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Close X FAQ/Walkthrough
by oldschool312

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FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

Updated: 02/21/17

Walkthrough (Continued)

Mephisto's Realm

Chasing the DevilLocate Nightcrawler in Mephisto's Realm
Evil SchemesFind out what the Masters of Evil are up to in Mephisto's Realm
Mephisto's FlamesLight the candles by solving the puzzles Mephisto has
Chasing the AngelLocate Jean Grey in Mephisto's Realm
Vengeance be MineSave Ghost Rider from his prison
Fire and BrimstoneDefeat Mephisto to leave his realm
Nowhere to HideDetermine the safest place for Weasel to hide from SHIELD
agents (optional)
The Eye of the Shadow QueenFind the Eye of the Shadow Queen somewhere in
Mephisto's Realm and return it to Wong (Optional)
Blade's Simulator Disc
Strike Upgrade
Body Upgrade (2)
Scorpion Simulator Disc
Focus Upgrade
Ghost Rider's Simulator Disc

Before embarking on the next mission take time out to talk to whoever you like. Be sure to talk to Weasel and Wong to get the optional objectives. Use the orb to teleport when you are ready.

Objective: Mephisto's Flames

Head straight across from the SHIELD access point and up the stairs to update your objectives. I went around the center area killing all the demons before moving on. Blade's simulator disc is in the area as well. There are five paths that connect to this main area. Defeating the challenge at each path lights a candle in the center. We will start with the one closest to the access point and move clockwise.

Read the altar and the Book of Majernik says "Thy way shall be lit by the flames of impure soles." The key is to throw enemies into the fire tapping the Use button and the left analog stick. With each enemy thrown into the center fire the pedestal lowers. Setting your team to defensive so they do not destroy all the enemies may help you do this part a little easier. Once it lowers all the way a portal will open, but before leaving get the strike upgrade. Now to the next puzzle.

This time the book of Majernik states "Whilst thy name is carven in stone, thy shall be invincible." I believe you have to destroy the four large markers with crosses that may be ornate grave markers to open this portal. You can completely ignore the enemies. Also be on the look out for a Black Panther Action Figure.

The third altar reads "Only the Eternal Torch shall renew the Flames of the Damned." This one is easy. Defeat the few enemies here to open the path to the torch and a body upgrade. Wield the torch and attack each of the "cups" at each corner. Once they are lit the portal opens. At this point the professor talks to you and says Jean Grey is joining the team in Mephisto's Realm.

Next the altar says, "Wilst the Trees of Aegis live, mine servants never perish." There is an axe you can wield next to the trees with the blue/purple rings around them. Use the axe to destroy the trees then kill the enemies to open the portal.

The final altar states, "Sacrifice upon the altar shall imprison thee." Kill an enemy from each of the rings within the center circle to "imprison" them in the rings and open a portal.

Objectives: The Eye of the Shadow Queen

Now a portal should open where the candles are lit. Enter it to continue to the Inferno. Now Jean is in trouble too. Way to go Xavier. Defeat the enemies in this area and a Fire Giant leaps from the lava in the center. Even with his health regeneration powers he is a pushover. If you grapple him with the Use button a push button sequence will appear that will allow you to steal his sword and use it as a weapon. Continue through the door that opened and up the stairs. Make a right at the top of the stairs and beneath a statue is a skill point. Head back and open the weapons cache. Go to the opposite side and go through the opening to the left to pick up the Eye of the Shadow Queen.

Objective: Vengeance Be Mine

In between the two bridges that lead to the next area you should see a large tree. Under that tree sits a Daredevil action figure. Open the weapons cache, kill the fire giants and move forward. The team comes across Ghost Rider and they feel they should help him out. There are four large X's on the screen. Go to each X and destroy the rock formation holding the chain. While you are breaking the chains free on the left side keep an eye out for a Sketch Book. Mephisto is willing to free Ghost Rider but only in exchange for a member of your team. Pick which member of your team you wish to trade and Ghost Rider is unlocked (the trade is not permanent). Activate the book of Despair with the character making the sacrifice and we are transported to the Sepulcher.

Objective: Chasing the Devil and Chasing the Angel

Move forward and fight your way through the creatures coming out of the ground. There will be 2 weapons caches to open and then a bridge to cross. Once you've crossed the mini-bridge and reach the top of the stairs be sure to retrieve the Scorpion simulator disc to the left and the body upgrade to the right. Continue fighting forward and you will reach a point where 2 fire giants break through doors to fight you. In the rooms the fire giants leave are a focus upgrade and a Sketch Book. You will encounter Blackheart shortly.

Blackheart like most of the bosses/mini-bosses is not that difficult. There is a twist during this fight though. There are unmarked chambers on either side of the battle field. If you defeat Blackheart he will respawn using one of the chambers. Destroy the chambers first and you only have to defeat this evil demon once. He does have a nasty little ranged energy attack that can prevent you from getting too close for melee action. Try ranged attacks then switch characters to someone close for some melee damage. His knockdown energy ray seems to be focused on the character you manually control. This is more frustrating than dangerous.

Objective: A Devil in Need or An Angel in Need

Here is where you have to make a choice. To the left you can save Nightcrawler or to the right save Jean Grey. I will go with Nightcrawler but it is your choice. There is not a right or a best choice. The only real difference will be at the end credits when the choices you've made in the game are placed in context with consequences. I'd recommend saving one then playing through again (you know you will want to) to see each of the results. Once the unlucky one plummets to their death, enter Stygian Abyss.

