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Walkthrough by El_Grub

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/22/09

- 				GTAIV	- Walkthrough (PC)     	    
-	Version	1.0					  	    
-	Date		7th March 2009			  	    
-	Author	El_Grub				  		    
-	Revision:						    
-	1.0		First Version				    
- Notes:
- This is based on my playing of the PC version of the game which 
- was released 6 months+ after other versions. As such other guides
- may already be in existance. At no point was any other source 
- material used in the compilation of this walkthrough.
- Copyright El_Grub 2009
- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
- personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
- otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
- Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
- display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

This is a walkthrough/guide to GTA IV. It contains spoilers which I 
found difficult to omit without compromising the continuity of the 
guide. The mission walkthroughs should be detailed enough for someone 
to reliably complete the mission by following them. Some of the 
enemy numbers and positioning may vary from play to play so don't be 
too surprised if things are slightly different when you attempt it.
Those who've played games in the GTA III series will find certain 
things absent. 
These are
	- Fire Truck missions.
	- Paramedic missions.
	- Remote controlled buggy/chopper/plane missions. (Top Fun,
Toyz in Da Hood etc.)
	- Hidden mission e.g. the pizza delivery in Vice City.
	- Property acquisition (Vice City,San Andreas).
	- Turf wars (San Andreas).

Taxi missions still exist but now they are one of the jobs you can 
do for one of the game characters (Roman).
Police missions are also still available but they have changed 
radically (see below).

This walkthrough will get you to 90.17% completion. At a guess I'd 
say that you'll get closer to 100% if you do all the stunt jumps
and kill all pigeons (see below). I can almost guarantee I've missed
a few things as well.

Central Missions
The storyline missions are grouped by character and each one has a 
code number to identify it. They are organised sequentially, i.e. Ro2 
naturally follows on from Ro1 as in the game (unless there is another 
dependency that needs to be fulfilled before it becomes available).
I've tried to include all mission dependencies but almost certainly I 
haven't uncovered all of them.

RO	-	Roman
MI	-	Michelle
BK	-	Brucie Kibbutz
LJ	-	Little Jacob
VL	-	Vlad
MF	-	Mikhail Faustin
ET	-	Elizabeta Torres
ME	-	Manny Escuela
PX	-	Playboy X
DF	-	Dwayne Forge
PM	-	Packie McCreary
DM	-	Derrick McCreary
GM	-	Gerry McCreary
FM	-	Francis McCreary
RB	-	Ray Boccino
BC	-	Bernie Crane
UL	-	United Liberty Paper
PB	-	Phil Bell
JP	-	Jimmy Pegorino
JG	-	John Gravelli

Roman Missions

RO1	The Cousins Bellic.

This is where you first arrive in America. You are fresh off the boat
and Roman has come to pick you up. Somehow he doesn't seem to be the 
big success he has always made out.
Simply follow the radar to your first safehouse. That's it.

RO2	It's Your Call  	

This is another simple introductory mission which starts at Roman's 
taxi depot. It also introduces you via a cutscene to Vlad, an 
unpleasant Russian thug. Get in the car with Roman and take him to 
a card game. He will give you a mobile phone with one contact (Roman) 
and go inside to gamble while you wait outside. After a brief call 
from Roman, some Albanian loan sharks turn up in a car looking for 
Roman. Call him on the phone to warn him. After Roman gets back in 
the car, lose the loan sharks. This is easily done by bombing down 
long straight roads at top speed then taking a few sharp corners.
Finally go back to the taxi depot.
RO3	Three's a Crowd

This mission also starts at Roman's taxi depot. There is a short 
where two Albanian heavies are busting up Roman's office. You break 
the arm of one of them (Dragan). Roman then asks you to pick up his 
girlfriend from the station. Simply take the car and pick up Roman's 
girlfriend Mallorie and her friend Michelle from the station. Drop 
them at Michelle's house. Roman will then give you a call directing 
you to a clothes shop so go there and buy some new threads. 

After this mission Michelle will give you a call and ask you out on
a date. You'll notice she is very easy to impress (there's a reason 
for this which you'll find out later). Finally Roman calls - he's 
being worked over by the Albanians.

RO4 	Bleed Out

This mission kicks automatically shortly after you receive the call 
from Roman. Go to the basketball courts in the Firefly Projects. 
You'll find Roman being beaten up by two Albanian heavies. Take them 
out one at a time with your fists. I find that if you time it right 
you can floor the with very little effort using the following 
technique. Target the man you are fighting using RMB. Wait for him to 
begin throwing a punch then dodge (SPACE) and follow up with a strike. 
You'll execute a nifty combo move. Roman then notices Dragan watching 
the scene. Dragan hops into a car. Chase him, it's very easy as he 
doesn't go fast. Dragan will eventually ditch the car and run into a 
deserted warehouse. Follow him up the stairs where he'll confront you 
with a knife. Disarm him using the dodge and strike technique from 
earlier. Then pummel him until he goes down. Unfortunately the knife 
you took from him can't be used until after Jamaican Heat. Bummer.

RO5	Easy Fare (available after "First Date")

This is another training style mission, this time in dealings with 
police and wanted levels. After another cutscene where Vlad throws 
his considerable weight around, Roman will send you to pick up a 
customer (Jermaine) in his taxi. Follow the route to Jermaine's house 
and pick him up. He'll direct you to a lockup to collect some stuff 
so follow the route to the lockup. You'll find the place has been 
staked out by the police and you'll get a 2 star wanted level. Wait 
for Jermaine then lose your wanted level by driving round the back of
the lockup onto the road and getting aout of the highlighted area on 
the radar while avoiding the blue & red police markers. Finally take 
Jermaine to Gibson Street to end the mission.   

Reward	$100. +2% Roman Like, +5% Roman Respect.
+0.70% complete.

Vlad will call you after this mission offering you work.

RO6	Jamaican Heat 

This is the first mission where you get to play with guns and also 
introduces you to Little Jacob. Roman sends you in the cab to pick up 
Little Jacob. Follow the route to Jacob and toot the horn to attract 
his attention. You'll find Jacob says everything in Jamaican patois 
so some of the dialogue may prove difficult (though just wait till his 
mate Badman shows up.)
Jacob will tell you to take him to a back alley where he's got a 
meeting with some guy. Apparently he's trying to make peace but 
doesn't trust the other side. Take the pistol Jacob gives you and go 
to the marked point and crouch. Sure enough the guy Jacob was meeting 
has brought help and they try to kill him. Take out the three guys in 
front of Jacob. Once these are down another guy will come out of the
door on a bacony to your left. Aim for the head to kill them quickly.
These guys are about as accurate as imperial stormtroopers so you 
shouldn't have too much trouble. Collect all the weapons they drop 
along with any money. Finally take Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe.   

Reward	$150. +2% Roman Like, +5% Roman Respect.  
+0.69% complete.

After this mission you'll get calls from Jacob which will allow you 
to do missions for him.
You'll also be able to do taxi jobs for Roman by calling him up on 
the mobile.

RO7	Uncle Vlad

Go and see Roman at his depot. He's not happy, Vlad has been boffing 
Mallorie so it's off to take a slice out of Vlad. Go with Roman in 
your Blista Compact to Comrade's Bar. Vlad will turn his two goons 
lose on you. Take them out quickly, a couple of shots a piece will 
do it. Even if you don't kill them you'll be able to break past them 
and chase Vlad out through the back. Vlad leaves in a car. Run back 
to your vehicle and give chase. The Blista Compact should easily keep 
up with Vlad. Vlad will crash the car in BOABO by the river. Execute 
him and after a cutscene where you explains you're after the guys who 
sold out your army squad the mission ends.

RO8	Logging On (available after "Final Destination").

Go and see Roman at his depot. He introduces you to Brucie Kibbutz, 
a crazed body-builder who sprinkles steroids on his cornflakes. 
After some banter, Roman instructs you to get yourself an email 
account. Go to the internet cafe and talk to the assistant. Use a 
computer, check your mail and reply to the mail you find there. Then 
log off. That's it.

Shortly after you'll get a call from Roman. If you check your mail 
you'll get car stealing jobs from Brucie.

RO9	Roman's Sorrow (available after "Russian Revolution")

After "Russian Revolution" you get a call from Roman. Go to him in 
the car park in East Island City. You'll find him covering in the 
boot of a car because he's been getting wierd phone calls. Go back to
the apartment with Roman - you'll find the whole lot has been torched
by Dimitri's men. Now go to the taxi depot to find that in the same 
state. Make your way up to South Bohan. There is a new safe house 
waiting for you there. 

Reward	Roman Like/Respect, +2% Jacob Like.
RO10	Hostile Negotiation (available after "The Holland Play...", 
"Have a Heart")

Roman's gambling gets him into more trouble. Mallorie calls you and 
says some serious mobsters who Roman is in debt to have kidnapped 
him. You get a photo from Dimitri with picture of Roman with a gun to 
his head. They've got him in a factory in the Industrial part of 
Bohan. Go to the factory and pick up the assault rifle from outside.
Now enter the factory. From your initial position, shoot the two guys 
closest to the barrier, then the one up on the mezzanine to your right. 
Now shoot the two behind the oil drums directly ahead, the one behind 
the oil drums to the left. Move left under cover so you can kill the 
one under the mezzanine to the right. Move along a bit further to the 
left. Take out three move guys on the mezzanine, a guy behind a pillar
to the left and another behind a pillar to the right, close to the 
stairs. Now continue moving along to the end of the barrier. If you 
need it there's a first aid pack nearby. Go into the main part of the
factory. There are four guys hidden behind concrete pillars on the 
walkway directly over the route you just came down. Run to the 
opposite end of the factory, take cover and pick them off one by one.
Now go up the steps at the end of the factory to the next floor. Two 
guys with pistols will jump out from behind the sofa. Another two will
come out from behind the pillars mentioned previously. Shoot them all 
and pick up what you can of their ammo. There is also a body armour 
beside the oil drums at the end of the walkway. Unfortunately before 
you can go up to the next floor, more guys break cover. Run back to 
the nearest concrete pillar and pick off the two guys from the floor 
above at the end. Now creep up the stairs. You should be able to pick 
off another guy close to the balcony while you are doing this. At the 
top of the stairs move cautiously to the right and shoot the guy 
behind the barrels. Take cover behind a concrete pillar. There is a 
guy with a shotgun hiding at the end. He is well concealed so if 
necessary use a grenade. Pick up any ammo and go to the end. You'll 
find a first aid kit on the wall. Look ahead of you and you will see 
a machine of some kind. Run to it and take cover behind the side 
closest the wall. There are three guys on a chute going up through 
the centre of the factory. Pick them off then continue to the opposite
side of the room. Cautiously creep up the stairs. There are two guys 
on the factory roof above so kill them as soon as they come into view 
or they'll make a mess of you. At the top of the stairs look for the 
gas canister at the end of the room and shoot it. The explosion 
should kill most guys on the floor and the remaining one or two 
survivors are easily polished off. There is one more guy on the end 
of the walkway at the other end of the room so pick him off, Behind 
him is an entrance way to the plant operating room. The mob boss has 
got Roman hostage. Use a sniper or assault rifle to get him when his 
head becomes visible.    	

Reward +2% Roman Like, +5% Roman Respect.

After this mission you'll get another call from Roman saying thanks. 
+10% Roman Like.

RO11	Weekend At Florian's (available after "No Way On The Subway")

Ray gives you a call after "No Way On The Subway". It appears he knows
someone who can help you find Florian. Go and pick up Roman at the 
Algonquin safehouse. Now go to the Triangle and find the guy (Talbot).
Now get into a car and follow Talbot's dodgy directions. Slow down 
when you get to junctions and you won't miss anything and will get 
there sooner. Florian is at Middle Park West so if you find you are 
miles away from this area then you've gone wrong somewhere. Seems that 
Florian has undergone a bit of a change. He's VERY gay, calls himself 
Bernie and is quietly banging the deputy mayor, Bryce Dawkins - a 
family values Republican. Not at all like real life then. Anyway it 
appears that Florian didn't sell you out so its off to find the other 
guy, Darko Brevich instead.

Reward +2% Roman Like, +5% Roman Respect.

RO12	That Special Someone (available after "Liquidize the Assets", 

U.L.Paper gives you a call. They've shipped Darko Brevich into the 
country for you. You call Roman and arrange to pick him up at the 
Firefly projects. Go there and pick him up. Now go to the rendezvous 
point at the airport with Roman. A van turns up and Darko is thrown 
out of the back.It turns out that Darko sold everyone out for $1,000.
Since then he's hit rock bottom and become a no-hope junkie. You can 
now either kill Darko or walk away.

i) 	Walk away
Reward +2% Roman Like, +5% Roman Respect.

RO13	One Last Thing

Part 1 (available after "That Special Someone", "Pest Control", 
"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend")

Go to see Pegorino at Honker's. He wants you to take part in a 
massive heroin deal that involves Dimitri Raskalov. He says that it 
could be extremely lucrative and brushes aside your objections. After 
you leave Pegorino, you get a call from Roman who thinks the whole 
thing is a done deal and inadvertently tells you where Raskalov is 
hiding out. This gives you a choice. Kill Raskalov or do the deal. 
Roman wants you to do the deal. When you call Kate, she tells you to 
have the courage of your convictions.

With a little angel and a little devil whispering in your ear, you 
need to make a choice...

Load up on body armour, assault rifle ammo and grenades before you 
go. You'll need them.

Part 2
a)	A Dish Served Cold (Kill Dimitri)
Go to the docks in East Hook where the "Red Man" icon is. You'll find 
a ship being loaded up with smack by a small army of Russians. There 
is a crane to the right of the gang-plank. Climb to the top. First 
lob a grenade at the two goons standing closest to the crane. Move 
around the back of the crane structure which will afford you some 
cover. Take out a sniper rifle and start picking off goons. You should 
be able to take out ten on the starboard side of the boat(the one 
nearest the crane) and one on the port side. When no one is left to 
fire at you, its time to board the boat. Descend the crane but before 
you do check the platforms below you, The guy who was guarding the 
gang-plank is likely to have climbed up below you. Deal with him then 
climb down the ladders and board the boat. Go to the forward section 
climb up onto the focsul and grab the body armour and grenades you 
find there. There are four guys left on the port side of the ship. 
Two are midway down and the other two are at the far end. All are 
hiding behind crates. If you can take them out at long range with the 
sniper rifle. Now its time to go to the bridge. The bridge is 
accessible via the back end of the ship. To get there you need to go 
through a doorway to the galley which has three guys guarding it. The 
best thing to do if the goons are in good cover is lob in a grenade 
then creep in and gun down anyone who is left. Take the first aid kit 
from the counter and head for the stairs. In the corridor at the top 
of the stairs are three move guys. If you go sideways up the stairs 
you may be able to kill one or two of them before they take cover. 
Otherwise you may have to use a grenade. After you've killed them go 
down the corridor. The second cabin on the right has a body armour 
in it. At the end of the corridor turn left and go out of the door. 
One out of the door go to the corner take cover and kill the two guys 
waiting round the corner. Work your way around the back of the boat 
keeping close to the wall so that goons above you can't get a clear 
shot. There are another two guys on the other side of the cabin area 
on this level so take them out. On the level above there are a further 
two guys, one on the left and one on the right side of the ship. 
There are also two more on the third level where the bridge is. One 
of these final two will proabably take cover in the bridge room. Kill 
all of them go to the bridge and operate the cargo doors. There is a 
body armour on the bridge. Creep out of  the bridge on the port side. 
You should be able to kill one guy on the deck and another on the 
focsul with a carbine/assault rifle. Go back through the bridge and 
creep through the starboard door. You should be able to kill one more 
guy on the deck from here. Unfortunately there's another guy shooting 
at you from behind some crates you can't quite get at. However you can 
get him very shortly. Now creep towards the stairs. There is a guy 
down on the next level so shoot him. Go down to the second level, 
double back on yourself and move up as far as you can against the 
bulkhead. From cover lean out and pop that clown on the deck behind 
the crates. Creep round the deck back to the port side. There is a 
guy waiting at the bottom of the steps so kill him from the top before 
he spots you. Creep down the steps. There are two more guys waiting 
round the starboard side so kill them. Go to the doorway that leads to 
the cabins, kill the guy at the opposite doorway, then creep along the 
corridor till you get to the junction. The cabins corridor looks clear 
but don't be fooled. There are two guys hiding at the far end. If 
necessary lob a grenade. Creep down the stairs to the galley. There 
are two goons here, one behind the counter, one just outside the 
galley exit. Kill them and take the first aid which will have 
respawned. Now find the open cargo doors. Climb onto the sealed doors 
beside them, move to the centre and jump down onto the boxes. move 
quickly to the back and jump down. There are two guys on either side 
firing at you. Take out the guys on the right side, then kill off 
those on the left. Up ahead are a pile of wooden beams. Go past them 
and you get a cutscene where you confront Dimitri and he sets his 
last four goons on you. Take cover quickly and shoot up the goons. 
You may have to use a grenade on the two to the left. Dimitri is 
firmly esconced behind a crate at the end of the hold. I lobbed a 
grenade at the crate which triggered the final Dimitri cutscene. Now 
execute him. All you have to do now is get off the boat. The exit to 
the cargo hold comes out by the galley so grab the first aid again 
and run for the gangplank.

+0.70% complete.

After this you'll get a call from Phil Bell. Basically he understands 
what you did but as of now he and you can no longer do business. This 
should warn you that you are now at the top of Pegorino's shit list. 

You then call Kate and tell her you didn't take the money. She says 
she's really proud of you.

b)	If The Price Is Right (Do the Deal).

