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Corruption FAQ by Devistater

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/07/2007

Corruption FAQ
by Devistater
Replace the AT with @ to email me (because of spam to my previous FAQ emails)

Last updated July 7, 2007
Version 1.0
This FAQ may not be posted on any websites without my express permission. 
Currently the websites that have my permission are:
Any other websites than www.gamefaqs.com may or may not have the latest 
version. I only personally update the FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com so other sites 
in the allowed list may take care of their updates.
This FAQ may not be used for commercial gain without my express permission. 
If you plan to use the information herein for a general FAQ (or similar 
informational document) of your own, it must be properly credited, and I'd 
like for you to please ask me first before using the information here. Thanks!

-------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------------
Table of Contents
Version History
Important Patch Information
Corruption List Summary
Detailed Corruption List
Differences between 0% and 100% corruption
Submissions, credits, etc

---------------------------Version History------------------------------------
Version 1.0 First public release

This FAQ will cover how to get (or avoid) corruption in the game. It will 
cover both information on full 100% corruption and 0% corruption. This guide 
contains spoilers, but I've done my best to reduce them as much as possible, 
although the full detailed list contains much more detailed information. 
Although this FAQ was written from the PC version, everything inside should 
apply to the console version (aside from some info on keyboard/mouse 

It’s highly recommended to ROTATE your autosaves! 

DO NOT keep saving in the same autosave slot all the time! If something goes 
wrong and your game gets autosaved, you will have to restart your game! For 
instance, one guy hex edited his ONLY savegame for cheats and didn't back it 
up. He had to start over, or get a savegame from someone else. Another 
example is if you are shooting for 100% corruption and you accidentally do 
like giving the peasants their food, that will prevent 100% corruption.

To change your autosave slot, hit ESCAPE while playing the game, click 
OPTIONS, and click Change Autosave Slot.
I recommend doing at least one autosave slot change before you keep or give 
the peasants the food. That way you can restore to this point and do the game 
the other way.  If you are trying for 100% corruption, you could restore back 
that point and shoot for 0% corruption, or the other way around, as long as 
you haven't killed any peasants or wrecked homes up to that point. 

-----------------------Important Patch Information----------------------------

It’s VERY important to patch your Overlord Demo or Retail version game.
The 1.1 patch is being called Critical by the game devs.
There are separate 1.1 patches for demo and retail.

Quotes from the codemasters forum post on it:
"This patch is considered critical, and should be installed by all users"
"1) Potential loss of data during Uninstall"
"If you installed the game or demo to a directory which contained, or now 
contains other data you must install this patch before you uninstall to avoid 
potential loss of data"
"The first issue relates to the uninstaller for both the demo and the full 
game and applies if you installed the game to a custom directory. Anyone who 
installed to a custom directory should install this patch."

So if you installed to custom folder, you could lose stuff when uninstalling 
if you don’t install the patch. Just a heads up.
This patch also fixes a brewery bug, a wheel is missing two spokes and 
depending on your actions you can screw the game so you can't turn the wheel.

Here's the full details on the 1.1 patch (contains minor spoilers about 

------------------------Corruption List Summary-------------------------------
The % numbers are how much corruption you get from doing these corruption 

These items can be done at almost any point during the game:
 3% Killing an innocent peasant 
 5% Killing 20 peasants
10% Killing 100 peasants
15% Enemy of Mankind, killing around 500 peasants.
 5% Wenchbane, killing 10 peasant women
 1% Harasser of Humans
 3% Suppressor of Spree 
 2% Spree Homewrecker 
 3% Heaven's Peak Town Trasher
 3% Capture 10 Servants 
 2% Brawling in Halfway to Heaven Inn
 5% Destroyer of Elves, killing 10 elves.

These items can only be done at specific points in the game, and if you miss 
those points or choose wrongly, you CANNOT get 100% corruption:
 3% Keeping the peasant's food 
 5% Burning down Elven Sacred Grove
 5% Feeding elves to the slugs
10% Choose Velvet
10% Picking gold instead of Elves
 5% Taking the Elven Statue
 5% Killing the Traitors

Total 100% corruption

--------------------------Detailed Corruption List----------------------------
The % numbers are how much corruption you get from doing these corruption 

 3% Killing an innocent peasant. This is for the first one you kill, it could 
be just about any peasant in the game.
If you are trying for 0% corruption, be careful about the sheep in the 
Heaven's Peak teleport. The shepherd will attack you if you kill his sheep

 5% Killing 20 peasants
They can be just about any peasants in the game.

