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FAQ by Simon Moon

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 02/22/09

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen <simon@gomp.net>

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It also has a good walkthrough and 100% guide for GTA IV main game.

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Table of contents
== Walkthrough ==
== Seagulls ==
== Angus Motorcycles ==
== Stubbs Dirty Laundry ==
== Random Characters ==
== Racing ==
== Gang Wars ==
== FAQ ==

== Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Walkthrough ==

=== Clean and Serene ===

Reward: $250

You meet your President, Billy Grey again after what looks like he was
in rehab. After this you ride with your club back to the club house in
the south. Once parked in the arrow, you get some more insights. Billy
wants his bike back.

You ride out with the crew up to Bohan to a chop shop. Park in the arrow
and you get to talk to the owner of the shop. The angels of death have
it and brought it to Northwood. Up at that location you will run into
the angles of death, 6 of them. There are two on the left, one straight
and the rest to the right. Kill them all and let Billy get on his bike.

Achievement reached: TLAD: One Percenter

Now get on your bike and get close to Billy, follow him back to the
chapter house. Once close enough you are done with this part.

Go to the B blip at the chapterhouse and step into the arrow.

=== Angels in America ===

Reward: $750

Some angles of death are outside. After Billy kills one of them the rest
flee. Chase them down! Kill them all. After that you have to go up north
in Algonquin to meet what’s left of your gang. Your best bet here is to
drive up close behind your target and shoot them. The shotgun is useless
over long distances so make it count.

After the mission is over you get a B blip again and Jim will call you
too. A new blip will be created for him, a J close to the chapter house.
So go to the J blip and step into the arrow.

=== Liberty City Choppers ===

Reward: $1000

You go with Jim on a little expedition to steal some bikes. Ride north
with him to the green blip, where a truck is waiting. Get off the bike
and into the truck, let Jim get in as well. Now Jim gives you the new
location, a diner to the south. Drive to the yellow blip and park there.

As you steal the first bike, some unfriendly opposition pipes up in the
parking lot around the corner. Call for reinforcement. Now get rid of
all these guys there so you can load the other bikes in peace. You can't
load all, bikes, so the game will tell you when to get into the truck.
Do it and drive back to where you got the truck in the first place. As
you pull out of the parking lot, you will acquire a tail of angry
bikers. Just ignore them and drive back as fast as you can.

As you unload the bikes, some cops show up and want to be bribed, not a
good sign.

Go again to the J blip on the map, this time a bit closer.

=== Bad Cop Drop ===

Reward: $2000

Those cops have made a bad choice. You get an automatic pistol and then
it goes south to the next blip. After Jim makes himself popular, you got
to run. There is an ambush setup in acter industrial. Just use the GPS
track and avoid being shot. Park a bit back and let the cops get out.
Now just aim for the heads and kill them. Some more cops come, take them
down too. Now get back on your bike and leave the area. You will have a
2 star wanted level. Get rid of it by outdriving the cops and you are
home free.

Return to the club house and step into the arrow at the B blip.

=== It's War ===

Reward: $750

You meet Dave, one of the Lawyers at Schyster, you get to see more of
him later. Billy has some revenge in mind. Follow him south to the Acter
Industrial park (western area). Out here, kill all the Angels of death.
Some are up on the roofs (look for the arrows on the red blips). Kill
them all then return to your bike when the game tells you to. Again
follow Billy, south again. In the southeastern corner (close to the
prison, go figure) you encounter another 15 enemies. Again a few are
high up, keep an eye out for those. As you progress to the back, some
more come from the right around the corner. Kill them all then come back
to your bike and you are done.

Billy holds a small speech that Jason, one of the lost was killed.

=== Action/Reaction ===

Reward: $1000

Ray Boccino enters the scene. Billy wants to go to and pay someone a
visit, the angel of deaths of course. He leads you to an ion ramp in the
south. As soon as he is there, floor it and race as fast as you can to
the yellow blip. It shouldn't be too hard; your bike is accelerating
slow but has a killer top speed. Once you stopped the rest should come
pretty soon as well.

Billy has one of Ray's toys, a grenade launcher. Aim at the window and
shoot of a grenade. With the grenade burning the house, you get some
visits from more angels. Shoot the grenades where they pool together
(especially on the right behind the van). When you run out of grenades,
take your gun and finish them off. With all angels dead outside, Billy
goes for the door. Follow him in, to the left and then be careful on the
next corner. Two guys are straight inside there, one in the doorway to
the right and back and a second coming from there as well. One more is
behind the bar to the right once you are in the room. In the doorway the
others were before, look up the stairs for one more guy. Now go down the
stairs to the right, kill the guy just around the corner and the last
two hiding out in the room down there.

Billy takes the drugs and it's time to leave. Exit the building, go to
your bike and drive far enough away (towards Bohan would be a good idea)
to complete the mission.

Billy sends you a text message a bit later to go see someone in Bohan.
Go to the E blip and stand into the arrow.

=== Buyer's Market ===

Liz Torres also makes an appearance. She has a buyer for the drugs. Also
Niko makes an appearance.

Now you have to pick up the drugs from Brian. He is in an alley on the
southeastern island. Once you have the drugs, you go to the building at
the yellow blip, a bit more to the southeast. Park your ride, then get
inside and to the 3rd floor. Stand into the arrow there and wait for
Niko and Playboy to arrive. Once they are close, the action starts.

You know this deal from the original game already, the guys are cops and
the deal goes south. You have to make your way out, down while Niko and
Playboy go up. First there are a few guys straight ahead. Switch to the
pistol and hit their heads. Then go through the door there and around so
you can fall the next cop into the back. Another one comes up the
stairs, kill him then go to the stairs and kill the guy downstairs. Make
your way down, but don't leave through the front door, instead take the
back door. There are two guys ahead on some stairs and one around the
corner to your right. Take them out and go to the right, follow the
alley, jump over the fence and the next across the street. You should be
far enough to grab a car here. Drive away from the scene and you should
be able to clear the wanted circle. Once done, this mission is over.

Billy calls you, no money, nobody is happy. He has a new contact for
you, Stubbs. Go to the S blip in Algonquin and step into the arrow.

=== Politics ===

Reward: $3000

You talk to Stubbs about Politics. His uncle controls the family trust
and he has to die now. On your way out you get a package, which is in
short an RPG. You now have limited time to get to the airport (until
12:30 game time). Your best choice will be to go south over the
Algonquin bridge and just keep going straight. Near the blip is a gate.
The chopper will come in and land nearby, you can see it through the
gate. Your best choice is to stay away from the gate, stand a bit back
(almost at the corner of the building) wait for the chopper to come
close, switch to the RPG and blow it away when it lands (the rocket
fly’s straight and will hit it). With the chopper blown, get rid of the
cops to get your reward.

