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Simulator Disc Missions Guide by Maj

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 12/14/06

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (USA Playstation 2 version)
Simulator Disc Missions guide version 0.4
By Maj
Website: http://sonichurricane.com
E-mail: majestros@sonichurricane.com


  Nearly every character in MUA has a unique solo adventure accessible via the 
Training Computer located inside team headquarters after obtaining the 
corresponding Simulator Disc in Story Mode.  With sound combat strategy and 
proper allocation of talent points, it is possible to obtain Gold ranking in 
each of these comic missions immediately upon retrieval.  There is no need for 
power-leveling, additional stat bonuses, costume upgrades, or ideal equipment 
to successfully complete these missions.
  This is not a full walkthrough guide.  By now there are plenty of those out 
there.  Just about all of the major stuff has already been covered, and the 
game itself is not difficult by any means.
  This is not a character guide.  Some characters, some skills, and some team 
builds are better than others, but any team can get through the game.  Most 
people will just pick their favorites and that really is the best approach.
  Since this guide covers such diverse gameplay, it will take a few updates 
before it is completed.  If you have anything to add, just drop me an e-mail.  
If whatever you have to say is new to me and you're the first person to bring 
it up, i'll make sure to give you proper credit.
  If you want to use any of the information below, just give me due credit.  
Maybe include a link to this document.  Whatever, you know the drill.  Thanks.


12/14/2006 - MUA Simulator Disc Missions guide version 0.4
  Tabulated skill point distribution advice for every character
  Incorporated simulation timer slowdown trick into general tips
  Appended weapon respawn discovery to Mephisto's Realm description
  Included contributed throw instructions pertaining to Skrull map

11/22/2006 - MUA Simulator Disc Missions guide version 0.3
  Examined melee options in general strategy
  Reorganized map overviews to incorporate Helicarrier respawn point discovery
  Posted a pair of contributions to Blade strategies

11/17/2006 - MUA Simulator Disc Missions guide version 0.2
  Added updates section
  Completed map overviews
  Expanded character-specific strategies
  Made several slight clarifications

11/11/2006 - MUA Simulator Disc Missions guide version 0.1
  Established project groundwork covering basics, maps, and characters

Table of Contents

I.    General Strategy Overview
II.   Map Analysis
III.  Character Analysis
IV.   Character Build Recommendations

I.  General Strategy Overview

  While Versus Comic Missions allow unrestricted team selection, each Hero 
Comic Mission focuses on one solitary character.  Since the MUA roster is so 
large, the first step toward successfully completing a character's simulation 
is becoming familiar with that character's powers, strengths, weaknesses, and 
play style.  When using an unfamiliar hero, it helps to use each room of 
enemies to test out one or two powers at a time.  Apart from attempting to 
complete the mission, there is no need to worry about points or rankings 
during first playthrough of any new simulation.

