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Boss Guide by Tsukikagex

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 07/04/2007

        _____   _     _   _____   _____    _       _____   _____    _____  
       /  _  \ | |   / / | ____| |  _  \  | |     /  _  \ |  _  \  |  _  \ 
       | | | | | |  / /  | |__   | |_| |  | |     | | | | | |_| |  | | | | 
       | | | | | | / /   |  __|  |  _  /  | |     | | | | |  _  /  | | | | 
       | |_| | | |/ /    | |___  | | \ \  | |___  | |_| | | | \ \  | |_| | 
       \_____/ |___/     |_____| |_|  \_\ |_____| \_____/ |_|  \_\ |_____/ 
                         |¯/ |¯| |¯  |¯    |¯ /¯\ |¯|  
                         |¯/ |_|  ¯|  ¯|   |¯ |¯| |_|¬ 
                          ¯       ¯   ¯                
                          Author: Matt Rowberry (Tsukikagex)
                             Email: Tsukikagex@gmail.com

    The most up-to-date date version of this file can always be found on
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

    Well, I finally did it. I finally got up the inspiration to write another   
    FAQ, due to the sheer amount of fun I had with this game. Aside from that,
    I really haven't got much else to say in this section, so I guess I'll
    Just get on with it already.
    Oh, and if you haven't already realized, this FAQ will contain a lot of

                      - Melvin....................[MLV]
                      - Oberon....................[OBR]
                      - Sir William...............[SWM]
                      - Rollie/Goldo..............[RGD]
                      - Kahn......................[KHN]
                      - The Wizard................[WZD]
                      - Updates...................[UPD]
                      - Legal and Copyrights......[LAC]

                                   Melvin [MLV]

                           Recommended Team: 15 Browns
                            Nearby Spawn Points: None
You should only have around 15 minions at this point. Your weapons can barely
hurt him, and there's no spawn point in the room, so be careful as losing all
of your minions means you'll have a much harder time as a fledgling Overlord.

He'll start off waddling around very slowly, trying to hit you or your minions
if you get too close. I advise clearing the outer circle of the room of junk
in preperation for the next phase before you start damaging him. 

When you decide to start damaging him, there's not much to be said except to
make your minions attack him. You're bound to lose a few, but don't worry too
much about it.

It's a pretty uneventful battle until he hits half health, and which point
he'll eat a plate of food, and seemingly become even fatter
(is that even possible?). Thanks to this plate of food, he'll now have the
body mass to roll around the room and try to squash you and your minions,
so just do your best to avoid him when he comes at you, and when he crashes
into the wall, set all of your minions on him.

When he gets up and is about 1/4 of a circle away from facing you, call of your
minions back with B and avoid his rolling attack again. There's not much else
to do from here on except repeat until you win.

                                  Oberon [OBR]
  Recommended Team: 3/4 Browns, 1/4 Greens (More Greens if you can afford it)
                Spawn Points: Blue, near the Mana Fountain
Note: if you need help on the nodes, there's probably another FAQ that covers
it, but if not, just follow the branches and if you reach a dead end, go back
to the tree and start on another one. The last two are in Skull Den and Mother
Goddess Temple.

So, after your long trip around the woods, you've finally come head to head
with Oberon. I hope you've got the Blue Minions from Heaven's Peak by now for

It seems Oberon has been having bad dreams, and those dreams are
materializing into physical form. Half of your fight will be spent fighting
these bad dreams, rather than Oberon himself.

Send your minions up to attack Oberon, and after a while he'll start rambling
on. This is the point where the "bad dreams" I mention earlier start to emerge
from behind him. Simply call your minions back and have them kill the beasts.

After the beasts are all dead, send the minions back to hit Oberon again,
whilst you run around to avoid the thorns popping out of the ground. Eventually
he will call in some more powerful enemies, at which point you should call your
minions back, and have them kill the new enemies. You just have to repeat this
over and over again, and eventually he'll die, opening the passage to the
Dwarven Lands.

