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Walkthrough by dissectedgames

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/05/08

GTA 4 Walkthrough

Version: 1.0
Authors: dissectedgames, Scott (aka C4RRnage)
contact: dissectedgames@gmail.com

*This walkthrough is a work in progress. The newest version will be 
posted at www.dissectedgames.com. Due to popular demand I have allowed 
many sites to host my guide. If you want to post it somewhere else, 
please email me to ask for permission. As, long as you post my guide in 
its entirety, giving me credit as the author, and your site isn't 
something illegal or inappropriate, I allow you to post my guide if you 

Using this guide

I haven't had time to make a good table of contents for this guide yet. The 
best way to find help for your mission is to search by the mission name. If you 
don't know the name of the mission you are on, pause the game and go to the 
"Brief" menu. The name of the mission will be at the top. If you still can't 
find your mission, try search for the name of the person who gave you the 
mission. I will organize this guide better when I have time. 

General Tips

Firing from Cover and while Driving:
When you are firing, it is generally best to just hold down the fire button 
(either RT or LB). Because if you are behind cover or firing from a car, it 
takes Niko a fraction of second to pop out and aim his gun. If you press and 
release the fire button too quickly it is possible to just make Roman pop out a 
little bit and not fire at all. This is especially true when firing while 
driving. Even though it may feel strange to people who play games where it is 
best to fire weapons in short bursts, it is best to just hold down the fire 
button and spray bullets everywhere when firing while driving. 

Getting away from the police:
When you are being chased by the cops (your wanted level is at least 1 star) 
you have to get outside of the flashing circle on your radar to make your 
wanted level go down. If you only have one star you are probably only being 
chases by one or just a few cops. It is possible to get away by just driving 
really fast in a straight line. If you have two stars, a lot more cops will 
chase you. It will be much more difficult to get away. The best way to get away 
is to do some creative driving and try to either drive through a tight spot or 
hit a jump where the cops can't follow. I think that you get 3 stars if you 
shoot a cop, so don't do that. When you have three stars, a helicopter chases 
you. I've actually never gotten away from a helicopter yet (I've only had the 
game for one day.) but I think you might be able to shoot it down with a rocket 
launcher. Also, whenever you are being chased, watch for the small blue and red 
flashing circles on your radar these are the actual cop cars. When you are 
being chased, cops from all over the city will drive towards you and join in 
the chase. You obviously want less cops chasing you, not more, so when you see 
more cops coming towards you, who are not primary cop who is chasing you, avoid 
them. The circle will switch to the closest cop to you that has line of sight 
on you. So if a new cop finds, you and he is close to you, your circle will 
switch. For example, one time I was being chased by a couple cops and I drove 
fast enough to get out of their circle. However, there were more cops up ahead 
of me, trying to join the chase. So, once I got a little distance out of the 
circle I just stopped. Even though there were cops closing in on my from both 
sides, my wanted level went away because I wasn't in any of the cops' line of 

This is kind of a dumb tip but you can get up or down stairs much faster if you 
jump. Niko's animation for going down stairs is pretty slow, so if you just 
jump as you get to the edge of the stairs you can land at the bottom and keep 
running. It also works if you're trying to go up a short set of stairs. 


Off the boat
Just drive to roman's apartment. Your radar is in the bottom left corner of 
your screen. Your GPS will automatically draw a line on the radar showing a 
possible route to your desitination. Follow that line to where you need to go. 
As you approach your destination you will see a downward pointing arrow in your 
normal screen (not the radar) this marks where you need to go. 

It's your call
Take Roman to his destination. He wants to gamble even though he already owes 
people money. You have to wait outside for the loan sharks to show up. When 
they show up, you have to access your phone and warn roman. To use your phone, 
press up on the d-pad and then use the phones menu to call him. You use the 
d-pad to navigate the menus and A to select a menu item and B to go back or 
cancel. After you've warned him Roman will run out. Once he hops in your car, 
drive back to Roman's cab stand quickly and avoid the loan sharks. 

3's a crowd
In the cutscene, Roman is getting threatened by loan sharks, Niko disarms him 
and dispatches the loan sharks. You have to pick up Mallory and her friend 
Michelle from the subway station. Hop in a car and follow the GPS to the subway 
station. After picking them up, follow the GPS to michelle's apartment. 
Michelle seems interested in you. Mallory says you need new clothes. Drive to 
the shirt icon to get some new duds that will impress Michelle. Go over to the 
rack of jeans and press LB to try them on and then A to buy them. When you 
leave, Michelle calls you to ask you out on a date. Press a to answer your 

Roman will call you before you get to Michelle's you can choose to go save 
Roman or go on a date with michelle. I chose to go on the date. 

First date
Get a car and drive to Michelle's house after she calls you to start the 
mission. For this date, the destination is already chosen for you, "the fun 
fair." In future dates, you will be able to pick where you want to take 
Michelle. Drive to the location on your radar after picking up Michelle. Then 
turn left and walk along the boardwalk towards the bowling alley. Press LB at 
the counter for instruction on how to start a game then walk over to a lane to 
bowl. You can get a strike throwing straight on if you throw it hard enough. 
You only have to play 5 frames (half a game) then you can chose to play another 
game or not. I chose to not play again. Walk back to her car and drive her 

"pick up roman from the hospital"
Since you didn't save Roman when he called you, he got beat up with the loan 
sharks and now he needs you to pick him up from the hospital. Go to the R icon 
after Roman calls you. Drive him back to the cab stand following the GPS. 

Bleed out
Roman will call you and tell you the loan sharks are beating him up again. 
Follow the GPS to his location. Turn right at the fence and run around to the 
opening. There is a tutorial on how to fight hand-to-hand. Beat up both loan 
sharks. I found the best way to beat them was to dodge one of their attacks by 
pressing A as they are punching and then after you've dodged spamming them with 
punches. After you've finished the two guys who stayed to fight, go to Roman's 
car and follow the other guy. He will eventually stop and run away on foot. Go 
up the stairs where he got out to follow him. He has a knife so make sure to 
disarm him by dodging and then hitting B to disarm him. 

Easy Fare
You need to pick up Jermaine for Roman. Grab a car and follow the GPS to his 
location. Then take him to where he wants to go by following the GPS. The cops 
show up, so lose them. After lossing the cops drop Jermaine of at the pay and 
spray. Follow the GPS there. 

Jamacian Heat
Pick up Little Jacob. Grab a car and follow the GPS. Take him to where he wants 
to go then drive around the block and get out and head up to your look out 
spot. Press in the left stick to crouch make sure you have your gun out. You 
can switch weapons by pressing left or right on the D-pad. When the shooting 
starts hold LT to lock on. You can use the right stick to aim when your locking 
on. Pressing the right stick all the way to the left or right when locked on 
switches tagets. Go for head shots if you want. Head shots kill them in one 
hit. Kill all the guys then get back in the car and drop Jermaine off following 
the GPS. 

I decided to call Little Jacob after the mission was over. Vlad called me on 
the way over, but I ignored him because he is a jerk 

Concrete jungle
Pick up Little Jacob and take him where he wants to go following the GPS. After 
dropping him off follow the way point to the back alley. Jacob will call you on 
your cell phone and then guys will run out of the building and you have to kill 
them. An easy way to do this is to run them over repeatedly with the car. You 
know they are dead when the icon above their head dissappears and their dots 
are no longer on your map. Go pick up jacob, he is the blue dot on your radar. 
Drive him to where he wants to go. Get out and there is a tutorial on using 
cover. Kill all the guys inside. This should be really easy, just say behind 
cover and pop out and shoot them in the head. Use RB to enter and exited cover. 
While you are in cover you can lock on to enemies with LT and pop out and shoot 
them using RT. There are 3 guys in the house. Hide by the door and kill the 
first guy. You might be able to shoot the other two from the door but probably 
not. You can run in and hide behind a couch or try to hide where the first guy 
was hiding. Or you can just run straight in at them if you have a lot of health 
and your a good shot. After clearing the house and picking up the ammo the 
enemies drops, run back outside and drop jacob off at his house. 

I had to go back to the apartment to rest to regain my health. If you're low on 
health at any point, go take a rest. You safe house is a little house icon on 
your map. Pause the game by pressing start and hit A to select the map. Zoom in 
and out by pressing LT and RT. Find the little house icon and hit A to make 
that your destination. Your GPS will now guide you there. Adding destinations 
or waypoints to your map is very useful if you are directionally challenged, 
like me. 

