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Enemy/Boss FAQ by ACE Spark

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 02/21/2004

Sonic the Hedgehog - Enemy List FAQ 

Email - ACE_Nock@hotmail.com
MSN - ACE_Nock@hotmail.com
Yahoo - ACE_Spark5
Website - http://www.clickersunited.com

If you wish to use any information that is my own opinion (Why Sections) 
in this guide please contact me first. Using anything in this guide 
without my consent is.. well.. not nice at all.
A simple contact before hand please.


1) Introduction
2) The Badnicks
3) Dr Robotnik
4) Odd Stuff
5) Special Thanks
6) Copyright Info

1) Introduction

Ahh.. Sonic 1 - Great classic. Wasn't the first Sonic game I played mind,
but I always come back to it - even if it is because of the ease of the
level select cheat, and now, thanks to emulation - this guide is a lot
easier to make! Here's an quick and easy enemy list - telling you where
an enemy is located - and how to beat it.

2) The Badnicks.
Each badnick receives a detailed analysis, which go as follows:

Badnick Name
Location: (Where the badnick is located.)
Difficulty: (Each star means this thing is more annoying to kill.)
Description: (What the badnick looks like.)
How to Defeat: (A strategy to destroy the thing.)

Location: Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone.
Difficulty: ** / ***
Description: A blue, bee-like enemy that buzzes around in the sky.
How to Defeat: These things can be tricky in groups, as they like
to shoot at you every so often.
In the Spring Yard Zone, unless your in a block maze, it's best to
ignore them and keep running, how-ever in earlier levels they are
likely to disrupt your progress, so take them out before they fire.

Location: Green Hill Zone
Difficulty: *
Description: A bug with a red shell, blue head and yellow claws,
which runs along with a single wheel. 
How to Defeat: These shouldn't give you much trouble, simply jump
on top on them - they don't have any defences.

Location: Green Hill Zone
Difficulty: *
Description: A red robotic fish.
How to Defeat: This guy simply pops up and down from under the bridge.
Unless your running at super speed - these are easy to knock out.
Like the Moto-Bug, they have no special defences for you to worry about.

Location: Green Hill Zone, Spring Yard Zone
Difficulty: ***
Description: A red robotic crab. They walk sideways like a real crab.
How to Defeat: This enemy, like the Buzz-Bomber, can fire lasers at you.
In the Green Hill Zone they aren't placed in any difficulty places,
but its best for you to find a safe spot, and wait until they've fired
to attack. In the Spring Yard Zone, these are often placed in hideous 
places - normally above the block puzzles, allowing them to fire at you
while your trapped.

Cammy Mrk 1
Location: Green Hill Zone
Difficulty: *
Description: A grey chameleon robot. Fires along the ground like a Moto-Bug.
How to Defeat: These pop up every so often in levels. They appear in a spot,
and then fall to the ground - and act exactly like Moto-Bugs. Easy to defeat.

Cammy Mrk 2
Location: Green Hill Zone
Difficulty: ***
Description: A green version of Cammy Mrk 1.
How to Defeat: These pop up in places you cannot hit them, most of the time.
They appear - fire once, and then disappear. There missile is aimed directly at 
you, so make sure you dodge.

Location: Marble Zone, Scrap Brain
Difficulty: ****
Description: A purple caterpillar that crawls slowly. Their backs are covered
in spikes.
How to Defeat: Urg - these are annoying! To defeat them safely - hit their head.
Since this target is so small, how-ever, you may end up hitting them on their 
backs. If this happens, they will self destruct, and their body parts will 
scatter, which can cause problems if your going the same direction.

Location: Marble Zone
Difficulty: **
Description: A cylindrical shaped bat.
How to Defeat: Depending on where their located they range from easy to kill,
to being annoying to kill.
They hang from the ceiling and drop when you approach. These are often placed
in situations where if they hit you - you fall into awaiting larva!

Sonic Roller
Location: Spring Yard Zone
Difficulty: *****
Description: A robot that looks and rolls like Sonic. It splits itself
into two when it opens up.
How to Defeat: One of the most annoying enemies in the game - this thing
rolls down a hill, and sometimes stops. When he's rolling, just like
the real Sonic - he's immune to crash damage. Only when he's open,
can you attack. It's best to ignore these.

