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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jackal__

Updated: 08/12/09

                         Hitman Blood Money Walkthrough

                                Author- Jackal
1- Introduction
2- Game
- Story
- Characters
- Weapons
- Controls
3- Walkthrough
- Hideout
- Death Of a Showman
- A Vintage Year
- Curtains Down
- Flatline
- A New Life
- The Murder of Crows
- You Better Watch Out…
- Death on the Mississippi
- Till Death Do Us Part
- A House of Cards
- A Dance with the Devil
- Amendment XXV
- Requiem
4- Final Thoughts
5- Cheats, Hints, and Achievements
6- Legal Stuff and Credits

               1- Introduction

Hello all, Jackal here back with another walkthrough. The reason I’ve chosen
Hitman: Blood Money is I’ve pretty well mastered this game inside and out, that
and I noticed a lot of people have trouble with this complex game. As some of
you may have noticed my walkthroughs are pretty straight forward with little or
no flash, well for this one I’ve stepped it up a notch and added a little, so I
hope you like it. Let me begin by saying I’ve been a fan of Hitman for years
and hold the unique, emotionless 47 character in high regard, he’s one of the
greatest personas ever created in the video game universe and I hold him in
high regard. Coming from a fellow mocked assassin I think it means a lot, in
fact I’d credit Agent 47 greatly for inspiring me with my internet gamer alias
‘Jackal’. This is the fourth installment in the Hitman series, and the best one
I might add. I’ll try to keep it brief as we touch on a few key things you need
to watch out for in the game, first off let me say that this game is not for
everyone, moreso for smart, patient gamers. You don’t just go running around
killing everyone like a mindless run-of-the-mill shooter, the key to this game
and getting the perfect hit is stealth and patience. Real assassins use these
two vital techniques to take out their target. If your new to the game scout
ahead or try following your target around, as you do so the game mechanics will
come to you and you’ll begin to understand how to play the game, above all take
the time needed to accomplish each mission. This time around in Hitman the
levels are very wide open with many ways of taking out your targets, like
Accidents for example, sometimes placing a bomb on a hanging fixture or simply
pushing the target over a balcony will grant you an easy, effortless kill. Also
another new addition is Notoriety.

After completing each mission you’ll be given an update on your current
Notoriety via the menu and newspaper articles, if you’ve made it through a
mission without any problems than you’ve got nothing to worry about but if you
were seen doing something suspicious or more importantly caught on camera then
it will adjust accordingly and you’ll read about yourself in the paper, it’s
not too much of a bother though as you can bribe local officials and police
with the money you’ve earned from your hits to lower your Notoriety, but if you
choose not to you’ll suddenly find guards and other NPC’s starting to react to
you more often making it much more difficult to complete your hits. Of course
just like the other three Hitman games you’ll be ranked on your progress
through each level, the best gamers go for the Silent Assassin rank. Remember,
stealth and patience will help you achieve this. Finally (on every difficulty
besides Pro) be smart with your saves, like before taking out your target or
after you’ve disposed of a body, because let’s face it the last thing you want
to do is start over when you’re almost finished, but for all things I just
mentioned simply follow the walkthrough and you’ll be fine. Lastly I’ll be
leaving mission briefings before each mission so you know what’s going on and
where you’re headed, plus (seeing as there’s numerous ways to go about) I’m
going to give you alternate ways to take out your targets, these will be called
Alternate kills. This walkthrough was completed on Normal difficulty and is for
the Xbox 360. Every mission has been done on Silent Assassin, I’ve played
through and beaten the game on Pro a number of times and what I’ve noticed most
about the higher level of difficulty compared to the others is (obviously) you
don’t get any saves, the AI is sharper, and you need to be much more careful
with your split-second decisions, other than that you can follow the
walkthrough as is on Normal and I will take you through. I would make a
separate section for Pro but it’s doing pretty well the same thing on the other
difficulties only having the reasons I list above, but if you’re stuck and you
can’t get SA on Pro then feel free to contact me for further help. Anyways,
button up those leather gloves and straighten that silk red tie because it’s
time to make a killing…

               2- Game


With the US election a year away human cloning has become a major campaign
issue in the United States. Following a seemingly innocent car accident that
killed Vice President Spaulding Burke, the incumbent President is forced by
Congress to elect a Vice President who has a strong opposition to cloning.
Daniel Morris, a reclusive man, is elected with approval from Congress. The
president himself, Tom Stewart, favors the idea of human cloning and wishes to
make it legal in the States. With the public’s support, he hopes to regain the
presidency in the election year against his opponent Frank Morgan. In the past
years, a group known as The Franchise has entered the mix and put serious
pressure on the Agency. They have managed to engineer their own albino clones
and gained an influence in the US government. With this newfound power they got
Daniel Morris elected as the new Vice President. Their hope is to engineer the
perfect clone for operation and prevent any competition among their enemies.
For this reason they plan to assassinate the President so that cloning is not
legalized and made available to competing organizations. The Franchise’s front-
runner, Alexander Leland Cayne, has spoken out against cloning in an attempt to
prevent public support for its legalization. Since 2004, he has become obsessed
with finding Agent 47 so that he can use 47’s bone marrow to create the perfect
clone. This obsession has put pressure on the Agency to try and get at 47…so
this is where we are. As you progress through the game you’ll find that it’s
all a recount of events that have already happened as reporter Rick Henderson
gets all the ‘tainted’ facts from Cayne. Events will unfold around you as you
gain small tidbits of information along the way and guide 47 towards the
thrilling climax. You may also notice that some missions are intertwined with
other Hitman games, the prelude to Contracts after the Curtains Down mission
for example. So take the missions for what their worth, there is no real clear
goal overall in them and there shouldn’t be, after all it’s just another job to


Agent 47:
To some he is an urban legend, but to anyone who has encountered him and is
still alive, Agent 47 is the world’s most deadliest assassin, a hitman with a
100% hit rate and an unfaltering dedication to his work. His name originates
from a barcode on the back of his head, 640509-040147, a serial number that
marks his place in a series of cloning experiments designed to create an army
of assassins. Hitman’s deadly reputation has made him the most highly paid
assassin at his contract agency, but his notoriety is no good thing. When a
hitman’s identity is known it becomes harder to work and to stay alive.

Alexander Leland Cayne:
He is a near genius, from an extremely wealthy background. Sadly, a budding
career in politics and science was temporarily marred when a work accident left
him paralyzed from the waist down. This never stopped Cayne, who continued his
work and became a very prominent businessman and advisor. However, he has never
been able to shake his suspicion that his accident could have been an
assassination attempt. For this reason he has studied the profiles of assassins
and is now somewhat of an expert in the field.

Rick Henderson:
The reporter Cayne is spilling his guts to, Henderson thinks he’s been brought
in for a simple interview with the former director of the FBI, but he soon
finds himself with the story of the century as Cayne tells him all the
‘tainted’ facts about the bald, killer clone Agent 47.

She is the only link and contact that Agent 47 has to the ICA – The
International Contract Agency. As the contracts, briefings and information on
targets are mainly dealt with through The ICA. Diana plays an important and
vital role. Her position in the company hierarchy is unknown, and how she’s
able to gather all this crucial information is an even bigger mystery. Even
though they have never met, trust is the keyword, and Agent 47 will
instinctively know when something is wrong…

Daniel Morris:
New interim Vice President of the United States Daniel Morris replaced the
previous Vice President Spaulding Burke after a seemingly innocent car accident
that claimed his life. Morris is strong in his opposition of human cloning so
it’s no coincidence that he is associated with the shadow government
organization, The Franchise. Morris is really nothing more than a puppet for
the shady organization that plan on sweeping him into the Oval Office by
assassinating the President of the United States himself, Tom Stewart.

Tom Stewart:
President of the United States, Tom Stewart is a stanch supporter of human
cloning and the medical benefits it can provide, he wishes to make it legal in
the States. Blissfully unaware Stewart finds himself the main target in a very
dangerous, corrupt game because of his views on cloning. With Daniel Morris now
interim Vice President it is The Franchises main goal to take Stewart out and
instill a puppet government with Morris as President, as Agent 47 you’ll be put
right in the middle of it all as you are hired to protect this man at all
costs. Although crucial to the plot Stewart never actually makes an appearance
in the flesh in the game.

The Albinos (Mark Parchezzi III, Mark Purayah Jr.):
Targeting the world’s most deadliest assassin is no easy task and it takes more
than one assassin. The most powerful and dangerous of these is Mark Parchezzi
III a.k.a. the Albino. An expert assassin and master of disguises, he is able
to blend in to the background like a chameleon to carry out subversive
operations. He is the head of The Crows – a moniker for the cloned assassins
created by The Franchise, a subdivision of Alpha Zerox, the shadow government
organization. Parchezzi is most definitely the Agency’s and 47’s greatest

His counterpart Mark Purayah Jr. is just as deadly. Hypersensitive, adaptive,
determined, focused, and better equipped both physically and mentally than
ordinary humans he is leader of the ‘The Crows’ Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina
Mason, while Mark Parchezzi III is head of the notorious group Purayah is the
second in command.

Joseph Clarence a.k.a. “Mr. Swing King”:
He is the owner of the Southland Amusement Park; an out of business amusement
park in Baltimore. It was shut down due to an accident involving maintenance
and safety for the ferris wheel, which subsequently fell and killed many
people. The client of the hit had lost someone in the accident and as no
justice was given to Clarence (the judge in the case dropped all charges), the
client ordered the assassination. Clarence was one of the regions most colorful
personalities in the 80’s and 90’s before the accident, which bled his fortune
dry on legal costs. He’ll be the first target you take out in the training

The Delgado’s (Don Fernando Delgado, Manuel Delgado):
Don Fernando is involved with drug smuggling; the client of the hit is
supposedly from the region. He is a world renowned cellist, with public
performances “rare” for anyone to see. Don was also an officer in Pinochet’s
intelligence service.

His son Manuel, who mostly heads the trafficking side of the business, is known
only to be a target because to make the proper hit (of Don Fernando) seems
connected to drugs. They’ll both be your targets in the first real mission of
the game.

Alvaro D’Alvade and Richard Delahunt:
The Italian singer lives and breathes opera, and he has a reputation of never
being satisfied with his fellow actors. Alvaro strives for perfection in all
things, but his single minded dedication to his art has left him with serious
flaws. His temper often gets the best of him and he has developed an addiction
to sex with juveniles of both sexes. He has an avid fan in the US, Ambassador
Richard Delahunt, and lately the two have become almost inseparable.

Richard Delahunt is a man living on borrowed time. He is constantly surrounded
by US bodyguards in tuxes and equipped with guns and earpieces. Allegedly
involved in child prostitution he has created a lot of enemies, and he knows
it. Presently he spends most of his time watching his now only trusted friend
Alvaro D’Alvade rehearse as the lead tenor role in Puccini’s Tosca, soon to
premiere at the Paris Opera. The Ambassador spends every spare moment attending
these rehearsals, watching Alvaro D’Alvade’s every move from his lodge, with a
sordid of fascination bordering on obsession. These two will be your second set
of targets in the game.

Agent Smith:
One of 47’s few allies in the game, he is a top secret agent for the CIA and a
clumsy one at that; you may remember rescuing him in previous Hitman games,
well he’s in a similar situation in this one as well. On a botched assignment
he got himself captured and is now being drugged in a rehab clinic for
alcoholics in Northern California, you’re sent in to find out what happened to
him and finish what he started. Later on in the game he becomes more drawn into
the plot and hires Agent 47 for the biggest assassination attempt in US

Rudy Menzana, Carmine Desalvo, and Lorenzo Lombardo:
A long time organizer of the illegal alien’s traffic across the Mexican border
to the US. Rudy is just about a household name on both sides of the border,
when it comes to delivering drugs, weapons, or 1 dollar-per-hour manpower. But
with dwindling goodwill from his good fellows and a huge price on his head, his
days are numbered and he knows it. Undergoing treatment in the clinic is more
or less a last ditch attempt at hiding from the growing number of bounty
hunters. Ironically, in here he’s developed a dependency on alcohol to escape
the horror in his head.

Carmine Desalvo, a notorious smuggler of illegal arms from Central America.
Being under constant scrutiny by different domestic intelligence services as a
prime suspect in the ongoing investigation around, he was somewhat hampered in
his efforts to contact other prospective clients. As a result he became a
little jittery and developed a substance abuse and drinking problem, which is
why he has been admitted to the remote Rehabilitation Center for treatment.

Former Las Vegas mobster Lorenzo Lombardo has quite a sorted past. Ultimately,
he was known as “the Brain & Bankroll” in the circuit. He became a strategic
master planner and multimillionaire gambler. He’s been accused - but never
convicted – of such crimes as: Hijacking, mayhem, bootlegging, white slavery,
narcotics trafficking, rape, burglary, bookmaking & fixing sporting events,
numbers racket, extortion and numerous murders. Lombardo knows his time is
limited – soon some sort of forensic evidence will connect him with one of
these crimes. He has planned his departure from the US, but first, he has to
undergo some preliminary tests at the Rehabilitation clinic. All three of these
guys will be your targets, one will be your main target and the other two will
be optional, the game alternates their target status each play through.

Vinnie ‘Slugger’ Sinistra:
The American Dream that lured Vinnie from Cuba to the US has certainly gone
sour. He may have a fortune in the drug trafficking trade but now the police
have built a case against him and he’s turned state witness, his partners want
him dead. With three other witnesses for the prosecution dead already he has
good reason to be paranoid. He’ll be one of the few single targets in the game;
you’ll also have to deal with his wife who holds the incriminating piece of
microfilm in her jewelry necklace.

Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason (The Crows):
Don’t be fooled be the bird costumes, the harmless looking outfits disguise two
assassins and their leader. Singled out by their leader (Mark Purayah Jr.) for
the cold passion they share in their work. But this is not their only love.
These two share a strong passion for each another and anyone who inflicts pain
on either one of them will provoke the wrath of an already highly volatile and
forceful killing machine. These two are definitely an odd pair with Kulinsky a
former Olympic athlete and Mason who grew up in a traveling circus; you’ll have
to take them both out along with their leader, one of the Albino clones, Mark
Purayah Jr. Be careful how you carry out your assassination on both of them,
like I mentioned above if either one of them learns something has happened to
the other their reaction will be unpredictable at best.

Jimmy Cilley:
He is from Dallas, Texas. His father ran a gas station and general store, and
little Jimmy got his first job polishing and sorting eggs for his dad. After
graduating from Harvard Business School, he worked his way up in the oil
business, and soon learned that the only way to take it further was through
politics. He’s a civil-rights advocate, pro-choice spokesperson – and he’s
strongly in favor of biotech’s many advantages such as genetically modified
foods and cloning. The Congressional candidate is rubbing elbows, patting
babies, and keeping it clean for the press in New Orleans, his new
constituency. A minor character, nothing more, he’s a Congressional candidate
you’ll have to protect amidst the Mardi Gras mission; with his politics you can
understand why he’s a target.

Lorne De Havilland and Chad Bingham Jr.:
Self professed playboy, porn aficionado and American culture icon. Strip club
operator, magazine magnate and born again Christian. Lorne spends most of his
time in the master bedroom. Here he peruses the many videotapes surreptitiously
recorded through one way mirrors installed in all of the backroom cabins in his
strip joints. Blackmailing politicians, clergymen, and movie stars now provide
the major bulk of his income. He occasionally throws a big party, where he
mingles briefly with the guests, before retiring to his den of inequity,
looking for famous people caught in the act. Havilland will have his pesky
little dog with him to warn him of anything so you’ll have to silence the dog
as well.

Youngest son of Senator Bingham, who had high hopes that his son Chad jr. would
follow his father’s footsteps. But after High school he often hung out in local
bars and sleazy strip joints. And during one of his usual benders he wound up
in the back of Lorne De Havilland’s clubs with a lap dancer. One thing led to
another, and to cut a long story short, the girl wound up bound, gagged and
dead. And as usual, Lorne De Havilland had a camera minutely recording every
sordid detail. Chad has worked up a reputation for remorselessly slapping up
strippers, sometimes beyond recognition. You’ll have to take them both out and
also retrieve the tape of Chad’s questionable behavior.

Skip Muldoon and The Gator Gang:
He is the proud captain of the “Emily”, an old steamer that’s a big tourist
attraction on the Mississippi. Apart from his boat, he loves anything that’s
been deep fried and all the cute guys who work on board. When he’s not eyeing
them up, he can be found on deck taking pot shots at the gators swimming around
the banks of the river. Skip also operates a sideline business with The Gator
Gang, a gang of rednecks from his small home town of Tennessee, who all just
happen to be relatives…somewhere along the line. Skip has a big sweet tooth and
has a passion for cakes with a lot of whipped cream, something you can use to
your advantage.

Consisting of 6 members, Everett Jefferson, Junior O’Daniel, William S.
Corfitz, Adam Hendrikson, Joe Netburg, and Elijah Krup The Gator Gang operate
on Skip’s boat carrying out all his dirty sideline business for him. Be patient
and wait for the right opportunities when taking down all 7 (including Skip),
also after dealing with Skip you’ll have to retrieve some sensitive pictures
from his safe, pictures that are very sensitive for both Skip Muldoon and his
niece Margaux LeBlanc.

Buddy Muldoon and John LeBlanc:
Hank “Buddy” Leitch Muldoon is the rather dimwitted son of a recently deceased
Bayou smuggling lord. Rumor has it that he has taken over his father’s
business. He adores his new wife and looks forward, with equal childish glee,
to the wedding cake and to bedding someone outside his own family.

John LeBlanc’s long-term involvement in organized crime has left him paranoid
to the point where he can hardly function. While unhappy with his daughter’s
choice in husband, he is grateful for her handling the day-to-day business. He
now spends most of his days watching TV and wandering the premises mumbling to
himself. Both targets will need to be taking out on your last stop in

Margaux LeBlanc:
She runs the show on the island. As the only daughter of John LeBlanc she has
been brought up in a criminal man’s world and while friendly she is rumored to
be as ruthless as her father is insane. Margaux will be absolutely off-limits
for targeting; you’re to protect her from any kind of threat in the same
mission you eliminate her husband Buddy Muldoon and her father John LeBlanc.
After her misfortune in losing her husband and father you’ll notice in one of
the newspaper articles that she hit it big in Las Vegas and has made a fortune
there…turning her luck around.

Sheikh Al-Khalifa, Tariq Abdul Lateef, and Hendrik Schmutz:
If there is a deal to be done in the States, it’s no surprise that Mohammed bin
Faisal Al-Khalifa would choose Las Vegas to conduct his business. As CEO of
Aprix, Inc an Arabian pharmaceutical export company, he has made billions from
fat cat government contracts, reportedly linked to biological and chemical
agents for military use, and has developed a serious love for gambling. He
travels in a caravan of Bentleys with an entourage of loyal bodyguards and very
much enjoys the finer things in life – cigars, fine wines, caviar, exotic
dancers – anything linked to luxury and good old fashioned debauchery.

The brains behind Aprix, Lateef is an eccentric and reclusive scientist
preferring to live and work in isolation, compulsive about the integrity of his
work. He is on hand to confirm the authenticity of the DNA specimens being
purchased by his employer, Sheikh Al-Khalifa. He’ll be carrying a briefcase
with a number of untraceable blood diamonds that you can nab after the hit,
purely optional however.

Schmutz is a South African white supremacist that arrived yesterday at Shamal
Hotel in Vegas. He intends to sell his DNA specimens and research papers to
Sheikh Al-Khalifa in their meeting at the hotel. Schmutz keeps his specimens
and papers in a briefcase in his hotel suite, something you may want to
remember. This deal must not go down as all three will need to be eliminated.

Anthony Martinez, Vaana Ketlyn, Eve, and Maynard John:
Martinez used to be one of the good guys. But his penchant for fast cars and
fancy nightclubs left him cavorting with the wrong company. At some point, an
offer just turned up that was too tempting and now he’s neck-deep into arms
smuggling. As an added bonus he and Vaana have found a mutual interest that
runs deeper than running guns. To spot him just look for the horned, smiling,
devil mask.

Vaana is a female of great renown in the Nevada desert area. At the age of 35,
she has established an empire in her own right and she has a flair for the
dramatic. She’s also an adept Escrima-style swordfighter. She earns a pretty
penny on arms deals, which helps finance her high standard of living. Lately
she has taken a liking to a certain less-than-straight CIA agent.

These next two will be revealed as you retrieve the information on who is
targeting you during the masquerade party. First up is Eve, the horrifying
singer on stage that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, seriously she could
shatter glass with that voice. According to her file Eve is like a spider,
luring her target into her web where she will go in for the kill…

Last but not least we have Maynard, an efficient killer with a flair for the
theatrical. Sometimes it’s this flair that makes his job more complicated than
it has to be. To single him out look for the guy wearing the red devil mask.


In this section we will cover the weapons of Hitman: Blood Money, the default
set of weapons you’re given can be customized with special upgrades purchased
from the Kruger Schmidt shop. Use this to your advantage, once fully upgraded
the weapons are quite deadly. Of course I’ll be listing the rest of the games
weapons you can acquire in the various missions; after a weapon has been
unlocked you can choose to take it along with you on a mission just as you
would with any of the default weapons. You can also find all your default
weapons and the ones you’ve unlocked in your Hideout, there you can practice
with them to become more familiar with the weapon.


- Low Velocity Ammo
- Silencer Type 1
- Extra Ammo
- Laser Sight
- Rail Mount
- Magnum Ammo
- Dual Action
- Long Slide
- Red Dot Sight
- Large Clip
- Silencer Type 2
- Full Auto Fire
- Scope Type 1

SP12 Shotgun:

- Flechette Ammo
- Butt Stock
- Extra Ammo
- Reload Boost
- 12 Gauge Slugs
- Rail Mount
- Short Barrel
- Laser Sight
- Magazine
- Red Dot Sight
- Silencer Type 1

SMG Tactical:

- Butt Stock1
- Low Velocity Ammo
- Butt Stock2
- Extra Ammo
- Rail Mount
- Magnum Ammo
- Rapid Fire
- Short Barrel
- Silencer Type 1
- Laser Sight
- Double Clip
- Silencer Type 2
- Red Dot Sight

M4 Assault Rifle:

- R.I.S Handguard
- Low Velocity Ammo
- Butt Stock
- Extra Ammo
- Laser Sight
- Rail Mount
- Armor Piercing Ammo
- Silencer Type 1
- Pistol Grip
- Double Clip
- Red Dot Sight
- Silencer Type 2
- Drum Magazine
- Scope Type 1

W2000 Sniper:

- Low Velocity Ammo
- Double Capacity Clip
- Extra Ammo
- Scope Type 1
- Lightweight Frame
- Silencer Type 1
- Armor Piercing Ammo
- Extra Ammo
- Carbon-Fiber Barrel
- Bolt Action
- Silencer Type 2
- Scope Type 2

Misc. Equipment:
- Fiber Wire
- Syringe Sedative
- Syringe Poison
- RU-AP Mine
- Detonator
- Coin
- Binoculars


- Painkillers
- 7x50 Zoom Binoculars
- Improved Lockpick
- Kevlar Vest
- Enhanced Detonator
- Adrenaline
- Flak Vest
- Extra Mine
- Craft Schultz Lockpick
- Foil Padded Suitcase
- Flexible Flak Vest

Acquirable Weapons:
- Bull.480 (Retrievable in “A New Life” from Vinnie Sinistra)
- Desert Eagle (Retrievable in “The Murder of Crows” from Mark Purayah Jr.)
- SLP.40 Pistol (Retrievable in “Curtains Down” from Police Officers)
- Snub Nosed (Retrievable in “A Vintage Year” from Don Fernando Delgado)
- Six Shooter (Retrievable in “Till Death Do Us Part…” from Drunk Guy)
- SLP.40.S (Retrievable in “The Murder of Crows” from Angelina Mason)
- Shotgun (Retrievable in “A Vintage Year” from Regular Guards)
- MP5 (Retrievable in “Curtains Down” from Bodyguards)
- MP7 (Retrievable in “A Dance with the Devil” from Torture Room)
- MP9 (Retrievable in “The Murder of Crows” from Yellow Birds)
- SAF SMG (Retrievable in “A Vintage Year” from Elite Guards)
- TMP (Retrievable in “A Vintage Year” from Manuel Delgado)
- Air Rifle (Retrievable in “A New Life” from Tree House)
- FN-2000 (Retrievable in “Death on the Mississippi” from Staff Quarters)
- M14 (Retrievable in “Amendment XXV” from Marines)
- SG552 (Retrievable in “The Murder of Crows” from Purayah’s Desk)
- Dragunov (Retrievable in “A Dance with the Devil” from Martinez’s Room)
- Elephant Rifle (Retrievable in “Till Death Do Us Part…” from 2nd Floor Wall)
- Kazo Trg (Retrievable in “The Murder of Crows” from Raymond’s Location)


Left Analog Stick- Move character; Zoom map; Highlight menu options; Throw item
(click, hold/release)

Right Analog Stick- Aim; Open/Close sniper scope (click); View mode switch
(click, first/third person)

D-Pad- Zoom sniper scope/binoculars (up, down); Scroll through actions/items
(up, down); Highlight menu options (up, down); Scroll through maps/inventory
(left, right)

Y Button- Drop item; Exit map; Exit legend; Cancel

X Button- Holster/Unholster weapon (tap); Open/Close inventory (hold/release)

B Button- Pick up item (tap); Pick up list (hold/release)

A Button- Carry out action, Confirm (tap); View action list (hold)

Left Trigger- Crouch, Sneak (pull and hold)

Left Button- Map

Right Trigger- Fire; Use Weapon; Close combat

Right Button- Reload weapon

Back Button- Objectives

Start Button- Start/Pause game

               3- Walkthrough

No action just yet, this will be your Hideout for the game where you can
practice with your default set of customizable weapons and the various weaponry
you’ve acquired throughout your progress of Hitman: Blood Money. 47’s arsenal
is located in the gun racks on the walls to the left. There’s a shooting range
in the distance with a variety of targets to practice on, plus if you move up a
little and to the left there’s a wide gallery of targets to shoot at including
bottles, vase’s, containers, and even rats scurrying around the area to
practice on. You can find ammo for the many weapons on the table behind you,
beyond that is the doorway to the exit, if you’ve seen enough simply run up the
stairs and out the door to leave your Hideout.