Go to the meeting point in Tudor and pick up Phil Bell. Drive him to 
Port Tudor. Park up in the designated spot. You then get a call from 
Dimitri. Guess what? He's gone and shot the buyers men and kept the 
heroin for himself. Phil is up for taking the money and fighting your 
way out of the compound. Get out of the car and follow him. Go up the 
ladder after him, onto the roof and crash throught the skylight. 
Shoot the two guys to the north and two more two the east. There are 
grenades on the walkway to the east. Look towards the north and you 
should see three guys running around like headless chickens. Pick 
them off with your carbine/assault rifle. Move to the right. You 
should now be able to pick off four more guys on the factory floor. 
Three behind girders and one behind a shipping container. Now go back 
to the point where you dropped in and go north. Two guys with pistols 
will come up the steps so get rid of them. Go down the steps and head 
back south. There are two guys behind instrument panels so kill them. 
Take cover behind the second panel and kill off the three guys that 
run onto the walkway at the south end of the building. Go south to 
the end of the walkway and kill the two guys that come running up the 
stairs at the east end. Kill off any guys firing from the factory 
floor the creep to the eastern end of the walkway. Watch out for a 
guy hiding halfway down the stairs. Kill him go to the bottom of the 
stairs then run back up part way to kill off three guys who pop up 
from behind girders. There are around four more guys on the left and 
right side of the hall. Kill them off and move up to take position 
behind the wooden beams halfway up. Shoot the guy that comes out as 
you approach. Use cover to pick off two guys firing from the overhead 
walkway ahead. Move to the right hand side of the factory and hide 
behind the wall. Pick off the two guys on the factory floor to the 
north. One is behind pillars another is behind crates. Pick off the 
guy firing from the overhead stairs. Lob a grenade at the trucks up 
ahead to dislodge the guy hiding there. Now run up to the pillar in 
front of the boat, grab the first aid and continue to the stairs of 
the west of the factory. Climb the steps. A guy will pop up to the 
north so kill him. There are another three behind instument panels on 
the eastern walkway so get rid of them. Take out the guy firing from 
the window of the office. Now go to the office. The buyer makes off 
with the money so get after him. There are two guys now firing from 
the factory floor. Take them out from the walkway then go down the 
steps and outside. The buyer is getting away in a lorry. Grab the 
pickup truck, wait for Phil, then give chase. Take it easy. Although 
your vehicle is faster and more manoeuvreable than the truck, the guy 
does a couple of circuits of the port, knocking all sorts of barrels, 
pipes and other crap into your path. Avoid all of this then chase him 
down and shoot out the tyres when you hit the road proper. Kill the 
buyer and his mate and grab the money. Then take Phil back to Tudor.

Reward 	$250,000
+0.70% complete.

After this mission you call Kate and tell her you did the deal. She 
doesn't want to know you any more.

RO14	Mr. & Mrs Bellic.

a) After completion of "A Dish Served Cold".
Some time after "A Dish Served Cold" you get calls from Roman 
arranging his wedding for the next day. On the wedding day, collect 
Kate from the house in Dukes then go to the church. There is a 
wedding cutscene then Pegorino pulls up in a car and opens fire with 
an assault rifle. Kate is killed.

+0.70% complete.
b) Some time after "The Price is Right" you get calls from Roman 
arranging his wedding for the next day. On the day you get a call 
from Roman telling you to get to the church. Go to the church. There 
is a wedding cutscene then some bald so and so comes up behind you 
"with a message from Dimitri Raskalov" i.e. a gun. In the struggle 
Roman is shot dead. You kill the assasin.

+0.70% complete.

In Mourning
This is a small cutscene where you wake up miserable in your safehouse.
You get a call from Little Jacob soon after saying he's on the trail 
of Pegorino.

RO15	Finale

a)	Out of Commission (if you completed "A Dish Served Cold")

Get Yourself an assault/carbine rifle and loads of ammo. Also have an 
SMG with plenty of ammo as backup and for close quarters work. Go to 
Little Jacob's location. You'll find him waiting with Roman in a car. 
It appears they've been tracking a couple of Pegarino's hoods. Follow 
the hoods in the car until you get to their base in an old cinema at 
the top of Alderney. You'll then find yourself in a gunfight with a 
load of Pegorino's muscle. From behind the car take out the three hoods
on the cinema roof with your assault rifle. Now move out from behind 
the card to the left and kill off the three gangsters firing from behind 
the first set of cars/skip. Now work your way up to the top of the bank 
on the left, keeping your distance from the remaining gangsters. Once 
at the top of the bank the rest is easy. From this vantage point pick 
off all gangsters in range then move along the top of the bank killing 
hoods as you go. Collect all the hardware they dropped.

Now go to the cinema entrance. On the way Jacob will text you telling 
you to expect an airborne getaway. There will be six gangsters inside 
waiting for you. One is dead ahead, two to the right and one on the 
ticket office stairs to the left. Further back is a gangster on a 
stairway and the last is at the far end of the room to the left, 
obscured by the ticket office. Take them all out with the assault 
rifle. Take the first aid kit from in front of the ticket office and 
all the guns/ammo you can find.

Go through the opening behind the last hood. You will see a cutscene 
in which Pegorino rants at you for a bit. Then he runs up the stairs. 
Follow Pegorino up the stairs. You will come to a door which leads to 
the roof. There are two hoods waiting for you behind it who can make 
a right mess of you if you just wade in. Shoot the door once to get 
it to swing open then blast the guy directly ahead. The go through 
the door and take out the the other guy.

Now go up onto the roof to the right. Pegorino will shout something 
and run for it. With assault rifle ready and in a crouch, move to the 
top of the roof. You will see three heavies ahead of you. Take them 
out quickly as they are armed with assault rifles. Now wait a little 
while for two goons to climb up the ladder to the left and pop them 
as well. Now run as fast as you can after Pegorino. There are several 
hoods coming up behind you so don't wait around.

Pegorino will jump into a boat and speed off. Get on the bike and 
follow him east round the coast. Don't bother shooting at him, just 
concentrate on avoiding obstacles. Watch out for a jump over some 
rocks. After a while a helicopter will come into view. This will be 
Jacob. Speed towards the ramp and the big yellow arrow. Provided you 
don't hang around you'll jump onto the helicopter. Hammer SPACE to 
climb into the helicopter. Once in control of the helicopter, I 
recommend switching to first person view. It makes it easier to 
control and a lot easier to dodge the rockets that will come flying 
at you. Follow the boat. Although the instructions say use LMB to 
fire the guns, I find this far too difficult to do without a third 
hand. Besides Jacob seems to fire them so don't worry.
After a while you'll get to Happiness Island where both your chopper 
and Pegorinos boat get mashed. There is a brief cutscene while the 
chopper lands. Now switch to SMG and chase after Pegorino. One or two 
of Pegorino's men are still with him. Shoot them. You will get a 
wanted level but ignore the cops and go after Pegorino. Take him out 
at long range with an assault rifle. There is a final cutscene where 
You tell Pegorino he's a big fat joke and shoot him.

Reward	$250,000
+0.70% complete.

After this Roman comes bouncing up to say "Yay, great, we won, go us." 
You and Jacob walk away without saying a word.

b)	A Revenger's Tragedy (if you completed "If the Price is Right")

Get Yourself an assault/carbine rifle and loads of ammo. Also have an 
SMG with plenty of ammo as backup and for close quarters work. Go to 
Little Jacob's location. You'll find him waiting with Roman in a car. 
It appears they've been tracking a couple of Pegarino's hoods. Follow 
the hoods in the car until you get to their base in an old cinema at 
the top of Alderney. You'll then find yourself in a gunfight with a 
load of Pegorino's muscle. From behind the car take out the three hoods
on the cinema roof with your assault rifle. Now move out from behind 
the card to the left and kill off the three gangsters firing from behind 
the first set of cars/skip. Now work your way up to the top of the bank 
on the left, keeping your distance from the remaining gangsters. Once 
at the top of the bank the rest is easy. From this vantage point pick 
off all gangsters in range then move along the top of the bank killing 
hoods as you go. Collect all the hardware they dropped.

Now go to the cinema entrance. On the way Jacob will text you telling 
you to expect an airborne getaway. There will be six gangsters inside 
waiting for you. One is dead ahead, two to the right and one on the 
ticket office stairs to the left. Further back is a gangster on a 
stairway and the last is at the far end of the room to the left, 
obscured by the ticket office. Take them all out with the assault 
rifle. Take the first aid kit from in front of the ticket office and 
all the guns/ammo you can find.

Go through the opening behind the last hood. You will see a cutscene 
in which Dimitri and Pegorino are having a bit of a tiff. Dimitri 
shoots Pegorino then legs it up the stairs and through a door. There 
are two (sometimes three) hoods waiting for you behind it who can make 
a right mess of you if you just wade in. Shoot the door once to get 
it to swing open then blast the guy directly ahead. The go through the 
door and take out the the other guy.

Now go up onto the roof to the right. Dimitri jumps into a helicopter 
and there is a cutscene where you jump onto the chopper and get shaken 
off, landing in the water. Swim to the nearest boat and climb in. 
Chase after the chopper but watch out for the rockets it fires at you 
and any obstacles in the water.

After a while another helicopter will come into view. This will be 
Jacob. Navigate your boat onto the yellow arrow that eventually 
appears under the chopper. If your timing is good, you'll grab onto 
the chopper. Hammer SPACE to climb into the helicopter. 

Note: Sometimes Dimitri's chopper will rocket you as you are climbing 
aboard Jacob's helicopter. Bloody annoying.

Once in control of the helicopter, I recommend switching to first 
person view. It makes it easier to control and a lot easier to dodge 
the rockets that will come flying at you. Follow the chopper through the 
city. Although the instructions say use LMB to fire the guns, I find 
this far too difficult to do without a third hand. Besides Jacob 
seems to fire them so don't worry.
After a while you'll get to Happiness Island where both your chopper 
and Dimitri's get mashed. There is a brief cutscene while the chopper 
lands. Now switch to SMG and chase after Dimitri. One or two of 
Dimitri's men are still with him. Shoot them. You will get a wanted 
level but ignore the cops and go after Dimitri. Take him out at long 
range with an assault rifle. There is a final cutscene where you tell 
Dimitri he's a really interesting guy as he's had his best friend 
killed and double crossed everyone who has ever dealt with him. I 
assume Dimitri quietly expires after that.

Reward none.
+0.70% complete.

After this mission you get calls from Brucie and Kate offering 
condolences. Kate wants to see you again.


Michelle Mission

MI1	First Date (available after "Bleed Out")
There's not much to this mission either. Go to Michelle's house and 
the mission begins. There's a brief cutscene during which you notice 
that Michelle's stuff is all new and still has price tags on it. More
hints that Michelle is not all she appears.

Drive to the carnival with Michelle only to find it is shut. The go 
bowling instead and play a half frame. Then take Michelle home. 
That's it. You'll notice that Michelle tends to evade all questions 
about who she, is what she does etc. 

+0.70% complete

Vlad Missions

VL1 	Bull In A China Shop (available after "Easy Fare")

Go to see Vlad at Comrades Bar. He'll ask you to extract protection 
money from the owner of a china shop. Go to the shop. The owner will 
refuse to pay the protection money. Go to the area marked on your 
radar, locate a brick and pick it up using E. Return to the china 
shop and throw it through the window. The owner then agrees to pay 
up. Go back to see Vlad.

Reward $50

VL2	Hung Out to Dry

Go to see Vlad at Comrades Bar. He'll ask you to extract protection 
money from the owner of a laundry. Go to the laundry. The owner will 
make a break for it by running out the back and jumping in a van. 
Follow him and take the first car you see. The laundry man will turn 
left then usually take the first or second left after that. Chase him 
down and ram him about three or four times. He'll eventually give up 
and hand over the protection.

Reward $100

VL3	A Clean Getaway

Go to see Vlad at Comrades Bar. He'll take you out the back, put some
Columbian marching powder up his nose and tell you to take a silver 
Blista Compact from someone who owes him money. Not only that he 
expects you to make your own way there. Sooner or later Vlad will get 
what's coming to him. Anyway, go to the subway and take a train to the 
next stop. Go to the car. Two guys will try and stop you so take them 
out. When you phone Vlad, he'll complain that the car is grubby so 
drive to the car wash. After washing the car, take it to Vlad's 

Reward $150

VL4 	Ivan the Not So Terrible

Vlad tells you to go and kill someone called Ivan who has pissed off
his boss Faustin. Vlad has set the guy up so he'll break into Roman's
cab depot. Go to the cab depot. I recommend taking that nice shiny 
Blista Compact you find parked outside Comrade's Bar. You'll find that 
Ivan is already making his getaway when you get there. Chase him down 
in the car. Eventually Ivan abandons the car an tries to escape into a 
construction site. Follow him until he falls off a walkway and is left
dangling. Now you have a decision to make. Either help him up and let 
him walk or stamp on his hands and make him fall to his death. After 
you make your choice the mission ends. After this collect that Blista 
Compact. It's quite fast and has good road holding.

Reward $250  

Faustin Missions

MF1	Crime And Punishment

You'll get a call from Roman who asks you to come and see him. You'll
find him hiding in a trash bin near the Perestroika club. After a 
brief cutscene where Roman explains that he's hiding out from Mikhail 
Faustin, you are jumped by one of Faustin's men. You wake up in a 
basement tied to a chair. You are then introduced first to Dimitri 
(watch out for this guy) and then Faustin. Faustin shoots first his 
own man then Roman in the stomach. This should convince you that this 
guy is a good few marbles short. Anyhow Dimitri instructs you to go 
out and liberate some stolen plasma screens from some rival criminals 
while they patch up Roman. You'll find yourslef outside Faustin's 
house. First part of the plan is to acquire a police car. Fortunately 
someone just up the road has dialled 911 so wait till the cop shows up 
and leaves his car conveniently unlocked for you to steal. Now with 
the siren on go and pull over the vans you see marked on your radar. 
If you are unlucky you'll have to try all three. Once you have found 
the van with the TVs, two guys get out and one pulls a pistol. Kill 
him and grab the van. Take it to Faustin's lockup. You should find 
you've acquired a shotgun after this mission.

Reward $200   

MF2	Do You Need Some Protection ?

Go to Faustin's house. Dimitri and Faustin will have an argument. Then
you and Dimitri will take a car and go to rough up a porn shop owner 
who has started filming his own merchandise. Threaten him, one of his 
associates then shoot him in the leg. After this go to the gun shop 
and Dimitri will kindly finance the purchase of an SMG (although 
not any extra clips of ammo... bummer). Go back to Faustin's house 
and you're done.

Reward $400

At this point I'd go off and do the Little Jacob missions.

MF3	Final Destination

Go to Perestroika and meet Dimitri and Faustin. It appears they have
the FBI breathing down their necks thanks to Faustin's psychotic 
tendencies. Faustin thinks differently and decides to have some guy 
called Lenny iced because he looked at him funny. Go to Guantanamo 
Avenue station to find Lenny. His mate will take a pop at you with 
a SMG while Lenny makes a break for it. Shoot the mate then chase 
Lenny. Lenny will run across the subway tracks, through the opposite 
platform and into a car. Get a car and chase him down. This isn't 
hard, Lenny drives like someones grandma. Alternatively go in with a 
shotgun, blast Lenny's mate then blast Lenny's car three times 
with it when he gets in. Kill him and the mission is done.

Reward $500

MF4	No Love Lost

Go to Faustins house and find him having an argument with his wife. 
It appears his daughter has been seeing a biker. Naturally Faustin 
wants you to kill him. Go find the daughter and biker in Firefly, the
chase the biker when he takes off. If you keep up with him he will
eventually meet five mates and they'll go to a park to face you down. 
They are well armed, expect a shotgun and at least two SMGs. Kill all 
of them and the mission is done.

Reward $600

MF5	Rigged To Blow

Go to Faustins house. He wants you to go and kill someone who owes 
him money. Drive to an old factory in Schottler and pick up a truck 
full of explosives. Take the truck carefully to a garage in 
Guantanamo Ave. then set the bomb off. Note than each time you bump 
the truck, the explosive gets more unstable, indicated by a beeping 
sound and flashing light. Get out of the area to complete the mission. 

Reward $700

After this mission you'll get a call from Roman saying Brucie has 
some jobs for you.

Dimitri Raskalov

DR1	The Master and the Molotov

Go to see Dimitri on the Firefly Island boardwalk. It appears that 
blowing up the rival gangster's son (who was in the garage) was a 
step too far. Dimitri explains that the only way to get out of this 
mess is for you to kill Faustin. Faustin is to be found at 
Perestroika so drive or run there. Beforehand I recommend tooling up 
with body armour and a load of Micro-SMG ammo. When you enter there 
will be a cutscene where you confront Faustin, after which you are 
immediately in a fight. Blast the two guys immediately in front of 
you before they can draw weapons. Then crouch and take out the barman 
and Faustin's bodyguard to the right of him. Now blaze away at 
Faustin. He'll get worried and run for it through the door behind 
him which leads back stage. Go after him but wait for two guys to 
come out of the door before you go through it. Kill them then go 
through the door. There is another guy in cover behind a curtain, so 
kill him. Go past the stairs leading down, along the corridor and out 
of the door at the end. You'll be in an alley. Faustin will be 
shooting at you from the roof while three more of his men attack you 
in the alley. Kill his men then blaze away at Faustin again. After 
you've wounded him some more he'll stagger back out of sight. Go to 
the roof and execute him with your pistol.

Reward None. 

DR2	Russian Revolution

You'll get a call from Dimitri (or you can call him) to meet him in a 
warehouse in East Hook so he can pay you for the hit on Faustin. 
Shortly after you'll get a call from Jacob offering to watch your 
back. Go to the warehouse. In a cutscene, Dimitri reveals he is 
working with Ray Bulgarin, an old boss of yours who has decided you 
owe him money after a botched smuggling job. You'll need to shoot 
your way out of the warehouse. From your cover behind the girders, 
shoot the guy hiding in the turbines. Killing him causes more men to 
run out. Shoot the guy on the catwalk to your left, the two guys 
hiding in the turbines and the guy behind the girders at the other 
end of the warehouse. While still in cover, move to the right hand 
end of the girders and pop the guy in the ground floor office to your 
right. No more guys will come out unless you move. Move up to the 
second row of turbines, Jacob may be sheltering here. Pick up the 
body armour in front of the first row of turbines on the way. More 
guys will come out. Take cover and shoot the guy on the right hand 
catwalk. There is a guy in an upstairs glass walled office to the 
left. Kill him too. Two guys will take up positions behind columns to
the left and right of you so take these guys out next. Finally move 
out of cover and sneak directly right until you can shoot another guy 
who has got into the ground floor office on the right. You should get 
another breathing space at this point provided you don't move too far.
Move up and take cover behind the third set of turbines. More guys 
will break cover. Take out the guy in the upstairs right hand glass 
office. There are two further guys, one behind some machinery to the 
left, another who takes up a position behind the girders at the far 
end. Try to take out the guy behind the machines first. Once 
you get the guy behind the girders, Dimitri and Bulgarin will run for 
it and the police will show up. Move towards the exit at the far end 
and another guy will pop up on a catwalk at the far end. Once you've 
killed him you can collect all dropped weapons as well as the molotov
in front of the office on the right. You can take your time, the 
plod won't enter the building. The final part is to get past the 
plod. You have a 2 star wanted level at this point. Killing cops 
tends to ratchet this up so try to avoid this. One good method to get 
past them is to run up to the wall beside the exit so the cops can't 
see you. Wait for Jacob to join you. Now run outside, turn right and 
grab the car you'll find parked outside just past the police cars. 
Get in the passenger side. Jacob should be right behind you so you 
should be able to drive off before you get busted. Lose your wanted 
level, take Jacob home and you're done.

