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Reviewed: 07/10/07

Smiting the Smited

"Overlord" is a new type of gameplay using 3rd Person Shooter view but also adding a sorta of RTS feel to it. Overlord has many things you can do with also some minor bugs and such.

Overlord's storyline keeps you interested in your conquest of the lands. You combat seven "heros" that were corrupted after they had defeated your predecessor. You are awakened by some minions and your aid through the game named Gnarl. You and your minions begin a quest to destroy all the so called "heros" and conquer the land in the name of evil.

The audio is decent, the music choice though is great. Music is really basic scores really that just bring out the good side of the game. But all the other sound affects may become repetative after a while.

Game play is almost perfect. Your ability to fight enemies while commanding units to pillage, murder, and destroy (Teen Rated) all enemies in your path. The game is also a puzzle game where at some points you have to solve puzzles to get through the game while also needing it to reduce casualties. The game has about 5 major glitches but nothing that impedes your ability to pass through the game. Many players complain about the camera but it is something easy to get passed.

Multi player is a bit of sad story. You have two game types and two maps per game type. The games are usually a bit laggy but some go through perfectly. If you are aiming for the achievement, it may take a while for if your enemy leaves at the last seconds, it does not count as a win. The multi player only allows to have versus or co-op game play, meaning that you can only have 1vs1 matches or team up to survive against an onslaught of enemies. The actual game play itself and the way the matches are set up still allows the multi player to be half-decent.

Overall it's a love/hate sort of game where you will really love it or really hate it. Best way to find out is to play the demo on PC or find it in the Xbox Live Marketplace. With the initial game play from the demo you should find if you dislike it or not, though your overlord is very weak at that stage with no upgrades.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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