Location: Spring Yard Zone (Debug Marble Zone)
Difficulty: *****
Description: A pink robot, which stork eyes, and has spikes on its back.
It moves via use of a tank track.
How to Defeat: This is ironic. Two of the most annoying enemies in the
game are in the same stage! These things can only be stopped by doing
a spin dash (that's running and pressing down), and even then it's not
worth the effort to stop them. Like Sonic Roller - its best to ignore

Location: Labyrinth, Scrap Brain
Difficulty: ***
Description: A robot with an humanoid torso, and tank track wheels.
It's colour scheme is blue and red.
It has a drill for a nose, and wears a baseball cap. (?)
How to Defeat: While easy to defeat - these things pop up out of the
ground and surprise you, which often gets you hurt if your running at
high speed, or trying to avoid the many traps.

Orbanort Mrk 1
Location: Labyrinth, Scrap Brain (Star Light Debug)
Difficulty: **
Description: A blue ball with eyes that's surrounded by spiky balls.
How to Defeat: Initially immune to Sonic's attacks - if he
spots Sonic, he'll get angry and fire his balls at you.
Jump over these and hit him. Not terribly hard - but some are
in tough places.

Orbanort Mrk 2
Location: Star Light Zone
Difficulty: ******
Description: A green version of the above robot.
How to Defeat: Ergh - this is one of the only enemies that you cannot
destroy normally. In fact you have to have either the Star power up
or be flashing from a previous hit to kill this thing.
This is because, unlike Mrk 1, this thing does NOT get angry, and
thus does not fire its balls at you. These are annoyingly placed
on top of roofs or spring places - or even by fans. Annoying.

Location: Labyrinth, Scrap Brain.
Difficulty: *
Description: A pink fish floating in the water.
How to Defeat: These shouldn't cause too many problems - they have
no defences at all.

Boom Boom
Location: Star Light Zone, Scrap Brain.
Difficulty: ******
Description: A walking bomb. Seems to be wearing a centurion helmet.
How to Defeat: This thing can't actually be killed. That's right.
The only way to get rid of it is to walk up to it, and let it explode.
How-ever - in it's explosion is creates debris - red hot pieces of metal
which hurt. Fires for upwards, which come back and land back to earth.

Location: Scrap Brain
Difficulty: ****
Description: A robot pig with a built in shelf.
How to Defeat: Although easy to kill - its annoying in that it continually
fires out bombs. You'll need to dodge all these as they go past in order
to get to the pig.

3) Dr Robotnik

Here's how to defeat the end bosses of each stage:

BOSS 1 - Swing O' Matic Hovercraft
Difficulty: *
Description: It's Eggman's machine with a swinging ball and chain.
How to Defeat: If you found the invincibility power up, then keep
belting Robotnik until the hovercraft explodes. Otherwise:
As soon as he starts coming down, jump up onto the right platform,
and start belting him. You should be able to get in 5 hits at least.
As soon as the ball and chain falls down, run under the left platform.
As Robotnik finishes swinging above the left platform, and the ball
starts going right, jump up onto the left platform, and then jump back
down. Repeat this and he'll be destroyed extremely quickly.
Heck, if your quick enough, you may even be able to destroy Robotnik on
the first swing.
If how-ever, you get caught in the middle - or start to act reckless,
Robotnik WILL hit you.

BOSS 2 - Bunsen Hovercraft
Difficulty: ***
Description: It's Eggman's hovercraft, but with a shoot at the bottom.
How to Defeat: Considering how easy the last boss was, this is a real
pain. Watch out for the middle part - make sure you don't fall in!
When Robotnik enters, hit him - you should be able to get two easy shots
in. He'll hover over to the left platform and drop a fire ball. This'll
cause a fire to spread across all the platform. He'll hover back to
the right platform, and this is your chance to hit him - two hits without
much risk, and if you want to cut it close, three hits. Quickly jump
to the other platform before Robotnik can dump a fireball on you.
Repeat this on the other platform. And continue to do this until he's dead.

BOSS 3 - Spike n' Crash
Difficulty: ***
Description: It's Eggman's hovercraft. With a spike attached.
How to Defeat: Annoying. Not terribly a hard pattern, but annoying.
Notice the odd looking floor. Notice Robotnik's spike.
The attack pattern is simply him floating across the top of the screen,
and every so often, coming down and impaling one of the blocks.
The block will be destroyed, taking away part of your floor.
Hit him as much as you safely can as he comes down, and make sure
that he does not impale the blocks to your right (the exit's that way
dummy!), and try not to get hit by that spike! If you do, you could
fall down one of those holes.