Death Of a Showman
Welcome to Southland Amusement Park in Baltimore, home to one of the most
colorful personalities the region has seen in the past 20 years, Joseph
Clarence a.k.a. “Mr. Swing King”. It’s too bad the park has seen better days,
after a fatal accident involving the ferris wheel (which fell and killed many
people) Clarence bled his fortune dry on legal costs. Now “Mr. Swing King” is a
desperate man trying to rebuild his wealth and reputation, it’s a shame that in
getting off scott free he obviously rubbed one of the victim’s families the
wrong way. 47 is coming to put this bumbling fool out of his misery, but as
you’ll soon find out Clarence made a deal with some pretty unsavory company,
watch yourself…


- Kill Joseph Clarence a.k.a. “Mr. Swing King”
- Escape

Weapons to Bring:

- None Selectable

This is simply a training mission so you don’t have to worry about your rank
here, if you’re new to the Hitman games or have never played Blood Money before
I suggest you follow the tutorial through the training mission. Press the ‘Back
Button’ to bring up your current lesson in the training mission if you forget.
To begin let’s move left down the pier and step up over the wooden planks,
follow the dilapidated walkway and hop up to the right, just move the ‘Left
Thumbstick’ to the wall and 47 will do the rest pulling himself up. Proceed to
the entrance of the Southland Amusement Park, Diana will chime in and give you
some intel on your objectives. Walking past the ice cream truck and
bloodstained open car move up to the gate and wait for the guard, after their
short conversation 47 will knock him out. Open your inventory by holding down
‘X’ and look at the picture, now enter the gift shop to the left, making your
way in you’ll notice two more guards outside the window. To distract them get
out a coin from your inventory and toss it out the far open window, it may take
a few tries for the inexperienced but 47 has an unlimited supply of coins so no
worries. Hold down the ‘Left Thumbstick’ to prolong your throw, the longer you
hold it down the further it’ll go, once their distracted move quickly out the
door and to the theater through the double doors ahead.

There’s a gangster in here torturing that guy from the car, to sneak up behind
him hold down the ‘Left Trigger’ as you move and get out your Fiber Wire from
your inventory. When you’re close enough behind the gangster press the ‘Right
Trigger’ to strangle him. Ignore the guy’s cries for help and pick up the
gangster’s gun then climb up the red trellis just behind you to the right; to
jump to the balcony simply walk up to the rail and 47 will accommodate you by
leaping across. You’ll now have to clear out this next room with the gun you
picked up, be ready because as soon as you pick the lock the two gangsters will
be on to you. As the door opens get out the SLP.40 Pistol you picked up and
shoot the two guys dead, aim for those headshots and they’ll go down a lot
easier. Next hide their bodies in the two containers in the room, once done
pull the Kitchen Knife out of the closet and hide inside as the chemist will
run inside to find out what happened. As he gathers up the money on the table
sneak up behind him and eliminate him with either the Kitchen Knife or the
Fiber Wire, it doesn’t really matter which one you use. Now take the chemist
clothes and keycard, leave out the double doors he ran through and open the
door with the keycard.

Make your way down the walkway until you reach a room with the baking soda
crate in it, collect the gun and place it in the crate or simply do the same
with the gun you already have, don’t forget to dump the Kitchen Knife as well,
it’ll be a dead giveaway with the metal detector ahead. Pick up the crate and
continue along the walkway until you reach a guard, he’ll hold out his hand and
search you with the metal detector, just sit still while he does, keep in mind
this is how you’ll be searched throughout the game. After he gives you the okay
to move on proceed into the control room and place the crate on the floor to
the right, retrieve the gun from the crate and holster it. Now jump down onto
the elevator as the cutscene begins, get out your Fiber Wire and strangle the
guard, 47 will pull him up on top of the elevator, keep this method in mind
when dealing with enemies throughout the game, it’s effectively silent. Jump
down into the elevator, move forward and break the utility box, the lights will
go out so you’ll have to move silently through the factory to the bathroom
door. Open the adjacent door to the bathroom and get out your gun, silently
grab the guard relieving himself. Remember this method throughout the game;
it’s an easy knockout instead of having to use your Syringe Sedative. With the
human shield move into the next room with the three guards, kill them all and
knock out your shield if he isn’t already dead yet.

Climb the ladder and pick up the Rifle Suitcase, after the cutscene unpack the
suitcase via your inventory. To enter your scope click the ‘Right Thumbstick’
twice, there are three guards to snipe here. One atop what’s left of the ferris
wheel, one patrolling the ground below, and the last one on top of the office
in the distance, kill all three. Now if you want you can take the Dragunov with
you, just place it back in the Rifle Suitcase and carry it with you. Go back
out towards the ladder but go right and through the door, climb down the pipe
and walk to the office, pickup the Syringe Poison at the ICA point. Keep these
points in mind throughout the game; they’ll help you out, just look for the ICA
mark on the map. Move up the stairs and grab the Shotgun ammo on the table,
after the conversation ends put down the Rifle Suitcase and push the hapless
guard over the rail, to do so simply get behind him and press the ‘Right
Trigger’. Or you can simply bash his brains in with the Fire Extinguisher,
either way’s fine. Now quickly move into the room and get out the Syringe
Poison, poison the drink by holding the aimer over it, as the aimer turns red
inject it into the drink and promptly hide in the closet to the left.

Once the secretary dies leave the closet and move into Mr. Swing King’s office,
after a short cutscene you have your choice in how to take out this blundering
idiot. The Hammer on the far table, the Baseball Bat on the wall or simply
poison, strangle, or shoot the begging fool. After he’s dead head back and grab
the Rifle Suitcase where you left it then move out the window in the office to
the ICA point on the map, pickup the RU-AP Mine and Detonator and proceed down
the walkway to the open window. Now place the mine on the winch, get over back
by the window and detonate it. The only one’s left will be the gang leader in
the purple suit and one of the women, for an easy kill unpack the Dragunov
again and lay one in his head from the balcony, he shouldn’t see you,
alternately if you didn’t take the Dragunov you can simply kill him with the
SLP.40 Pistol, and if you want to keep a low profile as the girl will be a
witness, eliminate her as well. Collect the Desert Eagle on the gang leader and
proceed out the door to the far left to escape. As you read the paper note that
how you’ve completed your mission will dictate the headline in the paper, just
letting you know.


A Vintage Year
Meet Manuel and Fernando Delgado, renowned and well respected wine makers in
the town of Santa Rosa, Chile. But what looks like a family business is in fact
the perfect cover for their cocaine factory. Under the cover of a public
unveiling of a new wine label infiltrate the mansion, kill Delgado and his son
and escape by seaplane. Watch out for public TV cameramen as you accomplish
your objectives…


- Kill Don Fernando Delgado
- Kill Manuel Delgado
- Escape the Vineyard

Weapons to Bring:

- Standard Equipment, No Guns

If you want to use a moment to take in the scenery I wouldn’t blame you, this
is a gorgeous level. Head forward running all the way around the grounds past
the block of concrete and chunk in the wall until you reach the end of the
building by the explosive barrels. Stay hidden here near the corner until you
see the guard come, when he turns around on his patrol walk up behind him until
he stops again, slowly sneak up and sedate him with the Syringe Sedative. Take
his clothes and gun to disguise yourself, be sure to holster the Shotgun. Now
head all the way back the way you came and go through the double doors where
the lone guard is leaning. Move straight through the area past the touring
people and into the wine cellar, it’ll be the only set of double doors not
blocked off by the white table. This part is a little tricky, before you can
place a mine on the winch in front of you you’ll need to either wait until the
guard standing beside it leaves (which could take awhile) or you can just throw
a coin towards the door to distract the guard and get him on the move. Remember
the coin part as you’ll need to use it coming up, once the guard leaves for his
patrol place the RU-AP Mine on the winch. Now you’ll need to play the waiting
game, Manuel should be standing alone below the stairs in the little alcove
above the hanging barrels before you detonate the mine and kill him. It may
take a while but once he’s headed there make sure that the guard near the winch
isn’t standing right next to it or he’ll be caught in the explosion negating
your Silent Assassin rank, remember to use the coin to distract the guard to
get him on the move. If everything is set and in place detonate the mine, the
hanging barrels will fall and kill Manuel Delgado; this is an accidental kill
meaning you’ve got nothing to worry about, it’s viewed purely as an accident.
Quickly leave the cellar as the crowd gathers around Manuel’s body.

Alternate kill (Manuel Delgado)- If your not one for accidents and waiting
around then as you head down into the cellar wait until Manuel goes into the
single room by himself with the chair and table in it then poison or strangle
him with Syringe Poison or the Fiber Wire. Drag his body to the container in
the corner behind the barrels and toss him inside.

With the son down now it’s time for the father, after you’ve left the cellar
head right through the double doors and past the steps and lone guard at the
front of the Hacienda. Keep going and you’ll reach the corner of the building,
there is a drainpipe here to climb up. If you have a hard time finding it
consult the map, it’ll be right in front of you at the yellow interest point,
and while your at it drop the Shotgun before you start climbing, you don’t need
it anymore. Just be sure that no one is looking in your direction as you ascend
up the pipe, once you get to the top creep your way to the open window and
climb inside. Now Don will be in one of two places, either sitting at his cello
playing or standing outside his balcony, if he is simply playing his cello then
sneak up behind him and strangle him with the Fiber Wire. If he’s on the
balcony you’ll need to sneak into the next room past the sleeping guard and
push him off the balcony for an accidental kill. The best way is to just wait
in the closet or near the window where you came in then as he returns to play
his cello you strangle him. Don Fernando Delgado is dead, the Delgado’s are
history. Be sure to take the Snub Nosed off his body before you depart.

Alternate kill (Don Fernando Delgado)- If you want instead of doing it this way
after you leave the cellar move inside the Hacienda via the back door and
sedate one of the elite guards and take his clothes and weapon. Hide his body
then get upstairs and pick the lock on the far door to the right, move in and
kill the target as you see fit. Then afterwards all you have to do is get back
to the wine cellar and take the elevator down to the hanger and escape, the
elite guards disguise will keep you safe from detection. I wouldn’t recommend
this way though, and you don’t get the extra five grand for suit retrieval.
Although if you’re in a bind and are new to the game and you just want to get a
completion then by all means go ahead.

Leave the way you came in, through the window, then move down to the other side
of the house and drop off to the ground below putting you back outside the
grounds. Put your suit back on near where you sedated that first guard then
head in the opposite direction (towards the waterfall) down the long descending
pathway, that waterfall’s just beautiful isn’t it. As you reach the bottom
sneak past the worker having a smoke then watch for the elite guard to head
into the elevator, if he’s not there then don’t even worry about it and make
your way to the second elite guard having a smoke near the water. This guard’s
got to go so there are two things you can do here, you can push him into the
water killing him or sedate him and place his body behind the crate. True
assassins that don’t want to leave a mark would sedate him but if you’re in a
rush and just want to finish then just push him into the water. Make your way
around the hanger dock sneaking your way past the sleeping guard and into the
plane to escape. Congratulations, Silent Assassin rank.


Curtains Down
It’s March, 2004 and the Paris Opera is preparing for a new season. But that
won’t stop civilians from touring the new renovations and historic parts of the
building. All this activity should provide an excellent cover for your
operation tonight. Eliminate Alvaro D’Alvade and the ambassador Richard
Delahunt, a personal friend to the famous tenor. Rehearsal may be cancelled


- Kill Alvaro D’Alvade
- Kill Richard Delahunt
- Escape the Opera

Weapons to Bring:

- Silverballer, W2000 Sniper

The weapons you’re bringing along are strictly for the alternate kills so if
you’re not interested in them and just want to do the basic hit then don’t
bother taking the Silverballer and W2000 Sniper. If you do however make sure
that you upgrade both weapons the best you can with the upgrades and money
available, just be sure that your weapons are silenced before going in. Alright
to begin move ahead through the glass door on the left to the coat check, it’ll
be just to the left as you open the door. Wait for the receptionist to get up
and come to you, a cutscene will ensue and you’ll now have the real WWI Pistol.
Just wait in the lobby for now, eventually a worker with a white uniform will
pass by you and go down the stairs to the basement below, follow him, making
sure not to get too close or letting anyone spot you. As you arrive at the
bottom of the stairs the worker will begin hammering, sneak up behind him and
sedate him with the Syringe Sedative, take his clothes and hide him inside the
container right next to you. Alternately if you want instead of going after the
white clothed worker downstairs you can do the same to the green worker in the
bathroom just next to the coat check, same drill with him, sedate him and take
his clothes then toss him inside the container and head downstairs to where we
are currently. Proceed through the double doors past the workers here to the
far single door, before you pick the lock make sure that the workers aren’t
looking in your direction. Once through head down the stairs and through the
door, move down the hallway and go through the door on the right and up the

Make your way left down the hallway then right and through the double doors on
the floor here; take the stairs all the way up to the scaffolding. There are
two places to set your mine here, on the set of lights near the top left of the
scaffolding, just look for the ‘place a bomb’ action, or onto the light fixture
just past the scaffolding through the door, be sure that none of the workers
spot you placing the RU-AP Mine. Head back all the way down the steps and into
the supporting actor’s dressing room, just look for the yellow interest point
on the map, hide in his closet. Eventually as their rehearsal set ends the
actor will enter and begin practicing his lines and performance, as he leaves
to go to the bathroom quickly leave the closet and take the prop WWI Pistol
from the counter and place the real WWI Pistol you acquired from coat check
onto the counter. Get back in the closet and hide, as the actor returns and
retrieves his gun he will depart for his next set on stage, leave the room and
head back the exact way you came to get here. Put your suit back on and head
into the theater on the 1st floor, move out of the way off to the right near the
back row.

As the rehearsal is finished and Alvaro is shot in the head eventually the
actors will notice something is wrong when he doesn’t get up, this will spark
Delahunt to jump out of his seat and get to the 1st floor of the theater. This
last part depends on where you placed the mine, if you placed it on the
scaffolding near the lights then detonate as Delahunt arrives and panics on
stage, just be sure that no one gets caught in the collapse. If you placed it
on the light fixture then this will be a little tricky, just as Delahunt runs
into the theater detonate the mine and the fixture will fall and kill him as he
trips and falls right under it, the reason I say that you should detonate as he
enters the theater is because there’s a short delay on the mine, if you
detonate too soon you’ll miss him, if you detonate too late you’ll kill him
along with his bodyguards negating the SA rank. You may need to use the map to
time this just right. With Alvaro D’Alvade and Richard Delahunt successfully
assassinated quickly leave the theater as the crowd gathers, escape via the
front door where you came in, well done, Silent Assassin rank. You may be a
little confused with the cutscene afterwards if you’re new to Hitman, this
mission was the prelude to Contracts where 47 was shot and (as we all remember)
eventually escaped the police in Paris.