Stubbs is happy with you. Drive towards Algonquin and you get a call
from Ashley, she needs help. This is a forced Mission.

=== Coming down ===

Drive to the yellow blip in the north of Algonquin. It’s an entrance to
one of the big apartment buildings. Go inside, a bit to the right, turn
around and up the stairs. Enter the apartment straight ahead with a gun
ready. There are two guys here, kill them both. Leave the apartment,
then walk around the stairs to the right and you will see another guy
guarding a door to your left. Kill him, then be ready, this is getting
rough. Inside are 5 more guys hiding in the door ways. Kill them all and
go straight through the place to get to Ashley. With her free, bring her
home to Alderney.

Jim will call you now about gang wars. You can go there and battle with
other gangs. The scheme is always the same, you go to the gang war, your
team pulls up and you have to hunt down the other gang. There are 25 of
these wars all over the city. They give some cash, but you don't need to
do them.

Go to the S blip and step into the arrow.

=== Off Route ===

Reward: $5000

Stubbs wants you to free some people from a police transport. Outside go
to the blip at the police station in north Alderney. Parked in the arrow
you see the transport being loaded. Grab a weapon and enter the
compound. Take down the cops (you don't need all dead) and run for the
side of the transport. You will see a short scene where you take over
the bus and now you have to get rid of the police. Your best chance is
to get some good turns in Alderney Downtown and make your way over the
western side (where the chapter house is) south. Once the police are off
your back, you need to go south anyways, to the Acter Industrial park,
about in the middle of the island on the southern most shore. Pay
attention that the bus can roll pretty easy. If it does, just steer to
the left if you lay on the right side and vice versa, it usually rights
itself up again. With everyone dropped off at the spot, they will flee
on boats and someone dumps the bus in the water. You are done here.

You call Stubbs after to let him know. Make your way towards the chapter
house, Billy will call you that he needs your input, so step into the
arrow at the B blip.

Stubbs also calls you later that he has more jobs for you if you call

=== This Shit's cursed ===

Too much heat, so they need to get rid of the drugs. Follow Billy to the
Algonquin Island. After driving down south again a bit, about the last
block on the same height as the middle park, they want to race again.
Give full throttle and race them to the yellow blip. Billy lets you go
in for the deal. Of course nothing works out and they run away with the

You end up outside on the roof. Turn to your left and kill the guys high
up, then more com on to the roof, kill those as well, using the cover
around you. With the roof clear follow Jim. Around the next corner are
some opposition and some construction work being done. Inside you find
guys up and on the ground floor. Again use cover, kill them and move
forward. On the next corner you get another enemy coming around the
corner. Further on it goes down, there is one a bit lower and two much
lower. You can see them from above and kill them easy. Go down the
ladder (use the Y button to climb it) and kill the next bad guy wave
below you. Again go down the ladder and go to the front of the building
where the arrow is.

Billy is getting arrested, screaming that you set him up. Something is
wrong here. Johnny calls Brian. He is down around the corner. Go to the
street level and back to the bikes. Get on your bike and now you are the
president of the club!

Achievement reached: TLAD: The Lost Boy

Return to the chapter house (yellow blip). Brian is very unhappy
accusing you of setting Billy up.

Go to the J blip in the north of Algonquin.

=== Hit the Pipe ===

Jim has some serious explosives for you, pipe bombs. So now you have to
blow up 3 vans from the angels. You have 24 bombs, make them count. Your
best bet is to throw them ahead of them on the road. Hold down the
trigger a bit to make the fuse shorter which will make it almost
impossible for the guys to evade it. When you hear it beeping, throw it.
If you throw too late you blow yourself up. The trouble is if you stay
too close too long you get shot to hell. So come from the back, get
close, hold the trigger and when you are past the truck and it beeps
toss the bomb. That should do the trick every time.

With all blown up, you get a new blip (male) in the south of Algonquin.
Also Elizabeta will send you a text for a new job. Jim has another job.
So go to the J blip and stand in the arrow.

=== End of Chapter ===

Reward: $2000

Brian has got to go. He's down at the docks. Park in the arrow and the
show starts. Brian brought some help. Kill them all. There will be a few
waves. Two vans come in and one parks on the left side of you. Kill them
all and the ones that come in on foot after that. Brian shows his true
face now and runs. Get on your bike and chase him down! You have to kill
each one of them. Just pick any of them, as they run away. They will
split up and then converge again before leaving the docks. Just hunt
them down and kill them. Get close enough so your shotgun is useful.
With them all down, get close to Jim and you are done. You get dropped
off at the chapter house (good time for a save).

Go up to the J blip and stand in the arrow.

=== Bad Standing ===

Reward: $2000

You meet Ray again. He knows where Brian is, in a safe house in the
south of Alderney. Go to the yellow blip. Now it might be a good idea to
call for some backup. Go in the back and make it up the stairs. There
are guys everywhere. Follow the red blip to get to Brian and put a
bullet through his heart. Outside you get a call from Jim and later a
text, you can now use this house for saving as well.

Go to the E blip in Bohan and stand into the arrow.

=== Heavy Toll ===

Reward: $1000

Elizabeta needs someone killed. Drive the car to the toll booth (yellow
blip). The convoy will roll in from the dukes’ side. Just stay hidden
until the van is standing still in front of the barrier. They scream to
take the van then shoot the guys to your left and grab it. Make sure the
guy from the booth also gets in, and then drive north. You need to bring
it to the body shop in Bohan (after shaking the cops). Park it inside
and you are done.

You also get to keep the street sweeper (full auto shotgun). Go again to
the E blip and step into the arrow.

=== Marta full of grace ===

Reward: $2000

Elizabeta wants you to pick up Marta from the airport. As you get to the
airport someone tries to pull her away. Johnny makes sure he got the
right one and punches the guy. Oops. It’s a cop. A whole swarm comes in.
To make life easy (if you still have the RPG) kill the helicopter after
the first few close cops. Now kill all the red blips indicating more
cops. There is a FIB buffalo car on the other side of the street (some
feds arrived in one closer but you most likely blew that one up). Get in
and get Marta in as well. To get rid of those 3 stars you have now, head
for the pay and spray in Broker. Sometimes you can already get rid of
the cops by just driving there, if not the pay and spray will clear you.
With the cops gone, go back to Elizabeta's house and park in the arrow
to complete the mission.

Now just sit and wait, Elizabeta will text you. Step into the arrow at
the E blip.

