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Item Guide by Youngblood0000

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/30/2006


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Item Guide
By: Michael Allen Wilson
Contact Information:
e-mail: Youngblood0000@aol.com
Date: October 30, 2006

I: Introduction
II: Purpose of this guide
III: What items get you
IV: Act-by-Act Item Locations
V: Legal and Contact Information
VI: Credits and Thanks

I: Introduction

Hello, all.  This is my second time writing an item guide.  If you’ve 
previously played X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse and use gamefaqs.com
for help, you may have seen or used my item guide for that game.  If so, 
I hope you found it useful.  Anyhow, the developers at Raven are back 
again with another action-rpg, this time featuring some of the most 
popular and powerful of Marvel’s mighty heroes.  Throw in a heap of 
Avengers, the complete Fantastic Four, a sprinkling of mutants, and a few
of their partners in crime fighting, and you get Marvel: Ultimate 
Alliance.  Sit back, relax, and get ready to save the universe.  No biggy,

II: Purpose of this guide

Ah, item collection.  A way to add to the lifespan of a game.  A way to 
get people to explore their gaming environment and occasionally reward them
for doing so.  Worry not, fans of item collection, this game has plenty of
things to find, and the rewards for doing so are certainly worth it.  I’m 
just here to help you find that one thing that’s been escaping your grasp.
Don’t kick yourself when you find out you should have seen it the last 3 
times you passed it.

Or if you’re one who likes to get through the game quickly (you are a busy
person, of course), but don’t want to spend a number of hours looking for 
every last concept sketch, allow me to help you get things done in a hurry.

III: What items get you

A) Sketch books get you concept art.  Finding all sketch books gets you 
bonus art from Blur, the company that made the cool fully-rendered cut-
B) Simulator Discs get you simulator programs.  Completing the simulator 
program for a playable character gets you an additional uniform for that
character that cannot legitimately be gotten any other way.  Completing 
all simulator programs (including ones whose title is a non-playable 
character, such as the Shocker or Mysterio ones) will unlock the Silver 
Surfer (former herald of Galactus).
C) Black Panther and Daredevil action figures (5 of each) will unlock the
playable characters Black Panther (king of Wakanda and Storm’s husband) 
and Daredevil (who was blinded by radioactive materials, resulting in the
enhancement of his other senses).  Hmmm, I wonder which of those two has 
it better. :)  Since there are more than 5 of each action figure laying 
around for you to find, any additional figures you find after acquiring 
the required 5 will turn into experience point bonuses.
D) Body, Focus, and Strike bonuses- For each body bonus you get, you will
have an additional 3 points of health for your character.  It’s not much,
but after a while it adds up.  Focus bonuses allow your character to have
more energy and a higher rate of energy regeneration.  Again, you get 3 
points of energy for each focus point you get.  Strike bonuses allow you 
to do more damage with melee attacks.  You only get 1 point of strike, 
but again, it adds up.
E) Skill points make it so you can acquire new powers or upgrade ones 
you already have.
F) Experience point (XP) bonuses are actually just additional action 
figures that you don’t need anymore.  They are a way of rewarding you 
for collecting the action figures, making it easier for you to level up.
G) Load screens/cinematics- these aren’t actually items, so they’re not
covered in the guide.  You’ll unlock load screens by random chance as you
enter areas, and the cinematics will all unlock themselves as you play 
through the story mode.

IV: Item Locations

Act 1
Level 1- Shield Helicarrier
  Flight Deck- nothing
  Command Deck- nothing
    +1 striking- in a room across (to the left) from where Winter Soldier 
and Radioactive Man were on a balcony
    +1 body- in the area where you finally defeat Winter Soldier and 
Radioactive Man, go to the right and fly up on a balcony
  Upper Batteries-
    +1 focus- follow the hall as it winds around to the right twice.  At 
the right of the area this leads to is the bonus on an elevated area.  
Fly up and over to get it.

