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Online Guide by 121Mole

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/19/2008

Overlord Online Guide

By: Joel Mason
Email: mole121 at gmail dot com
MSN: mole121@hotmail.com <--I don't worry about spam on that one =P
Version 1.0

This is my first ever guide. If you have any suggestions, questions, tips, 
tricks or if you just want to thank me, contact me as above.

I'm thinking about adding a FAQ section to the guide - if I get enough
questions, I will.


[SURV] Survival Mode
---Last Stand [LS]
---Gates of Destruction [GOD]

[PILL] Pillage
---Plunder [PLU]
---Tomb Robber [TMR]

[SLAU] Slaughter
---Party Crashers [PTC]
---Circles of Power [COP]

Survival Mode [SURV]

About this section of the Guide:

I will cover each enemy individually, and give strategies on each. Detailed 
strategies are in The Last Stand's section, as the enemies do not differ 
greatly between maps. However, there are a few new ones on The Gates of 
Destruction that require different techniques.

General Tips & Tricks:

Let me start off by saying that you can never go wrong with a judicious 
application of minion spells. Translation: Use it a lot. Minion spelling can 
get you out of a lot of tight situations; if your minions are near a troll 
that's about to squish them, minion spell will save them. The same applies for
Boar hammer attacks, and other area attacks. Minion spelling can also 
extinguish minions that are on fire.

Blues are fairly useless, so use them to recharge your mana/health in the 
blood/mana pits.

Never abandon your partner. If he dies, you die. As soon as you finish off 
the enemies fighting you, check on your partner. If your minions die helping 
him, that's bad luck, but you can spawn more. Learn to prioritize.


The Last Stand


Map summary:

Consists of 4 spawning pits, 4 drawbridges, mana pit and blood pit. There is a 
raised platform that has barrels on either side, and food that spawns from 
about 5 mins onwards. The food takes 5 minions to carry, and will give you 10 
life force of *******each minion colour that returns it. *********When I refer 
to the drawbridges, 'North' is the bridge that is directly ahead of you when 
you start. The others are self explanatory. 

What to use:

After many failed attempts (including a 29:32 - SO CLOSE!) Kamahl and I 
decided to stop trying mixed minion sets, and just have 20 browns each. 
You start off with 40 brown life force, so this is simple. However, I prefer 
to keep 2 blue minions with me at all times in case I need to sacrifice them to
the mana/blood pits quickly.


The first enemies that come through the drawbridges are beetles, and in my 
opinion, these are the most annoying of all enemies you will face. Seriously. 
The fire beetles' area attack can take down 7-8 minions if you're too slow and 
forget to recall them ALL as soon as it flies up in the air. I used minion 
spells against the pair of beetles that come out (Magma and Dazzler) which 
takes them down in a few seconds. You'll get multiple waves of these for 
About 2 mins.

[Archer Rats]
Soon after, the Archer Rats will arrive. These guys are easy. They come from 
the North, East and West drawbridges, in groups of three. Wait for them to come
off the bridge, and then approach. This is important; if you go near them while
they're still on the bridge, they'll sit there and attack - you won't be able 
to reach them. Sweep your browns over to them when they step off the bridge, 
and they'll be dead within 10 seconds. Hopefully your partner should have 
taken out another set, so go and take down the remaining 3 together.

[Minotaurs / Boars]
The next set of enemies will probably be archers and the big minotaurs with 
the sledgehammers. The archers will run off first, so you can take those out 
the same as before. Wait for the Minotaur/Boar creature to step off, and sweep 
minions to it. As soon as it raises its hammer, pull back your minions. 
I recommend both of you attack at the same time, and minion spell if you feel 
the need. Hopefully you can take it down before he raises the hammer.