Roman called me twice I can now call him to go out or to work for him. You can 
drive a cab to get extra money. If you keep doing mission you will have tons of 
money anyway so I wouldn't worry about it unless you want to drive a cab. 

Next I went to do a Vlad mission. He is the big V on your map.

Bull in a china shop
Vlad wants you to bust up some guy's shop. Drive there, following your GPS. Run 
around the building across the street and pick up a brick by pressing LB. The 
bricks show up on your radar as blue dots. Run back to the store and use LT to 
lock onto the window. The window you have to break is to the left of the door. 
Hold RT and release to throw the brick. After you've smashed the windows and 
the shop owners runs out to you and surrenders, follow the GPS back to vlad. 

I chose to call Michelle. I decided to take her to play pool. I didn't have a 
car so I decided to take a taxi. Hit LB to whistle for a taxi if one is nearby. 
It will pull over. Then hold Y to enter as a passenger. Riding in a taxi is 
kinda cool, but realistically boring. You can pay extra to skip to your 
destination. Playing pool is kind of fun, if you're into that sort of thing. 
Michelle beat me. She's ok, but I didnt play that well. When you drop her off 
at home you have to choice to either try and get in her apartment or not. Press 
A to make a move or B to not. I always got invited inside when I asked I am not 
sure what you'd have to do to get shot down. It is implied that Niko and 
Michelle do it, but all the happens is the control vibrates and you hear 
Michelle say stuff enthusiatically like, "I really like you Niko!" 

If you are getting chased by the cops, you have to get out of the flashing 
circle to lower your wanted level If you only have one star this is pretty 
easy. Most of the time you can just drive fast in a straight line and out run 
the cop that is following you. If you have two or more stars this is much more 

Hung out to dry
Vlad wants you to beat up someone who doesnt pay him. Follow the GPS to the 
laundry mat. Go in the store and the guy will run away out of the back of the 
store. Hop in one of the cars in the back and chase him. Ram his van with you 
car until he gives up. 

Clean get away
Vlad takes you to his car, where he tells you to go pick up a car. You have to 
take the subway. Go around the corner and up the ramps to the top of the subway 
station. The train gives you a cool view of the city. You can skip to your 
destination by pressing A. Get out and run over to the car you're supposed to 
be getting. It is marked on your radar. There are two guys guarding it. You can 
use the stun punch on them if you want. You can do that or just punch them 
normally. All the matters is that you get the car. Jump in the car and start 
driving back. Vlad will call you and tell you to wash the car. Follow the GPS 
to the car wash. Once the car is washed, follow the GPS to the drop off garage. 

Ivan the not so terrible
Vlad wants you to kill Ivan. Head to the car depot where Ivan is. Follow the 
GPS. When you pull up your taget is already running away in a car. Follow him 
until he stops at a construction site. Get out at the construction site and 
chase him. Climb the ladders by presing Y. Make sure you are standing perfectly 
still in front of the ladder before trying to climb. Press X to jump over 
ledges. Chase Ivan until he finally falls over the edge. Walk up to him and 
wait for a message to appear the says press X to kill him or LB to pull him up 
(I think I originally confused X and LB. Read the menu in the upper left to 
make sure you have the right button. Thanks, Bengalsfan51786). I chose to kill 
him (hey, this is GTA not a hugging sim) 

Uncle Vlad
Roman is upset because he suspects that Vlad screwed Mallorie. Grab a car and 
head over to the Comadore (cabare club) to straighten out Vlad. Follow your GPS 
there. After the cutscene, shoot Vlad's goons then run out of the bar and jump 
back in your car and chase him. eventually he will crash his car. Jump out and 
run up to him a cut scene will play and then you can execute him if you lock on 
to him when you are up close and press RT. 

You find out that Niko came to America to find the man who betrayed his group 
in the army. 

The game suggests you call Roman so I did.

Crime and punishment
You find Roman hiding in a dumpster because he thinks people are out to get 
him. He is right and a guy comes up to you and hits you with the stock of a 
rifle, knocking you out. You walk up in Mikhail Faustien's basement. This is a 
somewhat long cutscene but the mission is to get some tvs but you need to first 
get a police car. Run outside and down the street to the left and there is a 
police car just waiting for you. Hop in and you will call Dmitri automatically. 
Blue icons will appear on your radar that are vans you need to pull over. Press 
in the left stick to turn on your siren. Get close to the van to make it pull 
over. Keep pulling over vans until you find the one with the tvs. When you find 
the right van, one of the guys will start shooting at you. You can either kill 
him or just hop in the van and drive way. Follow your GPS to the drop off 

Do you have protection?
You have to go with Dmitri to kill somoene. Follow your GPS. When you get to 
the shop get out and follow Dmitri in. Follow Dmitri's instructions. Hold LT to 
lock onto the main guy then hit right on the right stick to look at the guy in 
all black. Use the right stick to aim down by his leg and shoot him. You can 
either lock on to him and use the right stick to aim down or use free aim. To 
use free aim you need to hold the LT half way down. Free aim is kind of like a 
tradtional FPS (like Halo) view. In free aim, you can aim anywhere you want and 
still move around using the left stick. When the cutscene is over follow Dmitri 
out of the shop. Get back in your car and drive to the gun store. Follow your 
GPS. Get out an the gun store and go inside. You have to buy the micro smg. 
Press LB to pick it up and then LB to buy (or I think it might be A to buy. 
Either way the game tells you what to press in the upped left hand corner.) 
Head back outside when done. Drive back to Mikhail's. Follow your GPS. 

Michelle called me so I took her to play darts then we bumped uglies (sorry for 
the language but you really should be an adult if you are playing this game). 

Little Jacob tells you to go talk to some guy who is not giving Bad Man his 
cut. Follow your GPS. You come up to a toll booth on the bridge. I just drove 
through it. You can stop and pay the toll if you don't feel like getting chased 
by the cops. To pay the toll, just drive up and stop in front of the gate. 
Drive to where the dealer is. Get out of your car and follow him on foot. You 
have to follow him for a while. When he jumps the fence he might see you if you 
are too close so stay back or hide when you get close to the fence. If he sees 
you he will run so you have to run after him. Eventually he heads into an 
apartment building and goes upstairs. He is on the top floor. Turn right at the 
top of the stairs than left down the hall way. The second door on the left is 
the room he is in. You have to shoot the lock to open the door. You can lock 
onto it with LT. There are three guys in the room. Take cover by the door and 
use your micro smg. The door will close by itself but if the door is partially 
open shooting it will open it more. The guys will try to stay behind cover too 
so be careful. 

Final destination
Mikhail wants to you kill someone that he thinks is a rat. follow the GPS and 
then run up the stairs to the subway platform. when you get to the top of the 
platform a cutscene plays. when the cutscene is over, be ready to shoot your 
mark's friend. chase your target across the platform and he will run down the 
stairs and jump in a car. if you are good you can shoot out his tires to slow 
him down. jump in the car across the street and chase him. hold down LB to 
constantly fire you gun while driving. I found it a lot easier to hit him if i 
turned "invert look" to OFF under the controls menu (from the pause screen). 
keep shooting his car and ramming it until it catches on fire. when it catches 
on fire he will jump out and then you can run him over or shoot him to death. 

Little Jacob called me and said he wanted to see a show. So I took him to the 
cabare. It was entertaining but very random. 

I also got a text from Roman. It asked me to come to the shop to meet someone. 
I will do this next 

Logging on
Roman wants you to go on the internet. You have to go to some cafe called Tw@. 
Follow the GPS to get there. follow the instructions for using the computer. Go 
up to the computer and hit LB to use it. The right stick moves the mouse and A 
clicks. You can do a bunch on the computer, like check a dating website. Leave 
the store when you're done. 

I got a call from Roman telling me I can now work for Brucie and steal cars for 
him. I chose to not do this right now because brucie is a tool. 

No love lost
Mikhail wants to you kill his daughter's boyfriend. Drive to the location she 
is at. Follow the GPS. When you get to the spot the boyfriend takes off on his 
bike after a cutscene. Follow him until another cutscene plays showing that his 
friends have arrived. They all drive to a spot in the woods and stop to shoot 
you. They arent very good shots so either shoothing them all or running them 
over should be easy. Remember to hold LB to shoot while driving and use the 
right stick to aim while shooting. 