Reward	None.

Little Jacob Missions

LJ1	Concrete Jungle (available after "Jamaican Heat")

At this point missions get a little more interesting. Go pick up 
Jacob. He asks you to take him to a house where he's to do a weed 
deal. He tells you to wait around the back in the car because he 
doesn't trust the dealers. Sure enough you get a call from Jacob
telling you the deal has gone sour and three dealers come running out 
the back. First part of the mission is to take these three out. I 
find that running over the first two in the usually does the trick. 
Get their guns and chase down the third and kill him. Get the car and
go and pick up Jacob. He wants to go to a house to take out the rest 
of the gang. Go the the house and take cover beside the door. After 
Jacob kicks in the door, shoot the guy that comes down the stairs in 
the head. Now edge left along the wall, staying in cover and shoot 
the guy with the shotgun. Break cover and follow Jacob into the house.
Crouch before you enter the room with the remaining two dealers then 
take them out. Collect all guns including the pump action shotgun. 
Also collect the first aid kit.Take Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe 
and you're done.

Reward $200, +2% Jacob Like, +5% Jacob Respect

LJ2	Shadow (available after "Need Some Protection")

Go to see Jacob. His mate Badman is there whose patois is even more 
impenetrable than Jacob's. Cue a conversation between you and Badman 
where Jacob acts as translator. Anyway Badman wants you to eliminate 
some rival dealers. Take your car up to South Bohan and find the 
dealer. Follow him on foot. If you get too close don't worry - he'll 
just run to wherever he is going. in this case a flat in an apartment
building. Go to the flat and kill the dealer and his two mates. They 
are armed with pistols so won't be too much trouble. Once you've got 
them all job done. After this Jacob will contact you offering you 
regular extra work delivering packages for Badman. Jacob also becomes 
a friend after this.

Reward $250, +2% Jacob Like, +5% Jacob Respect 

Brucie Kibbutz Missions

BK1	Search And Delete (available after "Rigged to Blow")

Go to Brucie's garage. Brucie wants you to take out someone who is 
"fucking with him". You need to get into police files to find the 
guys whereabouts. Steal a cop car. It's easiest to do this by going 
to the neariest cop shop and pinching a car from out front. The other 
way is to dial 911, wait for the plod to show. When the cop gets out 
get in that car on the passenger side and drive off quickly. Lose your 
wanted level, pack the and access the police computer. Search for 
"Lyle Rivas". You'll find him in Rotterdam Avenue. Go there and enter 
the apartment building. After a brief cutscene Rivas will run out back 
and jump in a car. Get in your cop car and pursue. Switch on the 
sirens to make other roadusers get out of the way. Watch out for a 
truck full of barrels and another full of logs which will dump their 
loads in front of you. Once you've damaged Rivas' car enough he'll 
make a break for it on foot which makes him easy to bring down. As 
this is a high speed chase, you'll find it a lot easier if you can 
take out one of Rivas'  tyres early on. Once you've killed him the 
mission is complete.

Reward $3,500, +2% Brucie Like, +5% Brucie Repect 

BK2	As Easy As Can Be

Go to Brucie's garage. Brucie wants you to bring back Lyle's car. 
Easy yes ? No. Go up to Yorktown Avenue and you'll find the car in a
back alley, near the Steinway Beer Gardens. When you get in the car, 
you'll find three car loads of unwelcome company show up to give 
you a hard time. They are armed to the teeth and can easily kill you 
or render the car trashed. My method for this mission dealing with 
them is as follows. First take out the guys that get out of the car 
that shows up behind you. You can take them out with an SMG 
from inside the car. Get out of the car arm yourself with a shotgun 
and shoot up the car at the end of the alley to the right. Be quick 
about it as the third carload will come to their assistance. Shoot 
them up too. By this time you may have a wanted rating. Lose this - 
if it is as high as three you may have to use the Pay & Spray. Get the 
car back to Brucie's garage and the mission is complete.

Reward $3,500, +2% Brucie Like, +5% Brucie Repect 

BK3	Out of The Closet (available after "Roman's Sorrow")

Part I:
Go to Brucie's apartment in BOABO. Lyle Rivas has a cousin Tom that 
owes Brucie money. This cousin is rampantly gay, so in order to get 
the guy, Brucie and Roman want you to date him. Go to the internet 
cafe, sign on to LoveMeet & date French Tom. You're done for the 
moment - go do something else while the dating site does its thing.

Part II: 
Go back to the internet cafe and check your mail. You should find a 
message from French Tom telling you you have a date at the diner on 
Bart Street. Go there and find Tom. Sit there and let the dialogue 
hit an appropriate point then get up and produce gun. If you blast 
him there and then, a bunch of his friends turn up and you'll have 
to kill them. Instead, let Tom make a run for it out of the door, 
chase him up the street and shoot him in the head. Easy money.

Reward $7,000, +2% Brucie Like, +5% Brucie Repect 

BK4	No. 1

Go to Brucie's garage. That flash car he's had the mechanic working 
on is for a race. Too bad the thing doesn't go. The plan is to borrow 
his mate Steve's car. Get a car so you and Brucie can drive up to 
collect it. It's a yellow Comet, fast but tends to spin if you take 
corners too fast. Get the car then drive to the race start. The race 
involves passing through a set of checkpoints. Each checkpoint is an 
arrow pointing towards the next. When the race starts, overtake the 
two cars directly ahead of you and keep to the right to avoid a pile 
up. This should put you in third place. Slow down for sharp corners 
and try to overtake on long straight sections. The other drivers drive 
like maniacs but their cars appear totally indestructible. Aside from 
that keep your head and avoid collisions. After that take Brucie back 
to his place. You'll find that all the killings Brucie has had you 
carry out are a result of him taking far too much shark testosterone. 
You refuse to do any more jobs for Brucie but become friends instead. 
You also get to keep the car.

Comet, +2% Brucie Like, +5% Brucie Repect

Manny Escuela Missions
ME1	Escuela of the Streets (available after "Roman's Sorrow")

Go up the the community centre in South Bohan. You'll know you're at 
the right place because it has Manny's name in six foot letters on 
the side. Anyway Mallorie introduces you to Manny.  He's a shameless 
self publicist on a mission to rid the street of drug dealers by 
getting other people to do all the work. He wants your help in 
getting rid of a gang of drug dealers. First you need to get a car. 
The take Manny to Uprock Street where one of the dealers hangs out. 
Then  follow him at a safe distance to his base in an old factory in 
South Bohan. When you get the the base, Manny bravely leaves you to 
do all the work and sods off to do what he's best at, namely bigging 
himself up. You however need to kill these drug dealers. The door to 
the factory is locked so go round the side, climb the stairs onto the
roof of the building next door and run across the planks onto the 
factory roof. Look around the roof and you'll find an SMG (not a 
Micro). There is an open skylight which will give you entry into the 
factory. However I recommend looking through the skylight while facing 
north. You'll see a guy with a Micro SMG. Kill him and his mate with 
the shotgun who runs into view, then drop through the skylight. 
Hide behind the pillar. They should be four guys within view which you 
can shoot. There are three guys remaining. use the walkways to 
outflank them and pick them off. Note one of them is hiding on the 
walkway to the right. After you killed them all, collect all ammo 
plus the first aid kit from the small office close to the exit. 
Finally shoot the lock off the exit door and escape. You'll be met 
by Manny and his cameraman. Then the mission ends.

Reward $1,000

ME2	Street Sweeper

This is a lot easier than the previous Manny mission. Go to the 
community centre. Manny is shooting some footage with Francis 
McCreary, deputy police commissioner. More of him later. Manny wants 
you to rub out some drug dealers operating out of a garage in Windmill 
Street. The only difficulty is that when you attack, two will make a 
break for it in a car. The easist way to complete this is to sneak up 
and shoot the driver of the car (the one on the right as you look at 
it) in the head. There are then four more guys to deal with. Kill all 
of them and the mission is done.  

Reward $1,000

ME3	The Puerto Rican Connection (available after "Blow Your Cover")

Go and see Manny at the community centre. It appears some Puerto Rican 
guy he used to know has been bad mouthing him (or telling the truth 
about what a big-ass fake he is). Anyway this guy and his mates are 
on the subway. Take a reasonably fast car Sentinel, Taxi, Police 
Cruiser are all good. Go the the marked area on Algonquin Bridge. Once 
you are there you'll have to follow the train, hence the need for the 
fast-ish car. Best method here is to follow it on the radar but also 
keep half an eye on the subway tracks themselves as they run above the 
road. Use this to predict where the train will go and you won't go far 
wrong. At any rate you'll end up in Sundance Street where the Puerto 
Ricans will get off the train and head for a car. Get them before 
they get to the car if you can. Once you've killed all four of them, 
the mission is done.

Reward $1,500

Elizabeta Torres

ET1	Luck Of The Irish (available after "Street Sweeper")

Malorie introduces you to Elizabeta Torres and Packie McCreary. Packie 
is doing a drug deal and Elizabeta wants you to keep guard on things. 
You need to go to a house not far away in South Bohan. Once there go 
up the stairs to the roof and get the sniper rifle. Get into position 
and aim your siniper rifle. When the lead dealer pulls a gun kill the 
guy behind him in the read apron and pick off a couple more guys. Then 
focus on Packie. A guy will run out from the right hand side and fight 
with him. kill this guy and pick of the rest of the dealers and you 
are done.

Reward $1,500

ET2	Blow Your Cover

Elizabeta introduces you to Playboy X. Playboy is taking part in a 
heroin deal with a bunch of bikers from "The Lost" gang. Take Playboy X 
to a house in Cassidy Street, Schottler. Pick up the shotgun from the 
ground floor then go upstairs to meet the bikers. Unfortunately the 
deal turns out to be a police sting. Shoot the two police in the room 
with you. Collect their weapons plus a pump action shotgun in the room.
Now you have to fight your way to the roof through a bunch of 
N.O.O.S.E. (SWAT let's face it) team troopers. You'll find two per 
floor starting with the one you are on. Go out through the door you 
came in to deal with these. Then creep up the stairs. Be careful, a 
N.O.O.S.E. man will roll to the top of the stairs. Take him out 
quickly before he makes a mess of you. Kill the other guy then go to 
the next floor where there are two more guys. Kill them then you are 
on the roof. There are two metal ventilator units on the roof each 
on has a N.O.O.S.E guy behind it. Crouch and take them out, nearest 
one first. Get the first aid kit. Now cross over to the next roof and 
pick up the body armour and hide behind the ventilator unit close by. 
Kill the guy behind the next ventilator and the one behind the wall. 
Another two will come up the metal stairs so dispose of them as well. 
Now follow Playbox X down the stairs where the N.O.O.S.E. guys came 
from and he'll show you the exit from the roof. Sneak down though the 
building to the ground floor. You'll find a N.O.O.S.E guy two flights 
of stairs down and another on the ground floor. Kill them and you are 
out on the street. Now unfortunately you've got a 2 star wanted level 
and there are two cop cars outside. Find a car or bike quickly and 
lose your wanted level and take Playbox X to his loft in Northwood.   

Reward $2,000.

Note: After this mission, Algonquin locations now become available. 
You can now go boating or helicoptering with Brucie. Much more his 

ET3	The Snow Storm (available after "The Puerto Rican Connection")

This mission is hard. You will first be warned about this by Elizabeta 
phoning you up and yelling about Jacob. Go to her apartment and you'll 
find the two of them having a big old row. It appears that some guys 
Jacob introduced to her ripped off some of her coke. Unfortunately 
some poor chump has to get it back. That's you that is. Go to the old 
hospital on Colony Island. There's a big gang holed up in there. Sneak 
through the hole in the fence. Take out the two guys out front quickly.
Now from the entrance take out the guy with the SMG behind the box 
followed by the two guys in the rafters. You can now go into the 
courtyard. Kill the guy with the pistol firing from the entranceway 
to your left. Down that hallway is a bit of a corridor of death. 
Still its easy if you know how. Go to the entrance way. Go through it 
and shoot the guy on top of the wall. Now take your assault rifle and 
shoot that barrel the guy with the shotgun is hiding behind at the 
end. Boom. That's most of them gone. There should be only a couple or 
so left down that corridor. Kill them and go down the corridor. 
Just before you reach the room at the end there is a door way to the 
right. Look through this and you see a room with two guys in it, one 
with a pistol one with an SMG. Kill them. The room they were occupying 
has the coke in it and also some body armour. Before you take the 
coke I recommend you go back to the main corridor and enter the room 
at the end (it has a mattress in it). The rooms on either side of it 
have an assault rifle and a first aid kit. Grab both of these, go back 
to the coke room and collect the body armour. Now grab the coke. 
Oh shit here come the filth. Lots of them. And those N.O.O.S.E. 
heavies. I did try to find a way of sneaking out the back but no luck.
Therefore you'll have to shoot your way out. There's a N.O.O.S.E. guy 
in the room across the hall from you. Take him out first. Then move 
down the hallway back where you came. Take cover behind a door. 
You'll see two more N.O.O.S.E guys hiding behind doorways. Take them 
out quickly. Use a grenade if necessary. Now find a side room with 
only one entrance, go to the far end and wait. The rest of the 
N.O.O.S.E. guys plus a load of cops will then storm your position.
Blast away at them until they stop coming. Once you've thinned out 
the number of blue and red dots on your radar sufficiently, sprint 
down the corridor and out the front where you came from. Dodge all 
police especially the ones with shotguns. Grab a car and head for 
the Pay & Spray. You've got your work cut out here as you've got a 3 
star wanted level. Once you've lost that wanted level at the Pay & 
Spray, you'll get a call from Jacob to meet him up in Guantanamo Ave. 
because things are all messed up. Lo and behold, when you get there 
Michelle shows up to reveal that she's a Government agent. Well I 
thought there was something funny about her. She takes the coke and 
says you've got to do stuff for the Government now. Crap.
Reward $2,500.

ET4	Have a Heart

Go to Elizabeta's. She's busy panicking because the FBI are all over 
her - and putting half of Colombia up her nose. In bursts Manny with 
his documentary giving it the usual verbal. Elizabeta shoots both of 
them. Your job is to take them to a doctor in "East Island City" 
who'll get rid of them. Simply drive them bodies which are in the 
boot of a car to the doctor. This is easy, just drive carefully, don't 
bump the car (the bodies will fall out) and the job is done. 
Apparently the doctor turns bodies that turn up this way into 
involuntary organ donors.

Reward $3,000.

PlayBoy X Missions

PX1	Deconstruction For Beginners (available after "Blow Your Cover")

Go to Playboy X' loft. You'll find his old mentor Dwayne is out of 
prison and feeling left out in the cold. However Playboy wants you to 
clear a building site of mafia-backed union men. No Jimmy Hoffa 
reference there then. Anyway, Playboy X thinks this will put him in 
with the property tycoon who owns the site and further his empire 
building plans. Go with Playboy down to South Parkway. There is a 
SUV parked there packed with armaments so get in the vehicle and grab 
the guns. Now use the window cleaning platform to go the the top of 
the nearby building. You've got 3 guys with guns to pick off with 
a sniper rifle. This is merely a case of finding them and shooting 
them. They are on or near the cranes. Now you need to take out four 
union leaders. Go back down to the ground. Here you have two options, 
go in guns blazing or use the sneaky low-down easy method. Go round 
the site to west side and climb over the fence between the two 
portacabins. Take out your assault rifle and zoom in on the 
scaffolding directly ahead of you. There's union boss no. 1. Kill him 
then follow the fence along till you come to some shipping containers. 
Close to this is a crane. Quickly climb this crane to the top. The 
union boys will shoot at you but they'll miss. Move out along the 
crane directly ahead of you as you climb out at the top. Use your 
sniper rifle and locate union boss no. 2. He's quite difficult to get 
a shot at but angle yourself correctly and thats him out of the way. 
Kill off any other union men you deem threatening. Now head south 
past the ladder (careful you don't fall). Keep going until you are 
past the enclosed section of the crane arm. With your sniper rifle, 
locate union boss no. 3. He's to the south and partially obscured by 
some crates or something. Kill him. Once he's down a chopper comes in 
to airlift out the last union boss. From your position on the crane 
shoot the 'copter 3-4 times with the sniper rifle. Guess what ? It 
blows up. Marvellous. Now for the last union boss. Get your assault 
rifle and go down the crane ladder to the bottom. You are likely to 
have four union goons come at you so kill them and take their stuff. 
Now go out back the way you came. Go back round the site and down the 
east side. Ahead of you you should see a crane behind some cement 
cylinders. Climb to the top of the crane look east with the sniper 
rifle and you'll see union boss no. 4. Kill him and you've completed 
the mission. There you are, done like a real hitman instead of Rambo. 

Reward	$6,500

PX2	Photo Shoot

Go to Playboy's loft and you'll find that he's a bit pissed off that 
some guy called Marlon has been dissing him. Playboy X is lousy at 
describing the guy so he kits you out with a new camera-phone. 
This is so he can identify him from photos you send. Go to the nearby 
basketball court on Exeter Street. Take photos of the guys you see 
standing around without getting too close and send them to Playboy X. 
Eventually you 'll get the right one. Then simply back off a bit pull
either a SMG or assault rifle and blast Marlon before he runs off. 
Gun down any of his mates that fire back and you are done.

Reward	$6,750 

PX3	The Holland Play... 

Part 1 (available after "Undress to Kill") 

Go to Playboy's loft. He's not happy - it seems that he and Dwayne 
have had a major falling out. He kind of manipulates you into 
mentioning killing him and then while acting as though he'd never 
considered it before promptly nominates you as the man for the job.
You go away to think about this as the idea doesn't appeal to you.

Over a period of time you'll get a call from Dwayne saying he needs 
you to get Playboy X before he himself is killed.

