tube and go up for a change.  A big Chain Ball is swinging above you,
so wait a little, and then jump over the Fire Valve.  Up next, go down the lower
path.  You’ll want to avoid an Anti-Fire Valve (One that comes from the roof)
and a Caterkiller.  Keep going down, avoid the three Chain Balls swinging
overhead, and get to the Robotnik Sign!  One act before your encounter with
Robotnik!  You’ll see a small cinema where Robotnik presses a switch and sends
you to the third act.

                                |    Act 3    |

For the final act of the Scrap Brain Zone, this isn’t too hard.  There is a
major short cut.  I hate this act; it is like a polluted version of the
Labyrinth Zone.  Anyway, press the switch and quickly get under the platform
before it stops.  This is a major shortcut.

Press the switch to the left and jump into the water (Note that the water is
purple, Robotnik must be a pig!).  Avoid the Tridents as you go down and the
Chain Balls swinging when you go to the right.  Jump on top of the floating
stairway and to the passageway to the right.

Climb the stairs and avoid the statue’s fireballs.  Get out of the water and go
right.  Don’t stop at the first water entrance; go to the second.  Avoid a ton
of chain balls and climb the stairs.  At the top is a Burrobot and a red spring.
Defeat the Burrobot and jump on the spring to enter the Final Zone.

==============================2.7: The Final Zone===============================

This is a really short zone.  It is the boss, and the final level of Robotnik’s
base.  Feel proud, you’ve reached the Final Zone.

                            |    The Final Zone    |

There are no acts.  It is just the zone.  Run forward and fight the final boss,
which is sort of a let down.  He is not really hard even though there are no
rings, but I thought there would be more.  Hit Robotnik when he emerges from the
ground.  After that he’ll activate a few energy balls to chase you.  Avoid them
by running around; they lock onto your position at the time and do not home.

Robotnik may also emerge from the roof and crush you (he’ll do the same thing on
the floor if you’re on him.).  I would stay on the right side and attack him
from there.  He gets faster each time.  You cannot afford a single hit because
you have no rings.  He’ll retreat into his smaller ship when you beat him.  Hit
it once and you’ve won.

After seeing a short cinema with Sonic playing with the animals he freed, the
credits will roll and they’ll show how expert players completed certain parts of
the beta game levels.  There is an alternate ending if you beat every special
stage and got the Chaos Emerald, so see section 3.0 if you want to truly beat
the game.  At the end of the credits, if you beat the game without the emeralds,
you’ll see Robotnik tossing them from one hand to the other.  Robotnik still has
the Chaos Emeralds, so why not play again and try to get them?

Congratulations!  You beat Sonic the Hedgehog.  Try your luck with the next
Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  That will be my next walkthrough.  Until then...

==============================3.0: Special Stages===============================

In the first five zones, if you collect fifty rings on Act 1 or 2, a large ring
will be hovering above the Robotnik Sign at the end of the level.  Jump into it
and you’ll enter into a Special Stage.  The goal in this stage is to get the
Chaos Emerald.  Collecting all of them will activate an alternate ending when
you beat the game.  I won’t tell you what that is, but I will tell you how to
beat the Special Stages.

There are six versions of the Special Stage.  Each is harder than the previous.
There are special obstacles to get by in each.  The advantages to getting the
emeralds are not only an alternate ending, but you can get a Continue too!  This
means when you get a Game Over, you can restart at the Act you were on before
you died, so you don’t have to return to the Green Hill Zone every time.  This
also adds to your score, for bragging rights.

                               |    Controls    |

A/B/X to Jump
Control Stick/Pad to Move

                         |    Items and Obstacles    |

Chaos Emeralds: Your goal in the Special Stage.  Collect them all to activate an
alternate ending.  These look like gems and come in a variety of colors.

Goal Balls: When you touch these, you exit the Special Stage.  These are to be
avoided at all costs.  They flash blue and red and have Goal written on them.

Bouncers: Red balls with stars on them; they send you flying when you touch

Blocks: These simply are the boundaries of the maze; they may change color.

R Balls: These balls have yellow outlines with the letter R on them.  These
reverse the direction the maze rotates in.

Red and White Balls: Once again, these are only boundaries.  The ball has red
and white stripes that spin rapidly.

Rings: Look just like they always have, but collecting enough of these will also
get you a Continue.

Up/Down Balls: They look like Red and White Balls but have “Up” or “Down”
written on them.  Press these to tilt the maze slower of faster.

Emerald Barricades: These look like diamonds.  At first they are blue, touch
them to turn them green, then yellow, then purple.  Touch them again to make
them disappear.  These are usually found blocking the Chaos Emerald in the maze.

Invisible Balls: These are not really invisible; they are Red and White Balls in
the background.  Pass through them and they become solid.  These often close off
another part of the maze.

1-UP Balls: These are balls with a picture of Sonic’s face on them; use them to
gain an extra life.

Now that you know what too expect, you can beat it, but this is a Walkthrough!
I’ll explain how to beat each stage, but I won’t explain how to get 1-Ups or
rings unless they are conveniently located.

                           |    Special Stage 1    |

You get the Blue Chaos Emerald here and this one is pretty easy.  You start in
your own little branch.  Fall down and get some rings and hit the R Button from
the start.  Jump over the Bouncer and have it hit you at an angle bounce you
through the Invisible Balls.  You’ll see some Emerald Barricades in front of
Wait until the maze rotates so that you are on them, and then roll around until
you break through and get the Chaos Emerald.

                           |    Special Stage 2    |

This one is pretty hard, I think.  Drop into the main chamber from your little
hallway.  To the lower right (relative to where you started and the angle it was
at) is a hallway.  Go through it and enter another main chamber.  Keep looking
around until you find two hallways with a bumper in the center.  They lead into
some Invisible Balls.  Pass through and you’ll find some Emerald Barricades on
either side of the Red and White Balls ahead.  Break through, and then enter the
Main Emerald Chamber.  Break through those Barricades and get the Chaos Emerald,
this one yellow.

                           |    Special Stage 3    |

You know, why have a hallway to pass through at the beginning?  They just drop
you this time.  This is pretty easy and I like it.  Drop down and avoid the
Bouncers below.  You’ll drop directly to the Emerald Barricades.  Break through
them and get the Purple Chaos Emerald.

                           |    Special Stage 4    |

You do start in hallway this time (they’re making a comeback!) and you’ll want
to get out.  This whole thing is a hallway, and the exit is to the Chaos
I really can’t explain how to do this, except follow the arrows of rings.  The
arrows direct you to the chamber.  When inside, break through the Emerald
Barricades and get the Green Chaos Emerald.

                           |    Special Stage 5    |

Well, basically, just go straight forward.  Don’t go into the sides and you’ll
reach the red emerald.

                           |    Special Stage 6    |

This is so easy.  You fall down onto the Emerald Barricades!  Break through and
get the final emerald, the gray.  Now, just beat the game and you’ll see the
alternate ending.  If you lost on a particular stage, simply access them from a
different level to replay those you have lost on.  Congrats!

===============================4.0: Legal Things================================

First off, I’d like to say that I had no part in the creation of Sonic the
Hedgehog or any related characters, ideas, concepts, etc.  Sega created Sonic,
and not me, just to straighten that up.

This document is my own and is Copyright 2003-2007 Brian McPhee.

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission from myself, Brian McPhee. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This guide is exclusive to www.gamefaqs.com and its affiliates.

Until next time...

Or as I’ve come to say in my more recent guides...  See ya later.

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