Note: A good way to know he's almost dead is that he'll says "It's Weakening!"
This means you have 2 rounds of enemies left before you'll be finishing him off

                                  Sir William [SWM]
  Recommended Team: 3/4 Browns, 1/4 Greens (More Greens if you can afford it)
Spawn Points: There's pretty much one of every color inbetween all of the rooms

This has got to be one of the most boring boss fights in the game, due to the
face that except for the occassional room change, nothing really happens
differently until the last room. Still, it's worth it just to shut him up.

Follow him from room to room, killing off the Red Priests with your minions,
then attacking him directly. Any times he tries to fight back seem practically
worthless due to his weak attack power and the amount of minions you have.

Eventually, you'll make it to the final room, at which point things start to
get very slightly more interesting. William gains the ability to teleport,
which aside from making it slightly more difficult to target him, seems to not
makes things different. He's still weak, and the fight is still uneventful.

Have fun striking him down and then choose which mistress you wish to have.

                                  Rollie/Goldo [RGD]
  Recommended Team: 3/4 Browns, 1/4 Greens (More Greens if you can afford it)
                                  Spawn Points: None

This fight is a strange one indeed. A dwarf and his pet machine/steam roller.

It starts off with Rollie shooting a flamethrower at you, so hide behind the
junk in the room, then send your minions to attack, or attack him a couple of
times with your weapon when he stops shooting. The first half of the fight is
uneventful, so it's pretty much repeating this over and over again, until...

...He crashes straight into the wall when he hits half health, at which point
Rollie undergoes a minor transformation, which allows him to use that nasty
spike roller you may or may not have noticed earlier.

At this point, the fight becomes a lot easier if you have a half decent weapon
like recommendedand the ability to dodge, as you can let all of your
minions die if you must.

You have a lot more time to combo him when he hits into the wall, so make use
of this added time to finish him off as quickly as possible with your weapons
or minions.

Out comes Goldo, so kill him with a swift blow, and prepare to make an
interesting choice in the next room.

Alternate Strategy *Credit to Byron*:
I just have a different strategy for Rollie/Goldo.  I used 10 red minions and
I only lost 1 in the entire fight.  The first thing I did was set up a guard
marker in one of the corners and assigned all the minions to it.  Then I just
ran in circles around Rollie avoiding this flame thrower until he targeted my
(fire immune) minions.  As he was attacking them in vain I attacked him from
the side (while avoiding damage from his roller).  After trying to bbq them
a few times he would target me again at which point I would again run to
avoid damage until he once again targeted my minions.  Repeat until he
gets to the second stage.
For the second half of the fight I just had my minions follow me as I avoided
each charge and had them place the bomb behind him each time he crashed.
It takes quite a few bombs to finish him but I only had a single minion get
killed all the times he tried to run me over.  (If you bring more than 10 in
you will probably lose more because the mob gets too big behind you.) 

                                    Jewel [JWL]
             Recommended Team: Any color, but as many as possible
       Spawn Points: ...If you need one, you're doing something wrong
After you've wiped out all of the enemies in the area, use this very poorly
drawn map to get her into the gateway:


Oh, and don't forget the Mother Goddess Statue if you're going for 100%
corruption. The bones explode after Jewel is tricked into the gateway.

                                      Kahn [KHN]
                         Recommended Team: Max Greens
             Spawn Points: Practically one of each color in all areas.
Hmmm... A giant brute that wants to destroy everything until he finds Jewel. 
Not a guy to be messed with. So what does any self-respecting overlord do?
That's right, mess with him.

You know... I had a far harder time defeating this guy than I did with the
final boss. 

You start off inside the city gateway, where there are more of the one eyed
beings you saw earlier in the game. Use a level 2 fire spells to make quick
work of them, or take your greens to higher ground and have them jump on.

After you've defeated all of the one-eyes, head out of the silent order area
into the main town where you'll encounter the boss, Kahn and finally get to
start this fight.

First, kill off the one-eye hovering around the area, then get to higher
ground. When he swings his mace (make sure your minions are out of the way!)
have your greens hop onto his back and stab, stab, stab. Soon, he'll throw
them off, so hold B and get infuriated as your minions are too stupid to get
back up to the ledge in time. Alas, you should have around 3/4 of them back
up with you and safe, so just keep repeating this string of actions until he
wanders off.

