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Reviewed: 08/21/07

You Know Him, You Love 'Im , It's The Overlord!


Take a cup of Pikmin, a dash of Dungeon Keeper, a pinch of Fable, mix, stir and serve as Overlord. Oh and don’t forget the film “Gremlins.” Despite its derivative origins the final game has a flavour all its own.

The story (such as it is) has the main character being revived as the new Overlord. However his castle is in a sad state of disrepair, he only has a few minions at his command and he needs to go out and strike fear and trembling into his serfs and enemies.

All the traditional cast are here – Halflings, elves, dwarves, sheep. However Overlord does much the same to role-playing as Shrek did to fairy tales. Your minions delight in trashing everything in their way and eliminating any enemies foolish enough to stray into their path. As the game progresses you obtain more minions and different types each with their own special skills.

Also you can improve your armour and weapons by using better materials and by consigning your minions to a fiery death in the furnace.

You can choose a mistress to share your domain (they come in two flavours) and decorate the interior and exterior of your castle. Although you are an ‘evil’ Overlord you can choose to do good deeds or evil deeds which will increase your corruption.

The game takes place over a few large areas – rural farmland, an enchanted forest, a plague ridden city, the dwarven mines, the searing desert. Finding your way around these extensive areas is one
of the main problems of the game (there is a very basic paper map but no in-game map.) Within each area you have a number of tasks to complete before you can move on.

As you acquire new types of minion and increase the size of your horde, you can make tactical decisions about the mix of your horde and how you employ the special talents of the different types of minion.

There are a number of ‘bosses’ but like the rest of the game, if you have sufficient minions and have upgraded your equipment, they provide very little real challenge. This could be one criticism of the game, it is too easy.

The graphics are fine, nothing special but I was not aware of any major flaws. The sound is OK but it doesn’t play a great part in the game.

The controls take a little mastering and the camera is not very co-operative. The Overlord moves at a ‘stately’ pace which can seem a little slow. The minions scurry around at a much faster pace. The Overlord has some basic combat moves and magic but it is much more fun and much more successful if you let the minions do most of the combat and heavy lifting.

There is an arena in the castle where you can fight any enemies you have defeated already, and where you can harvest the ‘life-force’ required to summon your minions. This can be a bit of a grind.

There are many achievements to be gained in the game, some would require a replay.

There is online play where you can play in co-op mode and split screen co-op has been promised as downloadable content in the future.

Overall this is a fun game that will keep you occupied over a rental period. It is NOT Oblivion and probably doesn’t justify purchase.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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