Rigged to blow
Mikhail wants you to pick up a truck and take it to someone. Hop in your car 
and follow the GPS. When you get there, hop out and get in the truck. Follow 
your GPS. The truck has explosives inside so be careful. Take it slow. You have 
to go across the bridge. It'd be hard to lose the cops in the truck so you'd 
better pay the toll. You're gonna have to go slow and waitt for cars, kind of 
like driving in real life. Drive the truck into the garage and hit LB while 
still in the truck to arm the bomb. Niko will run out. After the explosion 
you're supposed to get out of the area. You should find a car. If you're facing 
the garage, head left and then left at the first street. run down a block and 
there is a parked car you can take and drive away. 

After this mission you can either go to Brucie's or Dmitri's. I went to 
Dmitri's because I like him more. 

The master and the molotov
Dmitri tells you you have to kill Mikhail because you killed Petrovic's son. 
Hop in a car and head to the club. Dmitri left a vest for you around the corner 
to your right if you are facing the front door. It is a green dot on your radar 
after you have recieved his text message. Head into the club with your best 
weapon equipped, perferably a shotgun. Kill the two guards at the table as soon 
as the cutscene ends. There is another guard behind the bar to kill. Two more 
guards come out of the door to the right of the bar. Head through the door to 
the right of the bar, then out the door. There is another guard in the alley to 
kill and mikhail is at the very top of the stairs. Kill him to finish the 
mission. I think you can probably execute him if you want but I think he might 
have a gun so I just shot him from far away.
*Update: Jim Drizzle wrote to tell me, "Yes you can kill him execution 
style. When you walk up to the roof and he's cornered, he drops his gun 
and rambles on for a little bit. I took out my hand gun and got the 
execution crosshair. He gets shot in the knee cap and when he bends over 
to grab his knee, Niko shoots him in the face and he falls off the roof. 
Pretty gruesome scene." 

After that, Roman called me and wanted to go to the strip club so I said yes. 
the strip club is pretty graphic. 

Russian revolution
You need to meet Dmitri to pick up your money. Little Jacob calls you while you 
are on the way and warns you to be careful. He is going to meet you there. You 
both run into the warehouse and Dmitri is waiting there with some guy you used 
to know, Bulgarin. They both want you dead and you have a gun fight with a 
bunch of their goons. Stay behind cover as much as possible. There are also 
guys on the level above you. After you kill the goons the cops show up. Hide 
next to the door and peak out and kill them. Make a break for one of the cop 
cars and drive it away. You have to get outside their circle and lower your 
wanted level. After you've escaped the cops, take Little Jacob home. 

Roman's sorrow
Roman calls you and tells you he is locked in his trunk. When you go to drop 
off Roman his house and cab stand have been burnt down. Drive to the next 
waypoint in Bohan. You now have a safe house in Bohan and can get missions from 
Manny in Bohan. 

Escuela of the streets
Mallory, who works at Roman's cab stand and is also his girlfriend, introduces 
you to Manny. Manny wants you to "clean up the streets." You need a car. Run 
towards the burger shot and there is a car parked there if you need one. Go to 
the waypoint and then follow the dealer. Stay back from him so he doesn't spot 
you. Follow the dealer to a warehouse. When you arrive at the warehouse, you 
can't get in the front door so you have to go around to the right and go up 
some stairs to the roof. Shoot one of the dealers through the window in the 
roof and then drop down. There are a bunch of dealers in the warehouse so stay 
behind cover and pick them off one at a time. When you've killed them all you 
have to shoot the lock off the door to get out. 

Dmitri calls you now. He tells you he wants you dead.

Street sweeper
Manny tells you to go kill more dealers. Follow the GPS to their hangout. One 
of the dealers will drive away and soon as you start shooting You can't let any 
of them get away so stay in your car. I found the best strategy was to run over 
the guys in front and then chase the guy who drives away and kill him first. 
Then come back for the guys who stayed at the hangout. You can either run them 
over or shoot them. I think running them over is easier. 
*Update: Gareth D. wrote to tell me that if the first thing you do is throw a 
molotov cocktail in the car with the dealer in it, he will jump out and then 
you can just shoot them all. 

Mallorie calls you and says she will introduce you to Elizabeta. 

Luck of the irish
Elizabeta wants you to oversee a deal. You have to go grab a rifle and watch 
the deal go down. Go to the waypoint and then climb all the stairs to the roof. 
Hold LT to aim and then use the left stick to zoom in and out and the right 
stick to aim. Watch the deal go down and make note of where all the other 
gangsters are. Eventually the main guy will pull out a gun and someone will 
shoot him. You have to shoot all the bad guys. This is pretty easy, just aim 
carefully. If a guy makes it over to Packie, the guy you are supposed to be 
protecting, a message will pop up telling you Packie is in trouble. Find Packie 
ASAP and shoot the guy who is attacking him. 

Blow your cover
Playboy X will go with you to oversee another deal. Go outside and grab a car. 
Follow the GPS to the deal. You have to go over a bridge. Pay the toll unless 
you feel like being risky. When you get to the deal follow Playboy up to the 
3rd floor. The buyers are cops so you get in a gun fight. Playboy tells you to 
clear out the floor upstairs. Go up the next floor and clear out the guys and 
playboy will follow you. If you want you can pick up the cops' MP5s. These are 
pretty good guns. Carefully clear out the guys until you get to the roof. There 
is a first aid pack by the door on the roof. And there is also a vest on the 
roof leaning against on of the walls. There is a car across the street once you 
get outside. Jump in the car and lose the cops. Drive Playboy to his drop off. 

After a while playboy X sends you s text and now you can get missions from him. 

I gained the ability to call a cab from Roman. This is really useful if you 
need to get somewhere quick because you can press A to skip to your 

I decided to do some brucie missions since I was in the area.

Search and delete
Brucie wants you to steal a police car so you can use the computer. Don't kill 
the cops because that gives you 3 stars and the helicopter will be after you. 
Which is really hard to get away from. Either call 911 or find a cop car. Run 
up to a car and hit Y to try and open the door. The cops will get out when you 
start pulling on the door. Jump in without killing them and you only get one 
star. Lose the cops and Brucie will call you.
*Update Gareth D. wrote to say that you can steal a car easily from the police 
Hit LB to use the computer. Go to search the database and type in Lyle Rivas. 
Hit A to add his location to your radar. Follow your GPS to Rivas' house. You 
have to go in the house to find the arrow that triggers the cutscene. Rivas 
will run away. Jump back in your police car and chase him down. Turn on your 
siren by pressing the left stick down and the other cars will try to avoid you. 
Shoot his car until it catches on fire and he will jump out. While he is on 
foot run him over or shoot him to kill him. 

Easy as can be
Brucie wants you to pick up Lyle's car. Follow your GPS to get the car. When 
you get in the car, people pull up and try and kill you. Just drive away from 
them and drive back to the shop. 

Out of the closet
You have to go on a date with some guy who owes brucie money. Go to the 
internet cafe. Go to the love meet website and click on date on French Tom's 
website. After a little while you will receive an e-mail that tells you to go 
meet your date at a nearby diner. Look for the heart on your map and go to the 
diner using GPS. Once there find your date and listen to him prattle on until 
you have had enough. Then stand up. Follow him, and rough him up a little. 

No 1
Go pick up the car Brucie wants. Drive to the start of the race and win the 
race. You dont have to go that fast just make sure not to crash. Drop brucie 
back off and finish the mission. 

Next I headed over to Playboy X's

"X's second mission"
You chat with X for a while and then some guy named Dwayne shows up. You and X 
leave to go pick up some weapons. X wants to help a powerful developer by 
breaking up a strike. Drive to the car, following the GPS. After the cutscene 
you can snipe all 3 lookouts from the ground. They are at the ends of three of 
the cranes. Remember to press forward on the left stick to zoom in. Run up to 
the work site when you get to the first building. Gett behind some cover and 
shoot all the workers you see. You've got to head through the building to find 
the next guy and then up to the roof of the second building. The next boss is 
on the roof. No go to where that boss was and turn left. Keep coming and you 
have to turn left again at the end of this hallway. You will be alerted that 
the last guy is trying to get away. Kill the remaining workers quickly because 
the last boss will be running away. Chase and kill the last boss to end the 
mission. I had an MP5 from the other X mission with the cops. That gun is 
pretty good and some of the workers drop AK-47s which are good as well. So pick 
up the weapons the workers drop if you run out of ammo. 