Go up the hill, taking care of enemies along the way. see those one-eyes down
there? yeah... luckily you don't have to fight them. Although when you get to
the next area, you'll understand what they were doing there. After the mini
cutscene, send all of your minions to the wheel immediatly, otherwise you'll
be overrun by enemies quickly. When the gate is closed and you've replenished
your army (check the area for spawn points) just repeat what you did in the
previous area until he wanders off to the third, and final area of this giant
,and in my opinion, most fun boss fight in the entire game.

Now that you're in the last area of this fight, Kahn moves slightly faster, but
that's about the only difference from the previous 2 sections. So just do the
same as before and eventually he'll fall.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY *Thanks to John*: Just wanted to give you a heads up about
A strategy that I found to be extremely successful when dealing w/ Kahn. And
when I say extremely successful I mean that I was able to pull this off even
though my health bar was already empty. Basically, use all red minions. Get
all the floating eyes, etc... out of the way first. Then simply have your
minions hold out on a ledge(He won't even target them). Keep him targeted
and wait for his attacks. Once he attacks you can close in and hit him about
3 times if you're using the sword. After that, just back up so he doesn't hit
you. As long as you keep this up and keep him in range of your minions they'll
beat him down in no time. This strategy works great on all 3 battles since
there are red spawn points at each of them.

                                    The Wizard [WZD]
                             Recommended Team: All Green
                      Spawn Points: 4 around the edges of the area
The previous Overlord has come to reclaim his tower. have you acquired all of
the skills you need to prove you're the one, true evil?

Ah, the grand daddy of the bosses, who is surprisingly easier than Kahn,
gathered you know what you're doing (which is why I'm here).

He'll start off by summoning some minions. You should be able to kill these
pretty quickly.

He'll then teleport across the area. Watch closely at this point. If he ends
up with a green forcefield around him, send all of your greens in as fast as
you can (The color of his forcefield decides which minion color can pass
through, so if you're using something else, there's no reason to worry. The
greens just pack far more punch). If not, just stand back, wait out the
animation, then kill another bunch of enemy minions.

Eventually the green forcefield will come up, and if you have enough greens,
they'll drag him down to the ground at which point you can hit him with your
weapon, blast him in the face with fire spells, or anything else you want to
do. *Thanks to TechnoTemplar for reminding me that if you have the Legion of
Honor/Corruption spells, you can actually finish him off in one turn if
you're quick enough. Just use it and watch the carnage if you have it. If
not, read below.* 

Repeat this 1-3 more times until...

...He reaches half health, at which point he'll start using a whirlwind attack
where he spins around the arena randomly. To avoid this easily, just stand in
between two of the spawn points. He'll never come there, and you can replenish
your Greens if you're on the right side of the area (Note: Don't go out of your
way for this if you're not on the right side, as it'll just cost you more in
the end). 

He'll soon stop spinning, at which point he'll do the same old tired minion
summon - forcefield routine, then the whirlwind again. Just repeat what you
did before. Looking out for the right colored forcefield with the greens,
and then sending them to drag him down.

After 2-5 more drag-downs, you'll have finished him off. Deal the finishing
blow then watch the (in my opinion) rather dissapointing ending cutscene.

Congratulations, you just beat the Overlord final boss! You can continue with
your game by selecting continue from the main menu at this point or take a
well earned break.

                                    Updates [UPD]
1.00 - FAQ Completed, Submitted
1.25 - Jewel added, it seems I accidentaly deleted her section at some point
during the FAQ's editing stages. Update Section Added. Added Alternate Strategy
for Rollie/Goldo. Added Node Advice.
1.50 - Added alternate strategy for Kahn. Way to defeat the Wizard in one

                               Legal and Copyrights
This guide is copyright (c) 2006 - 2007 Matt Rowberry, the author.

Currently Hosted on:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)

if you wish to host this guide on your site, please email me for permission on
the email address at the top of this FAQ and if I approve, I'll add you to the
list for the next update (assuming there will be one).

I do by the way, encourage people to send any questions or tips to my email
you may have regarding the subject of this FAQ, as I'm always happy to help,
although if you are going to email me, please make the topic of the email
"(Game Name), (FAQ Name)" otherwise I will delete it without reading it.

Thanks, and GG.

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