10% Killing 100 peasants
They can be just about any peasants in the game.

15% Enemy of Mankind, killing something around 500 peasants. I'm not sure of 
the number, but it didn't feel like 1000 peasants.

 5% Wenchbane, killing 10 peasant women
They can be just about any peasant women in the game.

For the killing peasant items above, if you do the Heaven's Peak camp and 
city you can get about 50 peasant kills at a time.

 1% Harasser of Humans
People of Spree don't like you anymore, this item happens after the first 
couple peasants you kill in Spree

 3% Suppressor of Spree 
Spree hates you, this item occurs after you kill about 10 peasants in Spree

 2% Spree Homewrecker
Trash all of Spree's Houses, there are about 16 wreckable homes. You can tell 
if a home is wrecked if smoke comes out after you do it. Note that there are 
some buildings (such as the bar) that don't smoke and don't count as a 
wrecked home. You will probably have to wreck the Spree homes before it’s 
attacked to accomplish this.

 3% Heaven's Peak Town Trasher
Trash the unbarricaded, unblocked homes in Heaven's Peak, there are 4 
trashable homes total. You can tell if a home is trashed if smoke comes out 
after you do it. Note that all 4 homes are the city, and not where the 
priests are, and not where the Citadel is. If you get a LOADING screen, 
you've gone too far.
I've taken screenshots of all 4 of the homes since they can be hard to find, 
and if I get requests for them, I'll post them and link them in the FAQ.

 3% Capture 10 Servants
You get offered a servant at some point when teleporting from tower into 
Meadows after doing some of the above corruption. The servant will be tied up 
right next to teleport, and an in game cut scene will play, so you can't miss 
it. It seems to be triggered when you teleport into Spree. I'm not sure of 
what triggers the servants, so if you find out, let me know. I know it is 
definitely triggered after killing 20 peasants, getting Wenchbane, Harassing 
and Suppressing Spree, and wrecking Spree's homes. But these may not all be 
Servant list (I believe they are all in the Meadows area without triggering 
any loading screens after you teleport to Meadows):
   1st is offering near teleport in Meadows, the one initiating this quest
   3 are wandering around in Spree
   1 is with the big herd of sheep near Meadows teleport
   1 by roasting pig past a drawbridge entrance to Spree
   1 is near the pumpkin patch where you got the tower heart
   1 is to right of Spree slave camp entrance with small herd of sheep
   1 is at sheep fields near 1st tower smelter
   1 by following the semi "hidden" passage in the back of Meadows teleport 
area, under the stone thing, on the way to the mana regenerator that’s back 

 2% Brawling in the Halfway to Heaven Inn
To get this, start a brawl in the Inn by killing a normal human peasant in 
the bar portion near where you first enter.

 5% Destroyer of Elves
Kill 10 elves to get this. Note that killing the floating ghost elves in 
places like Evernight do NOT count as killing elves. If you kill the ones 
around the fire near the dwarf party, and the ones behind the wooden barrier, 
you should have 10. If not, there are a couple more occasional elves that 
appear in a couple places after that. But there are not that many non-ghost 
elves, and they tend to not re-appear after you kill them, as well as getting 
killed by the dwarves if they wander into them. So if you want be sure to get 
100% corruption, make sure you kill them as early as possible when you start 
coming across non-ghost elves.

Note that doing any "good" choices in the below items will REDUCE corruption 
and make it impossible to get 100% corruption. If you are shooting for 0% 
corruption, make sure to choose the good choice mentioned for each item.

 3% Keeping the peasant's food
This gives 50 brown lifeforce
To avoid getting this corruption, give the peasants their food when they ask 
for it, by having the minions drop it when they are near the spot the game 
tells you about. To have minions drop an item, do a long recall (hold right 
mouse button if using the mouse) when they are over the right place.