Alternate kill (Alvaro D’Alvade)- This kill will require you take along the
Silverballer, get to the center of the basement near the yellow point of
interest. They’ll be a fenced area in the middle here, climb up it to get
behind the stage where the rehearsal is taking place, just be sure that the
coast is clear before climbing up and no one sees you. Sneak ahead a bit and
you should just be able to see Alvaro’s head on stage, stay crouched and wait
until the climax of the execution scene; you’ll be able to tell by the music,
get out your Silverballer and aim for his head, when the moment is right shoot
him in the back of the head and quickly holster your weapon then climb back
down the fence.

Alternate kill (Alvaro D’Alvade)- For this kill you’ll need the W2000 Sniper,
in the same spot you’ve place the mine on the light fixture there is a ladder
nearby, go down it and right to the open hole in the floor. Step down through
it and crouch here, while waiting for the right moment in the execution scene
get the W2000 Sniper out of the Rifle Case. From here, when the time is right
zoom in and assassinate Alvaro, this kill is awful risky though with the worker
above and guards patrolling the area that can spot you out but a steady, quick
thinking assassin can take him out from here, it is doable but I wouldn’t
recommend this method.

Alternate kill (Richard Delahunt)- This is probably the only other way to take
out Delahunt without an accidental kill, you’ll need your W2000 Sniper for
this. Get to the center of the basement again and climb up the fence, without
delay get out your W2000 Sniper from your Rifle Case and snipe Delahunt from
here behind the stage, you’ll need to have 47 stand up to make the shot. Place
the weapon back in the briefcase and climb back down the fence.


Northern California, home to a rehab institution for alcoholics. But things
aren’t always as they seem. In rehabilitation is your target, one of three
mobsters. An agent sent to investigate hasn’t been heard from for days.
Infiltrate the clinic and smuggle out the agent. You haven’t been the only to
visit the clinic in the past few days…


- Find CIA Agent
- Identify Target
- Smuggle Out Agent
- Escape

Weapons to Bring:

- Silverballer

The Silverballer is for the alternate kill so if you just want to go through
normally then don’t worry about taking it along. Start by moving forward
following the path all the way up to the clinic, on your way if you glance up
you’ll see those trees go up quite a ways. Instead of going for the entrance
along the path up to the right move straight and use the back stairs here, turn
left and you’ll come to a sleek blue door that blends in with the glass design
on the sides of the building, make sure no one is watching then pick the lock
and head inside. You should be in a corridor with a medal gate directly to your
left, lock pick the door opposite the one you just came through and you’ll be
back outside. Move around to the right past the set of stairs and sneak past
the window with the security guard inside, go through the door and grab the
stun gun out of the ICA drop box, sneak behind the guard and use the stun gun
on him, he’ll get up but fall immediately down and out. Take his clothes and
SLP.40 Pistol and drag him outside and stash him inside the dumpster, head back
inside and collect the keycard and steal the security tape, while your at it
you might as well pocket the TMP in the ICA box too. Open the security gate
with the keycard and make your way to the next gate down the corridor and do
the same, sneak your way towards the gap in the room ahead and wait there by
the wall, when the second orderly leaves the room and passes the window climb
through the gap and use the stun gun on the orderly in the chair. Quickly steal
his clothes and drag him to the container and toss him inside, grab the cell
keys and keycard on the table then move into the medical wing and down the
walkway, Agent Smith is in the third room to the left most stairs. Be sure no
one is watching then head inside unlocking the door, talk to Smith and he’ll
give you the name of your main target. Once the cutscenes done sedate him with
the Syringe Death Serum by simply pressing the ‘A’ action button next to him,
again be sure no one’s watching outside the door before administering.

47 will check in with Diana and she’ll give you some extra targets to
eliminate, before we get to them you’ll need to get out of the medical wing, go
back the way you came in putting the guards uniform back on. Head through both
security gates again and now we can get down to business, move through the door
on the right and then straight into the dinning room through the double doors.
Now your main target here varies, it’ll be one of the three targets, Rudy
Menzana, Carmine Desalvo or Lorenzo Lombardo. The game changes their target
priority each time you play through, basically whoever Smith singled out in the
photograph will be your main target, the other two are optional, pressing the
‘Back Button’ will explain all your new targets. First up we’ll eliminate
Desalvo, he’ll be the one lifting weights in the back near the side entrance
and be wearing a green robe. It may take awhile but eventually he’ll stroll in
and start pumping some iron, get right behind him (almost as if you were
spotting him) and wait for him to finish, once he’s finished quickly crush him
with the weight bar and leave immediately heading back into the dinning room.
With Carmine Desalvo history now we’ll take out Menzana, he’ll be wearing a
purple robe. Go upstairs to the yellow interest point on the map and place the
RU-AP Mine on the chain support, head back downstairs following Menzana, once
he goes for a drink hidden inside the globe detonate the mine, the light will
fall and crush Rudy Menzana killing him instantly, pretty simple accidental

Alternate kill (Carmine Desalvo)- When Desalvo goes for his stroll outside you
might notice he sneaks a drink by the peeing statue, simply poison the drink
when no one is looking with Syringe Poison. While doable it’s high risk with
many witnesses outside.

Alternate kill (Rudy Menzana)- Alternately you can follow Menzana to the hot
tubs and push him into the water for another easy kill, forgive me for saying
this but this is a pretty ridiculous way to kill a target. What, he can’t swim?
They should have had 47 hold his head underwater, that’d of been so much more

Alternate kill (Rudy Menzana)- If you poison the drink that Menzana is sneaking
inside the globe it will take him out quick and quiet. Just be sure no one is
watching while using the Syringe Poison, again practice and patience.

Return to the room where you took your disguise off that first guard and head
outside, there is a drain pipe connected to the pillar; climb up it making sure
the coast is clear before getting onto the rooftop. Move along the roof to the
left and step over onto the balcony, make sure Lombardo isn’t inside and sneak
in through the door and sabotage the gas stove here. Quickly descend back down
off the roof and put your suit back on inside, leave the way you got in and
make your way all the way back to the start of the level. Agent Smith will be
inside the morgue just to the left, before you head inside however make sure
that the lone orderly isn’t in there or in the vicinity for that matter, if he
is wait for him to leave to the clinic. The guards don’t seem to care so head
inside and use the Syringe Antidote on Smith to revive him, before you and
Smith clamor towards the exit you may have to wait until your final target
Lorenzo Lombardo is dead, it depends on how fast you are. You’ll be able to
tell by the split screen when the gas goes up turning his ass into a fireball,
but if he’s already dead proceed towards the exit to escape. Nice one, Silent
Assassin rank.

Alternate kill (Lorenzo Lombardo, Rudy Menzana, Carmine Desalvo)- You can use
this next kill on any of the three targets, this will be the hit to bring your
Silverballer along for. Head upstairs (on the side Lombardo goes) and open the
door to the therapists office on the far left, move past the mirror and take a
left through the opening then take a right through the door and run down the
hallway to the room on the far left, the door will be open so it’ll be easy to
spot. Put on the therapist clothes on the table, now all you have to do is go
and find one of these targets, he’ll then meet you in the therapist’s office on
the 2nd floor. Whoever it is will sit down and start griping about his problems,
simply go behind him and get out your Silverballer, shoot him in the back of
the head for a flawless hit. It’ll leave quite a mess but no one comes into the
room so it’s no big deal, just leave him where he lies in a pool of blood.
Alternately if you don’t wish to make such a mess than you can simply use the
Fiber Wire or Syringe Poison on the target.


A New Life
Vinnie Sinistra’s American Dream has turned into somewhat of a nightmare. After
turning state witness against his friends in the drug trafficking trade he’s
become a massive target for elimination. Now under the witness protection
agency he’s paranoid to death and has his house under close watch. It’s rather
busy today in preparation for his son’s birthday. Unfortunately, for Vinnie,
his worst nightmare is about to turn into a reality…


- Kill Vinnie Sinistra
- Retrieve Microfilm
- Escape Suburb

Weapons to Bring:

- W2000 Sniper

Before I start let me just say that again bringing along the W2000 Sniper is
for one of the alternate kills, so if you intend to follow normally then don’t
worry about taking it with you. In this mission there’s numerous ways to get
inside Vinnie’s place whether it be by sedating the clown, caterer, or the
garbage man down the street. Just note that by sedating the garbage man you can
gain easier access to the garage across from Vinnie’s place to get the
tranquilizer darts for the Air Rifle in the tree house to take out the barking
dog in Vinnie’s backyard, but just follow my lead and I’ll get you through a
lot simpler, this hit will be quick. Anyways, to start move forward and head
left towards the hotdog van, wait until the caterer leaves and the guard has
turned away then use the Syringe Sedative on the donuts in the back of the van.
Pickup the donuts and carry them over to the back door of the white van across
the street, use the (put down donuts) action and 47 will leave the donuts and
knock on the van door. Move around to the side for now as one of the guards
will pick up the donuts and return inside the van, after the two guards are
knocked out go inside the van and take the FBI disguise off one of the guards
and steal the security tape. Approach the house now and break the utility box
next to the garage, just be sure that the same guard to the far left doesn’t
see you, inside the house Vinnie will eventually wonder why his TV stopped
working so the guard in the room protecting him will come and check the utility
box. Now’s your chance, head inside the house through the front door and into
the living room on the left, after the guards gone strangle Vinnie with the
Fiber Wire and hide his body in the closet just behind you to the left, you may
as well take the Bull.480 off him too.

Alternate kill (Vinnie Sinistra)- Go upstairs to the pink room with the
‘Winnie’ poster on the wall, approach the chest of drawers and you’ll get the
action (pour ether on panties), make sure you aren’t being watched then do so,
you can find the ether in the house across from Vinnie’s on the table through
the garage door. Eventually a guard will wander in and sniff them effectively
knocking him out, wait in here until Vinnie comes upstairs to his room. Sneak
across to his room and poison him with the Syringe Poison or strangle him with
the Fiber Wire, your choice.

Alternate kill (Vinnie Sinistra)- Doing the same thing on the first alternate
kill wait in the pink room with the knocked out guard then as Vinnie turns and
heads into his room sneak out and sedate the guard with his back to you and
hide his body in the pink room, this needs to be done very quickly as Sinistra
won’t be in there for long, to make it much easier you can simply grab the
guard with the SLP.40 Pistol using him as a human shield then knock him out in
the pink room, it’s up to you. As he comes back out don’t be alarmed if he
pulls out his gun and starts shouting, he does this every time he’s at this
point of the stairs. Now get behind him and push him down the stairs, don’t be
concerned if at first it doesn’t seem to work, there’s a short delay for those
that you push down steps in the game, he’ll eventually die. Another way to
score an accidental kill like this is to simply push Vinnie over the rail, keep
in mind however you need to push from the right angle for him to fall over.

Alternate kill (Vinnie Sinistra)- For this method you’ll need your W2000
Sniper, after you’ve sedated the guards in the van with the donuts there’s a
cell phone on the table just to the right as you enter, redial the phone. Move
quickly into the garage and pull out your W2000 Sniper from the Rifle Case and
wait until Vinnie moves in front of the window, when he does quickly snipe him
and promptly place your W2000 Sniper back in the briefcase. Just make sure no
one sees you as you get out and put away your rifle, also watch for the lady
with the hedge clippers as you leave.

Move out the door just in front of you to the left by the bookcase and into the
kitchen; proceed through the door on the right to the next door below the
stairs by the painting. Head down the hallway left through the door in front of
you, carry on through the double glass doors and into the indoor pool area.
Wait here by the stairs to the pool for Vinnie’s wife, eventually she’ll clamor
in half drunk for a swim, when she begins down the steps into the pool push her
in and retrieve the necklace. Another way to get the microfilm off Vinnie’s
wife is to sedate the pool boy once he goes over by the shed and take his
clothes then go up to his wife and she’ll seduce you upstairs, simply wait for
her to pass out from the drugs and alcohol then grab the necklace off her. A
final option is to sabotage the grill in the backyard, get the lighter fluid
from the shed then spray it into the grill, eventually she’ll wander over and
be barbequed scoring an accidental kill. Retrieve the necklace and leave
through the indoor pool area. With the microfilm necklace and Vinnie ‘Slugger’
Sinistra successfully taken out head back to the van where you sedated the two
guards and retrieve your suit. Move towards the gate where you started and
escape the suburb, I told you it’d be quick, good for you, Silent Assassin


The Murder of Crows
Mardi Gras, one of the most dazzling festivals of the year, filled with
blinding lights, parade balloons, massive crowds and three assassins in bird
costumes. Take on the Crows as you sneak through the back alleys of New Orleans
protecting a politician from assassination. Be sure not to raise suspicion is
such a public area…


- Kill Mark Purayah Jr.
- Kill Raymond Kulinsky
- Kill Angelina Mason
- Protect the Politician
- Escape
- Retrieve Diamonds Case

Weapons to Bring:

- Silverballer, W2000 Sniper

For this mission you’ll definitely need to take your Silverballer along,
upgraded with at least a silencer, the W2000 Sniper is strictly for the
alternate kill. Alright follow Diana’s advice and follow the guy in the red
bird costume, his route is random but he’ll wander into one of the back alleys,
when he does sedate him and take the bird costume. Quickly hide his body in the
nearby dumpster (every alley has one) and put your suit back on, you’ll have to
be quick here as policemen will patrol each alley, for now leave the diamond
case near the dumpster; we’ll come back for it later, make sure you remember
which alley it’s in on the map. Our first target will be Angelina Mason. Her
route is random as well but if you wait in one of the alleys eventually you’ll
come across her, or you may just get lucky and spot her right away, with her
bird costume she’s not that hard to find. I would suggest waiting in one of the
alleys in the middle of the map; she passes through them more often. Once you
locate Mason follow her around the map until she reaches one of the alleys,
when the coast is clear quickly sneak up behind Mason and strangle her with the
Fiber Wire or poison her with the Syringe Poison, again your choice. Collect
the walkie talkie and SLP.40.S from her then quickly hide her body in the
nearby dumpster. If you need more time for the kill on Mason and keep getting
caught wait until she gets to the western most alley (where the hanging piano
is) and take her out there, hide her body behind the small wall to the right.