-Power Selection-

  Despite the diversity of the cast, there exists a sort of "general solution" 
to combat efficiency in MUA.  Selecting the right combination of powers to use 
is the primary challenge to mastering each character.  Usually this translates 
to choosing the best boost and picking the best offensive power.  In most 
cases, the bottom line is damage.  The first task is finding the boost that 
augments damage caused by powers.  If none exist, some defensive boosts may 
also prove useful, as well as certain unique gimmicky boosts that create a 
significant advantage.  However, some characters simply do not have a good 
boost to use in simulator disc missions so it's best to conserve the energy.  
Some of the best solo boosts are Mr. Fantastic's Fantastic Fists, Black 
Panther's Stealth, Invisible Woman's Fantastic Shield, and Iceman's Frigid 
Aura.  Some of the worst include Human Torch's and Spider-Woman's boosts.
  The next step is experimenting with special powers which cause useful status 
effects.  Some powers inflict ailments such as stunning opponents, slowing 
them down, trapping them in place, and so on.  However, many of these are far 
less effective in practice than they appear in theory due to factors such as 
overpriced energy cost or prohibitively lengthy execution time.  Some of the 
best status change powers are Thor's Hammer Toss, Invisible Woman's Kinetic 
Snare, and Spider-Woman's Ensnare.  Some of the worst include Storm's Hail 
Storm and Ms. Marvel's Explosive Touch.  Since bosses are immune to status 
effects, these powers are typically reserved for standard mobs and not worth 
the energy cost against bosses.
  Finally, it all comes down to finding the attack power which yields the 
greatest damage/cost ratio to kill as many things as possible before running 
out of energy.  Sometimes the best attack power against normal enemies is not 
the best attack power against bosses, simply because due to status effects.  
For example, Thor's best attack against normal enemies is Hammer Toss (since 
it stuns multiple enemies) but his best attack against bosses is Thor's Rage 
(due to high damage output and auto-targeting).  For many characters, the 
most potent offensive powers are their chargeable projectile attacks.  Always 
fully charge Blade's Spike of Destruction and Elektra's Death's Touch before 
unleashing them and don't worry about getting hit by the minor enemies.  
Otherwise, they will run out of energy quickly without inflicting lethal 
damage to enough enemies.
  Nearly every Xtreme power in the game is valuable enough to justify the two 
talent points required to unlock them.  Once the Momentum meter is full, 
quickly find a room full of enemies and use it immediately.  This accelerates 
progress, saves time, and clears the Momentum meter to avoid wasting any 
further meter-building opportunities.  However, most characters should not go 
out of their way to engage in unnecessary melee combat in order to build 
Momentum.  For most characters, melee simply deals damage too slowly.
  Of course, once the decisions have been made, all talent points should be 
subtracted from unused powers and reallocated to the best ones.  Usually there 
is no reason to keep primary powers at low levels since damage/cost ratios of 
all powers increase with each upgrade.

-Gear Selection-

  Until the final two acts of the game, the best equipment for simulator disc 
missions is the Attuma's Wrath item.  It increases power damage by +25% which 
provides the greatest combat efficiency boost of all gear found in the first 
three acts.  Characters with Energy Dmg Powers are the only exception since 
the White Ring of Mandarin bestows an even greater damage boost.

-Melee Efficiency-

  The fastest way to knock out ordinary opponents with melee attacks is to 
knock them down using the Trip combo (Attack, Smash, Attack) then land a 
couple of hits while they're down, and repeat when they get up.  This simple 
five-button sequence (Attack, Smash, Attack, Attack, Attack) can be reiterated 
without hesitation until the opponent runs out of health.
  The universal Stun combo (Attack, Smash, Smash) is the next best thing 
against enemies that can not be knocked down via the Trip combo.  Damage is 
inflicted slightly slower than the preferred combo above.  Unfortunately, the 
Popup combo (Attack, Attack, Smash) elevates opponents out of range for too 
long to be useful in timed missions.  It is the least optimal of the three.

-Time Limit Extension-

  Several characters have the ability to temporarily slow time for everyone 
except the hero team.  Daredevil's Hyper Sense, Ms. Marvel's Cosmic Awareness, 
Silver Surfer's Slow Time, and Spider-Man's Spidey Sense all produce this 
altered state.  Strangely enough, these boosts also affect the countdown timer 
during simulator missions.  Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Man can take 
advantage of this phenomenon to finish simulations with substantially improved 
completion times.  Of course, this trick does not apply to Silver Surfer 
because he has no simulator disc to obtain.
[contributed by: tragic]

-Monitoring Progress-

  Look to the bottom right corner of the screen when an enemy dies.  The total 
current Enemy Kills Score briefly appears below the Seconds Remaining clock.  
Use these figures to estimate whether the final score will surpass the desired 
ranking achievement - typically 20,000 points for Gold.