Finally you'll get a call from Playboy X saying you'd better make 
up your mind.

Part 2
You've got two options here.

a) Kill Dwayne.
Go to Dwayne's apartment. He's guessed something's up. Go through 
the door. One of Dwayne's buddies comes at you with a baseball bat 
from the room to the right. kill him. Go through the door at the end. 
Dwayne is unarmed and you can just execute him.

Reward $25,000

b) Kill Playboy X.

Go to PlayBoy's loft. You give a speech saying that Playboy is the 
problem not Dwayne. Playboy X sics his boys on you. There are four 
of them. Two behind the sofa, one on the left of the room with an SMG 
and one on the right with a shotgun. Take out the one with the shotgun 
and one of the guys behind the sofa from cover then break cover and 
kill the other two. Go out onto the balcony. Playboy jumps onto 
another roof and goes behind a structure. Don't bother following him. 
Just pile down the fire escape directly ahead of you and Playboy X 
will virtually run past you when he hits ground level. Watch out 
though two of his boys turn up in a Patriot. Kill these goons, go 
after Playboy who is struggling to escape from a back alley. His gun 
jams when he tries to shoot you. Execute him.

Reward Playboy X' loft (safehouse). Dwayne Respect +5%. 
Dwayne Missions

DF1	Ruff Rider

Go to Dwayne's apartment to find him having a good old mope because 
his girlfriend Cherise has taken all his money and gone off with some 
guy to Jayvon. You offer to get the money back. Take a car and go 
down to Emerald Street in China Town. Jayvon immediately jumps on 
a bike and runs off. You can now either kill Cherise or let her go. 
Now jump on the bike and head off after Jayvon. I haven't much advice 
here except take it easy. Follow him, be patient and blast him off 
his bike once you get the chance. Note that he starts off slow but 
once he knows you're after him goes off like the clappers. 
NB: I've got this guy easily on two occasions by the simple expedient
of when getting on the bike, bombing down the road in the direction 
the bike is facing until I get to the junction at the end of the road, 
then turnning left and follow Jayvon. He'll do along the road for a 
short way then attempt to turn left. At this point you should be 
quite close to him so blast him off his bike. Once you've nailed him 
grab the cash and meet Dwayne in Clucking Bell.

Reward $6,000, +2% Dwayne Like, +5% Dwayne Respect

DF2	Undress to Kill

Go to Dwayne's apartment to find him having a good old mope because 
some gangsters have taken over his old business, namely the Triangle 
Club. Looks like you have to help out again. First, ensure you are on 
full health and have some body armour. This one can get messy. Drive 
over to the Triangle Club. Go in and wander around the place until 
you overhear conversations revealing the locations of the managers 
you have to take out. As far as I see it you've got two options with 
respect to taking out the managers.

i) Front to Back
The first manager is in a room close to the entrance counting the 
money, so it's best to ice him first. Go to the corner between 
the entrance door and the door to the manager's room and select your 
SMG. Do it here so as not to attract the attention of security. Then 
enter the room and quickly shoot the manager through the head. Now 
turn round and crouch. Three or four security with pistols will try 
to storm the office so take them out. The other managers will start 
going for the exit. Come out of the office and watch out for a guy 
in a white t-shirt with an SMG to your left. Kill him and kill all 
guys shooting at you from the floor of the club (around four). 
By now the rumpus will have attracted police attention. Run to the 
back, on the way kill the last gang thug and go out through the back 
exit. Jump in the conveniently placed Coquette car and chase the 
jeep that the rest of the managers jumped into. Follow them and 
shoot out their tyres to slow them down, then take pot shots at the 
windscreen until you kill them or the jeep catches fire. Shoot any 
that bail out of the jeep and you are done. 

ii) Back to Front
Go to the back exit of the club (its not open). Arm youself with a 
SMG. Take out the guard on the private strip room. The manager inside
will run out so kill him. Kill any guards who run in. Now head back 
into the main part of the club. Watch out because a guard may position 
himself behind the booth just to the right of the entrance. Identify 
anyone shooting at you with automatic weapons and take them out 
quickly. Once there are only one or two guys with pistols, run for 
the entrance. Time is of the essence here as you to get out before 
the plod arrive. Once outside grab a car, preferably a fast one. 
The last managers will be making a getaway in a jeep. Follow them 
down the steps, shoot out their tyres. Now you can follow them as 
they drive round and round the Triangle Club taking pot shots at them 
until their car catches fire. If any of them survive that, gun them 

Reward $6,500, +2% Dwayne Like, +5% Dwayne Respect 

After you complete this mission you'll get a call from Playbox X. He 
isn't happy because he did business with the managers. 

United Liberty Paper

UP1	Wrong is Right (available after "The Snow Storm")

Go to the question mark down in the Triangle, Algonquin. You'll meet 
Michelle here. After some recriminations she'll introduce you to some 
office manager lookalike. he wants you to get information on someone 
called Oleg Minkov. Firstly get a fast car - a Feltzer or better 
should do it. Go to Oleg's place in Hove Beach. Look at his email 
on the laptop. You contact office manager and he tells you to kill 
Oleg. The email from Vasily will tell you he is meeting someone 
outside a jewelry shop on Tulsa Street. Go there. Oleg rapidly 
realises you are after him and goes off like the clappers. Get after 
him. Take out his tyres then pepper the windscreen. Once you've 
killed him the mission is over.

Reward $6,500 

UP2	Portrait of A Killer (available after "Photo Shoot")

Go to United Liberty Paper offices. It appears they want you to kill 
another guy but they only have a photo. The photo will be sent to 
your mobile. Once you have the mobile, get a cop car using either the 
911 method or by stealing one from outside a police station. Now 
search police records using search by photo. Looks like you are after 
one Adam Dimayev. Go up to his base in East Island City. The enemy 
are spaced over two levels. Go round the back to the top level and 
approach from behind the shipping containers. From cover behind the 
first container you should be able to kill three guys straight 
off. Move forward behind the cover of the containers and you'll be 
able to waste three more. There are two further guys on the top level 
obscured by a container stack. You'll have to go after them. One has 
a pistol the other an SMG. There are four guys on the lower level but
you should easily be able to pick them up from your vantage point. 
After the last one is dead the mission ends. 

Reward $6,750

UP3	Dust Off

Go to United Liberty Paper offices. It appears they want you to kill 
another guy. However a little preparation is required first. Take a 
car and go to Civilization Plaza. You'll see a helicopter taking off.
Follow it to its destination. When you get there you'll find a 
checkpoint with two guards. Ram the checkpoint, aiming for one of the 
guards. Now drive to the end of the roadway. There will be four guys 
waiting for you. Turn the car to the left, get out and using the car 
as cover, kill all of them. Grab the helicopter and take off. A guy 
will try to jump on. If you can take off quickly enough he won't 
make it, otherwise you'll have to shake him off. Fly the helicopter 
to the airport and land in the marked location.

Reward $7,000

UP4	Paper Trail

Shortly after Dust Off, you'll get a call from United Paper. You are 
to meet Jacob at the refitted helicopter. Go there get in the 
helicopter. There is another chopper to the south. Follow it through 
the city until if flies out over open water. Then line it up so that 
Jacob can shoot it with a rocket launcher. Land the helicopter and 
you are done.

Reward $7,500

After this mission you'll get a call from Jacob praising your pilot 
skills. +10% Jacob Like.

Francis McCreary Missions

FM1	Call and Collect (available after "The Puerto Rican Connection")

Go to the question mark to the south of the "Poop Deck" restaurant, 
South Algonquin. You'll find it's deputy police comissioner Francis 
McCreary. It appears someone is blackmailing him over some dubious 
incident in his past. Go to the viewpoint on Union Drive East. You 
now have to call the blackmailers number and locate the guy who 
answers the phone. A simple job if you could use the binoculars and 
phone at the same time. However if you look through the binoculars 
look directly ahead and zoom in, you should see a bald guy on the 
lowest part of the viewpoint. Dial the number and walk towards him.
Hey presto, you've found the blackmailer. Put a cap in him. You'll 
get 2 wanted stars. Pick up the thing the guy dropped and get back 
to your car and lose your wanted rating. Go to Francis in East 
Holland and give him the device. 

Reward $1,000

FM2	Final Interview 

Part 1
Go to the police station. A crusading lawyer is after Francis and he 
needs you to get close to the guy and kill him. You need to get into 
the guys office by posing as a job applicant. Got to the internet 
cafe and arrange the interview. After a while you'll get a call 
setting an interview date. That's all for now. 

Part 2
Buy a suit and get a fast car. Go to the law firm. You'll be buzzed in
and after a brief conversation with the receptionist, you'll be shown 
to Goldberg's office. Listen to him prattle on for a bit, then get up 
and point a gun at him. He'll tell you where the file is so pick it up
then shoot Goldberg in the head. A secretary will then raise the alarm. 
You will have to fight past three security guards in the corridor in 
order to get back to the reception area. There are another two guards 
in the reception area so kill them. The door you cam in through is 
locked so you have to go downstairs. One floor down is another guard 
so shoot him. When you get to the ground floor, two cops will have 
taken up positions behind the front desk. Shoot them then run out the 
front of the building then turn left and run round the side of the 
building. Steal a car. You will by this point have a two or three 
star wanted level. Lose this by heading for the Pay & Spray. Finally 
take the file to McCreary round the side of the police station.

Reward $1,000

FM3	Holland Nights
Go and see Francis at the police precinct. He wants you to kill a 
drug dealer called Clarence in the East Holland projects who it 
rapidly becomes apparent he took payoffs from. Go to the projects. 
Walk straight ahead through the ground floor unarmed and take the 
stairs to your right. Near the top of the stairs pull a SMG. Turn the 
corner and gun down the two gangsters in front of you. Turn round and 
shoot the guy firing at you from downstairs. Now move along so that 
you have a view over the balcony. There should be another two guys 
visible so shoot them too. Now while crouching in cover, move along 
the walkway to the end. If you missed any of the guys on ground floor, 
take them out if you get the chance. Go round the pillar. At the end 
of the next section of walkway, two guys with SMGs have taken up 
positions behind pillars. Creep up the the pillar midway and you 
should be able to take out the one on the right. Watch out for a guy 
on the ground floor shooting at you from behind some mesh. The one 
on the left of the corridor is more tricky. Reload your gun, creep 
down the right side of the corridor and let him have it when he comes 
into view. When you get to the end of the corridor, another gangster 
will shoot at you from the right hand corridor about mid-way down. 
Use the same technique to kill him. Move past his body and the 
corridor contines to the right. Take cover on the right hand side. 
There are two guys shooting at you from down the corridor so kill 
them when they pop out of cover. There is also someone shooting at 
you from the opposite balcony so kill him. Go round the walkway and 
you'll see the stairs ahead. Clarence will throw a bin at you and run 
up the stairs. Crouch backwards up the stairs. Two guys will start 
firing at you from the third floor corridor. Take them an but be 
prepared for anothe guy who comes running down from the fourth level 
with an SMG. Pick up the first aid kit that is on the wall, a little 
way down the third floor corridor. Now go up the stairs to the fourth 
level. Again move up the stairs backwards to catch out the guy waiting
for you in the fourth floor entrance way. There is another guy 
shooting at you from the roof area so take him out when you get to 
the top of the stairs. When you get to the roof area there are two 
more guys to deal with, one behind a railing another behind a corner.
Finally go up the metal steps close by and you'll find Clarence. 
Clarence will beg for his life so either kill him or walk away.
You'll then get a 2 star wanted level. Get out of the building fast, 
get into your car and lose it.

Reward $5,000

FM4	Lure

Meet Francis in south Algonquin. It seems yet another dealer knows 
he is on the take. This one is holed up in an apartment on Denver Ave. 
and is going to talk to the FBI. First go to Albany an pick up some 
ammo for your sniper rifle. Now go to Denver Avenue. The red door 
opposite where you parked the car can be opened so you can get to the 
roof that way. Don't bother trying balcony hopping like I did when I 
first attempted this (doh!). Anyway once you are up there you need to
get the dealer in front of the window. I know two methods :-

a) Do an Elvis and shoot the TV. He'll get up and look around. If 
you're quick and accurate, you'll get him.
b) Dial the number you see on his telephone (545-555-0122). He'll get
up and start gabbing down the phone giving you plenty of time to cap 

Run down to street level and you are done.

Reward $5,000

FM5	Blood Brothers (available after "Tunnel of Death")

Go to see Francis in south Algonquin. Francis' bid to become police 
commissioner is about to be ruined by his brother Derrick. Derrick 
is planning on talking to a journalist. Francis has arranged to meet 
Derrick in a park in Lancet. He wants you to go to a nearby building 
and shoot Derrick. Shortly after he leaves Derrick phones you. He's 
suspicious of the meeting and wants you to shoot Francis. Go to the 
building in Lancet and gain access to the roof via the window cleaners 

Once in the marked position, shoot one of the brothers.

i) 	Shoot Derrick. Escape from the building and leave the area. 

Reward $10,000, Clear Wanted, Online Access to Police Database
Shortly after you'll get a message from Francis. If you've got a 
wanted level, call him and he'll clear it.
Check your mail after this mission. You'll find Francis has given you 
access to the LCPD database online.

ii)	Shoot Francis. Escape from the building and leave the area. 
Reward none.

FM6	Undertaker 

Some time after "Blood Brothers" you get calls from both Packie and 
Kate asking you to come to their brother (insert name as applicable)'s
funeral. Get your suit on and go to the church in Suffolk. After then 
service where you try to ignore the fact you capped the guy, you come 
out of the church to be ambushed by the Albanians. Never a dull moment 
is there ? Three carloads of Albanians will turn up, each one 
disgorging four Albanians. They come sequentially, i.e. once you shot 
up one lot, another load will turn up. Crouch of the church steps and 
blast them with SMG or assault/carbine rifle. After this another four 
turn up on foot from down an alley. By now you'll have a wanted level.
After you've killed all the Albanians, get in the hearse with Packie 
and head for the cemetery in Steinway. On the way you'll be attacked 
by another two carloads of Albanians. If you can shoot, out the 
drivers. Avoid bumping the car too much or the stiff will fly out of 
the back. After you reach the cemetery the funeral is completed and 
the mission ends.

Reward 	: +10% Packie Like.

Packie McCreary Missions

PM1	Harboring a Grudge (available after "Call and Collect", 
"The Snow Storm")

Go to see Packie at his house. You'll be introduced to his mother and 
sister, Kate. Packie has had a tip that a consignment of smuggled 
prescription drugs are being delivered and wants to steal them. Get a 
car and go with Packie to Algonquin Harbour. Follow Packie onto the 
roof. After he explains the plan you need to take down the guards. Go 
down onto the roof of the mini-cabin (go directly east). Now take out 
the guard on the jetty and another across the harbour. From your 
vantage point pick off as many of the other guards as you can. Go 
down the steps, take cover behind the grey container and pick off the 
guards in the warehouse. There are around seven of them, three near 
the entrance and four further back. Any other guards are fair game 
as well. Now move across to the yellow container and repeat. Beware, 
there are at least two guards taking cover on the other side of the 
yellow container. Fortunately Packie is on the roof giving you covering 
fire throughout. Now go up to the warehouse and take cover behind the 
doors. Shoot any guys still inside. Go to the office in the warehouse 
and take the first aid kit. Now jump in the truck and wait for Packie.
Then make your way to Ray Boccino's lock up. On the way you'll be 
attacked by two car loads of goons. Best way of dealing with them is 
to let them overtake you, then pepper them with bullets. Take out the 
guys leaning out of the windows firing, then then tyres. Once you get 
to Ray's lockup your job is done.

Reward $6,500, +2% Packie Like, +5% Packie Respect.

PM2	Waste Not Want Knots 

Go to see Packie. He's got a gang together to steal some money from 
the Ancelotti mafia family. Get a four door car (there's one just 
around the corner) and drive to the waste plant on colony island. 
Follow Packie over the fence. You'll find yourself in the middle of a 
gun battle in the waste plant yard. I haven't too much to say here as 
it is pretty much a free for all. Suffice to say there are about three 
guys behind the blue containers, two to the right of the portacabin 
and another four or five up towards the waste plant itself. Be careful 
who you shoot at, killing either Packie, Gordon or Michael loses you 
the mission. Just beside the entrance to the waste plant is a first 
aid kit. Creep into the waste plant and shoot the guy up on the 
walkway and the one in the office. There's a guy behind a stack of 
boxes but he usually gets killed off by your mates. Run up the red 
container and go round it to the right. There's a guy on the other 
side of it you can usually get the drop on and another hiding behind 
boxes. Kill them both then creep carefully up the stairs. There's a 
guy with a shotgun on the metal walkway so be sure to take him out 
fast. Now go get the bag of money in the office. When you take the 
money more goons pile in and attack you. Creep down the steps and 
take cover behind a container. You need to get out the back of the 
waste plant and join Packie, who is at the exit at the back of the 
plant. Get back on the right hand side of that red container from 
earlier. There are one or two guys in front of the exit on the left 
where Packie is so take them out. On the right is a bunch of boxes 
with three guys behind it. More guys will come through the door on 
the right if you wait around so take them out quickly and run over 
to Packie. Now all you need to do is follow Packie. He'll jump into 
the water and swim to a boat. Get in the boat and drive to the marked 

Reward $8,000, +2% Packie Like, +5% Packie Respect.  

You'll get a call from Packie after this mission setting you up 
with Kate.