BOSS 4 - Egg O' Matic Hovercraft.
Difficulty: ******
Description: See below.
How to Defeat: For the hardest boss in the game, this isn't really
a boss. In fact you don't even need to hit Dr Robotnik.
Actually, doing so will likely get you killed, so don't bother trying.
Ok what this is, isn't racing up to the top of the wall. You've got
two things to worry about:
The rising water. And the traps. You've got every trap in the stage
thrown to you at once. To help you, here's some bad ACII art.
L - Lion Head (fireball shooter.)
S - Spear.
- or _ - Platform.
[- S- - ]
[-S _  S]
[L     _]
[    - -]
[_     L]
[    -S ]
[L     -]
[_  S- -]
[-S -  S]
[_ S- - ]
[S - ]
[L __--]
[L  -]
Get through this course, and you'll have beaten the boss!
This may take a few attempts. Having a shield helps wonders.

BOSS 5 - Spike Drop O' Matic
Difficulty: **
How to Defeat: Hope you practiced with those see-saws earlier in
the level, these are crucial to hitting the boss.
The arena consists of 3 see-saws.
Robotnik will float across the screen and start dropping bombs onto
those see-saws, and these bombs, if left, will explode much like the
Boom Boom's earlier in the level.
Since Robotnik is far too high in the sky to hit normally, here's how
to hit him, do either of the following:
Either jump onto the see-saw and use Robotnik's own bomb to hit him,
this how-ever is tricky to time right, and its easier to do the following:
Jump onto the see-saw, let the bomb go up, goto the opposite end of the
see-saw, and let the bomb fall onto it. You'll be propelled upwards, and
controlling Sonic's accent and decent, whack Robotnik.
Do what-ever's easier for you.
He'll fall in about 8 hits.

BOSS 6 - The Egg Crusher.
Difficulty: ****
Description: Here it is! The final boss! The boss itself is the entire
room, which is equipped with crushers and a lazer shooter (the light bulb.)
How to Defeat: While the boss isn't exactly hard, it's not exactly easy 
Robotnik's attacks are the following:
1) Brings up two Crushers in an attempt to squash you.
2) The Lightbulb fires out 4 electricity balls, which fall down to earth.
To hurt Robotnik, you must hit him when he pops up randomly in one of the
To defeat the boss, follow these guidelines:
a) When Robotnik shoots up the crushers, if there is a gap in between them,
then go into this gap. You'll then certainly have a chance to hit Robotnik.
b) If there is no gap, pick a side, and hope Robotnik pops up.
c) When Robotnik starts flashing the bulb, watch the balls of electricity,
and when they initially stop, pick where the biggest gap is, and stand there.
If you must, jump, and move yourself out of harms way.

Eventually, Robotnik will fall, chase him, and destroy his Egg O' Matic.
Congratulations! You have beaten Sonic the Hedgehog!

4) Odd Stuff:

Here's a few strange facts about Sonic 1:

There was originally an enemy for Green Hill Zone called "Splats the
Bunny", this enemy was simply a Rabbit with a spring for legs.
This enemy made it to the Fleetway Sonic the Comics, and was initially
thought to be made up - until people at Sonic Cult FOUND Splats' sprite
in Sonic 1!

There was a power-up for Sonic to Wear goggles. No-one knows what it did.
There's been found a sprite of Sonic wearing these, and the power up block.

Other stuff missing are a Super Sonic box, (which didn't appear until Sonic 3),
and a Eggman box.

Your not supposed to hit the Final Boss twice in one go. Doing so WILL
freeze the game!

While using Debug mode, in certain stages, some enemies appear where their
not supposed to!

There was originally UFO's in Marble Zone's background, and seemly, there was
also a floating tile trap. These were cut.

Sonic Originally could "warp" when he went too fast, and he jumped in the air,
punching his fist upwards in celebration when he beat a boss. Both were cut.

Oddly enough, when in debug mode, your invincible!

When in Debug mode, placing enemies during boss battles will screw up their

In every boss checkpoint, if you die during your first attempt, - there aren't
any rings for you to pick up afterwards! This makes things much harder.

There's an hidden invincibly power up, just before the first boss.

5) Special Thanks:

Wgens - So I can easily play Sonic 1 on my PC.
Rom Sites - These made it much easier for me to make this guide.
Sonic Cult - For being a great Sonic site!
Sega - For making Sonic games.
My Mom - For buying me a Sega Megadrive in the first place.

6) Guide Copyright 2003/04 Adrian Nock. 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.
All information in this document I have found using my own experiments and 
tests with the game Sonic 1, I have not experienced any problems
other than that I have posted above. If any damage is done to you game,
then it is your fault.

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