Hub 1- Stark Tower
    +1 focus (easy to find, it’s a small area)
    +1 body (easy to find)
    +1 striking- on a table
    Sketch book (easy to find)
  Iron Man Lab- (cannot access until after Omega Base mission; I’ll revisit
it then)

Level 2- Omega Base
    Daredevil Action Figure- Down the right side of the first gear you can
break is a set of stairs; go down them to find a Daredevil action figure.
    Simulator disc- Captain America- just outside the first control room, 
to the right
    +1 body- just outside the first control room, to the left
  Project Labs-
    Simulator disc- Wolverine- in a room with lots of beds just after you
escort David Banner
    +1 striking- door just opposite the door to the primary lift at the 
end of the section
  Top Deck-
    Sketch book- just past the first SHIELD agent, go down a set of stairs
to your right
    Black Panther Action Figure- After you push the large object over the
ledge, go to the room where the glass breaks.  When you go inside, it is 
kind of behind a breakable object.
    +1 focus- between some crates across from the second SHIELD agent

Stark Tower (revisited)
  Iron Man Lab- 
    Simulator disc- Iron Man- on Iron Man’s computer
    +1 skill point- use Iron Man Health console
    Sketch book- by Wolverine on upper level

Level 3- Atlantis
  Nannite Chamber-
    +1 focus (look around, it’s a small area)
  Dive Chamber-
    Black Panther action figure- you’ll find it if you’re looking for it
  SHIELD Outpost- nothing  
  Temple of Negrete-
    +1 skill point- behind a breakable wall immediately to your left 
upon entering the area
    Simulator Disc- Mr. Fantastic- Behind another breakable wall in one 
of the side areas of the temple (Credit to Ole from the gamefaqs boards 
for finding that one)  
Atlantean Trenches-
    +1 striking- by one of the Sonic generators
    Daredevil action figure- free the soldier trapped in a giant shell in 
the same area.  He will allow you to be able to open a safe by a nearby 
sunken ship.  The action figure is in the safe/treasure chest/weapons 
cache (whatever you like to call it).
  Atlantean Throne-
    Sketch book- after you pick up Tiger Shark and Attuma’s bead and 
replace it at the next bead location, there will be three directions (on 
your map) that you can go.  Take the left path (one of the ones with a 
death trap vacuum sort of thing), and look around the outside of the room 
for it.  Just remember to keep pressing the ?swim up? button so you don’t 
get sucked into the vortex.
  Defender’s Crypt-
    +1 body- pretty much out in the open, but it may be tucked away a 
little by some of the ruins depending on your camera view.  Weave back 
and forth across so you improve your chance of catching a glimpse of it.
  Arena- nothing

Level 4- Mandarin’s Palace
  First Section (unsure of name)-
    Sketch book- early in the section, there is a rope that a mighty hero 
can pull on to open a door.  The book is just down to the side of this, 
behind a pillar.
    +1 striking- in the room where Ultimo was.
  Golden Court-
    Simulator Disc- Thing- in the room across from where you found the 
Ultimo blueprints.
  Celestial Hall- 
    Sketch book- in the corner of the room to the left before you reach 
the Xtraction Point area.
    +1 body- out in the open after you beat Ultimo Mark 2
    +1 focus- out in the open after you beat Ultimo Mark 2 (same place 
as above)
  Forbidden Passage-
    Simulator Disc- Crimson Dynamo- in the middle of a hallway just 
after meeting Dr. Strange.
    Black Panther action figure- behind a Buddha statue and bladed 
spinning hazard off to the side just before the entrance to the next 
  Mandarin’s Court- nothing


Hub2- Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum
  X-Traction point room- 
    +1 striking- in the room Vision is usually in
    +1 focus- in Dr. Strange’s room (you’ll need Dr. Strange active in 
your party to enter it)
    +1 focus- in Dr. Strange’s room (no, I didn’t screw up.  There’s two 
of them in there; Nice, eh?)
  Sanctuary (top floor)-
    Daredevil action figure- up the set of stairs to the left, at the end 
of the platform.
    Simulator Disc- Doctor Strange- up the set of stairs to the right, at 
the end of the platform.
    Sketch book- by the window.

Level 5- Dr. Doom’s (fake) Castle/ Murderworld
  Fake Castle Doom-
    +1 focus- behind a breakable fence/gate, to the left side of the 
dining room table.
    Simulator Disc- Mysterio- also to the left side of the dining room 
table, behind another breakable fence/gate.
    Daredevil action figure- to the right side of the dining room table, 
behind another breakable fence/gate.
    +1 skill point- After evading the moving spiked wall death trap, go 
back in the area it is in.  Push the spiked wall further down, and you can 
reach the skill point in this secret area.
    +1 striking- behind the second breakable fence/gate on the right 
down the hall you come to shortly after the spiked wall death trap.
  Big Top-
    Sketch book- immediately to the right upon entering this section
    Simulator Disc- Luke Cage- immediately to the left upon entering 
this section
    +1 body- to the left in front of Senator Kelly’s cage and the big 
    Sketch book- on the floor by a paddle thing
    +1 striking- by one of the big triangle bumpers near the X-traction 
    +1 body- by the other big bumper near the X-traction point (by the 
green skull and crossbones)
  Fair Grounds-
    +1 focus- behind a breakable fence with a bumper car
    Sketch book- by two exploding stuffed animals around the outside of 
the section you’ll be in after using the hammer to open the first large
    Simulator Disc- Elektra- easy to see in the maze
  Fun House- (note: it’s best to go through door number 3 first to get the 
items in the Fun House)
    +1 striking- at the end of the path from opening door number 3; 
activates a trap.
    Black Panther action figure- It’s at the end of the path from opening 
door number 3.  The action figure is under one of the poison flowers and 
difficult to see.
    +1 body- in the room where you fight Arcade.