=== Shifting Weight ===

Reward: $3000

So you still have the drugs to get rid of. Head north to the yellow
blip. After yet another drug deal gone badly, you got cops on your ass.
You will not drive, only gun on this trip. Concentrate on gunning at the
helicopter and the cops close to you. Just keep the left bumper down and
the right trigger to constantly shoot, you got unlimited ammo. When you
stop, aim towards forward and shoot the windows. Your driver will crash
on its own through it but only after you got shot almost to hell
already. After this ignore the cars and look for the chopper behind you.
Shoot at it until it’s down. You will stop at one point just for that.
Also kill the cops to your left (in driving direction) to not lose too
much health. Next you have to throw some pipe bombs to dispatch the rest
of the cop cars. Your crew makes it free and you are done.

Ashley calls you after a little chat with Elizabeta. She tells you to go
and see Ray. Also she will text you that she needs you in a bit.

Step into the arrow at the A blip.

=== Roman's Holiday ===

They want you to take Roman. So that’s what you have to do. Grab a car
and go to the next blip after the phone call to pick up Malc in north
Algonquin. There you switch to a new car and go to the place where Roman
gambles the first time in Dukes on the original game. You pick him up
and drive him to the factory in Bohan. If you stop, he will get out and
try to escape. Run after him, aim a gun at him, but don't shoot him. He
will come back with you and get into the car. Drive him north and park
in the yellow blip to finish this.

You call Ashley after the drop off and she tells you to call her again

Now go to the RB blip and step into the arrow.

=== Diamonds in the rough ===

Ashley is outside or Ray's. Inside you meet Ray and he tells you need to
get some diamonds for him (ice). Outside you call Jim and meet up with
your pals (green blip). You might want to call in Clay and Terry as well
as backup. It can't hurt. After you meet up with the rest, take them to
the docks where the yellow blip is. Once you get close you see the deal
going over in front of the Platypus. Ignore the fight and just hound the
car. Take out the car that follow the stretch then take down the
stretch. Once the guy in the stretch gets out kill him and pickup the
diamond he drops (look for the red arrow above his head and then the
green blip for the diamonds). With the diamonds in your pocket, stash
them in two trash bags, the new green blips. You will remember that you
picked them up in the original GTA IV. With all the ice stashed he calls

After a while you get a call from Ray, you have to help facilitate the
deal at the museum. Again if you remember this from GTA IV you will know
what to expect.

=== Collector's Item ===

Reward: $10000

Go to the museum. The blip is just outside a door. Enter through that
door and up the stairs, through the next door. There are some guys
ahead, there also is a vest on the counter there you should pick up. Go
straight across the hall to the door towards the blip. It has an exit
sign above it. Follow the corridor and step into the arrow at the blip.
The deal goes south as usual. Make your way down like Niko did. On the
bottom of the stairs, exit the way you came in, don't go across the

Down on the bottom you will see another guy coming in. Outside there is
a lot of Boccino's people shooting at you. Kill them all. After they are
gone, loose the cops. With the cops of your back, you need to bring the
money to Jim. He is in the north Algonquin area, to the southwest of the
projects towers. You bring the money and that's it for this mission.

Ray calls you a bit later not very happy. You also get a text from Jim
to meet at rays and later another fed calls you about someone being a

Got to the RB blip and step into the arrow.

=== Was it worth it? ===

Ray is not very happy with you. Jim and you make it out alive. Outside
Jim takes off. Now go to Ashley’s place in Alderney. You get a call from
her and Ray's hit men are on your tracks. Kill them all. They are in 4
cars and they will converge on you. The best is to lay an ambush for
them. If you have RPG rockets, hit the cars while the come towards you
at a distance and you will have easy play with them. With all of them
dead return to Ashley. Jim didn't make it.

Stubbs calls you. He wants to meet you at the chapter house. So go to
the S blip outside the chapter house and step into the arrow

=== Get Lost ===

Billy needs to die. Stubbs is helping you out here. Go to the prison in
the south and park in the arrow. You are calling the crew in. Now Terry
will give you all he has for free, so stock up to the maximum. Don't
forget the armor. Now blow up the door (RPG works great). Get inside and
make your way through each location of guards. Once you get past the
yellow arrow you are at the end. Shoot the guards on the upper levels
first, as they can hit you hard otherwise. Then aim for the heads and
kill the rest. There are a lot of them and if you kill some positions
new ones come in. Just keep shooting them until all are gone. There is
one lonely blip left, that’s Billy. Go in end kill him.

With Billy dead, return to the court and hop on your bike. Follow your
crew out onto the road then drive them home to the chapter house.
Thankfully there is nothing on your tail there. Park in the yellow arrow
and you are done.

The chapter house is trashed, the lost are over.

Congratulations you finished the Lost and Damned.

Achievement reached: TLAD: Easy Rider

== Seagulls == There are a total of 50 seagulls in the game. They are
hidden throughout all parts of Liberty City. All you have to do is shoot
them. In many cases a handgun will do, but some are easier hit with a
sniper rifle. So if you have none, get yourself one for this job.

The same rules apply for these as they do for the pigeons. If you shoot
one with a cop nearby, it will get you a wanted level. You can simply
string multiple gulls together if you think that will help, but usually
they are too far apart to be a useful strategy. Get rid of the wanted
level and take on the next gull. Being at a distance also helps greatly.

The gulls glow. So you can spot them better and know this is something
to pay attention to, so at night it's sometimes easier to see them. Also
when you get closer you hear a "laughing" sound from the gulls. It gets
louder the closer you get. So if you hear that sound, you are close by.

A map of the exact locations is avaialable at this address:

We start in the south of Broker and work our way across the map.

=== Seagull 1 === Hove Beach, Wappinger Ave. Just a bit to the north of
the entrance to the train station where you picked up Mallory and her
friend the first time in the regular GTA IV. The gull sits on a ledge
there on the east side of the road, about at hip level in the middle of
the block after the alley from the train station.

=== Seagull 2 === Firefly Projects, Ringo St. Looking at the map, if you
follow the highway just north of gull 1 to the east, it crosses another
one on the east coast. Just north of that is a street that is a dead end
and looks like an L upside down. Go into that street, the part that goes
west-east, that’s Ringo St. The gull is on the wall north of the street,
close to the west, where it hits the next street going north.