Ruff ride
You agree to go talk to dwaynes lady to straighten things out. She was stealing 
from him while he was in prison. Head to the waypoint where the girl and her 
boyfriend are. You can chose to execute her or not. Then hop on the bike and 
chase down the boyfriend. Kill him and grab his money. If you follow him for a 
long enough he will probably crash or you can shoot him while driving. Go meet 
up with dwayne to end the mission. 

Brucie called me to see if i wanted to drive his chopper so i said yes. All you 
have to do is fly the helicopter close to a building. Then you have to fly back 
to the heli-pad and land. Flying the helicopter is not that hard if you've 
played a game where you fly helicopters before. The direction the blades are 
tilting is the direction the helicopter will move. 

The puerto rico connection
Manny wants you to kill more people. Go to the train station then you have to 
follow the train. You can hold B to lock on the train. Eventually the train 
stops and you go up to the top of the platform and kill the enemies. Use your 
ak-47 from the construction site mission and they die easy. 

Call collect
You meet office mcreary. He needs you to do a deal for himl. Drive to the 
viewpoint following your GPS. After the phone call from the Mcreary open the 
text message then go to options and call the number. Walk around looking for a 
guy on a cell phone. For me he was sitting on the end of bench by the river. 
Kill him. After killing him you've have 2 stars for your wanted level you can 
jump in the water and swim away if you want or find some other way of getting 
away from the cops. Head to the next waypoint to drop off the package. 

The snow storm
Elizabeta and Little Jacob are arguing. You have to go finish a job jacob was 
apparently supposed to do or get someone to do. Follow the GPS to the old 
hospital. You need to go into the building and get some drugs. Be careful in 
the building because there are guys hiding and guys above you. Make sure you 
check for red circles with arrows pointing up - this means enemies are above 
you. If you need health, there is a armor vest in the room with the drugs. And 
there is a first aid kit if you go out of the room with the drugs then turn 
right and go to the last door on the left. After you grab the drugs the cops 
show up and you'll have 2 wanted level stars. You're going to have to shoot 
your way out. Go out the way you came in, shooting the cops that get in your 
way. Once you get outside you can hop in the old farm truck and make your get 
away. Getting away when you have 2 stars is tough. My advice would be to weave 
in and out of traffic to get the cops off your tail then find a long straight 
away and drive out of the circle. *Update: Chris R. wrote to tell me 
there is a speed boat behind the old hospital and you can use it to 
easily get rid of your wanted level. After you get away you have to go 
meet Jacob. 

You find out that Michelle is some sort of Federal Officer and she has been 
spying on you. She tells you the government needs your help and takes the 

Have a heart
Elizabeta kills manny and his cameraman when they burst into her house. You 
have to help her dispose of the bodies. You put the bodies in the trunk of a 
car and you are supposed to drive them to some doctor. If you hit anything or 
anyone your trunk flies open. If it flies open, go to the back and hit LB to 
close it. When you get to the waypoint you drop off the bodies and go. 

Harbouring a grudge
Packie wants you to take him to the docks to pick up something. you have to 
drive him there. get out of the car and follow pat to the top of the docks. 
remember to use x to climb. go to your right and make surefore you leave. There 
are people in the rooms so dont forget to kil them too. steal the truck with 
the drugs in it and follow the GPS. people follow you even if you kill 
everyone. use your grenades and use them to get rid of the guys that are 
following you. hold down lb to make the granade go off faster. 

Final interview
Mcreary wants me to go to the internet cafe. He wants you to apply to work at 
this lawfirm. Go to the internet cafe and find Mcreary's email and click the 
link in it. Go to Careers on the lawyers' website and then click Submit Resume. 
After you apply, mission is over. Just wait for a reply. 

X wants you to kill Marlon but you don't know what he looks like. have take a 
picture of him first with the new phone X gives you. Take a picture of the 
group. You can take the picture from inside your car but you have to face the 
car towards them because you can only take pictures out of the front windshield 
of your car. X tells you that marlon is the whole in the yellow. Get out and 
shoot marlon through the fence. There is really no need to run onto the 
basketball court because you can shoot Marlon from far away. Once you kill him 
the mission is over. 

Undress to kill
Dwayne wants you to reclaim his strip club by taking out the strip club 
managers. Listen to the peoples' conversations and find all three managers 
before you start shooting. You just have to stand next to a group of people for 
a second to listen. One manager is in the front counting money. Another is one 
the main floor talking to a stripper. The last one is in the back getting a lap 
dance. I found this mission to be tough, so I went and bought armor first from 
the gun store. The strategy that worked for me was, kill the manager in the 
back that is getting a lap dance first. Then run out the back door and around 
to the front of the building. The other managers will jump in a truck but there 
is a Corvette like car out front too. So you can jump in that. Chase them in 
your car and shoot out their tires. Keep shooting them until their truck blows 
up to finish the mission. 

Waste not want knots
Packie wants to rob the mafia. You need to grab a 4 door car. There should be 
plenty around. Drive to the site and get out your best gun, there are tons of 
mafia guys here. Clear the mafia guards from outside then head inside. The 
money is upstairs. After you grab the money mafia will flood in from all sides. 
Pick a side and shoot your way out of the building then immediately jump over 
the fence and into the water and swim to the boat. Packie will swim out to you. 
Now, just drive away in your boat. 

Hostile negotiation
Dmitri will call you to tell you that he has kidnapped Roman. Go to the 
warehouse where they are keeping him. There are a lot of guys in the warehouse, 
so always stay behind cover. There is a first aid kit on the first level and 
armor on the second level. On the first level there will be guys from the next 
level up shooting down at you. The same is true for the third level. After 
you've cleared all the guys on the third level you head across a narrow catwalk 
to a little metal room where they are keeping Roman. Roman will start 
screaming, "In here cousin." Before you go in equip your pistol because this 
will require some precise shooting. As you walk in the room, one of the bad 
guys grabs Roman and puts a gun to his head. You have to use free aim to shoot 
the bad guy in the head. You have to shoot pretty quickly, so don't waste time 
trying to get closer to the guy or get a better angle. Follow roman to the car 
and drive him back to your safe house. 

Wrong is right
Michelle brings you to another government guy who won't tell you his 
name. The phonebook entry for him is U.L. Paper so that is what I call 
him. He wants you to go meet Oleg Minkov. Go to his house by following 
your GPS. He isn't home so check out his computer. Read his emails then 
you call U.L. Paper. He tells you to kill Oleg. Get in a car and drive 
to the next waypoint. You're going to want to get a nice car before you 
get to the waypoint because you have to chase Oleg and he has a fast 
car. Chase him and shoot hit car while you are chasing him. Eventually 
his car will catch on fire and he will get out. Keep shooting him or run 
him over to kill him. 

... Final interview
Get a suit and tie and head to the tie icon on your map when your interview is 
scheduled. You can get a suit from Perseus if you don't already have one. Talk 
to the receptionist and follow her to Goldberg's office. He'll talk to you for 
a while. Then you can stand up by pressing LB. Equip your gun and point it at 
him with LT. Pick up the files off his desk. When it says kill Goldberg, switch 
to your knife. Stab Goldberg until he dies. Since you killed him silently the 
police will not be called. Jump out one of his windows and onto the street. 
Take the files back to Mcreary. 

Holland nights
Mcreary wants you to kill some drug dealer. Drive over to the waypoint. You can 
see the guy you're supposed to kill from the ground floor. You might be able to 
snipe him from there, but he saw me and ran. If he sees you, run to your left 
and around to the back corner of the buidling where he is hiding. He is the red 
dot on your radar. Jump the fence in the back of the building near where he is 
hiding and head up the stair well. He is on the very top level. There are some 
enemies on the way up so be careful. Once you find him a cutscene will happen 
and then you can execute him. Get down to the bottom floor and jump the fence 
you came in over. Run away from all the cops and find a car and drive away. 