Level 6- Mephisto’s Realm
  First section (also called Mephisto’s Realm)- 
    Simulator Disc- Blade- just to the right of the entrance
    +1 striking- in the area with a ton of leapers
    Black Panther action figure- in a grave plot
    +1 body- by the eternal torch
    Daredevil action figure- by a tree between the two big bridges (one 
broken, one not).
    +1 skill point- by giant statue above the area where the first fire 
giant is fought
    Sketch book- down the left side stairs in the area where Ghost Rider 
is chained.
    +1 body- in a little room with a breakable big horned skull
    Simulator Disc- Scorpion- in a bigger room
    Sketch book- in one of two rooms that big guys come out of (the 
sketch book is in the room on the right side)
    +1 focus- in one of two rooms that big guys come out of (the focus 
bonus is in the room on the left side)
  Stygian Abyss-
    Simulator Disc- Ghost Rider- near the beginning of the section

Note: By now you can have all Black Panther and Daredevil action figures 
if you’ve collected them all so far.  In case you’re missing one that you 
can’t go back to (the Black Panther in the Dive Chamber is one, the Black
Panther in a grave plot that becomes closed off after destroying the 
tombstones is another, and the Daredevil in the fake Dr. Doom’s castle 
is the third), I’ll list one more Daredevil and two more Black Panther 
locations in act 3 so you know where to look for an additional one (or 
two in Panther’s case).  There are additional ones after these, but they
turn into experience point bonuses, so I’m not sure whether they are 
Daredevil figures or Black Panther ones.  If you still don’t have five 
out of the six (or seven) locations I list, try checking out those places 
I list as experience point (or XP) locations.  I’ll try not grabbing the
early ones in a later version of this guide to find out which XP 
locations correspond to which characters? action figures.

Act 3- Asgard

Hub 3- Courtyard of the Gods
  +1 strike- by the area where you can summon Hermod
  +1 body- on another wooden walkway around the outside

Level 7- Recapturing Bifrost Bridge
  Bifrost Bridge-
    Simulator Disc- Storm- to your immediate left upon entry
    Black Panther action figure- on wooden ship (right path upon entry)
    Sketch book- left side (Odin’s right hand side) of huge Odin Statue
    Daredevil action figure- Push/pull the large statue on the right side
(Odin’s left hand side) to press down on a piece of stone with the same 
markings on it.  This will make a treasure chest appear; the action figure
will be in the chest.
  Midgard Gate-
    Simulator Disc- Spiderman- When you go on the main part of the bridge,
move toward the foreground (down on your controller) and you should see 
the disc.
Hub 3- Courtyard of the Gods (revisited)-
    +1 focus- this should have appeared next to the Viking Warrior who 
should now give you access to the Warriors Hall for having beaten the 
previous section.
  Warrior Hall-
    Sketch book- immediately behind you upon entering
    +1 skill point- on the throne at the far end
    Black Panther action figure- by two axes hanging on one of the sides
of the hall near the throne
    Simulator Disc- Thor- across from the Black Panther figure
Level 8- Freeing the Warriors of Asgard
    +1 body- by the large anvil down the left path
    XP bonus (note: from here on, action figure locations are referred to
as XP bonuses until I know which action figure they correspond to)- in 
grass down the right path from the beginning of the section
    +1 skill point- in a weapons cache (treasure chest, whatever) by one 
of the buildings
  Odin’s Courtyard- 
     (note: regardless of whether you choose the east or west wing of 
Odin’s Courtyard first, you’ll need to push a statue of Tyr {in the west
wing}and Heimdall {in the east wing} onto a certain pressure-activated 
block in that wing in order to get the bonuses they lead to.  The doors 
to the bonuses will not open unless you have properly placed both statues)