=== Seagull 3 === Rotterdam Hill, Onion St. If you follow the street
north from the internet Cafe in broker, turn left and then right again,
you are in the stretch of Onion St where this gull is. It sits on a post
about hip height in front of the small alley on the western side of the

=== Seagull 4 === Schottler, Dillon St. This one is a bit more
complicated. Look at the map find the circle a bit to the east that says
Outlook if you hover over it. Go from there straight east to South
Slopes where you can see a train station (square on its edge in light
blue). Now go straight from there north, and you will see a block above
this one where there is some complicated looking back alley. Although
the mp doesn’t look like it, you can get to this alley from the north,
which is where Dillon St is located. If you approach it from there, you
should see it a bit to the right near the wall on the ground. This is
also the place where in the standard GTA IV you got your first gun and
helped Jacob out.

=== Seagull 5 === Beechwood City/Cerveza Heights, intersection of Carson
St and Tutelo Ave. Carson is the street running west to east just south
of the highway leading to the airport. If you follow the train line
north with your eyes, where it crosses Carson, Tutello is the next one
to the east. The road here makes a "dent" to the north and there is a
jump ramp going north for a unique jump here. The gull sits about at
knee level on a railing. It's in about the center of the pedestrian
crosswalk at the east end of the intersection, can't miss it.

=== Seagull 6 === Francis International Airport, Broker - Dukes
Expressway. From the last seagull go to the highway south of here near
the coast. Follow it to the east, take the ramp to the south towards the
airport. Just a bit to the right of you (south) there is a tower with a
spinning antenna visible. The gull is not far from the off ramp away.
You will find it sitting at head height (or above if you sit on the
bike) standing on the railing of the highway to your right (south). If
you are at the place where another road comes into yours from the left,
you are too far, it’s about one quarter to one third of the distance
between where the road branches of and that point.

=== Seagull 7 === Francis International Airport, Tarmac. Go to the
terminal. There is a road going around the terminal to the east. You can
see a small road going away in the north east corner of that road, which
splits up immediately after again. At that point is a gate. You can aim
through the gat to the left where the road splits. The gull sits on the
ground there, just a bit north of the left road and a bit to the
northwest of that split. If you can’t find it, run in, and you will see
it for sure.

=== Seagull 8 === Meadows Park, next to the highway. Take the highway
from the airport north. Take the first exit (that long round exit) to
the south and stop just after it. To your left (east) is a gas station.
Go to the corner where the wall from the gas station is shortly
interrupted before the onramp back towards the airport starts, on the
east side of this road. Now just a bit to the north is a sign with three
sides, none have anything on them. And a bit further north is a tree
right next to the highway. Go to that tree and look northeast. You
should see the gull standing there in its glow and hear it, right on the

=== Seagull 9 === Willis, Carrollton St. Take the road south from that
onramp, just follow it. Take the second road to the right (west) and
stop in the middle of the block. You should be on Carrollton St now.
Turn to the south and you should see a building with a green canopy over
the entrance. To the left of that on the ground you should see the gull.

=== Seagull 10 === Cerveza Heights, Dukes Boulevard. Take the big road
just east of the weapons shop in Broker to the north. Pass the on ramps,
and the road that leads to the docks on the left. Also pass the next one
and stop just after it. Now in the block to your left (west) is this
gull. Just enter the opening in the chain link fence there and circle
the building to the south. On the western wall of the building you will
find some stairs (ignore them) and further north some green scaffolding.
The gull sits on the first level a bit above the head height, in the
middle of it.

=== Seagull 11 === Steinway, Trenton Ave. If you come from the west off
the east Borough Bridge, take the first road to the left, make again a
left and then the next right to find Trentan Ave. In the block to the
west you can see on the map even spaced lines (alleys). Go to the
southern most of them. You will see that the alley has two walls, one
south one north. The gull sits in about the middle of the northern of
these walls here.

=== Seagull 12 === Charge Island, Toll booths. Go to the toll booths on
Charge Island and go to the north side of them. Look at the Toll booths
and you will see the gull sitting there, to the right of the western
most booth that lets people travel north. Now shooting it up close will
cause some trouble, so instead get some distance and shoot it with the
sniper rifle. It still is likely to get attention, but at least you will
be far away from a mob of angry cops.

=== Seagull 13 === South Bohan. Go to the projects blocks in the
southwest of Bohan. Take the southern two pair of the four that stand
there. Go in between them and a bit to the west. There is some sort of
small park there, the gull stands on the ground just to the right of the
small path you come in on.

=== Seagull 14 === Boulevard, Intersection of Grand Boulevard and Uprock
St. Grand Boulevard is the one that comes down from the Northwood
Heights Bridge, the northern most bridge in the game. The second road
crossing it, is Uprock St. Stop at the intersection and go to the park
entrance in the northeast. The gull sits on a round stone ornament of
the wall that goes parallel to the Grand Blvd. Can't miss it, it's right
next to a lamp post.

=== Seagull 15 === Boulevard. Go east from the last intersection, take
the first one left and drive up and over the large road. Just to your
left now is a building. Stop after it and go to the area to the
southeast of it. Here was also one of the pigeons. The gull sits on the
edge of one of the two large planters here, the one to the west, but
it's located at the eastern edge of it. If you step in between the
elongated planters and look southwest you should see it for sure.

=== Seagull 16 === Fortside, Rykers Ave and Lotus St. From the last
gull, get into the car and keep on driving on the road to the west
again. Take the first left, go straight at the next intersection and
follow the road to the southeast until another short road goes to the
east. You have arrived at the corner. Look to the northeast and you see
a store with a canopy to the south and signs above it that say "Deli
Grocery". The bull sits on the southern edge, in the western area of the

=== Seagull 17 === Little Bay, Bronco St. If you come in from the Dukes
Bay Bridge, Take the first left and the next right and you should be in
the Bronco St. It's a short one going west east. Look to the south of
the road and you will see two buildings. The western one has some stone
railing up to the door and the gull sits on the eastern one of them
close to the door.

=== Seagull 18 === Northern Gardens, the beach. The easiest way to get
here is to use the parking lot in the northeast corner. From Broncost,
just exit to the west, go right (north), and then take the road that
goes northeast under the highway. You will get to the parking lot. Exit
the car and walk to the beach to the northwest. Look at the map. The
coastline is pretty even except for one larger bump there. It's about in
the middle between the parking lot and the next road that crosses the
highway to the west. The gull sits on a ledge, a bit on the western area
above the beach. To get there, just circle around to the north and west
and you can get access to up there. You might also be able to shoot it
from below, if the angle is right, but it's harder without knowing
exactly where it is.

=== Seagull 19 === Boulevard, Butterfly St. Go to the street north of
the pond in northwest Bohan. Now look to the north side of the road.
There is a wide sidewalk and some wooden fences. Behind those fences are
a few telephone poles parallel to the road. The eastern most one, before
the street goes upwards to the east and the street sign goes across the
road, starts the telephone line there. Just go north from it over the
fence. You should hear it and can see it from the fence, but once you
step a bit closer it gets more obvious.