Alternate kill (Angelina Mason)- On the western part of the map you’ll see two
interest points close together, head there and into the alley. Here you’ll
notice a hanging piano, climb up the right where the wooden plank is, move
along it climbing up a few more times until you reach the metal walkway. Next
creep across the ledge and head up the fire escape, move over to the rail and
you’ll leap across, place the RU-AP Mine on the winch and climb back down the
way you came up. Eventually Mason will wander over underneath the piano,
detonate the mine and the piano will fall crushing Mason for an accidental
kill. Although fairly easy this kill complicates things a bit as if she’s
completely covered by the piano in the collapse you won’t be able to get the
walkie talkie thereby negating Kulinsky’s location, but if this happens and you
just want to find him yourself in one of the three possible locations then be
my guest. Try detonating as she’s about to leave, that way she’ll only be
caught in a portion of the collapse and you’ll still be able to retrieve the
walkie talkie for Kulinsky’s location.

Now Kulinsky will be in one of three locations- Above the Blues Bar, above the
Rock Bar, or above the Salsa Bar, check the map on the 2nd and 3rd floors to
find out. I’m going to list the steps needed to get to Kulinsky in the next
three parts, so follow accordingly.

Above the Blues Bar- There is an alley just to the side of the Blues Bar, head
down it and make your way around to the back of the building then through the
door, just be sure your not seen by the kitchen worker who walks out with
garbage every now and then. Go up the stairs and through the door into the
Blues Bar, move up to the bar and to the left and you’ll see two doors on
either side of the piano, watching for the kitchen worker, barman and chef
sneak your way through the left door and past the kitchen then through door at
the back. At the top of the stairs there is a couple kissing, to get rid of
them flip the light switch and hide in the cupboard, once they leave head up
the stairs and to the door. Before entering check your map to see where
Kulinsky is then enter, make sure he’s not looking towards the door. Pick the
lock and sneak inside getting your Silverballer out, aim and shoot him in the
head to eliminate Raymond Kulinsky.

Above the Rock Bar- Go down the alley beside the Rock Bar and climb up where
the wooden plank is, there is a kitchen worker that comes in and out of the
alley so be careful your not seen. Climb up over the box then onto the metal
walkway, creep across the narrow ledge and go through the window. Head down the
spiral staircase then past the bar and move into the area where people are
dancing, move around to the left and through the far door and you’ll reach a
line for the toilet. Head forward past them and make sure the chef isn’t
watching then pick the lock on the door and head all the way up the stairs, go
through the door and up to the next one on the right. Remember to check your
map to see where Kulinsky is before entering the room, pick the lock then sneak
inside and just like the Blues Bar aim and shoot Raymond Kulinsky in the back
of the head.

Above the Salsa Bar- Just like the first two bars there is an alley to the side
of the Salsa Bar, head down it and through the back door on the right, be sure
to watch for the kitchen worker before entering. Head up the stairs on your
left making sure the chef doesn’t see you then move through the doors to
Kulinsky’s location, pop him in the back of the head with your Silverballer to
put an end to Raymond Kulinsky.

Alternate kill (Raymond Kulinsky)- For this method you’ll need the W2000
Sniper, on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the two buildings in the center of the map
you’ll notice yellow interest points. From these locations with your W2000
Sniper you can take out Kulinsky, it obviously depends on which bar he’s in but
each point is right across from the bars giving you a fair shot at your target,
Raymond Kulinsky.

Now it’s time for our main target, one of the albino clones, Mark Purayah II.
Go back to where you sedated the guy in the red bird costume and put it back
on, grab the diamond briefcase and head towards the building on the north west
corner of the map, just opposite the piano back alley. Proceed to the front
doors where the guy in the yellow bird costume is standing and he’ll wave you
on through, go left up the spiral staircase and into Purayah’s room. Place the
Diamonds Case on the table and the guard will instruct you to leave, just
ignore him and stand over by the closet. After he leaves immediately sneak up
behind Purayah and take him down with the Fiber Wire, quickly hide his body in
the nearby container before the guard returns. Now get over in the far right
corner behind the door, when the guard returns sneak up behind him and sedate
him, take his MP9 then grab the Diamonds Case and leave the building the way
you came in. Go back to the alley where you sedated the first guard and
reacquire your suit, escape to the extraction point on the southern part of the
map, just make sure you still have the Diamonds Case when it’s all said and
done, very nice, Silent Assassin rank.

Alternate kill (Mark Purayah Jr.)- For this you’ll need the W2000 Sniper, in
the western most alley where the piano is there a pipe near the small wall to
the right where you hid Mason’s body. Climb up it and unpack your W2000 Sniper
from the Rifle Case, directly across from you in the distance Purayah will show
himself on the balcony every now and then. When he does zoom in and assassinate
Mark Purayah Jr. for a flawless kill, immediately place the W2000 Sniper back
in the briefcase and climb back down the pipe.

Alternate kill (Mark Purayah Jr.)- In the bookstore right next to the building
Purayah’s in go inside and flip the light switch, as the owner comes over to
turn it back on quickly move inside through both doors and up the spiral
staircase. Make your through the upstairs until your right across from Purayah
on the map, they’ll be a small boarded up opening here, crouching down get out
your Silverballer and wait for the right moment when Purayah passes by. You’ll
have to be quick but once he does shoot him through the small opening dead and
leave the way you came in.


You Better Watch Out…
Celebrate Christmas with porn capitalist Lorne De Havilland. Travel to his
estate mounted high up in the Rocky Mountains. But you aren’t there for the
spectacular view, expensive booze and cheap women. You’re sent to take out sex
addict Chad Bingham and the host himself. Be careful, at such a dangerous
height your next step could be your last…


- Kill Lorne De Havilland
- Chad Bingham Jr.
- Retrieve Video Tape
- Escape the Estate

Weapons to Bring:

- Silverballer

On the loading screen you’ll probably be curious as to who the ‘?’ is. This
represents a female assassin who’s been sent to kill you, but you have nothing
to worry about, she isn’t a target and as long as you don’t let her ‘seduce’
you you’ll be fine, and again taking the Silverballer along is strictly for the
alternate kill. As you start make your way forward quickly to the elevator door
up towards the left, be sure to hug the wall as to not be seen on camera. Take
the elevator up to the 1st floor and you’ll be greeted upon arrival, head inside
to the left following the hallway into the heart of the party, go over to the
bar and speak to the bartender. He’ll give you some aphrodisiac, on the right
side of the bar a lone martini glass will be here, this is Chad’s drink, pour
the aphrodisiac into it, if it’s not there just wait for the waiter in the
white jacket to return with his glass and place it on the bar. Follow the
waiter outside to the grotto, eventually Bingham will have a sip and take a
girl off with him to the back, follow him. Before following him into the VIP
area check your map and make sure the lone guard isn’t anywhere in the
corridor, if it’s clear continue following Bingham, in this instance you’ll run
into the female assassin who wants you to come with her into one of the private
rooms, you can take her out if you wish but you’ll have to be quick. As she
moves inside the private room quickly get behind her and push her into the
couch to knock her unconscious, personally I’d just ignore her entirely and
continue following Bingham. As the two make themselves comfortable if you don’t
want to wait for them to finish simply interrupt their interlude by opening the
door, Chad will leave down the steps to the right. Follow him down making sure
not to get too close, as he arrives at the balcony sneak up behind him and push
him off for an easy accidental kill, the Senators son is dead.

Alternate kill (Chad Bingham Jr.)- You’ll need the Silverballer for this,
instead of spiking Chad’s drink make your way past the VIP area and all the way
down the stairs (where you push Chad over the balcony). Get out your
Silverballer and crouch down, now aim above and shoot the bottom of the glass
hot tub Chad is in, the glass will give way and Bingham will fall to his
gruesome death.

Make your way back to the top of the stairs, hide behind the door here and wait
for the guard, when he comes through the door sneak up behind him and sedate
him with the Syringe Sedative. Take his clothes and make your way back to the
party area, just to the left of where you first entered the party there’s a
‘staff only’ door, go through it and into the kitchen. If nobody’s around use
the Syringe Sedative on the sausage on the counter, pick it up and leave the
way you came in. Head back into the party area and past the two red suited
guards; follow the corridor around to the right until you reach two guards
guarding the door to the elevator. Proceed past them and into the elevator,
with the disguise you’ll have no problem getting through. Take the elevator up
to the studio, as you arrive Havilland will be in either the studio watching
the girls or outside on his private balcony, complicating things a bit here is
Havilland’s noisy little dog, well that’s why we have the sausage. Wait until
he begins toward the balcony then drop the sausage, make sure the dog sees it
then after the little guys knocked out follow Havilland out to the balcony,
when he’s near the edge push him off, Mr. Lorne De Havilland’s porn days are

Alternate kill (Lorne De Havilland)- In the studio towards the back behind the
graveyard centerpiece is a ladder, when the coast is clear take it up to the
metal walkway. Move around to the right and along the left side of the railing
you’ll eventually get the ‘place a bomb’ action, do so and climb back down.
When Havilland enters the studio and stands under the lights detonate the RU-AP
Mine, the lights will fall and kill him. While this is doable on SA you’re
likely to keep getting a few girls killed in the process, so I wouldn’t
recommend it.

Exiting Havilland’s quarters there is a room on the right with the video tape
in it, wait until the guards aren’t looking then snag the tape. Get back to the
elevator, now you can choose to escape in disguise without your suit by going
to the hangar and extracting with the helicopter, you’ll be searched so make
sure to leave any guns behind. Or you can make your way back down to the 1st
floor and reacquire your suit then go back down to the pier and escape in the
boat where you began, it’s entirely up to you, remember to watch out for the
security camera while leaving. Also keeping in mind the extra five grand you
get for escaping with your suit, congratulations, Silent Assassin rank.


Death on the Mississippi
Welcome to the Deep South. Travel aboard the “Emily”, an old steam ship that’s
quite the tourist attraction in the area. Eliminate the Gator Gang and retrieve
sensitive photographs from Captain Skip Muldoon’s private safe. When traveling
on the Mississippi, there’s plenty that could get lost in the river below…


- Kill Skip Muldoon
- Kill the Gator Gang
- Retrieve Pictures
- Escape via the Rescue Boat

Weapons to Bring:

- Standard Equipment, No Guns

To begin move around to the right side of the deck near the rail, just keep
watching the peaceful water and countryside for now. Eventually a lone guard
will wander past you down the far right side of the boat, wait until he passes
the area connected by the walkway then sedate him with the Syringe Sedative.
Take his clothes but not his gun as you’ll be searched coming up, hide his body
behind the boxes at the end, head back and go right then pick the lock on the
‘staff only’ door, as always make sure no one’s watching you. Now there are 6
members of The Gator Gang you’ll need to take out, we’ll do this one by one so
stay with me, the first in the current area you’re in. Head down to the very
end of the engine room and you should spot one of the gang members leaning
against the rail, if he’s not there yet just be patient and eventually he’ll
wander into position. When the coast is clear push him into the machinery for
your first Gator Gang member kill, 1 down, 5 to go. Alternately you can throw
him into the furnace nearby, you’ll have to knock out the worker nearby first
but once you do you can drag him over to it and toss him in.

Getting back over to where you began the level head up the stairs then through
the doors, stay on 3rd deck and head through the double doors in front of you.
You should see the second gang member kissing a girl in the middle of the
hallway; if he’s not then he’s either in his room or already outside having a
smoke. When he comes back out of his room follow him outside, your window of
opportunity will be short on this so when he leans against the rail nudge his
redneck ass on over, 2 down, 4 to go. They’ll also be a women who comes out
every now and again complicating things,  so you may have to wait for the gang
member to come out a few times to get the timing right.

Head back inside then down the hallway and take the stairs up to the 4th deck,
move through the crowded room then past the double doors to the next room on
the deck. Approach the guard on the right and he’ll search you, once you’re
cleared move on through and into the next room on the deck. They’ll be a guest
in a suit that asks you to steer the waiter in his direction, just ignore him
and continue forward, go through the single door on the far right. There should
be two guests in here arguing over a poker game, after they leave pick the lock
on the door ahead of you then move inside, if the guard isn’t in here yet
quickly put on the 1st class waiter outfit, this disguise will allow you full
access to everywhere on the boat. Leave through the door on the left and move
down the hallway, enter through the first door on the right marked ‘private’
and into the kitchen. A fellow waiter will approach you, after the cutscene
wait until the waiter isn’t looking then poison the cake with the Syringe
Poison, or you can simply pick up the cake then drop it doing the same thing on
the platform outside. After you’ve gone through the door on the right and
poisoned the cake drop it, don’t worry you won’t have to get another one. The
third gang member is on the platform walking around, wait until he passes the
steps and stops at the rail, push him over to eliminate another Gator Gang
member. We’re half way there, 3 down, 3 to go. If you have a hard time pushing
him over the rail simply use the Syringe Poison or Fiber Wire then toss him

Go back and grab the cake then proceed up the stairs on the platform to the 5th
deck, where Skip and the rest of his goons are. Walk over to the door and the
gang member will search you, go inside and into the bathroom on the left, drop
the cake here for now and leave the bathroom. Eventually the fourth gang member
will enter the bathroom to relieve himself, sneak up behind him and strangle
him with the Fiber Wire, hide his body near the toilet then shut off the
bathroom light as you leave, 4 down, 2 to go.