 5% Burning down Elven Sacred Grove
The Sacred Grove is located in Evernight. There's a pushable block in the 
middle of the stream, next to some poison bushes. After getting rid of the 
poison (across from the teleport) go through to the path and follow it. The 
path leads past a health sacrifice next to a brown minion gate, and then a 
mana sacrifice. The sacred grove looks like a tree with yellow leaves, and 
there's flowers all around. If you retrieve the health object when they say, 
that will REDUCE your corruption, (if you want 0% corruption kill the baddies 
without using any fire or fire minions). Instead burn down the grove first 
with a fire spell, which will take care of the baddies, then get the health 
object after its all burnt down.

 5% Feeding elves to slugs 
They are in The Glittering Mine cave, the entrance is behind the rock troll. 
They are in a jail cell, that opens with a wheel, with two giant and two 
small slugs in front of the cell. Note that it is NOT the few elves stuck in 
the wooden cage in the outside area near the dwarves. Also note that if you 
kill the slugs first, you CANNOT accomplish this, even if you kill these 
elves after freeing them.
It can be difficult to get the giant slugs to consume the elves, so you may 
have to open the gate and lead the slugs to the elves. It’s not necessary for 
them to eat all the elves, once it says you achieved this, you can then kill 
off the slugs and any remaining elves. You'll probably want to leave your 
minions behind with the GUARD option (hit Q to make your minions guard) until 
the elves are consumed, the giant slugs tend to kill minions quite quickly.
If you are following the 0% corruption path, kill the slugs before you open 
the door.

10% Choose Velvet and dump Rose
This choice will be very obvious when it occurs. Carry the bed off to choose 
Velvet and increase your corruption, or turn the wheel with your minions to 
keep Rose for the 0% corruption path.

10% Picking gold over Elves
At some point during the game you will be offered a choice to save some elves 
by turning a wheel, or grab a bunch of gold with your minions. Choosing the 
gold will increase corruption, saving the elves will reduce it.

 5% Taking the Elven Mother Goddess Statue
This occurs when two elven ghosts teleport in and request in an in-game 
cutscene that you return their statue. If you wish to increase your 
corruption, use BLUE minions to kill the elven ghosts and then let the statue 
teleport to your tower. Or you can drop the statue when it’s near the glowing 
elven spot on the ground to reduce corruption. To have minions drop an item, 
do a long recall (hold right mouse button if using the mouse) when they are 
over the right place.

 5% Kill the Traitors
Gnarl will inform you that you can do what you wish with the traitors inside 
the town after a short in-game cut scene. If you kill them, you will 
accomplish this. Leave them alive if you don't wish the extra corruption. 
Note that killing the one or two traitors outside of town doesn't seem to 
help get this corruption item.

Total 100% corruption

-------------------Differences between 0% and 100% corruption-----------------
Your character will actually glow with increased corruption and shimmer at 
100% corruption. Spikes will grow out of your armor fairly early on as you 
start becoming corrupt.

At various levels of corruption your tower will look quite different. As 
corruption increases the tower will look evil and spiky, and the sky will 
grow red or black.

It also affects the tower upgrade choices. Early on, you don't have many 
choices on what to upgrade, but you get many more choices after you choose 
between Velvet and Rose.

The upper rooms will look much different depending on who your mistress is.

Choosing Velvet will allow you to upgrade your Red and Green minions.
Choosing Rose will allow you to upgrade your Blue minions, and she will give 
you the Brown minion upgrade for free.

If you know of other differances, feel free to email me and I'll add them and 
credit you for it.

-----------------------Submissions, credits, etc------------------------------
Submissions/corrections: If you want to submit some information for my guide, 
send an email to the address below. If you find any incorrect information 
please let me know so I can fix it. 
Replace the AT with @ to email me (because of spam to my previous FAQ emails)

Comments, suggestions, etc feel free to email me at: 
Replace the AT with @ to email me (because of spam to my previous FAQ emails)

Credits: All of this (except the items mentioned otherwise) is my own work 
from playing with the game. I did not take any information in the current 
version of the guide from any other person (except the items mentioned 

Overlord is copyright of its respective owners

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