II.  Map Analysis

  Two simulation maps contain a fixed number of enemies: Mephisto's Realm and 
Skrull.  The remaining four maps house enemy respawn points: Helicarrier, 
Omega Base, Murderworld, and Asgard.
  In stages with finite numbers of enemies, it's all about attack efficiency 
and keeping seconds on the clock to add to the final score.  Enemy kills earn 
more points than saving time, so it is important to be thorough.
  In stages with countless enemies, it's all about reaching the respawn point 
and pumping up the score as high as possible before taking on the boss.  Even 
the toughest bosses don't last longer than three minutes, leaving plenty of 
time to rack up 20,000 points for that Gold ranking.  Consequently, maps with 
enemy respawn capability make it much easier to attain Gold ranking.  Since 
the clock isn't a factor, survival is the only challenge.

-Mephisto's Realm-

  Two armed Fire Giants patrol this stage - one at the halfway mark and the 
other at the end.  Immediately upon encountering the first Fire Giant, 
initiate the acrobatic button sequence (using the Grab button) to steal his 
sword.  Then clear out everything else in the room very quickly.  The massive 
blade greatly increases melee damage as well as attack range without any 
energy cost.  With it, heroes can clear entire rooms in seconds and greatly 
reduce mission completion time.
  At the end of the stage, kill everything before engaging the Fire Giant, 
then deal 90% damage to the Fire Giant.  Finish him off with the Grab button 
sequence to steal his sword without having to use it on him.  Continue to the 
boss room and drop the sword, activate the boost, pick up the sword, and 
rush through the pre-fight conversation.  Possessing the sword will yield 
roughly 20% damage to the boss without having to use any powers.  Once the 
sword breaks, switch over to the most damaging attack power available until 
energy runs out.  Once that happens, either switch over to melee chains or run 
around evasively while recharging energy.  Once again, it's all about damage.  
Do enough damage, quickly enough and the boss will throw out health and energy 
orbs.  As long as the hero can inflict roughly 20% damage to the boss before 
dying, the orbs will replenish reserves and lead to victory.

  The first Fire Giant encountered on this level respawns approximately every 
minute.  This won't generate sufficient enemy kill points to meet Gold ranking 
requirements, but it does provide additional weaponry if needed.
[contributed by: KFCrispy]


  Although this stage contains a fixed number of enemies, several rooms do 
produce enemies in waves for extended periods.  It is important to maintain an 
aggressive pace in order to conserve time.  The melee brawlers post the 
greatest direct threat in terms of damage, but they also make the hero's job 
easier by not running away.  The ranged attackers inflict less damage, but are 
harder to catch.  If possible, save time by destroying them from a distance.
  Before attempting to achieve Gold ranking, take the time to become familiar 
with the map layout.  Unlike other stages, the proper path through this level 
is not immediately apparent from the mini-map display.  Enemies on this map 
always approach in groups of two or three.  Although none of them are 
particularly formidable, the Galactus Punishers do possess a radial knockdown 
attack.  Avoid this at all costs because getting knocked down wastes too much 
valuable time.  If possible, use attacks which damage multiple opponents from 
a distance in order to keep everyone in check.  Relative to some of the other 
maps, this stage is actually quite fair.

  Unarmed enemies can be thrown off the exposed edges of the walkway segments 
located throughout this map.  This excellent alternative to melee combat can 
dramatically reduce completion time.  Attempting to throw while too close to 
the edge can give enemies a chance of bouncing back inexplicably.  Staying one 
character-width away from the edges usually prevents this occurrence.
[contributed by: Ken]


  Early on in the level, a breakable wall must be breached to progress onto 
the next room.  After stepping into the following area, the three enemies 
encountered before the wall respawn once more.  Don't lose points by ignoring 
them.  Whenever Xtreme powers become available, open a nearby door to increase 
the number of enemies affected.  At first glance this map seems to house a 
fixed number of enemies, but it turns out that there is a hidden respawn point 
on this level.  Every hero with a Helicarrier mission can finish it quickly 
enough to attain Gold ranking without utilizing the respawn point.  In fact, 
the character-specific strategies provided in this guide were devised before 
the respawn point discovery.  However, the respawn point makes it much easier.

