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Tower Master Achievement Guide by manaburn876

Version: final | Updated: 10/09/2007
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*Tower Master Achievement Guide*

This is a simple guide to get the very elusive Tower Master Achievement that
seems to be giving so many people trouble, this is not a guide that is
going to tell you how to beat bosses.  I will simply go through each area
and tell you what items are in that particular area.  To note, you are
required to get every single tower object in the game, this includes
all the bags of gold, the Health, Mana and Minion Totems, and all the
spells.  This guide will give general knowledge on where to find all
of these objects.  I will also say that is necessary to obtain all the objects
in the corrupted storyline, which means it would be wise to play through as
as 100% corrupt to get both achievements at the same time.  The objects
are in no particular order, I just marked them as I found them, this means
you might find a different spell before the one I have marked on the list.
On the topic of spells, it does not matter which one you get first or last,
I have them numbered instead of named because if you find what should be 
the third domination spell first, then you still get the spell "Slow" that
is why I didn't name the spells.  I will be refering to the Health, Mana and
Minion upgrades as Totems as they form a Totem like structure behind your
throne.  Lastly, even though I played through 100% evil doesn't mean I am
going to tell you everything you need to do in order to be evil, some of
the objects require you to make the evil choice, but that will in no way
get you the corruption achievement, look at Tsukikagex's guide if you need
that info. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/932853/49151

-Table of Contents-
1. Information
2. Mellow Hills
3. Evernight Forest
4. Heaven's Peak
5. Golden Hills
6. Ruborian Desert
7. Contact Info
8. Credits
9. Version History
10. Legal Stuff

*Mellow Hills*

Tower Heart - Just follow the very linear beginning, Gnarl will guide you
through most of the steps and you will soon find your Tower Heart in the 
middle of a pumpkin patch.

Fire Spell #1 - You get this with the Tower Heart.

Minion Totem - You get this with the Tower Heart as well.

Tower Crane - In the slave camp past the Troll, part of the story line so
you really can't miss it.

Domination Spell #1 - In a ruined tower on your way towards the Halfling
Homes, when you exit Spree from the East gate turn right, you will see the
ruined tower, a wheel, and a draw bridge. Put the draw bridge down with the
wheel and look inside the ruins, its glowing purple so you should see it rather

Gold Bag - In the Halfling homes, when you get to the first holes that
constantly spawn Halflings if you go down the hallway to your right you will
come across two spearmen, kill them and in the big room beyond there it is
waiting for the plunder.

Minion Totem - Halfling Homes again, past the third door you have to smash open
turn left afterwards and Gnarl will point out a giant pumpkin, smash it to
reveal the hidden item.  Impossible to continue without it so hopefully you

Spree's Food - This is the first object on the corruption list, you need to get
this, it's one of the quests you have to complete in order to continue the
game, when you find it, take it instead of giving it back to spree.

Red Minion Hive - After you defeat Melvin Underbelly, can't miss it, Gnarl will
direct you in getting it back to your tower.

Steel Smelter - to the west of Spree, go left from the front gate, there is a 
small patch of farm land that has two ruined houses, go straight out of the
gate and keep going until you have to turn right, go up the hill and you will
see the smelter surrounded by flames, you need red minions to put the fires out
then you have to fight the Halflings that come and attack you.  There are
several of these little guys along the way so keep ready to attack them.

Gold Bag - Go past Melvin's party and keep going up till you get to the area
where one of the wheel spokes was, there is a large fire on the top of a hill.
Put the fire out with your red minions and get the gold.

Health Totem - At Castle Spree, to the north of Spree, once you get into the
castle walls there is an area off to the right through an archway, in the right
hand corner of the area is the totem tucked away.

Minion Totem - In the water behind the tower portal, you have to go a little
ways past the slave camp to get there, need blues to get it.  You can see the
object from where the sheeps are.

Rose's Luggage - In Castle Spree, you have to get this for the game to continue

*Evernight Forest*

Minion Spell #1 - After you kill the second bloody unicorn there is a barrier
near the water's edge, destroy it and behind that is the first minion spell.

Green Minion Hive - In the Varidian Caverns, you'll find it, and you have too
in order to complete the game.

Mana Totem - Right Outside the Varidian Caverns, extremely hard to miss.

Gold Bag - In the Swamp area near where you found the green minions, you need 
blues to get it.  It's behind a barrier in the water.

Minion Totem - Right before the entrance to the Skull Cave, you have to have

Health Totem - Scared Grove, they point it out to you.

Shield Spell #1 - Behind one of the roots, you have to destroy the node that is
surrounded in the poison plants to get to it.

Mana Totem - Skull Cave, when you come to the four way intersection, turn left,
when you pick it up four skull stags pop up so be ready.

Minion Spell #2 - Mother Goddess temple inner sanctum, right up front, if your
in the room you can see it.

Shield Spell #2 - Right after you defeat Oberon it shows up directly in front
of the entrance to the Golden Hills.