PM3	Three Leaf Clover

NB: This mission is difficult. Load up on body armour, grenades and 
assault rifle ammo before you attempt it.
Go to Packies house to find him and his brothers plus Michael shoving 
the entire output of Colombia up their noses. They are about to do a 
bank job and want you in on it. (I certainly wouldn't do something 
that risky with a bunch of coked up fools but there you go). Get a 
four door car and go to the bank. Once inside things go wrong and some 
wannabe hero kills Michael. Now run down to the vault and get the 
money. Note the five star wanted level. Now unfortunately you've got 
loads of law enforcement all over you. 
First you have to get out of the bank. Take cover betwen the two doors
and shoot all cops behind the right hand cop car. If you have time 
shoot any behind the left one as well. Now follow Packie & Derek down 
the alley and take up a position behind the steps on the right. There 
are six cops ahead that you have to kill off to go further. Beware of 
three N.O.O.S.E. guys that steam in, two from the left, one from the 
right. A grenade would come in handy at this point. Once these cops 
are out of the way go to the end of the alley. There are another 
three cops and a car to the left blocking the way. Shoot up the car 
and it will explode. Kill the surviving cop. In the wreckage of the 
cop car you'll find body armour. Take this then follow Packie and 
Derrick across the street. Two cop cars will then pull up ahead of you 
and a whole herd of cops and N.O.O.S.E will attack. Take cover on the 
left of the street and lob a grenade at each car. Polish off any 
survivors then follow Packie down a street to the right. There are 
another four cops blocking the way that you need to kill down here but 
be careful. There are another two shooting at you from fire escapes 
on the left and right of the street. Take them out first before you 
kill the rest. Now follow Packie and Derrick. This involves sprinting 
across a street into an alley with cops firing at you. Kill some of 
the cops on the left near their cars then run for it. There is then 
a cutscene where you are attacked up a helicopter gunship. Follow 
Packie into the metro. First dispose of the two cops behind the 
corner ahead of you, then join Packie and Derrick. There are four cops 
blocking the way so help take them out. Then four N.O.O.S.E come up 
the stairs behind the ticket barriers. Crouch low and mow them down. 
Aim for the head with an assault rifle. Go down the stairs onto the 
platform. There are another two cops shooting at you from behind 
pillars on the opposite platform. Kill them quickly as four N.O.O.S.E
turn up to help them out. Shoot as many as you can then follow Derrick 
and Packie using the metro train to shield you from any remaining 
N.O.O.S.E. Go up the metro tunnel. Six more N.O.O.S.E. are after you 
by now. Lob a grenade and finish them off with an assault rifle. Run 
down the tunnel (avoid the train) and make your way to street level. 
You now need to grab a car fast although your wanted level has fallen 
to three. You've now got two options. If you go straight back home, 
you'll have to brave three road blocks across the bridge. As they are 
Patriot 4x4s this is quite difficult. Hit them at the gaps between 
vehicles. This approach however is likely to severely damage your 
vehicle. The other method is to get to the Pay & Spray or otherwise 
lose your wanted level. Then its just a nice leisurely drive across 
the bridge with no road blocks. Get back to Packie's house and 
you're done.  

Reward $250,000, +2% Packie Like, +5% Packie Respect. 

Packie becomes your friend after this mission.

Ray Boccino Missions

RB1	A Long Way to Fall (available after "Waste Not Want Knots")

Go to see Ray in his Bistro. He wants you to take out someone called 
Teddy Benividez in the Galveston projects but isn't too sure where 
exactly he lives. Go to the projects. Shortly after you set off, Ray 
will text you a photo with a picture of a guy called Alonzo who knows 
where Teddy lives. Once at Galveston, find the guy with a "72" on his 
shirt. Point a gun at him to make him spill the beans then take the 
elevator up to the twentieth floor. Alonzo will then call his boss 
and tell him you're on the way up. (Don't bother killng Alonzo unless 
you want to end up in a gun battle before you start). Once on the 
twentieth floor, come out of the elevator but watch out for the guy 
behind the corner. Work your way round to the right and kill him with 
an assault rifle. Now edge towards the corridor. There is a guy in a 
doorway to the left so take cover and shoot him. There are two others 
hiding behind corners at the end of the corridor at both ends. Take 
them out in the same way. Move down the corridor to the left and turn 
the corner. There is another guy at the far end of corridor. Crouch, 
move down the right hand side and shoot the guy when he comes into 
view. Turn the corner and you'll find the stairwell ahead of you. 
There is a first aid kit here. Approach the stairs cautiously - there 
is a guy with a shotgun hiding on them. Kill him, creep up the stairs 
and kill the guy waiting for you at the top. Take cover at the 
stairwell exit. There is a guy behind a doorway opposite and another 
at the end of the corridor to the right. Kill them both them move up 
the corridor to the right. Turn the corner. There is another guy 
hiding at the end of the corridor. Creep up on the left and side and 
let him have it when he comes into view. Go up the corridor, take 
cover then pop the guy guarding the entrance to the stairwell. Go to 
the stairwell, shoot the guy on the stairs on the way past, then 
continue up the corridor and shoot the last guy on this floor. Go 
back to the stairwell. There is another first aid kit here. Climb the 
stairs. There is one guy with a pistol at the end of the corridor to 
the right. Kill him then enter the flat. There are three guys here 
each hiding behind a sofa. Keep low and take them out. If you go down 
the corridor Teddy bangs a door into your face and runs for the roof.
Follow him to the stairwell. There are three more guys you have to 
kill, one on the stairs, one up the stairs behind some paint tins and 
another on the roof, behind an air conditioning outlet. Finally you 
catch up to Teddy who is unarmed. Stick a gun in his face and he 
falls off the roof. Job done.

Reward $8,500

RB2	Taking In The Trash

This is a simple mission. Go and see Ray and he'll ask you to pick up 
some diamonds hidden in trash bags. Go around the corner and get in 
the Trashmaster. Now drive to the first pickup. Close the back after 
the bags are loaded in. Then go to the second pickup in the Triangle.
Again close the back after the bags are loaded. This time however you 
pick up a tail - namely a couple of guys with SMGs in a car. Shoot out
the driver. Now you can take the Trashmaster back to the depot by 
Algonquin Bridge. That's it.

Reward $9,000 

RB3	Meltdown

Go to see Ray. Apparently Luca and the boys from the previous mission 
have skipped off with some of the diamonds. Take a car and go down to 
Castle Garden City to intercept them. Unfortunately Luca doesn't want 
to part with the diamonds and takes off at high speed. Fortunately 
there's nice Banshee nearby to give chase in. Follow them and try to 
avoid getting shot up. After a chase they crash the car in Middle 
Park. Get out of the car. You now have to kill Luca's boys. There are 
two in the main plaza and another two in the underpass. After you've 
got rid of them, find Luca in the toilets. Shoot the lock off all the 
engaged toilets, then execute Luca. Pick up the diamonds and take them 
to Ray on Middle Park bridge.

Reward $9,500 

RB4	Museum Piece

NB: This mission is quite harsh. Make sure you have body armour and 
a good supply of assault rifle ammo before attempting it.

Go to see Ray. After a cutscene argument where you get him to look for 
one of the guys who you think sold out your unit (Florian Kravich), 
Ray says he wants you to help sell on the diamonds to some guy called 
Isaac. It appears that Johnny the biker is mixed up in this as well. 
Go to the Libertonian Museum on the east side of Middle Park and meet 
Johnny. As usual some guy shows up and sprays the place with bullets. 
Looks like Johnny the biker wants everything for himself. You need to 
shoot your way out. First thing to do is quickly dispose of the guy to 
your left with the shotgun. Now from your position behind the marble 
plinth, there are three guys down the hall to the north you can take 
out. Watch out also for the guy from the opposite balcony who may try 
to creep round behind you. Now the easiest way to go is to move down 
the hall to the west and take cover behind the pillar at the end. 
There are three guys down the western side of the gallery hidden 
behind pillars. Kill them. Go to the middle of the western gallery. 
You should be able to take out two guys on the northern gallery and 
two on the eastern part of the gallery. Lean over the the balcony and 
pick off as many of the guys on the ground floor as you can. There are 
two around the central octagon, one behind the dinosaur at the south 
end of the museum, one behind a desk at the north end and another on 
the north stairs partially obscured by scaffolding. Now move up to the 
northern part of the gallery take cover on the left side of the alcove 
facing north and shoot the guy on the right side of the main stairs. 
You should find a first aid kit on the wall of the northern gallery.
Go to the eastern end of the northern gallery and lob a grenade to 
clear out two guys behind exhibits. Now go down the eastern gallery 
and finish off any guys still down there. When you are done pick off 
any guys on the ground floor visible from the eastern gallery. Creep 
up to the main stairs at the northern end. Three guys will come up the 
stairs and another will fire at you from the alcove on the northern 
gallery. Kill them all off. Go back to the eastern gallery. You should 
find one guy on each of the eastern and western galleries. Kill them 
then lean over the balcony and pick off three more guys on the ground 
floor (one at the south end, one each on the east and west sides). 
Now you can go down the main stairs. Pick up the body armour from the 
desk and you should be able to run down the ground floor hall to the 
double doors on the south side without scarecly a shot being fired in 
your direction. Go through the double doors. The stairwell to the exit 
is to your left. There are four guys with pistols on the stairwell so 
kill them from cover and continue. You are now at the museum exit. 
The is a first aid kit at the end, but there are two guys firing at 
you from behind cars outside the exit. Shoot the front of the car on 
the right hand side and it should explode killing them. Now jump in 
the remaining PMP600. Two car loads of Isaac's boys will charge you. 
I found that reversing while peppering them with bullets then driving 
off through the park usually loses them.

Reward	$9,500

RB5	No Way On The Subway
Go and see Ray. You'll be introduced to Phil Bell. Ray needs you to 
take out the bikers and try and get the diamonds back. Go to Vauxite 
Street in East Holland. There are two bikers here who make a break 
for it. Jump on the bike and follow them. After a short while they 
jump through a gap and do into the subway. Make the jump at moderate 
speed and you'll stay on the bike. Follow them and don't bother 
shooting, just dodge the trains. Eventually you'll come out into the 
open air on a railway bridge. One of the bikers will end up smeared 
across the front of a train. The other biker will cross onto a 
concrete ledge along side the train tracks and after a short while 
drop through a gap. Take this bit slowly to avoid losing the bike. 
Now catch up to the biker and shoot him.

Reward	$9,500

RB6	Late Checkout (available after "Weekend at Florians")

NB: Body armour is almost a pre-requisite for this one.

Go to see Ray. He's in a foul mood because Isaac the diamond dealer 
is blaming him for the robbery and threatening to have him killed. 
Hence he wants you to waste Isaac. Go to the Majestic hotel on the 
south side of Middle Park. Go up to the 30th floor in the elevator. 
When the door opens you'll find four guys with guns down a long 
corridor. Quickly blast the nearest one the hide behind the corner
and pick off the othe three. Now go to the end of the corridor, and 
hide behind the corner. There are two more guys in front of the 
entrance to the stairs so kill them. Creep up the stairs and  go 
through the door at the top. Kill the guy that comes out of room 202 
and go though the door. There are two double doors ahead of you, 
beyond which is a room full of guys. There is one guy with a shotgun 
on the right near the grandfather clock. Two guys with SMGs further 
back on the right, one behind a pillar in the centre and one further 
back behind a pillar on the left. Once you've got rid of these, creep 
into the room. There are two armed guys in the kitchen and one unarmed 
diamond dealer. Kill them and take the first aid kit from the kitchen 
wall. Now go up the first flight of stairs. Isaac is in the room with 
the double doors at the top. He is unarmed so execute him. Now move 
round to the second flight of stairs and shoot the guy that comes 
running down it. The last diamond dealer and two henchmen are on the 
roof all of the armed. Creep slowly sideways up the stairs and shoot 
each guy in the head as they come into view. When you shoot the last 
diamond dealer you get a two star wanted level. Now you need to escape 
the hotel. Fighting your way out the way you came IS an option but 
not a very good one as it is full of cops. It's a much better bet to 
go out the back way. Go out into the roof garden. Grab the body armour
on the right. Now creep to the stairs on your left. There is an area 
of roof with three more guys who you need to kill. Once they are dead 
go to the end of that roof section to find... a window cleaners 
platform. Use this to descend to ground level grab a car and lose 
your wanted levels.

Reward	$11,000
Gerald McCreary Missions

GM1	Actions Speak Louder Than Words (available after "Three Leaf 

Go to the back of the McCreary House. Gerry wants to stir up trouble
between the Ancelottis and their Albanian allies. You are to blow up 
some Ancelottis with a bomb. Go to the marked alley to collect the 
bomb (yes most people leave bombs lying around in alleys). Go and find 
the Ancelotti car an rig the bomb as per the instructions. Now get in 
your car and follow the  Ancelotti car at a safe distance (about five
car lengths is good). When you get to the Ancelotti car's destination,
get out of the car and walk up to the marked spot on the verge. Call 
Gerry to trigger the bomb. There are four Ancelottis left to finish 
off. They are spread out and in good cover. Use an assault rifle to 
pick them off one by one. After that you get a 2 star wanted level. 
Jump in a car and lose it and you're done.

Reward	$9,000

GM2	I Need Your Clothes,Your Boots and Your Motorcycle

Go to the McCreary House. Gerry wants you to whack this Ancelotti capo
called Frankie Garone. You are to go disguised as a recently deceased 
Albanian. Get on the PCJ600 parked nearby and go to the marked spot 
in Algonquin. Frankie will spot you and take off on his bike. Chase 
him but don't go nuts. Watch out for the explosion early on. Keep 
following him. I've found that after he hurtles through the tunnel to 
Alderney you should be able to catch him around the flyover at 
Plumbers Skyway, Leftwood.

Reward	$9,250 

GM3	I'll Take Her

Part 1	(available after "Undertaker")
Go to see Gerry. He's currently in Alderney Correctional Facility. 
He's got a job for you. Packie has the details and you're instructed 
to call him. You call Packie. The McCrearys want you to kidnap Grace 
Ancellotti, daughter of the mob boss. The plan is to view a car she 
has put up for sale and kidnap her then. The advert for the car is 
online with Autoeroticar so go to the internet cafe, navigate to 
Autoeroticar and view the horrendous pink Feltzer she has for sale. 
That gives you Grace's number.

Part 2
Phone Grace. You'll arrange to test drive the car. Go to her house. 
Get in the car with her and driver to the marked location. At this 
point you initiate the kidnapping which is when the rouble starts. 
You now have to get her to the safe house intact. This would be easy 
if she didn't keep trying to grab the steering wheel, so drive slowly. 
This makes it easier to control the car when she tries something. The 
other problem is that if you go past a cop car, she'll scream and 
shout that she's being abducted which will ramp up your wanted level 
to as much as three stars. Eventually you get hacked off with her and 
knock her out cold. If you've got a wanted level, lose it either by 
going to the Pay & Spray or calling Francis or Kiki. Once you get to 
the safe house, your job is done.

Reward	$9,500

A short while after "I'll Taker Her" Packie phones. Daddy Ancellotti 
doesn't believe the McCrearys have his daughter so Packie wants you 
to take a photo. Go to the safehouse and go upstairs. Slap Grace to 
make her look at you then take a photo with your camera-phone and 
send it to Packie. Then leave the building.

Reward	none. 

GM4	She's a Keeper

Go to see Gerry in prison. He tells you in a coded message that Grace 
needs to be moved to a new safe house as Ancellotti is close to 
finding her. Go to the safe house. You'll be kitted out with a car 
and Grace will be stuffed in the boot. Ensure you've got an SMG ready 
with the car windows smashed because the fun starts almost immediately.
Basically you need to get to the Pay & Spray in Northwood, Algonquin. 
There will be carloads of  Ancellotti mobsters comding at you. Just 
drive like the clappers and shoot any guys leaning out of car windows.
Try to avoid attracting police attention as you'll then have to lose 
your wanted level. Once you've made it to the new safe house, the 
mission is complete.

Reward	$9,750

GM5	Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.

Go to see Gerry in prison. He tells you that while his plans to screw 
over the Ancellottis are all going well, it's likely he is going away 
for a long time. After you leave, you get a call from Packie. Things 
are happening so you need to go over to the safe house in Northwood. 
When you get there, get in the car with Packie and Gracie and drive 
over to the sewage works on Charge Island. You are to exchange Gracie 
for those diamonds that have been causing so much trouble. 
Unfortunately just as the exchange is made, Ray Bulgarin turns up 
with a ton of goons to claim the diamonds for himself. 
You start off pinned down behind a car with ten goons fireing at you. 
Pick off the one firing from the overhead walkway, then the eight 
behind the sewage silos. The last one on a ramp you'll have to break 
cover to get at. Then go up the ramp he was standing on. Three guys 
with assault rifles will come out ahead of you. Finish these off and 
another three will pop up from behind the overhead pipework behind 
you. Get rid of them and another three will show up in the same pipes 
to the right. Kill them all then follow Packie on up the ramp and onto 
the walkways. Go round to the left. Two guys will attack Packie. Kill 
them and continue. Packie then tells you that you need to split up to 
cover more ground to catch the guy carrying the diamonds. Go down the 
steps to the marked location. Three carloads of goons turn up in the 
space below. Pick them all off, there are six in all. Another five 
guys then attack Packie from the opposite walkway. You can shoot three 
in the head from where you are standing. Move forwards and up to take 
care of the other two. Follow the walkway round and meet up with 
Packie once more. 
There is now a cutscene where the guy with the diamonds says either 
you or Bulgarin will kill him no matter what he does with the 
diamonds so he drops them in a passing truck. There are two more of 
Bulgarin's men to kill. Once that is done take Packie back to the 
house in Dukes.

Reward	+10% Packie Like.
+0.69% complete.

Derrick McCreary Missions

DM1	Smackdown (available after "Three Leaf Clover")

Go and find Derrick who is face down wasted on a park bench in 
Alderney. After you finally get some sense out of him, he wants you 
to track down and kill one Bucky Sligo who is trying to kill him.
Find a cop car. Conveniently one is parked opposite the park. Now 
access the computer and search. You'll find Bucky hangs out at the 
burger shot in Westdyke. Go there in the police car. Bucky will bolt 
in a pickup. Follow him until he tries to hole up in a house. At this 
point driveby Bucky and the other guy stationed outside the house. 
If you get a wanted level, drive around the block until it goes away. 
Then go up to the door stand to the right and shoot it open. Lob in 
a grenade. Then pick off the survivors. You'll have to go in and go 
upstairs to get the last one. Watch out for him, he has a shotgun. 
Once you've finished them all off you get a two star wanted level. 
Run out the back door, around the side and away. Grab a car and lose 
the wanted level.

Reward	$6,500 

After this missions Ray will message you. He's arranged a safehouse 
for you in Alderney.