Objective: Evil Schemes

Upon entering the Abyss move to the left and jump across to the rock and pickup Ghost Rider's simulator disc. Mephisto brings numerous minions to destroy you. I believe you have to kill a certain number of enemies to open a portal at the end of the path. There are enough enemies at the beginning to open the portal. Once a mini cut scene shows the portal, keep moving toward the top of the screen. You should come to a wall with a gate in it. Fly over or break through the gate and head to the blue portal you saw in the mini cut scene. Once you see it jump into it as long as you have defeated enough enemies to open it

Objective: Fire and Brimstone

Now you are battling Mephisto. He will place a shield around him at times. This shield will reflect projectile attacks so unless you want harmed by your own powers don't use them when he is shielded. When you get close for melee attacks he will blast some fire that makes you lose control of your character. The hero will run frantically away from Mephisto. While you are at a distance he may also fire bolts of energy at you. The last powered attack I've seen is one where he levitates your character off the ground and does a little damage over time. When this happens just switch character to continue the attack. Also do not get near the edge of the battlefield its easy to fall of for an instant KO. Attack him with ranged attacks until his health bar turns purple. At this point he will have a sword in hand. Move close and press the Use button to grapple. Push the on screen button repeatedly to steal his sword. Your first instinct will be to smash him with it. Do not listen to your first instinct. You will do little to no damage and you only get one swing. Instead the sword is intended to destroy the statues around the center of the area. Hit one of the statues and the sword is destroyed. Fight Mephisto more to initiate another chance to wield the sword. Once all the statues are destroyed the character that you did not release earlier is aiding Mephisto in the fight. Ignore them and focus on attacking the big guy. Attacking them will do nothing to help you move out of Mephisto's Realm. Place all your fire power on Mephisto. Watch his health bar. When it gets down to about 25% it will change colors from red to purple. At this point attack the mutant that was in the fight (Jean Grey or Nightcralwer). They will provide the final assistance needed to finish Mephisto.


Body Upgrade
Strike Upgrade

There is a path to the north that leads to a Gladsheim Hall and a strike upgrade. There is a design on the floor that will allow you to summon Hermod for a discussion. Another path leads to Himinbiorg Hall and a body upgrade. You will also find Warrior Hall, but your team is not welcome until you prove yourself. To prove yourself help the gods in Asgard or Bifrost Bridge. First we'll head to the Bifrost Bridge. One of the path leaving from the center will take you to a portal that will provide access to the bridge.

Bifrost Bridge

The Gate of the GodsOpen the gate at the end of Bifrost.
Dragon FangFind the sword of the Valkyrie, located somewhere on Bifrost
Storm Simulator Disc
Black Panther Action Figure
Daredevil Action Figure
Spider-Man Simulator Disc

Objective: Dragon Fang

Move to your immediate left to pick up Storm's simulator disc. As you venture onto the bridge, Valkyrie speaks and provides you with an optional objective. The bridge ahead is broken so take the path to the right. When you board the ship move to right end of the ship to pick up a Black Panther action figure. Once off the ship go left and then right at the top of the ramp. In this area there are several enemies you have to use the Trip Combo to defeat. When you reach the grass, go straight ahead to see a giant statue of Odin. Go back up the stairs and go right. You will see four stones with designs and four raised areas of the floor with designs. Move the stones with the designs over the matching floor design. The one in the middle goes on the bottom left. The one on the left goes to the top right. The one in the rear goes to the bottom right. The one on the right goes to the top left. Step on the blue designs and the Odin statue will lift his right arm. Once across a Sketch book is sitting next to the stairs. When you reach the area with the gear, turn it and then look around and you should find Valkyrie's sword. In order to be complete I went back and lifted Odin's other arm by moving the column in the center to the far right and using ranged attacks to kill the distant archers. You also pick up a weapons cache with a Daredevil Action Figure. Now through the Midgard gate.

Objective: The Gate of the Gods

Once on the bridge move toward the TV screen (as if the characters where going to jump out of the screen) to pick up Spider-Man's simulator disc. Avoid the fire from the flaming statues by waiting for it to stop then moving forward. A few enemies will spawn but not enough to provide any danger. Once you reach the end lower the drawbridge by tapping the Use button. This provides access to the rest of the bridge. Here there are fire spitting statues at the end of the bridge. If you are good, it is possible to dodge the fire balls all the way to the end. Alternatively, (and much less difficult) you can go on one side, all the way up against the edge, of the bridge and walk your way to the end. When you come to a hole in the bridge you can jump/fly over it or wait patiently for pauses in the fire balls and cross to the other side of the bridge. Once at the other end save and lower another drawbridge. The battle with the Wrecking Crew could be tough. It is four on four and they will attack from the beginning. I was fortunate to have all four of my characters with an Xtreme power ready and unleashed it on the Crew immediately. Even if you don't have all four with an Xtreme use what you have at the start of the fight. This made the battle much easier. Once the Extreme took a good portion of health away I would alternate between a character with a good ranged attack (use up all their energy) and a melee character (use up all their energy). Have a character that slows time (Daredevil, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) is also a great help here. With time slowed for the enemy you can get in more hits and receive less. Once the Wrecking Crew is gone, destroy the barrier to the door and open it.

Hall of the Honored Fallen

You are now granted access to the Warrior Hall so go there and check it out. There is a focus upgrade in front of the door to the Hall. Once inside the hall there is a Sketch Book directly behind your team. Also pick up some XP (formerly an action figure), Thor's simulator disc, and a skill point. Talk to Weasel and he will give you another task. Ask Dr. Pym about Ivan and then Black Widow about Dr. Ines. The choice seems clear so let Weasel know.