  The fifth room, found on the other side of the force field, contains two 
Ultron Strikers, one Ultron Warrior, and one Doom Bot.  After defeating them, 
open the door back to the fourth room and take a step into it.  All four 
enemies in room five will respawn instantly.  Continue to fight them until 
roughly the eight-minute mark and then move on, leaving plenty of time to 
clear the rest of the map and take out the boss.  The enemy kills alone should 
produce over 20,000 points.
[contributed by: McMystery]

-Omega Base-

  The ability to customize the respawn point in this stage makes it quite 
possibly the easiest simulation level design in the game.  Located halfway 
through the map is a room containing six teleporters, each adjacent to a 
destructible computer.  Each teleport chamber will generate an endless 
succession of AIM Troopers for as long as its corresponding computer remains 
intact.  If six enemies attacking simultaneously is too much to handle, simply 
destroy one or two of the computers to restrict the flow.  Find a comfort 
level and keep fighting until the desired number of enemy kills is reached, 
then destroy the leftover computers and move on.
  Some of the other enemies found on this stage can prove troublesome, but the 
respawn point effectively eliminates the need to race against the clock.  Use 
the Grab button on Shielded AIM Troopers to wrestle away their safeguard, then 
knock them out.  Popup combos (Attack, Attack, Smash) and certain attack 
powers can even pierce their shielding.  To ensure that Super Soldiers can't 
perform their throws, hit them with the Stun combo (Attack, Smash, Smash) or 
take them out from a distance.


  Fortunately, the respawn point on this map occurs on the bumper car stage.  
Even characters who normally struggle in solo gameplay are placed on an even 
playing field.  Piling multiple opponents into the corners of the arena yields 
particularly lethal results because each collision will inflict multiple 
instances of damage as enemies ricochet into one another.  It helps to drive 
extra bumper cars down the steps and out of the rink to free up the corners 
and make this tactic easier to perform.
  As an example, Deadpool simply does not have the tools needed to effectively 
control mobs of opponents.  All of his powers are slow, costly, and leave him 
open to counterattack.  Therefore, the easiest approach is to use his Teleport 
Ability (jump twice) to rush through the level, avoiding combat entirely.  
Then simply spend ten to fifteen minutes driving the bumper car accruing 
20,000 points accrue via enemy kills.  With that objective out of the way, all 
that remains is to survive the boss encounter.


  The action never stops on this level, because the entire battlefield acts as 
a respawn point.  The constant flow of Clay Guardians and Loki Trolls may seem 
overwhelming at first, but most good radial powers can keep them at bay.  The 
steady stream of energy orbs from fallen enemies should regularly replenish 
reserves.  Heroes with superior piercing beam powers should utilize a castle 
doorway as a bottleneck to keep opponents in line.  Alternatively, taking a 
few steps back from an attacking mob usually manipulates them into forming a 
line - perfect for unidirectional piercing attacks.  Since there's never any 
end to the enemy army, it's entirely up to the player to decide when to finish 
the simulation by heading to the end of the map to face the boss.

III.  Character Analysis

  Although MUA features a surprisingly well-balanced cast in four-character 
team settings, the same can not be said of solo capability.  Most characters 
have one or two powers that can contribute to a powerhouse team combination, 
but very few have what it takes to survive alone.  Unfortunately, the heroes 
who struggle in solo scenarios also tend to be the least fun to use alone.  
With underpowered characters, the most viable attack in terms of damage/cost 
ratio often turns out to be their most basic and least interesting attack.  To 
make matters even worse, the exciting characters can easily achieve Gold 
ranking in two or three simulation attempts while the boring characters will 
most likely end up repeating the same mission ten times simply to become 
sufficiently efficient at shaving seconds off the clock.