DM2	Babysitting

Go and find Derrick - this time on a wharf in Alderney City. He wants 
you to help protect a Korean who is smuggling in a truckload of 
forged banknotes. Drive the boat out and meet the Korean. Then escort 
him to the harbour. On the way you'll be attacked by three outboard 
launches. At the very least you need to shoot the guys with the guns. 
If you can hit the engines and blow up the boats, so much the better.
When you go under the bridge a chopper will move in. Get in fairly 
close and bring it down with a rocket launcher. Once this is done, 
finish off any boats that may be stil around and continue to the 

Reward	$7,000 

DM3	Tunnel of Death

Derrick is back in the park. It appears Aidan O'Malley who reckons 
Derrick ratted him out, is being moved between prisons and this is an 
opportunity to get rid of him. Go to the marked spot on Applewhite 
Street and pick up a truck with a rocket launcher in it. Now drive to 
the Booth tunnel and block the road. When the convoy turns up and the 
cop comes out to investigate the blockage, lob a couple of grenades 
and shoot up the remaining cops with an SMG. Then get in the police 
van and drive off with Packie. You now have a 3 star wanted level 
which you can't lose in a Pay & Spray. No matter just speed off down 
the road into Alderney and shoot out the tyres of any cops following 
you. Once you've lost them. Go to the marked drop off point, ditch 
the police wagon and grab the car. Now drive to the cliffs. Shoot 
Aidan off the cliff and the mission ends.

Reward	$7,500   

Bernie Crane Missions (04:00 - 22:00)

BC1	Hating the Haters (available after "Weekend at Florian's")

Go to see Bernie. He's having some trouble with a gay-basher so you 
offer to help him out. Take Bernie to Middle Park and follow him at a 
safe distance while he jogs around the park. When he runs under the 
bridge, a guy jumps out and whops him one with a baseball bat. Chase 
the guy up the steps and jump on the moped. Follow him around the 
park. Shoot out his tyres if you can. Either waste him or knock him 
off his moped and pummel him with a baseball bat. Then pick up Bernie 
and take him to Perseus in the Exchange.

Reward $6,000

BC2	Union Drive

Go to see Bernie. Someone is attempting to blackmail Bryce and Bernie 
wants help frightening them off. Get a car. It has to be something 
"intimidating" so that Turismo down the road will do. Go to Walnut 
Ave. When the blackmailers show up it transpires they are working for 
Dimitri. Chase them. Eventually they'll bail out of the car in a park 
and make a run for it. Chase them on foot and shoot them quickly. Once 
you've shot them you'll get a two star wanted level. Run back to 
Bernie and get out of there fast. Bear in mind that the cops will 
attack the car with Bernie in it. Lose your wanted level and go back 
to Bernie's house.

Reward $6,250

BC3	Buoys Ahoy (available after "Truck Hustle")

Bernie phones and asks you to meet him at Pier 45, Fishmarket South. 
When you get there he's decided he wants to go on an outing. Get in 
the boat and go to the marked point off Firefly Island. Guess what 
you are attacked by three of Dimitri's goons in a boat. Chase after 
them and take pot shots at them where you can. Watch out for the two 
dredgers which come towards you, you need to squeeze between them.
Slow down shortly afterwards so you can navigate through the legs of 
the pier. Eventually the goons will ditch the boat and go up into a 
park at Steinway. They will attempt to ambush you at the top of the 
path. Depending on how many you managed to kill while in the boat 
will determine how difficult this is. They are very well hidden and 
will hide behind the people sitting on the bench beside the path. 
Kill them then go back to Bernie.

Reward $6,500

After this mission you'll get a call from Bernie. There's an Infernus 
waiting for you in an alley in Middle Park West, courtesy of Mayor 

Phil Bell Missions

PB1	Truck Hustle (available after "Late Checkout")

Go to see Phil at his waste plant in Normandy. You'll be reintroduced 
by Ray. Phil wants you to steal a truck full of heroin from some 
Triads. Go to the meeting point. A whole load of Triads turn up along 
with the truck. At this point you are hidden. Do not leave cover. 
Pick off the nearest Triad guys. All hell will now break loose. Kill 
all Triads who try to rush you including the two that turn up in a 
pickup. After that continue to pick off Triads until they stop 
shooting at you. Leave cover and creep up the right and side. There 
are around three Triads still left so kill them as soon as you can 
see them. When you get near the truck it will try to escape. Chase it 
on foot and catch it by running into the marker. The truck has to 
turn a number of corners so you should manage this. Now climb onto 
the top of the truck and move to the front. Hold 'S' whenever you go 
round a corner to avoid falling off. Once you've taken over the truck, 
drive it to the old mansion.

Reward $11,000
Note: After this mission Phil sets you up with the Hitman missions 
(see below).

PB2	Catch the Wave (available after "Payback")

NB: This is another one that merits tooling up with ammo & body 

Go to see Phil at Honkers strip club. Phil has been lumbered with 
carrying out one of Pegorino's more stupid plans, involving stealing 
a load of Columbian marching powder (it's a wonder any of these guys 
still has a septum) from some Russians. First you need to pick up a 
truck. Apparently the Russians will be expecting the truck so they'll 
let you walk in and take the coke. Told you it was a crap plan and 
Phil is of the same opinion. Anyhow take the truck to the boatyard on 
Charge Island. You'll be challenged by the Russians when you get there 
and guess what ? They try to kill you. Kill the two guys in front of 
the truck then bail out and take cover behind the freight container 
on the left. From here kill one guy on the elevated walkway, one guy 
towards the back of the yard, two behind the barrels and another 
behind a girder. If you are lucky, Phil will stay behind cover. If 
not he'll come over all heroic and run straight in. 
Go to the boatyard entrance and kill off the guys on the elevated 
walkways. There should be two to the right and one or two directly 
ahead. This should give Phil a good chance of survival. Kill off any 
guys (one or two at ground level to your right). There are some more 
on the ground you need to take care of. Especially look out for the 
guy at the back behind a boat and a couple of guys behind cover on 
the left. Just past the boat on the left is a first aid kit if you 
need it. Once you get the the doors at the back, there are two guys 
on the jetties to dispose of. Grab the body armour beside the cable 
reels on the left then jump in the marked boat. Follow Phil's boat. 
You'll be attacked by two boatloads of goons. Get ahead of them, aim 
behind and pepper them with bullets. Finally follow Phil to the jetty.

Reward $7,500 

PB3	Trespass

NB: Make sure you have body armour.
Phil's back at his dump so go and see him there. Someone called Chubby 
Charlie has let everyone know that it was you and Phil that nicked 
the coke last mission. Phil wants you to take him out and he's holed 
up at an old Sprunk factory just north of Honkers. Go there with Phil 
and he'll show you two ways to get in. Then he'll disappear off to 
make himself look obvious in another part of town so no one believes 
he's involved. Right.
Jump over the barrier and go in through the tunnel entrance. It's 
slightly easier but not much. If you follow the tunnel you'll find a 
hole in the wall. Go through this then along the passage. At then end 
there is another hole. Crouch and take out the two guys you see ahead. 
One guy will then come down the stairs so get rid of him. Now go up 
the collapsed floor by the water flow. Check outside the door (the 
front entrance) and kill the guard. Now edge your way up the stairs. 
Hiding behind the banister at the top is a guy so kill him. There are 
three guys hidden amongst the wreckage on this floor that you can see 
from the stairs. If you are quick and accurate you can kill them from 
the stairs without exposing yourself to hostile fire. Run up the 
stairs and into the corner at the top of the stairs. From here you 
may be able to pick off a guy from the floor above. Use this position 
to take out any remaining guys on this floor. Edge round the walls if 
you need to. On this floor you'll be able to find a body armour next 
to a large piece of fallen masonry. Work your way round the corners 
of the room and look for possible shots at the guys above you. The 
floor above has four guys spread out around the room. If you've got 
rid of one or two already then this will be easier as to gain access 
you must climb the wreckage that has fallen into the room below. Take 
them out quickly or you'll take a lot of damage. Note that all guys 
on these floors are apt to fall through holes into the floors or run 
down stairs so don't be too surprised if they aren't all exactly 
where I said they were. The third floor up is less ruined. Watch out 
for the guy behind the bulkhead on the right. There are another three 
guys in room and one more firing from a doorway on the the other side. 
Beware of one of these taking up a position behind the wall as you 
enter. One you've got rid of this lot, take cover in the doorway and 
kill off the three guys in the next room. Now go to the open window. 
You should see two guys out there and should be able to pick one of 
them off. Now jump out of the window and kill the other guy. Ahead 
of you is a covered bridge with a guy stationed on either side. Kill 
them both off. On the rooftop behind an air conditioning outlet is a 
first aid kit. Go across the covered bridge. Be ready because when 
you come out you will be shot at by three guys on the roof of the 
building you jumped out of. Kill them all and creep down the other 
covered bridge back to the building you just left. Climb the ladder 
at the end to the top and shoot the guy up ahead. Go to the end of 
the roof section and climb up the short ladder. A helicopter will 
come to pick up Charlie. Get your assault/carbine rifle and shoot the 
guy with the gun. Then shoot the helicopter where the rotor joins the 
main chassis and you'll get a nice cutscene where the chopper crashes
through the roof of the factory.

Reward $10,500

PB4	To Live And Die In Alderney

NB: Make sure you have body armour, grenades and assault rifle ammo.
Go and see Phil at his waste plant. It's time to shift that truckload 
of smack you hijacked in "Truck Hustle" so take Phil to the old 
mansion. Guess what Phil's nephew has dropped the ball and the place 
has been staked out by the Feds. First thing you have to do is follow 
Phil's car. That's it. Shoot up the Fedmobile in front of you at the 
start then just follow. Although Phil's car will be chased by various 
cop cars, as long as you don't lose him, he won't get busted. 
Eventually Phil will park up an alley and you abandon the cars. Now 
you'll be attacked by cops. One car with two in it will park at one 
end of the alley. Kill the cops and another car load turns up at the 
other end. Kill these two cops and you've got another two carloads 
before a truckload of N.O.O.S.E. turn up. Lob a grenade when the 
N.O.O.S.E. truck shows and another a couple of seconds later. If 
there are any survivors polish them off. Now follow Phil to the 
getaway van. You must now lose your wanted level (3 stars). Go to the 
Pay & Spray and provided you put some space between you and the cops, 
that will sort that out. Finally drive the van to the safehouse.

Reward $12,000

Jimmy Pegorino Missions
JP1	Pegorino's Pride (available after "Truck Hustle")

Go to see Pegorino at his mansion. He wants you to oversee a meeting 
between him and the Pavano family. Drive to the old refinery. When 
you get there take up a position with the sniper rifle at the top of 
the factory. Sure enough the Pavano family pull a double cross. You'll 
need to shoot four guys with the sniper rifle including one that is 
trying to kill Pegorino from behind a car. After that you have to 
rescue Pegorino. Run out of the factory building and take cover behind 
the wall opposite the door. There are three guys along a high wall 
and one high up on a metal walkway you need to take out. Once they are 
gone run past and down the long driveway. There's a guy in the middle 
of the driveway with an assault rifle. Kill him and continue. Run 
around the back of the building and you'll see a wounded Pegorino. Go 
to him but keep to the right of the opening if you don't want to be 
shot at. After this there is a cutscene where you help Pegorino into 
a car. Unfortunately the Pavano's then try to run off with the 
goodies. Chase them. If you can, shoot tyres but DO NOT destroy the 
car. While chasing them you encounter three stationary carloads of 
mobsters. Spray them with bullets as you go past but don't stop. 
Finally the Pavano car will crash on a set of steps. Stop your car 
behind the wall and take cover. Pick off any guys shooting at you 
and go up the steps. There is a first aid kit at the top of the steps. 
The guy with the stuff has legged it so chase him down and shoot him. 
Take the stuff back to Pegorino and drive him back to his place.

Reward $10,500   

JP2	Payback

Go to see Pegorino at his mansion. He wants you to get even with the 
Pavanos by raiding one of their meetings. Take a car and go down to 
the marked diner. The Pavano hoods will spot you and shoot off. Follow 
them but don't attack. They'll eventually lead you to the Autoeroticar 
showroom where there are about seven of them all heavily armed. You 
are best off lobbing a couple of grenades into the showroom and 
picking off the survivors. 

Reward: Whatever you can pick up. 

JP3	Flatline (available after "Catch the Wave")

Go to see Pegorino. He has a problem namely that his bodyguard, 
Anthony has been wearing a wire. Anthony is currently in Westdyke 
Memorial Hospital after suffering a Pegorino-induced heart attack. Go 
to the hospital. Ensure you have no weapons, enter the hospital and 
turn right towards ER. Just in front of the ER desk is a small room 
with some doctors' scrubs so change into these. Go Anthony's room 
where you will persuade the officer guarding him to disappear for a 
minute or two. Now go to the life support machine beside Anthony and 
switch it off. Walk (don't run) out of Anthony's room and back down 
the corridor to the entrance. As soon as the alarm is raised, run 
through the hospital foyer and pick up the first aid kit from the 
wall on the right. then run to your car. Provided you avoid the 
temptation to shoot any cops, you'll only have a two star wanted 
level which you can easily lose.

Reward: $13,000

JP4	Pest Control (available after "To Live and Die in Alderney")

Part 1...
Go to see Pegorino. Phil & Ray are there and it's obviously they don't 
like each other. Pegorino thinks one of them is a rat but can't make 
up his mind. Says he'll call you later. While you're waiting for a 
call, hit up Packie and get him to deliver a bomb. Stick the bomb in 
the back of a car to booby trap it.

Part 2
Pegorino calls and says you must whack Ray. He's over in East Holland. 
When you get to the location Ray and two carloads of bodyguards drive 
off. Now Ray's convoy will head over to the petrol station on Topaz 
street. The plan is to use an alternative route to get to the petrol 
station ahead of them and park your booby trapped car in front of one 
of the pumps. When Ray's convoy sets off, you turn left out of Cod 
Row where you start from and go (the wrong way) up the one way street. 
At the end of the road turn right, drive to the first junction and 
turn left. The petrol station should be on your right. 
When Ray's convoy turns up and the hoods get out of the cars, 
detonate the bomb. This should also cause secondary detonations in 
the petrol station. If you haven't killed all of them, run across the 
main road (Union Drive East) and take cover behind the wall. Kill any 
mobsters who come after you with the assault/carbine rifle. If there 
are any cars left after this, shoot them with the shotgun until they 
catch fire. 

NB: The same effect could probably be achieved by firing a rocket 
launcher at one of the cars. Either way it is a lot safer that taking 
on two carloads of goons in a regular firefight as they are heavily 

Reward:	$14,500  

John Gravelli Missions

JG1	Entourage (available after "Buoys Ahoy", "Payback")

John Gravelli is a big mafia boss on his last legs. He's hooked up to 
life support in the hospital in broker. It appears Dimitri Raskalov 
is muscling in on his operation and is offering Darko Brevich and the 
loss of your F.B.I. file if you help him. First thing you have to do 
is protect one of his bought and paid for politicians, Bobby 
Jefferson. Go pick to Grand Easton Terminal and speak with the bearded 
bald guy. Now get in the car, wait for Jefferson to join you then 
follow the lead car. After a while you are ambushed and you take 
cover with Jefferson in an alley. First thing to do is take out the 
Russians. Take cover behind the coner on the right and pick off as 
many as are visible. This should be around four. One to the left, 
one directly ahead and two on the right. Now go to the back of the 
alley. There is a first aid kit here. Jump on the dumper and use it to 
get on the roof. There are two guys up here so take cover behind the 
air conditioning unit and kill them. Four more guys now show up in 
the street. Take cover behind the low corner wall and kill them off. 
There should now be one last Russian at the end of the street. Kill 
him and run back to the cars and get in one with Jefferson.
Three carloads of Russians now turn up. Take out the drivers of as 
many cars as you can and run for it. Lose the Russians and head for 
City Hall. When you get there the mission is done.

Reward:	$12,000

JG2	Dining Out (available after "Babysitting")

Gravelli now wants you to do a job indirectly for "U.L.Paper". 
Remember that funny money you and Derrick helped Kim the Korean 
smuggle in ? Well now you've got to whack Kim because the dodgy dosh 
is screwing up the economy. Or something. Kim eats at Mr. Fuks Rice 
Box so go there. After the man at the front tells you where to go, 
kill him. Go through the entrance to the right but be prepared to 
make a quick retreat as you will be shot at from all sides. Take cover 
behind the entrance alcove on the right and kill the guy in the centre 
of the room. Creep along the right wall into the room and continue to 
the corner. Kill all the guys firing from the upper level. 
There should be three of them hiding behind pillars. Now climb the 
stairs cautiously. Expect another four guys to come at you, two from a 
door to the south of the upper floor and another two along the north 
Once all of these are dealt with go to the managers office. Threaten 
the manager to learn Kim's whereabouts and take the body armour on his 
desk. Exit the managers office but keep low as there are four more guys 
for you to deal with. Get rid of the two on the left first as they are 
much closer. Now keep low and head towards the kitchen. Two guys will 
burst out of there so take them down. Grab the first aid kit and go out 
through the exit at the back of the kitchen. Slide down the fire escape 
ladder. Now you need to grab a vehicle and chase Kim. Shoot the tyres 
and the guy firing at you then blast the car until Kim is dead.

Reward:	$13,250

JG3	Liquidize The Assets

Gravelli is now joined by U.L.Paper guy at the hospital. They want 
you to get rid of a load of Russian vans loaded with Colombia's 
finest. They are at a factory on Mueri Street in Acter, Alderney so 
drive there. Once there you need to gain access to the compound. Now 
jumping straight over the gate is probably suicide so go next door and 
jump over the rickety wooden fence instead. Run to the back of the 
yard and you'll find a dumpster parked up against a lean-to. Climb 
onto the lean-to via the dumpster then onto the roof of the building 
via the wall and those horizontal ventilation flues. Run to the 
opposite end of the roof and climb onto the roof of the next building 
and finally up the ladder onto the factory roof. There's a guy with 
his back to you with some guns. Kill him then take cover behind the 
air conditioning unit opposite the roof door. A man with a micro-SMG 
will come running out so shoot him. While you are there take out the 
guy firing from across the rooftops with your sniper rifle. Move to 
the edge of the roof and shoot the guy under the water tower on the 
building to the left of the factory yard with the assault rifle. 
Another guy will come out of the roof door at this point so kill him. 
There a further three guys on building rooves opposite your position 
who you should be able to get a bead on as you move along the wall to 
the roof door. You should also be able to kill six guys on the ground 
in the factory yard. Two guys might run round into the car park next 
to your building so kill them too. There's a sniper rifle and a body 
armout on the roof so take them. You can now descend the stairs to 
the ground. Crouch when you come out of the door into the yard. 
There's a guy behind a low wall in from of one of the vans so take 
him out. turn right out of the door and take cover behind the blue 
dumpster ahead. There should be another guy behind a corner and a guy 
on a low roof so take them out. Creep along to the end of the yard 
and there are another three guys so kill them. Watch out for a guy 
who comes out from behind the door you came through. Once this lot 
are dead you can destroy the vans at leisure. Six shots with a 
shotgun usually does the job. There is also another body armour on a 
pallet in the yard and an assault rifle propped up against a wall.