*Heaven's Peak*

Mana Totem - Right after you defeat your first Succubus, past the refugee camp.

Blue Minion Hive - In the Moist Caves, as is typical with hives, you need
them to finish the game, this just so happens to be the last one.

Gold Bag - In the Moist Caves, near the very end of the trial of getting the
blue minions, off to the right before the last geyser, guarded by some wisps
and two Dazzler Beetles.

Gold Bag - Right outside the exit of the Moist Caves, guarded by lots of Boombo
Birds, either kill them yourself or use your blues to lure them into a trap by
grabbing their eggs, either way its beyond there nest.

Gold Bag *3 - In the Understreets when you have to fight the worm.  You must 
kill the worm, simple strategy is place 5 or so blues by the water, get the
rest of your horde in browns, sweep your browns close to the worm so that it
strikes but make sure you pull them back quick, the worm will rear it's head
when ready to strike, when its down send all your browns at him, you can call
your browns off the worm by pushing the B button.  Do this before the worm has
a chance to shake off your browns and they drown.  When the worm is dead, use
your blues to grab the gold.

Domination Spell #2 - In the last room of the understreets, kill all the
zombies in the room and the spell is right there in the middle, easy to spot.

Fire Spell #2 - Right in the main square of the city, it's in a little alcove
to the left if you just walked in the front gate.

Durium Smelter - In the Understreets (2), the area is pretty linear, you should
find the smelter at the very end of the pathways.  You get to the Understreets
(2) by destroying the fire barrier in the Understreets, its right by the exit 
to the left, hard to miss.  (Thanks to Xtos78 for the reminder.)

Minion Totem - Halfway to Heaven Inn, the first room where you encounter the 
order of the red dawn there are two destroyable doors, the one that is right in
front of you when you enter has the object in it.

Succubus Statue - In the Halfway to Heaven Inn, when you get past all the order
of the red dawn people you will fight the Succubus Queen, the statue is right
at the base of the area platform she starts on, hard to miss.  It is really 
unknown if this object does anything, some say that it is necessary to rid the
citadel gate of the succubus' and lower the gate, but this is as of yet
unconfirmed.  You can find the statue in your tower though, it is in the room
that your minions uncover your body in the spawning pit area.  (Thanks to
laeral for the reminder.)

Mana Totem - By the Citadel there is a whole in the wall that doesn't lead to
the area where you fight the white monks and the new portal gate.  Go through
there and you will see three little areas, they are like islands, but they 
don't have any water around them.  One has regular zombies on it, one has two
zombie lords on it, and the other has a wheel that needs turning.  Kill the 
normal zombies and then just forget about the zombie lords, you can't get to 
them anyway, just send minions at the wheel.  You will lose a few, just send 
more, then a bridge shows up, head down the path, kill off the Boombo birds and
take your prize.

Gold Bag - From Heaven's Peak (city) portal go down the stairs and too the
right, when you get there you will see a wheel to your left, if you turn right
there is a bag of gold with some stuff to clear out of the way.

Velvet's Bed - This is a corrupt item and is still necessary for the
achievement.  After you kill Sir William you get the wheel spoke you need to
open the door to Velvet's room, choose her instead of Rose by sending 9 Minions
to her bed.

Health Totem - Just past the graveyard, if you go away from the refugee camp
past the area with the sheep, you will see two zombie lords guarding it.  There
are stairs in the back.

*Golden Hills*

Mana Totem - In the dwarf camp that you have to enter, it's in the very back
of the camp up the hill, surrounded by four barrels.

Minion Spell #3 - In the first area where you meet the slugs, if you go up the
right side path you will come to a dwarf camp, in the back of the camp is the

4 Gold Carts - (Note:  This is an optional quest but the carts are necessary to
get the achievement, it is also incredibly hard to miss the quest as an elf
tells you about the trapped elves and the gold, you have to kill the rock giant
to get in.)
#1: In the Glittering Mine, you get one for defeating the giant slug right at
the beginning.
#2: When you get to the barricaded area keep going straight and fight off some
dwarves, the cart is at the very end down the left path.
#3: At the end of the barricaded area mentioned above, use the bombs to clear
the dwarves.
#4: In the area where you choose to either kill the slugs and free the elves or
feed the elves to the slugs (note: the choice has no effect on you getting the
gold.)  The cart is right there at the end of the room, impossible to miss.

Health Totem - When you are headed for the Brewery, in the area that you have
to turn the wheel in order to gain access to the Brewery there is a side path
to your right, go up that way, you will find yourself in an area where the
bombers where thorwing bombs at you, at the back of the platforming is the

Shield Spell #3 - In the Brewery, near the exit to the right if you are looking
at the exit.