=== Seagull 20 === Northwood, Frankfort Ave. Take the Northwood Heights
Bridge to the west. Ignore the first road crossing and then stop on the
north (rights) side, before the road makes a curve. There is a small
parking lot here. The gull sits on the ground at the corner before that
parking lot starts.

=== Seagull 21 === Northwood, Vespucci Circus and Wardite St. This is
the southwestern corner of those 3 X shaped project buildings in the
northeast of Algonquin. The gull sits on the ground under a tree, on the
south side of the road.

=== Seagull 22 === Middle Park, south east corner. Go to the
southeastern corner of Middle Park and enter it on foot. Take the path
that goes northwest and then immediately take the one that goes
northeast (see the map). About half way before the next path comes, to
the left (west) you will see the gull sitting at the border of the path.

=== Seagull 23 === Lancet, Albany Ave. Look at the Algonquin Bridge
where it meets Algonquin. There is a road that goes below it, that’s
Albany Ave. Go to the spot just south of where the road goes under the
bridge. There just to the west after the road gets straight again, this
gull sits on the ground under a tree.

=== Seagull 24 === Colony Island, south end. There is a tall building in
the south of Colony Island, not the old abandoned hospital. There is a
parking lot on the east side of it. Stand at the southern area of the
parking lot and look at the building. It looks like an upside down, fat,
L character. The gull is on a railing on the southeast facing part of
the building that is further north of the two. It sits there about in
the middle.

=== Seagull 25 === Chinatown, Emerald St. Just north of the weapons shop
in Algonquin is Emerald St. There incidentally is also the gull. Go to
the north side of the block with the weapons shop in it, and look to the
other side. There is on the more eastern area a building that has the
letters UTBNB on its south wall, near the western edge. A bit to the
right of that on the same ledge that is just below the letters you will
find the gull.

=== Seagull 26 === The Exchange, Barium St. This gull sits on the ground
on the north side of a building, close to the eastern end of it, in an
area that has multiple thick columns. If you take the road in the
southwestern corner of Algonquin not into the tunnel, but east, take the
second road to the left (north, Columbus Ave) and then the second road
again left (west, Barium St). Just after you are around the corner look
left again behind the first column of the building to the south and you
will spot the gull on the ground.

=== Seagull 27 === Suffolk, Back Passage. Just south of the very tall
building that takes up an entire block, is this road going north south.
To the west of it is a Ds (Didier Sachs) shop in typical black. The gull
sits in front of the store on the ground, right outside a door.

=== Seagull 28 === The Meat Quarter, Hematite St. Go to the north of the
very large building, drive west and stop in about the middle of the next
block. Now get out of your car and walk in between the building to the
right and over the gas station that is to the west. When it gets a bit
more open, and you are about in the center of this block, you will see
some loading docks ahead of you with some small stairs to the left.
Above that loading dock is a small, slanted and green roof. The gull
sits on the edge of that roof. The roof also points south so it should
be easy to find.

=== Seagull 29 === The Triangle, Columbus Ave. The gull is perched on
the railing of the upper level, on the west side of this building. The
easiest way to find this is to locate the eastern construction site
(where the road is blocked and on the map you can see bars going over
the road). Just south of that in the block is on the west side the
Vinewood Bar and Grill. The gull is on the buildings railing on the
other side of the street to the east. Your best bet is to stand in front
of the Vinewood and shoot with the sniper from there, otherwise you will
encounter a lot of police. Look to the right (south) and you see some
stairs on the buildings side. Now look to the left and you will see
columns. The second column is where the gull sits on top. You can also
see behind some tents, the gull is where the large gap is from your
point of view. You can also climb the stairs and shoot it up front but
escape is harder that way.

=== Seagull 30 === Star Junction, Kunzite St. This place is just behind
the block where the Split Sides comedy club is (on the east of that
block). Also back here is the elevator that can bring you to the top of
the large building to the east, where one of the pigeons was hiding in
GTA IV. The gull is in plain sight in the middle of the road, between a
tree and a lamp post.

=== Seagull 31 === Star Junction, Frankfort Ave. This road is the other
large road with a construction site in it to the west, which goes north
south. Drive just one block further north, than the pay and spray is.
There is a bus station to your left (west) and a building with a white
sign saying "Pill Pharm" and "Chemist". Go into the alley south of that
building. You should walk right into the gull sitting there straight
ahead of you on the ground.

=== Seagull 32 === Middle Park West. If you take the road to the west
just south of middle park, take the second right (north) and the next
one left (west). Stop at the corner where the road curves north again.
Get on foot and walk south towards those three buildings to the
southeast, which are the art museum. The gull is in the open area that
is in the northwest corner, of this block, or just west of the northern
most building. It sits openly on the ground.

=== Seagull 33 === Middle Park, Quartz St. Quartz is the one going
straight through the middle of the park. Approach the park from the west
and then go north into the park (on foot or with a vehicle, your
choice). There are lamp posts left and right of the path. About in the
middle of the path, at the third lamp post on your right side, you will
find the gull sitting on the western edge of the path on the ground.

=== Seagull 34 === Varsity Heights/North Holland, Topaz St. Go to the
Hickey Bridge, the one that leads from Algonquin to Alderney in the
north. The bridge first goes over another street, then there are the
onramps for the larger road and next comes the river. That road that
goes under, stop the vehicle when you are just over that road, just
after the lamp post. Now look to the northwest. There you see some
stairs leading to a building to the east. At the top of the stairs at
the corner of the railing to the east has this gull found its home and
soon, last resting place.

=== Seagull 35 === Leftwood. Cross the bridge take the first right
(north) and at the next intersection go right again (east). Stop before
you reach the last road and get out of your car. Go north into the alley
there and then climb up to the west after the alley upwards. You will
find a vest back here near the fence, just climb up one more time. Now
you can see to the northwest the parking area of the police. If you have
completed the game you will have been here already. The gull is on a
small green patch in the middle of the parking lot. You should be able
to snipe it from this position and make your escape.

=== Seagull 36 === Westdyke, Beaverhead Ave. This is the road that goes
in the northeast corner of Alderney around the north part and back west
and south. This gull is in the northeast corner of this road. Park the
car on the side of the road then circle around to the north on foot so
you can get to higher ground. The gull sits on the ledge to the right of
you now (towards the west) about above the tree at that intersection to
the dirt road below you.