-Exciting Characters-

  Spider-Man faces one of the more challenging boss simulations in the game, 
but is fortunate enough to find himself on the Omega Base map.  Web Warrior is 
essentially the only power needed here.  Just keep using it over and over.  
Don't worry about taking damage.  Spidey will be killing opponents so quickly 
that their health and energy orbs will offset everything the enemies throw at 
him.  Feel free to utilize whichever boost seems more interesting, but neither 
one is actually necessary.
  Proceed to the room with the AIM generators and keep using Web Warrior on 
the constant flow of AIM Troopers.  If they prove too difficult to control six 
at a time, break two or three of the computers to even the odds.  Continue 
until surpassing 18,000 enemy kill points, then break the remaining consoles 
and move on.  None of the generic opponents on this stage should pose a threat.
  The boss battle isn't too difficult either.  Web Warrior won't throw the 
boss, but that only means the damage is inflicted faster.  Just try not to 
screw up the button sequences for saving Dum Dum Dugan and he'll be fine.
  It might be a good idea to invest five minutes into becoming familiar with 
the final fight before spending fifteen minutes trying to earn Gold ranking.  
Spider-Man's Web Zip ability (Jump and hold Jump) allows him to get through 
the whole level very quickly without having to fight anything.  Practice 
fighting the boss once or twice to get an idea of what to expect, then go back 
and rack up those points for the Gold ranking.

  Thor does quite well on his own.  The Asgard map provides a constant flow of 
enemies whose only hope is to swarm Thor from all sides.  Thor's Rage is 
almost ideal for this situation, but its main drawback is that it causes 
knockdown, negating a large portion of its potential damage.  Hammer Toss, on 
the other hand, yields respectable damage for a reasonable cost while stunning 
opponents and providing an additional strike as Mjolnir returns to Thor's 
hand.  Simply taking a few steps back aligns freshly spawned enemies perfectly.
  After achieving the required number of enemy kills, fly to the end of the 
level to face the boss.  Remove talent points from Hammer Toss and reallocate 
them to Thor's Rage, use one of the weapons on the outer walls to make the 
boss vulnerable, then fly beyond the boss' melee range and take him down with 
Thor's Rage.  Since bosses can't be knocked down, he'll have to bear the full 
brunt of the attack with no means of counterattacking.

  Invisible Woman is even more fun to use.  Her Fantastic Shield boost renders 
half of the enemies on the Helicarrier powerless while her Kinetic Snare takes 
care of the melee assailants.  It will take some time to kill any given enemy, 
but all of them will be incapacitated in the meantime.  Since the number of 
enemies on the Helicarrier is fixed, speed is the ultimate goal.  Therefore, 
the best approach is to cast Kinetic Snare on every opponent in a room and 
simply progress onto the next room to do the same.  Invisible Woman can 
actually engage as many as ten opponents simultaneously.  The boss is even 
less of a challenge, since he prefers to use ranged attacks which simply get 
reflected back in his direction.

-Boring Characters-

  Completing the Blade simulation is not a problem, but his Gold ranking is 
one of the most difficult to attain.  It all comes down to combat efficiency 
and racing against the clock, but sadly Blade has no dominant offensive 
options.  He's definitely one of the most boring solo characters in the game.  
This mission is all about optimizing damage and not trying to do anything 
fancy.  Blade gets the best damage/cost ratio from his fully charged Spike of 
Destruction.  Blood of the Warrior is a good boost that increases damage, so 
max out both of these powers.
  Focus on keeping the Demon Leapers at a distance.  That means shooting them 
before they get to Blade.  Moving targets will successfully dodge some of 
Blade's projectiles, but try to achieve around 80% accuracy and try to hit 
multiple targets with the explosion.  Don't miss opportunities to take out 
Mephisto's Pets because it only takes one fully charged projectile and one 
melee combo, but the first priority is always taking out the Demon Leapers.
  The Mephisto's Realm map analysis provides strategies pertaining to the Fire 
Giants roaming this level.  Their weapons are key to attaining Gold ranking.  
Continue using fully charged Spikes of Destruction over and over against the 
boss.  Try not to miss because wasting energy will eventually get Blade 
killed.  Once energy does run out, resort to various melee chains while energy 
regenerates and repeat until the boss is defeated.