Reward:	$14,500
Certain characters will offer you regular work. Doing these jobs 
earns you money, favour and respect. Failing to complete a job 
however will cost you 3% Like.

Taxi Job (Roman)	+1% Roman Like, earns variable.
These missions are simply a case of picking up person in one location 
and dropping them off in another. Be aware though that they don't 
like you driving in your normal GTA style i.e. jumping red lights,
driving on the wrong side of the road, bumping other vehicles and 
knocking pedestrians flying are all out. In addition the passenger
may give you specific instructions like "take it easy" or "step on 
it" so modify your approach accordingly.

	Cerveza Heights		-> Meadow Hills.
	Outlook			-> Steinway.
	Northern Gardens		-> Fortside.
	Beechwood			-> Boulevard.
	South Bohan			-> Cerveza Heights.
	Industrial			-> Meadow Hills.
	Hove Beach			-> East Island City.
	Firefly Island		-> East Island City.
	Outlook			-> Schottler.
	Industrial			-> Boulevard.

Delivery (Jacob)	+1% Jacob Like, +3% Jacob respect, earns $250.
The delivery jobs involve delivering packages containing Badman's 
weed to customers. You are given the most clapped out old wreck of a 
car possible in order to complete the task.
Tip: Bring a reasonable car (Taxi, Blista Compact) to pick up the
package, jump out of the old banger once you've collected the package 
and into your car. Makes all the difference if you're against the 
clock (see below). You can do 10 deliveries before "Babylon Boderation" 
brings it to a halt. Note: On the last mission the package is in a 
brand new Huntley Sport rather than a clapped out banger.
I've detailed 7 of the missions. All 10 will be in the next version
of this guide.
The deliveries can be subdivided into three types :-

a)	Deliver with time limit  -	Get the package to the destination 
fast to complete the job. 
	i) Projects, Steinway. You have 50 minutes to get there. You 
have to jump out of  the car and run under the building overhand to 
complete the delivery.
	ii) Beechwood Avenue. You have 20 minutes to get there. The 
buyer is in a garage.
	iii) Tunnel, East Island City. You have 50 minutes to get 
there. You have to jump out of the car and run into the tunnel. You 
have to run quite far so a fast car is essential for this to give you 
enough time to do the bit on foot.

b)   Deliver and escape cops - Take the package to destination. When 
you get there and do the deal, the cops show up and you gain a 2 star 
wanted level. Lose the wanted rating to complete the job.
	i) Festival Towers, Meadows Park - Go there, meet the guys. When 
the cops show, run out the back of the park and grab a car. Then lose 
the wanted level.

   Deliver and kill rival gang - Stash the package at the destination. 
Some members of a rival gang ambush you. Kill them all to complete the job. 
	i) San Jacinto Ave. East Island City - Go there and drop the package. 
When you are ambushed, jump over the wall and take cover behind the nearby 
building. Pick off the guys on the right first then move up and take out 
the remaining two.
	ii) Meadow Hills. - Go there drive your car right up to the drop 
point, get out and drop the package. When you are ambushed jump back in the 
car and drive out of the alley. Stop at a safe distance get out of the car 
and go back.  

Car Stealing(Brucie)	+1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie respect.
The jobs basically involve stealing a car and delivering it to 
Brucie's lockup at East Hook. Each vehicle is worth a different 

Only take a car to the Pay & Spray 
if it is really dented up. Pay & Spray reduces its maximum worth to 
The cars you need to steal are as follows:-

	a) A Cavalcade is being driven around South Slopes.Bump the 
car once to make the driver bail out. Then steal it. 
	b) A Banshee is in a back alley in Schottler with some drug 
dealers. Shoot the dealers and take the car. 
	c) A Feltzer is being driven around slowly in Meadow Park.Bump 
the car once to make the driver bail out. Then steal it. 
	d) A PJC600 has been pulled over and is guard by cops with a 
patrol car just behind it. Steal the vehicle. You'll gain  wanted 
level of 2. Lose the cops before you can take this back to Brucie.
	e) Steal a Patriot from the carwash up in Beechwood. There are 
two guys cleaning it. Just take the car, they won't bug you.
	f) Theres a PMP600 up in Chase Point. You'll find it stationary 
with some pimp talking to some woman who isn't wearing much. Throw the 
pimp out of the car and drive off like the clappers as he'll start 
shooting at you.
	g) Get a Sabre GT from playground in Firefly Projects. You'll 
find it is in the hands of three gang members. The best way to deal 
with these is to plough a car straight through them then shoot them 
with the SMG as they get up. If you don't get them quick, one will 
jump in the car and you'll have to chase him down, risking damage to 
the car.
	h) There's a Sanchez bike in BOABO you need to get. You'll find 
it behind a truck guarded by four guys with bats. Run them down to 
get rid of them. Grab a baseball bat while you're there then take the 
bike back to Brucie.
	i) There is an Intruder in a back alley car park in Cerveza 
Heights. When you arrive the car will be trying to exit the car park. 
Block the exit and shoot the driver then make off with the car 
quickly. Someone behind you will open up with a shotgun and you'll 
get 1 wanted star. Lose the cops and take the car back to Brucie.
	k) NRG900 in Meadow Hills. The bike is innocuously parked by 
the road. Take it and you get an instant 2 star wanted level. Lose 
this and take the bike back to Brucie. 

Car Stealing (Stevie)
After you've done "No. 1", "Photo Shoot" and "Babysitting" missions 
Brucie calls you to say he's passing on your details to Stevie who 
wants you to get him some cars. He'll text you a photo of a car and 
its rough location and you have to pick it up. Then take it to 
Stevie's garage in Chase Point. Note that Pay & Spray does not reduce 
the value.

	a)	Coquette - outside the church in Suffolk, Algonquin. 
	b)	Buccaneer - Industrial, Bohan. This is quite difficult to 
find. It's parked against a fence in the south eastern part of 
Industrial, a short drive down from the Burger Shot. $5,940.
	c)	Sabre GT - Meadows Park, Broker. In a driveway at the top 
of Stillwater Ave. $8,250
	d)	NRG900 - Corner Topaz St./Bismarck Ave., Lancaster, 
Algonquin. $8,250
	e)	Sentinel - Normandy docks, Alderney. This one is actually 
parked just outside the gates to Phil Bell's depot. $8,250
	f)	Comet - Outside Burger Shot, Union Drive West, 
Westminster, Algonquin. The one complication with this one is that 
when you steal it, you  get a one star wanted level. $19,800
	g)	Dukes - Vauxite Street, East Holland, Algonquin not far 
from Modo. $7,260
	h)	PMP600 - In alley beside Bank of Liberty, The Exchange, 
Algonquin. $10,560
	i)	Huntley Sport - LCPD station, Northern Gardens, Bohan. 
	j)	Dilletante - Outside Bean Machine Coffee, opposite Big 
Willis Mall, Willis, Broker. $7,260 (?}
	k)	Moonbeam - Small car park beside gas works, Charge Island 
	l)	Turismo - Big house, Western end of Owl Creek Ave. 
(north side). Westdyke Alderney. $36,300.
	m)	Cavalcade - Leftwood, Alderney. This can be found in the 
yard of a house of the north side of Westdyke Memorial Hospital. It's 
the one next to the playground. You have to reverse the car out which 
is a bit tricky. $23,100.
	n)	Intruder - Southern part of Rotterdam Hill overlooking 
Betta building, Broker. $8,250.
	o)	Banshee - In front of Randolf Art Center, Galveston Ave. 
Algonquin. $26,400
	p)	Voodoo - In front of LC24 Tower, East Island City, Dukes. 
	q)	Washington - Franklin Street (in front of Steinway Park), 
Steinway, Dukes. $7,260  
	r)	Contender - Yard outside Twitchins Sugar, North Boabo, 
Broker. $8,250.
	s)	Sultan - In driveway of big green house (opposite Kemeny 
St.), Aspdin Drive, Berchem, Alderney. $11,550.
	t)	Freeway - Outside carwash, Willis, Broker. $6,600.
	u)	Super GT - Outside Exchange 69, Calcium St. Algonquin. 
	v)	Rancher - Outside Liberty State Delivery (Building B) in 
Port Tudor, Alderney. This is hidden behind a trailer so look hard 
for it. $8,250.
	w)	DF8-90 - In car park, close to Funland amusement park, 
Firefly Island, Broker. $5,940 
	x)	Manana - Behind old Burger Shot, Huntingdon St., Cerveza 
Heights, Dukes. $3,960.
	y)	Infernus - In front of Pizza/Salad bar, north of Soldier's 
Plaza, Outlook, Broker. $33,000.
	z)	Cognoscenti - In alley, a short distance south of Mr. 
Fuk's Rice Box, Boyden Ave., Alderney City, Alderney. $29,200.
	aa)	Patriot - South Parkway, Castle Gardens, Algonquin. 
	ab)	Bobcat - Top level of airport carpark (nr. Francis 
Airport main building), Francis International Airport. $8,250 
	ac)	Faggio - Diamond Street, a short distance west of Broker 
Bridge, China Town, Algonquin. $2,310.
	ad)	Rebla - Outside "Fanny Crabbes", Corner of Columbus 
Ave./Hematite St., Easton, Algonquin. $11,550

After 30 cars, you'll get a message from Steve offering cash for any 
cars you bring (+2% complete). 


After you become friends with Brucie (after completing "No 1"), you'll 
get a call from Brucie where you can rematch the guys you beat in 
"No. 1". Simply call Brucie when you want to race and go the the 
starting point. A few things to note about races. The other 
competitors are likely to show up in "school-run-buggies", pick-ups, 
estate cars, sports cars or a mix of estate and sports cars. They are 
all indestructible and they all drive like psychos. A few ways to get 
an edge are as follows. 

i) Always arrange the race from a fairly rubbish car. It maybe my 
imagination but the opposition almost always seems to turn up in cars 
similar in performance to the one you made the arrangement from. 

ii) Always check out the opposition before you get to the race. Go to 
the start line, do NOT join the starting grid and cast your eye over 
what they are driving. Then go away and steal something better than 
they have. 

iii) When going to the race, keep an eye out for what else is on the 
road. If you see fast cars e.g. Coquette, Turismo, Infernus then it's 
a good bet at least one other competitor has something speedy.

iv) Slow down when you get to corners or there is traffic congestion 
ahead. This one is obvious. Although not to your competitors.

v)  If you can, race in a rain storm. You (being clever) will take 
things carefully in wet weather. You competitors, being either stupid, 
insane or just too damned smug in their indestructible cars just 
drive like nutcases. Hence they pile up at every corner, crash into 
other traffic etc.

vi)   If you are in the lead, bump a cop car if you happen to be 
passing one. Having a whole load of plod following you, makes you 
more difficult to overtake.

It's worth noting that they won't let you race in a poilce vehicle 
(yes I wanted to stick the siren on so all other traffic let me 

Race 1 (South Bohan): 3 laps	

Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 2 (Dukes Boulevard): 3 laps	
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 3 (Airport): 3 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 4 (East Holland - Road to Bohan): 3 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 5 (Star Junction): 5 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 6 (South Algonquin) : 3 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 7 (Elevated, Alderney) : 3 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 8 (South Alderney) : 3 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 9 (North Alderney) : 5 laps
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Race 10 (Repeat of one of the others)
Reward	$500, +1% Brucie Like, +3% Brucie Respect

Police Work

Police work is not paid. However when you kill criminals they drop 
guns and/or money which you can pick up.
Access "Current Crimes" to get regular vigilante work. You'll see 
crimes of three types:-

	Criminal on foot 	- A single criminal on foot.
	Gang Activity	- Several criminals on foot usually well armed.
	Vehicle Stolen	- One or more criminals in a car.

In each case you have a time limit to get to the scene of the crime. 
Once there, you can take out the criminals at leisure although you 
may build up a wanted level. Once the criminals ahave been eliminated 
the mission is complete and you lose the wanted level.

Complete 20 missions and you become a "Vigilante". After this point 
"Current Crimes" criminals become better armed. Expect assault rifles, 
grenades and sniper rifles. You also have much less time to get to 
the crime scene.

Most Wanted
Most wanted criminals are (with one or two exceptions) tougher than 
normal criminals. However there is no time limit so you can go to the 
location at your own pace. 


Maxwell Caughlin (Gang Violence) - Can be found in a car in Hollowback 
Street, South Bohan. Follow the car, pepper it with bullets and kill 
anyone who gets out.

Scott Guzowski (Gang Violence) - He and three guys are spread out 
through Steinway Park. Go to Concord Ave. overlooking the park and 
pick them off.

Rodrigo Stavnes (Racketeering) - He and two guys are hanging out in 
the housing projects south of Franklin Street. When you show up, they 
take off on foot. Chase them down in your car and gun them down or 
run them over.

Preston Pecinovsky (Credit Card Fraud) - Can be found in a compound 
in Little Bay, Bohan. There are five guys there you need to take out. 
Hide in cover behind the wall at the entrance to take the first two 
or three out. Preston may attempt to make a break for it in a car. 
Pepper it with bullets as it comes your way. Aim for the windscreen. 
Then polish of any survivors.

Tyler Pickerel (Human Trafficking) - He is walking around the 
Monoglobe, Meadow Park. Chase him and gun him down. 

Fernando Tisdall (Human Trafficking) - Can be found driving in 
Crocket Ave., Hove Beach with three mates. Chase down the car and 
waste them.

Alonso Goralski (Burglary) - You can find him at the airport behind a 
checkpoint. There are two guys, one on foot with a shotgun the other 
in a car. Chase down the guy in the car and kill him then go back 
for the shotgun guy.

Bert Reker (Drug Trafficking) - He and seven gang members can be found 
in a junk yard in BOABO. When you get there, find a vantage point 
overlooking the yard and take out as many as you can. Then go in the 
front and mop up any that are left.

Freddie Paparro (Grand Theft Auto) - Can be found driving in Dukes 
Drive,Steinway with three mates. Chase down the carand waste them.


Shon Kikuchi (Gang Violence) - Can be found in a Banshee in North 
Holland. Chase down the car and pepper it with bullets. This is 
quite difficult as it is much faster than your cop car.

Jimmy Kand (Gang Violence) - Can be found in the projects in 
Northwood. Go into the building, thread your way through all of the 
smackheads. You'll find Jimmy face down on a mattress. Clobber him 
with a baseball bat and that's it.

Simon Nashly (Racketeering) - He and a gang of five hoods are holed 
up in the Pier 45 shopping centre in Fishmarket South. They'll spread 
out across the levels when you arrive allowing you to pick them off 
one by one. Use cover, i.e. hide round corners etc. and they won't 
give you much trouble. They are armed with Micro SMGs or pistols.

Tommy Francovic (Racketeering) - Can be found on a fast bike down a 
cul-de-sac in Castle Garden City. He'll take off as soon as you 
approach. Shoot him off his bike and finish him off. 

Barry Lamora (Human Trafficking) - Can be found at the Apartments, 
Colony Island. Just as you come into Colony Island you'll find Barry 
and two henchmen. Barry will run off as soon as you show. Get out of 
the car, hide behind the wall and pick of the henchmen. Get back in 
the car and chase down Barry.

Lino Friddell (Hit & Run) - Can be found with two mates in an alley 
near Middle Park East. They'll get into a car when they spot you so 
chase them down and shoot them.

Juan Haimo (Burglary) - He and two associates are hanging around 
Star Junction on motorbikes. They'll take off as soon as you come 
near them. Follow them and shoot them off their bikes. Don't stop to 
collect any guns or cash when you kill one or the others will escape.

Darren Covey (Arms Dealing) - He and five others are in an elevated 
car park in Purgatory. They are armed with assault rifles. Take cover 
behind a girder and pick them off.

Leo Brodell (Drug Trafficking) - He's holed up in a building in East 
Holland, close to a Clucking Bell with four guys. When you approach, 
get out of the car quickly and stay close to the side of the building 
as they are shooting out of the windows. There's one guy out on the 
street with a shotgun so kill him first. Then enter the building - 
the door has a grenade stencilled on it. Now creep up the stairs. 
There are two guys in the building waiting behind staircases. Use 
caution as they have shotguns and can make a mess of you. Finally 
you'll get to a door at the top. There is a guy with a pistol just 
through the door. Kill him and go through the door onto the roof. 
There is another guy with a shotgun behind a wall. Take him out and 
you're done. 

Christov Mahonvic (Grand Theft Auto). - He and five of his gang are 
holed up in the waste management plant in Fishmarket South. They are 
armed with micro-SMGs, shotguns and assault rifles. There is one guy 
at the entrance to the plant so take him out first to gain entry. 
Watch out for the guys with assault rifles on the elevated walkways. 


Marty Boldenow (Gang Related Violence). He and his gang are in a yard 
in Westdyke. There are about six of them with assault rifles. I'd 
recommend attacking up the stairway and lobbing in a grenade first as 
they are quite well fortified.

Noel Katsuda (Gang Related Violence). He and his gang are in some kind 
of depot on the west side of Tudor. There are six of them with an 
assortment of weapons. Jump over the wall some way to the north of 
their position and attack through the mesh gate. This will enable you 
to pick them off one or two at a time without the rest being able to 
fire on you.

Rodney McEniry (Racketeering). Rodney and his gang are in an alley in 
Bercham. Attack down the long passageway from the north. It provides 
plenty of cover and only two of them can fire at you. Get rid of them 
then the other two.

Glen Lushbaugh (Human Trafficking). He is to be found in Alderney City 
in a car. He and his men will try to make a getaway when you approach. 
Watch out. They are armed with automatic weapons and prone to 
throwing grenades out of the car window. Kill the passengers first 
then concentrate on the driver.

Phil Bacerra (Hit & Run). Phil and his gang can be found in two pickups 
in the bus station in Alderney City. If you can get to the bus 
station entrance fast enough you can spray them with bullets as they 
go past.

Sergi Szerbin (Burglary). Sergei can be found with four associates in 
a yard next to Axel's Pay & Spray in Leftwood. Take them out from a 
distance as they are armed with pistols and shotguns.