=== Seagull 37 === Westdyke, Beaverhead Ave. Take the large road to the
north and west and then down south. Ignore the first road going left
(east) and stop after the third lamppost on your right side. Get out of
the car jump over the small wall to the west and go to the water front
wall. The seagull sits here on the tiny wall. You might have to go north
or south a bit from your position, it shouldn't be hard to find it.

=== Seagull 38 === Leftwood, Plumbers Skyway. Go to the onramp south of
the last gull. When you are in the middle of the onramp (heading south)
look on the rail to your right, the gull is sitting right there.

=== Seagull 39 === Alderney City, Applewhite St. This street goes in an
S curve through Alderney City. It is close to where the hideout was in
GTA IV. The easiest way to find this road is coming from the bridge take
the first left (south), keep straight at the first intersection and take
the next one right (west) and you are on the road. In about the middle
is a bus station on the right side of the road (west). The gull sits on
top of the north edge of it.

=== Seagull 40 === Alderney City, Keneckie Ave. Go to the west end,
close to where the highway is. There is a large green area where the
highway makes an S curve, just after it turned to the south. Keneckie
Ave is the street that goes north south here next to the highway in the
northwest corner. The street ends in the south into Vitullo Ave. In that
last southern block, before it ends, look on the west side of the road.
In about the middle of this block, walk towards the highway. Very close
to it, to the northwest of one of the trees back there, you will find
this gull sitting on the ground.

=== Seagull 41 === Berchem, Cockerell Ave. If you go from the last gull
south, turn right, follow the road and take the second one right (west)
again, you will be on cockerell Ave. Just after you turned the corner
look left (south). There is some green there at the corner and then come
some stairs. The gull sits on the side of those stairs, the eastern
border of them.

=== Seagull 42 === Alderney City, Koresh Sq. Easiest way to find this is
to go from the tunnel entrance. Go west, and stop at the fourth corner
where the road goes north. Now there is just one more block before the
road curves north. The building at the corner you are on says on its
western front "Lombank". On the southern edge of that sign sits this

=== Seagull 43 === Normandy. Enter the port from the north (the road
that leads to the tunnel). Stop before you reach the gates as there are
some buildings and tanks to your right (west). Look at the railing of
the structure that is just south of the three northernmost tanks. The
gull sits there on the south facing rail.

=== Seagull 44 === Acter, Mueri St. If you take the road west of the
weapons shop north, take the second right (again north) you are on Mueri
St. Ignore the first street on the right as you go north and stop in the
middle of the block here before the next road to the west comes. Look
west and you see a small building that says "Roadservice" on it. South
of it is a low wall and the gull sits on its eastern edge in about the

=== Seagull 45 === Acter. Just west of the chapter house, behind those
houses that block the view to the skyway. You can reach it easiest by
actually going on the skyway, then look towards the houses (east). The
gull sits there on the ground in the grass.

=== Seagull 46 === Tudor, Niblick St. Take the big road that’s double
lane in the middle of Alderney south. It gets down to one wide road on
the map, stop in that block right after that happens. To the east is a
small alley going west east. The gull sits on a rail here, on the west
entrance of this alley.

=== Seagull 47 === Acter Industrial Park, Toggle Ave. Easiest to find
from the prison. On the street west of the prison entrance, go north
until it stops. Turn left (west) and this is Toggle Ave. Stop before the
next road goes north (Grommet Ave). To your right (north of the street)
in front of the chain link fence and a bit before the corner is the gull
on the ground. Just to the west is the police station so be careful.

=== Seagull 48 === Acter Industrial Park, Plumbob Ave. Go to the large
onramp in the south here. But don't take it up, instead drive around it
and under it to the west. About in the middle, stop and look south.
There is a walkway close to you. Look at the railings of that walkway.
The gull is on the southern of the two and about in the center. If you
can't locate it, use the stairs a bit to the west and south. They are
close to the gull so you can't miss it if you climb up there.

=== Seagull 49 === Acter Industrial Park, Red Wing Ave. This is the road
that goes to the northwestern most corner of the industrial area. After
you passed under the skyway, look to your right. There will be a wide
ramp with three garages. The gull sits on the ledge above the western
most of these garages.

=== Seagull 50 === Tudor. This is just northwest from the southern
hideout (you need to have killed Brian to get this one). If you don't
know where that is, look at the map for the + shaped buildings. Go to
the road just north of the southeastern of these three buildings, in the
southwestern area of Alderney that is not yet past the water into the
industrial area. There is a road going north here and the onramps for
the Plumber skyway. That single road going north interrupts a brick
wall. After the road is a brick wall in two steps. The gull sits on the
higher of the two edges near the eastern corner.

Very convenient just around the corner is your safe house, so go and
safe your progress and never see a gull again.

== Angus Motorcycles == You can call Angus about a job after you have
dealt with the cops in the story mission with Jim. He will give you a
job to get him a special bike.

=== A ride in the park === Bike: Wolfsbane

Reward: $900

Go to Middle Park, the center street that goes through it (Quartz St).
As soon as you get close, the guy on the bike will drive away. The most
smooth way you can get it is just wait until they have to stop at a red
light, park your bike and highjack theirs. Otherwise you have to shoot
them off the bike and risk damage. With the bike yours, return it to the
club house.

=== Zorst Fumes === Bike: Hellfury

Reward: $900

There is a convoy of bikers on the plumber skyway. As you approach they
start to drive south. It's a good idea to first kill the shooters and
then kill the guy on the lead bike (which is the one you want). Once the
guy fell off, grab it and bring it back home, after losing what cops you
might have acquired in that shooting.

=== Get Off Your High Horse === Bike: Hakuchou

Reward: $900

This bike is on the east borough bridge. There are two more bikes with
this guy. The easiest way is to use something nice like an ambulance and
ram the bike. The guy will wipe out and you can grab it.

=== Ex-Display === Bike: Nightblade

Reward: $900

This is on display in the bike shop in Westdyke. If you did the Unique
jumps you might have stolen one or another fast bike from this shop
before. If the store is closed, just shoot the windows, grab the correct
bike and make your escape.

=== Stripclub Hog === Bike: Hellfury

Reward: $900

This one is stationary, parked at the Strip club in Bohan. Just drive
up, kill the guy talking to a stripper next to it to get away clean and
drive off. Should be very easy this way.

=== Short Stay Parking === Bike: Nightblade

Reward: $900

This one is in the multistory car park in Purgatory. It's on the top
level. As soon as you have it and near the exit you get a 2 star wanted
level. Get rid of it and bring it home.

=== Delivery Boy's Hardship === Bike: Bati 800

Reward: $900

This guy drives around in Chinatown Algonquin. Just bump him off his
bike and you are home free.