Balder the BraveFind Balder, who is imprisoned somewhere in Asgard
Unleash the GuardianLocate Heimdall and free him
Freeing the God of WarFind Tyr and free him from his prison in Asgard
Liberating the BraveFree Balder from his mystical prison
Skill Point
Daredevil Action Figure
Body Upgrade (2)
Invisible Woman Simulator Disc
Striking Upgrade (2)
Black Panther Action Figure
Focus Upgrade (2)
Deadpool Simulator Disc

Objective: Balder the Brave

We will take the path to the right and fight our way across the bridge. Once across venture ahead onto the porch for some enemies and a weapons cache with a skill point inside. Move off the porch and go right. Pick up some XP (formerly action figure) and fight your way around to the back side of the building and you will encounter a statue of Thor that requires the power of lightning. Lets move back to the beginning and see where the other path takes us. You will encounter an area where you have to defeat several trolls to advance. Once the trolls are gone the Hammer of Vidar appears that allows you to take out the stones blocking your path. You should now see an anvil and a body upgrade. Move down the path of grass covered rocks and you will end up back at the Thor statue. There is a SHIELD access point nearby. You can switch to Thor and use his lightning attack, Thor's Rage, on the statue to bust open the path forward. Another way, if you do not want to switch out characters, is to activate the door. This will cause the door to catch on fire. Enemies will spawn as well. Throw one bad guy from each of the pillars into the fire. They will just keep regenerating until one from each area is placed in the fire. Continue forward and you encounter Balder.

Objective: Freeing the God of War

In order to free him you must free his brethren Tyr and Heimdall first. There is a door on either side of Balder. Odin's Courtyard - West Wing is where we will start. Read the inscription on the statue ahead. Some super soldiers will bust in. Destroy them and go in the door they opened. Around the corner to the left there is a weapons cache if you are interested. Go through a couple more doors and fight off some more super soldiers. You will come to a hall with a large block. Push the block down the hall and then to the left. This will open a door to a chest and the hand of Tyr. With Tyr's hand in hand continue forward to a large sword that will act as a bridge. At the hilt of the sword you can place Tyr's hand so that the blockade preventing passage will move.

Fight your way to the next room and push the statue to the far end on top of the elevated panel. Go through the door on the other end of the hall and enter the Great Forge. Scorpion and Lizard are waiting for you. Tyr is hanging from the ceiling above a fire pit. Go to either side and attack one villain before the other can react. You will be able to severely damage one enemy while the other is making his way to the fight. Dr. Strange was in my party and I simply stood back and threw Black Magic at Scorpion until my energy ran out. This brought his health down greatly. By this time Lizard was also nearby. I switched characters and hit Lizard with ranged attacks.

Once the two villains are gone we need to find a way to cool the lava below Tyr. There are 2 levers behind Tyr. Positioning one team member on one lever and switching characters to move a second to the other lever allows you the option of lowering Tyr into the lava. We don't want to do that so lets figure out how to cool it. Go through the only door you are allowed to at this point. Fight the monsters and go down the stairs for a weapons cache and the Invisible Woman's simulator disc. Get a 2nd weapons cache and move to the next room. In the room with wooden stairs there is a sketch book straight ahead and a weapons cache to the right. The exit to the next room is on the left. Save at the SHIELD access point and go down stairs.

Here you find the Great Anvil. Pick up some metal from the table to the right and take it to the forge on the other side. Use the bellows to heat it. Go back to the items table and pick up some tongs to retrieve the metal. Put the heated metal on the Great Anvil and get the hammer from the table. Use the hammer to create Asgard's Armor. Pick up the striking upgrade and body upgrade on either sides of the next room and move forward. You should now be in a room with a lava pit and a giant cauldron to the side. Kill the enemies and use the cauldron pulley to pour water onto the fire thereby cooling it. Fight your way to the 2 large X's and use the levers to open the door. You are back to Tyr so use the levers in this room to lower him to safety. He is thankful and opens a portal to Asgard for you.

Objective: Unleash the Guardian

To the East Wing. Read the inscription on the statue. The Ram is the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge. Fight your way to the Super Soldier who talks about Dark Magic being your downfall, yeah right whatever. The doors will lock and the room floods with clay enemies. Destroy the 2 ram statues on either end of the hall to open the exit. Go through the door to the right and fight your way to a turnable statue. Turn the statue in the direction of the pattern marked on the floor (it should be looking away from you). It will take two turns of the wheel to get the statue in the correct position. Go back to the room with the locked gate and enter the other hall. Turn that statue so you can see its left arm from the side. This will require three turns of the wheel. The big door will open. When you encounter the clay enemies stacked on top of one another blast them with a ranged attack to separate them. They are easier to destroy when apart. When you arrive in the room with the moveable statue push it (like in the West Wing) to the raised portion of the floor. This opens a door to a secret area with a focus upgrade, a strike upgrade and a weapons cache with XP (action figure).

Once you have what you want enter the Grand Hall via the path on the right. From the Grand Hall go to the left down the path with the large X's. Fight your way there and the way out becomes blocked. Destroy the structures indicated by the X's to reveal moveable, large blocks. Once the enemies are disposed of pull out the block in the center and move it to the floor pattern to the right. The pattern on the floor and the pattern on the block should match. (There is also a focus upgrade on the platform above the center block). The block closest to your current position goes on the opposite side of the room. Finally the block that was on the left as you entered this room is to be placed in the center. This opens your way out and removes a force field around a device we will get to in a minute. Now on the other side we have a different problem. Three large creatures stole the center piece of the room. Return the three pieces. Move into each of the side rooms and defeat a Troll Brute. Once the emblem is restored you can leave and use both buttons that were previously blocked. Press the buttons simultaneously for entry to the next room. Heimdall has been frozen solid.

Shocker and Rhino are going to try to stop you from saving Heimdall. You may have an Extreme saved by this point. If all four of your characters do then using it now will all but kill both of your enemies. That said you may want to hold onto them for the next fight (especially since Shocker and Rhino are pushovers). Shocker will mostly attack with ranged blasts. Rhino will attempt to gore you with pop ups. Again I stood back and attacked with repeated ranged attacks until their health was zero. There is a Sketch book behind the frozen Heimdall. There are four levers in the room each corresponding to a cage covering a mirror. Rotate each lever to raise the cages. Now, move to the mirror with the green arrow and activate each mirror. Heimdall is free, but has lost his horn and would like it back.