Roman called me to tell me I got a safe house in Algonquian

A long way to fall
Ray wants you to kill Benavidez. Head to the waypoint. First you need to talk 
to Benvidez's buddy to find out where he is. Look at Ray's text message to see 
what Benavidez's buddy looks like. Go talk to him. Point your gun at him to 
intimidate him. Head to the next waypoint. Use the elevator to get to the top 
floor. When you get out, there is a guy immediately to your left. There are 
guys everywhere so be really careful. When you get to Benavidez's apartment 
there will be an arrow in front of the door. You can use free aim to shoot the 
door to open in then you can pick off a few enemies without going inside. Once 
you head into the kitchen and head back out a cutscene will play. Chase 
Benavidez outside. Be careful there are two guys waiting for you in the stair 
well that will shoot you. When you come out of the door that leads to the roof 
there is another guy on the roof that will be behind you so watch your back. 
Benavidez is at the edge of the roof. If you shoot him he will fall over the 

Portrait of a killer
U.L. Paper wants you to kill someone again. Find a cop car and try to get 
in. Remember don't kill the cops or you'll get three stars. Just get in their 
car when they get out. The will get out if you go up to the door and press Y. 
Once you have the car and are safely away, look at your text message and then 
search the police data base by picture from inside the cop car. Select that you 
locate the guy on your map. Drive to the way point. Paper wants you to 
kill the guy but first you have to eliminate everyone guarding him. Clear out 
as many enemies as you can with the sniper rifle if you have ammo. Clear out 
the guys on the ground and jump up on the cargo container to get up on the 
roof. Kill the guy on the roof and the mission is over. 

Dust Off
U.L. Paper wants you kill someone else but he wants you to pick something up 
first. Go to your next waypoint. Go to civilization plaza and watch the 
helicopter take off and then follow the helicopter. When the helicopter finally 
lands, there are a lot of people guarding it. I used my sniper rifle to pick 
off all the guards from a distance. You could also try shooting the explosive 
barrells that are all around the helicopter. Take the helicopter to the cargo 
yard and land and then the mission is over. 

Paper trail
U.L. Paper calls you again and tells you to meet Little Jacob at the 
helicopter. Once you get there, hop in the chopper. You're supposed to be 
following another helicopter. It is a red dot on your map. Once you get over 
the water, go to the right side of the chopper and hold it steady so Jacob can 
aim. He will eventually hit the other chopper. Land the helicopter back at the 
helipad and the mision is over. 

The holland play... 
X wants you to kill Dwyane. He said he will call you later. Later, Dwayne calls 
you and wants you to kill X. Eventually, X called me to tell me I needed to 
decide who I wanted to kill, him or Dwayne. I decided to kill Dwayne. When you 
get to Dwayne's there is a guy in his apartment with him with him with a 
baseball bat. Shoot him and then Dwayne. Dwayne is in the back. 
Even thought you killed Dwayne like X asked, X calls you to tell you he can't
see you anymore, so you won't be able to get more missions from him.  I am not 
sure what happens if you decide to kill X instead of killing Dwayne. 
::Update:: Jordan Y emailed to tell me, "If you decide to kill Playboy X,
you have to face off against, like, 4 guys in his loft, then a hummer with 1 
gunner in the passenger seat. It's worth it to kill him, though, because you 
then can use his loft as a safe house, because Dwayne nabbed the papers to it."
Thanks for the tip.  It sounds like it might be more difficult to kill X, but
you get a pretty nice reward.

::Update 2:: Maniac Raid wrote me with a description of what happens if you 
decide to kill X: "He had four guys with him, that were pretty easy to kill, 
because you start off taking cover in the elevator, and they're hiding behind 
the couches. Playboy X ran out onto his balcony, and will wait there until you 
follow him outside. Once you do, he'll jump to the the next roof over, and run 
inside, and down the stairs. Follow him down and outside to the streets, and he 
kept running on foot, but he had a friend in a Patriot trying to help, but I 
shot the driver through the window, and just kept on and gunned Playboy X down 
in the street." 

Mcreary wants you to kill some drug dealer. He says he left a rife in the trunk 
of a car on the corner of a road, it is the green dot on your map. Go get the 
car and drive to the dealer's house, follow the yellow line from your GPS. You 
have to go to the roof of the bulding aross the street to shoot the dealer 
through the window. Go to through the door in the front of the building on the 
opposite side (west side) of the street from your target's apartment. The door 
you need to go in is next to the red awning. Go in there and up to the roof. 
You have to call the dealer to get him to come to the window. His number is 545 
555 0122 (the number is on his phone but it is very hard to see). When he comes 
to the phone, shoot him and go back down to the street. *Update: Tore B., Aaron 
W., and Justin H. wrote me to say you can also shoot down the dealer's satelite 
dish to make him come over to the TV. The TVs picture gets all snowy and he is 
there for the shot" 

Three Leaf Clover
When you get over to Packie's all his brothers are there and 
there is a cutscene. When you get outside, find a four door car and drive to 
the bank. It is going to be your job to go into the vault while everyone else 
handles the civilians. There is a pretty lengthy cutscene as the job of course 
goes bad when Michael gets shot. One of the guys will eventually blow the vault 
door. Go downstairs to get the money. When you go outside, there are a lot of 
police. Cover your partners and shoot enough cops to clear a path for your 
escape. Use the center door frame as cover. Follow the two brothers outside and 
turn right at the corner of the building. Always stay close to your buddies and 
look for cover. Hide behind the door stoop and take out the cops at the end of 
the alley. Follow the brothers out of the alley. Always find a place to hide. 
There is a vest laying by one of the cop cars. The vest is by the rear 
passenger tire of the next car you come that is blocking the street. Keep 
following your buddies and shooting cops and eventually you will run down an 
alley that triggers a cutscene showing a gunship is after you. Run down into 
the subway. There are a lot of cops down here to be careful. Use the pillars as 
cover. You will come to the actual subway platform where you would normally get 
on the train. Use the last pillar as cover and shoot the two cops on the other 
side of the tracks. More cops will come down the stairs to your left. When the 
train comes by, leave your cover, jump down onto the tracks, and run beside the 
train for cover. After the train goes by turn around and shoot the cops that 
are chasing you. When those cops are mostly gone, your buddies will start 
running. Follow them. Make sure to stay in between the tracks or you could get 
run over. After you run for a while you come to a service exit. There is a 
first aid kit by the door to the right of the service exit. When you get to the 
street level, turn right and there is an SUV parked right there for the taking. 
Hop in and wait for your buddies to join you. Getting away from the cops will 
be really tough because you have 3 stars. Don't get discouraged if you fail to 
get away on your first couple tries. If you keep retrying the mission you will 
eventually escape. I just tried to follow the route back to Packie's and tried 
to out run the cops. Eventually I got away and drove home. You could try the 
pay and spray. For completing this mission you get the full exploration 
achievement so you can go anywhere in the city. You also get $250,000. 

Actions speak louder than words
Gerry wants you to go pick up a bomb and put it in someones car. The 
bomb is the green dot on your radar. Drive over to it.  Then get out of 
your car and head down the alley. After you've picked up the bomb get 
back in the car and drive to the car you're supposed to be bombing. Hit 
LB when standing by the trunk to plant the bomb. Get back in your car 
and drive to the waypoint. After a cut scene you have to follow the 
target to their hideout. Don't follow the car too closely. When you get 
to the waypoint there is a cutscene showing the target car is in the 
right place so you have to drive somewhere safe to detonate the bomb. 
Drive over near the yellow circle then get out and walk to the yellow 
circle. To detonate the bomb find Gerry's phone number in your phonebook 
on your cell phone. Then after you select Gerry's name select Detonate, to 
detonate the bomb. After the bomb goes off there are some remaining 
Ancelotti thugs to kill. I picked off all the thugs from a safe distance 
with my sniper rifle. After you kill all the targets, the cops are after 
you so jump in your car and drive away. The cops will be coming at you 
from both directions. Pick the direction with less cops and get out of 
the circle. This should be easy since you only have 1 star. 

I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle
Gerry wants you to disguise yourself as an Albanian and kill an 
Ancelloti capo. Get on the motorbike outside Gerry's house. Go to the 
waypoint. Be careful not to crash because it is easy to fall of the 
bike and get hurt. When you get to the waypoint you have to follow your 
target after he runs away on a motorcycle. Use LB to shot him as you 
drive.  Eventually you will shot him enough to destroy his bike or it 
is more likely that he will eventually crash and then you can just drive
up to him and shoot him. When he dies the mission ends. 