Beer Kettle - In the Brewery (2), the elavator is right next to the wheel you
turn to open the door.  You have to hit two switches on the right and left hand
side of area, only your minions can access the switch, one is guarded by just
dwarf crossbowmen, the other is gaurded by two dwarf warriors and crossbowmen
as well.  don't worry about killing the crossbowmen on either area and use your
reds (if you have them with you) on the dwarf warriors.  Use browns to hit the
switches as they are a renewable resource in the area.  When you are bringing 
the kettle back to the portal be careful of the dwarves that will attack on the
way.  (Thanks too I_Like_TV777 for the reminder.)

Domination Spell #3 - When you are in the Brewery area you will see three or
four dwarves at a table drinking, after you kill them keep going up and there
is a side path with some pillars, follow the path and some dwarves will come
from behind the statue up there, after you kill them, go behind the statue and
there it is waiting for you.

Fire Spell #3 - Arcanium mine, in the area where there are the two switchs for 
the four furnaces, if you go off to the left hand side there is an area with 
Magma Beetles, kill off the big ones and at the end of the path is the fire
spell.  I would highly suggest going all the way to the end of the mine and
killing off the mother slug, then killing all the remaining slugs and dwarves
for an easy getaway.

Arcanium Smelter - In the Arcanium Mine as well, right there in front of you,
trouble is getting it out, if you took my suggestion on the fire spell it
should be as easy as pulling a few of those switches.

Gold Bag - The last thing in the Arcanium Mines.  This one is tricky, it's in
the exact center of furnace area, there is a path behind a little slug sign,
down the path is your gold.

Minion Totem - Temple Consturction area, behind one of the barriers you need to
destroy to kill the rock giant guarding the mother goddess statue.

Gold Bag - In Goldo's Stronghold, the main courtyard area, it's up to the left.
It's guarded by a few dwarves, watch out for the flamer that will come through
the front gate eventually, could kill everything holding the bag.

Goldo's fortress, clear out the flamers however you see fit then kill the two
dwarf crossbowmen that come in through the gate, the bag is in a small area to
the left of the main room, the pathway is hard to find, but if you look in the
first room to your left you will be able to find it.

Goldo's Horde - You either choose this or you save the elven race.  But since
you want the achievement you are going to take the gold . . . aren't you.

*Ruborian Desert*

Mana Totem - Right in the corner where you meet the first sand worm, if you
can see the worm you can see the object.  Highly suggest killing the worm with
the blaster bugs, it takes two of them to kill one worm.

Health Totem - Right after you see Jewel and head into that large desert area,
it's up a hill to the right, you are going the right way if your minions say
something about new sheepies.  It's right in the middle of the village area.

Health Totem - At the far east side of the very large desert, you have to take
care of five worms to get there, but by now you should be an expert at worm
killing.  (Glitch Warning:  Apparently people have been saying that sometimes
your minions can get stuck on the bridge when carrying this object, best way
to counter that is to get it before you even lower the bridge and just bring it
back to the starting point.)
*Alternate Strategy - (Thanks to TimsThatKid916)
If you have already put the bridge down to the Ruborian Village area then you 
will have to sweep your minions useing the LT and your right stick, guide them
through the small village to the west of the bridge and through the area with 
Magma Beetles, it would obviously be best to clear the beetles and any other
enemies before taking your unguarded minions into the valley.  Once you are on
the other side of the valley you should be able to let your minions do the

Mother Goddess Statue - Where you capture Jewel it's right by the entrance to
the town, kill the two elves that ask you to bring it back (must use blues) and
take it too the portal.  This is a corrupt item and must be takin in order to 
get the achievement.

*Contact Info*

If by some chance you read something in this FAQ that is incorrect or you 
think something can be explained better let me know with a quick AIM message to
Manaburn876.  If you give a quick explaination and request to send me more
info then I might send you my e-mail and you can reach me that way.  I just
don't want a lot of e-mails flooding my inbox with trollers or something.


Codemasters for making an excellent game
and the people on the boards for makeing me want to help you a little bit
so you don't cludder the boards.
Thanks to laeral and I_Like_TV777 for reminding me of a few things I missed.
Thanks to TimsthatKid916 for new Strategy for the glitch health totem in the
Ruborian Desert.
Thanks to Xtos78 for the reminder on the Durium Smelter (don't know how I 
missed that one.)

*Version History*

1.00 - Completed the FAQ
1.10 - Minor gramatic fixes, added succubus statue and beer kettle, added 
minion totem in Halfway to Heaven.
1.20 - Added Durium Smelter (Thanks to Xtos78)
1.21 - Named the Unknown helper on the health totem.  This is pretty
much a done FAQ, so unless you find something MAJORLY wrong with it, don't 
Final - I'm done now, you need to be corrupt to get the achievement, simple as
that, so for all those nice guys out there, man up and go through as an evil
character, who knows, you might like it.

*Legal Stuff*

Pretty much here is the deal, I own this FAQ, don't use it without my
permission, don't steal, change or basically do anything to this FAQ without my
permission.  I am a pretty nice guy, I will most likely let you do it as long
as you credit me, so just ask, 
it's not too much to ask is it.

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