=== Tattoo Parlor Lament === Bike: Angel

Reward: $900

Stationary, how convenient. Get close to the guy cleaning his bike. Aim
at him with no weapon and he will get scared and run away. Grab the dirt
bike and drive it home.

=== Beachcomber === Bike: Wolfbane

Reward: $900

This guy is on the beach Firefly island. Just get to the beach, grab one
of the other bikes there and bump into him. Once you did that he will
stop. Now just jack the bike like you would normally and bring it home.

=== Take Out Liquor === Bike: Hellfury

Reward: $600

Another stationary bike. It's in Broker in front of a liquor store.
Unfortunately there are also four gang members there. Kill them and take
the bike home.

After the last one has been delivered Angus will call you and tell you
so. Also from now on an Innovation bike and a Bati 800 will spawn at
your safe house.

== Stubbs Dirty Laundry == After finishing the second mission for Stubbs
you can do some side jobs for him. These count towards 100%.

=== When the Blue Chips are Down === Reward: $1000

Go to the alley indicated with the blue blip. As you go in cops start
shooting at you. Inside the alley kill what you see in direct line of
sight but don't go hunting for them. Instead go to the car in front of
you and press the left bumper when you are close to uncuff the CEO. She
gets into the car and so should you. Now drive her to the helipad just
behind the tunnel entrance. Best is to switch to pipe bombs, chuck them
out frequently and keep on driving like the devil. Park in the arrow
right in front of the helipad and protect her as she enters then
helicopter. With her flown away, your wanted level vanishes and you are

=== Communication Breakdown === Reward: $1000

Stubbs needs some help with getting rid of some reporter. You have to
drive across town in under 2 game hours. Once arrived there just get
close to the blip. A short video shows you that the guy does not like to
be intimidated and takes off. You have to kill him. Two easy ways to do
it is either use an RPG or hit the back of the car, the window, where
the driver should be with a carbine. Usually works pretty well. If he
drives off, just chase him down and kill him the old fashioned way.

=== Knowing Me, Knowing You === Reward: $1000

The deputy major seems to be a problem. So go and steal the car
indicated at the blip. It's nicely parked in the driveway in north
Alderney. Now you have 2 hours and 45 minutes game time to drive to the
bugging expert in the south and back. I suggest ignoring the games route
and drive onto the skyway in the west, then drive down the ramp in the
industrial area. Don't worry about scratches, the guy will buff them
out. Once he installed the stuff, you have to make it back to where you
got it from. This time without any scratches, to drive carefully. Just
park it where you found it and then get away from there as fast as you
can. When you are far enough away you will get the money and a bit later
the phone call from Stubbs about the success.

=== Phone Ho' === Reward: $1000

Another creative solution wanted. Go to the gun shop in Alderney. There
when you hit the arrow it tells you to climb to the roof. Around the
back from the alley you can climb on crates to the north and then on
that roof and from there to the lookout point. Just sit up there and
wait for a red car to pull up. when it does get out your phone select
camera from the menu and zoom in on the driver and the hooker that will
get close to him. When she bends over to the window and talks to him,
make sure you get his face and her into the picture then capture it.
With that done, send it to Stubbs. After a bit you will get your money
indicating that you've done well.

=== First Impressions === Reward: $1000

A friend of Stubbs seems to be a problem. Go to the superstar cafe in
north Algonquin. Go inside, heavy armored and full health. The guy is
sitting on a table to the right. Blast him (shotgun works well) then run
outside and take off with one of the vehicles there. As soon as you go
far enough away from the place you are done.

And with that you have completed Stubbs missions.

== Random Characters == You can, like in GTA IV meet random characters.
They count towards your 100% completion.

=== Malc === Reward: $500

You find him in Algonquin on the corner across the northern pay and
spray. He is working on his bike there. Just walk close to him and the
encounter starts. He needs some help. After he fixed his bike get on
yours or grab the one around the corner. Now follow him. You go and meet
DeSean near the gas station in the meat quarter. Some guys were shooting
at a race, not nice, so there is to be some payback. Now follow DeSean.
You get a bit north close to the pay and spray and meet those cheating
bikers. Kill them all. With the last one dead they thank you and leave
you alone.

=== Malc 2 === Reward: $1750

A day after the first encounter Malc will be just a bit to the northeast
of where you found him last, just across the street, north of the pay
and spray. This time he wants you to race. Follow him to the start line,
don't worry he will wait for you. It's very similar to the race park
circuit, so you shouldn't have any troubles. Keep behind the first few
curves and then clean up the field when the road turns east. concentrate
on driving but if you get close, use the power swings (hold the button
and release it when close) to knock them off the bike, that will give
you much more help then clubbing at them. Win to complete this mission.

=== Dave Grossman === Reward: $500

Some lawyer makes this lawyer trouble. Drive straight west against the
traffic so you approach the red blip from the south. Now comes the
tricky part, you need to intimidate but not kill this guy. Shoot up his
car, aim for the tires. After you shot him up enough he will stop. Just
get close to the car and don't worry about the police, it will vanish
later. After your little chat and convincing him that dropping the case
is a good idea, you've done it.

== Racing == In total there are 12 races. They appear at random on your
map as a red blip with a white helmet on it. You will only see one at a
time. To start the race just get to that blip and park in the arrow with
a bike. You get 250 for winning the first race (no matter which) and an
increase of 250 for each win after that until the last race wins you
3250. If you lose, you can redo the race later. Until you won all races,
no race will appear again that you already won.

=== Alderney Industrial === A very curvy track. Concentrate on driving
and only take the bat out when you are close to others. Also pay very
close attention to the water and try to stay away from it. The computer
always slows down extremely in the last bit from the alley near the
police station to the start point. There is your chance to hit them hard
or just overtake them by driving skills or both.

=== Tudor Docks === This docks race gives you a very good shortcut,
since you need to hit the blips and not actually do the course. Where
the course in the southwest makes a sharp and complicated turn, you can
actually go earlier to the left through the gas station there. This
shaves you off a few ranks almost every time you do it. Also near the
second gate in the port heading north, the other bikers make a curve to
the left, while you can go pretty much directly for the blip instead of
driving that nice curve.

=== Alderney Casino === This track leads around the casino and the
abandoned house. Since you go again around the beach be careful not to
land in the water. Let the crowd bash ahead around the casino and take
them again when it goes from the beach up to the roads again. Never be
in the crowd around the casino, from where you cross the bridge to where
you drive under it. One good swing there and you are out of the race.

=== Alderney City === This is a simple track. There are two hard spots.
One is the turn south after you race a long stretch in the north. Slow
down way before the turn or you won’t make it. Second is the alley to
the start point, again, make it slowly in there, many of the other
racers will screw up there.