SPECIAL NOTE: If collecting the discs, it is important to accept the mission to find the horn. Deadpool's disc will not be able to be retrieved unless the disc is gotten here. If the disc is missed now, you will have to play through the game again and recollect every disc.

Since we are super heroes we will retrieve his horn. Exit Heimdall's room and a cut scene will open a door. Continue forward and get Deadpool's simulator disc. Fly across the broken bridge. Grab the horn and return it to its rightful owner. Use the portal to return to Balder.

Objective: Liberating the Brave

Balder is free but Executioner and Enchantress appear ready for a fight. Enchantress will heal Executioner and has the ability to enchant your team members. You know the character is enchanted if they have hearts around their head. When enchanted attacks will do minimal damage, so switch to a different character until the enchantment wears off. When she is attempting to heal Executioner use the Pop Up Melee Combo to stop her. Since Enchantress does the healing focus the attacks on her until she is out of commission. Without the healing powers of the Enchantress, Executioner is much more easily defeated. He seemed like he was primarily a melee fighter. If you saved your Xtremes to this fight they will severely diminish the villains probability of survival. Three of the four members of my party had and Xtreme. Using them wiped out the Enchantress and left the Executioner with minimal health. Pick up the loot and pass through the door to the courtyard.

Talk to whoever you like, but be sure to go see Weasel to check on his progress into the Black Widow situation.


The Demise of Odin?Search Niffleheim and discover what's happened to Odin
Savior's to the KingFree Odin
Raven's SpireOpen Portal created by Loki
The Spear of HeavenGuess which spear is Gungnir and use it to open the
portal to Raven's Spire
A Favor for the ProphetessLocate Volla's Ring (Optional)
Battling the God of LiesBeat Loki in combat to free Odin
Striking Upgrade (2)
Sketchbook (3)
Focus Upgrade (2)
Shocker Simulator Disc
Daredevil Action Figure
Body Upgrade (2)
Spider-Woman Simulator Disc

Objective: A Favor for the Prophetess

Enter the Well of Helvelgamar, the Way to Niffleheim (its near the Warriors' Hall) when ready. Move forward and defeat the enemies that come back to life on the boat. Next you will find a strike upgrade and some enemies coming out from the ground. Take the path to the left and pass a large fire for a Sketchbook. Not much to do really just keep battling forward till you come to a small snow bridge and a Viking ship to the left. There is a focus upgrade off to the left. Cross another small snow bridge and you come to Ulik and Kurse. Kurse is not a problem he is just another ordinary boss. Take him out first so that you can focus on the other enemy. Ulik is Energy and Physical Resistant. He is not invincible, he just takes less damage. Just keep on the attack and he will perish. I had Doctor Strange in my party and his Black Magic did very well against Ulik. Once the terrible twosome we are going to look for a key to the chest. Continue to fight forward and you will come to a SHIELD access point with Shocker's simulator disc across from it. Just before you get to the SHIELD access point you should see a small building with a fire outside it (there is a Daredevil Action Figure on the roof of the house). Examine the fire and find the key to the chest Kurse and Ulik were breaking into. Return to the chest and open it. There is Volla's ring. Return to the save point and enter the Battleground.

Objective: The Demise of Odin

Take the path around to the left if you want to fight or go straight ahead and push the boulder out of the way. Not all characters will be able to move the boulder. It will require one with great strength. Either way the path leads to the same place so we will fight our way around. There is a body upgrade behind where the rock settles if you pushed the rock you will not be able to get it. A cut scene shows that you will be attacked from above by a catapult from here on. Again if you see a red circle on the ground avoid the area. Light the watchtower to provide minor distraction and move forward. Move straight across the frozen water to find the catapult that is creating the problem. Destroy it and the nearby enemies then use the other catapult to destroy the rock barrier blocking the gap. If you do not have a character strong enough to activate the catapult then you can go around on the right side to end up at the same place. Pick up a body upgrade and keep going. The next thing you see is the Twilight Sword. A mini cut scene occurs and it is off to Ymir's Domain.

As soon as you pass over turn around and pick up a Sketchbook. Move forward to find that Ymir is huge. The camera will stay fixed in one position. You can not harm Ymir with your powers. This fight is similar to the type of fight you had against Arcade. Ymir will clear out the trees ahead and swing his club at you. In the meantime enemies with large weapons will appear. Kill the enemy with the weapon and watch for Ymir to slam his club to the ground. When he does run toward him with the weapon and hit the correct on screen button sequence. The last button is to be pressed repeatedly so you can jam the weapon into his neck. Four hits and Ymir is dead. Not really that difficult once you figure out what to do. Pick up the item he drops and the Sketchbook behind him and move on to Spire's Ascent.

Objective: The Spear of Heaven and Raven's Spire

Not much to describe here either, fight across two bridges (look to the left after the first one and you should see Spider-Woman's Simulator disc) and then you will come to a place that has a small ledge to the right with a strike upgrade on it. Another bridge, more giants, a focus upgrade and finally another SHIELD access point. Move past the save point and you will run into Baron Mordo and Ultron. Not too tough a fight. Mordo is maybe the stronger of the two for the simple fact that he can encase you in ice and slow down your attack speed. You could literally have all 4 frozen at once. Ultron doesn't seem too special. He will melee attack but also has ranged beams that he will fire. Use any Extremes you have saved and concentrate on Mordo to start. Once they are gone its time to choose the true spear of Odin. Fortunately for us, we have Volla's ring to let us know which spear is the correct one. The Fourth Spear is sparkling so pick it and use it to Dispel Loki's Magical Barrier. Enter Raven's Spire. Now you battle Loki. He has the ability to create a band of wolves to help him attack. Frost Giants will also appear to help the God of Mischief. Loki has the ability to stun your team and at some point your character may go berserk where you can not control their movements. The damage Loki causes doesn't seem as great as other bosses. The problem comes when he has wolves, giants, and his own attacks. It can be overwhelming. My general strategy for most of the fights has been to stand and attack with ranged powers until out of energy then move in for melee attacks/powers with a different character. For instance here I had Dr. Strange and Daredevil in my party. I stayed back using Dr. Strange's Black Magic until out of energy then moved close with Daredevil for melee attacks and Extensive Strike. Once Loki is defeated enter the portal that was created.