Unicorns will show up shortly after. These guys are easy once you know how to 
deal with them (as with all enemies). Wait for it to charge, and sweep your 
minions out of the way. As soon as it's past you, target it and hold down 
right trigger to send your minions at it. They will be there to jump on its 
back as soon as it slows down, and will avoid getting trampled. Minion spell as
you send them at it, and it should die fairly quickly. You will eventually 
face 5-6 of these unicorns at a time, but just take them down one at a time, 

[Forest Trolls]
Forest Trolls will arrive soon. Both you and your partner should help with 
these. Usually they can be taken down before they belly-flop, but if not, pull 
your minions back (or even better - minion spell). They're so slow that you can
easily deal with one before the other gets to you.

[Knights/White Priests]
Knights and White Priests will run out, sometimes from all four drawbridges at 
once. Minion spelling is recommended here, but not really necessary. Just 
make sure you take down the White Priests; they run off and revive dead 

[Dwarf Miners]
Dwarf Miners are a piece of cake, and don't require any minion spelling at all.
Initially, they come out in groups of three which can easily be taken down 
swiftly with 18 browns.

[Large Dwarves]
After a few rounds of Miners, a large dwarf (yes, an oxymoron) will emerge 
from with the north or south bridge. Sending minions directly at these is 
stupid, if not foolish. However, if you sweep your browns behind them and 
onto their backs (like you would with greens) they drop in 5 seconds. Soon 
enough you'll face 2 of these at a time, but never any more (from the same 
bridge, at least). The same strategy applies with two.

[Flamer Dwarves]
Flamethrower dwarves will emerge from the North bridge. These seemed tricky 
to deal with during the campaign, but are relatively easy here. However, 
their flames are just as lethal; both Praetor and I have died frustrating 
deaths because of these little things. The strategy to take them down is 
simple; wait for their flames to stop, minion spell, and send all of your 
browns at it. If you hear it about to attack, RECALL YOUR MINIONS. 
However, you can usually kill it before it starts flaming. Once its health 
is down, pull your minions out and let it explode ^_^

[Bomb Dwarves]
Bomb Dwarves will start getting more and more frequent as the game progresses, 
and sometimes as many as 5 will be on screen at a time. They tend to run for 
the higher platform (so they can chuck bombs down at you) so stop them in 
their tracks. A very easy kill, and the bombs can be used as (rather 
ineffective and clumsy) weapons...just make sure your partner knows what 
you're doing.

[Rock Golem] 
At around 21 minutes, you'll hear this guy show up. Remember him from the 
campaign? Remember how tough he was? Yeah, well he's a pushover now. 
Recall all your minions from any engagements they may have with enemies, and 
lock on to the big guy. Circle around him, and send your minions at his back. 
Minion spell. Your browns should jump onto his back and start whacking away. 
Depending on the state of your minions' equipment, and whether your partner is 
joining in or not, he oughta drop in 15-25 seconds. Now, a Golem will spawn 
every few rounds, so you may think "I'll just leave him and avoid him. If I 
kill him, another one will show up soon enough" When you have 20 enemies 
onscreen, including flamethrowers, 5 bombers and a battalion of crossbow 
dwarves, he will be impossible to avoid. Kill him asap.


[Closing Comments]
After about 25minutes, the combinations of enemies will be the same. Some 
dwarf bombers, crossbowers, 2 large dwarves and a flamethrower, with an 
occasional Golem chucked in. The time between rounds will decrease, and should 
you find yourself getting swamped by enemies, don't forget that constant 
minion spelling, sacrificing minions to the blood pit and plain old running 
away will save you. Just don't leave your partner cornered by a Golem, 5 
crossbowers and a flamethrower dwarf 

I'm looking at you, Kamahl.


The Gates of Destruction


General Tips:

This map is slightly more complex than the other, and requires you to 
'set it up'. There are 4 spokes placed on the staircases that fit in the wheel
by the main staircase. When the wheel is complete, turn it to form a bridge to
the middle 'island', which contains a mana/blood pit, a minion upgrade 
[max minions = 25], barrels, beer and bombs. While this offers a nifty 
shortcut through the map, it also lets enemies reach you faster.

The map has a greatly reduced variety of enemies, and the strategies for 
most of them remain the same as above. However, it does have a few new ones:


These little things spawn between the 2 waypoints, fairly infrequently. 
You should have no trouble with these. 