This next one will require a little bit of patience on your part, flick off the
light in the hallway near the bathroom then as the fifth gang member passes
through he’ll stop and flick the light back on, you can either strangle him
here or before he makes it to the door into the next room, 5 down, 1 to go.
Hide his body in the bathroom where the other guy is. Go back outside and wait
for the final sixth gang member to turn his back to you, quickly strangle him
with the Fiber Wire and hide his body in the same place as the other two, The
Gator Gang is finished…or is it, first we’ve got to eliminate the ring leader
Captain Skip Muldoon to call this a successful hit. Another way you can do this
altogether is by poisoning the gang’s burgers and drinks in the next room, but
seeing as you have so little poison and it draws a lot of attention I wouldn’t
recommend it, it is doable however.

Go back into the bathroom and get the cake, bring it into Muldoon’s private
room just ahead through the single door past the gang’s rec. room. Place it on
the table and eventually the plump Muldoon will sander in to have a taste, wait
for him to drop from the poison then drag him into his bedroom on the left,
Skip Muldoon and The Gator Gang are now officially finished. Open the door to
the safe and retrieve the pictures, leave the way you came via the stairs. Now
this next part is up to you, you can simply escape in disguise by going back
down to the 3rd deck and using the first set of single steps on the right side
of the map then extract easy out to the rescue boat with no problem. Or if you
want to escape with your suit go all the way back to the 1st deck where you
sedated the guard and get your suit back then proceed the same way as you would
escape in disguise to the 3rd deck where the stairs are. Using the map sneak
your way past the many guards and workers present here down to the stairs and
escape in the rescue boat. If you want you can simply run past them to the boat
to extract, you’ll be spotted but as long as you get there quickly it won’t
affect your ranking, good for you, another Silent Assassin rank.


Till Death Do Us Part
What a beautiful day for a wedding. Every detail to Margaux LeBlanc’s wedding
has been planned to perfection. The married couple is set to inherit a wealthy
fortune from Margaux’s father who’s now become somewhat of a reclusive. He
moves about the grounds in a daze with nothing else to do but weep for his dead
brother and feed the gators that roam the surrounding waters. Good things never
seem to last…


- Kill the Groom
- Kill the Bride’s Father
- Ensure the Bride’s Safety
- Escape

Weapons to Bring:

- W2000 Sniper

The W2000 Sniper is strictly for the ‘rather dramatic’ alternate kill so forgo
bringing it along if you intend to follow normally. This is a fairly simple
mission that’s not too difficult, follow the boardwalk until you reach a gap
between two buildings, walk down here and just to the left you’ll see a party
guest who’s had a bit too much to drink, follow him. Eventually he will pass
out in the abandoned building, when he does grab his clothes and party
invitation off him, now head over to the party. Proceed past the dance floor
and to the front door of the mansion, head around the stairs to the right and
you’ll see a door that says ‘private’, when no one is watching pick the lock
and quickly move inside, if you keep getting caught while lock picking then
wait until the Groom Buddy Muldoon passes through and quickly move inside
before the door shuts. Move into the room on the right, if the priest isn’t
already in here then hide in cupboard right beside the grandfather clock, when
he does enter or if he’s already inside sneak up behind him and sedate the
priest with the Syringe Sedative. Take his clothes and boat key then stash him
in the cupboard next to the grandfather clock, with the priest now out of the
picture the ceremony will not take place.

Go back out the door then through the corridor to the left, here you should see
a spiral staircase, when the guard isn’t watching quickly run up the both sets
of stairs and into the attic. Head over to the north wall (the one opposite
you) and you’ll find two large bolts sticking out of the floor, place a RU-AP
Mine on the left one not the right one. Go back down the way you came and
through the kitchen door in front of you then take a left out into the hall,
move through the double doors on the right. The mine you placed upstairs is
connected to the chandelier just above the piano, the Groom target Buddy
Muldoon will eventually enter and begin trying to play the piano, detonate the
mine to kill Buddy for an easy accidental kill.

Alternate kill (Buddy Muldoon)- Enter the kitchen when no one’s looking and
quickly poison the cake with the Syringe Poison, hide in the closet. Eventually
Buddy will enter and sample some whipped cream off the cake, he’ll drop dead
just before he leaves through the door, before the waiter comes back hide
Buddy’s body in the nearby container.

Head through the double doors at the back, you’ll now be back outside; over to
the far left you should see a ‘restricted area’ sign. The priest outfit
disguise will grant you access so no worries, follow the boardwalk around to
the left. You’re next target John LeBlanc, Margaux’s father, otherwise known as
‘Pappy’ will either be over by the gravesite or feeding the alligators with his
bucket, if he is over by the gravesite then approach and wait until he is
standing over the open grave and push him down into the hole to his death. Now
if he is feeding the alligators then wait until the guard in the house through
the window leaves his chair, as soon as the second guard next to Muldoon turns
his back to leave push LeBlanc into the swamp, the gators will have a feeding
frenzy on LeBlanc as they tear him apart in the water…that’s a hell of a way to
go. If you screw up the timing then just push LeBlanc in while the second guard
leans on the rail, he’ll be a little suspicious of the noise but won’t know
what happened. You can also sneak up behind LeBlanc and push him into the
shallow grave of his brother when he visits his gravesite; it’s a little easier
than pushing him over the rail.

Alternate kill (John LeBlanc)- If you miss out on killing LeBlanc in the
gravesite or swamp then steal a guard’s uniform, I would suggest sedating the
guard in the back of the mansion outside on the patio then hiding his body in
the container to the far left by the greenhouse. Eventually ‘Pappy’ LeBlanc
will go upstairs into his private room and start watching TV, when he does
sneak up behind him and strangle him with the Fiber Wire then hide his body in
the nearby cupboard. You’ll need the guards clothes if you use this method due
to the many guards upstairs protecting LeBlanc.

Once again you have two options to escape, use the priests disguise (with the
boat key) and take the boat at the east end of the map in the shack or head
back through the mansion to the abandoned building and reclaim you’re suit
where you stole the drunks guest clothes and escape with the boat at your
starting position. Well done, another Silent Assassin rank.

Alternate kill (Buddy Muldoon)- This kill is strictly for theatrics, you’ll
need the W2000 Sniper, firstly sedate the guard at the back of the mansion
outside on the patio and take his clothes then hide his body in the nearby
container. Make your way into the greenhouse just to the left side of the
mansion, climb up the right staircase and you’ll notice an opening at the top
here, this is our sniping point. Get the W2000 Sniper from the Rifle Case and
wait here until the wedding ceremony starts, and don’t worry about the guards
below they can’t see you. Eventually when the ceremony starts aim from this
vantage point to the wedding pavilion at Buddy, just before the priest
announces them man and wife assassinate Muldoon and quickly disassemble the
W2000 Sniper placing it back in the Rifle Case. Retreat down the staircase and
leave the greenhouse, pretty dramatic huh.

This next part is the same kill but using a different method- Sedate the waiter
in the kitchen of the mansion who goes inside the cupboard and get his
disguise, hide his body in the container. Eventually the priest will start the
wedding by ringing the bell in front of the mansion; if you get sick of waiting
you can always ring it yourself and get back to the kitchen quickly. Now as
everyone congregates near the wedding pavilion and the ceremony gets underway
get out the W2000 Sniper from where you are in the cupboard and crouch down,
open the cupboard door and aim out the window in the kitchen, before the priest
announces them man and wife zoom in and assassinate Buddy on the pavilion,
quickly put away the W2000 Sniper and put your party guest disguise back then
get the hell out of the kitchen as the guards scurry about around the premises.

Alternate kill (John LeBlanc)- When your up in the attic planting the RU-AP
Mine there’s an optional yellow interest point by itself next to the utility
box, plant the mine here on the bolt sticking out of the floor. After LeBlanc
finishes outside and comes back into the mansion he’ll head up the steps near
the front door, the mine is connected to the chandelier so when he begins his
climb up the steps detonate the mine and the chandelier will fall and kill
‘Pappy’ LeBlanc for an accidental kill.

Alternate kill (John LeBlanc)- For this method you’ll need the W2000 Sniper,
use the same method that got you upstairs in the greenhouse where you shoot
Buddy for the alternate kill. After LeBlanc goes out to the gravesite and is
standing over the open grave creep outside onto the greenhouse and snipe him
with the W2000 Sniper, if you get a good enough shot he may fall right into the
grave. Do not creep out prematurely though because the guards on the 2nd floor
of the mansion outside will spot you and if you are too soon LeBlanc himself
will see you.


A House of Cards
Spend an evening in Vegas at the Shamal Hotel, unparalleled in its scope and
expense. But tonight there’s more to lose then just your money. Behind closed
doors is a transaction between white supremacist, Hendrik Schmutz and Mohammed
bin Faisal Al-Khalifa, a man of luxury and self indulgence. Intercept the
package and take out Schmutz, the Sheikh, and his personal scientist. The
stakes couldn’t be higher…


- Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
- Kill the Scientist
- Kill Hendrik Schmutz
- Escape
- Steal Diamonds

Weapons to Bring:

- W2000 Sniper

Bringing the W2000 Sniper along is mandatory for following normally without the
alternate kills so make sure to upgrade it the best you can with the money
available, this mission is by far my favorite in the game, Io-Interactive did a
beautiful job creating it. Okay to start move forward into the Shamal Hotel and
Casino, you’ll be greeted by one of the very beautiful girls at the front, move
around to the right and to the reception in the lobby. Speak to the girl to get
the key to your room, the next two kills are all about timing, remember that
because you’ll have to be quick. Head up the stairs and into the elevator on
the left, climb the hatch and put down your Rifle Suitcase for now, almost
right away you should notice the Sheikh’s Scientist Tariq Abdul Lateef arrive
in his limo via the split screen. Watch the map and eventually he will walk
inside the elevator, wait until the doors close then pull Lateef up and
strangle him with the Fiber Wire, the Sheikh’s Scientist is done for. Grab the
room key off Lateef then jump down the hatch and grab the Diamond briefcase
‘full of untraceable blood diamonds’, climb back up the hatch and leave the
briefcase here for now.

Alternate kill (Tariq Abdul Lateef)- On the 7th floor activate the fire alarm,
then quickly proceed out onto the two balconies on the opposite side of the
elevators, there is metal fencing here covering some decorative lights, climb
up it onto the ledge and start heading left. When you come to the open window
climb through head around to the long hallway closest to Lateef in 803,
activate the fire alarm on the floor then quickly run down the hallway to
Lateef’s room, when the last guard runs through the door head inside before the
door closes, now hide inside the closet in the bedroom. After things die down
Lateef will return to his room, when he enters the bedroom and turns around
sneak up behind him and strangle him with the Fiber Wire or poison him with the
Syringe Poison then drag his body into the bathroom. Next head out the opposite
door to the bathroom and sneak up behind the guard and sedate him, hide his
body in the bathroom as well and grab the Diamond briefcase. To leave head out
onto the balcony and jump to the room across from you, wait until the guest
goes to the bathroom then quickly run through the room and out the door back
into the corridor.

Alternate kill (Tariq Abdul Lateef)- You’ll need the W2000 Sniper for this
kill, do the same thing in the alternate kill above to get up to the 8th floor,
but this time after you go through the window wait until the lone guest in 807
leaves his room then go through the window and shimmy across to 805’s balcony.
Quickly get out your W2000 Sniper from the Rifle Case and crouch down, aim for
Lateef’s window in the bedroom then as he stops in front of the window zoom in
and pop him in the head for a clean kill. Put your W2000 back in the Rifle Case
and proceed out 805 into the corridor, easy, but you’ll have to go retrieve the
Diamond briefcase from his room if you haven’t gotten it yet.

Starting where we left off hop back into the elevator then take it down to the
lobby, head down the steps to the left and around down some more steps into the
casino, move through the doors just to the right of the slot machines, taking
this route will put you out of view of the cameras. Move down the corridor and
into the men’s bathroom just to the right; wait here for Schmutz to enter. Now
you’ll only get two maybe three cracks at this before your first target white
supremacist Hendrik Schmutz will head up to his room in the elevator so you’ll
have to be quick. When he enters to relieve himself make sure no one is
watching then sneak up behind him in the stall and strangle him with the Fiber
Wire, quickly move his body deeper into the stall then close the door. You may
get lucky and be able to close it without moving him, it all depends on how he
lands after you strangle him, Schmutz has been eliminated, just one target

Alternate kill (Hendrik Schmutz)- Using the same method that you took out the
Scientist with head up the stairs in the lobby and get into the elevator on the
right, climb up the hatch and wait. Eventually Schmutz will want to head up to
his suite, when he gets in the elevator wait until the doors close then get out
your Fiber Wire and strangle Schmutz for an easy kill.

Alternate kill (Hendrik Schmutz)- Head up to the 7th floor and activate the fire
alarm closest to your room, quickly run back inside your room onto the balcony
and hop over the right railing. Creep across the narrow ledge here onto the
next balcony, do the same for this balcony over the right rail. After you’ve
crossed the second ledge climb over the balcony rail then proceed over to the
next rail and you’ll leap across to the next balcony, this is Schmutz’s room.
Go into the bedroom to the right and hide in one of the closets. After awhile
Schmutz will come up to his suite and walk around a bit, wait until he enters
the bedroom then sneak up behind him and take him out with either the Fiber
Wire or Syringe Poison, your choice. Alternately you can push Schmutz over the
rail when he goes out onto the balcony for an accidental kill, but you’re more
than likely to be seen so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Alternate kill (Hendrik Schmutz)- For this method you’ll need the W2000 Sniper,
get out your W2000 Sniper from the Rifle Case in your room on the 7th floor and
wait until Schmutz goes into his room on the same floor then head out onto the
balcony and crouch down, zoom in and snipe him either when he’s on the balcony
or through the window in his suite. I would advise killing him through the
window as someone may see his body if you take him out on the balcony, during
this kill just be sure to watch the bellhop on the balcony next to yours having
a smoke.