Objective: Battling the God of Lies

You are returned to the Great Hall and need to find the four god swords using the portals Sif created. First we will go to the first portal on the same side of the room as where Fury is standing. There are 3 elevated floor patterns in the room stand on one and switch members of your team. Repeat so that three of the party members are standing on a different panel. A door opens and you should have one free member that can roam. Enter the room and wield the sword. Move down the same side to the next portal. Walk only on the floor patterns with the darker wood. The lighter colored patterns will collapse. When you have reached the other side wield the sword.

Jump the table and move to the other side of the hall. Once you enter the portal it should take you outside. Move to your right and climb the mountain. Go down the ledge and jump the gap. Climb the mountain again. Be sure not to let the wind tunnels push you off the ledges. Just keep climbing until you wield the sword. The last portal has a bouncing sword that runs away from you when you approach it. I entered the portal opposite the one the sword leaves the room through. I reappeared in the same room to grab the sword without it moving. Now that you have all 4 swords go to the center where they are aligned and use them to bust open the ice. The Destroyer Armor is free and Loki is not really dead. He tricked us and then runs into a portal. Chase Loki into the portal, though we don't know which is the right one. The Destroyer Armor will follow. If this is the wrong portal you must destroy the trolls to exit the area. Keep repeating and one portal will give you access to a room where Loki is crouching between two columns. Now attack the Armor until the bottom meter fills. An explosion takes out Loki. Pick up the Norn Stones and leave. Dr. Doom appears and has a surprise for you: Your Death. But a cut scene takes over ...


Focus Upgrade
Body Upgrade
Sketchbook (2)
Strike Upgrade

Talk to all the main people we usually talk to and grab the upgrades. Move into the Royal Court to meet some of the Inhumans and get a Sketchbook. When you are ready for the next mission talk to Lockjaw to teleport.

Shi'ar Empire

Full StopDestroy the hyperdrive matrix in engineering
Weapon of the Gods Part 1Talk to Lilandra to get a shard of M'Kraan Crystal
The Mad QueenFind Deathbird to get the location of princess Lilandra
Self DestructStop Deathbird before she can destroy the Shi'ar starship
The Pawns and PrincessSave Princess Lilandra from her evil sister Deathbird
MiscommunicationSend a message using the antenna of the Shi'ar starship
Weapons of WarDisable the main guns of the Shi'ar starship (OPTIONAL)
Sketchbook (2)
Iceman Simulator Disc
Ultron Simulator Disc
Focus Upgrade (2)
Body Upgade (2)
Strike Upgrade
Action Figure

Move your way across the room to the large moveable blocks. Move some out of the way to gain access to the stairs. There is a sketch book to the left behind the boxes and before the stairs. Go up the stairs and to the right. Up another set of stairs and through a door into a larger hangar. In this hangar go down the stairs and make a left. Staying on the catwalk go to the other side of the room. Up some stairs and Iceman's simulator disc is available for the taking (its beside the entrance to the Port Crew Quarters). Now fight your way to the north end of the hangar for a mini-cut scene. When the force field appears and the hangar floor opens work you way to the console marked by the green arrow. Once you get near the console, a short scene will show your team activating it to close the doors. While they are open, the hangar floor doors will try to suck your team into the vast nothingness of space. With the room back to normal we need to remove the force field blocking the path forward. On either side of the hangar there is an entrance to another area. Go into the Port Crew Quarters and use the console to turn off a force field. Repeat the process on the Starboard Crew Quarters. The Starboard Quarters also has a strike upgrade you may want. Exit to the Main Bay and head to the exit.

Once you near the Shi'ar Power Core, Corsair leaves but will ask you to do some tasks for him. Move forward and some guards will enter, lock the door, and leave. You need their keycards to continue through to the engineering deck. Give chase to the right and you will find an Ultron simulator disc. The guy with the key card will have an orange arrow above his head. Once he is dead go to the other side to get the second keycard. On the left side the keycard holder will lock himself in another room. Just destroy the door then him. There is a focus upgrade available in this room as well. Go back and use the consoles with the green circles in front of them and the previously locked door should open. Enter and use the elevator to arrive at the next area.

Objective: Full Stop

You encounter Gladiator. He is invincible to start. You an tell he will not take damage because his health bar is purple instead of red. Gladiator will stay mostly in the air while invincible. He will attack with a laser attack and a radial smash. These do not do a lot of damage so long as you can quickly remove his invincibility. In each of the four corners there is an energy transfer console. Activate all four consoles and Gladiator will be grounded and can receive damage. Using an Xtreme here is a possibility but Gladiator's health seems to go down quicker than you might think so overall you could save it for the next fight. If you are not able to take him out you will have to hit the consoles another round then attack. Having a character with Stealth (Black Panther), Invisibility (Invisible Woman), or Time Slowing (Spider-Man/Daredevil) can make it easier to get to and activate the consoles. They are definitely not required. My team was Captain America, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, and Daredevil. Once Gladiator was grounded I repeatedly hit him with Doctor Strange's Black Magic and Gladiator didn't have a chance.

Exit the area and pick up the body upgrade to your left. There is also a sketch book in the next room on the left. Fight through the hall and use the airlock controls to access the outer hull. You encounter Starbolt and Warstar. Warstar will mostly go with melee attacks while Starbolt will use projectiles and a nasty little radial attack. I took out Warstar first because he seemed the more aggressive of the two. If you didn't use Xtremes against Gladiator use them now. Time slowing boosts are helpful here to slow down the enemies for some free hits. Once Warstar is out of the picture turn your attention to Starbolt. Move in for some melee action but be cautious of his radial attack. If you are quick you can move out of the way while it charges. Keep on the offensive and alternate between a good melee character and a ranged character.