From 15-20 mins, these giants spawn. They come out of the same place the 
sluglets do, but they are much more annoying. Even with an army of greens at 
your disposal, they will still take a substantial amount of time to kill. 
They will completely block your path, so beware of what is behind you when 
you decide to tackle one of these. 

The golem is a little harder on this map, as it's near impossible to get 
behind it (where your minions are most effective). Throwing browns at it until 
it dies is your safest bet.

Another strategy is to get your partner to cast a 'Slow' spell on it. 
It will drain your partner's Mana very quickly, so use the time to dash 
around behind him, calling your minions to you at the same time. You can 
usually just squeeze past. From here, send your minions onto the giant's back 
and watch it tumble. 
[Beware!] This is risky! There is a chance that you will get stuck between the 
Golem and the barrier. You're pretty much dead if that happens.


[Closing Comments]
This map is a little trickier than The last Stand. You can easily get trapped 
by large enemies on its narrow walkways, so opening up the middle island is a 
good idea. The areas with the spawn pits can be used to catch your breath, or 
to fireball enemies from a distance (with reds). Again, be careful - don't 
get trapped.


Possible ways to cheat:


A few times, Kamahl and I attempted to hide/cheat for the 30minutes. 
We weren't very successful. 
We concluded that doing it legit was better than our half-baked scams. 
However, we found a few useful ideas that could be built upon.

Gates of Destruction
Usually, enemies can detect you even if they're on the other side of the map. 
However, this detection does not work when you're at the top of the main 
staircase! Camping up there means that enemies will walk right past you. 
Bear in mind though, that the golem and flamer dwarf will spawn there too. 
We came up with a semi-effective method for dealing with these.

One person should get as many greens as possible and the other should get a 
mix of browns and reds. Position the greens halfway between the door and the 
top of the staircase. Place the reds to one side, and the browns to the other. 
When the golem emerges, it won't move out of the door. The door will close on 
it, and it'll be stuck. Make sure you don't move your greens, or he'll walk 
forward. When the door opens again, he will be stuck, but any smaller enemies 
will charge forward. Hopefully, your reds can deal with these, but here's the 
flaw; the greens will jump on the enemy, meaning that the golem will run 
through. Meaning you're screwed. 

See what I mean by incomplete strategy? Feel free to try that out. 
[This method is made fairly redundant by strategy #3]

Gates of Destruction
This was a rather weird one I had a hunch about and proved to be right. 
By standing on the waypoint you start on, 90% of enemies can't see you. 
Rush out, fetch some greens, waypoint them near you, and stand on the waypoint.
Some dwarves will enter your area (due to their preset motion paths) but your 
greens oughta be able to deal with these. It's probably best if you and your 
partner share the same waypoint, as your minions will work together.

Slugs seem to be able to see you, but these should be no major problem. 
Now, because we didn't 'set up' the island in the middle, the health and mana 
pits are inaccessible, and it'll be much harder to reach them later in game. 
This probably isn't such a great strategy.

Gates of Destruction
Instead of taking the minion totem back to the waypoint, use it to block a 
bridge or a doorway. This might make your life a little easier. Simply target 
the minions carrying the totem, and steer them with the right stick. 
When they're in the desired place, recall them with B.

- UPDATE: Tested, and working. It needs a slight adjustment to the exact 
method above, but you should be able to work it out yourself. I don't wanna 
spoil all your fun. if you're still stuck, message me.
[This strategy was contributed by DJ break beats]

The Last Stand
Similar to the above strategy, the food packages that appear from ~ 5 minutes 
onwards can be used to block up bridges, or to barricade yourself in a corner. 
This is fairly ineffective though, and can often backfire.

[Developed method by MetalXGhost - all credit goes to him!]
I tried this method to perfection.
Put the first crate of food you get at 5 minutes on the southern door, you'll 
have to direct your minions to go back there so they don't put it on the gate.
This will stop later waves of bomb beetles and unicorns and the such.
When the second food appears (around 10-12 minutes) place it slightly in front
of the east gate. This is the hardest one to place since some enemies will 
movearound it unless you put it just right, but however is the more rewarding 
one to place as it stops waves of Crossbow Dwarves.
If you successfully blockade these two gates then the only enemies you have to 
worry about later on is the Rock Golem and Flamethrower Dwarf out of the north 
gate and the Miner Dwarfs and Bomb Dwarf out of the west gate.