Advance back the way you came into the lobby, head up the stairs and take the
left elevator up to the 7th floor, while you’re waiting climb the hatch and
retrieve the Rifle Suitcase then jump back down, be careful not to sustain any
damage when jumping from the hatch back into the elevators, it happens
sometimes. When you arrive at the 7th floor move around to the right following
the corridor to the left then into your suite room 701 on the right, if you
need help finding your room then consult the map. Move over near the balcony in
your room and get out the W2000 Sniper, go through the balcony doors and drop
your W2000 Sniper here on the balcony, this gets us ready for the hit on the
Sheikh. Leave the room and go back to elevator, take it up the 8th floor and
exit the elevator around to the right. Down the corridor next to the ‘staff
only’ door there is a fire alarm, make sure no one is looking then pull it
down, hide by the wall just to the right of the long hallway as the guards from
room 803 disperse. Check the map and make sure there all out of the room, if
the coast is clear quickly run down the long hallway and to the right following
the corridor to the Scientist room, 803. Use the keycard on the door and head
inside, go through the single door near the balcony into the bedroom and redial
the Sheikh using the cell phone on the table, you’ll know it’s worked when you
get a split screen of the Sheikh receiving the call, if you don’t get it wait
until the Sheikh is in his lounge after he arrives in his limo.

Promptly leave the room and run your way back to the elevator and take it down
to the 7th floor, head around the right back through the hallway and into your
room on the right. Pickup the W2000 Sniper on the balcony and climb over the
right side of the balcony rail, from here you’ll take out Sheikh Al-Khalifa
down below at the exit. Eventually the Sheikh will walk through and stop to
talk to who he thinks is Tariq Abdul Lateef, zoom in and assassinate Mohammed
bin Faisal Al-Khalifa to eliminate your final target. Quickly climb back over
the rail and head back into your apartment, now seeing as 47 can’t carry two
briefcases at the same time you’ll have to place the W2000 Sniper in the ICA
point in your room, if you want before you leave grab the TMP out of the box if
you haven’t unlocked it yet. Make your way to the left elevator on the floor
and go back down to the lobby, while you descend climb up the hatch and grab
the Diamond briefcase then jump back down to complete your optional objective.
Head down the stairs and back down into the casino, to the far left you’ll see
an exit, walk through it then escape out the door, well done, Silent Assassin

Alternate kill (Sheikh Al-Khalifa)- For this to work you’ll need to get into
Schmutz’s room for the DNA briefcase. Take the DNA briefcase and head down to
the lounge in the casino where the Sheikh is, you don’t really need Schmutz’s
clothes as the Sheikh doesn’t know what he looks like but for the sake of the
mission if you want be my guest. Be sure to have no guns on you or hide them in
the briefcase as you’ll be searched before you enter the lounge. Head over to
the Sheikh’s private lounge, after the cutscene the courier will be on his way,
it takes awhile but eventually he will show up and take the briefcase to the
Scientist on the 8th floor, again this will take some time. After he gets the
DNA briefcase he will call the Sheikh’s mobile phone, Sheikh Al-Khalifa will
then move to the back of the lounge and through a door, follow him. Walk
through the door with the Sheikh and a guard will run over and deny you access,
walk back into the lounge as he stares for awhile, when he walks back to his
post quickly move through the door. Now head up the stairs to the door and hide
behind the right hand corner of the exit door, when the Sheikh returns from his
phone call wait until he gets to the top of the stairs then sneak up behind him
and push him down the steps.

Alternate kill (Sheikh Al-Khalifa)- Do the exact same thing you would normally
to take out the Sheikh with the W2000 Sniper except instead of using the rifle
place an RU-AP Mine outside where the Sheikh exits the door. To do so sedate
the guard who goes to the bathroom in the casino and take his disguise, then
move through the lounge to the exit and place the mine, detonate the RU-AP Mine
as Sheikh Al-Khalifa walks through to blow his ass to kingdom come. Just note
you’ll have to quickly get all the way back down to the casino bar otherwise
the mine won’t detonate because it’s out of range, take the same route to get
out of the room from Lateefs Alternate kill above. Remember, you’ll have to be
quick to catch him.


A Dance with the Devil
With the morning sunrise comes 47’s last mission with the Agency. Diana has
prepared to split the agencies resources with 47 as they end contact with one
another. Enter into a world of extremes where heaven and hell meet at a massive
tower block on the edge of Las Vegas. Accomplish your objectives but watch out
for enemy assassins amongst the parties’ lavish guests. “At this point any
mission could be a setup…”


- Kill Anthony Martinez
- Kill Vaana Ketlyn
- Retrieve Information
- Escape

Weapons to Bring:

- W2000 Sniper

Once again the W2000 Sniper is for the alternate kill so don’t bother taking it
along if you plan on following normally. From your starting position walk into
the building through the sliding glass door, you’ll be seen on camera but its
unavoidable so don’t worry about it. Talk to the guard at the desk, after the
cutscene he’ll wander into the back, quietly follow behind him then when he
walks through the last door sneak up on him and sedate him with the Syringe
Sedative, steal his clothes but leave the weapon. Make your way back outside
the building and into the guard shack to the far right, as the guard standing
up turns his back steal the security tape. Head down into the garage past the
two elevators to the prop van on the east side of the parking garage, near the
back is a heavens guest outfit for you to blend in at the party, when the
patrolling guard turns away quickly put it on. Now go over to the second
elevator on the right, the guard will search you, afterwards walk into the
elevator and head up to the top floor. As you arrive move forward through the
double doors and into the heaven party, remind you of something? Well to the
older readers the party may remind you of a movie you might have seen called
Eyes Wide Shut, it’s not exactly alike but very similar, probably where Io-
Interactive got the idea from. Anyways after going through the double doors
move forward near the stage, if you want you can talk to the bartender to the
left, if not then walk through the doors on the right, follow that around to
the left and go through the doors here. From here we’ll take out our first
target, former good guy turned bad, Anthony Martinez. Head into the bathroom
and hide inside the stall behind the right side of the door, eventually you’ll
see a guy with a horned, smiling devil mask, this is Martinez, he’ll wander
into the stall to relieve himself. Close the door then sneak up behind him and
strangle him with the Fiber Wire, the former CIA Agents days are over. Grab his
clothes off him and you may as well take the Rifle Suitcase, when the coast is
clear in the bathroom head back into the room you came from.

Alternate kill (Anthony Martinez)- When you go up to the top floor in the
elevator climb up the hatch and wait here for Martinez to enter, it will take
some time but eventually he’ll walk in and take the elevator down to the
garage. Pull him up with the Fiber Wire and strangle him, collect his clothes
and Rifle Suitcase.

Move past the steps and through the doors in front of you, with the disguise
the guard will give you no trouble, go down the hallway and into the room at
the end. Head over to the laptop at the desk to retrieve the information about
your other targets, to the right here by the desk there is also a Dragunov,
just pointing this out. Now before the girl on stage Eve enters get behind the
right side of the door into the room, soon enough she’ll enter and pause near
the door, wait for the doors to close then sneak up behind Eve and strangle her
with the Fiber Wire, or you can use the Syringe poison, it doesn’t matter, hide
Eve’s body to the right of the door out of sight.

Alternate kill (Eve)- For this method you’ll need the W2000 Sniper, after
you’ve taken out Martinez and have his disguise head through the narrow
corridor at the side of the stage to a ladder, climb up it and get your W2000
Sniper out, when Eve is on stage singing quickly zoom in and take her out.
Promptly put the W2000 Sniper back in the Rifle Case and climb back down the
ladder before the lone guard patrolling up here spots you. If you get caught by
the guard up here before the kill then sneak up behind him and sedate him,
stash his body in the container nearby. There is also an alternate way to get
up top for the shot on Eve, climb up the elevator hatch and leap over the rail.
Check and make sure the guards aren’t looking then begin shimmying across the
ledge, when you reach the end climb through the window and setup your shot, I
wouldn’t advise the way however, the many guards present below make this very
difficult to pull off, but again it is doable.

With Eve dead it’s time to go after your final two targets in the basement,
Vaana Ketlyn and now Maynard John. Grab the Rifle Suitcase and head back into
the elevator then take it down to the garage, on your way down climb up the
hatch and wait until the elevator stops. You should now notice an opening at
the top here, climb through it and onto the next elevator, jump down and
proceed down to the basement. Make your way through the door and into the hell
party, you can see why they call this the hell portion of the party. Walk
through the gathering past the bar around the corner to the right, if you see a
guy in a red devil mask just ignore him and don’t approach him yet, this is
Maynard, we’ll leave him for last. Also if by chance you spot Vaana walking
around keep moving and don’t stop and talk with her, unless you want the
alternate kill on her that is. Continue down the corridor through the door with
the two guards on either side, now over in the corner is the command console,
walk over to it and if no one is looking rig the pyrotechnics. Make your way
back over to the stairs at the top of the dance floor, eventually when the next
pyrotechnics show begins watch the most gruesome death of Vaana Ketlyn as she’s
burned alive then falls into the water and eaten by sharks.

Alternate kill (Vaana Ketlyn)- When Vaana is walking around the party approach
her and she will want you to go to someplace ‘more private’. She will lead you
into a back room just the two of you, as soon as the door closes in the private
room you enter quickly with her back turned strangle Vaana with the Fiber Wire
for the kill, drag her body deeper into the room then leave. Make sure to be
quick and strangle her as soon as the door closes with her back turned because
she will demand you take off the mask and reveal yourself to her, obviously
giving you away.

Now head over to Maynard by the bar, after the cutscene he’ll lead you to the
sound proof ‘torture chamber’. As he runs off be fast and open up the Rifle
Suitcase, duck behind the shelf to the left, as it falls apart move to the next
one. Now if you’re a good enough shot you can aim through the metal fencing and
shoot him in the head, if not just keep moving behind the shelves for cover.
One by one the metal gates blocking your way will open, run through them as
they open until you reach the central area where he is, move in and take
Maynard John down with the FN-2000, be as accurate as you can with your
shooting, if you can pull it off a straight shot to the head would be perfect.
An alternate method without using a weapon would be waiting until you reach the
central area then poisoning Maynard with the Syringe Poison but you’re likely
to get all shot up as you run around him waiting for the right opportunity,
drag Maynard’s body behind the shelf or table depending on where you killed

With Maynard dead what’s left of the Agency appears to be safe…for now. If you
want to just get this long level over with and escape in disguise then head
back up to the garage in the elevator and look for the rather out of place blue
van for your escape, consult the map if you have difficulty finding it, you can
also take the FN-2000 in the Rifle Suitcase with you if you want, I wouldn’t,
but if you’ve yet to unlock the weapon then go ahead, same goes for the
Dragunov on the top floor. To escape with your suit head all the way back to
the building at the start of the level and reclaim your suit, there is a door
in the corner of the building to the right of the desk. Head through it then
down the steps and hide in the closet, check the map and if the coast is clear
move out into the garage, continue left past the cars and up the steps then
sneak your way past the lone guard here and into the van for your escape,
you’ll have to time the guards patrols to get this right. Or if you want after
heading down the steps you can just make a run for the van, you’ll be spotted
but as long as you make it to the van quickly for escape it won’t affect your
ranking, very nice, Silent Assassin rank.


Amendment XXV
A nation’s worst fear is realized. The President will be assassinated upon his
return from Los Angeles. Take on the White House as you protect the President
from clone assassin Mark Parchezzi III, more commonly known as the Albino. The
Vice President has been in league with the Franchise in hopes of taking the
Presidents place. Take every step in this historical building with extreme


- Kill Mark Parchezzi
- Kill the Vice President
- Escape

Weapons to Bring:

- W2000 Sniper

To follow the mission normally without the alternate kill it will be mandatory
to take the W2000 Sniper along so make sure it’s fully upgraded and you don’t
forget to bring it along. Head through the door in front of you and to your
left, place the Rifle Case on the belt and proceed into the bathroom to the
left, if you bought the Foil Padded Suitcase in the misc. upgrades then the
rifle will not be detected, if you didn’t well you’ll have to start over and
buy it. Close the bathroom door and drop an RU-AP Mine by the toilet, now open
the door and hide behind it, the marine standing next to the metal detector
should notice the mine and wander in, oh and I might as well mention be sure to
put the Rifle Case down before every takeout. When he does quickly close the
door then sedate him with the Syringe Sedative, take his uniform and go through
the metal detector, if you find the marine not taking the bait then you
probably misplaced the mine, be sure you place it in view to the right of the
toilet. Walk through the double doors in front of you then into the single door
on the left, grab the main building keycard on the far table in front of you
and steal the videotape. Head back out the door and to the left through both
sets of double doors, go down the long hallway past the patrolling marine and
use the keycard on the doors at the end. Follow the corridor around to the
right up the stairs and to the left through the single door, immediately go
right through the doors here across the marble checkered floor to the red
carpet. Pick the lock on the far door to the right of the picture; just be sure
no one is watching. Go inside and to the right through the doors, Stewart
should be in here walking around, wait until he goes for the door then quickly
sneak up behind him and strangle him with the Fiber Wire, congratulations on
the biggest hit in the Hitman series thus far, Vice President of the United
States Daniel Morris is dead. But don’t waste any time, quickly drag his body
into the next room and dump him in the container by the piano, you’ll have to
be quick as the First Lady will eventually wander in and see you.