Objective: Weapons of War and Miscommunication

Once Starbolt is gone, move forward and you should see a yellow arrow pointing to a force field console. Destroy it and the forcefield around the upcoming turrets will be removed. Now these guns can be destroyed. Jump up to the upper level to pick up a strike upgrade. Head toward the large X's (the guns) and destroy the three turrets. Jump/fly to the area above the guns to get Ulik's simulator disc. At the bottom level near the first set of turrets you should see the large antenna needed to send the message out. Manually align the antenna with the Use button and move on. There is another series of three guns to destroy and then the large weapon located next to the entrance to the observational deck.

Move down the observational deck. Here we find a SHIELD Access Point to save. Fight through the hall to find Hussar and Neutron waiting for a fight. This duo seems to only use melee attacks. They will get right up on you and fight. I had an Xtreme here with Moon Knight that killed both bosses with one attack. All I have to say is wow to Moon Knight's Xtreme. This move in a small area is a boss killer. If you do not have Moon Knight or an Xtreme don't worry you still should not have to much trouble. Stand back with a ranged character and attack regularly. Another boss battle is next.

Objective: The Mad Queen

This time it is against Deathbird. She has the ability to fly and will stay in the air a lot. When she is closer to the ground she will attack with a projectile while regularly backing away from your heroes. While in the air she may come down with a ground pound attack. Alternatively, she may swoop down and grab a hero. When she grabs a hero pressing the correct button sequence allows the hero to regain the upper hand and pull Deathbird to the ground for some decent damage. So if you want to, you could conceivably stand in the center blocking until she performs her swoop, hit the right buttons, and do enough damage over time to defeat her. That though is not much fun. Instead stay on the same strategy as we do with all the boss battles. Use an Xtreme if available then alternate characters performing your best ranged or melee attacks until the energy meter is depleted. Once you have her health approximately half gone, she obtains a shield and will become temporarily invincible. Attack the crystal in the center of the room to break her shield and attack some more. Pick up a body upgrade when she leaves and move to the Science Section.

Objective: Self Destruct, Weapon of the Gods Pt 1, and the Pawns and Princess

Upon entering the area you will see Deathbird in another room activating a self destruction sequence. There is also and one minute timer that appears. Don't even worry about the enemies in the area. Turn around and head to the right. Go through the door and smash the power node indicated by the large X. This will buy you some extra time. Move through the next door and turn left at the force field wall. Destroy another power node and move on. There an Action Figure above where this node is destroyed. You can come back for it after you finish saving the ship. In the next room you will find Princess Lilandra. Destroy a node and if you would like to save her (optional objective) destroy the computer next to her. This is one tough computer but you should have enough time built up by destroying the nodes to eliminate it. Make sure you watch the timer. If it hits zero you have to restart from a checkpoint. Continue to destroy nodes until you reach Deathbird again. The only way to stop the destruction of the ship is to destroy the four consoles (X's) in the room. These are much easier to destroy than the one beside Lilandra. Exit by Lilandra and turn right. Go down the hall until you find a console that allows you to control a force field below. Use the console then attack the crystal below. There is a focus upgrade you may want to get here before exiting to the Royal Library

Skrull Planet

Weapon of the Gods Part 2Steal the Muonic Inducer from Galactus
To Weaken a GiantDestroy the magnetic shield generators that protect Galactus
Core MeltdownDestroy the core drills of Galactus and save the Skrull planet
Piledriver Simulator Disc
Body Upgrade (2)
Focus Upgrade (2)
Sketchbook (2)
Strike Upgrade (2)
Ms. Marvel Simulator Disc
Human Torch Simulator Disc
Dragonman Simulator Disc
Skill Point

Objective: To Weaken a Giant

After talking to whoever you like at Attillan (for background info) use Lockjaw to arrive at your next mission. Move straight ahead and face your first fight against some Skrulls. These are the primary enemies in this mission. Its much like the Doombots from the beginning or the Trolls in Asgard. Head toward the large X on the mini-map. It is a magnetic shield generator that Galactus uses. Go ahead and destroy it to give you a better chance in case you encounter the Devourer of Worlds. Continue forward and you will find a Piledriver Simulator disc on the other side of the next set of enemies. Head back and take the door to the right to advance. The very next area has another generator to destroy. No need to jump the gap in the platform just walk around and kill some more bad guys. Another generator is in the open area ahead. Once the generator and all the enemies you would like are destroyed, pick up a body and focus upgrade. Head toward Aeronautics. Upon entering Aeronautics the team will be greeted by...

Super Skrull and Paibok. They want to fight but the Skrull Emperess has a deal for you. She knows of a weakness of Galactus and is willing to share her information if you open a door for her. To help you along the way she offers one of the two previously mention enemies as a guide. Paibok apparently has super strength and endurance while Super Skrull has the powers of all the Fantastic Four. Lets choose Super Skrull. The goal is to reach the large red X. The path is filled with normal enemies that shouldn't provide much resistance. Along the way, just before you reach the SHIELD access point, there is a room that houses a focus upgrade. To acquire the upgrade you must break down the walls of the room to gain entry. Use the console to open the hangar door. Before you return to the Emperess pick up the Sketch book in the room next to the console room and a Strike upgrade on the other side. She tricked us, wow totally didn't see that one coming, especially from a trusted group like the Skrulls. Paibok and Super Skrull get their chance to fight now. They are a fairly formidable duo but no match for your four heroes. Paibok has a radial attack that will freeze anyone nearby in a block of ice. Even after the ice is broken is slows those affected. This is quite annoying so take him out first. Stand back and fire relentlessly with ranged powers then switch when energy becomes a problem. With Paibok out focus on Super Skrull. Even though he has the combined powers of the Fantastic Four he doesn't seem to know how to use them. Simply move in close using melee powers and attacks to eliminate him. Neither enemy drops an iconic piece of gear.