With this method I was able to obtain a survival of at least 46 minutes before 
I started messing around.
Happy surviving!

Pillage [PILL]

The idea of Pillage is to collect as much gold as possible within the allotted
10minutes. Your opponent will be trying to do the same. The maps contain 
various methods of getting gold. These are:

-Ransacking Houses

-Grabbing bags of gold and returning them to the waypoint

-Smashing barrels for small gold bags

-Killing your opponent and taking a portion of his gold

-Killing enemies for gold; they drop it often. The harder the enemy, 
the more gold.


I will refer to some of these later on in this section. 

Small Bag - 1000 Gold - Takes 4-7 minions to carry
Large Bag - 2000 Gold - Takes 7-9 minions to carry
Gold Cart - 4000 Gold - Takes 8-10 minions to carry

Equipment Orb - Appears as a shiny transparent sphere. Direct your minion to 
this and he'll bring it back and equip it onto you. Possible equipment:


All available in Durium/Arcanium




Grab 10 browns. Your opponent oughta go straight for the money bags. As a 
consequence, he'll have almost half of his minions tied up carrying the bag 
back...go in for the kill. If you kill him near the waypoint, you should be 
able to grab the bag and put it in before he comes to retaliate.

This should give you a nice head start for the game - just watch out he doesn't
do the same on you.

To access the gold cart, you need to collect at least 8 green life force from 
the zombies, and use them to retrieve it from the poison.

[General Layout]

-There's 3 small money bags ahead of where you start.
-In the center 'square' there's a load of bombs, and a large bag.
-To the right and at the back of the map, there's a pathway lined with zombies.
-At the back, left-hand side of the map, there's a green spawn point
-At the back, right-hand side of the map there is a gold cart covered in gas.
-At the back, center, there is a large money bag
-At the very back of the map, next to the gold bag listed above, there is a 
small alcove with a light in it, and some fog. This contains an equipment orb.


Tomb Robber


Strategy depends on which end you start at. Unlike Plunder, this map isn't 
symmetrical. The 2 spawn areas are quite near each other. If you start at the 
left spawn pit, head out left and go straight up the stairs where the archer 
rat is. Destroy the barricade, and use a bomb nearby to clear out the 3 
remaining archers in the small area. Once they're dead, smash open the piles of
bones/skulls and grab the large amounts of equipment that falls out. 
Afterwards, grab the item in there.

If you start on the right, head up to where the skull stag is. Kill it, and 
continue forward. To your left, down a small minion bridge, is a small wheel. 
Turn this, and a door to your right will open with a small bag of cash and a 
load of vases. You might encounter your opponent in this area so watch out.

There's a half open door that you can break down to reveal a troll and another 
item. When you've finished with the troll and go to grab the item, be careful 
as you go inside; your opponent may be waiting for you when you come out.

[General Layout]
-2 Spawn pits near each other.
-Wheel to turn, opens door with small bag of cash
-1 small bag of cash near the wheel.
-Item/cash surrounded by archer rats behind barricade. Conveniently near bomb.

Slaughter [SLAU]

The idea of Slaughter is to kill as many enemies as possible. Each enemy you 
kill will give you points. Minion totems etc will give you a small amount of 
points, but a large advantage in the long run.

I will list various enemies and the points you get for killing them here.

Opponent = 400
Opponent's Minion = 1
Spells/Minion Totems = 50
Small Slug = 10
Momma Slug = 250
Troll = 70
Unicorn = 50
Halfling 10
Halfling Cook = 40
Small Beetles = 2
Big beetles
Ram = 5
Sheep = 2
Lamb = 1
Rats = 1


Party Crashers


This is a large map that is mostly based on the Halfling homes/party crashers 
section of the game. It has a waypoint/spawn pits on either side of the map, 
up some hills. The hills lead down to a central area with a stage, and lots of 
barrels, Halflings and beer!