Taking in the trash
Ray wants you to go pick some garbage. Go around the building to get to 
the garbage truck. Get in after the cutscene. Drive to the waypoint. 
Press A to open the back of the truck. Go to both sites, following your GPS
and pick up the trash. After you pick up the second set of bags, some 
people will chase you. Avoid them and follow your gps to the drop off. 

Ray tells you some of the loot from the last job is missing. Jump in the 
car parked nearby after the cutscene. Drive to the waypoint. Lucas 
drives away with the loot and you have to chase him. You need him alive 
with the diamonds. Do not shoot the car at all. Just folow the car and 
eventually it will go in the park and get stuck. The guys all jump out 
and they will shoot you if you get near them. Shoot them first. There is 
one guy by the fountain and two guys downstairs hiding behind pillars. 
Lucas is in the bathroom downstaris hiding in the stalls. Shoot the doors 
using free aim to open them. when you find lucas, kill him. meet Ray at 
the top of the bridge to get your money. He will be a yellow dot on your 
radar after you call him. 

Next Kate called me. I agreed to go on a date with her. I took her to 
the bar. I tried driving home drunk and I crashed and she died. If you 
are driving drunk the police notice and try to pull you over. 
Drinking and driving almost always results in you getting you arrested 
or killed.  It's better to call a cab or wait to sober up.

Museum piece
You tell Ray you are looking for Florian Cravic. He needs you to sell 
some of the loot from your last job. Head over to the waypoint. I took a 
cab. Go talk to Johnny. You try to do a deal but someone shows up and 
tries to steal the goods. You have to shoot your way out. Stay behind 
cover and watch your flanks.  There are guys on both sides of the level. 
As you are getting to the end of the hallway there is a first aid kit on 
the wall by the big statue covered in a sheet. If you are facing the 
front of the statue the first aid kit is to your right. When you get to the
stairs you can use your sniper rifle to shoot some of the enemies at the 
other end of the big room down stairs. There is a vest on the desk to your 
left as you go down the stairs. When you go through the double doors at 
the end of the downstairs room, be careful because there are two guys 
waiting in the next room. There is another first aid kit to the left of 
the doors that take you outside. Once you are outside you have to get 
away from the guys who are following you. They will have two cars. You 
can try to drop grenades to kill them or just outrun them.  I tried to
kill them before getting in the car by shooting them with my sniper
rifle.  That didn't really work out too well but I was able to kill
one guy and then run away. 

No way on the subway
Ray wants you to calm down the bikers. Head to the bikers' hangout. You 
have to chase two bikers on motorcycles. Follow them into the subway. It 
is much easier to shoot them while they are in the subway because they 
have to drive in a mostly straight line. Shoot them while driving. If 
you knock them both off their bikes and kill them the mission ends. 

Weekend at Florian's
Ray calls you and tells you some guy named Talbot might know where 
Florian is. Roman will call you. Go pick him up. You need a car to take 
you and Roman to Talbot's. Go to the waypoint. You'll talk to Talbot 
then you need to find a 4 door car to drive the whole group around. 
There is a car parked across the street if you need one. Follow talbot's 
spoken directions. Drive to the arrow. You and Florian talk and he 
convinces you it wasn't him who set you up. You are now looking for 
Darko Brevic he is the only one left who you know didn't set you up. 

Late checkout
Ray wants you to shut up Isaac the diamond dealer. Head to the Majestic. 
Follow your GPS. Go up the elevator to the penthouse. There are guards 
waiting for you when your get out of the elevator. Equip your shotgun, 
get behind some cover, and take out the two guys who are nearest to you. 
Switch to a different weapon for long range. Go down the hallway 
shooting guys along your way. Go up the stairs to the penthouse. There 
are a lot of guys in the living room of the penthouse. Shoot the door 
open to pick a few off before going inside. Once you are inside use the 
couch for cover. Move up and use the pillar for cover if you need to. 
There are guys on the stairs and in the kitchen to your left. There is a 
first-aid kit in the kitchen by the refrigerator. Head upstairs and 
Isaac is through the double doors on the top floor. There are guys on 
the roof and they will shoot you through the glass if you are not 
careful. Sprint and find some cover on the roof and take them out. There 
is a vest on the roof to your right as you come out onto the roof. There 
are some stairs on the other side of the roof that lead down to another 
roof. There are three guys over there so take them out before heading 
over. Then there is a cart you can get on to lower yourself down. When 
you get down to street level, get off the cart. Make sure to run away 
from the cops. you might have to jump a fence to avoid them. Lose the 
cops if they're chasing you. 

Truck hustle
Phil wants you to rob a truck. Grab the parked car outside and drive to 
the waypoint. When you get to the waypoint, Niko will find some cover 
and the truck will arrive. Toss a grenade in the middle of the group of 
three guards to take them all out at once. If you lock on to one of the 
group with LT and then hold one RT for a moment and then release, Niko 
will make a pretty accurate throw that lands somewhere near the group. 
Kill as many of the enemies as you can quickly. Eventually a guy will 
jump in the truck and drive away. I don't think you cant stop him before 
he leaves. I sniped him right in the face while he was in the truck and 
it didn't kill him. You have to catch up to the truck and jump on the 
back. I jumped in one of the cars nearby then caught up to the truck and 
stopped in front out it so I blocked it in. Then I got out and ran 
around to the back of the truck. When you reach the arrow Niko will grab 
onto the truck. Tap A repeatedly to climb onto the roof of the truck. 
When you are on top use the left stick to move. Hold the left stick in 
the direction the truck is turning when it turns or you will be flipped 
off. Make your way to the front of the truck by pressing forward on the 
left stick and niko will break in the cab and kick the driver out. Drive 
the truck to the waypoint. 

Dead end
When you go to the pay phone marked with the crosshair you call the 
assasin on the phone and he tells you to kill someone. Go to the 
waypoint. There will be a biker there he will be in a car. Follow him 
until he stops. Kill him when he gets out. Kill his guards too. Run away 
if any cops come. I am not sure if this is really a mission or if it is 
just something you can do for extra money. 

Smack down
Derrick is in rough shape. He's laying drunk on a park bench. He wants 
you to kill Sligo. You need to find a cop car. There are two to your 
left when you leave the park. Get in one and hit LB to use the computer. 
Search for sligo by name and click on locate to add his position to your 
radar. Take the police car to burger shot. When you pull up to the arrow 
he will drive away. Follow him to his house. Jump out of your car and 
shoot him before he gets inside and shoot the guy on the porch. There 
are three or four guys inside. Throw a grenade in the house if you have 
one. Use the wall by the door for cover. You can use free aim to shoot 
the door open. there is also a guy who is waiting for you at the top of 
the stairs. Use free aim to point your gun towards the top of the stairs 
and shoot him. Lose the cops after you kill everyone. 

Pegorinos pride
Jimmy Pegorino wants you to oversee a meeting. Get in the car and drive 
everyone to the meeting. When you arrive and the cutscene is over, turn 
to your left and go in the door of the building you're supposed to be 
watching from. It is a white door that is one the ground level. Since 
you are parked on a hill the door is slightly below you. Watch the deal 
and shoot the bad guys when the shooting starts. Make sure to protect 
Jimmy he is your main goal. When it says to rescue Jimmy run down to the 
ground. There will be a bunch of guys in front of the building where the 
deal was. Kill the guys in front so you can make a clear run to the side 
of the building and then run around the back of the building. Going in 
the back of the building saves time. Once you see Jimmy run to him. A 
cutscene will happen and you will get in a car. You have to chase down 
the other car and kill the guys and get the money back. If you chase the 
car for a while it will eventually crash. Run over or shoot the guys. 
After you've killed them all, jump out and pick up the tribute. Drive 
jimmy home. 

Jimmy wants you to break up a deal and take the money. Get in the car 
outside and drive to the waypoint. You have to follow the other car to 
the deal. Once you get to the deal you have to kill everyone. They are 
all hiding amoungst the cars. Try throwing grenades to kill them. I ran 
to the right side of the building and hid there for cover and that 
worked pretty well because there is no back door to the buidling. Once 
you've killed them all get rid of your wanted level, if any. 