Objective: Core Meltdown

Move on to Cityscape. If you are the type that likes achievements/trophies then there is a hidden one for moving through Cityscape without killing a single enemy. After you turn at the flaming wreckage and head toward the screen, watch for Ms. Marvel's simulator disc at the end of the platform. You may also notice someone very large walking around in the background. As you fight enemies here take advantage of the location, grapple some enemies and toss them off the platform for instant kills. Next, you will find a core drill that Galactus uses to help destroy planets. If you want (OPTIONAL) destroy the objects below the blue arrows to save this miserable planet. The enemies will continue to attack so it may be easier to destroy them first. Once that is done there is a Sketch book just past the drills. This part is fairly linear just continue to fight your way to the next set of drills. Remember to watch for the red circles on the ground, they indicate missiles from above. Along the way you should find a strike and a body upgrade. Once you arrive at the next set of drills use a projectile attack to save the planet. Continue forward and Galactus (who has been in the background the entire time) will turn his attention toward you. Humans are beneath him so he sends some goons to do his dirty work. Destroy them and go left to get the Human Torch's simulator disc. Turn around and go the other direction and you will shortly arrive at the Heights of Progress.

The stairs are out and you need to go up to the ledge across the room. Fly, double jump, or use the moveable block on the left to reach the ledge. Once there pick up the Dragonman simulator disc and save. There is a skill point in a small room on the left side after the save point. The next major battle is against Titannus. He is a beast. Titannus is very strong and seems to have good defense (or just a large amount of health). It would be difficult to stand toe to toe with him so use a ranged attack to start. He will fight with force using melee attacks. There is a foot stomp he will perform that radiates out from the point of impact. Fortunately, he frequently becomes distracted with destroying the room. This is the perfect time to attack. While he is crushing the equipment in the room he will not pay any attention to your team. This does release some Skrull Experiments but they should not be a problem. Just stay away from Titannus and attack him while he is rampaging. Now that Titannus is gone go to the next area and position a hero at each of the consoles to free a scientist and obtain an Action Figure. Open the door at the end of the hall to the World Devourer.

Objective: Weapon of the Gods Pt. 2

Now you are up against Galactus. At the start just run from him. If he happens to grab you repeatedly press the button shown on screen to escape his grasp. He has a laser that will stun you thereby keeping you from running. Galactus will knock over a tower that you will use as a ramp to gain access to a higher platform. Cross the platform and jump down the other side. Continue to run away. Fight any enemies you want along the way, just remember that Galactus is giving chase so don't fight too long. Continue forward dodging enemies and running around barricades. Eventually you meet up with Silver Surfer. There are 3 consoles you must activate to have a chance against Galactus. One is directly behind your starting position, one is to the left, and one is to the right. Pay no attention to anything but activating the consoles. If you try to fly or webswing Galactus shoots a green laser that immediately knocks you to the ground. Galactus will also try to grab you or perform a fist slam that will knock you down. Do not let any of this deter you from reaching the consoles. Once the three consoles are active, Silver Surfer takes over and you are required to hit the correct on screen button sequence. The third time will be the charm and Galactus is down. Finish up on Attilan and talk to Lockjaw to return to earth.


To Curse the DarknessReactivate the power for Stark Tower
Follow the LeaderSave Nick Fury from Doom's version of Iron Man
Iron MarathonSurvive the onslaught of Doom's Iron men
Protection from DoomFind the Magnetic Dampener and the manual in Stark Tower (OPTIONAL)
Focus Upgrade
Strike Upgrade
Body Upgrade

You are back at Stark tower but it looks slightly different. Go to the red X's to get things going again. Chase the fake Iron Man robots into Iron Man's lab. Several of the robots appear and the room is locked down. Dr. Pym needs three minutes to get the EMP blast ready and destroy all the robots. Stay alive for 3:00 and objective is complete. The computer down the stairs will activate a recharge of health that can be used as many times as needed. So if you start to run low (you probably won't) use the computer to stay alive. Once the three minutes are up head out of the lab. Explore the new looking Stark Tower for a Sketch book, focus upgrade, strike upgrade, and a body upgrade. Talk to Dr. Pym. He is in the area where Wingfoot was previously. If you are able to find two items for him he thinks he may be able to help protect your team somewhat from Dr. Doom. The manual is on the table near Widow and the dampener is near the trivia game. When ready talk to Fury and head out.

Dr. Doom's Castle

To Battle a GodDefeat Dr. Doom by using the Muonic Inducer and the M'Kraan Crystal
The Hand of DoomFind Doom's gauntlets
The Armor of DoomFind Doom's armor
The Face of DoomFind Doom's mask
Device of the AncientsLocate the Ultimate Nullifier (OPTIONAL)
The Rescue of OdinSave Odin from Dr. Doom's infernal contraption (OPTIONAL)
Skill Point
Action Figure
Sketchbook (3)
Skill Point (2)
Action Figure
Body Upgrade (4)
Strike Upgrade (4)
Focus Upgrade (4)

Move straight ahead and a stone staircase will appear. Climb it and move across the newly formed stone walkway. In this next room go left and read the Sacred Text. Enter the next room and another stone path is created. Destroy the 2 statues on the wall at either side of the room and two weapons caches will appear. Once each chest is opened a skill point and an Action Figure will be positioned on the pedestals where the statues we broke stood. Continue on and you reach an area with a large pit. No fear though, a stone walkway is created as you cross. There is another book to read this one denouncing Reed Richards. Enter the Hall of Many Doors to find a puzzle. There are doors on the side of the room but only one provides you with an exit. You can try all of them if you like but the one you need to go through is the one you just entered from. Doom then tells you that the only way to proceed is to take a leap of faith. Just jump in the hole in the center of the room. Go up the stairs and your attention will turn to a giant statue of Doom. Go Examine the statue to learn that you need to obtain the Armor, Gauntlets, and Facemask of Doom before battling the good doctor. Go back up the stairs and make a right. Get the Sketch book and go through the door. Oops not so fast the door is locked so lets try the other side of the room.