    Anyway, the bonuses, which are all in the middle section of Odin’s 
Courtyard (can be accessed from either wing after the statues are placed)
    +1 striking
    +1 focus
    XP bonus- in the weapons cache
  Grand Hall (section containing Heimdall after the end of the east wing
of Odin’s courtyard)-
    +1 focus- above one of the stone blocks you smash to move some wooden
blocks that are within them to lower the left side of the force field.
    Sketch book- in the room with Heimdall.
    Simulator Disc- Deadpool- on a wooden walkway in the room with 
Heimdall’s horn.
  The Great Forge (section containing Tyr after the end of the west 
wing of Odin’s courtyard)-
    Simulator Disc- Invisible Woman- take the path to the left of Tyr.  
It will be down in a slightly lower area to your left where you fight 
some bad guys. 
    Sketch book- at the end of the left path from Tyr
    +1 strike- down the hall a ways past the great anvil; down the left 
    +1 body- on the right side, opposite the strike bonus

Level 9- Niffleheim
  Shore of Corpses-
    +1 striking- behind a wall shortly after the first set of enemies 
    Sketch book- by a set of striders (bad guy type) off to the left
    +1 focus- past a half-sunken boat
    Simulator Disc- Shocker- treasure chest that Volla’s ring was in.  
(note: the disc will not be there when you initially open it to find the
ring.  I recommend you open the chest, save your game at the nearby 
X-traction point, and reload your game.  Return to the chest, and it 
should be there.  Screwy, eh?)
    XP bonus- on top of the cabin by the X-traction point.
    +1 body- by the watch tower you can set on fire.  (note: if you push
the boulder that is nearby onto it, you will not be able to get it at that
time.  I’m not sure if you can get it at a later point.  I’ll check on 
that and update this in a later version of the guide.)
    +1 body- operate the catapult at the left side of the area.  This will
open up a new path.  Take this path and you’ll see the body bonus.
  Ymir’s Domain-
    Sketch book- immediately behind you upon entering
    Sketch book- after beating Ymir you should see it where he was.  
It’s just before entering the Spire’s Ascent section.
  Spire’s Ascent-
    Simulator Disc- Spiderwoman- it’s off to the left near the chasm.  
You’ll probably need to fly to get it.
    +1 striking- off to the right just off the path, by some barrels
    +1 focus- just past a bridge a little ways, in plain sight
  Raven’s Spire- 
  Fake Warrior’s Hall-

Act 4

Hub 4- Attilan
  Royal Library- note: all items in this section are around the outer 
ring of the section
    +1 body
    +1 focus
    +1 striking
    Sketch book
  Royal Court- 
    Sketch book- along the outer ring

Level 10- Shi’Ar Warship
  Fighter Bay-
    Sketch book- behind one of five crates that can be pushed around
    Simulator Disc- Iceman- on the upper deck nearby, go up the stairs to
the right of the pushable crates, and cross over to the opposite side
  Port Crew Quarters-
  Starboard Crew Quarters-
    +1 striking- in a corner
  Shi’Ar Power Core/Hyperdrive
    Simulator Disc- Ultron- when the guards split up, take the right 
path.  It’ll be near the keycard guard.
    +1 focus- when the guards split up, take the left path.  It’ll be 
near the keycard guard.
    +1 body- after beating Gladiator, it’ll be to your left, possibly 
out of your sight (depending on camera angle).  
    Sketch book- a little farther down the hall to the left
  Outer Hull-
    +1 striking- above and to the left of the gun force field controls
    Simulator Disc- Ulik- to the right of the gun force field controls, 
at the very top of the level.  It’s approximately above the second gun 
you can destroy.
    XP bonus- after going past the communications dish and three more 
guns, follow the walkway around down, right, and then up.  When you go 
up, go all the way up, and it’s in a corner.
  Observation Deck-
    +1 body- in the room where you actually fight Deathbird, on the 
right side
  Science Section- (note: I recommend getting these after freeing 
Lilandra and stopping the destruct sequence)
    +1 skill point- immediately to the right upon entering the section
    XP bonus- If you circle the level clockwise (starting to the left), 
it’ll be in the room just before you get to Lilandra’s room, straight 
ahead, past a couple of pillars.  It’s easiest to fly around the pillars
to get it.
    +1 focus- in the room with the M’Kraan crystal