Gravelli wants you to make sure a speaker makes it to city hall. As part 
of the convoy head to the waypoint. Your car will be stopped. You hide 
in the alley with the speaker. Stay in cover and try to pick off the 
guys. There are two guys on the roof of the one building. You can get to 
the roof by jumping on the dumpster in the alley. There is also a first 
aid kit in the alley. When you kill all the enemies you and the speaker 
will start to run. A swarm of cars will come after you. Kill the guys 
form the first car and take their car. Drive the speaker to the way 

Hating the haters
Bernie thinks someone is folling him, so you go outside to see if the 
guy will come after him. Head to the park and follow bernie around while 
he jogs. Eventually a guy will pop out and attack him. Chase the 
attacker up the stairs. he will hop on a scooter. Hop on a scooter too 
and begin the low-speed chase. Keep shooting him and eventually he will 
die. Pick up Bernie and get rid of the cops and take bernie home. It is 
pretty funny to see both of you on the scooter together. The scooter is 
actually good for getting away because you can go places cop cars can't. 
If you're having trouble getting away on the scooter, head down a thin 
path or alley where the cops can't fit through. 

Union drive
Bernie wants you to do something about Bryce being blackmailed. Grab the car 
parked outside and pick up Bernie. Drive to the waypoint. You find out that 
Dmitri is the one behind the blackmailing. The blackmailers run away. If you 
chase them long enough they will eventually stop. Get out of your car and kill 
them both with your favorite gun. Get back in the car with Bernie and drive him 
home. Lose the cops if any are folloing you. 

Derrick wants you to escort someone with conterfeit money. Drive your boat to 
the waypoint then follow the other boat. Some guys will come and shoot you and 
the other boat you are supposed to be protecting. Shoot them while you are 
driving by holding LB. Eventually you will go under a bridge and Derrick will 
tell you to shoot the helicopter. Press Y to stand on the boat so you can use 
the rocket launcher. Hold LT to aim. Shoot the helicopter first and then the 
other enemy boat. After killing all the enemies follow the other boat and 
eventualy you will arrive atthe dock and a cutscene will play and the mission 

Buoys ahoy
Bernie wants you to drive him around in Bryce's boat. Drive to the waypoint. 
Some of dmitri's goons shoot at you. Follow their boat. Don't worry about 
shooting them. Their boat will eventually stop and they will all get out and 
wait to shoot you. Go kill them and then go back to the boat where Bernie is. 
When you get to the boat a cutscene will play and the mission is over. 

Dining out
Gravelli wants you to do a favor for a friend. He wants you to kill Kim. He 
eats at Mr. Fuk's. Go to the waypoint. Once you get past the guy in the front 
room people will start shooting you. There are about 10 guys in the stairway 
room. There are guys above you too. Be careful. Go to the blue dot. That is the 
manager. He will tell you Kim is not there but point your gun at him and he 
will say Kim heard you coming and is running away. There is a vest on the desk 
by the manager. More guys appear in the stair room. Shoot them and then head 
into the kitchen. There are a couple enemies in the kitchen and Kim. There is a 
first aid kid on the wall in the kitchen if you need it. Run out the other door 
and go down the ladder. Jump on the motorcycle and chase kim. He is the red 
dot. He will get in a car and try to shoot you. Shoot him while driving. When 
you kill him the mission is over. Lose the cops if any are following you. 

Liquidize the assets
Gravelli and U.L. Paper from the government are chating. You need to destroy a 
bunch of vans. Head to the waypoint. Jump the fence and snipe the guy on the 
roof. Hide behind the part of the wall and kill all the enemies you can and 
then move up to the next spot. Be sure to watch out for guys on the roof. You 
can toss a grenade near the vans to blow them up. There is a vest on one of the 
boxes in the middle of the alley. One of the vans will attempt to run. I used 
to rocket launcher to blow it up. When you blow up all the vans the mission is 

Tunnel of death
Derrick wants you to kill O'malley. Packie calls you and says he left a truck 
with a rocket launcher for you. Go get the truck and get in. You have to kidnap 
o'malley so it looks like a prison break. Go to the tunnel. Park the truck 
across the markers. After the cutscene, kill the cops. Uou dont have to use the 
rocket laucher but you can if you want. All the cops will get out of their 
cars, even the ones in the armored truck. Use your truck for cover. To get away 
I just drove to the north end of the tunnel and then turned around and took the 
tunnel south. It is easier to get away when you are in the tunnel because the 
helicopter can't see you. Once you've lost your wanted level, drive to the 
waypoint. It is funny to drive back through the tunnel and see the guys trying 
to squeeze by your truck that you had used to block the road. When you get to 
the waypoint you have to drive through the fence to get to the arrow. You will 
get out of the armored truck and into a normal car. Drive to the next waypoint. 
When you get there you'll all get out. Shoot aiden o'malley to end the mission. 

Blood brothers
Francis Mcreary wants you to stop Derrick from talking to a reporter. Derrick 
calls you and wants you to stop Francis from killing him. Climb the scaffolding 
and boards to get to the lift to the roof. Take the platform lift up to the 
roof and move to the waypoint. I decided to kill Francis because he is kind of 
an annoying jerk. After you've killed one of them, get down from the roof and 
run away from the building. When you get far enough, the mission ends. If you 
decide to kill Francis, you are invited to his funeral by Packie. Also, Derrick 
gets thrown in jail but may get out. Head to the church and watch a cutscene of 
the funeral. During the funeral people will attack you. Get behind the cars 
parked outside and defend everyone. After you kill all the enemies jump in the 
hearst. drive to the graveyard. Guys will chase you but packie will shoot them. 
When you get to the graveyard you see a cutscene of the burial. 

Catch the wave
Phil wants you to go take him somewhere. Go to the waypoint. When you get 
there, there will be a truck waiting. Get in the truck, wait for Phil to get 
in, and then drive to the waypoint. When you get to the waypoint the deal, of 
course goes bad. Phil will jump out and start shooting people. You have to stay 
close to Phil and protect him. He will kind of run in recklessly but try to 
stay close to him and defend him or he will die. Once you kill everyone, Phil 
gets in a boat and tells you to get in the other boat. There is a vest on the 
way to your boat on the ground. Two boats will come after you. Try to kill the 
driver of the boat that is following Phil because you have to protect Phil. The 
second boat with enemies is way slower for some reason. Just keep running away 
from the second boat and if you get far enough away it will give up. Drive your 
boat to the dock, following phil. When you get to the dock jump out of your 
boat and onto the dock. After a cut scene the mission is over. 

i'll take her ... 
Gerry wants you to come meet him in prison. He wants you to call Packie. After 
the cutscene, use your phone to call Packie. Gerry wants you to kidnap some 
Gracie Ancelotti. You need to get to a computer terminal. The instructions in 
the upper left hand corner of the screen tell you what to click on. Call the 
girl. On the auto site, her screen name is mob girl. Head over to her house 
after you call her. Drive to the waypoint with her in the car for your test 
drive. A message will pop up and the waypoint will change. Take her to the new 
waypoint, which is your safe house. She'll keep trying to escape which makes 
the car hard to drive, but eventually you'll hit her and knock her out. When 
you get to the way point, you drop her off and the mission is over. 

Packie called me about Gracie Ancelotti. All you have to do is go up the the 
room where she is and use your camera to take a picture of her. Press LB to 
make her look at you then use the phone's menu to take the picture and send it 
to packie. The mission ends when you get back outside and talk to packie. 

Jimmy Pegorino's body guard was wearing a wire. The body guard, Andy, is in the 
hospital. Jimmy wants you to go kill him. The hospital is nearby, jump in a car 
and drive there. Put your weapons away. Make sure you have the fist equipped 
when you go in the hospital. The ER is to the right. go in the locker room and 
put on the scrubs. Walk to andy's room and press LB near the life support 
machine to turn it off. Walk out quickly and discretely. I am not sure how far 
you can get if you walk, because I tried to run after I turned the corner and 
the cops started shooting me. I just kept running and got away though. I would 
suggest not running until you get all the way outside. When you get away from 
the cops the missions ends. 

Phil wants you to kill someone called Chubby Charlie. Drive the both of you to 
the waypoint. When you get there, you can either go in the front or sneak 
around the back. I chose to sneak around the back. Jump down to the tunnel. 
There is a hole in the left wall of the tunnel. At the mouth of the tunnel 
there are two guys on the floor above you. Shoot them both in the head. There 
are about 8 guys on the next 2 levels above you. Be careful and stay behind 
cover if you can find it. When you get up to your target he runs. As you chase 
him there are a lot of guys in your way. Be careful and use cover. When you get 
to the roof you can climb one of the really tall ladders and use your sniper 
rifle to clear a few guys. After you go across the bridge and up the ladder 
there is a first aid kit by the first tall column. When you get to the same 
side of the roof as Chubby Charlie, your target, a chopper will come and pick 
him up. Use your rocket launcher to destroy the chopper in one hit. 