Objective: The Hand of Doom

Now in Doom's Lair, go down the stairs and read another book. Move to the other side of the room and finally some enemies to thrash. Up the stairs and through the next door we go. In the first room to the right you will find a skill skill point. The second door on the left has a bookcase we can move to gain access to a hall. This secret area has a weapons cache with an Action Figure. Exit the secret area and move to the other side of the large room. There is a bookcase in the far right corner that can be moved for further exploration. Continue through the opening created when the bookcase moves and fight your way down the hall. You should shortly encounter a Sketchbook in plain sight. Continue and use the SHIELD access point to do as you wish.

Ahead is a battle against Dark Captain America and Dark Colossus. No need to use an Xtreme here, this boss battle is pretty simple. There moves are replicas of the moves your characters have. Dark Captain America is the more annoying of the two. His Shield throw will stun you regularly. When stunned you can switch to another hero to keep on fighting. I would try to get rid of Dark Cap first to get rid of the annoying stun. Dark Colossus has some radial smash attacks but mostly will just pound you with melee. Up a set of stairs and you have the Gauntlets.

Objective: The Armor of Doom

The ground falls beneath you and you end up in a small pool of water. Exit to the stairwell and prepare to fight some Doomsmen as you climb the stairs. Enter the Dimensional Cavern. Next you fight Dark Psylocke and Dark Cyclops. This battle is made very easy since the 2 Dark X-men separate. Fight either you like initially but both have to be defeated before continuing. Since Psylocke is here fight her first. She attacks with melee attacks. I stood at range and fired Dr. Strange's Black Magic as the other characters basically tanked her for me. Between the other hero's melee attacks and Psylocke's desire for the same I never got hit. Once she is defeated pick up Crimson Dawn. Cyclops is underneath you. Walk off the edge of the platform and you will find him. If you want to start with Cyclops for some reason then walking off the edge of the platform is how you would find him before fighting Psyclocke as well. Cyclops likes to use his eye beam as a ranged attack but once again the other members of your team will tank him allowing you to hit ranged power after ranged power. Once both Dark X-men are gone open the weapons caches in the room and go toward the door with the yellow arrow. Enter the Hall of Arms. There is a Sketch Book immediately to your left. Go down the stairs to get the armor, but the Iron Man Doombots have other ideas. Once they are gone get the armor for real. Now, move on to Doom's Lab.

Objective: Device of the Ancients

Fury says the Ultimate Nullifier may be nearby. Find it and maybe it will help against Doom. Clear the room of enemies then go up the stairs and through the door. Your goal is the red X you see on the map. Fight your way there, but first pick up the Sketchbook in the first room on the left. Now move to the room on the right side. The red X was the Ultimate Nullifier, its broken but may still come in handy.

Objective: The Face of Doom and the Rescue of Odin

As you continue, be wary of the green electrical fields ahead. Move through them as they are off and into the next room for a SHIELD Access Point. Either run across the rotating walkway or fly across the pit. Move through another series of green rays and into the next area. Take note of the X in the center. It is Odin and he is trapped. Once you pass Odin, Dark Thor and Dark Spider-Man wish to battle your team. Just like the heroes we battled before they will use the same moves as you have when you control that character. The rest of your team will be able to occupy one of the two enemies the other one will come straight for you. Hit them with your favorite powers (Black Magic anyone). They both drop a pieces of gear and Dark Thor will drop a hammer that will destroy the machine trapping Odin. Once Odin is free, pick up Doom's Mask and exit to Castle Doom. A cut scene shows the items you found being place on the giant Doom statue. Also the upgrades that were encased in glass are now available. Use the upgrades as you wish, save, and move into the portal to Doom's Throne.

Objective: To Battle a God

Doom has created a dark Fantastic Four to protect him. Doom will go sit on his throne as he watches his Fantastic Four try to dismantle your group of heroes. This battle could be difficult, its the end of the game so it should be. If you have Moon Knight with an Xtreme it will be amazing in this room. He can basically solo the Fantastic Four with that one move. If not then the Fantastic Four have the powers you would expect them to have. Since its four on four you will have at least one enemy attacking you at all times. A character with a time slowing boost (Spider-Man or Daredevil) can help you get in more attacks while receiving less damage. Don't get overwhelmed, focus on one dark hero at a time. Use your best powers and attack. As you take out their health they will drop red and blue orbs. When the First Family is knocked out Doom realizes he will need to get his hands dirty.

Dr. Doom is initially invincible. Five large X's appear on the screen move to each one and attack the structure. Once it is gone the X disappears and a Dark Fantastic Four member emerges. Kill the dark Fantastic Four member and move to the next X. Once the last X is gone approach Doom and hit the button on the screen repeatedly to touch him and steal some of his power. Now you get to battle Doom one on one, well not really, Doom has more Dark Fantastic Four goons that can be killed for health but will respawn endlessly. Doom moves from one side of the room to the other quickly and has a strong lightning attack. If you were able to save your Xtremes while fighting the Dark Fantastic Four use them now against Doom. If Moon Knight has one of the Xtremes, this action will reduce Doom's health by at least one-half. Use strong ranged attacks against Doom as he moves from side to side. If you are lucky, you may be able to get Doom cornered for some quick melee action. It can be easy to lose track of Doom. To find him switch characters. The character you switch to will likely be close to or moving towards Doom. Just continue to attack with your best ranged attacks because it will be difficult to get into melee range.

After defeating Doom a cut scene ensues and you are given a glimpse of the future based on what OPTIONAL objectives you completed during the game. You have now unlocked Hard Difficulty for New Game + and Nick Fury as a playable character.