On either side of the spawn pit, there are minion upgrades/totems to collect.
Directly ahead of each waypoint is a field of sheep for brown life force.

Spawn pit 1:
Left - To your left, down the hill, is a fallen pillar. Grab 10 minions and 
push it out of the way. Go in, and grab the item in there before the unicorn 
starts attacking you. Bring it back to the waypoint. 
Right - There are some burning houses and magma beetles down here. Kill the 
beetles for red life force (don't go in the fields - they'll kill your minions)
Once you have 5+ red life force, grab some reds and return. Straight ahead of 
you should be a fire barrier with an object behind it. Send your reds through 
and bring it back - watch out the large beetles don't kill your reds.

Spawn pit 2:
Left - To your left is a wheel that opens the cage down here. There's an item, 
and a troll in it. You can easily kill the troll (get behind it, send browns 
onto its back) for 70 points, and return the totem for an extra 50.
Right - Down here is a river and a house across the water. Slightly further on 
are some dazzler beetles. Kill them for blue life force, return with blues 
and grab the item and take it back across the river.

On the center stage there is another item. There are also Mana pits and Blood 
pits scattered around.

[General Strategy]
Don't spend too much time focusing on the items. One of probably enough, and 
the one on the left of each spawn pit seems to require less effort. Once you 
have the item, head to the center and go on a killing rampage - don't forget 
to sack the houses and get equipment from the barrels. Watch out for the cooks.
If your opponent comes, deal with him before you grab the item on the center 

Once you have this, just make circuits of the map, making sure to kill 
everything in sight.


Circles of Power


This is a tricky map to play, but has a few cool features that can turn the 
tide of any game.

Anyone who has visited the Arcanium mines will recognize this instantly; 
slugs, fire floors with switches, more slugs.

However, there's one key difference. The Circles of Power.
There are 3 circles spread over the relatively small area. Each is marked by a 
ring of flaming blocks. When you stand in it, it's activated. Depending on 
which circle you're in, it will give you different benefits. 

There is one that glows red; this slowly regenerates your health. 
A blue one; this regenerates mana. 
A multicoloured one; this provides red, brown and green life force 
(one of each every 5 seconds)

Now, obviously, you can’t be in 3 places at once...But your horde can. 
Guard marking just one minion in a circle will keep it active, and you will 
keep receiving its benefits. However, this one lone minion is pretty 
vulnerable, so I suggest leaving at least 5 - and don't go too far away.
Greens work well, as they turn invisible when guard marked. Again though, your
opponent will be able to tell they're there by the fact that the circle is 

The map itself contains 3-4 items scattered about - mostly spells.

There are really only 2 ways of getting serious points in this map: killing
your opponent, or releasing and killing the momma slug.

[General Strategy]

Head down the walkway and grab a couple of items if you want. If you luck out 
on a minion spell, head for the area where the slugs are...you can't miss it. 

Get rid of the annoying small slugs, and turn the wheel. This will open a door,
to the green spawn pit, but will also release a big slug. Try to lure the slug 
out and dash in, summoning greens as you go. Run back out, circle behind it 
and send them at the slug. Minion spell if you can. This kill will give you a 
hefty point boost.

You've probably noticed the fire grills in the walkway now. The fire can be 
controlled by the switches scattered around the place. If possible, head up to 
the platform with all the barrels. This overlooks everything on the map AND 
contains a switch for the fire grills. So if you see your opponent walking 
over them, send your minion to the switch to turn it. This should severely 
damage your opponent's health, making him an easy kill, for an easy 400 points.




Praetor Kamahl, for spending all those hours with me and my copper wires.

yonderTheGreat, for confirming item/object numbers when I couldn't be bothered 
going back online to check them myself

DJ break beats, for his tip on blocking doorways in survival. 


I made this guide, so it is mine, copyright etc. If you want to host this on 
your site, contact me and i'll most likely say yes.


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