Review by Drunky

Reviewed: 08/24/06

Cloning Clyde is more than just kicking chickens

Another wacky installment for the Xbox Live Arcade from Ninjabee, Cloning Clyde is a step in the right direction for the arcade lineup.

You’ll be playing as Clyde, a poor dim-witted test subject imprisoned in a lab after an experiment goes horribly wrong. Not to fear, you’ll be receiving plenty of help from… yourself. That’s right, Clyde has been cloned a few hundred too many times. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to save your fellow Clyde’s, even if they’re a little different.

Escaping your scientific prison isn’t as easy as walking through the front door, you’ll be forced to fight Security Cameras watching your every move, as well as the angry mutated chickens, and the not so natural and mechanical hazards that will stand in your way. Clyde is not just a standard platformer, you’ll be able to use several items in your quest for freedom including rockets, explosives, catapults and various other contraptions. As well as items you’ll also be able to control numerous Clyde’s and mutated Clyde’s. Of course if you’re familiar with the game at all, you’ll know the main focus of the game is the ability to combine the DNA of Clyde with explosive barrels and various animals, ranging from chickens to sheep. These combinations will give you enhanced attributes and special abilities. Nothing beats turning into a hideous chicken and flapping around like crazy.

In addition to the actual fighting, there will be a few puzzles. These puzzles are not hard in the least. They are short, easy, and more importantly, fun. No long backtracking to find a special item, struggling to find a solution or anything. Most puzzles can be solved within a minute or so, but since an important aspect of every mission is speed, that’s a good thing.

The graphics are excellent. They have a huge assortment of wacky environments that you can play through, ranging from inside the labs plumbing system to an arid desert to a frozen mountainside. The environments details are not meant to be realistic at all. Judging from the 20 foot toilets, they’re instead aiming as far from the ordinary as they can. As for Clyde himself, well lets just say that they managed to get his clueless look down perfectly. After watching him run down the stairs though, I just wish they hadn’t put him in a hospital gown.

The sound effects are odd, there’s some nice light hearted music that will play in the menus and carry over into the missions, but when you perform an action the music will stop. Luckily there are still the awesome karate yells from Clyde and the games sound effects from the whizzing rockets to the clucking of the chickens. (Which are kickable, I know how much everyone enjoys kicking chickens).

The replay ability hurts most peoples initial opinion of the game, it only lasts for a few hours and can even be beaten in one day. That’s not really accurate seeing as how you can always compete for single player leader board scores, not to mention the online multiplayer.

Gameplay: 10/10
Nice variety of characters and puzzles, awesome morphing ability.
Graphics: 10/10
The excellent wacky backgrounds and characters you’d expect from Ninjabee. Original and definitely stands out from the rest of the XBLA games.
Sound: 7/10
No background music? Decent sound effects and random battle cries from Clyde, but nothing else.
One word: Leaderboards. The scoring system and multiplayer leaves this game open to tons of replay ability.
Overall: 9/10

Definite purchase. One of the few original arcade games on the Xbox Live marketplace, and for only 800 points its definitely worth purchasing.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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