Review by NatorMVP

Reviewed: 06/29/07

Are you evil or very evil?

A lot of originality here, not too often do you get to play an evil overlord and raze and pillage innocent towns. The game takes some pretty standard RPG elements as far as quests go. Most quests are either to recover an item or kill some sort of beastie. There is some room for improvement for sure like the addition of a minimap or even a compass. It is a little confusing to be told to go east to a castle but have no idea where east is. Overall though with a little exploration your objectives aren't hard to find.

This game looks great. The fantasy world is portrayed very well and the environments are very lush. It doesn't seem like the 360's graphics are taxed very much though. The world looks a lot like Kameo and not as detailed as a game like Oblivion. I think that a lot more detail could've been included to make the world seem more alive and vibrant.

While the controls aren't complex or difficult, they work very well for the type of game that this is. Most of the time you spend simply moving the left stick to move your Overlord and the right stick to move your minions. There are no combos or special moves to learn, about the most difficult thing to do is separating your minions by type to control only breed. The camera gets a little used to since you don't have your extra control stick to spin the camera with you are limited to focusing on the direction the Overlord is facing.

Replay Value:
Thankfully this game isn't like Fable where you can save part way through to see all of the endings. There are multiple ways to play through based on how corrupt you are. It is possible to appease the townsfolk and earn their respect by doing various deeds for them, or you can slaughter them and earn their respect through fear and domination, or any combination of the two that you see fit. At least two or three playthroughs will allow you to see most paths throughout the game

Total: (33/40) 82.5%

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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