=== Alderney Beach === This track is a bit hard to do since most of it
is on the beach. So you need something strong and fast. The city course
part is very tricky as you have many corners and positions where you can
slip away. And don't drive too deep into the water or you will lose the
bike and the race instantly.

=== Park Circuit === Starts in the north projects in Algonquin, goes
south, then through the road in middle park and north again. Very simple
track. Get that speed up on the stretch through middle park and then up
the road to the north. You can get most of the distance there.

=== North West Alderney === This one is tricky. It's basically just all
curves and corners all the way. Keep your eye on the corners and ignore
the crowd for the most part. It's three laps,. so use the first to scout
the track and then start cleaning up and gaining rank if you haven't

=== Holland === This race starts northwest of the northeastern X project
buildings. The race goes around Holland, which is the area north of
Middle park in general. Be very careful with the turn northwest to the
east again, that one has a lot of potential to screw your race up.

=== Bohan Steps === This 3 lap race takes you around the northwest of
Bohan. Drive careful through the first bit, especially at that Z curve.
There is a shortcut here over the stairs if you manage it. Since most of
the others are having troubles here, you can save a lot of time. When it
goes north, floor it, there is where you can make distance. Just be
careful when the large curve in the north comes, that’s where you can
get drifted out through the wooden fence on the right. Slow down a lot
up there and the rest should be easy.

=== Bohan Strip === 3 laps, short ones at that in the northeast corner
of Bohan. This is again one of those courses that leads you over steps
and across lanes. Just after the steps on the right is an alley, if you
can hit it, you save a lot of time. Drive careful around the sharp
corners and floor it on the straight stretch.

=== Bohan Beach === These 3 laps around the beach is a bit tricky. It's
a small course and except for the beach, nothing hard. Just concentrate
on staying away from ledges and the water near the beach and then drive
fast on the roads again.

=== Schottler Station === A long 3 lap race. There isn't much to say but
to be careful at the turn in to the end of the race. The turn from under
the rail tracks through the alley, be very careful there with the
construction, you have very little space. When it goes through the park
and then straight up to the highway, there is a small spot where you can
break through some construction barrier and get to the highway faster,
which will shave off a few seconds of your time.

== Gang Wars == Gang wars can be triggered by getting on a bike and
standing in the arrow at one of the "explosion" blips across the town.
They are always in about the same locations but rotate among them.
Before you start, you should stock up on armor, health, and ammo.

If you have the cops on you, don't worry. Kill them if they annoy you,
but concentrate on the other gang. With the gang or the target
eliminated, the wanted level will disappear.

You will need to do 25 wars to get 100%, but you can do more.

For certain numbers of gang wars you also get a bonus weapon spawning at
your home. They spawn on a table next to the bed in the upper level. *
10 Gang wars: Sawn-off shotgun * 20 Gang wars: Full auto handgun * 30
Gang wars: Carbine rifle * 40 Gang wars: Combat shotgun (Full auto one,
new in TLAD)

For the first war you win, you get 1000. For each war after that, you
get 250 more than for the previous one, so for winning war 30, you get

Basically there are 3 types of missions. Once the mission is started you
will see and hear what it is about.

=== Roaming === In this type you just hear your crew say something about
their location. These are usually a gang of bikers or sitting in a few
cars. If they sit in cars, it's a good idea to blow one up with an RPG
to introduce yourself. Otherwise they start shooting when you are close
enough. Just get close yourself, shoot them and the war is on. Be
careful as in some higher level fights there will be reinforcement. Try
to find some cover and shoot from behind it to make it longer.

=== Convoy === You will hear your people talk about a vehicle the other
crew is guarding. As you get close you get an arrow above a car, a truck
or even a tanker. Of course this is seldom alone and has a following of
cars and bikes usually. As you get close they will shoot at you. Take
down the few guys that shoot at you immediately but then concentrate
your fire on the car. Shoot it until it blows up (or use your pipe
bombs). Your chances hitting it with the RPG are slim but you can try
that. Once the vehicle is blown up, you are done.

=== Ambush === These are stationary and will not move. It usually is a
large crowd away from everyone, like in the construction site at south
Algonquin, or somewhere at the coast up north. Sometimes one of the
flees, so you need to chase them down.

== FAQ == There are always questions so here the answers to the most
frequent ones.

If you have more, contact me at simon@gomp.net

; How much does The Lost and Damned cost?
: 1600 Microsoft points (or roughly 20 USD).

; Do I need the original GTA IV for this?
: Yes. It builds on the main game. Without the main game and it's disc
you will not be able to play!

; How do I start the game?
: After buying and downloading it completely,
insert your GTA IV game disc and start normal GTA IV. Usually it asks
you if you play it for the first time if you want to play the lost and
damned. If not, just start normally into GTA IV. Now when you have
control, press start, move to the Game menu and select "new game". Now
it should have a selection of Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and
Damned here. Select the lower, hit the A button and you are on your way.

; How do I switch back to normal GTA IV?
: Same way as above, just
select Grand Theft Auto IV this time. Also the game loads always the
last save made, so if you save in normal GTA that’s where you will start

; How do you reach 100%?
: Complete the story line, get all 10 bikes for
Angus, do the 5 side missions for Stubbs, win all 12 races, finish and
win 25 gang wars, kill all 50 seagulls, meet twice with Malc and once
with Dave. You also have to win one game (no matter with who) of Air
Hockey, Arm Wrestling, Darts and Pool (easiest if you do them as
activities with friends). You also have to do each activity once, but it
doesn't matter which one you call up to do them, you can mix it up. The
activities are Air Hockey, Darts, Drinking, Eating, Pool, Show and Strip

; What do you get for 100%? : At your hideout, you will see a Hakuchou
bike spawn. It's nothing fantastic but that bike is pretty fast.

; Are there dates, unique jumps, anything else?
: No.

; Can I get the Xbox 360 Achievements from the main game also in TLAD?
: The ones that are not story specific, yes you can. Like say you win in
pool, you get the pool shark if you haven't done that already in GTA IV.

; Do the old cheats from GTA IV still work?
: Yes. There are also new ones for the new bikes.

; How long is it?
: The story can take around 6 hours if you don't fail
once. That said, it is harder than the regular GTA IV, so it will
entertain you a lot longer. To reach 100% it will take you about 12 to
15 hours. These are rough estimates after playing it twice, so don't
take them as a fixed number.

; Can I put your guide in part or full on my site?
: No. But you can link to it on gamewiki.net if you like.

Copyright by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen <simon@gomp.net>

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