Level 11- Skrull Homeworld
  Sky Towers-
    Simulator Disc- Piledriver- just go straight ahead and you’ll see it.
    XP bonus- after you take the first left, it’ll be on the left in an 
area where you fight some Skrulls
    +1 body- go through the area with two skrull statues at its front. 
Circle around to the left side of the outside of the structure, and 
you’ll see it by a flaming pile.
    +1 focus- go through the area with two skrull statues at its front.
Circle around to the right side of the outside of the structure, and 
you’ll see it by a flaming pile.
    Sketch book- On an elevated area in the hanger with the Skrull 
Empress’ ship
    +1 striking- On another elevated area in the hanger with the Skrull 
Empress’ ship
    +1 focus- in a tiny room just before the X-traction point.  
    Simulator Disc- Ms. Marvel- on the catwalk just after the first set
of bad guys
    Sketch book- just past the first optronic drill
    +1 body- a little ways past the first optronic drill (farther than
the sketch book)
    +1 striking- at the end of the broken catwalk a short distance from
the body pickup
    Simulator Disc- Human Torch- just after you first get Galactus’ 
attention, go down the short edge of the next part of the catwalk.  
  Heights of Progress-
    Simulator Disc- Dragonman- in front of the X-traction point
    +1 skill point- After the X-traction point, go in the first possible
room on the left.  It’s in there.
    Free Level Up!- Save the Skrull scientist and talk to him.
    XP bonus- in the other cell that opens when you free the scientist
(the right cell).
  World Devourer-

Act 5

Hub 5- Doomified Stark Industries (DoomStark)-
  (nothing, initially)
  Doomified Iron Man Lab-
  DoomStark (after beating Doom Ironmen)
    Sketch Book- on table by Black Widow
    +1 striking- by training simulator
    +1 focus- by trivia machine
    +1 body- by Hank Pym

Level 12- Castle Doom
  First section- 
    +1 skill point- when the third magic stone section appears, you should
see two statues of knights.  Destroy the one on the left, and both the 
skill point and a treasure chest will appear.
    XP bonus- when the third magic stone section appears, you should see
two statues of knights.  Destroy the one on the right, and both the 
experience bonus and a treasure chest will appear.
  Castle Doom (room with X-traction point that’s covered)-
    Sketch book- by the door on the left side of the area
    +1 focus (four of them)- cannot be gotten yet- need gauntlets, armor,
and mask of Doom
    +1 body (four of them)- cannot be gotten yet- need gauntlets, armor,
and mask of Doom
    +1 strike (four of them)- cannot be gotten yet- need gauntlets, armor,
and mask of Doom
  Doom’s Lair (go through the right door)-
    XP bonus- use bookcase in a room on the left side of the hall to 
access the secret room.  Open the weapon cache to get the bonus.
    +1 skill point- in a room on the right side of the hall, between 
two beds
    Sketch book- a little past another movable bookcase that opens up 
into a stone passageway.  The sketch book is in the passageway.
  Doom’s Dimension-
  Dimensional Cavern-
  Hall of Arms-
    Sketch book- immediately to your left upon entering 
Doom’s Lab-
    Sketch book- room across from the room the damaged Ultimate 
Nullifier was in.
  Castle Doom (revisited)
    If you have collected the gauntlets, chest plate, and mask of 
Doom while making the loop from Doom’s Lair back to Castle Doom, the
cases in the room will all break open, allowing you to collect:
    +1 focus (four of them)
    +1 body (four of them)
    +1 strike (four of them)

That accounts for every item pickup throughout the game.  Yay!

V: Legal and Contact Information

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from 
the author of the guide, Michael Allen Wilson. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2006 Michael Allen Wilson.

Feel free to contact me with any item-related questions at
Youngblood0000@aol.com.  Please put the game’s name in the subject 
heading. Gameplay-related questions are best answered on the message 
boards at gamefaqs.com until someone has written a complete 
faq/walkthrough of the game.  The game just came out, so there should
be plenty of people willing to help you out.  If you e-mail me regarding
gameplay, I’ll only answer your question if I have time.  Don’t take it 
personal if I don’t answer you. :)

VI: Credits and Thanks

Credit goes to Ole on the gamefaqs boards for pointing out the 
location of the Mr. Fantastic Simulator Disc.  

Thanks to CJayC for his awesome web-site, www.gamefaqs.com.  It’s 
the reigning and defending champion in video game information and 

Thank you all for reading.  Anyway, have fun playing the game, and 
I hope I’ve been able to help you.

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