  As an alternative to focusing on ranged combat, Blade can run up close to 
Demon Leapers and hit them with an uncharged Spike of Destruction.  This makes 
them explode if they try to grab Blade, as with the Ghost Rider tactic below.  
Some people find this method easier than aiming at distant moving targets.
[contributed by: yoshox2000]

  Yet another approach is to max out Blade's Glaive Strike in addition to 
Blood of the Warrior.  Glaive Strike may not cause a lot of damage, but it 
doesn't need to be charged.  Use it to damage (not kill) enemies from a 
distance before running up and finishing them with melee attacks.  Making the 
most of the broken bridge is key to this approach.  It's possible to throw ten 
leapers and two Demonic Souls off the bridge while running to melee Mephisto's 
Pets in-between.  Ideally, Blade should reach the boss in under five minutes, 
yielding plenty of bonus points to reach the Gold ranking plateau.
[contributed by: Rabasha]

  Ghost Rider fares somewhat better than Blade in Mephisto's Realm.  Both 
Ghost Rider and Iceman have a weird effect on the Demon Leapers.  If they've 
been hit by Ghost Rider's Damnation or Iceman's Frigid Aura, they explode when 
they attempt to latch onto the hero's back.  This interaction still disrupts 
whatever the hero was doing so don't waste time charging attacks once the 
Demon Leapers have closed in.  Iceman needn't rely on this tactic because his 
fully charged Polar Explosion does plenty of damage, but Ghost Rider can save 
a lot of time by concentrating on killing the Mephisto's Pets and letting the 
Demon Leapers self-destruct.
  Actually Ghost Rider commands several formidable attack powers, but Ravaging 
Flame seems best suited for this environment.  Max it out and use it against 
Mephisto's Pets from long range while the Demon Leapers approach.  Tag the 
leapers with Damnation once they get close.  While waiting for them to commit 
suicide, run up to the fliers and finish them off with melee attacks.
  Ghost Rider's Penance Stare debuff also proves useful on this stage.  Its 
energy refund helps in keeping up the aggressive pace throughout the level and 
especially against the boss.  The Mephisto's Realm map analysis provides 
strategies pertaining to the Fire Giants roaming this stage.  Their weapons 
are key to attaining Gold ranking.  Killing Demonic Soul zombies can eat up 
too much time, so try to find a way to throw them into the lava.  Use the 
obvious combination of Penance Stare, Ravaging Flame, and melee attack strings 
to finish off the boss.

  Despite Storm's vast array of diverse powers, she has difficulty producing 
sustainable damage output.  All of her powers are either geared towards team 
synergy or devour energy at unreasonable rates.  Since she can't take much 
physical punishment, her only good solo strategy is maxing out her Lightning 
Strike power and clearing rooms before entering them.  Luckily, Storm doesn't 
have to open doors to attack enemies because Lightning Strike auto-targets 
enemies - even through walls.  Her entire strategy in the boss fight simply 
consists of casting Lightning Strike over and over, trying to do enough damage 
to survive off health and energy orbs released by her rival.

  Spider-Woman beats her simulator mission boss absolutely for free, simply by 
flying and shooting fully charged Venom Blasts.  When she runs out of energy, 
run to one of end of the stage, wait till the boss catches up, fly over him, 
land behind him and run to the other end of the stage, repeating as long as 
necessary.  However, the rest of the stage is really hard for her because her 
boosts suck, everything is energy resistant and the number of enemies is 
fixed.  Thus, all of her powers suck in terms of damage/cost ratio.  Neither 
the Aura of Seduction item nor the Stone Touch item work quickly enough to 
achieve Gold ranking.
  The most viable strategy is to max out Venom Blast and Ensare.  First, 
Ensare everything in the room, then use fully charged Venom Blasts to kill the 
non-energy-resistant enemies.  Try to hit multiple enemies with one shot to 
save time.  Then melee whatever competition remains.  The key to attaining 
Gold ranking is using melee chains to build Momentum meter and then opening a 
nearby door to hit six to eight enemies with her Bio Web Xtreme attack.  When 
close to having full meter, focus on melee against energy resistant enemies 
and leave the others Ensared for later.