Danny Hatmaker (Arms Dealing). There is a gang of eight of them in and 
around Phil Bell's waste plant in Normandy. Two are in the yard 
itself the rest are hidden around oil storage tanks and freight 
containers to the north. Work your way around and take out the guys 
around the storage tanks first. Then finish off the ones left in the 
yard. They are armed with an assortment of weapons. 

Mervin Eskuchen (Drug Trafficking). Go down to Aspdin Drive in Berchem 
and Merv. and his boys will come at you in two Patriots. Reverse 
while spraying them with bullets then move in when they've stopped. 
Don't get two close as a couple of them have shotguns.

Frederick Harrison (Grand Theft Auto). There are nine of them occupying 
part of the superstructure of the bridge  in Acter Industrial Park. 
This is sufficiently tricky as to merit precise instructions. First 
thing to to is get over the fence out of sight of the guys in the 
superstructure. Once there creep north towards Tudor. Look in 
amongst the supports for the first guy who is at ground level. Pick 
him off then creep up the metal steps. Once a the top you see another 
guy at the end of a long steel walkway. Kill him and continue. Keep 
your eyes peeled. There are two guys on a suspended platform ahead of 
you. If you are lucky you may be able to pick off one or both of them 
and save yourself trouble later. When you get to the steps at the end 
go cautiously up them. There's a guy with and assault rifle waiting 
behind the girders just to the right. If you stand up while on the 
steps you will be able to see his head and shoot him. Now go onto the 
walkway bit that this guy was crouching on and move backwards to the 
north. There are two guys on the platform directly overhead and you 
can take out one or both of them if you can get a glimpse of their 
Get back to the central walkway and sprint like hell up all remaining 
steps. Then turn round. Shoot the guy directly ahead who is firing at 
you then take cover, creep up and take out the rest.

Keenan Burdett (Armed Robbery). There are ten of them spread over the 
levels of a multi-storey car park in Leftwood. This is simply a case 
of using cover and taking them out one at a time. What makes this much 
easier is that once you've cleared a floor, there is usually a soda 
machine there to bump you up to full health if you are feeling a 
little ill.

Hitman Jobs
These are available after you do "Truck Hustle" for Phil Bell. You will 
go to a phone box in Port Tudor to pick up these missions. The 
contact will leave body armour and a weapon nearby for you.

Bailing Out For Good (Supplied Weapon: Shotgun)
You are to kill a guy being transported from Leftwood police station. He 
is about to get in a car. If you can take him out before he gets in 
the car. Otherwise you'll have to chase the car and pepper it which 
can get you a three star wanted level.

Reward	$3,000

Water Hazard (Supplied Weapon: Sniper Rifle)
The target is a woman on a yacht close to the sunken oil tanker off 
the coast of Tudor. Take your time and shoot her in the head with 
one bullet.

Reward 	$3,000

Derelict Target (Supplied Weapon: Shotgun)
This job involves killing three guys who've been lured to a derelict 
building. Unfortunately these guys have brought backup. When you 
arrive run up to the back of the portacabin. Lean out to the right 
a there's the first guy. Shoot the backup guy next to him in the head 
with the assault rifle then kill the target guy as for some reason he 
stands around like a gormless idiot even you you've shot his mate. 
There are three more backup guys on the ground. Come out from behind 
the portacabin and kill target guy number two who is firing a shotgun 
from an upstairs window. Take cover and kill the two backup guys 
behind the cars, then advance and kill the last ground floor backup 
guy who is helpfully standing next to a gas bottle. Now you have to 
ascend the building. Be warned that the backup guys tend to ambush 
you as you go up the stairs. The second floor has two guys, one with 
pistol and one with SMG at opposite ends of the floor. The third floor 
is manned in exactly the same way but be careful going up the stairs 
at the north end of the building as a guy with a pistol from floor 
four will fire down at you. Thus it is better to go up the building 
on the southern stairs rather than the northern one. Fourth floor 
has three guys, two with pistols and one with an SMG. I've noticed that 
after you clear the fourth floor, you get a police wanted rating. 
Go up to the fifth floor, kill the guy close to the stairs and run 
up to the sixth. There are three guys up here. Shoot the guy nearest 
the stairs. Blow out the gas bottle on the other side of the room 
then kill target guy three. Now run down the southern stairs as fast 
as your legs will go. Grab a car and lose your wanted level.

Reward 	$4,000
Hook, Line and Sinker (Supplied Weapon: SMG)
Take a drive up to Westdyke to the target point. The target is in a 
boat on the river. Grab that boat down by the shore and go out 
towards the target. Chase him and shoot him.

Reward 	$3,000

R.U.B. Down (Supplied Weapon: SMG)
Go to Acter Industrial Estate. There are three targets on bikes in 
a yard with a bunch of their buddies. Unfortunately planning a 
meticulous assault or picking them off with a sniper rifle won't work 
as when you shoot one, the other two take off. Instead, get a 
reasonably fast, tough car e.g. a Taxi or Police Cruiser. Stick your 
SMG out of the window and driver straight for them guns blazing.
Aim your car for the centre of the group of bikes. If you do this 
right, on the first pass you'll have shot dead at least one target 
and knocked the other two off their bikes. It is merely a case of
turning around and mopping up survivors.

NB: Improve your chances of pulling this off by using Dwayne's 
backup goons.

Reward 	$4,000

Dead End (Supplied Weapon: Grenades)

The target is in Alderney City in a Patriot. Unless you can shoot 
him up quickly he'll drive into a back alley and you'll find yourself 
ambushed by about 10 guys. The best way to deal with this is to drive 
through without stopping blasting away at anything that gets in the 
way. Drive up the slope at the opposite end of the alley jump out of 
the car and pick off the enemy with an assault rifle. Then move down 
and mop up those who are left. You are likely to get a two star 
wanted level after this.

Reward 	$6,500 

Industrial Action (Supplied Weapon: Carbine Rifle)

You've got several guys to kill, holed up in the Refinery, Acter 
Industrial Estate. When you get to the destination, ram your car 
through the fence. Drive under the pipes and walkways (and 
underneath the targets, don't worry they can't see you) and between 
the gaps in the silos until you get to the road on the other side of 
the refinery. You should then find a long metal stairway going up. At 
the top is one of the targets to pick him off with a shot to the head. 
Go up the stairway and when you get to the top run and take cover 
behind the air conditioning unit just to the right. From here you 
should be able to pick off three guys on the walkway between the 
two towers up ahead and the three guys on the right hand towerg. 
Now run up to the right hand tower, climb up to the first level and 
take cover. Now pick off the guys on the left hand tower. You may 
have to break cover and go across the bridge to get the last one.

Reward 	$7,500

Migration Control (Supplied Weapon: Sniper Rifle or Rocket Launcher)
This is a fairly easy one, done right. There is a helipad on over the 
entrance to the booth tunnel. The target is about to board a 
helicopter and fly off. To the left of it is a building with a raised  
path and some gardens. Run along the path until you get to the point 
where it starts to slope downwards. You should now have a bird's eye 
view of the helicopter. Allow the target to walk up the steps and 
then plug him with your sniper rifle. Hell you can even nick the 
helicopter afterwards and go for a ride.

Reward 	$3,000

Taken Out (Supplied Weapon: SMG)
This one can get tricky. The target is cruising around Alderney City in 
a stretch limo, with a couple of escort cars. Take out the driver of 
the stretch with a driveby then go back and finish of the rest of 
them. Be careful the guy has four or five bodyguards and you're 
likely to get a two star wanted level when the shooting starts.

Reward 	$3,000


Friends are worth cultivating. Once they like you enough (75% Like 
& Respect) they let you use their special ability. Only certain 
characters can become friends.
Calling a friend to initiate an activity gains you +1% Like.
Giving a friend a lift when they ask you gains you +6% Like.
If a friend calls you to initiate an event and you don't want to go, 
accept the invitation then cancel the plans shortly after. This will 
gain you no penalties. Turning someone down flat loses you a lot of 

Your cousin. Likeable enough bloke with a fantastical line in 
bullshit and a gambling problem.

	Pool 		+10% Roman Like
	Burger Shot	+10% Roman Like
	Clucking Bell	+3% Roman Like, +6% Roman Respect
	Diner		+3% Roman Like, +6% Roman Respect
	Bowling		+6% Roman Like, +8% Roman Respect

Special Ability
Car Service - Roman puts his taxi at your disposal. Call him up to 
send a cab to take you anywhere in the city. Unfortunately the guy 
who picks you up is an insulting git.

Little Jacob
Rastafarian who likes his weed. Worth cultivating as he can get you
cheap guns.

	Perestroika		+3% Jacob Like, +6% Jacob Respect.
	Clucking Bell	+10% Jacob Like, +14% Jacob Respect.
	Darts			+6% Jacob Like, +8% at least Respect
Special Ability
Gun Dealer - Call him and he'll show up in a nearby back alley with a 
car boot full of guns. Prices are about 60% of regular dealers so 
well worth having. Unfortunately though, Jacob doesn't sell rocket 

Brucie Kibbutz
Body builder, steroid fiend and total ego maniac.

If you're late for an arrangement -10% Brucie Like, -5% Brucie 
Don't call Brucie before 08:00.

	Perestroika		+3% Brucie Like, +6% Brucie Respect.
	Diner			+3% Brucie Like, +6% Brucie Respect.
	Steinway Bar	+3% Brucie Like, +6% Brucie Respect.
	Burger Shot		+3% Brucie Like, +6% Brucie Respect.
	Heli-Ride		+6% Brucie Like, +8% Brucie Respect. 
	Boating		+6% Brucie Like, +8% Brucie Respect.
	Split Sides		+6% Brucie Like, +8% Brucie Respect.
	Bowling		+6% Brucie Like, +8% Brucie Respect.
	Superstar Cafe	+10% Brucie Like, +14% Brucie Respect. 

Special Ability:
Chopper - Give Brucie a call and he'll pick you up is his helicopter 
and take you to a destination in the city.

Dwayne Forge
Ex-gangster who has just come out of prison. Tends to mope an awful
lot. Depressing company but worth cultivating.

Dwayne will be your friend provided you don't kill him in 
"The Holland Play" and provided you reply positively to an email he 
sends you.  If you're late for an arrangement -10% Dwayne Like, 
-5% Dwayne Respect.

Don't call Dwayne before 12:00.

	Bowling		+6% Dwayne Like, +8% Dwayne Respect
	Jerkov's Bar	+6% Dwayne Like, +8% Dwayne Respect
	Pizza Joint (opposite Drusilla's)	+6% Dwayne Like, 
				+8% Dwayne Respect
	Superstar Cafe	+10% Dwayne Like, +14% Dwayne Respect.

Special Ability:
Backup - Give Dwayne a call and he'll send a couple of his boys 
armed with Micro SMGs to help you out.

Packie McCreary
Irish gangster with a serious coke habit.

If you're late for an arrangement -10% Packie Like, -5% Packie 
Respect. Don't call Packie before 16:00.

    	Perestroika			+3% Packie Like, +6% Packie Respect.

	Steinway Bar (drinking/darts)	+6% Packie Like, 
					+8% Packie Respect.
	Lucky Winkles		+6% Packie Like, +8% Packie Respect.
	Triangle Club		+6% Packie Like, +8% Packie Respect.
	Pool				+6% Packie Like, +8% Packie Respect.
	Bowling			+6% Packie Like, +8% Packie Respect.

Special Ability:
Bomb - Give Packie a call and he'll send a mate to drop off a phone 
bomb nearby. Simply take the bomb, plant in a car and detonate with 
your phone.

Random Encounters
These are one-off encounters that show up as little blue stick men 
on the radar. They may give you a simple task to do. 

Brian (Hove Beach, close to Roman's Taxi Depot). 
Appears after "First Date."

You'll be accosted by some stranger who will proceed to patronise you 
royally. Listen to this numbskull for a bit and he'll give you $100 
just to show how much better than you he is.

Brian will show up again some time after "Hung Out to Dry". He'll ask 
you to drive him to a place where he'll buy some drugs. Take him 
home after he does this and he'll give you $100.

Brian will show up again in Shottler after "Rigged to Blow". He's got 
on a rehab program, but needs your help as he still needs to pay off 
his former dealer. Drive him to see the dealer.The dealer and his 
mate will set about Brian with baseball bats. Give them a good 
hiding then take Brian home. He'll then give you $500.

Mel (Masterson Street - Beside Police Station)

Mel approaches you saying he saw you in Comrade's Bar. Mel says he 
used to be a drunk but has cleaned up. He owes money to some loan 
sharks which he is going to pay back. He wants you to help negotiate 
the repayment as he reckons they are angry. Go to the alley he 
directs you to. There are three guys there. They are not in the mood 
to talk and pull guns.
Shoot them down, they only have pistols. Take Mel back to Masterson 
Street. Mel gives you the money he was going to pay them - $500. 

Badman (East Island City - Outside Pharmacy)
Appears after "No. 1"

You find Badman on a bench. He's having trouble with a bunch of 
Russian gangsters. Take Badman to Carrollton and wipe out the 
Russians. Badman will give you $500.

Jeff (Corner of Uranium Street)
Appears after "Photo Shoot"

You meet Jeff, a middle aged guy with a heart problem. He reckons 
his wife is cheating on him. Follow his wife and some bloke as they 
go off in a car. They'll stop at the Superstar Cafe. Go up the stairs 
to find them and photograph them together and send it to Jeff.

Reward $1000

Later you'll get a call from Jeff. Meet him in the underground car 
park in Silicon Street, opposite the police station. Jeff has killed 
his wife and wants you to get rid of the body. Drive the car carefully  
up to Walnut Ave. When you reach your destination, point the car at 
the sea, accelerate to full speed and bail out. Job done.

Reward $5000  

You'll find Jeff one last time on a corner near Emerald Street spying 
on someone with binoculars. Apparently he's got another wife who is 
now cheating on him and wants you to kill her. You're not inclined 
to cooperate so he storms off and gets knocked down by a car and 

Pathos (Star Junction, Burlesque)
Pathos acosts you and says he's some kind of urban street rapper 
determined not to sell out to scummy record labels. Some hoods across 
the street start giving him a hard time and he runs over to sort 
them out. Help him quickly or he'll be killed. Target them from a 
distance with your assault rifle and the job is done. Patros says he 
will immortalise you in rhyme... 

Go past Pathos again and he'll give you much the same patter. This time 
however two goons in puffer jackets show up calling a big gay and put 
a bullet in him. Take these two out then grab a car and take Pathos 
to hospital. Again he says you're due for props on his album.

Cherise (Clucking Bell, North Holland) 
Appears after "The Holland Play"

Cherise (Dwayne's old squeeze, providing you didn't kill her) is 
having trouble with her new boyfriend. He is beating her up. Go to 
the housing project where he lives and kick the crap out of him.

Hossan (Frankfort Street, Suffolk)
Hossan is an old associate of yours. You'll find him selling handbags 
on the corner of Frankfort Street. His old boss owes him back wages. 
Go with him to Castle Drive. The old boss refuses to pay him and jets 
off in a fast car. Chase him down. Shoot out the tyres then shoot the 
old boss. Grab Hossan's wages and take Hossan back to the alley 
behind Feldspar Street. Hossan gives you $500 as a reward.

Sara (Garnet Street, Suffolk) 
Sara will accost you and start quizzing you on whether you think she 
is attractive or not. She'll then ask you to take her home. On the 
way she'll bitch about her husband who she's divorcing. When you get 
to her house on Silicon Street, some drunken fool (her husband ?) 
tries to punch you out. 

She shows up again outside Pier 45, Fishmarket South and browbeats you 
into collecting a package for her from the Perseus outlet on Pyrites 
Street. Unfortunately you will have to pay $500 for the package. 
Take it back to her and you'll be rewarded with $1000.

Marnie (Liberty Lane/Diamond Street, City Hall) 
Appears when Alderney becomes accessable.

Marnie is a junkie on a bench in a park in Liberty Lane. She'll ask you 
to take her to Alderney City to score heroin. Guess what ? You end up 
paying for it. Lose $500.

Marnie shows up again at Middle Park West. She's finally realised what 
a screw-up she is and wants to go back to her folks. Take her to 
Grand Easton Station. Lose another $500.

Clarence (provided you don't kill him in "Holland Nights") 
You'll find him on north side of East Holland projects, Algonquin i.e. 
his old base, some time after "Holland Nights". He's sore at you for 
making him beg for his life. Kill him and take his money.

Ivan (provided you didn't kill him in "Ivan the Not so Terrible")

You find Ivan on a street corner in Acter. He is earning a living as a 
moneylender. He wants your help getting some money back from a guy. 
Take him to the meeting. It looks like the guy is a gangboy and 
has brought his crew. There are five to take out, all heavily armed. 
One is on the roof and another on a fire escape behind you. Once you 
have killed them go to see Ivan. He'll give you $1000. 


Michelle isn't really worth bothering with too much. She's a government 
agent put there to spy on you. Date her only when she phones.

Carmen Ortez (Sobohoe on Lovemeet.com)
Carmen is shallow, superficial and fixated with money and material 
possessions. Show up in expensive clothes, drive a flash car and 
take her to expensive places - Superstar Cafe, Split Sides, Liberty 
Reach 75% Fondness and sleep with her and you can call her and 
receive a "Health Boost". I've never seen this work however so either 
it's a bug or she's just plain useless.

Kiki Jenkins (Lawchick on Lovemeet.com)
Kiki was born with a silver spoon in her mouth which has resulted in 
her having a massive guilt complex. Consequently she's out to help 
everyone who appears less fortunate. Show up in scruffy clothes, 
drive an ordinary car and take her to cheap places. 

Reach 75% Fondness & sleep with her and you can call her and get her 
to clear your wanted rating. Well worth having.

Kate Mccreary
Kate is your main story love interest. You can't sleep with her and 
she has no special power as far as I can see.



Grotti - Pyrites Street., Algonquin. Go here to steal a fast car 

There are 200 pigeons dotted throughot the city that you can kill.
I've never felt motivated to complete this. If it had been celebrities
instead of pigeons I'd have been right there.

Stunt Jumps
There are 50 ramps dotted about the city. Launch your car off these
at top speed in order to complete them. I didn't do these either.


Those wonderful people at Rockstar Games for GTA IV without which, 
this guide would not exist.

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