To live and die in alderney
You tell Phil you are looking for someone. Drive both of you to the old 
mansion. You are picking up the drugs you dropped off earlier. When you go to 
pick up the drugs the Feds show up. Get away from them. Follow Phil. Eventually 
he will stop and you all get out on foot. Cops will show up and you have to 
kill them all. After you have killed them all, run to the van. Get in the van 
and lose your wanted level. Then drive to the waypoint. 

She's a keeper
Gerry wants you to take Grace Ancelotti somewhere. Go to the safehouse to pick 
her up. Run through the building and out the back door to get Gracie. The 
Ancelotti's are on to you so you have to avoid them while not crashing and 
killing Grace. Drive to the waypoint. When you drop her off the mission is 

Pest control...
Jimmy wants you to kill someone because he thinks they might be a rat. He 
doesn't know who. He will call you. He called me a little later and told me to 
go talk to Ray. Drive to the waypoint. You need a car. You have to kill Ray but 
he is guarded by goons. They get in two seperate cars. You can follow them for 
a while and then they get out at a gas station and you can shoot them there. I 
just waited from them to stop at a red light and shot one of the cars with a 
rocket. If the cars are close enough together, the explosion will kill 
everyone in both cars. 

Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Gerry tells you the Ancelottis are going to pay the ransom. Packie will call 
you. Gerry says he'll never get out of jail. Go get Packie's car and drive to 
the exchange spot. Bulgarin will pull up with tons of goons. Use the car for 
cover and pick off as many goons as you can then follow packie. Try to stay 
behind cover as much as possible there are enemies every where. You will 
eventually be on top of a catwalk. There is a first aid kit on the catwalk 
after two groups of reinforcements have shown up. The first aid kit is stuck to 
a wall. One of the guys will throw the diamonds on to a truck that drives away. 
Kill the remaining two guys and go down the ladder. Get in a car and head to 
the waypoint. When you drop off packie the mission is over. 

That special someone
U.L. Paper has brought Darko Brevic to Liberty City for you. Drive to the 
airport with Roman and someone throws Darko out of the back of the van. Darko 
goes on a rant about how his life sucks. You can choose to kill him or not. I 
decided to kill him. Go get in your car and drive Roman to Brucie's. 

one last thing...
Jimmy wants you to do a deal with Dmitri. Niko is reluctant 
but eventually agrees. When you go outside you call a couple people. Roman 
tells you to do the deal because he wants the money. Kate tells you to kill 
Dmitri because doing the deal would be betraying what you believe in. 

I decided to kill Dmitri.  He seems like a jerk and he double crossed you.

I don't want to ruin the story for you at this point, but the choice you make 
here has a big impact on the story. You've invested probably at least 25-30 
hours in the game. You should make the decision to kill Dmitri or not on your 
own. If someone wants to email me what happens if you decide to do the deal 
with Dmitri that'd be great. 

A dish served cold
Kill the two guys standing in front of the truck and then kill the guy by the 
oil tanker. You can get on top a cargo container and snipe the guys on deck if 
you want. Kill as many guys by sniping as you can. Check the towers at each end 
of the ship before moving forward. There is a ladder on the cranes at both ends 
of the ship. You can climb to the top. These are good sniping spots. There is a 
sniper rife on the crane nearest to where you spawn. Go up on both cranes to 
snipe as many people as possible. As soon as you go up the stairs, there is 
ammo to your right. There is a vest and a granade on the crane on the boat when 
you first go onto the ship. There is a first aid kit in the first room of the 
control room, which is the kitchen. Go up stairs and there are a lot of guys in 
the hallway that are all behind cover. Kill them carefully, and go outside. 
Don't forget to check for people above you. There is another vest in the 
control room along with another guy. Operate the controls to open the cargo 
bay. When you leave the control room, a bunch of guys spawn and come after you. 
Guys spawn all over the main deck again so find cover and kill them. On the way 
down, watch for guys that have respawned and are coming towards you. In the 
barracks, the guys respawn and there is a vest in one of the middle rooms if 
you didn't get it earlier. There are more guys in the dining room / kitchen and 
the first aid kit is in there too. Carefully jump down the cargo hold. There 
are a lot of guys there waiting. There is a first aid kit on the back wall if 
you need it. There are guys hiding amongst the boxes. Be careful and sweep your 
corners. When you get close to Dimitiri, a cut scene will play and three of his 
guys run out and they all attack you at once. Get behind cover as fast as you 
can. Kill the guys first and then Dimitri. When you kill him a cut scene will 
happen and then you execute him. Head back outside and get off the ship the way 
you came. 

After the mission you call Roman and he is dissapointed in you for not taking 
the money. he also invites you to his wedding tomorrow. 

Phill Bell also calls you and tells you he can't talk to you anymore.

The wedding
Kate will call you and ask you to pick her up and take her to the 
wedding. Go get her and go to the wedding. As you are leaving the wedding Jimmy 
Pegorino shows up and murders kate. 

Out of commision
Roman and little jacob have found Jimmy Pegorino. Head to the blue waypoint. 
When you get there. Get into the car with them both. Now you have to follow a 
car that is going to lead you to Pegorino. When you get to the hideout, a 
cutscene will play and you'll hide behind a car and Roman and Little Jacob will 
run away. Use your car for cover and shoot as many of the goons as you can from 
there. Then move up near the cars and check for more enemies. There is a door 
to the building on your right head. You have to go in there and look for 
Pegorino. Use the door frame for cover and kill as many guys as you can before 
heading inside. There is a first aid kit on the wall near the stairs to your 
left. Head towards the back of the building and then turn left and go through 
the doors. A cutscene will play and then chase Jimmy up the stairs. When you 
get to a blue door that opens to the roof, there will be guys waiting for you 
on the other side. Shoot them. Then there is ladder that takes you down to the 
ground. If you go down now, you might get shot on the way down. You can go up 
on the slanted roof to your right but be careful because there are other guys 
on a different roof that can see you if you go up there. If you go up on the 
slanted roof, kill the guys on the ground near the ladder before heading down. 
Press the left stick towards the ground and hit A to slide down the ladder 
faster. Walk around the side of the buidling. There will be a couple more 
goons. When Pegorino gets in his boat, run down the stairs and hop on the dirt 
bike. Follow Pegorino by riding along the coast. You have to make a small jump 
so keep your speed up. Then you have to make a bigger jump with a yellow arrow. 
Try to hit the ramp as fast as possible. You will jump of your dirt bike in mid 
air and grab onto Roman and Little Jacob's chopper. Fly the chopper. Stay close 
to pegorino. You can try to shoot him but I dont think you can kill him. 
Pegorino starts firing rockets. I think it is impossible to avoid them all. One 
hits you and then you crsh land on a dock and pegorino gets out of his boat on 
the same dock. Chase him on foot. Get out your gun because there will be people 
shooting you. Pegorino runs by some trees and then stops. Kill him. A cutscene 
plays and you finish off pegorino. Niko feels unsure about what he did, again. 

Congratulations, you've finished all the story missions!! I believe there are 
alternate endings. I am guessing that you get the alternate endings based on 
what you chose for the kill Dmitri or do a deal with him mission. 


Big thanks to all the people who found typos or mistakes in my FAQ and were 
kind enough to send me a polite email pointing them out. Here is the list: 

Scott G
The many, many people who emailed about the Lure phone number
Sean M.
(I am sure there will be more.)

Thanks to the following people who emailed about killing X for The holland play:
Jordan Y
Andy R

Tore B., Aaron W., Justin H. - thanks for the Lure tip

Jim Drizzle - thanks for the The Master and the molotov tip

Chris R. - thanks for the speed boat tip.

Ricky I - thanks for the 3 leaf clover tip.

Justin M. - thanks for pointing out I was missing Roman's Sorrow.

Maniac Raid - thanks for the holland play mission guide for when you kill X

Gareth D. - thanks for multiple tips.  

Credit should also go to my friend Jon who contributed to this FAQ. 

This FAQ is dedicated to my girlfriend, Nikki, who hasn't been able to watch TV 
at all since I got GTA 4. :P 

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