IV.  Character Build Recommendations

  Since the full cast of playable characters is several times larger than the 
maximum limit of four active team members, most simulator disc missions force 
the player to assume control of a hero for the very first time.  The following 
basic configurations are meant to aid in the initial selection of powers for 
unused or unfamiliar characters.  Countless valid alternatives exist, but 
these choices have proven to be effective and consistent.
  In general, every hero should invest the two points to unlock their Xtreme 
attack.  Unless otherwise noted, all powers should be upgraded to maximum 
available levels while in use.

Black Panther:
Crippling Blow (primary attack)
Energy Daggers (secondary attack)
[partially contributed by: Chaotic Mind]

Spike of Destruction (primary attack)
Blood of the Warrior

Captain America:
Shield Throw (primary attack)
Shield Bash (boss battle attack)
Shield Charge (one point if available, faster transportation)
no boosts (energy costs too high at low character levels)

Baton Throw (primary attack)
Extensive Strike (secondary attack)
Hyper Sense
[partially contributed by: KFCrispy]

Blade Cyclone (primary attack)
Battle Cry
[partially contributed by: yoshox2000]

Dr. Strange:
Black Magic (primary attack)
Eldritch Aura (secondary attack)
Levitation (one point, use to throw enemies off bridges)
Eye of Agamotto
[partially contributed by: Nahymt]

Death's Touch (primary attack)
Focused Chi

Ghost Rider:
Ravaging Flame (primary attack)
Damnation (use against nearby Leapers only)
Penance Stare

Human Torch:
Fire Storm (primary attack)
Inferno (backup attack)
no boosts (energy costs too high for insufficient benefits)

Polar Explosion (primary attack)
Frigid Aura
Ice Slide (one point, faster transportation)

Invisible Woman:
Kinetic Snare (primary attack)
Kinetic Bolts (boss battle attack)
Fantastic Shield

Iron Man:
Plasma Disc (primary attack - Uni-Beam unavailable at low character levels)
Rocket Uppercut (secondary attack)
Energy Reroute (if available)
[partially contributed by: tragic]

Luke Cage:
Jab (primary attack)
Chain Strike (secondary attack - Drill Bit unavailable at low character levels)

Mr. Fantastic:
Rubberband Recoil (primary attack if available)
Drastic Elastic (alternate primary attack)
Elastic Crush (boss battle attack)
Pinball (one point, faster transportation)
Fantastic Fists
[partially contributed by: Elma007]

Ms. Marvel:
Prism (primary attack)
Photon Burst (secondary attack)
Cosmic Awareness

Web Warrior (primary attack)
Web Shield

Ensnare (primary attack)
Venom Blast (secondary attack)
no boosts (energy costs too high for insufficient benefits)

Lightning Strike (primary attack)
Whirlwind Armor (boss battle boost)

Hand Clap (primary attack)
Uppercut (boss battle attack)
Bullrush (one point, faster transportation)
Tough Skin

Hammer Toss (primary attack)
Thor's Rage (boss battle attack)
Asgard's Blessing

Claw Frenzy (primary attack)
Lethal Lunge (boss battle attack)


  MUA is yet another quality title from the people at Raven, showcasing even 
more ambition than their previous efforts.  Some particularly nice touches 
include: Thor's Asgardian Armor costume, Captain America's Shield Throw, 
Invisible Woman's Kinetic Snare, Spider-Man's Web Zip Ability, Silver Surfer's 
flying attacks, the Nightcrawler Teleport Frenzy cutscene, and the cutscene 
introducing Galactus.
  Will Galactus ever be featured as a playable character in a video game?  
Only time will tell, but it would help if the upcoming Silver Surfer movie 
turned out exceedingly well and made a lot of money in theaters.
  Hm, i just noticed that virtually everything i requested in the closing 
remarks of my X-Men Legends II Advanced Tactics guide ended up appearing in 
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.  That's pretty cool.  Anyway, time to wrap up.  
Hopefully you found this guide useful and informative.

  One last thing ... If you're into fighting games, be sure to check out my 
website and download a few combo videos: http://sonichurricane.com

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