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Hints and Tips by RGantela

   Contributors: Roger Bonine / Rajeev Gantela / Robert Sandstrom

     There is a well-known cheat that causes enemy units to stop firing.

       It works on most (but not all) machines. Here it is:

       On the first stage, kill everything but the two bees in the bottom
       left corner. Then just wait, dodging the bees' shots, until the
       bee no longer drops any shots towards you. After the bees stop
       firing, let it pass for 5 more trips or so and then kill them. For
       the rest of the game, the enemies will not drop shots. It will
       take approximately 15 minutes for the bees to quit shooting at
       you, so this trick requires a lot of patience.
       Some people have reported that this trick also works with two bees
       from the RIGHT side of the screen...
       Note that, in a 2-player game, only one person has to do the cheat
       for both players to benefit.

       If you're playing Galaga in MAME, this trick can be sped up by
       turning off speed throttling. On a fast machine, the time can
       reportedly be cut from 15 minutes down to 2 or 3!

     The "Player 1" score counter in Galaga is 6 digits, but the "Player
       2" counter is seven digits. Therefore, most good players start a
       2-player game and play exclusively on the Player 2 side so their
       score won't "roll over" at 999,990.

     Challenging stages are easier if the high score numbers are used to
       refine your aim. These tips assume a 6-digit high score:
       On the first 2 challenging stages, aim your ships so that your
       left set of bullets falls between the second and third numbers in
       the high score list.

       On subsequent challenging stages, aim one set of your bullets
       between the first and second numbers in the high score list (if
       the units come from the left) or between the last and next-to-last
       numbers (if the units come from the right). This will allow you to
       hit descending enemies at the highest possible point.

     Here is a neat (and useless) Galaga trick: It is possible to end the
       game with a 200% ratio. The 200% hit-miss ratio trick can only be
       done with your first shot of the game. When the game starts, don't
       move, and fire only one shot. If you time it correctly, two
       enemies will be killed at once. Let your remaining ships be
       destroyed, and presto: a better-than-perfect result. 

     If you have more than 7 extra men, the marker for the screen will
       only show 7 1/2 (!) men remaining. Additional extra men will still
       be credited, even though they won't show on the screen.

     Galaga "rolls over" after stage 255. After finishing the 255th
       level, the screen says "Stage 0" and the machine locks up. I have
       heard unconfirmed reports in the past that the "Stage 0" problem
       can be circumvented if the last two numbers in your score at the
       end of level 255 are (?? 80 is what I remember, but it may be
       something else).

       If anyone has any further information about this, I would
       appreciate hearing it...

     After the 1,000,000 mark, new ships are no longer awarded.

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