Alternate kill (Daniel Morris)- The trick to this kill is making sure the dog
isn’t with Morris when he goes for his walk, instead of going inside the rooms
ahead to kill the Vice President wait outside until he and the First Lady
emerge. As soon as their through quickly shut the door so that the dog is
trapped in the room, you may have to do it a few times before you get it. Now
follow Morris through the doors then into the single door below the stairs,
there are two sets of stairs here, one small then a longer flight, your going
to push Morris down the longer flight of stairs for the kill. Complicating
things are the patrolling guards, you may have to wait a few times for the
right opportunity or you can try and distract the guards by running around them
delaying their route. Regardless when you get the opportunity push Morris down
the steps for an accidental kill, wait until he’s gone down a little before the
push, when his body gets to the end of the stairs you’ll know if it worked,
remember, there’s a delay on stair pushing. While this is doable it’s very
difficult to pull off so I wouldn’t recommend it for the inexperienced.

Alternate kill (Daniel Morris)- For this method you’ll need the W2000 Sniper,
before you begin sedate the secret service agent outside the west wing first,
hiding his body behind the second bush in the far corner. Now get up to the 2nd
floor of the main building, on the far left of the map you’ll see a yellow
interest point, go there then out the open window, hide to the left of the
balcony as you wait for Morris. Now following Morris via the map wait until he
gets outside to walk the dog then get out your W2000 Sniper and assassinate
him, take out the dog as well. Afterwards hide Daniel Morris’ body in the
bushes with the agent.

Go back out of the rooms then to the left through the doors, continue into the
single door at the bottom of the stairs and down the both flights of stairs.
Follow the corridor through the doors until your outside, go forward a bit and
wait here by the pillars, after awhile a lone secret service agent will walk by
you. Wait until he comes back and stops on his patrol then just as you would in
the Alternate kill above sneak up behind him and sedate him with the Syringe
Sedative, drag him over to the corner of the garden behind the second bush,
make sure he’s out of sight then take his clothes and west wing keycard. Near
the door where you came outside you should see a mesh fence with vines growing
up it, climb up here with the Rifle Case and run down the roof to the other end
behind the white blocks. If the coast is clear and there’s no secret service
agent relieving himself in the far corner by the door then get the W2000 Sniper
out and drop it here behind the first block, we do this to be ready for
Parchezzi coming up. Go through the nearby door on the roof here and head down
the stairs on the floor, make your way through the workstations to the Oval
Office, after the cutscene with Parchezzi he will shoot 47 and the alarms will
be activated. Quickly run after him heading back up to the 2nd floor, if you
need help getting there consult the map to maneuver your way through the
workstations. When you get to the roof run to your W2000 Sniper and pick it up,
crouch down and go into first person view, now quickly get up then zoom in and
assassinate Mark Parchezzi III, for the inexperienced you may get hit a few
times if you’re not quick enough, if so wait until he reloads for the shot.

Alternate kill (Mark Parchezzi III)- For this method you won’t need the W2000
Sniper, when you climb up onto the roof instead of heading all the way down to
the other side simply drop an RU-AP Mine on the ground by the far rail and
wooden stack. There is in fact a leaf poking through the wall, it serves as a
good marker point of where to drop the mine, once everything goes down with
Parchezzi head back through the 1st floor and into the garden area outside where
everyone is running around. Wait until Parchezzi gets to the end of the roof
then when he stops and is in position detonate the mine to kill Mark Parchezzi
III. While this kill is much simpler than using the W2000 Sniper, I prefer to
take out Parchezzi with the rifle.

With the President of the United States Tom Stewart now safe put the W2000
Sniper back in the Rifle Case and escape, to do so head down the roof and hop
over or climb down the mesh vine fence then proceed back the way you came to
the start of the level reacquiring your suit in the bathroom on the way out.
Congratulations, you just pulled off the greatest assassination in US history.


The dramatic conclusion to Hitman: Blood Money. 47 has been taken down by The
Franchise who have now completely eradicated the Agency. Alexander Leland Cayne
has come to witness his adversary’s funeral. All hope seems lost. Little does
Cayne know, he’s been deceived. Time for one final showdown…


- Leave no witnesses

Weapons to Bring:

- None Selectable

One of the main misconceptions by most in this final level is that 47 dies here
at the end, I really can’t believe a gamer could be this stupid and think that
after Diana mixes the antidote with her lipstick and kisses him then leaves
47’s Silverballers on his chest they think he just dies…ridiculous! Get ready
for the real ending to Blood Money; this is perhaps one of the greatest ending
levels in gaming history, I tip my hat once again to Io-Interactive on such a
great game. Alright now as soon as the credits begin to role move the ‘Left
Thumbstick’ up and down and 47’s heart will start to beat once again, now you
have a few options before resurrecting yourself. You can wait until the priest
comes over then get up and use him as a human shield or you can simply get up
firing off a few rounds in the process killing the sitting FBI agent. As soon
as you’re resurrected if you don’t have the priest as cover then head over to
the left firing off a few shots and crouch down behind the small protruding
structure on the floor. Reload your Silverballers and wait for the agents to
come to you, from here you can pop up and kill them one by one, remember those
headshots. When there are only a few agents left still shooting at you from a
distance then spring out behind cover and take the rest out, if the priest is
still here be sure to kill him as well, remember, no witnesses. Pickup the MP7
and SLP.40 collecting as much ammo as you can then proceed out the open glass
wall opposite you. Run around the church through the field to the path;
continue down the path and eventually you’ll run into Cayne at his limo in his
wheelchair, pump this manipulative, power hungry, little bureaucrat full of
lead to put an end to Alexander Leland Cayne’s tragic existence. Finally shoot
the reporter Rick Henderson, he knew far too much to stay alive, if the priest
is here too then kill him at the gate as well. There is also a stash of melee
weapons in a tomb on the southwest side on the church grounds, just look for
the yellow interest point on the map, to get there simply avoid the gunfight
and sprint there. You can then come out every so often and take out agents;
there is no way to do this thing stealthy.

The game will end with 47 leaving the church graveyard and the Diana cutscene,
now you may be a little confused by the ending as 47 is at an Asian brothel and
swaggers behind the curtain with the owner of the establishment as the game
ends. Well there really is no mystery, they leave it up to your imagination as
to what it means, 47 could simply be there for another job or it could be
something more, like a chance for 47 to hideout for awhile while things cool
down, maybe even go into work for himself. Regardless I wouldn’t read much into
it; each Hitman game stands on its own so I highly doubt it will have something
to do with the plot of the 5th game. Anyways congratulations on completing
Hitman: Blood Money, it was damn good wasn’t it.


               4- Final Thoughts

Truly a masterpiece, one of the best games on the market, certainly the best
out of the Hitman series thus far. Like I said though this game isn’t for
everyone, you have to be patient and willing to learn from your mistakes before
becoming really good at it, so if you’re simply into shooters and RPG’s then
this game probably isn’t for you. On the other hand if you enjoy strategy type
games like the brilliant Commandos series for instance then this game is right
up your alley. My take on the game is probably pretty much the same as most
other hardcore Hitman fans, it was great, there’s really nothing more to say,
so instead of boring you with a long rant about how good this game is let me
just say that I’m very picky with my games, I don’t just buy ‘what’s popular’.
I purchase what I feel are the cream of the crop in the gaming industry today,
so you can understand why I picked up Hitman: Blood Money. Newcomers may be a
bit confused with the story at first, once you break it down and look at
everything after it’s all said and done its fairly simple, if you still find
yourself perplexed then read the story and character portion of the
walkthrough, it should fill in the gaps in the plot for you. To the hardcore
Hitman fans you’ll be happy to know that they’ve already begun laying the
groundwork for the sequel to Blood Money, it should be due out in a year or so,
just like yourselves I’ll be looking forward to it, God knows what they’ll do
with the character next. Also if you haven’t heard yet a Hitman movie is being
released by 20th Century Fox, despite the controversy already surrounding it I’m
hoping it does well and Timothy Olyphant call pull off playing the infamous
Agent 47 and spans several sequels. To all the naysayers let me just say that
it’s a great character and a great story, it deserves a shot at the box office.
Well thanks for coming along for the ride, I hope I helped and got you through
the game in one piece. From one assassin to another I salute 47 and everybody
at Io-Interactive for creating this great game and of course Eidos Interactive
for putting it out. Jackal here, signing off…

               5- Cheats, Hints, and Achievements

Infinite Saves on Normal and Expert:

During a mission when saving a game a message box will appear telling you it’s
saving your game. Press Start before the ‘Save Complete’ text appears and it
will not count towards your save limit.

Infinite Money:

You can replay any mission you’ve already beaten, and if you earn more money
(by not leaving witnesses, low notoriety, etc.), the difference is added to
your account balance (e.g. if you made $400,000 the first time and $500,000 the
second time, then $100,000 is added to your balance). However there is a glitch
in the game that will let you add this difference to your account as many times
as you want. First complete a mission as poorly as possible, earning as little
money as you can. Then save the game and go back to that mission. This time
earning as much money as you can, making sure you create a save point
immediately before escaping the mission. After you escape the mission review
screens will show your new account balance. You can press the ‘B’ button to
return to the first of these screens and then press the ‘Y’ button to replay
the mission. A warning message pops up alerting you that your progress will be
lost; however it turns out that you’re save points and account balance are NOT
reset. As soon as the mission restarts, you can load the save point you created
earlier and escape the level again. Your account balance will again be
increased by the difference you earned. You can repeat this process as many
times as you wish.

Intel at no cost:

Purchase all the Intel when a mission starts. Make a note of it, then pause the
game and choose to restart the mission. You will have your original starting
money, and the Intel will now be available for purchase again even though you
now know what it contains.

Alternate Ending Sequence:

In the last stage “Requiem”, Diana will give you the antidote to the Syringe
Death Serum. If you just watch and not use the ‘Left Thumbstick’ to revive
yourself the game will end and 47 will die.

Alternate Main Menu:

As you progress through the game killing various targets on the main menu
you’ll begin to notice that the targets you have assassinated are in attendance
at your funeral. After you have beaten the game you will change the main menu
screen to a dead 47 lying on an altar.

Newspaper Headlines:

After completing a mission the newspaper information varies depending on how
you did. If you did poorly the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot
very little and use mostly hand to hand it will say that there is not enough
information to make a ranked description of you. High accuracy states you are a
well trained marksmen. Try doing the missions differently to see the different

Hidden “Sushi Chef” rank:

In any mission use the knife to kill lots of people. Note: You can easily
accomplish this on the “You Better Watch Out…” mission. Look in the levels
respective kitchen to find a knife in the missions.

Dancing 47:

Within the mission entitled “The Murder of Crows”, you will notice that there
are three separate bars in the area- The Blues Bar, Rock Bar and Salsa Bar. You
can acquire outfits that correspond with the particular bar, just look for the
patrons who go into the back alley of each bar. Once you have selected the
appropriate costume for your bar of choice enter the bar and position 47 to
stand amongst the other dancers on the dance floor and then leave the
controller alone. After a few minutes 47 will start to dance with everyone

Hidden Rat Club:

In “Curtains Down” there is a room in the basement on the west side where there
are three rats. Occasionally, a worker will come in and try to kill them with a
nailgun. Sedate him and take the nailgun, if you kill all three rats a keycard
entitled RATCLUB KEYCARD will appear on one of the tables on the west side of
the room. If you take the stairs near the target’s dressing room to the second
floor and use it on the first door to the left it will open a storage room with
what appears to be a cell. On the other side there are a bunch of rats having a
party and doing different things like boxing and playing cards.

License Plates:

Look at the license plates of the cars on different levels. On “A New Life” in
the suburbs all the license plates read BADBLOD (Bad Blood). On “A House of
Cards” outside the casino the license plates of the limos reads 1LM0N3Y.

Xbox 360 Achievements-

- 1st mission complete (25)
“Death of a Showman” completed on any difficulty.

- Rookie mode complete (25)
Completed Rookie difficulty.

- Normal mode complete (50)
Completed Normal difficulty.

- Expert mode complete (75)
Completed Expert difficulty.

- Professional mode complete (150)
Completed Professional difficulty.

- 5 Normal Silent Assassins (25)
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Normal difficulty.

- 5 Expert Silent Assassins (50)
5 Silent Assassin ratings awarded on the Expert difficulty.

- 5 Professional Silent Assassins (100)
5 Silent Assassins ratings awarded on the Expert difficulty.

- Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt (5)
Tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.

- Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt (15)
Tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.

- Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt (20)
Tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.

- Fully Customized Silverballers (25)
All custom Silverballer components purchased.

- Fully Customized SP12 Shotgun (25)
All custom Shotgun components purchased.

- Fully Customized SMG Tactical (25)
All custom SMG Tactical components purchased.

- Fully Customized M4 (25)
All custom M4 components purchased.

- Fully Customized W2000 Sniper (25)
All custom W2000 components purchased.

- All firearms collected (100)
All firearms collected and displayed in Hideout.

- Silent Assassin (25)
A Silent Assassin rating has been awarded.

- Accidents do happen (20)
A successful accident kill has been performed.

- High Roller (50)
$5,000,000 have been accumulated.

- Redemption (50)
You can’t keep a good man down.

- 47 kills in a mission (20)
A mission has been completed with precisely 47 kills.

- Notorious (20)
47 is the world’s most wanted man.

- Special Rating (50)
A Special Rating has been awarded.

               6- Legal Stuff and Credits

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have given gamefaqs.com permission to host my FAQ. If you have any questions or
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FAQ was completed on October 24, 2007.

I give credit to the following sources that helped me with this FAQ-

- www.hitmanforum.com
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- www.wikipedia.org
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